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If this is too heavy/triggering of a subject feel free to ignore but what about junkrat who has a past of being sexually abused (whether it's childhood/past relationship/etc. is up to you) and something triggers the memory and he ends up breaking down in front of roadhog. and once roadie understands, he just holds him and comforts him. Assuring him he's safe and all that. Again, if your not comfortable with this feel free to ignore.

I mulled over this for a while and I’m still not too happy with it but hopefully it’s alright. Nothing explicit, though it’s pretty obvious what’s implied.

Rating: T, implied sexual violence, verbal abuse(?)

Words: 799

Junkrat’s throat tightened, choking on nothing and gasping. The words repeated in his mind, over and over until his tongue swelled and he couldn’t speak. He was up against the wall, shaking, eyes wide and a million miles away, chest burdened with a horrible pressure like he’d been kicked in the sternum

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BTS “The Butterfly Effect” Theory

*This post is image and text heavy

This theory pertains to the connections and possible timeline related to the movie “The Butterfly Effect”. In the movie, Evan Treborn is able to go back in time by reading journals that he kept as a kid to help with memory loss and his blackouts. After discovering this ability he goes back over and over again to different points of his life to change the past so that he can save his friends who, at each turn around of time, get messed up in some way.

When I first saw people talking about the butterfly effect, or the ripple effect, my first thought went to this movie. I watched it when it first came out in 2004, however I had lost a lot of the story over the years. So recently I decided to watch it again and I actually got chills when I realized there are some similarities between Evan Treborn and Jin in the HYYH series.

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Because of recent events, I kept thinking about this moment and I think that this is pretty important so I figured I’d post this…

If you’re in an unhealthy relationship and you can get out of it safely, do it. There’s no reason to stay with someone who makes you suffer.

and once again, TG has gone overboard

No. No I don’t think Mutsuki killing his parents and a cat and going all…uh, snk shall we say, on Torso’s ass.

And I mean that literally.

Is ok.

Nah, I don’t believe people get free passes because they have a tragic backstory.

But that’s the thing.

Ya’ll are calling this a brilliant twist, but I’m more tired by it than anything.

Yes. Everyone’s crazy. With abusive parents.

Abuse begets abuse.

Everyone’s dark and horrible.

The world is dark and horrible.

Look at me I’m edgy.

Symbolism. Metaphor. I’m sure there was a K somewhere in a panel to symbolize Kafka.

Or some insect symbolism.

But anyway back to Mutsuki.

At this point I’m not particularly shocked, just making circular motions with m index finger asking Ishida to please move this along.

You know there’s a tv trope called darkness induced audience apathy.

It’s basically where if everyone is morally gray and the world is too dark and no one is sympathetic, then it stops being a brilliant and edgy portrayal of human nature and starts being very hard to care about.

And lazy writing, because real human beings aren’t all psychopaths and murderers.

And this is weird but uh, victims of abuse don’t always go crazy and start hurting other people.

But of course, I read TG, which means I must assume my best friend is going to kill and eat me, because the world is unfair.

The world is full of dark and horrible people and moral ambiguity….because you know, darkness is my soul, there’s no god, death is inevitable, being kind to people just fucks you up.

But back to audience induced apathy.

Maybe most of you aren’t there yet because the type of people who can excuse Torso are the kind of people who can excuse anything and still see every character as a sweet cinnamon roll deserving of a happy ending.

I don’t fault you for that.

Actually I do, but it’s irrelevant right now, so I won’t go there, we aren’t going to discuss whether Mutsuki or Torso is more deserving of pity.

But I think I, as a normal person with a working objective brain, am just really tired of people being revealed to be crazy and/or abused by their parents allllll along, I mean I’ve never had child abuse feel so cheap.

Yeah that’s the word.


It’s how all this feels, you know.

I never liked that Kaneki’s mom was revealed to be abusive all along.

It made more sense narratively and emotionally to have her just be weak.

It was actually really unique to have a kind mother who was too kind and died because of it, which then sets the stage for her son to fall for the same pit fall—-oh no, she was an abusive bitch. You just forgot.


Add him to the list, I guess.

Everyone and their mother was abused.

I’m actually a little surprised it hasn’t been revealed that Kaneki’s father abused his mother.

You know, abuse begets abuse. It’s a cycle.

Everyone who’s horrible has to have been abused by someone else.

Everyone’s “sympathetic”, which is code for everyone’s an asshole and you just have to choose who’s less of an asshole.

Just like in real life.

Oh wait, people actually aren’t all that sucky, despite what your angsty 14-year old edge master grunge lord ass might think.

Victims of abuse can be normal.

Perpetrators of abuse can just be born assholes.

Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t have a damn sad backstory, his parents got a divorce.

I guess that gave him the right to start eating penises, huh?

ALRIght TG fandom, I get it, you wank off all over this “abuse is a cycle” crap, I get it, horrible people make good people do horrible things, it’s science.

We’re listening Ishida.

What’s your point?

Where are you going now?

how are you going to resolve it?

Is ANYONE going to break that cycle or are you just going to go the easy route and let murder continue happening because THAT is also cheap.

You can’t just throw around he killed his parents, his mother was actually abusive all along and he just forgot about it, parents were killed by ghouls and now they seek revenge.

I mean I guess you CAN, but you shouldn’t.

I mean ok, Seido? Insane, Killed his parents. Mutsuki? Insane, Killed his parents. Uta? I’m sure he had abusive parents that he then killed.

Eto? Also insane. Killed her dad, mom died of dead mom syndrome.

Touka? Plot twist, parents killed by the CCG.

Nishiki. I don’t even remember his backstory other than he and his gf boned and it’s romantic, I can’t even remember, I think I’ve been deluged with way too many other back stories.

Do we have an Arima backstory?

Anyone wanna bet his parents were killed by ghouls?

Or they were abusive and forced him into the icy cold shell he is today because they expect him to the greatest ghoul killer?

Everyone in the CCG pretty much has the dead parents eaten by ghoul backstory.

It’s literally in the CCG mission statement to Adopt any and all kids with emotional issues.


I’m sure he killed his parents too and just forgot about it.

I’m just so very tired, first of Torso getting excuses, and now Mutsuki just being revealed as just as bad.

Like…I just don’t care now.

Someone die so we can just get out of this damn arc.

And can we get back to Kaneki?

We spent way too long on these new main characters only for them to die pointlessly (Shirazu, Kanae, a bunch of CCG characters I don’t care about but who inexplicably got screen time like Hairu and Kijima, also some other guys who got killed after surviving ALL of Tokyo Ghoul), and now we’ve got Mutsuki being morally grey.

Ooh that’s new.

And Urie is possibly going to kill Mutsuki and I suppose I’m supposed to be devastated and realize how fragile and delicate our perceptions of morality are?

But no, I’m just going to see Mutsuki’s death being caused by the same thing that caused Shirazu’s death: everything sucks and we shouldn’t care about characters because they’re all secretly evil and it’s of course because of abuse.


Really taught me a lot, thanks man.

The looping is kind of choppy and I didn’t add any dialogue because then the gif wouldn’t make any sense so they’re just awkwardly mouthing BUT I DON’T CARE BECAUSE THEIR EXPRESSIONS ARE REALLY CUTE AND I HAD A MIGHTY NEED TO GIF IT.