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shout out to people who have really morally wrong intrusive thoughts! people who know those things are wrong and can’t stop thinking about them, people who are disgusted by themselves. you aren’t disgusting! those thoughts aren’t you and you can’t control them! it’s ok, you’re a good person.

Words can’t express my feelings right now. Grieving doesn’t seem right as I didn’t know Jay personally, but saying that I feel sorry for all her loved ones doesn’t either because it doesn’t express the sentiment I want to convey. I’ve been around a lot of people who lost a parent either when they were young or just starting adulthood, and I’m still not sure what’s worse. Both are horrible experiences and I can only find gratitude in the fact that Jay raised beautiful children who will support each other through this all. I don’t want to make this a post about “I know what you’re going through.” or anything of that sort. 

I only want to say that I respect Jay for all she’s done for her family, and just people in general as she seemed like a wonderful human being, and I respect any decision made by their family no matter what it is. I hope you all find some peace with each other.

Omega Headcanons

-Omegas are very motherly even before they actually become mothers. In their friend group the Omega is almost always the “mom friend” who makes sure everyone is happy and full and well rested, always the first person anyone goes to when a problem occurs

-Omegas are generally very petite and while a lot of them are bitter about it, others embrace the hell out of it. Using their small stature as an excuse to make their big Alpha friends carry them around or get them things that are high up on shelves

-Omegas love soft and cozy things, always wearing soft sweaters or wrapping up in warm blankets. Fuzzy socks are also very much loved by Omegas

-An Omega who is always cold constantly clinging to their big warm Alpha. Walking down the street and smoothly slipping under the Alpha’s arm and snuggling into their side as they walk, or seeing the Alpha sitting on the couch so they go and climb onto their lap and cuddle up against their warm chest. The Alpha loving how cuddly and dependent their mate is

-An incredibly innocent and sheltered Omega who hasn’t even had their first heat yet, not understanding when their Omega friends are talking about knotting and instead of explaining anything to their very clueless friend, they suggest the Omega ask their Alpha friend about it who they know has a crush on the Omega. So the Omega of course goes and very bluntly asks the Alpha to explain knotting and the Alpha is instantly bright red but trying to stutter out a mature and helpful explanation and once they finally finish the Omega is very quiet for a minute and then, “oh so you could knot me because you’re an Alpha” and the Alpha just dies

-Young Omegas being possessive of their friends and low-key becoming anxious whenever their friend makes a new friend because they feel like they are being replaced

-Omegas usually have a self sacrificing nature, which makes them good mothers, and they always make sure the ones they love have everything they need even if it means they have to go without

-Between being very smart and very nurturing, Omegas are well suited for being teachers and tutors. Always encouraging and having the patience to help someone who is struggling with basic concepts

-An Omega having a very close bond with their Omega sibling. Always looking for some kind of physical reassurance from them like holding hands in busy public places or cuddling up in a nest together when one of them is sad

-An Omega who is really nervous and shy and only really comfortable with their Alpha, to the point where if they are out with people and the Omega wants to say something they will lean up to whisper it to their Alpha who will then tell the group for them


I would like to propose a toast: To my partner, Seeley Booth…I know who he is, but I forget sometimes. Because- because he never shines a light on himself. He shines it on other people…Anthropology teaches us that, the alpha male is the man wearing the crown, displaying the most colorful plumage and the shiniest baubles. He stands out from the others. But I now think that anthropology may have it wrong. In working with Booth, I have come to realize that the quiet man, the invisible man, the man who is always there for friends and family- that’s the real alpha male.


Thank you for saying that, @pokonopiku.  It means a lot to me that you would say that.  But to be honest, the fact I don’t talk about this kind of stuff is an ongoing problem I’m not sure I can change once I go back to being “normal”.  …At least I can consider myself lucky that both Wonka and I would rather fight with our words than our fists… . words can still hurt though.  A word to the wise for anyone out there who suffers abuse, be it physical or emotional - it’s not your fault.  It’s hard to stand up for yourself and even admit to yourself that there is a real problem especially when you don’t have the physical scars to prove it.  Trust me, I understand that.  But regardless of how sure you are about the state of your situation it is really important to talk about it.  Telling people who you trust about what’s going on allows the chance for friends to see something that maybe you don’t.  Self care and support systems are really important and even if you aren’t in the possession where you can fully escape the situation, letting other people know what is going on will at least help you feel less alone.

Don’t sell your soul to strangers offering candy, kids.  Stay safe friends.  I love you. 

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I always cheer when Five becomes Six because I find Six just so much more fun even in poor stories.

ngl… my favourite part of The Caves of Androzani is Five regenerating into Six. I find that serial rather overrated on the whole but that part is Quality. Colin Baker’s presence improves everything by 100%.

Another suspicious thing about jikook. Is it just me who are seeing this? 

Recently, they will be touchy with other members, hands on waists, around shoulders and so on when they’re on camera. The usual stuff. But JM and JK seem to keep the touches pretty light between the two of them. They’re not hugging, leaning on each other, or anything other than occasionally touching hands and arms and even then it’s very brief (thankfully some got captured on camera lol). But of course, they still share looks. And there’s a strange vibe between them even when they only share brief touches. And of course JK stares at JM a lot.

But most of the recent jikook moments (not including the stage performances) happen when they don’t know a camera is on them (except for that ot7 photo with JM in JK’s lap). They seem to touch the most when they think not many people will notice. And I guess they’ve mostly been like that. We got many on-cam moments back in April-May. And let’s not forget how it seemed like the other members were trying to keep them apart at fansigns and events during that time. But now they seem to try and keep it off-cam. They kept things mostly off-cam in Bonvoyage, but there were moments when you could catch them together in the background. And of course there was the moment when JK grabbed JM’s hand and JM asked if he wanted to arm wrestle, and JK didn’t seem like that was his intention. They didn’t even do it on a table which made it seem more like an excuse to hold hands if anything. That moment was just strange. But even though these days they seem more distant on-cam, they’re still seen alone together quite a lot. I don’t know, but I sometimes get the feeling they’re intentionally being careful around each other on-cam.

What do you think? Do you feel this too?

Like I’ve said before, I’m 60% convinced they’ve got something going irl and only jikook themselves can un-convince me of this.

when people reblog things and they don’t,,, say anything in the tags??? like what is the Point if ur not gonna share your thoughts. did u like it? hate it? who knows? not me that’s for sure… it’s all… empty


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I was a romantic and sentimental creature, with a tendency towards solitude.

My Thoughts On Rhaegar and Lyanna

I think Rhaegar loved Lyanna. I think Lyanna loved Rhaegar (even though she was young). I think they loved each other and I think they ran off together. I don’t think Lyanna was kidnapped. I think the show is strongly alluding to the fact that Rhaegar was a good guy, but a guy who unfortunately fell in love with a woman who wasn’t his wife, a woman who was intended to be married to another man. Same goes for Lyanna. I think she was a strong young woman who unfortunately fell in love with man who was not her fiancé, a man who was already married and who already had two children.

I think this has to be the case for R+L=J to have any sort of power at all. If Lyanna was kidnapped and raped, does that make the story of Jon’s parentage any better than the story of Ramsay’s parentage? No. It has to be a tragically romantic parentage for R+L=J to have any weight at all, because Jon is a romantic hero. What’s the point of him being a bastard Stark and a bastard Targaryen? There isn’t one. He’s a bastard either way. The narrative power of R+L=J happens only if Rhaegar and Lyanna fell in love and secretly married.

To be clear, I like Rhaegar, based on what little we know of him for sure. I love Lyanna, based on what little we’ve seen of her. Their tragedy is, I think, supposed to mirror Helen and Paris from the Iliad, who are often portrayed as star-crossed lovers who started a war because they fell in love and ran off together. Like in Rhaegar and Lyanna’s case, it’s never confirmed either way if Helen went willingly or not–nevertheless, Helen’s willingness has been a popular interpretation of the story, and one that makes what is already a tragic epic so much more tragic. (Robert is a parallel of Helen’s husband, too, in case you were wondering. Robert’s Rebellion is basically the Iliad with a few changes.)

R+L=J is supposed to be a romantic, tragic, and epic parentage for a romantic, tragic hero. I strongly doubt it’s meant to be similar at all to Ramsay’s parentage. It’s my personal opinion that Jon is meant to be a true-born Stark and a true-born Targaryen, and that only happens if Rhaegar and Lyanna were in love.

(Yes, it still sucks for Elia. I still cry for her. She deserved better. So did Oberyn, to be honest.)

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List the first 10 songs that come up.

1. Paradise City - Guns N’ Roses

2. Girls, Girls, Girls - Sailor

3. Somebody To Love - Queen

4. Free Fallin’ - Tom Petty

5. Jump - Van Halen

6. Alles nur geklaut - Die Prinzen

7. Don’t You Want Me - The Human League

8. Big In Japan - Alphaville

9. One - U2

10. More Than Words - Extreme

5 otps 5 fandoms

I mean, everything other than Destiel is rather casual but..:

Destiel - Supernatural

Jake/Amy - Brooklyn 99 (do they have a ship name? Jamy?)

Bellarke - The 100 (but I’m only casual watcher actually..)

Malec - Shadowhunters (I haven’t even watched it yet argh, but I liked them in the books, though it’s been a while - plus Sizzy)

Ron/Hermione - Harry Potter (I had to list them, I pretty much grew up watching this Slow Burn:P)

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#you think it’s easier to give up on the trouble if the trouble is destroying you #and you think it’s easier but before you throw me a rope it was the one thing i could hold on to #i have a will for survival so you can hurt me then and hurt me some more #i can live with denial but you’re not my troubles anymore

You know how for other OTPs there are those “who kills the bug and who freaks out about it” things? I feel like for Kylux it’s more: Who uses a military grade chemical agent that dissolves biological substances and who sees if he can incinerate it with his lightsaber without damaging the surface its on? 

  • guy who hit on me: *dates other girl*
  • me: oh that's fine I don't really have a crush on him anyway lol
  • guy who hit on me: *shows concern for another girl later after breaking up with last girlfriend*
  • me: ...oh no oh nO OH NO

Secrets - @meflashfanwork

Every so often, Ririka Shepard buys a cake. She cuts it, takes two slices for herself, and the rest goes to whoever wants a piece – first come, first serve. One piece is eaten with the crew and squad, and she takes the other piece up to her cabin.

Everyone just assumes Shepard likes cake (which isn’t wrong) and she’s saving the second piece for later, but she tries to buy a cake on or around the birthdays of her family members, who all died in the 2170 Mindoir raid. The second slice is for the person having the birthday.

Eventually, she buys cake for fallen squad members too.

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i think faith's a lesbian too, who feels attraction only towards women n none towards men, but sleeps with them for other reasons. also, please dont the split attraction model towards non aces, sleeping with men doesn't make you attracted to them

i wasn’t saying that sleeping with men automatically means someone’s attracted to them. i was just saying that faith does sleep with men and she does enjoy it… while mentioning that i’m still pretty sure she’s a lesbian. my personal relationship with sexuality or whatever is pretty screwed up anyway, so i’m probably not the best person to hit with this stuff my dude… but still… i’m glad you mostly agree with me!!! i wanna make a Good Post one day about faith+sex when it comes to men bc i think it’s an important thing to discuss in conjunction with her characterization but i’m terrible with words, as evidenced by the reason you sent this ask at all, so who knows when that’ll happen

An Arashi Starter Kit

I’ve recently been thinking about the idea of an “Arashi starter kit” - posts, videos, music, etc. - that could be used to introduce Arashi to people who know little to nothing about them. I probably don’t have the willpower to follow through with actually curating something, but it made me curious about what other fans would choose to include. Do you focus on “essential Arashi”, whatever that might be, or do you pick things that are easy to understand? Do you try to capture the breadth of their work or just focus on one aspect?

So I’ll just throw the question out there - if you were to make an Arashi starter kit, what would you want to put in it?

upsides: one of my friends from school is probably going to be at the same campus of the same university as I am. this is a relief because I am very bad at making friends, thus must wait for my existing friends to make new friends and then leech off their friend-making skills.

downsides: the friend who’s going to be at the campus with me is the one other person in my current friend group who’s rather shy and quiet, and has actually said that she, too, is a bit worried about university because she doesn’t know how to make friends.

clearly, it’s just gonna be us two hanging out and never speaking to anyone else for 4 years xD