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Matt: M-me!? What n-no I don- 

Tom: Oh, Right so who is she, Matt?!

Matt: N-no I- Tom I don’t! It’s not-

Tom: You so do!? You have to tell me you sneaky bastard! 

Matt: T-Tom, please!

these are very important rectangles

The rebellion members, paladins and symbolism

I can’t believe my first post EVER is going to be an analysis inspired by an edit.

(sorry in advance for any grammar errors, this isn’t my first language)

So, has anyone noticed how each alien race that joined the resistance so far kind of represent each paladin minus Shiro?

  • Galra (rebel)s: Keith
  • Mermaids: Lance
  • Balmeras: Hunk
  • Olkarins: Pidge

(Idk if Arusians are actually countable since they’re really primitives)

And then there’s Shiro. That poor guy doesn’t even have an alien race who represents him.

…or does he?

Before we go further, let’s point out how each of those alien races represent not only The paladins, but also their elements (and their Lions, kinda):

  • Galras, who are connected to Keith were in posses of the Red lion in ep1, and I can’t remember where, but I’m sure at one point in an episode there were both fire and the Galra empire in the same place, I think it was when they destroyed Altea I guess?
  • Mermaids, Lance, Water, Blue being op in the water and unlocking her power-up there. Need something else?
  • Balmeras, again, Hunk, earth, maybe no power-up here but he unlocked it when he was saving those guys in s2 trying to hold the earth in its place while they were waiting for emo and princess
  • Olkarins, Pidge, forest, unlocked power. I think you understood the point

Shiro Is The Black Paladin, whom we Can all agree that represents space, and he’s without doubts the team leader (S2 final doesn’t fool me, I know he’ll be back), and which is that one race whose only survivors are travelling across space and are the leaders of the rebellion?

Yep. You got it. Alteans.

And it fits, doesn’t it? The leader of the team who use the only weapon that Can defeat the Galra Empire being represented by the alien race leader of the rebellion.Besides, a parallelism:

Both Shiro and Altea were “destroyed” by Galras, and now they’re both fighting against it (Altea intended as Coran, Allura and the Castle), recovering from their loss, but still kind of connected trought something to those purple furries (Shiro and his arm, Alteans and Zarkon as exBPaladin and Haggar or Lotor maybe? I hope they get a good background). Besides, it’s not really new this symbolism kinda thing on Voltron (S1e6 bg, Shiro’s right arm being Galra and Keith being the right arm of Voltron, and so goes on. I know these are seen more like jokes, but someone can wish)

One more thing: I’ve seen an Altean!Shiro / Druid!Shiro theory and I’m 90% sure that I reblogged it (I’ll put the link later but right now I can’t due to pc problems but it was made by @smolsarcasticraspberry) so this ramble sort of connects to that? Kinda? Because if him, who we said that represents Altea, whom is permanently damaged by Galras but is fighting back, turns out as Altean, then his heritage, his arm and his PTSD and his fight against it would form a giant-ass physical representation of the twisted story of these poor humanoid, pointy-ears and shapeshifting aliens.

(Besides, this could mean more Shallura so everyone’s happy)

Sorry if I made some grammar mistakes, but english isn’t my first language and I’m not that old to be super-fluent, but I wanted to express my thoughts on this since I’ve never seen a post mentioning this.

Spring Break is here (and other updates)

(( Hey it’s been a bit since an update. ))

(( So, because Spring break is here I want to do something short and fun (for me at least), so I’m going to open up the box for M!As! :0 ))

(( This is sadly not an official return from haitus. Next term I start preparing for my major’s big portfolio show and I start an internship. My free time will once again be extremely limited, sadly, so yeah… the haitus will continue after break is over. Hopefully once that’s over and I recover a bit I’ll be back. Sorry for taking so long. I wish I knew how people managed to continue their creative endeavors during college. School just drains my energy… ))

(( ANYWAY let’s have some fun this week! Send in some M!As and I’ll see if any catch my eye. :3 ))

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Just wanted to let you know that in your gender post that you stated Eve was made to be a "helpmate", but I think the original Hebrew is "ezer" which just means "help" or "shield". I think "helpmate" translates into "ezer kenegado" or something like that. Idk, I might be wrong, but just thought you should know. Be blessed!!

Yes hello! In the verse mentioned, Genesis 2:18, ezer kenegdo (עֵ֖זֶר כְּנֶגְדּֽוֹ ) is what is used! So you’re right that ezer on its own only means “help” or “helper” – but what is used in 2:18 is indeed the term often translated as “helpmate” or perhaps “suitable helper” or “helper opposite him.”

I did only mention the first half of the phrase in my post even though the verse has the full thing, so I’ll go back and edit that. Thanks!

hi guys!! I had a lil talk with @materinskiy and we were thinking of starting up a group chat for Russia RPers and/or muses affiliated with Russia in some way! just a place to talk headcanons, share resources, discuss muses, or just discuss things related to this big ol’ country that we all love so much!

all the rules and specifications haven’t been ironed out yet, I’ve had this idea kicking around for a little while, and am not aware if anything like it exists yet, but I can think of a couple basics:

  • members must RP a character affiliated with Russia in some way. whether it’s the country, a city, a historical figure– that’s all fine! but muses must be relevant to Russia.
  • be respectful! inflammatory or incendiary behavior (bigotry, drama, russophobia, etc.) will not be tolerated, and will result in being kicked from the server! this is something meant to facilitate positivity within the comm, not negativity!

if you can think of anything else, feel free to add suggestions! we haven’t decided if this is going to be hosted on skype or discord yet, it depends on where anyone interested in something like this would like to see it happen. so, if you would be interested in something like this, feel free to like/reblog/reply to this post, or hit up @materinskiy or I about it!

thanks for reading, you’re rad!! C:


So… what’s the point you ask? 

I just like the idea that Keith and Shiro are big fans of kpop, that’s all. (they’re dancing to Fire by BTS, btw)