i'm not the cheating type

They did a great job showing Kat’s anxiety in last night’s episode. After Coco kept calling Adena while she was over there, that’s when she started overthinking. And overthinking led to her self sabotaging. She did tasks she doesn’t need to do, like putting the hats into the bags for soul cycle because she didn’t want to think about Adena. The fact that Adena had been in a 3 year relationship and she, herself hasn’t been in a real one. And she feels like she wouldn’t be worth the effort. So she calls…no answer. And then texts. And hesitates. Because she really really likes Adena. And she knows she shouldn’t do it this way. And Adena deserves more than a text. But she presses send. And quickly turns off her phone and puts it out of sight. As if that will stop anything else from happening.

  • killing off renji or orihime to ship ichiruki: okay no, just no
  • making ichigo or rukia cheat on their spouses: okay not as awful but still cheating is a shitty thing to do so no to that either
  • ignoring orihime or renji to ship them: alright at least you're not killing them off or making rukia or ichigo cheat
  • creating an au where ichigo and rukia are together instead, everyone is happy and no one is killed off or cheated on: yes, that's some quality content.

why is the bold type giving me ships i wanted in ways i do not want them

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or if hex isn’t your thing…

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Regarding the Shipping End of Bleach . . .

… So Kubo went with that route, huh. I see…

To say that I expected it, would be false. To say that I didn’t expect it would be false also. One thing for sure is that the ending is quite abrupt (considering the limited time and chapters, I guess that is to be expected).

Should I bitterly comment on this? Hmm… I think I’ve already put my thoughts about this on my previous posts (long before the reached conclusion) so there’s no need. It’s disappointing, but that’s life. 

Does this mean that I’m giving up on this ship?

Uhh, no.

I know my fellow IRs are grieving, frustrated, and confused right now. To be honest, no one can blame you. But I’ll tell you this anyway…

Whatever your ship is, remember the reason why you are shipping them in the first place. If there is ever someone who told you that your shipping is false or nonexistent, raise your head up and recall all those reasons and think whether those reasons of yours are true or facts. “The end justifies the means” isn’t always true. It doesn’t mean that all your premises are invalid and their premises as valid (even if they are illogical or not). 

If your reasons for shipping is not a lie, you have every right and freedom to continue loving your ship and support it. Don’t feel bad, because all those moments your pairing have is true and you have every reason to love it. No one can take that away from you. If someone ever bashes, it’s very easy to ignore them and take them as non-existent. If your ship is beautiful, then it is beautiful.

No one can take that.

I’ll always love Ichiruki. For me, they are like two-halves of a whole. They may be separated, but they’ll always find their way towards each other. There are no borders between them … life, death, time… nothing can do them part. They are each other’s counterpart. Their love transcends all kinds of relationships, even romance. Nothing can come between them. That is enough for me to ship them, and I will always continue to do so.

Sadly, I have other things I’m facing right now. And I cannot be active on Tumblr for long (sorry if I cannot attend to messages). I was planning on just giving a short message, but … it turned out to be long. I hope for the IR fam to cheer up. But for now, I think it’s much better to wait for everything to calm down first before we can start with shipping wholeheartedly again. I’m good with patience. 

Walk proud, I still find IR to be among the most wonderful ships out there, what about you?

Text ✉️ Willa
  • Willa: What?!?! You would never cheat, she should of had known that besides Grant is always messing around, that's just wow. Colton.. She's my friend and you're my friend but how can you just close your eyes to cheating? Its cheating. Fuck, do you even still trust her? Look, i'm obviously not going to get in the middle but who cheats once, cheats twice. And i know that if someone i love cheated on me, I wouldn’t forgive them no matter what. Especially since trust would be broken.
  • Colton: I'm not exactly the type of person who can judge someone on cheating and those kinds of mistakes, am I? Look at everything I did in the past. To you, specifically. But I changed, once I was ready to. And you forgave me.
  • Colton: I don't trust her, and I don't forgive her. And she knows that. She said she plans on earning it back and everything. But I love her, and everyone deserves a second chance. Right?

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Weezer-related question: Obviously a lot of Weezer tabs out there just give the basic and tonally correct power chords. I'd consider myself intermediate when it comes to the normal barred power chords, but in every video I've seen of Rivers and Brian playing, I see them using different fingerings. I'm not sure if they're just alternate fingerings or a type of cheat-y fingering of the normal chord. Any sort of answer you can come up with would be great, thank you so much! =w=

This is the only question of the last batch that I was actually putting off for good reason. I REALLY wanted to give this the attention it deserves.

So many people that make TABs for Weezer songs take the easy way out; the perception that their songs are simple may be partially correct, but their simplicity is genius. In my opinion, Weezer are masters of using the sonic spectrum when it comes to chord voicings, and as we’ve found whilst tackling the arrangements for our tribute act, the two guitars are rarely ever just playing the same thing.

I’ll use “The World Has Turned And Left Me Here” as one of my favorite examples of this. Anyone that listens to this track, fan or not, HAS to admit that the guitars sound fucking huge. Sure, the studio magic of Ric Ocasek shines here, but it’s not just the sound that’s making it so huge, it’s the chord shapes. (And the overdubs)

Here’s a video from the front row of a Weezer Concert, with them playing the blue album straight through. Rivers is playing an SG, and Brian’s using a Les Paul Jr. Watch their hands, though, expecially Brian.

The chord progression (they’re tuned to E flat, but I’ll write it out in standard because LAZY) goes as follows:


Some TAB artists would have you believe those chords are played as follows:

         G        D              B        C          

But what one guitar on the record is playing (Rivers)


and the other is going (Brian)


And you can see them both doing so in the above video. See, although these chord shapes pop up all over the place, most TAB creators and even the Weezer books miss sometimes, so you really have to be keen on figuring out those chords.

I remember blowing my buddy’s minds when they saw me playing these songs with the low 5th added onto the chords. I’d always played them like that because that’s what it sounds like, but I realized that it’s not altogether obvious if you don’t listen closely. That low 5th (adding the low G when you’re playing a C chord, for example) really makes Weezer sound so damn brutal, and it’s crucial on this song to get that wall of sound going. The inversions spread out the frequencies, and having one guitar concentrate on 5ths and the other on 3rds makes such a big difference. Try recording the parts and panning them on opposite sides to see for yourself.

In addition to the chords, midrange is your friend here. Too many people assume that their sound is simply muddy, but it’s defined as well. Mids. Put on some headphones and dig on TWHTALMH’s chunky goodness.

I hope this helps. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, and it’s a subject I could quite literally write books about.

And if you’ve read this the whole way through, come get schooled by My Name Is Jonas Brothers on May 10th at Seattle’s HIGH DIVE!!!

EDIT: Sorry, it looks like Tumblr shifted the numbers a little bit, and then deleted the ends of the E B and G strings, fucking up my clean look. Also, I forgot that the G at the beginning of the bottom two examples should include a G played on the D string, but now I’m too scared to try to fix it.