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This just in: all of humanity is annoying.
Other highlights:

  • INTx’s are hot. Legend has it that while the rest of us evolved from the ancestors of apes, they evolved from dragons.
  • ENxP’s are certifiably crazy. In fact, we’re building an asylum just for you.
  • INxPs are the best. We’d count ENTx’s, but crazy villains don’t get to write history. Unless you’re The Joker. Are you The Joker?
  • ISTPs are dumb, but it looks like they still know more than the rest of us. What does that make us? *shudders*
  • xSFPs are forever an awe-inspiring enigma. Do they really even exist? Are they unicorns in human form? Both. Both is good.
  • ENFJs are the true masters of this world. In fact, we’re pretty sure, they are the Illuminati.
  • xNTJs are scary, but we’re into that. We’d wink if we weren’t scared of what they’d do to us.
  • An INFJ and an ENTJ walk into a bar. Which one is Satan? Which one is the Antichrist? No one knows.
  • ESFJs and ESTPs are basically the ones picked on because people have a crush on them. You’re stupid and annoying, but like… you single?
  • There is a difference between “boring” and “so boring.” Who knew? The xSTJs probably did.

Let us never forget these indisputable facts.


here we are now, with the falling sky and the rain
     we’re awakening ♪

one of the scenes I would really love to see (as I’m sure many people have thought of!) is Rey experiencing her first rainfall ☺ also because “Awakening” has become one of my theme songs for TFA and all the new kids, there’s something about it which is very beautiful and fits so well thematically ;;

AND BONUS PIC: Finn + Rey (+ Poe’s jacket of a thousand uses (〃▽〃) )

anonymous asked:

Hey, I've seen your list of book reference, but it seems to cover basic stuff. I'm on my way to finish N4 level, could you recommend books that cover a more advance stuff? But not too advance though. thanks bytheway. Keep up the good work

Recommended References for Intermediate Japanese Learning

Not sure if you use TRY! books which we recommend previously, but it was one of a very recommended book to follow. >> Check out the details of this book set

For people who already finished the N5-N4 version here’s the next level version

TRY! N3 grammar with CD
500 Questions for N3 Practice + grammar review

TRY! Japanese JLPT N2 grammar with CD
Shin Nihongo 500 Mon for N2 Practice + grammar review

• TRY! Japanese JLPT N1 grammar with CD
• Shin Nihongo 500 Mon for N1 Practice + grammar review


Grammar Dictionaries

If you haven’t get the wonderful Yellow Dictionary of basic Japanese grammar, we recommend you to get one.

It’s an important book so you can learn in-depth about the grammar you encountered in Try! or while learning with other book. But it won’t be enough for N2 - N1 level. You will require the Intermediate and Advance version for them. 

You don’t have to buy them all together though. If you’re in N5 level, buy the yellow one. If you’re in N3 level buy the blue one, and when you get to N1 get the red if you feel you need more references.


If you don’t like the Try! self taught class system combined with the Dictionary of Japanese Grammar and would just like to learn Japanese by screening/reading through one book, this Japanese: A Comprehensive Grammar is a book that should be able to fill your need.

This very thick book will guide you to understand basic stuff to intermediate stuff. This book cover basic stuff such as number and counting and how to make questions with particle か. You could say that this book able to replace TRY! N5 - N3, but will not be able to replace the Dictionary of Japanese Grammar mentioned above. Try to check out the full index and some explanation in the sample page!

*Don’t buy the kindle version of this book since it’s just a blurry scanned version. You need to get the real book!


Vocabularies Dictionary

You will need a good dictionary to help you read/watch through Japanese books/movies for practice. The best and most complete Japanese-English dictionary you can found is the Kenkyusha green goddess dict.

But with more than 3000 pages and its price tag, you better get yourself the casio ex-word 9800 series which got more or less same price but with high functionality and portability. Yes, this denshijisho series is one of the type that hold the digital Kenkyusha green book. You can buy any version as long as it’s the 9800 or 10000 series. But here’s a link below to make your search easier.

(Model D) XD-K9800 // (Model U) XD-U9800 // (Model K) XD-K9800

Quick spec: Touch screen/Jump function/Kenkyusha (the only dict you need)/Handwriting input/Function to make notes/100+hours on 2AA rechargeable battery. Note that it’s made for Japanese. To be in safe side, you should be around N3 level to be able to navigate/figure out how to use it.

>Click to learn more about denshijisho (electronic dictionary)

Kenkyusha Pocket Dict: Though not as complete, there’s also the pocket size of kenkyushadict. It’s portable and much more affordable!


In-depth Kanji learning

• KODANSHA kanji learner’s course

This book will give you the historical story and made up mnemonics for the over 2000 kanji characters to help you learn it, write it, completed with sample usage. It’s a must have book in your library.


In case you missed it, we’ve cover books for basic level here:

Hope it helps! Happy learning! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。



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Orbisian and what it means

Orbisian is another name for ‘nblw’ or 'non-binaries who love women’. It was intended to encompass all non-binaries who like women either exclusively or not, unlike other terms coined at the time (feminamoric/venusic).

The name was derived the fact that circles are a modern day symbol used to represent women, hence the 'orb’ whereas the counterpart term for nblm (non-binaries who love men) was quadrisian ('quad’) as squares are used to represent men.

It existed PRIOR to other labels now circulating. I love it much more than any other terms people have made since and I’d like to make sure others know about this option incase they, like me, dislike the other labels derived to mean nblw.

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Can you explain why organizations such as FCKH8 and autism speaks and other ones you've mentioned are bad? I'm just curious as I don't really pay attention to those organizations, so I don't really understand what they do wrong... or right. ..

Sure thing, I don’t blame people for not knowing. (I had a feeling someone would ask eventually, actually)

  • FCKH8 namely profiteers off of whatever is popular at the time. As their ads present, they advocate using hate which is never effective. Despite their claims they donate very little if anything to charities, and have had marked incidents of racism, sexism, transphobia, and ace+pan erasure. Plus they’ve stolen from artists which is wonderful! This is a recent masterpost I’ve seen, though I’ve had issues with them for a long-ass time.
  • AutismSpeaks namely has issues with how they handle autism that’s fairly disrespectful. While not donating a lot to begin with, they also treat autism as if it’s some grand, terrifying burden which furthers the misunderstandings of it rather than educating people. It’s all a ploy to get more donations. Here’s some sourced info.
  • Susan G. Komen I feel a bit more personal about since my dad died to cancer (not breast cancer, but still). While they do donate a bit more than these other groups (which isn’t saying much), they’re essentially donating directly to the pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical companies however have no interest in cancer research: this may sound tin-foil-hatty but it’s really kinda common business sense. Curing cancer would destroy their business. So, cancer is never going to see a cure in conventional medicine, and the Susan G. Komen foundation will preserve that.
    That aside, they’re also criticized for sexualizing the disease (save the boobies etc.) which is fucking stupid, as if tits are more important than the human lives affected by the disease. More reading.
    EDIT: HOW COULD I OF FORGOTTEN TO MENTION? Susan G. Komen has also sued other charities for just using the word ‘cure’ in their slogans, regardless of their relation to breast cancer  research! (Not that SGK would ever endorse an actual cure themselves)
  • PETA I hope is obvious. They’ve largely been criticized both for their attention-grabbing displays and a for-profit approach similar to FCKH8. Many of the animals they “save” are euthanized due to it being more cost effective. They’ve even come out and confessed that they do euthanize animals (though of course spun it to make themselves look better) but they’re predominately for-profit.

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I'm trying to get some Homestuck cosplay ready, but I'm not sure if it's better to just paint my arms (because the paint comes out on everything) or wear arm socks (which I don't know how to make). Which one would be better?

Hello there!

I always recommend armsocks. Some people make them by hand, and some make them on a machine (using a cardboard form to sew around). Here’s a list of the armsock tutorials we have compiled.

Armsocks will always be safer and more secure in a con setting. If doing a shoot, water-activated body paint will create a more realistic look than armsocks, though you still need to make sure you seal it well. (I’ve worn this on my arms in a con setting, and while I didn’t have issues, it is 100% not something I’d recommend.) If you wanted to paint your arms for a con setting, alcohol activated paint is really the only way to go, but it’s much more expensive and difficult to use than other forms of paint.

When wearing armsocks, be sure to either create a wrist escape or pack several pairs of plastic gloves so that you can eat and use the restroom without having to remove the armsocks entirely. Simply put on the gloves and then dispose when you are finished and use a fresh pair next time. 

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

anonymous asked:

What is the true lesbian flag? I always see the pink stripes and I hear it's the "lipstick lesbian flag" so I've come to dislike it cuz I'm gender non-conforming. I like the rainbow flag but I'm not sure if lesbians have one separate from that or not. Thank you:)

i don’t much care for the pink stripes either!! i get tired of the affiliation of womanhood with the color pink, lmao.

the Real and Original lesbian flag is this purple one, which features the black triangle overlaid with a white labrys (the axe shown here). the black triangle was used to mark lesbians in concentration camps during the holocaust, and the labrys was the preferred weapon of an ancient greek matriarchy on the isle of crete.

different people have different reasons for disliking this flag, which it’s why it’s fallen into lesser use. many jewish lesbians are against the reclamation of holocaust imagery by the non-jewish public at large, though opinions are split on this issue. another reason many do not employ the labrys flag is because it was designed and came into common use during the height of second-wave lesbian feminism in the 70s and 80s, and thus is often associated with transmisogyny. 

the labrys flag is not a “terf flag” as many on this website claim; it is meant for the use of all lesbians. using it does not make you a transmisogynist, it does not mean that you hate trans women, and trans lesbians are as welcome as any other lesbian to use its imagery. you’re equally welcome not to use it if, whether for the reasons above or another, you don’t like it. i like it personally because, as i said earlier, it doesn’t automatically associate womanhood with pinkness and femininity; it is free of gendered stereotypes and representative of lesbian strength.

so there you go! :)

anonymous asked:

Can you make a post about recognizing the extroverted functions people use in social settings? For example I noticed as an infp my use of Ne when I'm around people because I constantly jump from one topic to another. So what do the other extroverted functions do in these situations and what are some examples so I recognize each one?

Hi anon,

Sure, although it’s going to be pretty general.

Ne users do jump from topic to topic a lot. I notice this even in lower Ne users, especially when they’re talking with people with whom they feel comfortable OR if they’re drinking. High Ne users also are often very physically expressive when they talk, which is weird because you’d think this was a sensing thing? But they are in my experience. 

Se users are really good with going with the flow of conversation. They still may get distracted (they will also notice things going on in a social situation) but they tend to switch topics far less (they might rush off to grab a drink but then come back and resume the same topic which an Ne dom probably won’t do). I’ve heard that Fe users are the best at mirroring other people’s expressions/body language but I think Se doms often are actually (however, Fe doms are better than Se-auxes on average at this). High Se users are definitely good at reading body language.

Fe users do still mirror people’s expressions. They’re good at including/connecting people (great minglers at parties) and healthy dom Fe users tend to be great at telling stories and managing the flow of conversation well - they don’t dominate nor shy away. Fe aux users can sometimes be very quiet in new situations but they’re good at this if the social situation is familiar.

Te users are kind of a crapshoot in social situations in my experience. Basically if they’ve put in time and effort to be a good conversationalist and listen to other people, they will do so - they won’t come off as warm and inviting as Fe users, but they’ll be friendly and ask questions. They can also, however, dominate conversation pretty badly or seriously misread the room especially when immature. 

"So have you found a girlfriend yet?"
  • Jack: I can't manage to microwave chicken nuggets, you think I can ask somebody out? I don't have a girlfriend or a boyfriend
  • Spot: Sure, 'cept like...a guy. Cause I'm gay.
  • Race: Yes, she's...wait, now I'm gay, which you've known. Since I was seven.
  • Davey: I don't like people. I mean, I like people. But like. Not romantically? I don't like people.
  • Crutchie: He's pretty cute.
  • Romeo: Have I found my Juliet? No because neither of us plan on dying because of our families' hate for one another. They're mom actually likes my mom. The knit together sometimes
  • Specs: No.

mattelekktra  asked:

* Hi! I'm sure you should have gotten this question more times but how do you neutralize the ugly yellow colour in your DD gifsets without losing quality? Because I think you are one of the few people on tumblr with that superpower haha.

Ahahah, magic 🌼

Kidding! There’s actually a few ways to do that, I usually use one or the other, or a combination of all, depending on the scene and what I actually need!

Colour balance is one way to go. You can counteract the yellow of the gif, by upping the blue and the cyan (which decreases the yellows and the reds).

Photo filter is another way to go! Putting a cyan or blue filter (the opacity depends on the scene, by I try to keep it under 10% cause more than that it’s usually noticeable, and you can always put more than one layer, or use PF and then CB, build it up gradually.)

You can also mess with an entire colour with selective colour in “absolute” rather than relative. If you do this I advice you don’t go overboard with the adjustments cause the difference with relative is that moving the arrows even a tiny bit while on absolute makes a huge difference. so if you have a problem with yellow, you can go to selective colour -> yellow, and then decrease the yellow and up the cyan a little bit (or the red, depends on the scene).

But tbh my most used tool on that regard (and in general) is curves! More precisely the eyedrop tool in curves

Basically you click on it and what this does is that it turns whatever you click on the gif with it into the whitest point of your gif. This is especially useful with dark scenes cause it’s gonna brighten them up perfectly without bringing out pixels at all. But the best thing this thing does is that it inverts the tone of a scene. So if you click on a yellow-ish colour (I suggest you click on the fairest colour you can find on the scene cause as I said it’s gonna turn them into white and brighten everything else accordingly) it’s gonna turn the tone of the gif into blue-ish!

It’s gonna make sense once you practiced with it for a little bit cause it takes a few tries to get the hang of it (you’re gonna have to click on stuff a few times and go back a few times before you’re happy with the result) but it’s totally worth it, I promise! It makes you go from here:

to here:

Let me know how it goes :D

letsallbecalmchaps  asked:

I'm pretty sure orange started because it was a warm colour and is opposite the colour wheel to blue which people associated with sans , it made for more dynamic colours together and added some nice contrast. Same with how I personally wish more people used yellow for sans since that is one of his eye colours. And I agree integrity is a good choice for pap, that or kindness

Yeah that’s pretty much the only explanation I’ve ever found either? Which seems… silly and is why I was thinking maybe there was some other reason, but I guess not XD I mean, i get it from an artistic standpoint, but when you’re talking about the traits that summarize their characters… why change just for that? lol.

But yeah, to me, Sans’ primary soul trait is Patience, but his secondary is definitely Justice.

I’m totally fine with people switching up the soul traits that everyone represents (I’m not about to judge people for their headcanons lol. that way lies madness), but I don’t understand it, either. To me the canon on it is all extremely straight forward, so unless you’re looking to change it up as a way to explore a different way to tell a story or represent a character, I don’t get it.

For me, it’s always:
Toriel = Perseverance, Frisk = Determination, Sans = Patience, Papyrus = Integrity, Undyne = Kindness, Alphys = Bravery, Mettaton = Justice

They just… are. For me, anyways, heh. Again, I seriously don’t care what other people headcanon, that’s what fandom is for man, you do you!

anonymous asked:

are biromantic and panromantic different? they seem basically the same to me and i'm not sure which one i should use

They have different definitions, but are similar so they over lap like non-binary and trans identities do. Bi means 2 or more genders, I’ve also seem it defined as your gender and another gender. Pan means all. I’ve seen people pick bi or pan for all sorts of personal reasons, all utterly valid so while they are different use the one you like the best. 

raiona  asked:

Hey there! I have an indoor cat and we're setting up a bit of a catio for him out on the deck. I've gotten a large shallow planter that I'd like to fill with something for him to dig in, but I'm not sure what sort of material would be best. I thought sand originally, but the one thing I can find talking about digging for cats referred to fresh soil. Unfortunately searching is mostly turning up people looking for help with cats digging up their flowers. Any idea what would be best?

Maybe just test a bunch of things and see? If you’ve got the space, you could put different substrates in shallow trays (like metal baking trays) and see which ones he likes to walk on or dig in or lay on. That could inform you what he’s most likely to use in the actual planter. Or, you could do a mix - dirt under, sand on top?

Hey exclusionists.

When we’re telling you that something you said resembles TERF rhetoric, we aren’t calling you TERFs. We’re telling you that what you’re saying seems to have a foundation on similar things, and that spreading the same type of posts/sayings/whatever as TERFs use is dangerous because it normalizes the rhetoric and allows TERF ideals to slip passed people’s radars.

My reaction if someone were to tell me that something I said resembled TERF rhetoric?

“Oh crap! Sorry! I’ll delete/edit the post. Please let me know how I can do better in the future to keep from endangering trans people.”

Because my number one priority is to make sure I’m not helping to perpetuate or normalize TERF rhetoric. Screaming about how I’m not a TERF would do absolutely no good, and would just further push that using the same language as this horrible group of people is completely fine - which of course it’s not.

Do better.

katluver458  asked:

Hey doc!! Got introduced to your blog by a friend of mine :D I'm an aspiring veterinary technician and I'm hoping to start school sometime in the fall!! Super excited. I was wondering if you've ever had any ferret cases? I have two, so I always love hearing other people's stories with cat-noodles

Not at the moment, I work fairly close by to two other clinics which have a strong reputation with exotics, so most of them go there.

I did used to be more into the ferret medicine scene when my brother kept one. I was trying to do the ‘good big sister’ thing and make sure everything was good and taken care of.

She lived to a ripe old age, eventually developing cataracts in her senior years, but it didn’t stop her from having adventures.

When my brother was away, and friendly neighbors were pet-sitting her, she accidentally escaped outside and was nowhere to be found, despite being a ferret who was totally blind and 7 years of age. The house was next to a park with a nature reserve, with feral cats and foxed, so despite looking we assumed she was gone and eaten by something.

But as it turned out, she’d been picked up by someone in the park and was hanging out at another vet clinic. I mean, what else do you do with a random ferret that you happen to find in the park?

anonymous asked:

So I'm having trouble writing dialogue for two characters in one head. One is wise and caring but sarcastic and cheeky. The other is a sweetheart but is incredibly dangerous. Suggestions? Thank you!

Make sure you find a way to distinguish which voice is speaking. Whether it be two different fonts, maybe on in italics, maybe different colored text. Just make sure it’s easily seen which voice is speaking. 

Here’s some prompts!

“I say jump.” 

“Are you insane! We’ll be killed!” 

“Nah, I believe in our body.” 

“What!? I believe in science, we will die!” 


“Kill em.” 


“They’ll kill us.” 

“We aren’t killing people!” 

“Listen, if we die, that means I lose you and I don’t want to do that. We’ve come too far, let’s kill em. We can do it.” 

“You have too much faith in this body!” 

Happy writing!

-Ashley <3

anonymous asked:

You really should not be asking for money for Drabbles or imagines, I don't see how that is fair. Don't get me wrong you're lovely and you write amazingly, but taking people's money for you to write them a one shot which they can get for free elsewhere - it's a liberty. I know you've tried for a job but I'm sure you can do better than this.

I think I’m allowed to do whatever I’d like, dear Nonnie, since this is… you know, my blog. I know I’m not the only person who asks for something in return for the writing I do or the edits I make, and while I’m not using that to justify what I’m doing, I’d like to just remind you that the fanfiction you find on this site, and other sites like it, is something you are not entitled to. It’s pretty much… a free gift to you. *refrains from telling you to get off your high horse*

I’m not asking for money. I’m putting it out there as an option. I’ve previously said this, but apparently I need to repeat myself. 


My to do list is 7 miles long, I currently have over 200 gifs/requests from before sitting in my inbox, and my brain literally never stops putting ideas into play. 

The reason the “buy me a coffee” thing exists on my blog is this: if someone is willing to help me get to a convention or get something at a convention (such as a photo op, in the case of Misha at PittCon), I want to reward them. This is not me begging for money. This is me giving the generous people who donate to my convention stuff a gift in return. So if someone would like to donate to my convention things, then I am more than happy to take on whatever request they may have for me. If someone wants something written for free? Check out the rest of my masterlist. I’ve written a shitton of free things for you to read. So have the rest of the authors who (so fearlessly, by the way) put their work on here. There is a list of authors right here who are taking requests with no “collateral.”

P.S. I’m assuming since you sent this in, you’re never going to donate to one of these pages, which is fine, so enjoy all the free fanfiction you receive from me as a result of people who have donated.

anonymous asked:

What would you have to say about ENTPs and moral? some people (esp my ISFP sister) think I'm 'immoral' or even 'bad' while all I do is trying to make people objectively see all the facettes of one issue, even the 'immoral' ones. For me nothing is enterily good or bad, everything is debatable. it's so annoying when I'm told 'shut up this thing is bad' when I just want to make them see why some people would think otherwise.

I think ENTPs are as moral as anyone else, if not more. We can see and understand things from many sides, allowing us to choose based on causes and effects, which truly, I think is smarter than just accepting overlying ideas as good or bad. 

Sure we can play devil’s advocate. But it says nothing about what we truly believe. And even though it may take us longer to make decisions on what we believe, I think taking time to decide is better than just thinking something because it’s the only thing you know.

glitz-addams  asked:

I assume my animal will get taken bc idk how it is in AUS but in the US being poor is basically a crime and well, i'm sure u know medical treatment is real expensive for humans in the US, so i guess i just assumed it was that expensive for animals too, and also that anything that was deemed 'a luxury' by the Powers That Be would get taken away by the Powers That Be because... i'm poor, and poor people aren't allowed to have things. :( That's just how you learn to think.


Well I’m sure some US vet peeps will chime in, but vet clinics are not really ‘powers that be’ we are mostly small businesses. And a sick animal becomes an ‘expense’, one we would rather not take on if possible. It’s so much simpler to keep an animal with is owner wherever we can. If that means referring to a charity, or an alternative treatment plan, so be it. Animal stays with its human, which is what we all really want, really.