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Happy early Valentine’s Day! This is for @whimsyalice as part of @aftgexchange!!! Yay!!! I wanted to include all your fave ships/characters, so this is more Foxes nonsense than ships! Hope you enjoy! :) 

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It starts on a Monday. The locker room is a cacophony of chattering voices as the Foxes all arrive for afternoon practice, everyone still thrumming with excitement from Friday night’s win. Neil follows the group in and past the lounge. Allison and Renee have their arms linked and heads bowed together as they make their way into the girls’ changing room. Dan and one of the freshman girls are close behind them, not even pausing their lively conversation as they disappear behind the door. Andrew pushes past the door for the men’s changing room, Neil behind him. Matt and Nicky are hot on their heels and arguing about some television show as Neil makes his way to his locker.

“I’m telling you,” Nicky says. “He’s dead.”

“No way!” Matt argues. “He’s gonna pop up next season. You’ll see.”

“Are you sure we watched the same episode?”

“They can’t just kill off a fan favorite like that!”  

Neil tunes them both out and spins the combination into his locker lock. When he pulls the door open, something falls out and clatters to the floor. There’s a moment where Neil’s heart stutters to a painful halt in his chest, his breath clogging up his throat. Somewhere in the back of his mind, memories he’s long buried try to sink their claws back in. He has to close his eyes for a moment before he can focus again. Neil slowly looks down only to find a plastic knife at his feet. He blinks a few times in confusion before reaching down and picking it up. He turns it over in his hand and sees Justin Mattews scrawled in sharpie across the handle. As far as threats go, this one definitely makes the least amount of sense. Neil gives his brain another minute to come up with a possible explanation, but when it comes up blank, he holds the plastic knife out towards Andrew in a silent question.

“Neil! What’re you doing? You’re not supposed to tell anyone who you have!” Nicky exclaims from across the row of lockers.

“Murder season is finally upon us,” Matt says. “Let the chaos begin and may the best person win.”

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Please Help me and my cat!

Hello there and sorry for taking up some of your time but if you could help me it would be really much appreciated!

First of all my name is Killian, I’m 20 and living at home in germany with my parents and my precious cat who helped me through a lot of trouble and emotional stuff, and I’m really really grateful for having him.

Around a month ago he started crying all the time, had trouble peeing and some other issues. We went to the vet and they managed to fix it for around 3 weeks, but now the same issue is back, and even worse. We went there again but it’s not clear what he has and how bad it is and worst; how expensive it could be to find out and fix it. I’m currently without a job because of my apprenticeship (which I’m not getting paid for), I get around (~80€) $90 a month from my parents but I have to buy food for myself and for the cat so I don’t really have any to pay what’s coming up. But the vet expects it to be at least ~(280€) $300, which is terribly expensive. And I’m in (~150€) $160 dollar in debt because of an uncleared issue with the registry office and it might get more and more expensive.

I’m trying to earn money with drawing and selling designs but it doesn’t give me that much, my friends can’t help me because they don’t have any money themself.

Any help will be appreciated, even if it’s just $1 or even less, I need anything I can get. Reblogging would also help a lot to share it, so if you can’t help us, maybe someone else can..

If you wanna help me, my paypal is: askjell.lindner@googlemail.com

Your name is Vox Machina

Your name is Grog Strongjaw, and you’re still getting used to the idea of a family that supports you but doesn’t push you. You’re still not exactly used to someone supporting your ideas, and the love your found family has for you still blows your mind. You have literally defeated the man who made your past life hell. He wasn’t your family. The ones you love now are. You love the one you prank but still knows how to dish it back out. You love your other tiny friend, and the peaceful one you taught to control her rage. You love the two long-range fighters and you wish you could protect them but they’re too far away. But most of all, you love your tiny sister. If you ever hurt her, you would probably hurt yourself. You trust her with all your heart, and she’s never broken that trust, so you help her as best you can in battle. Since your childhood, you’ve learned how to control your rage and use it to your benefit. You do it for one reason: family.

Your name is Pike Trickfoot, and you would do anything for your family. You stay holy because Sarenrae wants you to, but sometimes there needs to be some vengeance for the people that hurt the people you love. You love the druid who helps you with healing your friends. You love both of the salty half-elves, both of whom you have brought back from the dead. You love your fellow gnome, especially the banter you two have. You love the only human in your little family, and you’re so proud that he is done with that little demon that had taken hold of his heart. And you especially love your goliath brother who you couldn’t be prouder of. You’ve done so much, and there’s still so much more to be done, but most of all-you’re going to protect your family.

Your name is Vex’ahila and you want to save everyone. You want to save your family most of all. You’ve gone through so much, and your mind sometimes tells you things you know aren’t true. A broken man once told you that you weren’t worth anything, that you were just a killer, an unproven ally. You know that isn’t true, and the people you love prove that to you every day. You love the biggest guy on your team, that he will fight so close but know exactly when to dodge your arrows. You love the tiny holy one, and would do anything to protect her. The other small one is absolutely hilarious and is basically the father you never had. The druid is the one you’re able to talk about certain things with, conversations no one else would get. Your boyfriend tinkers and you couldn’t be prouder than him for how far he’s come from that demon. And finally, you love your twin most of all. He was there for you when no one else was, literally traded his life for yours, and will be by your side forever. Your name is Vex’ahlia and this is your family.

Your name is Vax’ildan and you’re not exactly sure how you got here. Somehow, you’re the moral compass of this group you’re in even though you’re probably one of the angstiest people you’ve met. You traded your life for your sister, and you’re not sure if it was the worst or best decision of your life. Now, you’re a paladin for the goddess of death and you do everything in your power to keep your family from crossing into her domain because you never want to lose them because you love them. You love the absolutely hilarious gnome who has you in stitches when you’re not fighting for your life. You love the tinkerer, but if he hurts your sister he is a dead man. You love the only other one who serves a god directly, and it’s a little strange because they’re different gods, but it’s nice. You love the big guy you prank back and forth, even if the pranks are kind of stupid. Your girlfriend is amazing and can do so many cool things, but you love her because she is herself. You love your twin, who you would protect with your life. She has gotten so far and you love watching her progress. You trust these people with your life because they’re your family.

Your name is Keyleth and you couldn’t be prouder. Of yourself and your family. You have worked so hard to get to the point of completing your lifelong quest, and it’s done. Finally. The first time you tried one, you were alone. Now you have people you trust with you. You’re so proud of everyone you love. You love the small one, even if her complete trust in her god kind of worries you at times. You love the one who is always there to cheer you up, and strangely impart some wisdom if you need it. You love the one you can talk about your boyfriends with, because sometimes they’re stupid. You love the one who taught you how to control your rage. You needed that. You love your amazing boyfriend, and you love that he will always support you. Most of all, you think, you love your best friend. You thought you were the epitome of ‘opposites attract’, but it seems you have more in common than you ever thought. This family has helped you get to where you are, and you couldn’t be more proud or loving.

Your name is percival fredrickstein von musel klossowski de rolo iii, and that name comes with power you’re not exactly sure you’re fit to carry. You worry that you would be a poor leader, so you leave the actual leading to others in your group. You will put forward ideas, but typically let others talk about it if it’s only your family. When regarding nobles, however, you will take the lead because you know exactly how to speak to them in a way to protect your family because you love them so much. You love the singing one, even if he tries to fuck with you on a regular basis. You love the big guy, but it sure is fun to ‘title’ him-it makes him so happy. You love your holy friend, especially her hugs and one-liners. You love the only one who you are behind in amount of angst. You love your girlfriend, and you love being in the back with her, watching her notch and release every arrow. You love your best friend, who you couldn’t be prouder of. She’s the good influence, and you’re the bad. You are so happy that your family still stuck by your side even when there was a demon trying to take over your mind. You couldn’t love them more if you tried.

Your name is Taryon Darrington and you wish you knew what you are doing. But, you don’t. You want to prove to your family that you are capable, but that’s tiring out to be difficult. This group is amazing, and you wish you could be on their level. You can see the love they have for each other, and you can only hope to be a part of that love eventually.

Your name is Scanlan Shorthalt and you don’t really know what’s going on. You stumbled into adventuring and you don’t know if it’s for you. You love your family, but families can fight. You want to stay with them, but even though you love them, you’re not sure if they love you right back. You’ve come so far, fought so many physical monsters, but you have no idea how to fight the ones living in your mind. You can’t sing a fun tune at them to make them go away, so you left, trying to leave the demons behind. Little do you know, your family is still broken. It will always be a little broken, but you helped slowly mend it. Now the crack is widening without you there and you have no idea, so there is no way you will fix it. You came so far and accomplished so much, but apparently your mind has made you think your found family doesn’t love you. They do.

Your name is Vox Machina and you are a group of broken people making a family. It’s a broken family for sure, but you’ve seen the worst in each other and make each other better. The only problem is, there are a few giant cracks and you’ve lost your glue.

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Luke is the type of guy to continuously poke your shoulder and say your name over and over again until you get fed up and pay attention to him but all he says is “Hi” or “I love you” then giggle and run away

  • Annabeth: Piper
  • Piper: Jason
  • Jason: Frank
  • Frank: Hazel
  • Hazel: Percy
  • Percy: Annabeth
  • Leo: Leo
  • Annabeth: Okay, you just said your own name.
  • Leo: It was the only one left!

True Fluff Series
Word Count: 1110
Summary: Dean and the reader’s first Thanksgiving together is a roller-coaster day. 
Warnings: The usual sickeningly sweet fluff associated with this never-ending series.

Your name: submit What is this?

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(  otp name masterlist ☼ )

i know how difficult it can be to come up with an otp name sometimes. and, in result, i have decided to make a masterlist containing over #200 otp tags. they’re all song lyrics from bands/singers like halsey, years & years, the front bottoms, haim, taylor swift, etc., but i’ve rearranged some so that they make more sense. i hope you enjoy and please like or reblog if you find this useful at all !!

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Name Meme!

Rules: Enter your answers, then tag 10 people! Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. . If the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use the same word twice.

Name: Iesha
A four-letter word: Ivory
A boy’s name: Ian
An occupation: illustrator
Something you wear: Incredible Hulk pajamas….shhh
A food: ICEBERG LETTUCE…or ice cream if your vanilla (you get me jokes?)
Something you find in a bathroom: ibuprofen 
A place: Italy 🇮🇹 
A reason for being late: incident on the freeway (HAHA…i almost couldn’t find anything)
Something you shout: INFIDEL
A movie title: I am Robot
Something you drink: Instant coffee
An animal: iguana (there’s an African antelope called impala….and now you can see my dilemma with the next question 6-6)
A type of car: IMPALA
Title of a song: I Just had Sex by thelonelyisland ft. Akon.

I wanted to do this because it looked like fun.. so now I tag uhhhh… @adehikari @c-sand @fassyanon @imsopunkrxck @lokidorky @lanadelraisingtheroof @rika4ever @urubabyducky @relenafanel @kastletoe …I know I don’t know like more than half of these people, but it would be cool to get to
know you all, you totally don’t have to do it…yeah.


‘Settle your issue with me, just let the girl go.’

how to pronounce Mieczysław
how to pronounce Mieczysław

as your friendly polish bro, i was asked to pronounce stiles’s real name Mieczysław, so there you go. additionally, as i stated before, i also added nicknames / shortcuts for that name: Mietek, Miecio / Mieciu.

The Signs As Lloyd Irving Quotes

Aries: “Do you ever say anything original?”

Taurus: “I don’t quite get it, but I got it!”

Gemini: “I just had a sudden, violent urge to abandon you.”

Cancer: “He just called you a fool.”

Leo: “ What will you accomplish by dying? Nothing! There is no meaning in dying!”

Virgo: “I’ve lost all confidence as a man.”

Libra: “I lied, it’s actually hot.”

Sagittarius: “Give me your name and I shall give you mine!”

Scorpio: “It’s actually iced coffee.”

Capricorn: “I don’t see a need to introduce myself either to a moron who doesn’t realize how pathetic he is.”


Pisces: “From the moment they are born, everyone has the right to live.”

[Ina/InaGO Tag Game] So I just thought this would be fun

Also it’d be nice to know how many of us are still here. So I made a lil tag game.

- Heya what’s your name:

- Favorite character:

- Favorite arc:

- OTP:

- BroTP:

- Any ships that everyone ships but you surprisingly don’t (please remember the little // in the ship names so it won’t show up in the tags):

- Favorite hissatsu:

- What about combination hissatsu:

- Favorite Keishin:

- Favorite Mixi-max (I bet you were expecting this):

- Favorite Soul (you’re right I don’t have any excuses for this):

- Favorite forward (LOL THERE’S MORE):

- Favorite mid-fielder (I know this is getting old okay):

- Favorite defender (Almost done…):

- Favorite goalkeeper (Not my fault there are so many positions):

- Favorite manager/girl player (actually, all girls in general):

- Favorite team:

- Favorite team uniform:

- Which movie is the best:

- Prettiest character: 

- Most handsome: 

- Best hairstyle:

- Do you think it takes more hairgel to style Tenma’s, Alpha’s, or Tobitaka’s hair:

- Whose hair takes the most time to manage:

- Who would you most want to see with their hair down (sorry for all the hair-relatedness) :

- That OP/ED that keeps replaying over and over again in your mind:

- That character song that is way too catchy for its own good:

- Raimon or Teikoku:

- Ultimate Shining or Ancient Dark:

- IE or IE GO:

- Taiyou or Taiyou (hint: The answer is Taiyou):

- Fubuki post-personality-disorder or merged:

- Hang out with Rika or Touko:

- Yank Tsurugi’s ponytail or Fei’s:

- Kageyama Tobio Reiji or Kuroiwa Ryuusei:

- Quick! Kiss Cliff Marry. Shindou, Kariya, Kinako:

- Which is more amazing, the fact that the ball doesn’t pop or the goal doesn’t get torn through:

- Why don’t they ever get yellow/red cards?????:

- Eat a soda popsicle with Suzuno or plant a tulip with Nagumo:

- Be a forward with a defense technique or a defender with a shooting technique:

- Who do you think Endou should really end up with:

- Yes or No, Afuro Terumi:

- Sacca yarouze?:

- Anything you wanna praise the series for:

- Anything you wanna complain about the series (don’t worry we all know it’s not real hate here) :

- Got any IE merch (yes I’m offering you bragging rights):

- What do you think about Ares no Tenbin:

- 3 things you love about the IE fandom:

- 1 thing you would like to say to the IE community (fandom,producers,etc.):

- What do you think about the creator of this whole post (I know. I’m lame. I’m sorry.) :

and just so you know I’m tagging every single one of you reading this post. (So please someone tag me before I pathetically and awkwardly do it anyway and pretend that I have friends…)

This (A Snowbaz Drabble)

“Baz? Baz!”

I wake up with a start and open my eyes only to find Simon’s nose right up against mine. I jump back, and then blink a couple of times. I’m probably still dreaming.

“What the fuck, Snow?”

“You said my name.”

“Excuse me?”

“Just now, you said my name. Before you woke up and yelled at me, that is. Are you plotting in your sleep now?”

I sigh, “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Go back to bed, Snow.”

He looks at me and tilts his head like a puppy. “I don’t believe you.”


“I don’t believe you were plotting.”

“You’re the one that said it first, not me!”

“Well still.” He sits back on his heels. His face is so close to mine, I can feel his breaths. I concentrate and time them with mine, so each time he exhales, I’m inhaling. It sounds gross, but it’s almost like kissing. Sharing the same breaths as him. Fuck, I’m a mess.

“Were you dreaming about me?”

I focus on his eyes again. (I’ve been staring at his mouth). I can’t remember my dream, but if I was dreaming about him, it wouldn’t be the first time. I’m sure if I had enough blood in me I would be blushing right now.

“Snow, just go back to bed.”

He leans in even closer. His nose brushes mine.

“I want to know.”

I look into his eyes. (So blue). And then I glance down at his lips. (So close). And then maybe he tilts his head towards me, or maybe I tilt mine towards his, but I can feel his next words against my lips.

“Tell me.”

Maybe it’s a spell. I can’t tell. He’s right up against me and he smells like smoke and cinnamon buns and apples. I’m wrapped up in his scent, in him. My head is clouded with it, and I’m helpless. My mouth opens, brushing against his lips, breaths mingling.

“Maybe I was.” I whisper, my voice hoarse, “What are you going to do about it?”

And then he’s surging forward. And if there was any space left between us, there isn’t now. His hand comes up against my cheek, holding me to him (as if I would ever pull away). He’s tilting his chin, moving his mouth against mine. I feel his legs slide over mine and he’s on my bed, knees on either side of me. Kissing me. I’m kissing Simon Snow.

And then I’m moving. Wrapping my hands around his back. Pushing back against his mouth. Moving my hips up against his. Doing things I’ve only ever thought about doing. Things I’ve only ever dreamed about doing. Simon pulls back. He runs his hands through my hair.

“This, Baz. I’m going to do just this.”