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Patrick Kane - [74/88]

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Colorado? How you liking it? I love Colorado and lived here all my life. I love your art too! Just sending some love ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you! <3 Loving the scenery+nature here, not so much the lack of art careers.
I have a favorite cactus thing (??) that grows by the sidewalk on my way to the post office. It’s my buddy.

Well, I’m really glad everyone agreed on this font, haha.

I also just remembered that I can give text an outline! Previously I’d tried a black outline, and it looked pretty much dreadful honestly, but I hadn’t considered just using a darker shade of the text box color. And I think this looks a lot better.


we’d live the life we choose,
we’d fight and never lose
for we were young and sure to have our way


- Max, take you things and run. every week i’m scared for her…

- i enjoyed the Flint/Madi scenes, they have good chemistry

- also, the don quixote quote and the parallel to Miranda… i’m not sure how i
  feel about that…

- Eme is beautiful and i’m glad she got screentime and is part of the story

- i was just beggining to think how much i like the Jack/Anne/Teach scenes… 

- the torture scene… holy shit that was horrifying. i actually couldn’t fully watch
  it, oh god :( i really didn’t think they’d kill off Teach… fuck and rip Blackbeard

- i’m also very, very scared of what happens next to Anne and Jack… this is so

- speaking of death: goodbye Barringer, noone will miss you. and wtf was that
  with his locket? were we supposed to feel sorry for him? yeah, no.
  let’s hope Woodes is the next one to die. Eleanor, run away from that psycho!

- the silverflint reunion… i gotta admit, the look they shared when they saw
  each other was… something else… (plus the music <3)

- but with the camera panning to Flint and his expression during the MadiSilver
  kiss… to me that screams one-sided pining bullshit and i’m not impressed. of
  course it’s all just speculation at this point, but yeah… as of right now, i’m not a
  fan… (i’ve read some people speculating that they will pull another  
  ThomasJamesMiranda reveal and i wish i had your confidence)

- Billy being back can only mean things will get worse (for Flint)…

- i said it last week, i’ll say it this week: more Flint. he needs more screentime,


Favorite Choreo Sequences: Xiaoyu Yu & Yang Jin, Humility and Love (x)


Inaho and Slaine’s reuinion - 1x7 | 2x10

The Thing With Poland

I’m really confused as to how the “like totally fabulous crossdresserski” Poland came to be in this fandom, because, let’s face it, I’m pretty damn sure Polish culture isn’t like that.
And I know, APH Poland’s supposed to be a stereotype, but where in Poland would Hima get that from?
And, more importantly, why do people make him so in fanon?
He’s an amazing character, with a really funny personality and actually much easier to write for (that is, if you stay in canon) that a Polish Regina George caricature.
What I’ve found in Feliks is that he tends to underthings things, to not have a filter, a very poorly working one at most. He’s an inspiration to people with anxiety, and proves to people that all people with social anxiety are in fact not ultra shy and secluded, they can be silly and outgoing.
And, let’s not forget, he can whoop anyone’s ass.
It’s said he isn’t the most likeable of people, but cares very much for the people he loves.
So let’s stop characterizing him as another shallow fashionista-like American Valley Girl character, and into the brash, silly, and yet still inspirational Feliks we love.

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So wait, you’re Steven’s mom? But didn’t you, you know–?”

She didn’t want to actually voice it aloud, not when Rose Quartz seemed to be very much alive, well and here, but still… Connie had heard right from the beginning that the gem had given up her physical form to let Steven be born. So…

Colour her completely baffled.

“Oh… sorry, that was rude.” She shook her head for a moment, held out a small, dark-skinned hand.

“I’m Connie… um, ma’am? Mom Universe? What should I call you?”

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your opinion on 2d idols nyan!

I’m…..OMg…..where do I start………lmao…….

Y’all know how much I love Love Live and Nico!! But I also like idolm@ster, B-Project, PriPara, UtaPri, I just started watching Aikatsu, Tsukiuta and Marginal #4, and I play school idol festival and Aichuu on my phone….I would probably play more if my phone had more storage!! (I’ve really been wanting to get into Enstars!! Partially thanks to you actually haha! but I’d have to delete something else ^^;;)

ANYWAY long story short uhh;; 2D idols bring me much joy and happiness…I get hype as if they were real people….One time I stayed up for 27 hours to rank well enough in an Aichuu event to get an LE Issei card…..I uhhh… Yeah!!

(In response to this ask meme)

I’m not 100% sure how valid the post is, but by now most of you have probably heard the news. Apparently, Kya is part of the LGBTQA+ community. This is just… really important info, especially for the kyalin, kyzumi, etc shippers and the queer fans in general. Aiwei is too. And with the way things left off in the show, our ships are more plausible now than ever. A lot of characters like Kya and the characters she’s usually shipped with didn’t end up in on-screen relationships. Hell, all we need now is a list of other queer characters. I’m so excited. Thanks, Bryke!

Also, the way Tony looks at Pepper. 

I just die sometimes.

I mean, look at this

Can you not see how much love and fondness he carries for her with just that one look? It’s like Pepper is his world and she’s one of the most important people to him. She’s one of the few people who actually care so much for him and will go through any lengths to make sure that he is okay.

She has seen him bring girls in and out, has even helped him escort those girls out in the mornings after, she’s seen him drunk off his ass as well as seen and dealt with so many other things that most people wouldn’t even bother to stay around for. But she does because she sincerely and utterly cares for him, loves him so much. 

You can just tell.

And Tony feels so strongly about her because she’s been there to keep him on his feet and she’s helped him throughout so many tough times

And he looks at her like she is his world BECAUSE SHE IS.

I’m sorry, i’m being weird tonight but I just can’t help it!!

do people actually hate armin or is it just something someone made up so they can feel special and make a big deal about how devout of an armin fan they are

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Someone told me I should make a sticker out of this, and I did. I actually made much more than just a sticker. I had to remake the whole thing so it would be big enough for most products, so I made a slight adjustment. But I hope you guys like it!  

I’m watching a genocide playthrough of Undertale since I can never bring myself to actually do one and oh. my. god! I was not ready for the dialogue and action changes in the scene where we meet Sans and Papyrus.

The lack of jokes and just how uneasy the player/Frisk/Chara?? is making him is just so… frightening. In a pacifist playthrough you really get a sense that Sans likes to joke around and you’re a small child so he tries to make you laugh as much as possible, but when you go the evil route his dialogue really hits home early on that you are absolutely evil and people can already sense that. I thought because Sans hadn’t seen you… brutally murder Toriel, there wouldn’t be much of a difference in how he talks to you, but know I see that you already can see the changes in you as Chara begins to take over and you start to murder everyone. He’s actually scared of you.