i'm not tagging all of the members bc lazy

svt’s reactions to jisoo’s bad jokes

every time i watch jisoo make a bad joke i cringe into my hand but suffer through it 12 extra times to see each member’s reaction bc i’m thirsty like that so here are some observations

s.coups, seokmin, mingyu: genuine laughter/affectionate smile

jeonghan, junhui: judging stare followed by a secret smile

soonyoung, minghao, seungkwan, chan: awkward laugh

wonwoo: understands jisoo’s need to become a meme; half-smile, shifting eyes

jihoon, hansol: mouth open in a silent scream of laughter, curling in on themselves bc they’re laughing so hard, clapping like a seal

LoT Drinking Game

*and by drink i mean kool-aid bc otherwise we’d all die drink responsibly kiddies 

Drink every time: 

  • Someone shades Ray Palmer 
  • Ray mentions being in Stein’s class (double it if he’s being salty) 
  • There’s a Prison Break/Titanic reference 
  • Carter is mentioned. 
  • Someone does a horrible job of protecting Jax (multiply it for every person who lets him down). 
  • Mick has to carry an injured team member. 
  •  Len & Mick steal something. 
  • Rip warns the team to not mess up the timeline. 
  • The team messes up the timeline (2x if they try changing their own life)
  • The 100% foolproof plan shockingly fails.
  •  Rip asks the team if they’re SURE they want to continue the mission.