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Hi! So i'm new to all of this, I actually didn't even know that people did all of this for Fallout 4, if I had known then I would have been on tumblr a long time ago haha, it's pretty great that you're doing this sort of thing, but anyway. . . If this has been requested I am so sorry. So, you can change the appearance of the Sole Survivor whenever you want; i'm just curious as to how the companions would react if Sole gets a face swap? Again, I apologize if this has already been asked for.

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Cait: “Hot damn.” She lets out a slow whistle. “Gotta admit, I didn’t think y’were serious when you said you were doin’ this. Guess you showed me. I guess it’ll take some getting used to, but…” She shrugs. “Whatever works for you.”

Codsworth: “Are you… quite sure you like this, Mx. Sole?” It unnerves him a bit, especially when he hears Sole’s voice coming out of someone else’s face. He never expresses disapproval, exactly, but it does make him uncomfortable.

Curie: She does ask why Sole wants to do it, but doesn’t judge their reasons. She does insist on being involved in the process, however. “Plastic surgery is not so simple,” she says. “I would feel better knowing you were in capable hands.” She blushes. “Not that I am so very skilled, but…”

Danse: “Why?” He wrinkles his nose, looking them up and down. “It feels… deceptive. You looked fine as you were.” He shifts uncomfortably. He might not admit it, but he’s attached to Sole’s current looks.

Deacon: “Sweet!” He claps his hands together excitedly. “Oh, wow. Geez. You know, I’m overdue for one, myself. Maybe I can a face that matches yours? Oh! Let’s be twins. Yeah, let’s be twins. That’ll be hilarious.”

Dogmeat: Sole’s face is always lickable, no matter what it looks like.

Hancock: “Any particular reason why?” He quirks one hairless eyebrow. “I mean, I ain’t gonna be mad, I just don’t want you makin’ any rash decisions.” He waves a hand over his face. “Like yours truly.”

Nick Valentine: “Huh.” He scratches his chin with his claw, looking pensive. Then, he chuckles. “Well, I guess it’ll make it a helluva lot harder to track you down. Can’t blame you for keeping folks on their toes.”

MacCready: He frowns, brow furrowing. “Kinda hard to recognize you,” he says, uneasily. “I mean… I guess it’s your choice, but. It sorta skeeves me out.” He’s not a fan of change, but isn’t going to argue with Sole’s choice.

Piper: “Whoa!” She lifts the brim of her hat, staring wide-eyed into Sole’s new face. “Cool! What made you decide to do that? What, uh- what’d you base it on? Why’d you do this face?” She’s more curious than anything. As always.

Preston: “Oh, uh.” He’s a bit surprised, but shrugs it off. “Well, I guess it’s up to you. Gonna be a little hard to recognize you for a while, but if it’s what you want.” He’s seen stranger things. He’ll live.


X6-88: He tilts his head to the side very slightly. “Why?” If Sole chooses to give an explanation, he nods. “Very well.” He doesn’t question it further.

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Boyfriend!Mark Tuan

| Jaebum | | Mark | | Youngjae | | yugyeom |

• this handsome fluffball is shy at first but on the later part of your relationship, he would say the most random thing to you 

• “I just farted" 

• “wtf mark" 

• “wanna smell?" 

• he prefers a movie date in his room than a luxurious date outside because he likes spending time with you alone 

 • he’s kinda shy around your friends but would still try to talk to them just for you 

 • ”(Y/N) will your friends like me? How about your brother?“ 

• "Mark, calm down they’re going to like you!" 

• he likes wrapping his arms around your shoulders and hold you tight until you feel like you’re gonna break all your bones 

• you’ll probably smell like him at the end of the day 

• he would snake his arms under your shirt and wrap it around your waist, his warmth sending butterflies to your stomach (gosh I need that kind of embrace from tuan) 

• he loves doing that so much…so freaking much that he almost always do that in public 

• "oohhhHHHH THEYRE DOING IT! Mark hyung is doing it with (Y/N)” Bambam probably 

 • “how dID YOU GET IN HERE BamBam?! And no we’re not doing anything!" 

• not a fan of PDA tbh 

• chicken laugh everytime you attempt to spit stupid jokes 

• he would sometimes roll on the floor as he laughs 

 • silent laughs when your jokes are too funny (even funnier than jackson’s, congratulations!) 

• you will always have Jackson third-wheeling on your dates 

• "mark why is Jackson here" 

• "he said he wanted to come along. Just ignore him, he won’t cause any problem" 

• "mark! Why tf is Jackson dancing onstage! He’s not even part of the show!" 

• you would probably be done with Jackson being always around and will sometimes think "I don’t know who mark is dating tbh" 

• his face will turn red everytime you say "I love you” “you look handsome” “God, Mark, why are u so perfect" 

• he would sometimes look away with a very huge smile on his face, it’s like his smile can cure cancer. ya feel me? 

• and you would find it very cute I mean WHO WOULDNT FIND HIM CUTE?! 

• he thinks you’re just making him blush but of course, you mean everything you’ve said 

• but sometimes, his shy ass would turn to a cocky little butt like he’ll sometimes respond with a wink or a suggestive wiggling of eyebrows, or would sometimes playfully roll his eyes 

• "God, (Y/N), stop stating the obvious" 

• pillow fights 

 • random cheek pinching 

• random nose kissing because he thinks it’s a cutest I need to breathe 

• cuddling while watching foreign movies 

• * in the bathroom* "uh mark, can you please hand me my clothes on the bed? I forgot to bring them here" 

• "of course, jaggiya!” *hands you his oversized sweatshirt* 

• “this is not my shirt" 

• "it is now" 

• you wouldn’t really know if mark’s being jealous because he would maintain a poker face but his acting skills would give away his true feelings like- 

• ”-and then Jaebum oppa almost fell like omfg it was so hilarious and- yah! Are u even listening?“ 

• *looks at you with a fake surprise* "oh, you were saying something?" 

• "yeah like what I said Jaebum oppa almost tripped and- yah! What’s with the face?" 

• "what? is something wrong? Go on, tell me more about what happened to JB oppa. It sounds so fun.” He said with a cheerful voice as he looked at you with a big frown. 

 • “are you jealous" 

• "nooOOOO” and would pout like a child and Jesus those lips tho and u end up biting his bottom lip ooppss 

 • and ends up in an intense make out sesh damn 

 • lots and lots of shirtless snaps 

• “you’re the best girl I’ve ever met in my whole life" 

• "I love you, (Y/N)" 

 OMG why am I torturing myself?!

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So now we live
Fandom: Star Wars Rogue One
Pairing: Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso
Words: 5777
Rating: Explicit

Tags: Angst, Smut, Fluff ish, Resolving angst with smut, quite likely poor characterization, no one died but they all got a little fucked up, self hating Jyn, improper sparring techniques, spoilers?, not really but hey

A/N: Rogue One was great, but I needed this in my life. So yeah, have some shameless angst and smut! Eternal thanks to @coldsaturn for fixing the mess of words I threw at her, she is a godsend of editing <3


Jynn remembers the desperate hug on Scarif, remembers clinging to Cassian and knowing that they were going to die. In that moment, before the pain and whatever miracle lifted her from death into suffering, she was absurdly happy. Because they had won, and they had found each other. He needed her, in his holding her hand, and his grip strong on her back. It felt good to be needed, and to want him and be able to hold him. With death bearing down on them, there were no consequences, no reasons to hold back.

The end she’d been expecting never came, though. It continued to hound her for a long time, far too long, and she can never quite shake the feeling of it gnawing on her spine. A remarkable recovery, the doctors had all said, and the med bots had informed her in their weird way of comfort that she had beaten their probabilities. It had been agony, running from death, but every day she had gotten one step closer to actually being alive again.

When she had been unable to hold back tears from the pain and the helplessness of her situation, she had wanted Cassian, needed to feel the calluses of his hand holding her again. One day, she had even fallen low enough to ask for him, in a strangled voice warped by agony.

“Captain Andor is unavailable.”

That was all the med bots would say, and she stopped asking them. She wouldn’t risk turning to a real person because without death consuming the horizon, there are consequences for wanting things, and for needing people they are always dire. She couldn’t impose that onto Cassian. For him to recover and to go on living, she couldn’t want him, couldn’t need him.

She is a curse, she convinces herself as she slowly regains the ability to walk, and to breathe without pain. She is a curse, and if she cares about Cassian the way she knows she does, she has to avoid him.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know any gods or goddesses who are alright with few offerings? I'm a minor so I can't have an altar or do daily offerings, but I'm anxious to be called towards a god or goddess but find out that they require a lot of offerings... help?

Intro: Redefining What’s Possible

Hello, Anon! <3 First of all, I have some good news for you. If you aim to practice as a solitary pagan outside any rigid traditions, you will find that many a god(dess) is perfectly content to receive offerings with no frills. Your sincerity and intent is what really counts, so take a deep breath and prepare to redefine your understanding of what an offering “should be.”

Second, before we get into a list of examples and ideas, it is important to note that quality beats quantity when it comes to offerings and devotion in general. I know the ideal is to have both, but let’s face it, that’s just not possible sometimes. So, that begs the question, what can you do to hide in plain sight and keep within a budget that won’t raise any eyebrows?

The answer to that is there is a lot you can do. I promise, once you refuse to limit yourself to rigid, elitist standards of what counts as a worthy offering, you are going to have a whole world of possibility open up to you. Not only that, but you’ll find it isn’t half as difficult to find the time or energy for offerings when you’ve integrated devotion with your “everyday rituals.” Let me show you!

How to Hide in Plain Sight: Everyday Offerings

For the creative and expressive spirits:

GENERAL. Ask your deity to function as your muse! Whatever your medium of creativity and/or self-expression, request inspiration in exchange for art, music, writing (etc) created in their honor. Read on for specific examples/ideas.

MUSIC. If you play an instrument, try composing songs for your deity or dedicating your practice time to them. Just like to sing in the shower? That’s fine! Sing for your deity or sing songs that remind you of them.

DANCE. Alright, so maybe you’re self-conscious. Maybe you’re not a graceful dancer. I get that. But next time you’re home alone, try shutting the blinds and blasting the music. Just be free. Move your body as best you can and offer up your energy, your ecstasy, your passion as an offering.

PHOTOGRAPHY. Start a photo project! Maybe you want to photograph things that are sacred to your deity. Maybe you want to get really creative and dress up your friends to have them reenact scenes from your deity’s myth. But wait a minute, have you considered dedicating selfies to your deity? Yes, I’m serious, and I’m looking right at those of you who could use a little boost in the “self-love” department. Don’t be afraid to dedicate a photo journey in self-appreciation to your deity. It’s alright if you never share a single photo with the world. Just keep at it.

MAKE-UP/FASHION. Speaking of self-love, have you considered your make-up and fashion habits as offerings to your deity? Play around with it while you’re home alone, if you’re shy. No need to rush out of your shell. On the other hand, if you’re already feeling pretty confident, you might want to start dedicating your make-up and fashion choices to your deity.

WRITING. Write about your deity! You don’t have to be obvious about it. Give them a “secret identity” and write a story about that character. Want to write poetry? Do it! Again, you don’t have to be obvious about it. I promise you, your deities appreciate more than formal hymns. Write about them like you would a crush from afar. That is, all the passion without a whisper of a name. And hey, who says you have to be a creative writer? If you like to journal or blog, dedicate that daily or weekly practice to your deity.

ARTS/CRAFTS. Draw your deity or craft things dedicated to/associated with them. They won’t be critiquing your skill level, so don’t let that stop you! Think about that look of pride in a parent’s eye when their two year old runs up to them with a crayon drawing of the whole family and the dog. Think about how that drawing ends up on the fridge like a masterpiece in a gallery. Just think about that. And what about that macaroni art project from school? The one that’s allegedly an ornament, so it gets hung on the tree with a huge smile because, hey, it’s the thought that counts. Don’t approach your work with an attitude of “this isn’t good enough,” just do your best by your deity.

THEATRE. Whether you’re on Broadway or performing at a school play, this is another potential part of your life you can easily dedicate to your deity! Offer up the energy and passion you put in your practice time and performance. Don’t be afraid to petition them for inspiration and motivation if you’re feeling anxious or uncertain, either. As always, do your best. That’s enough.

For the busy and low-energy folks:

GENERAL. There are plenty of responsibilities in your day to day life that you won’t be escaping any time soon. So, maybe you’re really busy and struggling to find the time for offerings? Or maybe you’re just so tired all the time that you struggle to fit spirituality into your life the way you fantasize about? It may be time to start thinking about how to make the mundane into an offering!

TEA/COFFEE. Do you have a hot drink to get you going in the morning? Chances are you set it down to cool before you take the first sip. Take a few moments to invite your deity to share in the energy of that drink with you. Adding milk or sugar? Offer a share of that to them, too, and then dwell on it as you stir the additions in. 

COOKING/MEALS. Invite your deity to share in your meals with you. If you are able, try cooking a meal in their honor using ingredients you associate with them (for example, you might want to acquire venison for Artemis or pomegranates for Persephone). Hosting a dinner party? Dedicate the preparations to your deity and ask for them to be present in spirit or even to bless the gathering (especially if your deity is associated with home and hearth). On a diet? Reach out to your deity to help you abstain from what you cannot/do not want to eat, and dedicate the energy of your resistance to them.

BLOGGING. Literally what I am doing right now is an offering. I am not doing this “just to be nice.” This is an offering. I am putting my time and energy into writing out extensive advice that, ideally, will benefit the gods I am devoted to. But it doesn’t stop there! Do you like to relax on Tumblr after work? Great! Your blog is full of potential for virtual offerings. Start using those tags! You don’t have to create a separate e-shrine. Next time you see a photo or text post and think, “Hey, that reminds me of my deity,” reblog it with that in mind and slap a tag “for X” on there.

CHORES/EXERCISE. The stuff many of us love to hate! Well, guess what? There’s offering potential here. Dedicate your routine cleaning and decluttering to your deity. Think of your home as their temple, if it helps. Make it a more pleasant place to be for both of you! As for exercise, try committing to a basic routine every morning and dedicate it to your deity. Instead of focusing on your muscles straining, use the time to meditate on your deity. Going to the gym regularly? Same deal. If you need a little extra kick, don’t be afraid to ask them to hold you to your word and be that aggressive life coach you secretly need.

MEDS/HEALTH. If you take medicine everyday, dedicate that act to your deity. Why, you ask? Well, you can’t very well devote yourself to the best of your ability if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Honestly, if you don’t think that your deity cares about your health, you may need to reconsider that relationship. Whatever it is you do to keep yourself healthy, it’s sacred. Don’t think of it as unworthy offering because it isn’t in the eyes of a deity who cares about you.

WORKPLACE. Whether you love or hate your job, there is potential for offerings there. Let’s assume you love it first. Think of how you might dedicate the time and energy you put into your work everyday to your deity. Need a reminder to do so? Think of something associated with them and get a representation of it for your desk (if you have one). Worship Athena? Great! Get yourself an owl statue and set it next to the computer, for example. Okay, but what if you hate your job? Similar deal. Offer up your strength of mind and spirit as you struggle through every day like a warrior. Give them your tears. Give them your frustration. Entrust them with your hope for a new opportunity.

For the energetic and adventurous folks:

GENERAL. Hyper? Bored? Love new experiences? Well, what’s something really wild you want to do? What’s something you’ve been seeking motivation to get out and try? There’s an opportunity for an offering to your deity right in front of your nose with these kinds of desires, so seize the moment!

VOLUNTEERING. Whether you’re volunteering at the animal shelter or serving in a soup kitchen, there is definitely something to be said about offering these acts of service to your deity. Bonus points if you can find an organization that aligns with your deity’s interests, but don’t limit yourself to that! There are many deities who would take great pleasure in a selfless offering like this one.

MARATHONS. For those who want to go above and beyond the average person’s exercise routine, marathon running is a great example of something “extra” you could do as an offering to a deity. Whether you’re running for a cause or just for pleasure, there is plenty opportunity to offer up the time and energy you put in to your deity.

TRAVEL. Want to go somewhere? Dedicate your travel savings to your deity. If you wish, have them hold you accountable for being responsible enough not to dip into the savings on a whim. Already got a trip planned and funded? Dedicate the experience to your deity, whether it be through visiting a landmark sacred to your deity (directly or indirectly), putting time into learning a new language, culture, and history, or simply planning out a photo journalism project.

A Final Tip: The “Invisible Altar”

Now then, I could expand the list above forever, but I think by now, you should have a pretty solid idea of how to create something sacred and worthy of offering out of mundane pieces of your everyday life. So, that leaves us with just one very common problem to discuss: “How can I have an altar hidden in plain sight?” Good news! It’s actually remarkably simple.

First, you’re going to want to research into your deity’s sacred animals and symbols. Keep in mind that it’s perfectly acceptable to associate them with things that aren’t mentioned in the books. For example, I personally associate Loki with hares and rabbits. It’s not common. That’s just my UPG. Guess what adorns my altar in his honor? That’s right. Little bunny rabbit statues. As far as anyone out of the loop knows, I just really love bunnies. To give you another example, I also worship Cernunnos. I trust it will come as no surprise if I tell you that there is a ton of deer-related imagery on my altars.

Second, thrift and dollar stores are your new best friend. There’s really no need to break the bank to have a pretty and discreet altar. Here’s a few ideas for things you could pick up that have low-key altar potential: candle holders, old books, nice little boxes, photo frames, colorful bottles, snow globes, clocks, figurines, wind chimes, bells, vases, etc.

Third, forgo any explicitly religious imagery/symbolism. Yes, I know it can be tempting to have that altar. The one with the $200 deity statues, maybe a giant pentacle, or whatever else it might be that has you thinking nervously “maybe they won’t notice.” Word of advice? Don’t do it. Don’t take that chance if you’re honestly worried about someone calling you out on having an altar. I promise, you will learn to love what you’re able to work with.

Fourth, scatter your altar pieces to draw less attention. Maybe you’re a known history buff so you can get away with having that Anubis statue, but think twice before you put that figure on a shelf surrounded by candles and incense. Your best bet is to space things out. So, put that skull for Hades and that goat for Thor on two different levels of your bookshelf. Hang up that “Birth of Venus” print, but don’t put seashells and candles in front of it. Get the idea?

That’s about all I have the energy to write for the moment, but I hope that helps! Good luck on your path, Anon, and everyone else who find themselves practicing in the shadows. Don’t think for a moment you can’t have a rich spiritual experience and an excellent relationship with your deities just because you have to keep it all quiet. <3

*Friendship Rings*

So I saw a comic today on my dash, and a request from another person in the community asking just about anybody to write a fanfic about it.

So I thought, why not step up to the plate for once? Even trash like myself can write a drabble on stuff like this >;3c Mind you I’m not that great of a writer, so I’m terribly sorry if it doesn’t come out as any of you imagined ;v;)

Original idea here

Original comic here

@reapthis76​ Hopefully this is good enough for you!! <33

Edit: I felt super guilty for using the joke without crediting the person who made it in the tags, so thank you so much to @infinite-atmosphere for your inspiring tags!! The post where they made them is here >;3c

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anonymous asked:

Can you please write one where he surprises you on your birthday with a party and just goes all out shopping for you and stuff <3 ; )

Thanks for the request!! I’ll do better ones as soon as I have more time x

Your eyes tracked the hands of the clock as they ticked slowly - painfully slowly- around the face of the clock.
You tapped the lid of the pen against your teeth, contemplating selling your soul to the devil just to make this day end quicker.
You sighed with relief as soon as the minute hand hit twelve and you stood abruptly, grabbing your bag and bidding a quick goodbye to your coworkers before you speed-walked out of the building.
It was your birthday, and the last thing you wanted was to be stuck in an office the whole day.

On your way home your mood dropped slightly as you thought about Calvin and how you cancelled plans to see him - your boss called you yesterday and said he needed you to come into work, so you had to cancel your arrangements.
You checked your phone while you sat on the busy bus, seeing you had a missed call from him. You couldn’t call back with all this background noise, so you waited until you got home.

You stuck your key in the lock, fumbling with the charms on the keyring in a rush to get inside and sit down.
The door swung open before you had a chance to unlock it and you frowned, puzzled, as you wondered if you’d forgotten to lock it before you left..?
‘Happy Birthday!’ A familiar voice shouted and you jumped backwards in shock before a massive grin broke out on your face at the sight of Calvin holding a huge bunch of brightly coloured balloons in your doorway.
You burst out laughing as he let go of the balloons, letting them hit the ceiling in the lounge before he pulled you into a hug, wrapping his arms around you.
‘You scared the shit out of me, you maniac.’ You mumbled into his chest, still smiling.
When he let you go you looked around your lounge, observing the bright banners pinned up everywhere, the balloons all over the floor and the ceiling and the colourful confetti scattered everywhere.
‘Oh my god, Calvin!’
‘I nearly died from lack of oxygen blowing up all those fuckin’ balloons.’ He said, his eyes watching you carefully.
You turned to face him and pressed an overjoyed kiss to his lips, grateful for all the effort he had put in when you hadn’t even expected to see him at all.
He walked through to the kitchen and you followed, kicking off your shoes as you threw your bag down on the sofa.
'Calvin!’ You exclaimed once again as your eyes took in the gifts strewn all over the place - all over the counters and some were even on the floor.
'I told you not to get me anything!’ You scolded him, but he shook his head.
'Shut up.’
You began opening the many gifts, laughing at how bad his wrapping skills were.
You got to the very last one, feeling Calvin’s gaze on you as he twiddled his thumbs, weirdly nervous. You wondered why he kept this one for last - it must be important.
Trying not to laugh, you put the last wrapped gift back on the counter before reaching over and filling the kettle, letting it boil.
'Want a cuppa?’ You asked, trying not to look at Calvin’s perplexed face.
'Open it first.’ He whined like a child at the shops who wanted another sweetie.
'Um… Nah.’ You said, pretending to consider it before your shook your head, dismissing the idea. 'I think I’ll open that one tomorrow. You know - prolong the birthday vibes.’
You burst out laughing, unable to keep it up for any longer.
'You’re such a dick.’ He said, his arms snaking around your waist as he leaned his chin on your shoulder.
'Please.’ He sulked, refusing to give up.
He let you go and you picked up the gift once again, much to Calvin’s satisfaction.
'This whole thing is literally just sellotape.’ You wheezed, unable to open it.
'Gimme it.’ He said, rolling his eyes playfully as he ripped the sellotape apart and handed you a little black box.
You carefully lifted the lid off of the sleek packaging and revealed a beautiful silver necklace with a real diamond featured in the middle of the charm.
You covered your mouth with one hand as you looked at Calvin, whose face held a nervous smile.
'Do you like it?’ He asked, his brown eyes boring into yours.
You answered by wrapping your free arm around his neck and pulling him closer to you, where you kissed his lips before cuddling him close.
'Thank you so much, Cal.’ You said into his neck and he chuckled.
'You’re welcome. Bet you’re glad you opened it now.’
He took the necklace out of the box and stood behind you, fastening it. He gently kissed from your earlobe down to your shoulder from behind as you admired the necklace. The beautiful jewellery looked so delicate and dainty on your chest and you couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face.
You finished the day cuddled up on the sofa with Calvin, tucking into some birthday cake as you wondered how you got so lucky.

(I’ve heard rumours about leafy dating someone and if anyone COULD PLS UPDATE ME ON WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON I would be eternally grateful lol) luv u guys x

TAGS: #CSSV | #CSVALENTINES | [don’t tag in #captain+swan]


  1. Enable the anon optio for obvious reasons. 
  2. Send me a message HERE saying you’d like to participate (make sure you’re in the main page -aka if you see a drawing- to avoid asking me obvious or frequent questions.)
  4. If you have A particular skill and you only want to do that as a gift: let me know in the same message.
  5. I’ll answer you with a blog that will be your Valentine asap.
  6. Message your valentine anonymously until it’s Valetine’s day (aw!).

ABOUT THE MESSAGES (rules and suggestions)

  1. DON’T tag in #captain swan. We’re many and it can be annoying. Tag #cssv or #csvalentines instead (use whatever you like).
  2. WOO YOUR VALENTINE (get to know her, send her poems, compliments, buy her onion rings or you can always give your sibling’s ring to say ILY)
  3. Don’t tell your valentine you’re her/his secret valentine. Pretend you’re a random follower who’s interested in that person (this is a suggestion, do whatever you want).


1. We’ll post our gifts on Valentine’s Day (and with that, we’ll reveal our identities).

note: if you can’t post your gift on 14th, it’s all right as long as you alert your valentine.

2. The gift can be whatever are your skills. Ask your valentine what she’d like to get.

3. If you have a especial request about the gift (you only like stories, you only like drawings, you only like…) let me know and I’ll assign you a especial valentine.

4. Your valentine can get all the gifts you’re willing to make.

Deadline to join us: FEBRUARY 7th

If you have any other questions feel free to send me messages here. There will be days I won’t answer that quickly, so don’t freak out if you don’t get an answer soon.

Let the game begin. ;D

anonymous asked:

I always see people writing fics on where the reader transfers to characters schools, can I get gom as exchange students and meet their future s/o? (I don't know if I'm making sense)

I think I got it :D Thanks for the request!

So in these, we’re just going to pretend that everyone knows how to speak Japanese, the things in italics are spoken in Japanese :))))

Kuroko: He knew polite conversational English, and he figured that’s all he would need to be an exchange student. Well, he was wrong. He had no idea what was going on in his history class. What the hell was guerilla warfair? Isn’t that some kind of animal? He can’t imagine gorillas being involved in the American Revolution, so everything was just confusing.

Kuroko-san, you’re having trouble with vocabulary, right?”

He perked up at the sound of Japanese being spoken, and he looked up to the girl standing in front of his desk, smiling gently. He nodded.

I can help you if you’d like. Some translations might be pretty rough, but I’m glad to help if you want.”

Kise: Lord help this boy. He thought he got a lot of attention in Japan, well, America is another story. There were thirsty girls everywhere. In his panic, English slipped from his mind and he just spoke in panicked Japanese as he hid away in a random class.

Oh, hey. You’re the new Japanese exchange student, right?”

Oh no, he hadn’t escaped all of the- Wait. That was Japanese. He looked to the girl, sitting alone at her desk in the empty room. She was smiling gently, and he nodded, smiling back. “Yeah. It’s um… It’s been pretty interesting.”

And so he found himself hiding in that same emptied classroom every lunch when he was being chased by a mob of girls. He liked being able to speak in Japanese to someone, it made him feel closer to home, and closer to her.

Aomine: He didn’t know a lick of English, and he didn’t understand any part of what was being said except for swearing and the word ‘idiot’. It probably wasn’t a good idea, because he had no idea which bus route he was supposed to get on for his homestay. He just sort of stared at his paper, trying to match the characters to his address.

Hey, the new kid, Aomine, right?”

He perked up, and looked in front of him. Oh, now she was pretty cute.

Are you lost? Are you unable to read that? I can help you.”

He nodded frantically, and showed her his address paper and the bus routes. She scanned them, and grabbed onto his wrist, dragging him to the buses. She shoved him towards the doors of one of them, and he was a little hesitant to get on, she just smiled and nodded to him.

It’s okay, I promise it’s the right bus. If not, well, you’ll see me tomorrow at school for your revenge.”

Aomine smirked, he already liked her.

Akashi: He had no trouble becoming well-known. His fluent language skills made him many acquaintances, and his basketball skills got him some extra pals in PE. During lunch he scanned the Club Bulletin, and his eyes widened. There was a Shogi Club? Here?

So obviously he made his way to the class it was held in, and there was just a single girl, sitting at a desk with a Shogi board in front of her.

“Mind if I play, Miss?”

She perked up, and looked over to him. “You want to play shogi?”

He smiled softly and nodded. “I must say, I’m the best at shogi.”

And, well… He’s going to admit that losing to her four times in a row kind of made him attracted to her.

Midorima: Why did he think this was a good idea. His English was good, great even, however whenever he got nervous he forgot all of it. And he gets nervous a lot. He can’t find his lucky items most of the time, making him extra on edge, mostly because his impending death could be around any corner.

He decided to use his free time in the library on his days his lucky item was nowhere to be found, grateful for the Japanese section of books. One day, he heard someone lightly swearing in Japanese, and he just huffed. It was the girl next to him trying to reach the top shelf.

Some people understand your dirty language, nanodayo.” He pulled the book down for her.

She stumbled and dropped it, her cheeks flushing bright red. “Uwah, uh… Ano… I uh…”

He saw the cover of the book she was reaching for, and his own cheeks flushed red. Ah geez, she’s vulgar and intelligent. Why is she suddenly prettier?

Murasakibara: The only words he knows in English are ‘snacks’ and ‘don’t wanna’. And it’s all he needed. Whenever someone sounded like they were asking a question, he would always just say that he didn’t want to do whatever they asked. When he saw someone else with food, he’d point to it and just say ‘snacks’ until they shared.

One day he got to class and there was a bunch of Japanese candies and snacks on his desk, a handwritten note in Japanese too. His eyes would widen as he read the note, all written in Hiragana.

You always take my snacks when my friends are holding them for me, so I just got you some of your own :))) I’ll still share though, I’m just going to ask for some of yours :D”

He knew who it was. It was the girl in his Psychology class. She always left before lunch and let her friends pick at her snacks while she was out, and he’d always take some too. he pouted, but his cheeks tinted pink too.