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I have to remind myself to be nice and remember that not everyone has put together that Phoenix by RftA is still dealing with: Mia’s death, seeing Mia’s dead body, having seen firsthand how ruthless his old friend could be, having been through several life-threatening situations (beaten up by Redd White, nearly killed by the mafia, tasered by von Karma), having had to defend his old friend on two different but related charges of murder.

So, here’s a grieving, possibly traumatised (but not fully realising the extent, because you just carry on, it’s not that bad) Phoenix Wright, with absolutely no one to turn to other than, maybe, Larry, and who is just going through the familiar motions and routines of daily living. 

He wasn’t just declining cases and moping around because Maya wasn’t around.

He was dealing with that, plus so much more.

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There seems to be a familiar pirate ship coming up on you from port, and its hailing you. :3

Regina had been begrudgingly tracking the incoming vessel on the ship’s radar for a while now. She knew it was going to be anything but pleasant when she realized it was an unregistered vessel - probably a pirate’s ship. She sighed, weapons and thrusters readied, before opening a comm channel.

“Erm.. hello. You’ve reached the Firion.”

Sides of a Coin:

They’re criminals who keep running into each other – partners in crime when it’s convenient, drinking companions when they feel like it, and great in bed together. Every now and then, they’re a place for the other to go, when their ship crashes or bounty hunters come too close to comfort. But rather than a shared emotional intimacy and love, they seek each other out for familiarity and honesty. They are kindred souls: traitorous, selfish, disreputable people who will betray each other just as often as they help each other. No grudges are held, because they know each other as well as they know themselves. It’s never personal. It’s just who they are - two sides of the exact same coin.

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Ship ask: Simmon and Fela (yes im obsessed with them in case you were wondering😂)

(lol me too they are amazing!!!) 

  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter- Sim is werewolf rejected by his pack and Fela is the hunter who believes what she does is wrong, but can’t convince her family otherwise. It’s Romeo and Juliet, but with happiness and a realistic timeline 
  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman- Fela is totally a mermaid and Sim is a fisherman
  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar- Sim is a witch and Fela is cast under a spell (by a different witch) to be a cat (she can talk and it’s like the princess and the frog and all the fun stuff) (imagine the aus!!!) 
  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict- Fela is a barista and Sim is totally a coffee addict (I’m surprised this isn’t canon tbh) 
  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA- Depends on the subject …
  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)- Fela is a knight and Sim is the prince (imagine her as his bodyguard) 
  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent- Fela is a teacher and Sim is a single parent 
  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor- I think Sim would be the writer who was smitten with his editor and Fela would slowly fall in love with his writing and them him (goes right along with canon) 

Send me a ship!!! 

[ansatsu] [karunagi] It’s okay

Title: It’s okay
Characters/Ships: Akabane Karma, Shiota Nagisa; KaruNagi
Warnings: post-chapter 112/113, gets quite fluffy.
Notes: First time writing for anything that isn’t Tokyo Ghoul in… a long time, please bear with me. I’m not exactly sure if Karma noticed something or not since he’s usually quite perceptive, but this is running on the assumption that he didn’t. It was born from the thought of, “I want Nagisa to say this to him as well!” I had some trouble getting into Karma’s head, on top of taking some liberties, so I apologize if he doesn’t feel ‘right’. orz And as always, this is kinda short.
To those who are following me for TKG, I’m sorry and don’t worry! I’m working on a few TKG things too, it’s just that I’m battling the monster named ‘This is no good at all" aka I’m rarely content enough with the result to post. /o\ My friend keeps bugging me (=cheering for me), so please do not give up on me OTL

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My Revenge Lies Bleeding

Ai pulled himself out of the water and onto a rock, shivering at the biting wind blowing across his skin. He smiled, turning his gaze upward toward the setting sun.

He hadn’t been able to escape his chores at home before now, but he was glad he’d been able to make it to his favourite hiding place in time to catch some of the sun’s warmth. Ai stretched out across the sun-warmed rock, his tail still half submerged in the calm water and closed his eyes, enjoying the languid heat against his skin. His skin dried quickly, the wind turning into a mild breeze to whisper a song into his ear, accompanied by the rhythmic sloshing of waves. The day’s stresses fell away, rolling off of him like droplets of water and ran into the rough rock below him where they condensed into nothing.

Ai was nearly asleep by the time he noticed the approaching ship. It was almost too late for him to escape from sight and only through pure coincidence that he even noticed at all. Shouts from it rang out during a lull in the wind, finally alerting him to its presence.

He immediately leapt off the rock and dived underwater, a reaction everyone of the merfolk learned when they were children.

Never go close to the surface. Never go on land. And most importantly, never let the humans see you.

Obviously, Ai hadn’t quite listened to the first two. But it was the third one he had been forced to learn the necessity of out of own experience.

Ai’s heart hammered in his chest as he watched the ship come closer from where he hid behind his rock, eyes narrowing at the sails billowing in the wind. The ship was close enough now that he was able to make out some of the humans scurrying across it, talking loudly and laughing. But there was one in particular who caught his eye. A human with too familiar, vibrant red hair. Ai knew that, if he got close enough, he would see red eyes and, if the human opened his mouth in a scream, sharp teeth would greet him.

Ai went stiff and numb all over, his skin prickling as white-hot heat filled his head and ran down his spine.



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Have any ideas about how Vader persuaded Lando to give them over?

Honestly, I fee like it was a “No other choice” type of situation. I mean, it’s really damn hard to say no to Vader about…well, anything really. Vader probably arrived in a Star Destroyer, with a full battalion of Stormtroopers, TIEs, and weaponry, and descended upon Bespin like a crow on a carcass.

Lando says, “I’ve made a deal that will keep the Empire out.” But I believe that what he meant was, “I’ve made a deal to ensure that we aren’t all executed here and now, and the city blasted to the surface of the planet from out of orbit.”

One thing we know about Lando is that he’s loyal, and that he has a sense of duty and honor that, while not necessarily adheres to the same standards as most people’s, is strong and steadfast, even in the wake of dire trouble. He stops their escape from Bespin long enough to comm. the entire city, warning them of Vader and the Troopers, and warning them to escape. Furthermore, Bespin is, by all that we see, running smoothly and well–is even profiting. And that’s all thanks to Lando.

If Vader had swooped in, a hundred Troopers at his back and the promise of thousands more mere moments away, even if at first Lando had refused to help (whether or not he even knew who was on the ship), I really think all Vader would have had to do was threaten Lando and all of Bespin, and he would have agreed–at least tentatively.

Plus, here’s another thing that I think sometimes people overlook, or misconstrue, or….idk, something. But Vader radically alters their initial bargain, and in multiple steps. Honestly, I don’t think Vader ever intended to let Leia and Chewie stay on Bespin. Leia was one of the most wanted people in the entire galaxy. He wasn’t about to just let her stay on Cloud City, under the watch of someone who is clearly sympathetic to her, and possibly to the Rebellion. (Plus, there’s my headcanon that at that point he’s figured out that she’s Force sensitive.)

Rather, I think that Vader started out the deal as much more lenient, in a masterful (and very effective) manipulation tactic. If you start someone agreeing to something only mildly bothersome (i.e. “I need the passengers on the incoming ship as bait to catch a wanted criminal.”), then make them agree to something only slightly less bothersome (”I need to torture them in order to bring the criminal here–but don’t worry, you’ll have full custody of them after I’m gone.”), to something slightly more bothersome (”I’m giving one of them to the bounty hunter–but don’t worry! You’ll still have the princess and the wookie!”), to Vader’s ultimate intent (”Take them to my ship.”), and suddenly you’ve gone from something that you were uncomfortable with (and probably tried to get out of, but didn’t struggle too hard), to the worst possible outcome that you hadn’t even imagined. 

Also, I really don’t think Lando even realized just who was on the ship Vader was asking for him to capture. Not until the ship landed, and he saw that it was the Falcon, and saw a very familiar two silhouettes descend the ramp.

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When I first met my husband years ago, we were absolutely drawn to each other the way I see Sam & Cait drawn to each other. Like literally no one else had a chance from that point on (no one prettier, younger, smaller, bigger, anything-er - get that anti-s?) ... We were DONE, and everyone else around us knew it. This is why I'm a huge SamCait shipper. They have it and it doesn't come along very often, so I root for them. Almost 30 years later, we're still all-in & happy to be there! ❤️

You know what?  I get a lot of messages like this.  Majority of the elder shippers are ones who have experienced to something familiar or are seeing the same things that happened to them with Sam and Cait.  I too ship them because I see what’s happening with them as I did with my hubby.  I mean who wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to great people like Sam and Cait? 

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I don't know any ships besides Andley, Kellic, Frerard, Cashby, Jalex, Mellin and many more I'm sure you're not interested in knowing. So do you think you could tell me what Lashton is? I would really love to read this story, I'm just not familiar with this ship. I'm sorry I'm too lame to know the answer to this. I love your stories though, Amazing!

Luke and Ashton from 5sos :) 

These boys:

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damn they cuties

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I just can’t not ship it

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