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Hello Tam,I recently started a sketchbook and I'm getting crazy with it!Just opening it makes me feel pressured.I never think the pages are good,and all this leads me to just rip out them.I know sketchbooks are made for beeing spontaneous ,to '' show '' your creative process and etc,but looks like I'm extremely perfectionist,and can't accept that imperfection exists(but I try ). All this is making me getting more and more creatively blocked. Do you have any advices ? ( love your art so much :3 )

ahhh that sucks! and I know what you mean, but please don’t rip out your pages ;-; trust me, in the future you would want to look back at your old art and see how much you’ve improved. my first sketchbooks are terrible XD no colour, only smudged pencils and wow they’re not pretty, but I’m happy I have them and they remind of how practise could really go a long way :P anyway for your first sketchbooks just go all out, scribble, sketch, experiment. They are for practice and for you to learn, make it your goal for it to be as ugly and messy as possible (making it intentionally ugly helped me be less of a perfectionist ) XD and once you’ve finished or feel more confident with your art, have a sketchbook you want to look pretty. sometimes when I don’t feel too confident, or draw something I don’t like, I will draw on a separate piece of paper, cut it out and stick into my sketchbook (on top of the bad drawing) :P just don’t stress about making a sketchbook look good, because you will make the most beautiful sketchbook someday, but for that you need to practice and you need an ugly sketchbook XD hope this helps <3 and never throw out your drawings

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hi do u have favorite vixx gif-makers here?

of course i do~! we have so many talented gif makers in our fandom~!

@chyogi Vola~! she makes beautiful high quality gifs and her colouring is gorgeous, sooo warm and very unique ♥ [x]

@saltykong Riri ♥ always makes gifs smooth and pretty. once even told me how she’s making them, but i’m pretty sure she uses some kind of magic anyway~~ [x]

@jongtaekwoon Selena ;;w;; i’m totally in love with her gifs, i’d like to my gifs look just like her ♥ AAAA+++ pretty hq gifs~! [x]

@hong-buns omg i’m pretty sure that you’ve seen and reblogged Anna’s gifs on tumblr even if you don’t know vixx lol. her gifsets always make me laugh like crazy! (thanks a lot ;/////) her sense of humor is gold and you can see it in her gifs (the captions and subtitles thoo~!!) i love it~~~♥♥ [x]

@royalbins a place filled with beautiful and clear gifs!! do you know how it is possible??? i don’t know too but i like it so much~~~♥ [x]

@kongsook​ hi, hello and welcome to the world of vivid hongbin gifs~!!! ♥ the colouring is original and beautiful ;;U;; [x]

@chahakyeo these gifs are nice&sharp~! almost like hongbin’s jawline XD so many details visible ♥♥ warm couloring [x]

@fan-girl-zone every time i see these gifs, i want to thank the author for making them but i don’t want to look like a scary stalker so…..ekhhmm! truly amazing and beautiful gifs ♥♥♥ [x]

@ravbin very unique, pastel/grayish gifs~! i like the aesthetic of these gifs [x]

@chained-up-taekwoon your daily dose of new vixx gifs~! i’m not even joking!! it really seems to me that she makes her gifs everyday ;;A;; [x

@vixxmyheart i know it may sound silly but the colours of subtitles added to Nina’s gifs are so pretty ;;A;; I LIKE THEM OKAY??? and the gifs itself are so beautiful~~~♥♥ [x

@wontaec can you smell it? the scent of wontaek gifs in the air??? i love these AA++ (very often dark) ideas~! the aesthetic tho ♥ [x]

@hugbin veeeeery smooth and pretty hongbin/leobin gifs~! ♥♥ [x]

@vixx-syndrome the most beautiful hakyeon gifs in the whole galaxy. that’s true, trust me! hakyeon’s gold skin looks so good in these gifs~~~♥ glowing skin~~ ♥ [x]

@at-taekwoons-mercy JUNG TAEKWOON IS EVERYWHERE! such a nice place to live lol jkjk you can find a lot of pretty leo gifs on Angeline’s blog~~ [x]

@hakyunie please teach me how to make gifs…….. THE QUALITY OF THESE GIFS IS AMAZING!!! ;;A;; i love everything about these gifs tbh, just look at them!! ahhhh~~ ♥ [x]

and also these gif makers make beautiful vixx gifs: @wonsiks-hamster-taek, @ravsik, @smilange, @shit-vixx-say, @sangthyug, @sprouthyuk, @hakyeons i hope i haven’t forgotten anyone ;;A;;

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Can we maybe please get some fellcest with Red getting injured from defending himself and hiding it from Papyrus until it gets so bad he faints in front of him and Paps is worried yet furious and immediately after he healed Sans he demands a name to take revenge but Sans talks him down to cuddle instead and later Sans hears about the monster that attacked him got dusted in an 'accident' - I'm sorry this got away from me >. < you don't have to write it if you don't want to :)

(Do you know that I love you? XD 

Unless you’re a cowfish. Then, I’ll eat you. :9)

The short skeleton walked slow, nearing his house as hands stayed in his pockets with his jacket fully zipped. His soft pants were masked by the cold as mere puffs of white air and he sweated profusely. His vision swayed, images multiplying before him but he kept on walking as if nothing was happening.

He couldn’t quite risk teleporting, so being on foot was the only way to go.

Upon entering the house, he was thankfully ignored by his brother who was in the kitchen. His brother called out to him; however, and Sans merely responded back with a grunt of affirmation that he has indeed just got home.

The short skeleton’s breathing became laboured and Sans didn’t hear the next thing Papyrus said which prompt the latter to come out and check on him.

“Sans, were you even listening to what I’ve been saying?!”

Sans looked to his brother, seeing multiple Papyruses at once. “Yeah?”

The latter crossed their arms with impatience. “Then pray tell, what did I just say?”

“Oh … uh.” His vision was starting to fade, and it was evident from the eye lights dulling and flickering to keep on.


The short skeleton’s energy felt like it was being sapped away, and he was slowly losing consciousness.

“Sans? Are you okay? Sa—”

And eye lights faded as the skeleton dropped to floor with a loud thud.

Sans!” Papyrus rushed over to his brother, now noticing the heavy breathing, and he gently unzipped the jacket.

Eye sockets widened as red eye lights narrowed into pinpricks at what he was seeing.

There was a large gash on the sternum and the rib cage was drenched in blood. Quickly checking his brother’s status, he loudly swore at how much was left—0.3/1.0. There wasn’t a moment to lose, and Papyrus immediately got to healing the wound.

His body shook in absolute lividness that some monster dared to hurt Sans. When the latter wakes, he was going to get a name.

When Sans woke up, he sat upright almost immediately as hands clutched to his chest; both in panic and confusion.

He didn’t notice Papyrus who was lying beside him until his voice startled him from his thoughts. “I want a name, now.”

Sans looked to his brother, brows furrowed and a deadly aura surrounded his being. Most monsters would cower at the threatening atmosphere, but the short skeleton merely smiled. His little brother has always been the overprotective type. Though, he didn’t want to get Papyrus involved, and being the big brother that he was, the other’s safety came first. So Sans joked about it to change the subject.

“I thought you liked your name.”


“What about Bob then? The great and terrifying Bob!”


“You’re right. It doesn’t add to the dramatics of it.”

“I’m serious, Sans.”

And the moment those words left Papyrus’ mouth, he regretted it.

“Well, hey, Serious.”


“I'm Sans.”

Incoherent shrieking was heard and Sans laughed wholeheartedly.


“Yup, that’s me.”

“You’re being utterly insufferable.”

“But that’s what older brothers are born for. We thrive and live in the annoyance of our bros. Your cries of frustration are but ammo to us.”

Papyrus growled, but there was no fire to it as he grabbed at Sans to pull him down into a tight embrace.

The sudden shift of mood calmed the playful one into something more somber. Sans had to sigh. He allowed moments of quiet before starting, “I don’t want you to get involved.”

“You almost died, brother.”

The short skeleton could feel the tensing of shoulders and he did best in sending comfort and gratitude in his magic when he pressed a hand to the other’s chest. “Love you.”

Papyrus found himself succumbing to relax and grunted when he heard those words. “I know.”

Sans grinned widely at his brother, who huffed in exasperation.

“Go back to sleep. You still need your rest.

“Well, I’m not about to say no to more sleep.” The skeleton yawned, snuggling close as he closed his eyes.

“I don’t doubt that.” Papyrus said, but it went unheard as his brother was already fast asleep. And he too, after a huff, closed his own to get some rest as well. There was some unfinished business he needed to take care of.

Sans ported to town from his station as he agreed to meet with Papyrus and help with taking care some house necessities. They were to meet at the market area and go from there. He walked pass shops, keeping a cautious eye out. The skeleton wasn’t about to make the same mistake and worry his brother anymore.

But just as he was passing by the inn, he overheard gossip.

“Hey, did you hear what happened to Lenny and his group?”

“Oh! Yeah, I heard they committed suicide.”

“You think so? Weren’t they just messing around in their stupid ‘secret’ cave?”

“Ahahaha! That’s right. The cave collapsed on them.”

“Whatever they were doing, that’s karma right there.”

“Talk about bad luck, to think they would be dusted from an accident. Hah! Good riddance.”  

Sans picked up the pace as he buried his face into the collar of his jacket, hoping to hide the colour of his cheek bones that were no doubt a faint red.

He couldn’t stop a smile that made its way to his face even as he swore to stop it. “Accident, my ass.”

He was sure to give Papyrus a lecture on butting in when he told him not to. Stars, Papyrus can be so overprotective.

Hope this was satisfactory :D 

I got sleepy and took a nap. XD

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hi can i please!!! PWEASE have the second part of the 4 o 15 single parent/teacher au please im dying right here to know what happened just a tiny little one i'm not asking for a long one hahaha just for the close xD

Thank you for enjoying my fic!! Read the first part here~

And here is the second part hehe. I had fun!!

4. teacher/single parent au - yoonmin

The twilight sky is a shade of crimson lavender fading into periwinkle grey, and the chatter in the daycare has mostly died down as parents pick up their children after bidding goodbye to their beloved Mr. Park.

Jimin is exhausted but his heart is light and full. Children are such angels, even the cheeky ones. He scans his surroundings, slotting his hands in his front apron pockets, and finds Min Taehyung sitting quietly in a corner, entertaining himself with crayons and his imagination.

As a teacher, Jimin doesn’t like to play the bias game, but he has a special place in his heart for this little boy, partly because he’s such an adorable and warm kid, but more critically (though Jimin refuses to admit it) because of his suave-looking father, Min Yoongi. Who happens to be latest parent today.

“Taehyung,” Jimin walks over and lowers himself to the floor where the angelic boy is sprawled with crayons strewed all over the floor. He looks extremely cute with his tongue sticking out as he focuses on his masterpiece, which looks like a bunch of colourful squiggly lines, but oh well. “Are you hungry?”

Without looking up, Taehyung replies, “A little.”

Jimin pulls out two pieces of chocolate from his pockets and hands them over on his palm. At the sight of the sweet delight, Taehyung breaks into the biggest smile. “Chocolate?”

“One for you and one for me,” Jimin smiles back, pauses for a second, then adds, “Don’t tell your daddy. he might - uh - scold me. It’s my special treat for you, because you’re such a good boy.”

Taehyung nods his head enthusiastically and fidgets in anticipation as Jimin carefully peels the wrap off and pops the chocolate in his tiny mouth. Still chewing, Taehyung says, “So is this your favourite chocolate in the whole wide world?”

At that, Jimin laughs bashfully, a blush forming on his cheeks as he recalls the awkward show-and-tell session they had a good two weeks or so ago, in which Taehyung had tried to “match-make” his dad and his teacher together. He tries his best to suppress the butterflies in his stomach at the thought of Yoongi calling him ‘pretty’.

“I guess so.” Then, hesitantly, with his voice lowered into a mere whisper, Jimin looks down at his entwined fingers and asks, “So, Taehyung…did your daddy say anything else about me?”

A mischievous grin spreads across Taehyung’s face, a glint evident in his transparent huge eyes. “Yes, he says many good things about you.”

Jimin feels the urge to retract his words, but at Taehyung’s remark, he can’t hold back his wildly beating heart and his eager curiosity as he makes an encouraging noise, prompting the boy to elaborate.

“Once, he called you an angel.” Taehyung presses his chubby fingers on his lips in deep thought. “Oh and he says you look nice when you wear that biiiiiig sweater that swallows up your hands. Daddy also thinks your eyes look like beautiful crechents when you smile.”

“Crescents,” Jimin absentmindedly corrects, feeling a warm tingle in his chest and spreading everywhere.

“Your face is very red, Mr. Park.” Taehyung remarks, pulling him out of his dreamy reverie.

Laughing too loudly and shakily, Jimin presses his fingers over his cheeks. “O-oh my… is it?” Desperately trying to change the subject so the little boy doesn’t get catch onto his intentions, Jimin fondles the chocolate wrapper in his hand and blurts out, “Taehyung, do you know how to make paper hearts?”

“Nope.” Taehyung pops the ‘p’, shaking his head. “But it sounds cool.”

Jimin tousles his hair, reaching over to guide the small hands. “I’ll teach you.”

As they slowly fold the corners of the delicate wrapper, the words fall out of Jimin’s mouth yet again. In the most casual tone he can muster, he inquires, “Do you love your daddy, Taehyung?”

Another vehement nod from the boy. “Uh-huh. Daddy is the coolest guy in the whole wide world. Kookie says he looks fierce and scary but that’s only when he combs his hair back. When he’s at home he’s fluffy like a kitty.”

Jimin giggles, an image sprouting in his mind. “Like…a kitty?”

“Mmhm!!” Eyes still trained on tucking his origami heart to perfection, Taehyung continues with a bright voice. “My favourite game with Daddy is when he lies on the bed under the blankies and I lie on his chest and we pretend to be cats!”

Be still, my heart. Jimin summons his willpower not to let his heart burst with affection. “So how do cats act like?”

Taehyung smiles in that rectangular way, revealing his tiny teeth. “Meow.” he whispers in a high-pitched manner. “And then Daddy will reply with a purr—and he will close his eyes and we’ll rub noses like this,” The little boy is suddenly in Jimin’s space, up close, as he grabs the sides of his teacher’s face and bumps their noses together. “Meow.

“Meow.” Jimin echoes back, hugging Taehyung tightly. “That’s really cute. You’re cute.” And so is your father. 

“Can Daddy have a paper heart too? Can you make one for him? Pretty please?” Taehyung looks up from under this thick eyelashes, batting them innocently.

“Okay, okay.” Jimin complies. He pauses for a second, picks up the nearest crayon to scribble something in it, before expertly folding it up into a little heart, passing it to Taehyung.

“Give it to your daddy when he’s at home okay?” Jimin says with a smile reaching his eyes.

“Because Daddy’s a good boy right?” Taehyung asks for confirmation and Jimin can’t help but agree.

It’s been a long day for Yoongi and he rushes in the daycare centre, panting. In between short breaths, he apologises fervently to Jimin, who steadily avoids his lingering gaze, cheeks rosy and neck flushed as he bows back in awkwardness, eyes downcast.

Later on at night, Yoongi finds a shiny paper heart in Taehyung’s shirt pocket and asks his kid about it.

“Oh yeah!” Taehyung screams in recognition, toothpaste foam flying everywhere. Yoongi scowls and wipes his face. “Mr. Park’s present for youuuuuu.”

“For me?” The frown fades away from Yoongi’s face as he carefully observes the heart, noticing something written underneath.

“Because you’re a good boy, Daddy.” Taehyung replies innocently. 

It’s a phone number imprinted in pretty cursive font and a lopsided heart at the end.

Yoongi suffers from his third meltdown. 

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Send me a number and a ship and I’ll write you a short fic!!

I'm just happy you're not mad! *Ashton fluff*

bowtiewearinghobbit requested: Hi! Could you possibly do an Ashton one shot that has to do with pregnancy/kids? Thanks! My name’s Grace if you add names :)

A/N: I’ll happily add names along with the standard ‘y/n’! I just hope it doesn’t affect people wanting to read it!! xD Sorry it'a a bit short!

Everyone knew how good Ashton was with kids. You knew especially, due to the amount of time you and him spent with his younger siblings, so when you found out you were pregnant 5 months ago, you couldn’t’ve been more thrilled.

“Ash, come here for a sec!” you were lying on the couch reading one of your pregnancy books surrounded by sweet wrappers. Cravings hit you hard!

“What’s wrong, Grace?” you thought he was protective before, now he treated you like you were glass! Every little thing you needed or wanted, he would be running to the store to buy it or dashing around the house trying to find it. He had good intentions, though, and no matter how irritating it could be, you could never stay mad at him!

“Nothing, I was just wondering what colour we should paint the nursery?” you had decided not to find out the gender, wanting a surprise. You had bought gender-neutral cloths and toys, and thought of boys and girls names. Secretly, though, you wanted a girl, and you knew he did, too.   

“Oh, ok, do you have any colours in mind?” he sat next to you, putting his arm around you shoulder. He let his hand rest on your baby bump, which was big for 5 months.

“Maybe yellow?”

“Nah, yellow’s been done too many times” he thought for a moment. “How about light green? Like, what’s the word you use, pastel green” he smiled to himself for remembering your ‘fashion-ey’ word. You pictured it in the walls of the large nursery you both were setting up.

“That sounds perfect!” you reached up and kissed his cheek. “You know what else sounds perfect right about now?” he hummed in response, rubbing light circles on your tummy. “Mint ice-cream!” you smiled sweetly at him. He laughed,

“Sure thing! I’ll be back in 5 minutes” he pecked your lips before jumping up and grabbing his keys.

“Thanks, babe!” you called over your shoulder as he left to get your food.

When he got back, you weren’t sitting on the couch.

“Grace? Where are you?” he knew he was very protective, but he couldn’t help it.

“In here!” he heard you’re voice from the nursery. He quickly put your ice-cream in the freezer and ran upstairs. When he got to the nursery, you had your hands on the small of your back to support the extra weight on your front. You were staring around the white-washed room. It was still fairly bare, there were some flat-packed furniture boxes scattered around, un-opened, as you had planned to paint first, then put up furniture.

“What’s up, babe?” he came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, kissing your neck. You giggled, slightly,

“I’m just trying to picture it with paint and a crib and everything set up and ready!” you placed a hand on your belly, rubbing it with your thumb.

“It’ll look great, Grace, don’t worry! Do want your ice-cream now?” you spun around, putting your hands on his shoulders, pecking his nose.

“Of course, let’s go!” you skipped down the hallway, nearly giving Ashton a heart-attack as he chased after you. He caught you just before the stairs, holding your waist and one arm, guiding you down the stairs. He kissed your cheek, sitting you on the couch.

“Pick something to watch, I’ll be right in”

He returned with the ice-ream and two spoons, sitting beside you on the couch.

“Really? The Little Mermaid again? We’ve watched this, like, 5 times this week!” you stared up at him, sticking your bottom lip out, making your eyes go wide. He chuckled,

“Fine, one more time can’t hurt!”

“Yay! And besides, Ash, we’ll need to get used to watching baby and kiddie stuff if we’re going to be parents!” he laughed, nodding.

“Can you believe it? We’re actually going to be parents! You’re going to be a Mom, I’m going to be a Dad, we’ll have a little girl-” his eyes went wide and he smacked his hand over his lips. You stared at him.

“Ash? We’re having a what?!”

“I… might’ve looked at the records at the doctor’s office last week” he went red, as you stared at him in disbelief. “Surprise?” he smiled an overly-sweet grin, hoping you wouldn’t kill him. You stopped for a moment, tears welling in your eyes. His face fell.

“No, no, no, sweetie I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to go behind your back! I just really wanted to know! Please don’t cry, don’t be angry!” he wrapped his arms around your shoulders, rocking you slightly.

“I’m not mad, Ash!”

“You’re not?!”

“No! We’re having a girl! I’ve always wanted a girl! Oh my God!” you wrapped your arms around his neck, happy tears rolling down your cheek. He laughed, rubbing your back.

“I know!” you kissed him, holding the sides of his face. “I’m just happy you’re not mad!” he mumbled into the kiss, making you smile more then you already were.