i'm not talking about sherlock of course

Me when a person talks about school.

Person: You’re a high schooler ?
Me: Yes
Person: many classes ?
Me: lots of classes
Person: Written lots of essays then? Had lots of math test?
Me: yes
Person: Have a lot of homework then, I bet?
Me: of course yes, enough for a life time, far to much.
Person: Wanna ignore it and watch Sherlock?
Me: Oh god yes.

ok i’m not here to start a fight or to mistreat you all but why people hate bbc sherlock this much? like, i’m just really curious beause i just don’t get what’s wrong with that show ?? i mean i’m not saying i’m the shitty fan who hate you all for disliking sherlock i mean i don’t give a fuck, everyone has it’s own opinion and who am i to talk shit about yours, so, of course, i’m not here to judge. 

please just tell me what’s wrong about it because i ?? i can get you’re not into the plot but ??? why is that so ethically wrong ??

My thoughts before The Final Problem

So, since the final episode of the 4th season of Sherlock (and possibly the final episode of the whole show) is airing in less than 6 hours, I just want to write down some of my thoughts regarding this all. 

I’ve been a fan of Sherlock since summer 2012, so 4,5 years. That’s a relatively long time (I mean, I was 13 years old when I saw Sherlock for the first time and now I’m 18!). Of course, during these 4,5 years there’s been times when I’ve been quite fed up with the show; this has happened mostly during the last 3 years. To be quite honest, I wasn’t that excited about the Christmas special when it aired a bit over a year ago. And yet when the opening credits began, I felt myself get excited again, because in that moment I remembered how much I enjoy this show. 

Then came the 4th season. This time I was actually very excited before the first episode… and a bit disappointed after it, as it wasn’t as good as I thought it’d be. The second episode, however, I enjoyed immensely. I actually thought it was one of the best episodes of this show! And now… from what I’ve heard I’m pretty sure that the last episode is going to be good but… we’ll see. 

So… yeah. I could end this here, but I just can’t do it without talking about Johnlock. 

So… Johnlock. I think I started shipping it the same day I saw A study in pink for the first time. I still very much ship it, although I’ve never considered myself part of TJLC. That’s mainly because I don’t have that much faith in Gatiss & Moffat, and I’ve never been quite convinced that they’d make it canon. And I’m still not convinced. And I didn’t want to get my hopes up in any way before this final episode, but oh well, what can you do; I still want to think that there’s a tiny chance they’d make it happen. 

I really hope that the final episode will be good, but I’m almost certain that I’m going to be disappointed in some way. Because I will be at least slightly disappointed if/when they don’t make Johnlock canon. I could go on and on as to why, but to put it shortly: it would mean that the writers have been deliberately misleading & queerbaiting their audience for years. And yes, of course this show is about many other things as well as the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Hell, if it weren’t about anything else, I don’t think I’d be watching this show. But that doesn’t mean that their relationship isn’t a crucial part of the show. So, if Johnlock doesn’t become canon, will I think that the final episode is bad? No. If it is in all other aspects a great episode, then I’ll think that it’s a great episode. But will I be disappointed in the writers? Yes. Because if they want to make “television history”, then I really don’t know what other way they could do it, than to finally establish the relationship between Sherlock and John. 

And well… that’s all I can say right now. I really hope that The Final Problem will be as good as some people have said it is. I guess we’ll all find out in a few hours… So, good luck y’all! 


“Oh goodie John you were paying attention! Yes so that would mean that the murderer-,” 

Sherlock got caught off by his phone ringing from his jacket pocket. John knew who it was, but the policemen all over the room looked at eachother in disbelief because Sherlock immediately stopped caring about them and answered his phone. 

“Yes?” He started wandering away while he talked. “Yes, yes I know. I promised- Alright I’ll get it done as soon I wrap this case up.” He waited. “You offend me, of course I remember,” Silence, and then he smiled, a rare one, a real one. “Goodbye, love,” 

Sherlock put his phone back in his pocket, and turned back to the men in the room. 

“She still hurting?” John asked in a half interested tone. 

“Absolute misery,” Sherlock said with pursed lips, and then carried on rambling, faster than before, not giving the detectives a second to question why he stopped. 

He had to get you your favourite chocolate, after all.