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Hi! I've just finished reading the first story of the Designation: Miracle series and I loved every bit of it! I actually cried because of HInata in the end, it was so emotional. I really don't know if take prompts or something, but have you ever thought about writing a spinoff with IwaOi/KasaKise meeting at the "party"? It'd be so fun! (they're my OTP from both anime ahah) BTW, thanks for writing it! It's really amazing!

“We are going to crush them.”

“You’re getting awfully competitive about a game where we literally just made up the rules five seconds ago,” Iwaizumi remarks.

“Iwa-chan, there is no point in playing anything without performing our absolute best. And also, we need to prove that we are better than those basketball players, don’t you think?”

“We have basketball players on our team,” Iwaizumi points out. “They have volleyball players on their team. The whole point of this absurd made-up game is so that we’re working together.”

“Alright, fine, we have to prove we’re better than the Miracle.”

This makes even less sense, and Iwaizumi resists the urge to throttle his captain. “The only reason any of us are here is because you wanted to support the Miracles.”

“Right,” Oikawa says. “We supported them, and now we’re going to make sure we prove we’re the best.”

Iwaizumi just stares at him. “Why are you like this?”


“I don’t like him,” Kise announces.


“He’s too pretty,” Kise says.

Kasamatsu frowns and follows Kise’s glare to the captain of the current Basket-Volleyball team they’ve been playing against. He’s had some solid moves and got past Kise a few times. “That’s a weird thing for you to say,” Kasamatsu says. “Besides, I think he’s a lot like you.”

“What! Senpai, how can you say that? He is nothing like me! He seems far too frivolous.”

“Right,” Kasamatsu says. “Bit like you.”

Senpai,” Kise whines. “Look at him! He’s clearly smarmy. He flirts too much and also he smirks. People shouldn’t smirk all the time.”

“So… exactly like you?”

Kise continues to pout, with a wide-eyed puppy-dog look that creates the perfect picture of injured prettiness.

“Can’t even tell the difference, really,” Kasamatsu continues, “Maybe I should go ask him out, he looks like my type, and maybe he’d be better about picking his clothes off the floor—”



“Wow, where did they even come from?” Kasamatsu remarks, marveling at the fact that a crowd of girls have already encircled Oikawa.

“They just sort of pop up out of nowhere, like fruit flies,” Iwaizumi says, resignedly. “Although, I do think some of them were originally here for your boy.”

Kasamatsu twitches slightly at the idea of Kise as “his boy” and carries on with, “Well, that’s even more impressive. I didn’t think anyway could pull fans away from Kise. That’s a definite testament to the charming abilities your boy has.”

Iwaizumi, to his credit, only nods apologetically, as if acknowledging his own fault. “Yeah. It’s pretty annoying. Doesn’t help that he panders to his fans, you know?”

“Oh, for sure. Kise’s a model too, so we get it everywhere. And it’s kind of obnoxious, because you almost have no room to complain because he’s still incredibly talented at basketball,” Kasamatsu says, like a man who has never kicked his underclassman for pandering to his fans.

“Right. There’s no denying Oikawa is the best setter in the prefecture, so it is really hard to object to his crazy,” Iwaizumi agrees, like a man who has never thrown a volleyball at his friend’s head.

You’re obviously really talented, though,” Kasamatsu says. “You’re reflexes are amazing.”

“Thanks, back at you. Have you ever thought about playing volleyball?”

“Eh, not my sport.”

“Fair enough.”


“I don’t like you,” Kise says.

“I don’t like you, pretty boy,” Oikawa says.

“And if that spikey haired guy gets any closer to Senpai, I’m going to kick his ass.”

“If you hurt Iwa-chan, I’ll destroy you,” Oikawa says with a smile.

Kise eyes Oikawa and gets the feeling that Oikawa might be a human, but he was a human who knew how to do unpleasant things in the dark without anyone ever knowing what was happening. Oikawa, on the other hand, is realizing there were a lot more unpleasant geniuses besides Kageyama and he almost wishes Kise did play volleyball, if only so Oikawa could have the satisfaction of making him cry in public.

“Keep him away from Senpai and we’ll call a truce?” Kise offers.

“Deal, but only because I’m feeling generous since my team beat yours.”

“Only once and I demand a rematch!”

A/N: Thanks, friend! I am very glad you enjoyed the story! I have always meant to write a KiKasa and IwaOi interaction because that was something a few people remarked on wanting to see, so here we go! It’s my headcanon that Oikawa and Kise are probably people who will get along really well after awhile, but when they first meet they hate each other’s guts. Thanks again!! Sorry for how long it took! (If anyone is interested in random thoughts on basket-volleyball, they are here).

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Hello Addy, I love your writing and I'm a H/L fan too. But after all the happenings lately, don't you ever ever consider thinking that Larry aren't a thing anymore or weren't a thing (other than bromance) in the first place. Who would Louis be if he faked a child for years now. He ain't that guy, I'm sure of that now. I still ship Larry, but I would suggest you go on anti sites and read the POV from another angle, it quite opened my eyes on many things. This isn't meant to sound reprimanding or

…or like I know better etc. It’s just that if you’re a Larry, I think you see most (or at least many) things/happenings from a certain angle, and that angle isn’t always the truth or there aren’t all the facts on the table. I’ve seen twisted words/situations etc. I know you wrote you ❤️Larry and that you only post about what you enjoy, and if that’s still the case and you don’t feel like reading anything else, than that’s your thing ofc. It’s just a suggestion, please don’t hate me for it. 😘

Hello anon,

there are a lot of things that you address in your ask, so I’m going to try to reply to everything. First, Anyone should be free to form their own opinion on the matter, but since you ask for mine, well I’m going to give it to you. 

No matter what, there is NOTHING that would EVER convince me that Harry and Louis weren’t a thing. 

The way they acted is not platonic, I’m not going to link you to the million posts about this, just imagine your straight male friends and tell me: if they did this, 

would you think it was platonic? I highly doubt it. Remember they were still young and didn’t know any better, they genuinely thought they were inconspicuous (bless their innocent hearts), there was no media training  at the time. 

I have no way of knowing if they’re still together right now. But the fact that Babygate is still very much a thing, is for my the BIGGEST hint they are (I don’t care about Harry wearing black and yellow or Louis following whoever on social media)

Louis is SO queer, they have to fake a baby to hide it. I won’t point you to the many articles about closeting in the industry. I won’t show you the stats about Louis’ name recognition rising since he’s got a “child”, I won’t even point you to Katy Perry’s cynical skit stating that “faking a baby” will raise your profile and popularity at the MTV awards. 

I want to to talk about something else though. Something you said that really rubs me the wrong way:  Who would Louis be if he faked a child for years now.

You know who he would be? Someone who does what he has to do to make a name for himself, to try and survive and make a carreer in an industry that wants to destroy him, chew and spit him and has for a very long time. 

He plays the game, even if most people refuse to admit it (most people prefer painting him as a victim, which to some extent he is, but he’s also in my opininon actively trying to make the best out of a shitty situation). He does it, and I don’t judge him for that, because he does what he has to do given the context (that you can’t be a gay boybander and make it). 

Of course he wants out of the closet too (he knocks on it regularly). Those aren’t mutually exclusive. 

This fandom is always saying “don’t blame queers for participating in their closet” and yet, this is all this fandom does every single day (for Harry and Louis alike), and that so homophobic I don’t know what to tell you (the level of Harry hate in promo season reached a scary peak). Add to that, the level of entitelment this fandom has and you have a very instable ticking bomb on your hands. People get bitter, because they feel like they should be OUT by now.

But they’re only in their mid twenties. It seems like forever to us but Barry Manilow came out at 70. I want them to be out as much as anyone, but in the grand scheme of things, them deciding to put their carreer first for a while, is totally understandable, because they only have 1 chance to make it in this business. I don’t blame them for doing what it takes to do so. I’m fine as long as that’s what they want, for now I choose to trust them, even if the methods aren’t always to my liking.

As for getting another perspective from an anti side? Fuck NO. Why would I ever trust bloggers who’s hobby is built on “hating” something? The idea of two boys together. People who more often than not hate larries more than they care about Harry or Louis? I won’t subject myself to that. I have my brain and that’s enough to draw my own conclusions. 

The thing you said about Larries seeing things from only one angle is true though, I’m conscious of that, but you know, the coincidences, the “clues” I never take them at face value anyway, they’re just cute headcanons to me, I’m only interested in the big picture, we’ll know one way or another someday. Because the only thing I’m sure of is that Babygate can’t last forever.

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hi i like your analyzing and i'm new in the fandom so this ask is going to be stupid, but i keep seeing people says that komaeda and hinata are like mirrors for each other or they are like each other but as i see they are really deferent from eachother can you point where they are really like eachother I don't know if someone ask you this question though

Hi anon ! Thanks for enjoying my analysis, but you need to know that there is no such thing as a stupid question ! This one is even less stupid, since it’s on a topic that I didn’t really touch, and finds a little complicated to work with to tell the truth, but fine, let’s dig into it, I’m sure I can at least try to make it clearer.

Komaeda is the one to bring up twice that him and Hajime are similar. The first time happens during the first investigation, when Komaeda is asking Hinata to investigate together.

Which Hinata firstly agrees with :

But then, in his thoughts, he doesn’t agree that much :

Hinata is good at lying to himself, but I would tend to agree with him on that on. I’m not sure how much you are familiar with my analysis but I wrote something about how Hinata probably didn’t care that much about the whole ‘hope’ thing ( here ) and Hope’s Peak ideology in general. He is just there to feel better about himself, which isn’t something that you are going to drop on a guy you met two days ago, right ?

I could go on on Komaeda’s motivations to bring up this parallel, but that’s not the point here.

The second time is during his last free time event, and this event as a whole is super-depressing to me, and Komaeda claiming that he and Hinata are similar is incredibly sad.

This is super sad, because Komaeda just confessed he was dying, and he probably understands that Hinata is confused and maybe re-considering things about him, and Komaeda decides to insult him and rile him up enough so that Hinata will stay away from him. Komaeda in his last FTE is panicking the hell out, and the fact that the worst insult he can come up with on the spot is ‘you’re similar to me’ is super sad.

You made me sad, anon. I hope it was your goal.

But anyway, Hinata is an idiot and shows once again he doesn’t understand Komaeda at all, and says that he isn’t miserable and bla, bla, bla. I don’t think we can really take this declaration as a proof that they are similar, because it’s based on nothing. Komaeda isn’t a bystander, and neither is Hinata. Komaeda’s talent makes him quite unrelatable to absolutely anyone else and saying that ‘Hinata understands me because he is like me’ is the best way to be sure that Hinata stays away from him. Sigh. These boys.

Now, does that mean that Komaeda and Hinata aren’t similar at all ? Well, no. But you can’t trust the text to deliver it, really. Deeply inside, Komaeda and Hinata are both people who don’t feel at they belong to the world they live in. Hinata tried to go to Hope’s Peak to feel like he could be the person he wants to be, and it didn’t work because of HS’s shitty system. Komaeda thinks he doesn’t deserve to be in the Main Course, whereas Hinata thinks he deserves more than the Reserve Course. And while they have this deep conviction, both of them starts by blaming themselves and trying to act in consequence, without considering that maybe, Hope’s Peak is full of shit and they don’t have to follow any rule.

That’s why Hinata rejects the hope/despair dichotomy in sdr2, and while this change isn’t as spectacular, Komaeda really does a 180 in drae ( which makes hm a redeemable character, by the way, whereas he was a pretty tragic one in sdr2 in my opinion ) by starting to think that only someone without talent can inspire others. They both grow up, they both change, and that’s something amazing I think.

Another mirror between them is about their talent and the power it gives them. Both of them are helpless and powerless, because a) Komaeda just can’t get away from his luck. b) Hinata, by not having a talent, isn’t given the possibility to do what he wants and is forever limites by everything around him. As weird as dr3 is, I’m forever surprised to see Hinata gains talent and starting to get more confidence, and this talent anihilating Komaeda’s luck, giving him power over his own life.

I’m not sure this last bit qualifies as a similarity, but I think it’s still something worth thinking about.

ignore the misleading banner this is just me asking for questions


so yesterday I hit 8k and um, to repeat what I said at 4k, how? it’s only been two months from then and how quickly this blog has grown continues to shock and amaze me. I’m so, so grateful for all the love and support I’ve received since joining the phandom. everyone who has sent me an ask, interacted with my posts, and all the lovely friends I’ve made since starting this blog mean the world to me. thank you so much. (shockingly, I am still a sap). 💛

so, since I haven’t done anything since I hit 4k, I figured it was time to celebrate. 

voice thing? wtf are you on about?

so inspired by other lovelies in the phandom (especially @nihilist-toothpaste) and per the suggestion of @ferrettmalfoy, I decide to do a podcast-style non-podcast to celebrate. pretty much, you guys send me questions and I’ll answer as many as possible in a recording of my voice and woo the end.

so send me questions ?? please ??

(if this flops it never happened)

questions about what?

anything. honestly. dnp? I can ramble for days. life? cool. mental health? sure. chronic illness? please. politics? go for it. advice? I’m not the best person to ask but if you want then yup. sexuality? sure. (the only reason I’ll avoid a topic is if I can’t get away from my family to record this, in which case I’ll answer them in text on my blog). 

thank you again for 8k 💛 I love you all sm 💛

(also, under the cut explanation as to why I chose this)

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hey! I don't know if you answer any coding related questions so I'm sorry if you don't. I wanted to ask how you made the category tabs in your relationships page? I tried to follow a few tutorials I found on tumblr, but none of them worked. thanks in advance.

Hello :) I DO take coding and theme related questions any time, so you’re good. I call that particular code DROPDOWN MENU, and you’re right to be frustrated with it, since there are so many different versions of its tutorial and the whole thing can get a bit tricky. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here it is:

The best ( as in, the easiest to understand and work with ) tutorials I’ve seen about this piece of coding are LE4F’S SLIDING DROPDOWN MENU TUTORIAL and SHOWMAXTER’S DROPDOWN TUTORIAL. I checked out both of them and tweaked the code to fit better to my page. I’m going to share MY code for it, straight from my own theme, but I would recommend that you check out both of those tutorials to learn how to customise and fancy up the code to your liking.

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Hi Wrex! I'm just transitioning from short stories into long form fiction (fanfic), and I keep getting stuck on my draft because I don't feel like it's any good, especially compared with the beautiful stories I see others write. I know I'm supposed to just let go of that, trust that it'll get better with editing, and most importantly, that I will get better with practice. The reason it's difficult is that I'm not sure that's true: I know practice works for art, since it's a physical skill, 1/2

2/2 but with writing it just seems different. Like, what are some concrete ways in which you–or any followers–have been able to improve their writing by practising? A lot of people I see just starting out, often younger than me, are just so good. I’m also more a thinker than a feeler, and maybe to be a good writer, you need to be the latter? Emotion and atmosphere are really hard for me. Anyway, this is like ten questions in one, sorry about that :) Thanks for your inspiring blog!

This is a very good question! First of all, I don’t actually think that’s true about art - I literally just saw a post about the problem with telling young artists to “just practice” without any hint of how to practice. So it’s an issue for both art and writing. Art might have a larger kinesthetic component than writing, but both skills fundamentally involve your perception and judgment, each of which need experience and training to develop.

This more than most is a question I’d like to kick to my followers. But I can tell you two things I’ve done to practice:

1) One thing I do a lot is reread writing I like (pro or fanfic) and try to figure out exactly why I like it. The key here is to stay very technical in my observations and not to get swept up in “well it just makes me feel all these things!” and similar judgments that just make me devalue my own work even more. I try to figure out exactly what they’re doing, word to word. If you’re concerned specifically with emotion, look at a story you like and analyze a paragraph with an eye toward emotion. How does the writer convey the character’s emotions? How often do they even mention emotions? Are they using key emotion-related words? Pick that paragraph apart. Then see if you can extract one little technique they’re using that seems really cool and effective to you and try it out in your own work. Don’t worry if it feels wonky at first. And - this is important - don’t think of that other writer’s technique as “the right way to do it.” Think of it just as a tool you can put in your toolbox. Other writers undoubtedly use different tools, which you’re free to borrow as well.

I mean, look - writing may seem magical, but it’s also highly technical. I have often calmed down my inner freakout of “but they’re all just so much better than I am!” by really breaking things down to a technical level and seeing exactly how my favorite writers are making their gears mesh together.

2) Another thing I do is the exact opposite of this: I freewrite, or as close as I can get. This just means I set a timer for 30 minutes and write literally whatever’s in my brain at the moment. If I’ve got a specific project brewing, I might think about that project and spew out the first things that come to mind, no matter how stupid or irrelevant. Or I’ll ask myself “what do I want for this story?” and crank out an incoherent paragraph of unrestrained wishes and ideas that reads like a six-year-old wrote it. This is actually super hard, because of course my impulse is to judge it all. So sometimes I will do something to distract a part of my attention (music with lyrics usually does the trick) so that my brain just does not have the bandwidth to write and judge what I’m writing at the same time. 

Very often, when I’m done, I’ll just throw this writing away. Or I might save it if it turns out to be useful rough notes for the project. The point is, I wasn’t trying to make it good, so I don’t reread it hoping for it to be good. It’s just an exercise. And the point of the exercise is merely to disinhibit myself as a writer, to gain access to that layer of unpasteurized thoughts, phrases and ideas that I usually filter out when I’m trying to write well. Because frankly, that filter can catch what’s good as well as what’s bad. And the more you filter yourself, the more difficult it is to reach that spontaneous, irrational, interesting part of you that’s purely creative instead of just correct.

It might seem kind of weird that I do both of these exercises: one devoted to removing the filter of judgment, and one oriented, in a way, toward strengthening it. I’m not sure why it works for me, but the two exercises seem to operate in a kind of dialectic. I know that writing is a technical skill, and that one way to acquire good technique is to become aware of techniques and employ them consciously. But I also know that writing has an accidental, unconscious, one might say id-driven aspect to it, and if I spend too much time obsessing over technique, I risk overinhibiting myself. So that’s why I do both, I guess.

Followers, weigh in with whatever you’ve got!


I haven’t make any posts or responding to the rest of the asks here recently. I’ve been feeling uneasy (anxious/paranoid) lately..

Currently, I’m working on the UnderDespair AU prologue fanfiction (since February) before continuing the next main Universe-City AU comic-animations because I got an ask that wants to know about the AU I created..orz

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Hi, I must say I love the Sandor imagine you wrote and I'm just wondering if I could request one? If not that's absolutely cool! I just want one full fluff and maybe him eventually getting to be happy. I don't have a real plot maybe their first time saying I love you or something? If it's not too much trouble. Thank you!

More Than Meets The Eye (Sandor Clegane Imagine)

You could say I was a little taken back when they first entered. We don’t get many new faces around here, much less an odd pair like them. A young girl roughed up to try and look a boy, accompanied by a man who must have towered above every person he has ever met.

The others sitting about the inn seemed a tad shocked as well but their shock seemed to be more out of fear. He would have been intimidating with his sheer size alone but he also happens to have some tremendous scars on his face. I for some reason don’t find the them to be horrific but rather intriguing. I know not every beast of a man is a beast on the inside as well.

“Have (y/n) greet them.” One of the other workers pipes as they all huddle near the bar. The others quickly begin to viciously nod in agreement, desperately hoping not to have to go themselves.

“I’ll go, I don’t mind.” I voice as I leave the three other girls and make my way across the room. “Hello.” I chime as I stop by the table sitting our newcomers. “Welcome you two. Is there anything I could get for you?”

The girl and I lock eyes and she gives me surprised smile. “Uh hello?! Um some stew would be nice if you have any?” She offers. I return her grin and then look to the man. “Oh for him an ale will do. For now anyways.” I nod and take my leave. Before I’m all that far away I hear a soft, “What’s the matter with you? Why didn’t you say anything?”

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Omg! Can you please please do a sequel to "Don't you dare die on me" I'm about to 😢😢!!!! So good, I love you angsty stories!!

You’ve been so patient with this one, thank you so much! My laptop has allowed me to finish this (my graphics board has been acting up for several days, severely limiting my time on it), but finally your sequel to this is finished. Hope you’ll like it, thank you for sending this in!

The full list of the prompts I’ve answered in June/July is here.


They had forced him to leave the room and get some rest on the second day of his vigil by her bedside. He hadn’t slept since the night before they’d set out for their supply run that had gone so horribly wrong, and with his fear and aggression mounting as she lay first on an operating table and then in her bed, pale and still, rare and precious bags of fluids and antibiotics and pain medication dripping their contents into her veins, he had brought too much unrest into the room they wanted quiet for her following surgery.

So in the end, he’d left, and eaten something that had tasted like warm cardboard because she hadn’t been the one to cook it and hand it to him, and finally he’d slept.

And he’d woken up from a nightmare, a new one, a new demon to haunt him - Carol’s chest going still as her heart ceased beating, as she stopped breathing, her skin turning first waxen and then a pale ashy gray as her blood vessels began to stand out against it in a dark purple reminding him of limbs dying. Carol’s eyes opening to look at him, and they weren’t blue anymore but looked as if they had been replaced by marbles made from fractured crystals. Carol’s mouth opening in a hiss full of menace and hatred as her hand came up to claw at him.

Once he could breathe again, once he had stopped shaking, he got out of his cot, got into his boots that someone had pulled off his feet while he’d been asleep, grabbed the shirt someone - Maggie, Rick, he didn’t remember- had given him as he’d been sitting beside her bed the day before, stormed through the door, and raced across the empty hallway, the shirt still half open and flapping around him as he ran. His need to make sure that she hadn’t died and turned was a physical urge on the same level as breathing.

Please, no. If I get to ask for one thing in my life, just one thing, let it be her life. Doc said she was doin’ fine, considering. She can’t die. She can’t die. She can’t die.

Reaching the door to her room with this last thought hammering through his mind, he barrelled into it, knocking his head and shoulder against the wood so hard that it shuddered in its frame - but it didn’t open. He heard a key turning in the lock and his throat closed up.

What’s goin’ on in there that they’ve locked the fucking door?

The door opened a crack, and the Kingdom’s doctor - What’s his name again? No idea. - appeared on the other side, peering out. From his stance, it was clear that he still had one foot against the door to keep it like this should anyone attempt to force it. When he recognized Daryl, his face softened.

“Have you eaten? Have you rested? I can only let you in here if you are calmer than you were yesterday. She still needs rest, she can’t have you yelling and pacing in here.”

Lightly pushing against the door, Daryl fought to remain calm.

“Yeah, did all that. Ate, slept. How’s she doin’?”

The doctor with the mystery name stepped back, allowing Daryl into the room, and his eyes flew to the bed, to her still form. Pain stabbed into his chest as he looked at her.

She seemed frail as she lay there in the wide path of glowing light from the room’s only window that seemed to serve only to illuminate her pallor, the waxen sheen of her skin, the shadows cast by her prominent cheekbones. Why had he ever agreed to her joining the group for this run? He knew she was tough, and not just physically, but god, she looked so fucking fragile.

“She’s been awake twice -”

The man fell silent when Daryl rounded on him, eyes alight with fury, but once he saw that Daryl was still in control of his anger, he went on, determined to get through to his patient’s … whatever he was to her.

“You needed to rest. You’d only been gone for half an hour after going more than two days without sleep, and even if we had sent someone, you might not have woken up, you were so exhausted yourself.”

Remembering with considerable effort that Carol needed rest and he had to remain calm or he’d be removed from the room again, Daryl lowered his voice to a vicious whisper.

“Next time you let me decide, got it?”

The doctor gave him an aggrieved look and let out a long-suffering sigh.

“We’ll see. Anyway, she was lucid, she asked for you each time but seemed content when we told her you were asleep, and she has started eating solid food.”

Now that he knew what to look for, Daryl realized that the number of IV bags she was hooked up to had changed - so apparently they were no longer giving her liquid nutrients now. He silently stepped up to the bed - and his heart almost stopped when she turned her head to face him and her eyes opened, clear, and blue, and kind, and as beautiful as always.

Relief flooded him, filling him to the brim.

“You’re -”

His voice failed, and he cleared his throat and tried again.

“You’re awake. How you feelin’?”

Her hand slowly made its way across the covers to where his own hung next to the bed, and his whole body shuddered from the sensation of being touched by her when she reached him. He closed his eyes, goosebumps running down his back, and exhaled as his fingers curled around hers.

“Good, thanks to you. You saved my life. You kept me from bleeding to death on the way back.”

She still sounded weak, but this was her voice, not a walker’s snarl.

“Naw, it was -”

His throat closed up again. Had the doctor told her that? Was it true? For a heartbeat, the specter of Carol gnashing her teeth as her clawed fingers raked at his face surfaced again from his nightmare, already half forgotten, and he desperately pushed it away, her skin hot against his, helping to keep the memories at bay.

Neither of them noticed the doctor leaving the room and closing the door behind himself.

“Make sure to get some rest, recover quickly,” he mumbled, his voice getting hoarse as her hand gripped his, surprisingly firm already, considering the ordeal she had been through.

“I won’t throw away your gift, Daryl, don’t worry.”

Her thumb stroked up his hand, toward his wrist, and Daryl shuddered once more, her touch evoking sensations that he had never experienced before, his whole body reacting to her fingers on his hand. He hardly dared imagine what would happen if she were to take this further.

Should be grateful she’s out of commission for now.

He blushed at the thought.

Perking up in her bed, Carol smiled up at him, eyes shining.

“Oh look, you’re already blushing again, and I didn’t even have to do anything. I intend to follow up on what I told you, Daryl - I will make you blush more.”

“Yeah, well, you’re succeedin’, and I couldn’t even say how -”

“Oh, I think you know well enough,” she teased, her hand moving up his arm, and his knees almost buckled at the rush of emotion. As she started walking her fingers up his forearm, he could feel his eyes all but rolling up in their sockets. He felt as if he might drop dead from sheer bliss at any moment, and how embarrassing would that be?

Gasping for air, he opened his eyes again to look at her - only to find a mischievous grin on her face as she beamed up at him.

“Carol, I -”

Her heart sang as she heard him say her name, the sound of his voice enough to make her feel hot all over. Was she running a fever - or was this the effect of talking about … things … with Daryl?

He sank down on one knee as his body trembled once more, unable to remain standing upright with her fingers curling around his bicep and her thumbnail grazing his skin, making him tingle all over again.

“Ssssh, don’t speak,” she whispered as her hand gently slid up his arm and shoulder and neck to comb through his long hair. “There will be time to talk, later. You’ve given us time - and we will make good use of it.”


Caryl fan fiction

Caryl fanfiction

Daryl Dixon

Carol Peletier

anonymous asked:

Can I request a Dean scenario? Like the morning after a one Night stand with him and you have a small crush on him. But he don't know what his feelings are towards you. With a bit fluff please ;-;(why does it sound like I'm ordering ice cream?)

DEAN: Fluff Scenario

The Morning After

           If you had told yourself a year ago that you’d be waking up naked in Kwon Hyuk’s bed, you would have asked your friend to smack some sense into you. Kwon Hyuk was every dream girls’ guy. He had ungodly handsome features along with the most gentlemanly personality. He put the sweet in sweetheart and the throb in heartthrob. But Kwon Hyuk was also inaccessible. In the past year that you had the honor of knowing him, you had yet to even hear a whisper of him having a girlfriend. Some even thought he could be gay.

           But as you wrestled around in your sleep, slowly waking up while the memories of last night came flooding back to you, you remembered that Kwon Hyuk was far from gay. He knew his way around a woman’s body and god! You were blushing in your sleep by just thinking about it. Before you awoke fully, you relished the feeling of him against you one last time, knowing that those sensations would likely never occur again.

           A soft humming finally pulled you from your slumber. Peeking your eyes open one by one, you subtly lifted your head to check your surroundings. He was the first thing you saw. With his back to you, his bare back for that matter, you watched in adoration as he hummed to himself, a mug of coffee in his hand while he stood by his window, watching the sun rise. Could he be any more majestic? Seriously, he was like something out of a romance novel.

           As if he felt you stir and wake, Kwon Hyuk glanced over his shoulder at you. Every worst case scenario popped into your head at that moment. Now he knows you’re awake, what if he throws you out? What if he glares at you in disgust? What if he lets you down easily by saying what happened last night was mistake? Okay, so that last scenario would be preferred but was it so wrong to hope that he’d ask you to stay?

Keep reading


“I think I’m in love with you, and that terrifies me.”

3rd POV

Very few things scared Magizoologist Newt Scamander, he worked with some of the most dangerous creatures a wizard could think of. Only a couple things managed to scare him, and one of those things was You. 

The thought of you absolutely terrified Newt. Usually, he could function normally around people, sure he was a tad awkward but when he was around you, it was like his brain turned to jelly. He couldn't even formulate sentences around you, his knees became weak at the sight of you and his face turned red. He had no idea why this was happening. 

The last time he felt this way was back in Hogwarts, he never thought he would feel this way again but, he couldn't feel like this for you, right? You were only his friend and nothing more, besides, you couldn't feel the same way. He went along his day trying to keep you out of his head but you kept finding your way into his mind. 

He began to get frustrated and when he arrived at Tina and Queenies apartment he wanted nothing more than to go down in his case and work, unfortunately, he forgot Tina had invited you for dinner and he was expected to be there. 



“Thank you so much for inviting me over” you say to Tina and Queenie 

“We’re glad to have you y/n!” they say in return 

“and may I say you look amazing tonight” Queenie adds. 

You blush a little, “why thank you Queenie” 

Now only if newt thought so you think sadly.

 “Oh y/n, I'm sure Newt will once he sees you” Queenie says reassuringly. 

You give her a small smile and go back talking to Jacob. Newt had been your friend back in Hogwarts, you were pretty close but then he got expelled and you lost touch until you ran into him in MACUSA. You thought he would be happy to see you but he was aloof and paid barely any attention to you. 

You had the biggest crush on him back in Hogwarts, but he was too daft to notice. When you saw him again, the feelings resurfaced but it seems like Newt is once again, too daft. 

The creak of the door broke your thoughts. You looked over and saw it was Newt, he looked at you but quickly looked away. He went straight to his bedroom. You sighed and went to help Queenie with dinner. 

Finally, it was time for dinner, Tina basically had to drag Newt out of his case and into a chair. The entire dinner he refused to even acknowledge you, it made you quite upset. When dinner was over Newt excused him to his case. You followed him ready to confront him. You were about to yell at him when you heard him talking to his Bowtruckle. 

“Pickett, don't be like that, Its not my fault I can’t speak to y/n” You hear angry chirps followed by Newts sighs 

“It’s just, I’m going to mess something up if I tell her” 

“tell me what?” Newt jumps in his seat and looks at you in shock 

”um well, um uh did you know that demguises could turn invisible, like i want to right at this exact moment” He looks around the room looking for a way of escape. 

“Newt, tell me what’s wrong” 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about y/n” 

“Newt, We were so close, what happened, Do you not want to be my friend anymore? because if that’s the case then tell me instead of just ignoring me.” You spat the last part making Newt flinch.

 He debated on telling you but when he saw the hurt on you face he couldn’t keep it in any longer. 

“I think I’m in love you, and that terrifies me, I can’t think straight when I’m around you, I haven’t felt this way since, well since Leta and I’m scared.” 

You stand in shock, this wasn’t what you were expecting. 

“Newt, you don’t have to be scared, I love you too, its not going to be Hogwarts all over again. I promise.” You walk up to him and take his hand. 

He smiles at you sheepishly, 

“So sorry for ignoring you, I didn’t know what to do in all honesty” You kiss his forehead softly, 

“It’s okay newt, you’re cute when you’re awkward anyway”

  • This is a conversation between John and Sam Winchester.
  • John: :O
  • John: Sam
  • Sam Winchester: Dad?
  • Sam Winchester: I thought you were...
  • John: I am
  • John: Hell has wifi
  • Sam Winchester: Oh that's cool. How's the speed?
  • John: Eh, some days its alright
  • Sam Winchester: I can't believe I'm talking to you right now. I miss you, Dad.
  • John: I miss you too son.
  • John: How's Dean?
  • Sam Winchester: He's good. He's had his ups and downs but we all have.
  • John: How are you
  • John: I mean, really
  • Sam Winchester: I'm fine.
  • John: And Bobby?
  • Sam Winchester: He's umm...gone.
  • John: Gone? What do you mean gone?
  • Sam Winchester: He's dead.
  • John: What?? What happened?
  • Sam Winchester: Leviathans shot him in the head. He went to Hell but we returned his soul to Heaven.
  • John: Why did you do that?
  • John: How did you do that?
  • Sam Winchester: I went through Purgatory. There was a backdoor to Hell that I went through and got him.
  • Sam Winchester: I'm sorry Dad. I thought you were in Heaven.
  • John: What makes you think I would be in Heaven? After what I did to you boys...
  • Sam Winchester: You saved so many people. You did so many things to help the world. You deserve to be in Heaven.
  • John: Anyways, why did you do it? What made you decide to come get Bobby?
  • Sam Winchester: The trials to close the gates of Hell. One of the things we had to do was rescue a lost soul from Hell. We didn't know that instead of going to Heaven like he was supposed to, demons took Bobby's soul went to Hell.
  • John: Trials? Close the gates? What the hell have you boys been up to?!
  • Sam Winchester: A lot of crap.
  • John: I can tell..
  • Sam Winchester: But don't worry. We are doing what's best for the world.
  • John: You have to think about yourselves sometimes too though..
  • Sam Winchester: Of course, Dean is the most important thing I have. I want to protect him.
  • John: I think about you boys all the time, and all I do is worry
  • Sam Winchester: You don't have to worry, Dad. We're fine.
  • John: I see
  • Sam Winchester: So what have you been doing down there all these years?
  • John: Being tortured..day after day after day...
  • John: you boys better not come to Hell, I want to make sure you go to Heaven
  • Sam Winchester: I've been to Hell, and so has Dean.
  • John: To get Bobby right?
  • Sam Winchester: Uh. No.
  • Sam Winchester: Before that.
  • John: .......
  • John: Why?!
  • John: I'm lost
  • Sam Winchester: The year after you died, Yellow Eyes took me and I ended up getting killed. Dean sold his soul to save me.
  • Sam Winchester: He went to hell a year later. But Castiel, an angel, pulled him out.
  • Sam Winchester: Things happened and a demon, Lillith, started breaking seals to let Lucifer out of the cage and start the apocalypse. She broke the last seal and I went to Hell with Lucifer inside me to stop it all.
  • John: Dammit, he WOULD do anything for you...Angels? Why did an angel pull him out?
  • John: ?
  • John: You....were possesed....by Lucifer...?
  • Sam Winchester: Dean is the righteous man. If he went to hell and said yes to his torturer and become the torturer it broke the first seal to start the apocalypse. The angels didn't find out until after Dean had already said yes.
  • Sam Winchester: After the apocalypse started, we found out that Dean was Michael's true vessel, and I was Lucifer's. We fought against them and kept saying no. But in the end, I said yes to Lucifer so I could jump back in the pit to save everyone.
  • Sam Winchester: A lot has happened since you left, Dad.
  • John: Dean? Righteous? Yeah...he's never gone to church in his life.
  • John: Well from what you've told me, you did good Sam.
  • John: I'm proud of you.
  • Sam Winchester: Thanks Dad. You should be proud of Dean, too. He's done a lot more good than I have.
  • John: I'm proud of both of you.
  • John: Wait, so how did you get out of Hell?
  • Sam Winchester: The same angel who pulled Dean out of Hell, Castiel, pulled me out too.
  • John: Good, I guess
  • Sam Winchester: Cas is a really good friend of ours now. He's pretty much a Winchester, now.
  • John: Shame I'll never meet him
  • Sam Winchester: You'd like him.
  • John: I'm sure I would, considering he saved you and Dean
  • Sam Winchester: Yeah, well, there's more to him than just that. He's the most human-like angel I've ever met. Dean calls him a baby in a trench coat sometimes because he can get pretty clueless.
  • John: Ha! He wears a trench coat?
  • Sam Winchester: And a backwards tie.
  • John: Shouldn't angels wear like, robes and stuff?
  • Sam Winchester: Angels are like demons in the sense that they have to possess a human to walk the earth. Except, they ask permission from the vessel first.
  • John: Aw, how polite. "Hello, may I please takeover your body and mind and do whatever the hell I please with it?"
  • Sam Winchester: Haha, very funny.
  • John: That's how I imagine it
  • John: By the way, who is Destiel? Some bitch demon down here keeps asking me about him..
  • Sam Winchester: Oh yeah. You will never believe this, Dad. But there are books written about us. They were written by the prophet Chuck. They were published and actually has a following. These fans like to ship people (that means that they like to imagine people in a relationship). Destiel is the ship name for Dean and Castiel. It is hilarious.
  • John: *eye twitch* This is a lot to take in. Books, fans,
  • John: Dean
  • John: and Castiel.....isn't he a man?
  • John: Or is it a female angel in a mans body?
  • Sam Winchester: Yeah, Cas is in a male vessel. He prefers male vessels.
  • John: He, you said he. These 'fans' realise Dean isn't gay right?
  • Sam Winchester: That's the whole point. They like to believe that he is.
  • Sam Winchester: Dad?
  • Sam Winchester: Did the demons take your wifi away?
  • Sam Winchester: Well, as much as I don't want to end this conversation, I have to go. Dean is calling me from the other room. I'll tell him you're proud of him. I miss you, Dad... I love you. Bye.
  • Sam Winchester left the conversation.

anonymous asked:

I'm in the mood for some serious angst. Do you have any fics where Cas or Dean has a terminal illness like cancer or something? Can have a happy ending or not, I don't really care either way.

Damn this is pretty hard. I mean there’s the usual Twist and Shout, but I’m not going to re-rec it since you can easily find it and other similar fics on our angst tag HERE. Just scroll down until you find an ask that will fit to your needs. We also have a Death tag where you may find something fitting, HERE.

Anyway, there’s a few fics I don’t think you can find from those tags, so here you go. Hope these will make you cry! – Admin A

Title: The courage of stars

Author: unholyseraphs (oncharredwings)

Rating: Explicit

Words: 76,614 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This was pretty good, as far as I can remember. It’s been awhile since I read this and my notes about it were pretty vague :’D Anyway it should fit to your ask pretty nicely!

Summary: Castiel Novak is a seventeen year old boy who is just like every other boy his age… except that he has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. As Castiel tries to live his usually lonely life in peace, new people that emerge from the shadows begin to change how he looks at his life and what it means to exist on the human level. He makes new friends, which is new since he hasn’t had a friend since the first grade. He even gets to have normal teen experiences, which make him happy to feel “normal”, in a world where normal is not his usual. After his doctor tells him that he is going to be moved from the Children’s Hospital in Boston to the regular hospital for his treatment, Castiel is devastated. Until he meets one inmate of the county jail, Dean Winchester. The handsome man with the charming smile, and even more tragic and secretive backstory, will change Castiel’s life forever.

( Read here )

Title: The Little Things

Author: AlreadyPainfullyGone

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 2,885 - Finished

Admin’s assessment:

Admin A’s notes: I usually wouldn’t rec anything with less than two stars… and frankly, I have no idea why I’m reccing this. There’s Dean with cancer if that helps :’D

Summary: Au based on ‘the big C’ in which Dean gets very sick, and deals with it the denial way. Meeting a homeless man on the way.

( Read here )

Title: Return to Sender

Author: aileenrose, ctrlallt

Rating: Explicit

Words: 47,375 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I’ve recced this fic a couple of times before and I’m reccing it again because it’s just that awesome. I love the idea of this fic and how even though Sam is dead, he’s the one that brings all the characters together and is always present no matter what. I loved Dean’s journey to let his brother go while struggling with his feelings for Cas who has Sam’s heart beating in his chest as a constant reminder of his brother, and Cas who has never been able to live his life to the fullest being afraid of being Sam’s replacement in Dean’s heart. Seriously, this is an amazing story and everyone of you should read it! It’s not as angsty as the other fics in this rec though!

Summary: “He’s going to let Cas do this thing for him–he’s going to let Cas make him so fucking happy.” In the first year after Dean loses his brother, Jess comes up with an idea. She wants to meet Cas Novak, the man who has Sam Winchester’s heart in his chest.

( Read here )

Title: a place only you can go

Author: iamthemagicks

Rating: Mature

Words: 25,609 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I think I made a mistake reading this when I wasn’t in the mood for angst, so I never really got into the feeling of it. It was okay, not earth-shatteringly amazing that would make me cry unless I was really in the right mood. But if you are looking for something angsty and you have just the perfect soundtrack  to get in the right mood, I’m sure you’d love this!

Summary: Castiel Singer has been living with cardiomyopathy since he was fourteen. He lives with his adoptive parent and sister. While gearing up for graduation ( his sister and lifelong friend Sam), his heart starts to decline. He tries to work through the pain the best he can until his boyfriend, Dean ( a fledgling musician) returns home for a tour. But after an'episode’ that lands him in the hospital, Castiel and his family discover that he is in need of a transplant. Castiel has to step back and consider his relationship with Dean ( who sleeps with others man and women on tour and Castiel is aware) and the guilt of causing financial crisis to his family.

( Read here )

Title: Play My Song

Author: HalfBloodAlchemist-10

Rating: Mature

Words: 15,547 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: It’s been way over a year since I read this and my memory of it is very hazy and the notes I’ve made don’t really give me much to work with, since they literally say: Heartbreaking, cliché ending, not bad. So I guess I didn’t hate it and had some strong emotions at least some point of the story, which is a plus, and apparently the ending wasn’t that good :’D
I really need to write better notes in the future!

Summary: Three years after the world doesn’t end, Dean and Castiel’s life strikes tragedy once again. The ex-angel falls victim to a life threatening disease, and Dean must come to terms that a guardian angel can’t always be there for you.

( Read here )

And hey, 2K followers! Thank you, guys! We’re so happy! And I feel so bad because I’ve been too busy with work, school and, well, stupid life and I haven’t been able to post or even read anything for a while! Sorry! Thank God Admin A is doing a great job. – Admin J

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Don’t get me wrong I still love the show. I just find several (probably too many) aspects this season that really bugged me.

SPOILERS for non-readers!

The show drifts further apart from the book material.

In terms of adaptation, Season 4 was essentially a big mess to me. Storylines were chopped off, squeezed or omitted while some were introduced when they did not occur in the books. While Season 3 was supposed to cover the first part of Book 3 (and it did a pretty decent job), Season 4 was to cover the remainder of Book 3. Thus I do not understand the point of including aspects covered in Book 4 and 5 (which admittedly occur concurrently) while some events of Book 3 are left out.

  • Bran’s storyline, while not the most compelling by all accounts, culminated in his meeting with the Three-Eyed Raven and the Children of the Forest, which I get was perhaps what would be expected in a season finale but in the books, this does not occur until Book 5. At which point Jojen is normally still alive.
  • While I loved seeing more of Sansa this season and taking charge of her life, I think the writers have essentially written themselves into a corner. Book 3 involved Sansa escaping from King’s Landing and spending the remainder of the book in the Eyrie, adapting to her new life there, all of it culminating in her book climax which is her aunt Lysa’s murder by Littlefinger. In the book, she is pursued by the character Marillion whom Littlefinger frames for Lysa’s death. Book 4 involved Sansa fully embracing her identity as Alayne Stone and the new Lady of the Eyrie and learning the game under Littlefinger’s tutoring. Book 4 ends Sansa’s storyline with Littlefinger telling her he plans to marry her to Robin’s next successor in line and then only reveal her real identity and start a quest to reclaim Winterfell in her name. In the show, Marillion is written out and all the time Sansa spends in the Eyrie before Lysa’s death is squeezed in only a few episodes. Furthermore, the show has Sansa herself decide to reveal her identity immediately to the Lords of the Vale. So long for Alayne… So, while it was good to see more of Sansa this season, the writers have basically almost covered Book 3 and Book 4 for her storyline. I wonder what’s really left now. Also, her NIECE? Really? I mean, what would have it cost you to follow the book and say she was his daughter like in the book? So you consider it more suitable for an uncle to kiss his niece rather than a father his daughter-even though the relationship is totally fake-while you’re totally ok with real-siblings’ incest? SURE.
  • You’re basically teasing us with Stark reunions (Bran and Jon, Sansa and Arya) but do not actually get there but you’re OK with Brienne and Pod meeting Arya and the Hound ? I’m sorry but this NEVER occurred in the books and having Brienne fight and basically kill Hound was totally OFF. It’s basically throwing two fan favorites against each other and having one of them kill the other which is completely unnecessary and disappointing. In the book, Hound seemingly dies due to his wounds infecting, especially the one inflicted after his encounter with Rorge and his friend (which was depicted in the show, which further accentuates my incomprehension). Anyway. This scene really BUGGED me.
  • Also… if you really want to make Brienne and Arya meet, why not give her Hot Pie’s gift?
  • Tyrion’s trial felt a bit rushed. I’m not denying the spectacular performance by Peter Dinklage but in the book, it felt much more constructed and real. Here, despite it running throughout 7 of the 10 episodes, you don’t feel any sense of rushing, any real sense of danger.
  • Don’t even get me started on Shae. I’ve made my point previously and this season the writers have made her completely out of character in comparison of the Shae we grew to love during the first three seasons. The omission of Tysha is also a problem because in the book, it is one important motivation for Tyrion’s rage in his murder of both Shae and Tywin. Even when it was mentioned before, bookJaime admits the whole Tysha story before letting Tyrion free which strains their relationship while in the show, the two brothers part on loving terms. Tysha also haunts him in the following books so I don’t get why this was omitted.
  • NO LADY STONEHEART! I mean, REALLY ? This was the perfect cliffhanger! It was practically served for you to take on a crystal plate! The Lady Stoneheart reveal closed Book 3 in the biggest BANG possible and 100% of the readers expected Season 4 to end with her. Biggest letdown of the finale. Really? You’re already starting Book 4/5 and do not even bother to properly finish Book 3 ?
  • It’s been said, it’s been done, but I’m still not OK with Jaime basically raping Cersei. People can say what they want, that she loves him, WHAT-EVER. In the book, Cersei says ‘Yes, yes, take me’ but in the show she says 'No, no, stop’. That is not OK and this basically erases all the development Jaime had experienced in Season 2 and 3. Also, upon his return to King’s Landing, Jaime slowly grows apart from his sister and we suspect he might really love Brienne while in the show he still appears much smitten with Cersei.
  • Where the hell did that confession come from ? BookCersei never admitted her incestuous relationship to her father.

Episodes construction are questionable.

In fact, there is no single episode this season that stands out as perfect, except perhaps the premiere. The finale especially stood out for me as the weakest of all four finales and one of the weakest episodes overall. The three first season finales usually did well on catching up with every characters and setting them on a new path for the next season. Here, several characters were left out and have their last appearance way before the finale.

Furthermore, many characters were essentially underused this season, appearing here and there, disappearing for episodes without being used to their fullest potential.

  • We were teased with Oberyn being this hypersexual playboy yet we’re denied any actual real sex scene. Oberyn and Loras exchange a glance, teasing at least one encounter between the two of them but this never happens. Instead, the show complies in showing us several rape scenes. Seriously, what is wrong with those guys? I know a lot of people complained about the amount of gratuitous sex scenes in the beginning, but choosing between more gratuitous sex and rape, I’d rather go with the gratuitous sex, thank you.
  • Stannis and Davos peek at a ridiculous count of 4 episodes and have basically done nothing throughout the season. I’m guessing relocating them to the Wall will change that but even that was not done properly. Sure, Stannis popping up at the Wall made for a decent storyline ender but it would have been stronger, had it been included as the climax of the 9th episode, an installment which apart from its anticlimactic ending, was technically and visually very impressive.

  • In this episode, Ygritte dies and while her scene with Jon Snow effectively grabs the viewers emotionally speaking, it loses some of its power by being thrown as an interlude between two battle scenes. Perhaps would it have been better if placed at the end of the episode.
  • The Tyrells are completely erased this season and after Joffrey’s death, do absolutely nothing. In fact, Margaery last appears way before the finale and Loras is given nothing at all this season.

  • Where is Bronn ?
  • While I enjoyed the show depicting Theon as Reek whereas in the book, Theon does not appear until Book 5, Yara’s rescue attempt of her brother which was teased in the third season finale completely fell flat in my mind with Yara going into oblivion ever since.

  • I feel Sansa’s ender in episode 8 was fitting but seriously, why not put this scene in the finale? After all, her scenes in each of the finale were short but she still appeared in them. And from what I know, she is one of the children, isn’t she? (And yes, she is! Even though Littlefinger said she isn’t anymore).

  • Why were the Eyrie never depicted in the opening credits?

  • Also, where the hell were the dragons all-season?

The finale kills it (in the negative way)

  • No Sansa. When Sophie Turner’s name did not show up in the credits, my mind automatically switched on NEGATIVE mode.
  • No Tyrells.
  • No Greyjoys.
  • No Littlefinger.
  • No Ellaria Sand mourning Oberyn.
  • No Rickon, no Osha.
  • No Gendry.
  • Melisandre appears for one second with no line.
  • Dany’s moment felt a real letdown considering she had one epic moment in each finale. Dismissing Jorah could have been moved into the finale.
  • NOT IN THE BOOK : Cersei confesses the incest to her father then goes back to her rapist brother. Bad move, girl.
  • Ygritte’s funeral would have been better if one shot she wasn’t in one position and next shot in a different position. Seriously, couldn’t you have just been careful while editing the episode?
  • NOT IN THE BOOK: Brienne kills the Hound. Um, how about no? I’ll just pretend this never happened. Seriously, this felt so OFF for me.
  • Sam’s season ender should have been him going on his journey with Gilly and Master Aemon.
  • IN THE BOOK BUT NOT IN THE SHOW : No mention of Tysha. The result is the murder scenes falling flat. Shae grabbing a knife to kill Tyrion was the latest out of character/bad writing example of her character. Tywin”s death lacked the power it had in the book. I don’t know what exactly, but something was missing.
  • NOT IN THE BOOK: Jojen had the STUPIDEST death ever. I mean, his sister just pushed him away; he falls, sees the skeleton and just STAYS there while being stabbed. And the guy was not even supposed to die.
  • The final shot didn’t make me want to see what’s next like it did in previous finales. Even the music felt off when Djawadi failed to use the Valar Morghulis theme when Arya pulled out the coin.
  • One POSITIVE thing: did anyone notice how softly Stannis speaks to his dear Davos ? Ship sails itself.

And the show enjoys killing its characters WAY TOO MUCH.

Ok I know Joffrey, Tywin, Lysa, Shae, Ygritte and Oberyn were on their way out.

But Jojen was not supposed to die. And Grenn and Pyp weren’t supposed to die. In fact, as of Book 5, they’re still here.

Dear producers, there’s no need to off more characters than necessary. G.R.R. Martin is already enough.

All right, that’s pretty much it. Lots of babbling but it had to get out. This season really bugged me. But let’s say the first episodes and Sansa saved it.

anonymous asked:

hi so i really love H obviously but the whole tension between him and zayn and your speculation that it's probably about his family's islamophobia makes me really sad. I loved their friendship and it WAS v obvious that there was tension toward the end but i just don't want to believe that their friendship ended bc of HARRY of all people being a douche like that would break my heart. idk why I'm sending this I guess I just...I do not want to overlook what Harry did and let it slide but also +

+ I really thought he was a better person than that. I never even HEARD of the flag incident, shows you how much people push important problematic shit out of the light and not pay attention to it. I guess this was kind of a rant, not sure, but thanks for reading anyway? I love your blog xxxxx


hey sweet anon! so first off im sorry if my tags upset you 😔 im not harry’s biggest fan and sometimes im a bit too blatant about that and can end up being kinda mean

but more to the point, here’s a video of harry with the israel hammer x if it’s something you wanna see for yourself. i vividly remember it being an issue for all of a day in the fandom and then it getting brushed away and forgotten even before zayn tweeted #freepalestine about 3 weeks later (the barcelona show was july 8 and zayn’s tweet was july 27)… the connection between those incidents and the earliest evidence of tension between z & h were only made by a small subset of this fandom, it wasn’t an issue that got heavily scrutinized… which i personally have always thought was a bit of a shame because it wasn’t just the flag/hammer waving, there was a pattern of support for israel by harry

if i remember correctly harry follows/has interacted with an israeli soldier turned model on instagram, so that’s one thing. his friendship with ben winston has brought forth evidence of his support for israel (on more than one occasion i wanna say?), but frankly i dont have receipts for any of that and it also shouldn’t necessarily be confused with harry’s demonstrated interest in judaism. those two things arent equivalent… also gemma’s comments on twitter after the charlie hebdo attacks were really troubling. she not only retweeted a prolific islamophobe she then proceeded to defend her islamophobic position, and this is what chooch was getting at in her ask from yesterday.

but yeah… i just think it’s troubling that you hear people talking about louis’ use of the n word, liam’s duck dynasty incident, zayn’s backyard teepee, etc. etc. but RARELY about the hammer incident or the israeli soldier thing or the gemma tweets which ALL happened more recently than the things i mentioned with zilo. (and for the record this isn’t me being like ‘let my faves off the hook’, it’s me saying ‘stop letting yours off’ if that makes sense?)

in the end you and i and everyone on here have the exact same info about what went down between zarry, that is to say we know nothing. BUT i dont think its fair to brush this conversation off as nothing, and the urge to do so in the first place kinda comes from this harry-does-no-wrong ‘thing’ in this fandom, and zilo in particular have always received the exact OPPOSITE treatment.

*sigh* im off on a bit of a tangent, im really sorry im so goddamn long winded. it’s really cool of you to be acknowledging this discussion and recognizing that harry maybe did something wrong, but at the same time try not to be upset about something that is complete conjecture by a nobody blogger like me on tumblr dot com! 😝 

the downfall of zarry (which in and of itself is speculation! plenty of people would disagree with my interpretation that their friendship appears irreparably ruined) is undoubtably super duper complicated and IF the islamophobia/israel support DID play a role it was probably only a part of the whole. zouis, larry, their personalities, their views on obligation and the band and freedom, and lots of other things probably contributed too, so don’t fret about zarry ending because harry was a ‘douche’ especially if it would break your heart because YOU anon are what’s most important. YOUR happiness and emotional wellbeing is way more important! YOU deserve to be happy always! i 💖 you and i appreciate you sending me this message! feel free to come off anon whenever and talk to me about this that or the other! seriously, lets be mutuals, yeah?

Kiss of Realization - Requested (Luke)

BIG requested by done (Hi!I was wondering if you could write something about y/n and Luke, where y/n is on tour with the guys and has feeling for luke but luke only thinks of her as a sister or close friend. but one day luke is comforting y/n bc of hate she’s getting, like being called a groupie, and she thanks him and tries to give him a kiss on his cheek but he moves his head and they accidentally kiss and he like freezes and y/n apologizes and leaves the room, but luke realizes he actually has feeling for her too.) ENJOY!!!!

You lock the door before pressing your back against it and sliding down until your bum touches the floor. You let the tears slide down your cheeks now you’re alone. A small sob escapes your lips but you bite your lip hoping to stay quite.

’(Y/N) open up’ you hear Luke’s voice, it’s soft, soothing but it only upsets you more, you’ve been avoiding him like the plague since you spilt your heart to him, but he rejected you, of course because your you, your nothing.

‘Leave me alone Luke’ you snap, you hear him sigh as you sniff. ’(Y/N) come on, you can’t avoid me forever’ he sighs a little; his words only making you feel more pathetic. 'Why are you crying?’ He asks, you hear shuffling and a scrap down the door and you assume he is sitting with his back to the other side of the door.

'Why do you care?’ You know you sound childish but you don’t care right now your hurt. 'Okay open this door, I’m serious (Y/N), open the fucking door’ he tells you, you can hear he is annoyed at what your said. You sigh reaching up you unlock the door and shuffle away a little so he can slip in and he does, closing the door and dropping down by your side.

'What’s up?’ He asks 'this isn’t about me right?’ He asks, you glance at him from the corner of your eyes. 'I hate you’ you mutter, you see the corner of his lips twitch with a smile, only making you glare harder.

‘They hate me, your fucking fans, hate me’ you tell him, he nods a little understanding and wraps an arm around your shoulders. You don’t relax into him like you normally would not for a moment anyway until he pulls you closer. ‘They call me a groupie; they make horrible rumours up about me. I hate it Luke, you guys are like my brothers, your all I have and they make me want to run away, get away from you guys. But your all I have and I never want to leave, but I don’t want to stay and I’m so confused Luke’ you cry into his chest, his large hand rubbing you back soothingly.

‘You don’t have to listen to them. I love our fans, we all do by they get weird some times and that’s just what happens. I’m sorry that they hurt you so much, I wish I could take the pain away’ he tells you, you sniff into his shirt trying to stop the tears but it’s doesn’t work, ‘And you know if you ever tried to leave us we would be following you around right?’ he chuckles a little and you let out a small scoff between your tears. ‘I’m serious, I dunno what we would do without you, and Michael wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed’ he laughs.

‘Seriously though, you’re our best friend…..my best friend and I wouldn’t know what to do without you. You have been here through it all; you make sure we don’t turn into arseholes.’ You feel his lips against your head as he speaks. ‘And you are a groupie, but you’re the cute groupie that stands back while the others throw themselves on us, you’re the one that supports us and our music not just are fame status. You were are first groupie and you better get used to it because the only time you’re not gonna be a groupie is when we split up’ he chuckles and you do to, pulling away from his chest a little.

‘I love you (Y/N), your truly one of the most important people in my life and I never, never even want you to lock yourself away from me and cry again, and I never want you to even think about running away from us….away from me’ he tells you taking your face in his hands, you nod a little, his pale blue eyes boring into yours, as his thumbs brush over your cheeks whipping away the tears.

‘Thanks Luke’ you whispers, he nods dropping his hands and you move in to kiss his cheek like you always do, but as your about to press your lips to his cheeks he moves and your lips brush, its literally seconds but it sends a shock through your whole body, and you hate yourself for feeling it, so much so that you stand and pull the door open rushing out. Fuck, that’s shouldn’t have happened, that brush shouldn’t have done that to you.


Her lips brush mine for a millisecond before she stands rushing out of the door and I’m frozen, why did that happen, how could that have happened. Its shock, it has to be shock. But I’ve never felt that before, not just shock can do this, I was shocked when Ashton scared me but this, this wasn’t shock, it was something new altogether. And although dreading something before I know what it is my stomach drops and my chest tightens, so much so I panic, am I having a heart attack. But it sooths back to normal in only seconds, love, its love, I love her.

After everything I said the other day, and I love her, I can’t just tell her, I can’t do that, I put her through so much pain, so much embarrassment but I hadn’t given myself time to think it over, me and her, we were friends, best friends always have been since we were eleven and she was adopted by my next door neighbours. I never thought I loved her, well not like this anyway, I but I do, don’t I? I love her.



‘I love you’ your head flies up to the door where Luke is standing, looking as shocked as you feel, you hadn’t heard the door open to lost in thought over the accidental kiss, all these years, all these years you have wanted that kiss, the first one to mean something, but it didn’t, not to him and it hurt like hell. You don’t look at him for long, to embarrassed by what had happened you drop your head.

‘What I said the other day, it was bullshit….I didn’t know it was bullshit but it was….just then, when, when we kissed, I mean I know it wasn’t really a kiss but it was close enough….but it, it made me realise that I do…I do love you, not as a best friend….well of course as a best friend but more too. I think….no, no it’s not think, I know….I know I’m in love with you’ his words have caught you off guard, your eyes and piercing through your fingers, they have frozen entwines which each other, you can’t move, not sure your even breathing are you hearing right? Is this happening.

His large hands slide over yours, covering them and you take in a sharp breath at his touch, he gently pulls you up, tilting your chin a little, ‘(Y/N) (Y/L/N) I love you’ he whispers, but your shaking your head, ‘That was meant to be it Luke, our first kiss, I have been imagining it for two god damn years and it was nothing, a brush, an accident, it meant nothing’ you sigh, disappointed and over whelmed by his confessions, his eyes are soft as they hold you captivated, ‘It wasn’t nothing, it wasn’t meaningless, it was a kiss of realization’. 

From Chelsea

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