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the new snapchat update lets any of your snapchat friends see where you are on a map!!! apart from being really creepy,, this is unsafe especially if you don’t want people you’re snapchat friends with knowing where you are down to the EXACT location (ppl dealing w/ abusive ex’s, sex workers, etc)

I can see myself in my kitchen and my friend at work on the map its v accurate make sure you set your status to ghost mode

Inktober day 9: Screech - Gargrunkle 

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I like fancy suit-wearing mostly-human-looking gargrunkle…but I also like super gargoyle-y gargrunkle? Like he can only talk when water’s running through his mouth and has to sleep on the roof and turns to stone randomly? That sounds like fun.

everything Solas says about the subject of the Blight in DA:I
everything Solas says about the subject of the Blight in DA:I

(For reference, here is what Solas has to say about the Blight, darkspawn and the Grey Wardens, all together.)

  • Solas: Your Order… the Grey Wardens…
  • Blackwall: What about them?
  • Solas: The Wardens see themselves as the world’s defense against the Blight, do they not?
  • Blackwall: Yes… why do you sound so skeptical? Doesn’t everyone know this?
  • Solas: When an Archdemon rises, they slay it. What will they do when all the Archdemons are slain?
  • Blackwall: Retire?
  • Solas: Without Archdemons, there can be no Blights. Is that the reasoning?
  • Blackwall: Right. Where are you going with this?
  • Solas: Nowhere. I hope they are correct.

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  • [Percy while stuck on an island writing in his diary]
  • Day 1: Alone, doing well. Mentally sound. Met a crab.
  • Day 2: I have married the crab.
  • Day 3: I have eaten my wife.
  • [Meanwhile the gang driving home from the beach]
  • Piper: Annabeth could we stop by a gasoline station, It's been 3 hours and I really need to pee!
  • Annabeth: Sure, just wake up the rest to ask if they need to use the bathroom too.
  • Piper: Wait, where's Percy?
  • [Annabeth forcefully stepping on brakes]

The single best piece of writing advice I ever got was from a professor teaching a playwriting class, who told us that in every scene, especially scenes that were just dialogue, every character should want something. Making every character in a scene have a goal is an easy way to avoid dialogue that’s just exposition, and to make sure your dialogue drives the plot forward and/or reveals characterization. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated or super weighty–as long as the characters have a goal, there will be tension in the scene even if the goals are small. Character X wants to borrow a pen, and character Y wants to make a good impression on character X. X wants to insult Y until they go away, and Y wants to annoy X by pretending not to notice the insults. X wants Y to give them the last slice of pizza, and Y is super full but still doesn’t want X to have it. No matter what your character’s goal is, it will reveal something about who that character is to the reader, and the conflict between your characters’ goals will give the scene momentum.

I wonder if the Inquisition has debriefings? Like, after the entire crew gets back from a mission they have a meeting with the advisors regarding everything that happened. 

Or maybe everyone in the party is required to write a field report? I bet Cullen reads them all, just sifting through endless crap from the Inner Circle:

Sera’s reports consist only of crude drawings and obscenities – he actually finds those entertaining. She’s quite inventive and the point is always rather clear.

Cassandra’s are always perfect and detailed, if not a bit stilted. Not that he minds. 

Dorian’s are always about the lack of amenities or certain comforts. Can’t you order us thicker blankets? I was freezing the entire time and there was a rock under my back. 

Blackwall’s reports are always helpful, he makes notes about soldiers, or various things that need to be done in the area. 

Iron Bull’s are always just an account of the things he killed or fought. Sometimes he’ll share a good joke he heard too.

Vivienne’s are to the point, crisp and tidy, never wanting. She’ll also tack on notes about the Inquisitor, or her companions, bits of pertinent information.

Cole doesn’t write reports, but sometimes he’ll pop into Cullen’s office and tell him a few things of note before disappearing again. 

Solas’ are scholarly, recounting the areas they’d explored and interesting landmarks, usually with a very detailed map attached. 

And then there are Varric’s, written on fine vellum imported from a printer in Kirkwall, the penmanship always neat, and flowing over the pages. And there are many pages as Varric describes, in that detailed way only a writer can, the exact way his boots squelched while in the Fallow Mire; the damp, musty smell that clung to him after spending ten days soaking wet on the Storm Coast, without a chance to dry out; the biting chill that cut through him in the Emprise du Lion, and the way the dark branches of the bare trees struck a bleak contrast against the snow. The fucking endless snow. 

It’s when they return from the Hissing Wastes and Cullen sees that Varric’s report is eighteen pages detailing exactly where he found sand on his person, that Cullen informs him he is exempt from writing any further reports.

  • Jason: Why do you have handcuffs?
  • Kim: ... Jason, do you just... Willfully pretend that me and Trini don't have sex? Is this a 'I'm hoping for you to lie to me' situation?
  • Jason: I'm 100% sure you two are virgins, my brain won't accept anything else.
  • Kim: Okay, it's because I'm secretly a cop in my spare time.
  • Jason: Thank you.

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Idk I dont think Shiro was that bad lol. I mean yeah he was kind of a dick but it wasn't out of character. Piloting the lion gave him a purpose & a way to cope with his PTSD so when it was taken away from him he just projected all that shit on Keith and lowkey used him as a punching bag. That's a totally human reaction. I know he wanted Keith to become a leader but it's has always been in the context "well when I'm dead" so tbh Shiro has never imagined a situation where he'd have to witness that

i’m honestly not sure if this ask is trolling. when has shiro ever, ever projected his insecurities on keith? when has his “totally human reaction” been to use keith as a punching bag? no, to the contrary, this:

is how:

shiro deals:

with his insecurities:

if you’ve missed that for the past two seasons, i don’t know what to tell you.

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Hi! A few hours ago in my country (Poland) aired a Sherlock DVD trailer. I can't send a link, but it's on the official facebook account of the shop "empik". I'm not sure if this means anything, but I'm freaking out. Where these scenes came from??? Sherlock with Irene, Moriarty on Baker Street, Lestrade in front of a mirror... Could you, please, enlighten me? :D Sorry for my English, and also sorry for bothering you, if it's nothing new or there is some kind of a simple explanation for this ;)

Hi Nonny!

Uhm, wow this is quite the commercial!! I’m at work so I don’t have the tools to rip it and show it to y'all here, but here’s the commercial on Facebook.

I didn’t see the Lestrade or Irene one scenes you mentioned, but I feel like they pulled a few scenes from other seasons or added in some footage from 007, LOL. There are a couple scenes I don’t recognize (possibly stock footage?), and they used the credits for a few of them!

As I said, I’m at work right now, but this should be fun for a few of the Tin Hatters! :D

Just another day in Bellamy doing husband things for Clarke: A meta

Just want to take advantage of @wellamyblake‘s awesome tag meta here: 


To wax lyrical about the beauty that is the bellarke partnership. 

And first of all I’d like to say that I really appreciate how calm Bellamy Blake can be, especially at times when she is at her lowest.  As many pointed out correctly, the moment he gallivanted off to get the hydrogenerator the pressure came crashing down on her. It doesn’t mean she didn’t eventually keep it together. It just that the pressure is so much heavier without his support. And I’m glad it is now being spelt out more clearly by the show, because though it has been shown throughout the past seasons, somehow, people seem to miss it (or want to ignore it, I mean, lbr about fandom here). 

Bellamy seems to always have this quiet resolve when it comes to Clarke. This scene actually reminded me a lot of two scenes in season 2. Once in the tunnels when she sees him and asks him to please tell her that he has the plan (because she doesn’t), and he matter-of-factly tells her that he doesn’t. YET, it manages to calm Clarke down so much and spur her on to find Dante. Then in the control room when Clarke knows she has to pull the lever but in that moment she’s just so scared and helpless - That is the scene I was heavily reminded of in this episode (4x03), because she just looks up at Bellamy, she wants her name to be on the list - but she just can’t do it. 

In 2x16, Bellamy doesn’t skip a beat and puts his hand over hers, telling her they’d do it together. In 4x03, he just tells her quite plainly that if she wouldn’t put her name down, he’d do it. She’s so vulnerable in that moment (Eliza played it so well, bless her), so unconvinced that she should be on that list. But it’s not even a question for him that she should be - So this is how he saves her. 

You know what I think? I think he knew the moment he woke up and saw her crying that his name would be on the list without hers on it. Because while Bellamy Blake may not know she’s in love with him - he sure knows Clarke well enough to know that she would do something like that. And Clarke knows Bellamy knows because she turns her eyes away from him. 

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  • [The day after bobhwan returns from insolent roommate]
  • Bobby *leaving Hanbin's room*: For the last time Hanbin I'm just going to the bathroom. I'm not "leaving 'you' for someone younger and less dramatic"!
  • Bobby *spots Jinhwan in the living room*: This is all your fault!
  • Bobby: "Go on IR with me Bobby" "What can it hurt, Bobby?"
  • Bobby: Well thanks a lot. Now it'll be weeks before he lets me leave the house again!
  • Jinhwan: He can't be that upset-
  • Hanbin *from his room*: Bobby where did you go???
  • Bobby: Damn. And now i've wasted my bathroom break yelling at you! DAMNIT JINHWAN
  • *bobby runs back to hanbin's room*
  • Jinhwan: Wow...Hanbin sure has Bobby whipped.
  • June *whose been clinging to Jinhwan since he got back*: It's sick really.

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So I recently just started getting into drawing. I'm really late in the game lol (close to being 16). I was wondering if you had some advice to start out? In my opinion I'm not great at all but it's expected! I liked the shrimp post you reblogged. Just, if you have any personal advice that'd be great. ♥︎

You aren’t late for the game! I think I was starting to try drawing from my head when I was around 15 too! It’s never too late, really.

I’m not really sure where exactly one starts. When I only began I first tried to just, you know, draw. With no understanding in mind. Later I found tutorials on how things work and how everything is “built”, which made it all a bit easier. So…I can only suggest trying to search for tutorials on the internet! 

Go for a simplified ones at first, with time choosing those more and more detailed:3

Good luck and inspiration on your way! 

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do you were i can find the bsd official art of skk and shin skk dressed as policemen/smth like that? (it's not the recent one where they were dressed as cruise ship captains) sry i'm not really sure how to describe it!

Hmm, I think you’re talking about two different artworks.

The first one must be from the 3rd Yokohama Stamp Rally with Dazai and Atsushi.

Chuuya and Akutagawa weren’t drawn in police uniforms for that collaboration, but the first Anikuji artwork came to mind.

I hope that’s what you were looking for!

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For people worrying about the story being from Riki's pov or it just being a story about Rika and V, When Cheritz confirmed it as a V route, they said "This August (now September), to engulf MC's with a pleasurable 11 days, People at Cheritz are trying their best!" (Or something very very close to that.) So I'm pretty sure it's a V route, and not just a story with Rika and V. I guess I can understand where they are coming from. But this is my take on it. -❤️

^^^ This, this this. It’s a route. We aren’t going to play as Rika. 





“…What’s the real reason you’re here, Santi? What’re you running away from this time?”
“Surprisingly…nothing. That’s the truth. I think this time…this time I’m running towards something.”
“Oh, yeah? Then what is it?”
“I’m not even sure yet…but being here is the start, I know that at least. Finally stepping over the border, seeing where half of me came from, where I could’ve ended up all those years ago…it feels like a long time coming.”

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Heyyo! I need help!! I've seen gifs of Jungkook trying to fight a chicken but I have absolutely no idea where it came from. That and I'm pretty sure it's a fan meeting but Jungkook squares up to fight a bug but Namjoon (I think) protects him anyway. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!!

  • Jungkook fighting a chicken: It is from BTS Season Greetings 2017. These are the links to watch it with Eng Subs: PART1 PART2 PART3 PART4 PART5 (You can find Jungkook dueling a chicken in Part2 1:22)

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  • Jungkook fighting a fly: 150705 it was a mini fan meeting at Inkigayo. You can find a fan cam HERE 

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  • SOON: Jungkook fighting a shark in bon voyage season 2

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Seriously let’s keep him far away from predators