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au where Saitama responds to his haters with overwhelming sarcasm

I needed a little pick-me-up but I got lazy halfway through lol, but I’ll be focusing on au stuff now I promise! my brain has been really unfocused recently and I just, need to get refocused (; _ ; )

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One of my players in our homebrew 2nd Ed. campaign is chronically ill and the other is her husband; we've had to cancel one in every third session because of that. That sucks for them and (we have all agreed) isn't fair to the rest of the group. So recently we all put our heads together and the group asked me to have some side quests ready that won't affect the main story, to pull out so that we can keep a more regular schedule. Any suggestions??? Just general stuff, because I'm at a loss.

Well most of my sessions are filler adventures under an overbearing arc so you’ve come to the right place, what I usually do is come up with a simple setting, and a mysterious problem, one to draw players in, I then make a flow chart of my plan, about a page will do and away we go.

1. A village has been plagued by masses of animals (the most recent being ducks) 

2. A town has (insert weird problem here) could the old wizards tower on the hill be involved?

3. A party memebers long lost friend shows up with promise of treasure and adventure in an ancient ruin

4. People have began worshipping a strange Idol, but is it more than meets the eye?

5. The group finds a dangerous cursed item and must destroy it or bring it to someone who can, though the item tries to turn them against each other.

6. The group finds themselves in the middle of two(+) warring factions and need to either escape or bring about peace.

7. Reports of a strange monster roaming around turn up but is there any truth to it? And if so, is it even a monster?

8. A player gets an important item(s) stolen and tries to get it back.

9. The group run into a good hearted creature need toescape it’s pursurers believing it to be evil.

10. A God or other powerful entity takes interest in the party and brings them to their plane to have them compete in challenges for their ammusement.

Hopefully these will give you some ideas, best of luck.

What’s this? A book with a cute cover? 

Hold on. It’s by Catherynne M. Valente??

HOLD ON. It’s about the four Bronte siblings and the worlds they create???

H O L D O N. WHY EXACTLY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THIS BEFORE???? Catherynne M. Valente meets Worlds of Ink and Shadow????? My life is complete??????

So. Yeah. This has been a PSA. You’re welcome. 

Okay idk if cross-species marriage is a thing in MEA? Because the thought of the girlfriends becoming wifes is somehow … I don’t usually are the type for marriage headcanons but I feel like in this case, it’s different. Because damn I just … Sara promising Vetra to be there for her, always, to the end of their lives, it just gives me feels? I want that to happen? 

I’m really bad at communicating. If I ever promised I’d rp with you, then never did, I’m really sorry. I’d love to rp with you - I’m shy, and anxious all the time, I probably love talking to you, and rping with you, but I just never know how to approach people without seeming strange or awkward. If you asked me for rp once and I didn’t follow through, then I’m sorry. I’m going to try to be better about it from now on, because you deserve better. please never hesitate to reach out to me, even if it’s only to chat. I’m spacy, and head-in-the-clouds, but I probably really, really want to talk to you, and I can promise you that I’d love to rp with you on any of my characters. 

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Love the blog! Can I request when you have an allergic reaction to something you ate unknowingly/it's something weird that people usually aren't allergic to? (I'm allergic to bologna and almost had to go to the hospital twice on accident!)

Here you are~ I’ve never had an allergic reaction that caused anything more than a rash or a little tight throat, but I wrote this as if you needed to be rushed to the hospital, so I hope I did it justice ^-^

also sorry i lost track of time its kinda late here and i havent been getting much sleep so im going to respond to anons tomorrow i promise~ okay and tumblr really doesnt want to let me post this idk whats going on but if the format looks weird or if a gif is missing just tell me and ill try to fix it later

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin would stay very calm - externally, at least - as he led you into the car and sped to the hospital. While you were being treated and monitored, he raced back to your place, throwing out whatever it was that had given you the allergic reaction, along with anything else that he hadn’t seen you eat before; if you’d bought something “just to try it,” it was going into the trash. He made sure to take that trash out to the dumpster, then cleaned everything that he could before he got the text or call from you saying that you could either have visitors or go home. And, when he got back to the hospital, he was as calm and sweet as ever, smiling bright as if he hadn’t just made your house more sterile than the hospital you were currently in.

Yoongi was calm in the moment, calling for an ambulance, soothing you as best as he could to make sure you didn’t panic and make it worse, and begrudgingly doing aegyo when you were out of the hospital and back in your home. For a while, there really wasn’t any mention of the attack, save for when Yoongi went through your fridge and cupboards, as well as the ones in the dorm, to get rid of whatever you were allergic to. But then, one day, you coughed, and Yoongi spun to face you. Despite the fact that he looked calm, you knew he was panicked; you’d never seen him move that fast in his life. The thought of your throat closing up had been haunting his thoughts, but he assured you that he would be okay, so long as you were okay.

Hoseok would panic the moment he saw that you were having an allergic reaction to the food he’d given you. He tried to stay calm, putting on a smile that he thought was genuine as he led you to the car; however, that smile looked almost crazed, and his idea of “leading” involved a lot of pulling and pushing and “sweetly” reminding you to hurry or speed up. He almost slammed the car door on you as you slid into the seat, and he made sure to frantically apologize as he drove you to the hospital. Oddly enough, he was relatively calm as he drove, which helped you calm down slightly as well, and then you were being treated by professionals, whom you asked to teach your boyfriend how to react properly next time, since you were sure he’d listen to a doctor.

Namjoon was very calm, almost eerily so, as you had an allergic reaction to some random food. He was freaking the fuck out internally, but he was rather good at hiding that, the only thing giving him away being the fact that he shattered a dinner plate trying to clean it as you waited for the ambulance to arrive. And then, once the ambulance arrived, he allowed them to take you after making sure they knew to keep you safe and reminding you that he loved you. He followed the ambulance closely, and once he arrived at the hospital to see that you were recovering or already recovered, he insisted you get an allergy test as soon as possible, as well as epipens for you, him, and the boys to carry around at all times, just in case.

Jimin’s reaction almost surprised you more than your allergic reaction did; he was calm as he called you an ambulance, washed his hands - in case he’d touched whatever you were allergic to - and lifted you in his arms to carry you outside. Once the ambulance arrived, he passed you off to the paramedics, then climbed in right after you, ignoring any protests. He could make sure you stayed calm, he reasoned, and the paramedics decided they really didn’t have the time to argue with him. He stood at your side, out of the way, until you arrived at the hospital. It was there, as he stood in the waiting room, that he freaked out, panicking over the phone to his band mates as he ordered them to never eat whatever you were allergic to again. He was composed the next time he saw you, but the boys would be sure to tell you just how panicked he’d been.

Taehyung panicked as he called an ambulance. He realized that he was supposed to be calm for you, and while he did try to be calm, he failed miserably. However, that panic was due to worry, and he told you that while apologizing for not being able to remain calm. And, by the time you’d been released from the hospital, he was back to just smiling wide as he greeted you with a hug. He did admit that he was still a bit worried, but you didn’t think much of it at the time. It wasn’t until you coughed a few days later that you realized exactly what that “worry” meant; he rushed to your side, just as panicked as he’d been before, and already had his phone out to call an ambulance before you managed to tell him that you’d only coughed. He’d calm down immediately, as if nothing had happened, but the next time you coughed, his panic would return again.

Jungkook had no idea what to do, and yet he didn’t hesitate to call an ambulance. Once that was on its way, though, he felt useless. There was nothing he could do to help you, so he just held your hand in silence, not realizing that him being calm was the best thing he could do for you. It just felt like he wasn’t doing enough, but he wouldn’t tell you that. He’d wait until the two of you got to the hospital, where his hyungs were already waiting, to tell them how he felt while you were being examined. Even if they explained that him staying calm probably helped you more than he realized, he wanted to believe that he could have done more. He’d probably be quiet when he saw you again, and it would take quite a bit of probing to get him to open up or return to normal.