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I can’t get over the idea of Henry and Bendy throwing puns at each other!

Comic inspired by @doodledrawsthings Hells Studio AU
and @whatisthisnonsense ‘s and @squigglydigglydoo ‘s amazing fanfic 
(and with @doodledrawsthings ‘s Henry design)

@everestcresent helped me out with 100% of the puns on this comic and their my bestie. Please go check out their blog!

And this comic, had a LOT of alternate possible routs (5+ written down)
So, below the cut is one of those alt routs (which has bonus panels)
(the rest will merely be in the tags)

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You can still be nonbinary even if you are mostly comfortable doing things that are associated with your birth gender.

Being nonbinary doesn’t have to be about distancing yourself from the past, if that isn’t for you.

It can about realizing that there is simply more to you than you previously thought.

do you ever have those childhood memories where you’re not sure if they’re real or your brain just came up with them?

and you really want to know whether or not they actually happened, especially if those memories hint toward repressed trauma you may or may not have experienced

Ren held his lightsaber, poised to strike. “I could kill you right now. But there is another way.” Breathing hard, Rey looked up in disgust at the man looming above her. “You’re a monster.” “No. You need a teacher.” He was beseeching and insistent all at once. “I can show you the ways of the Force!” Slowly she shook her head. “The Force?” […]  A long moment passed, in which Ren sensed a change in the air, a change in her.

Then she opened her eyes and attacked, viciously.

There are so many lovely messages I still need to reply to (and I will get to them soon for sure) but for now I will just lock in the time and date that I plan to do the next liveblog, just in case you want to be around at the time. 

My weekend itself is a bit busy this week, but I don’t want to leave you guys hanging for any longer than I have to, so I’ll aim to try and do it on Thursday evening!



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Can you beliave that Isak and Even didn't get out of bed before half past 12 and were just lying next to each other too cosy to get up and just breath lazily and Even got on his elbows and all at once started kissing Isak's face with like hundert of kissies and Isak held his neck and laugh bc "Even what are you doing?Stop it." And Even kissed corner of his lips and looked in his eyes"You stop being so cute then I might stop" And Isak rolled his eyes bc Even you are such a sap and reached tokiss


even always showers isak with compliments bc he loves him so much and isak pretends to hate it but you know him, he’s melting inside

like just this morning they were awake, but like you said they obviously didn’t want to get up (they have been unpacking boxes for 4 days okay, give them a break) so they’re just laying in bed, on their sides, facing each other. they’re talking about their first impressions of each other because isak loves to hear about even noticing first (which is still. unbelievable to him) and even loves how it makes isak blush, so he asks “what did you think when you first saw me?”

“i don’t know. probably that you were hot or something” isak smiles and it feels so good to be able to compliment even so openly, because he deserves it and isak may be bad at many things but he will be good at making even happy if it’s the last thing he does. also he is hot, so. “what about you? what was your first thought when you saw me?”

even pretends to think about it for a while, scratching his chin and everything, just to see isak roll his eyes and giggle at him. finally, he looks back at isak “i thought you were the most beautiful person that i had ever seen”

and isak (through a very impressive blush) huffs and makes an annoyed noise “do you have to be such a sap all the time?” he tries to keep up the annoyed front but even’s smile is brighter than the sun and it is so fucking contagious

“you love it!” even starts peppering kisses all over isak’s face, on his neck and that tickles okay, that’s the only reason isak is giggling like an idiot right now

“i don’t, i hate it” that statement holds absolutely no weight when paired with the goofy lovey smile isak is sure he has on his face right now, but he honestly could not care less

to be fair, the look of even’s face is at least as ridiculous, but, isak has no doubt, a million times more beautiful. he doesn’t have a lot of time to admire it before even is leaning down and kissing his lips. it’s short and sweet and soft and god, isak is so fucking in love

when they part even whispers “i love you” really quietly, isak is still in awe of how soft even always is with him and he feels like such a doofus because he really cannot help the huge smile that’s taking over his face right now (if he tried, that is, which he isn’t), he can’t manage more than a whispered “i love you” back

he doesn’t really mind being a doofus for even, he thinks. in fact, he’s pretty sure there is no part of him he wouldn’t show even.


@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP

I Have Some News.


For the past like… ever, my identity has been in a giant swirl and it still kind of is, but right now, I’ve landed on a nice place to land that feels nice(feels organic), so I’m informing you all of what’s going on! 

I’m a trans girl! A lady. A woman. et cetera. I use She/Her pronouns, but I don’t mind They/Them! Here’s a bigger announcement! 

I have a name! For a while I was using JP, which is my deadname’s initials. It felt right(better) at the time and it’s great to have a transitional name(lol) so you don’t have to go by your deadname all the time. But, that’s not my name. My name is Grace. 

My name is Grace. I go by She/Her. I’m a lesbian. 


request from deaderafterdark

Cult of Forgotten Shadow + Three Virtues
preview 1/4: the hockey!au

to preface this: dean, cesaro and seth were on a line together, one of the most successful trios on their team. seth went with a team that paid him more, and he and dean left on some not-too-hot terms (they’d been??? foolin’ around together, and dean wanted to be more bc my poor child, and other stuff that later will get explained). this is also a first draft and not the cleanest, and i’m a li’l rusty. enough excuses, though - enjoy!

also: @rollinlikereigns

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sorry to ask this, but i’m really struggling financially for several reasons right now and donations would be really appreciated. my mental illness symptoms got so severe that i had to go to the hospital (i can provide proof if needed) and miss days of work + my hours were temporarily cut. additionally, my wallet, which had over 100$ inside, is missing. the financial issues are really taking a toll on my mental health. i’m not sure how i’ll pay for things like my medication, which is vital to my wellbeing.

any help would be appreciated- even just reblogging this post! if you want me to pay me back, let me know, and i swear, i’ll repay you as soon as i can. i can also make icons (i don’t have a ton of experience, but i’ve made some before) in return! a link to donate is paypal.me/khthree!

People think Kara’s the scandalous one due to the way he dresses but Oso merch staff is like, we gotta change this!

Why would

you think


Ichi’s on the rise to being #1 prime bro for sexy 👌

I probably took over 100 photos during the Voltron meet-up, and I’m still going through them all lmao. There’s so many that I can’t possibly dump them all at once, but we staged them by characters and then ships, so if you want to set the pics for something just send me an ask and I’ll post the photoset!

ALSO if any of you guys were cosplayers send me an ask/message saying which character you were in and I’ll tag you guys in the post!

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I like that Bilbo's gif because he is like "What? The blog is back! Oh f*ck, smut is coming! not sure if i'm ready"

Oh, my god.

Thank you for this.

This poor man.

I don’t think I’ve ever done one of these before, but to celebrate the return of SKAM with season four and the first full episode tonight I thought I’d do a follow forever! I’m also about to hit 1.5K which is VERY EXCITING I honestly don’t know what you get out of following me me but hey thankyou I’m glad you’re here. ♥  

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I'm so sorry, I'm not sure if you've already answered this question (it's impossible not to get lost in the snk tag right now). But I saw that you basically confirmed that it's Armin putting on his boots in the OP. What about the short scene in which someone fastens their belt? Is that Levi? I'm not entirely sure... once again, I'm so sorry if this is a repetitive questions! T_T

I’m pretty sure that is Jean considering the color of the shirt there. 

so i hit 88 followers!!! did you know there are 88 recognised constellations in the sky probably, not everyone’s an idiot like you reb?? i’m slightly obsessed with this number for this reason so i’m going to do a smol celebration by doing ✨constellation aesthetics✨


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  • if you’re interested in marauders fic! i’ve recently started a russian fairy tale inspired one called zvyozdochka, which includes star!sirius and star!regulus ✨ it’s cool i swear (also feat. wolfstar & jily)
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