i'm not that innoncent

I'm not a Saint you know.
  • Me on the phone with a library patron: "I'm afraid I can't get that for you because someone stole it from off the shelf without checking it out so we can't get it back."
  • Patron: "But WHY would someone do that? You can get it for free!"
  • Me: "Because people are stupid."
  • Librarian: *big eyes* "Lydia just said the S-word!"
  • Other Librarian: "WHAT?"
  • Librarian: "She called someone "stupid"."
  • Other Librarian: "No. Way. I don't believe it."
  • Librarian: "That is, without a doubt, the meanest thing I have ever heard Lydia say."
  • Me: *finished conversation, hangs up phone* "I'm not a saint you know. I've even called people "dumb" when they deserve it."
  • *mass shock and horror*