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Random ass thought post about BonKai.

First off - I don’t ship this. I won’t go into why, because it doesn’t matter, but I will go into something that’s really troubling about it, which is how the writers and actors and general TVD staff have rallied against it in this vehement way that we’ve never really seen them do outside of Kennett. Do I disagree with their logic about the ship being ‘abusive’? No, which should theoretically put me in a position to appreciate their squashing efforts. But honestly, given the track record of this show with abusive relationships being glorified as exciting, adventurous, flattering, sexy ships that reaffirm some undeniable desirability in the females subjected to them (a narrative that I HATE, by the way, but one they’ve chosen to follow nonetheless), the knee-jerk reaction of the writing staff against any dark!ship that involves Bonnie is seriously problematic.

Again, this is a weird observation for me because I’ve pretty much hated every iteration of that kind of ship that TVD has done. Anytime a dark, villainy obsession pops up over night through some random ass moment or plot device, I’m not going to like it - I get why other people do, but it’s just not my thing. And like, the objective part of me that views Bonnie as a general character is thrilled it wasn’t done to her. But then the part of me that views her as a TVD character - a context in which these toxic-style ships are written as the main draw - gets seriously pissed off that the writers don’t deem Bonnie dimensional or like… I don’t know, central enough for a storyline like that. Because sadly, that’s what these toxic ships have come to imply on this show - that a female character is so wonderful and beautiful and irresistible that even the big!bad can’t resist (again, GROSS, but it’s the equation they’ve chosen so they need to live by the implications of it when they consistently deny a character of it). 

Like why the flying fuck did Klaroline happen? Was it planned? Did it make sense? Or did a moment of unexpected chemistry spark a giant, rabid fandom that the writers were excited about? That the writers gave interviews about where they said that they never expected that reaction but how could they ignore it? And like, how the hell is that different from BonKai? Caroline had literally just gotten out of a love triangle with Matt and Tyler and Klaus was the guy hell-bent on ruining the guy she loved’s life (and everyone else’s, really) and they managed to turn him saving her from the death he brought upon her into the start of a romance. Like, if you can pretzel your way into that, then why the actual hell can you not develop a romantic arc between an entirely single girl and the guy she’s LITERALLY ALONE WITH in an isolated prison world who hasn’t had human interaction in decades so would instinctively fixate on a pretty girl? And how come when the Klaroline fandom big banged into existence, they were all happy about it (despite how much that romance would compromise the characters involved), but when the BonKai fandom blew up, they responded in the exact opposite manner? 

Again, this isn’t my ship. But I can understand why you guys are angry and I don’t support the way the staff has responded to you, despite the fact that it theoretically reflects my interests. Despite what they say, their shutdown of BonKai doesn’t feel like it’s coming from a place of ‘Bonnie is special’, but rather from a place of ‘Bonnie isn’t special enough’, and that’s why it’s bullshit.