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#Helsinkihandhold <3


I find it interesting (meaning hypocritical) that when Pillowtalk debuted at number 1 that there were so many in this very fandom downplaying it like he just rolled outta bed and landed at the top spot, nbd. 

But now that other members of 1D have solo singles out, number 1 is the holy grail and you just have to have it. Ain’t that some shit?  Seems like going number 1 is, in fact, a big deal. This coming from people who declared going number 1 in 80+ countries was somehow a “flop” mere months ago. 

No shade on Niall or Louis. I’m so happy for the solo success they’ve had so far. They’re building my supergroup vision that I used to dream and rant about 2 years ago. I’m just saying, I wish people would be honest. Some 1D fans are so blatantly contrarian–it’s like a bunch of lil’ Trumps running around. They don’t give a fuck about the facts, the truth or fairness. And I wish fans would stop hating on any individual member of the unit that made it possible for any one of them to go solo. As always, these guys deserve better fans. 


i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.