i'm not tagging this with my fair lady

I’ve a new obsession, Stop and read this It’s Worth It.

K so there’s this wonderful show called,

The Dolls of New Albion: A Steampunk Musical

It’s absolutely beautiful, if follows generations of the McAlistair family, beginning with Annabel McAlistair as she tries to bring her dead love back in a mannaquins body.

It’s really such a wonderful show and I need somebody to talk to about it so you guys should listen to it and SPREAD THE WORD, It is SO Under-rated.
It’s four acts but only 90 minutes and man I love it so much
Seriously I just wanna listen to it with everybody I know

The kicker?
It’s so Underrated it hasn’t been on broadway as far as I know. And also the playwright, Paul Shapera (Wonderful Man) has been trying to get it to the U.S. and I for one find it to be a n amazing play that deserves more recognition.
(I also really want it to come to the US so I can potentially sEE IT)

The soundtrack to this musical is available on Youtube and Bandcamp and It is really worth a listen.

Did I mention it’s the beginning of a trilogy?? :)