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"I think I'm falling in love with you" owo

Thanks for sending in a prompt anon! 

“So—" Dick ran a tongue over his chapped lips and said.

“Hm?” Jason answered apathetically, was too busy concentrating on perfectly wrapping the bandages around Dick’s ankle. He’d gotten injured during patrol, jumped off too swiftly and slipped on the roof. Though he couldn’t blame him because it was raining but it was pretty amateur.


“Yeah?” Jason said, dismissing him a second time as he was putting on the finishing touches, knitting the bandages securely.

“I think I’m falling in love with you.”

And Jason almost dropped the scissors he had pinched between his fingers, ready to snip the edges of the bandage.

What?” he prompted, lifted his head to settle his gaze on the man who was staring back at him intensely. Those vivid blue eyes glowed with fondness and his cheeks were flushed a bright pink.

“I said—" Dick murmured and huffed a breath. “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Jason cocked a head to the side in curiosity. “Like right now?”

Dick sighed, exasperated that Jason couldn’t understand him.

“I meant—" he gestured a hand wildly, frustrated at Jason. He drew in a rickety breath and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I—okay—yeah. I have been and even more so now,” Dick explained.

Jason arched a brow at him, still confused and glanced away to have a moment to himself. The golden boy liked him. Loved him? How was that even possible? Jason was definitely not Dick’s type or someone he’d date. Yet here he was confessing to him. Was this for real?

He wasn’t so sure so he questioned him. “Cause I saved you tonight?”

Dick puffed up a cheek and pouted as he reached over and flicked Jason’s forehead. “No.”

“Then what?”

“Is it so hard to believe that I like you? Maybe love you?”

“Yeah,” Jason nodded. “It is.”

Dick’s expression fell at that remark and a brief look of alarm filled his eyes. His attention fell to the ground as he chewed his lip in worry.

“Why?” he asked meekly, upset at what Jason had said but what could he do? It was true.

“Because you’re Dick Grayson. I can’t see any reason for you to like me,” Jason admitted and finally finished fixing Dick’s ankle up. He was about to move but the man held him back.

Dick gently cupped his cheek and pressed a thumb to his lower lip. “Look, I’m not all that. I’m not perfect, Jay. So don’t think I’m above you,” Dick explained and paused to gather his words once more as he breathed a heavy sigh. “I like you just as you are and honestly, you’re pretty great Jason Peter Todd.” His lips curled into a small smile, soft and tender and he pulled him forward, beckoned him to come closer.

Jason did, got up to settle on the edge of the mattress as Dick cupped both of his cheeks and leaned in for a kiss. It was chaste and sweet, and Jason could feel how hot his lips were.

Jason hummed quietly, pleased as they kissed over and over again, until their lips swelled, and were wet and glistening in their saliva.

Dick chuckled at the dazed look Jason gave him as they pulled apart and dipped in for one more kiss.

“You?” he finally asked, vivid blue eyes eager for an answer–for something.

The corner of Jason’s lips pulled into a smirk and he nodded, gently threaded a hand through Dick’s hair to tuck a lock behind his ear. “Me too.”

And the smile Dick had given him was so endearing, so beautiful and full of life, Jason couldn’t help but pull him into a tight embrace.

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What do you think is gonna happen to Starco??

honestly, i feel like nefcy is just throwing every single ship in the book at us right now. like, marco/kelly? what? it feels so… random. and rushed. i dunno, i don’t think they’d have marco break up with jackie for no reason (also rushed but that’s a story for another day)… they have a plan.

good news though: in canon, star and marco are attracted to each other. i think that’s enough basis for starco to actually become a thing. nefcy apparently likes this love triangle drama… but honestly, it keeps coming back to starco in the end so… idk. it’s looking good, i think, but we’re gonna have to sit through a lot of … uh, bullshit, to be blunt, before we get there.

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I've been reading a fair amount of your work lately, and I see a decided lack of ConCrit offered to you on any on your published works. I'm just curious as to how you gauge your improvements as an author without the help of other authors, and also if you're open to receiving it OR if you feel as though you're at a point that you don't need it. Would you be offended if your readers were to offer suggestions about how you could improve further?

hm well this is tricky, Anon. Do you mind if I give you a bit of constructive criticism to begin? 

Firstly, I think the primary point I’d like to make is that unfortunately, the subtext of this ask reads rather passive-aggressively, which is a mode that I personally avoid. Everyone has their preferences, but I think directness is more conducive to a healthy working relationship (and I say ‘working relationship’ because that, presumably, is the thought here; I’m guessing you mean to imply that you personally wish to gift me some criticism, which is something I consider within the ‘work’ sphere as far as relationships go). Unfortunately, the phrasing of this ask leaves me with v little room to respond. If I answer in any way that suggests that I am insulted/indignant/stubbornly refusing your offer, then it reflects badly on me; on the other hand, if I reply ‘yes, of course, I am always trying to improve!’ or something of that ilk, I may come off disingenuous, because the phrasing here (specifically, the suggestion that I, in some episode of truly horrifying hubris, might actually believe I have reached Peak Author and no longer have room to improve) suggests that I should, essentially, demean myself in order to agree with you, which is … something I’ll come back to.

Secondly, this ask is on Anon, which means I lack the ability to communicate with you privately and directly, which is the method by which I find concrit is most meaningful. I rely heavily on the input of other writers and readers whose skill and perception I trust (@drsallysparrow, @wl-erkling, and @captainunicornshenanigans, for example) because our working relationships began with private, in-depth conversations reflecting their extremely poignant reads on my work. They expressed a great amount of thoughtfulness and depth, and constructive criticism was (and is, on a continuing basis) delivered quite organically. I v rarely write anything that doesn’t have someone’s eye on it with regard to content, characterization, pacing, etc., though I’ll come back to that point later.

Thirdly, I specify private communication because in my experience (as I have previously mentioned), I find that reviews are really not the appropriate place to share criticism. For one thing, such things can v often convey spoilers, or rely on questions that the reader may not have the answer to (for WIPs) that I can’t actually answer. For completed works, on the other hand, I am most likely not going back to re-write or re-edit, so by that point criticism can often be moot, and instead serves only to direct people away from my work, which I find most people are polite enough not to do. In contrast, I have had some v engaging private conversations with people who have thoughts on my work, and I have gleaned a lot from them. Not to say I necessarily agree with everyone who expresses an opinion on a story, but I certainly listen.

Fourthly, unless you have read every review and message I’ve ever received, I’m truly and genuinely not sure why you feel I’ve not received concrit. Do you mean that you don’t believe I receive enough negativity in reviews? Because yes, by and large my reviews are positive and/or flattering. I won’t deny that. I will, however, provide the caveat that I am quite lucky to have found readers who appreciate my style of work (which I admit is, like any other creative pursuit, not for everyone). My readers are v kind and wonderful and generally they like my work, and so they continue to read it. Does that mean I don’t receive concrit? Absolutely not. I interact quite a lot with people, and perhaps that’s not reflected in public reviews, but in fairness I believe fanfic etiquette indicates that such things are not meant for public consumption. For example, if I felt a work had issues, I would certainly not say so in a publicly viewable review, and I think most fic authors would agree with me on that.

Lastly, this comment seems to indicate that you have a problem with my work, which leads me to wonder if maybe you should simply choose not to read it? It is phrased as though you care about my improvement as an author, but based on the things I mentioned above, I’m not sure that’s your intent. Of course, were you to engage me in some sort of mutual conversation, perhaps you could explain your intent, and maybe I’m wrong; but as it is, I find the motive behind this ask questionable, and so in all honesty, it’s hard for me to be anything other than wary.

In general, if you have something you’d like to suggest (ideally that you think would help me, and not simply ‘I didn’t like this’), I would ask that you do it with your username. FFN, AO3, Tumblr, however you do it, I find it generally more respectful to me to do so as yourself; it shows me that you stand by what you think, and I, a person who values such things, respect that greatly. If you’re willing to initiate a conversation with me where we can both equally engage, then I promise I am willing to listen to whatever you have to say. 

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Do you feel like harry did get any new fans? Like all of the boys my friends and classmates talk about once or twice or I see them listen to their music but with harry even though sometimes it would play on tv (when he first went solo) nobody would comment on the song or sing along I think that is just so weird I don't get it do you think the gp didn't like his music??

hm i think all of them got new fans. maybe your friends just aren’t fans of his songs. i always see gp talk about him and his album a lot. my friend praises him all the time and he used to make fun of me for linking 1D so

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"Are mods white" anon here abt sh@nce. I used to ship it before I learned their ages (dw after the age confirmations I dropped it like a hot potato) and I shipped it sh@nce bc it I feel like their personalities would have complimented each other. They don't have any real chemistry and I'm glad they don't, but a long time ago, I though their personalities would be nice together. That being said, I'm glad I don't ship it anymore it's gross

hm that’s an interesting perspective i never actually saw before. i guess it makes sense? thanks for sharing this!!!

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Stoos Kids is sooo adorable!! Quick question, I might have missed it, but why did Stan and his Dad move from new jersey to Oregon?

Aaahhh! Thank you so much, you lovely anon ! I’m so glad you like it! >▽< ❤❤ Don’t worry,, dear! To be frank with you though, I hadn’t even thought about that thoroughly, haha! I’d say they had to move because of Stan’s dad’s job. I may come up with something more interesting in the future though ! In the mean time, you inspired me a lil something ~ :