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Okay so i'm a total tag stalker i know BUT. How DO you imagine Eugenides to look in the Queen's Thief series? I have like a vague picture of him in my head but I'm not sure I've seen a picture of him that really captures that image?

I stalk alllll tags.

Same, I haven’t found a proper picture of him either. get ready for details, none of which i’ve bothered to confirm through the original text whoops. some of it may directly conflict.
In my mind, he has perhaps the darkest skin of any of the other characters (save the original Eugenides, of course); it’s got warm undertones and he can wear red really well.
His hair is dark brown, but you wouldn’t mistake it for black. It’s mostly straight, but might crimp up in humid weather or when unwashed. Its average length throughout the books is just above the shoulder-blades (def. shorter in later stories, but never above chin-length).
He’s short for a dude, definitely shorter than Attolia, probably shorter than Eddis, too, shorter than Sophos, short. however many hands high you think he is, remove one.
but slim and lithe, like an elf or a goblin prince
His features are, for lack of a better word, delicate. His nose is especially noticeable, though. Can’t explain how or why. He has alert, sarcastic eyes and his brows are on fleek. There’s slight cheekbone, but not enough to make you go, dose cheekbones tho

I literally cannot imagine him with facial hair. I’ve tried and I can’t, I refuse outright

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Hey guys! I'm not sure if you've posted anything about this-I couldn't find a tag about it! Anyway, do you have any information on how becoming lost in a desert without any proper supplies would affect a person? Particularly someone who has no experience with that type of terrain?

The survival tag has some information on surviving in various types of environments with little to no supplies. Some posts you might like therein:

Some more things to add: