i'm not that evolved

// some days i wonder if keeping this blog is worth it

and then i get messages from people saying i’m an inspirational person and they like / love my roddy + how i play him, and then i feel like i’m doing good to the world by being on this site and being the best inspiration i can be

bless each and every one of you. please know i appreciate all of you equally and that you’re all good people on this planet.


And then I promised myself to never again go into the ocean in ARK. (I’m not mad at my dino-taming buddy, I would’ve 100% done the same had our roles been reversed)


Gorillaz. ❤️

2005 to 2017….

~How time seems to fly!!~ 

I love this picture of Hector, but I just gotta point out another thing I love about this picture. And that is the subtle detail of Miguel’s hands.

They’re turning Skeleton! I love it when animators remember to add subtle details like this! 


DARK MATTER | 1.12 | Three, Four & Five

I already have a student.

Imagine: Scarlett and Chris standing up for you when the interviewer asks you a rude question

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