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Ok, I am dying with Cas feels as per usual, but it was dean that broke my heart in this ep. Dean, whose greatest fear is telling people how much he cares and then them leaving him. Cas did what he feared most- but Dean is so sure of Cas he didn't shut him out like he did other times people do that. He just got angry and set out to find him. yes, to kick his feathery butt, but also- he actually went? He refused to let cas leave him? just??? feelings ******

GOD it’s like!!! Castiel did literally everything wrong in this episode as far as Dean goes. He acknowledged that he did receive the voicemails Dean was leaving, and he still didn’t pick up his phone. He comes back to the bunker and gains Dean’s trust back by falling into some quiet intimacy when the two of them are alone, and then he betrays that trust by stealing from him in the same moment. He, for all intents and purposes, steals the Impala. The IMPALA. After Dean handed him the keys. These are all Dean’s biggest pain points and insecurities! And Dean fixes Castiel’s stupid truck and he follows him because it’s literally the only thing to do.

But it’s not just obligation. It’s obviously not. Because when Dean thinks Castiel is about to die, he still screams. “No!!!” He’s clutching his broken arm, sprawled in the dirt, and all Dean can worry about is Castiel’s wellbeing. After Castiel pulls out a win - finally, fuck - Dean walks toward him in almost a daze. After everything, he still trusts Castiel to put his hands on him and heal him, so he lets him. This episode hurt like hELL, but mostly because Dean isn’t running away. He isn’t letting GO. This episode put at its forefront the struggle of Castiel proving his devotion to the Winchesters, but through showing and not telling it was also about the Winchesters’ (Dean’s) devotion right the fuck back at Castiel.

Like, guys. He made him a mix tape.

unexpected things from s3 that still make me really really happy and smile: isak and sonja’s conversations, whether it was in the minutt for minutt clip or via their texts, all throughout episode 10.

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Hey marcia:) sorry to bother but I needed to ask...How do you establish commission prices?Lately I've been thinking of opening them myself but I don't really know how much it is okay to charge? I know it's supposed to be according to the amount of time taken per drawing,among other things. I'm not sure anyone would be interested, so I'm afraid it won't work, but at the same time I feel like I should just go for it(?)Like, I dont have the courage to start.. Thanks for reading this♡have a nice day

Hi! I’ll be happy to help :)

Honestly, this topic is one of the hardest and the most subjective things in the semi-private sector of art industry. Basically, you’re forced to ask yourself “how much is my work actually worth in the terms of money?” and this can be tricky. Obviously, no one wants to underprice their art and bring themselves down but overpricing will discourage the potential clients - achieving equilibrium is necessary. And difficult.

Here are some things to consider:

  • How long have you been drawing?
    If you’re rather an inexperienced artist/commisionee, you shouldn’t go for relatively high prices. One of the functions of price is informing the client of the quality of the service they can expect from you and the brand value. A new shop selling shoes cannot charge as much as Nike, you get the idea.

  • What is the service you can provide?
    In other words, what can you really draw? People will come to you demanding different things: their  OCs, favourite ships, fursonas etc. and you gotta know what you are able to draw. If someone wanted a dragon in a forest, you can’t just not announce that “you don’t know how to draw trees in perspective” by the end of the commission process! This goes back to experience - the less confident you are about your skills the less you should charge.

  • How long does it take you to make one piece?
    Usually, the longer you draw the more you can charge for a picture, but! Remember that time taking accidents such as “I cant get this hand right, I drew it 5 times and it still does not look ok” don’t count! That would be the effect of your lack of experience rather than you making the piece more detailed. We’re talking about a theoretically smooth process here.

  • How much time are you willing to spend on a particular commission?
    This is a little bit different from the previous point. The questions asks: how much time are you willing to spend to satisfy your client fully? Are you willing to make several value sketches? Colour compositions? How many times will you go back and redraw something because the client informed you they didn’t like it?
    The more you’re ready to do for your client the more you can charge. However, remember!! Each sketch/idea has to be of the same quality!! You can’t suddenly stop caring halfway through or decide that “this composition sucks, the client won’t choose it anyway, so I can half-ass it”
    You don’t get to decide that, the client does.

  • How much would you spend on your own art?
    Be honest and do not be greedy. You’re only starting and since art is surely your hobby, low prices will not hurt at the time being. First, you have to dip your toe in the water and decide if it’s okay, then make changes and eventually rise prices.

  • Check prices of other artists! 
    You gotta know what your competition is serving :) This should be your starting point, but!! Take as a reference several people with relatively similar art styles/experience to yours, and again, be honest with yourself. Adjust these prices to the criteria I mentioned above.

Additional commission related tips:

  • be as informative and neutral as you can be during the commission process; you can throw in suggestions but never any uncomfortable opinions
  • remember that it is you who has to put effort into pleasing the client,
  • it is not the client’s obligation to jump around you,
  • you can refuse to draw something, moreover, you can refuse the whole service if the client is eg. acting shady,
  • in your commission info state your contact, price info, way of paying and when it happens (before/middle/after work), how the commissioning process looks, how much time it takes, your preferences/info about your abilities (not necessary) and what you expect from the client,
  • the more information you provide the more confident the client will feel, it rises the chances of them commissioning you
  • be professional, be serious; surprise surprise - it is your job! :)

I think that’s all, hope I covered the topic fully and it helped! Now go rock the art industry <3


Patrick Kane - [74/88]

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starmora + 13

13. Things you said at the kitchen table

Takes place shortly after Vol 2


Gamora was already making coffee when Peter climbed down from the cockpit and flopped into a seat at the table. He grumbled something that was either ‘good morning’ or her name.

“Good morning, Peter. How was the night shift?”

“Dark.” He rested his head on his hand. “Boring. Why can’t we just leave the ship on autopilot at night like we used to?”

“The Sovereign are still after us,” she said for probably the fifth time, pulling out the only two mugs on the ship. “Someone needs to be awake in case –“

“Yeah, yeah, in case they send in a billion more ships to blow us up. Buncha sore losers.” He sighed. “Do you think it’s worth it to try to go back to sleep?”

“Well, Groot is going to be up any minute wanting to play with your Zune. So I’d say no.”

Peter whined a little and closed his eyes, looking like he was going to try to sleep right there at the table. Gamora allowed herself a fond smile since he couldn’t see her and slid a cup of coffee in front of him.

He opened his eyes and looked at it like he hadn’t had a drink in weeks. “Aaah, coffee. Thanks, babe.”

She stilled with her own mug halfway to her mouth, heart suddenly all twitchy in her chest. Peter must have felt her staring because he put down his coffee and blinked at her. “What?”

“You called me babe.

“Oh. I did? Uh, sorry?” He said, like he wasn’t sure whether he was supposed to be or not.

“No, it’s… I don’t mind.” She was surprised by how much she didn’t mind, actually. 

Peter’s face lit up. “Really? What about honey? And sweetheart? And –“

“Don’t push it.”

“Got it… babe.” He took a sip of coffee, probably to hide his grin, but he was wildly unsuccessful.

But that was okay; she couldn’t hide hers, either.

Back From Hiatus

Hello! I know it’s been a very very long time, and most of you probably have forgotten all about me, lol. I’m sorry that I left so suddenly, but I needed a break to figure some things out. 

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am back and will be posting again! My art style has changed since I was last posting here, but i hope you all still enjoy it. 

Also, I am going to be giving out free character sketches today :) Just send me an ask with a character request. I’ll post again shortly with more info on how to request one as well as some examples of what my current art style is like (although it’s been so long, I’m not sure how many people will actually see it, lol)

I’ve missed you all so much! 

Clay Jensen, everybody 👏🏼
  • Clay: So, uhm, look, I'm not really sure how this is done, uh, I don't wanna be too formal, although it is the winter formal, I don't know if people actually ask people this, like, in the world, but, uhm, I was just saying... I wonder if you wanna dance?
  • Hannah: *decodes Clays babbling after ages* I would love to dance.
  • Clay: Awesome, ok, cool *throws jacket away* *starts madly jumping around*
“You’re a store clerk and oh shit I just spotted my ex please let me hide behind your desk-thing” AU

I saw this prompt earlier and I HAD to do it for Zutara!

The thing about hearing your name being called out is that it’s almost automatic to look around, even if - like Katara - you knew the voice calling it and didn’t want to. The thing about having a name like Katara’s was that ignoring it wasn’t much of an option, either - how many other Kataras were likely to be walking around? The shock of dark brown hair heading her way was, even from this distance, unmistakeable.

Crap,” she hissed, jerking her head back around and quickening her pace, even as she knew it would do no good - Jet was on the track team. This isn’t hiding, she thought to herself as she slipped into the nearest store, some tiny teashop. This is a tactical retreat.

The empty shop was small and quaint and - most importantly - completely devoid of places to hide: it was all tiny tables and squashy chairs. The only possible place was the desk at the back where the cash register was, and she hurried across to it, ducking under the door flap to find, to her dismay, a mess of cardboard boxes on the floor behind the desk. It seemed there was only room for one person to stand, so, grimacing, she started clearing the boxes away when she heard someone clear his throat.

“Is this… a robbery?” asked the guy looking at her, who must have just emerged from a door she hadn’t noticed before - a store room, probably. “Because if it is, it’s a really bad one. I could hear you all the way from the back.”

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say you’re me and you’re in english class, supposedly analyzing lord of the flies but in actuality thinking about manga and how jarring isayama’s pacing is with snk. there’s of course, the fact that the clash of the titans arc takes place literally like a day or two before the female titan arc and pretty much everything happens in a flashback for some reason, then there’s the super-confusing mess that is the uprising arc with politics and some pretty fiiine character development that all happens in what’s probably less than 36 hours. 

and then, of course, there’s the return to shiganshina arc where they find out what’s in the basement after foreeever and then… an infodump??? for three chapters??? whyyyy!!

but of course if you really think about it, it makes perfect sense, in a kind of weird roundabout way that requires way too much thinking. but since this is english class of course you gotta analyze the story way too much in ways that the author likely never intended!

okay that was fun now onto actual meta or w/e. and, in case you guys didn’t pick it up from the introductory ramble, manga spoilers!!

  • we know that there’s only one family within the walls (besides grisha) who actually knows what goes on outside the walls: the reisses, the royal family. 
    • they’re the only ones able to actually access this power to remember all that happened pre-wall era at will, assuming they have the coordinate
    • there’s only one person with the coordinate power at a time within the walls, so that makes only one person inside (again, besides grisha because he literally comes from outside) who knows everything. 
      • AND they can’t tell anyone because it’s pretty overwhelming and terrible stuff
  • we know that the memories of the first king come are pretty overwhelming, completely taking over the holder of the coordinate for short spans of time

(i spent way too long looking for that screenshot but you know what it was fun refreshing my memory)

  • the memories of the outside world probably come rushing to the holder the second they become the new shifter in what’s probably a bunch of flashbacks, and when they come to literally minutes or less later, they’re completely different now that they have all this scary knowledge

(context for those who don’t mind spoilers or have forgotten details: historia’s father’s brother has just acquired the coordinate and is now more or less he god of the walled world. he knows.)

  • which brings me back to what i was originally harping on about: the point of the infodump on what’s going on outside the walls.
    • the reader is blind to all the truths and hidden secrets of the manga, just as everyone within the wall is blind to what happens beyond the titans and outside the walls.
    • and then, all of a sudden, we hit this huge milestone that’s been hyped up for literally 84 chapters, and we’re blown away with all. this. info. in such a short span of time. the meta writers went bonkers and everyone was kind of just screaming with their heads lit on fire.
      • that’s probably how all the reisses who inherited the coordinate felt when they first felt getting all this information

IN CONCLUSION: the way that the info dump was set up might have been intentional, paralleling how both the character’s felt at the time with this sudden heap of new information, and how most of the coordinate holders felt when they first learned everything.

i’m not saying it’s good writing. in my opinion, it was kind of lazy to just “hey kids we’re at this super hyped up, legendary basement have three months of screeching about now knowing everything whoop now there’s different problems yup”. but when overanalyzing it, it makes for a perfect mirror into how the characters themselves are feeling.

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1。Hi! I know I may sound rude and this have been asked to you many times already but how much do you think kaisoo is real as in couple? Like are you super duper sure they are really together? And if yes then can you tell me the factors that made you so sure that they are real, aside their stolen glances, skinships, interaction, etc. Have you actually seen them in person to really confirm that they are real? I'm just really really curious because you said that they are not straight but i keep on

2。thinking about this quote “just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are.” Like what if your perceptions about them being a couple/lovers is wrong? I’m sorry I’m just really really curious. Thank you for answering! (If u did)

Hmmm. This question is indeed has been asked so many times and idk if I want to spend so much time talking bout the same thing. lel. 

Kd is dating e/o. Their moments and external factors re important. How much do I know bout kd is not important. Bcoz w/o knowing what I know, you can already see that kd is more than just friends. Just open your eyes. You don’t even have to be so over analyze (what they called it). Just watch.

“just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are.”

Good quote. Bcoz the vast majority’s perception is ji & ks re straight. And I am part of the minority who thinks otherwise and even believes they re tghtr. So who’s perception is wrong? Who’s perception is more important? The public perceptions that construct the idol image or me who thinks that these re all manipulation for the company’s benefit.

Anyway, if my answer doesn’t reach your expectation, do check my Tags page on my blog (altho it is not complete but you can search it up). I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Have a nice day!

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How does Hinata's hair works? Sorry if I'm asking this and waiting for you to answer like you did for Oikawa's. I just find find Hinata's hair more... confusing ( or is disturbing the word it?)

Actually I feel you on this!! it took me a while to figure out how Hinata’s hair works, but once you notice little tricks it’s easier to draw.

I always think about disheveled sparrow when I draw Hinata’s hair?? I don’t know why, that little thing on top of his head just always make me think about cute birds:”D

Not sure if that helps much, but either way remember! When drawing Hinata think about pure things. Draw this child as pure as possible.

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I'm pretty sure, actually I'm 100% sure that if Maiko was in LOK everyone would hate on it and say it's bad and not a healthy relationship AT ALL, but just cause it's in ATLA people think it's all good and everything.

I feel like if Maiko was in LOK people would realize how much it sucks and is so bad, but just the fact that it’s in ATLA the “flawless” show people think it’s perfect.

OMG I so agree and I have said the exact same thing. Nobody would say it was a good relationship if it was in TLOK. But since ATLA is “flawless”, clearly Maiko is well-written./s

It honestly is mind-boggling that anyone could see their first interaction and not see that it was clearly written to be negative. This is even more clear when you look at the storyboards that Giancarlo Volpe posted. He is so passive and submissive and you can clearly see that he was not comfortable around her. Typical for abuse victims. How romantic. But even in the comments for these storyboards, people were saying that he clearly was ok with their conversation in this scene, because he “kissed her back”. It’s crazy. I’ll bet if Mai were male, and Zuko were female nobody would call this scene romantic or cute. And I know Maiko fans say that Mai touching his scar in their kiss was significant, but it was not even in the original storyboards, and it was an error. Besides, the fact that their first kiss showed his scarred side like that says a lot.

Also, these storyboards are from 2006. Like I have said, I think it is very possible that this episode was scripted before Book 4 was cancelled.

I like how it said Mai is smirking while Zuko is visibly upset

smirk: A smirk is specific kind of smile, one that suggests self-satisfaction, smugness, or even pleasure at someone else’s unhappiness or misfortune.

Just look at Zuko’s facial expressions. He does NOT look like he wants to be kissed by her.

Very romantic, huh?

I’m just slowly getting increasingly salty about like… how kotfe could have been? good? like sure space fantasy empire out of nowhere is always gonna be jarring but like it’d be possible to muscle it in with the rest of the canon less abruptly, and it’s not like “and suddenly revanite conspiracy!” was. much less sudden

but it’s like this… tragic example of how completely haphazard and shoddy the writing actually is because for a little while it carries itself on shock value and momentum and “uh what is happening” and hitting the right basic emotional cues and then it just… drops literally everything to sell its plot, and sacrifices all of the game’s main draws - the engaging and varied class storylines, the companions, the attempts to portray some kind of nuance in an otherwise constantly black and white conflict - for the sake of the plot. and at first, I was… more or less grudgingly okay with it because I was invested in my character and wanted to at least get a chance to fuck up valkorion for good

(I will admit I came into the expansions extremely late. kotet had just dropped when I got back into swtor and reached the end of the vanilla game so I lack the completely justifiable salt over “your choices will matter!”) 

but eventually “oh vette will come back and lana is around” became… a superficial draw at best, because getting your old companions back meant one good cutscene and then just the aesthetic choice of who you want following you around, and lana and theron both became washed out copies of their original personalities to be steadier mainstays for the commander and the plot’s railroading just continued to get worse and more blatant.

the new characters wouldn’t even be bad, if the plot let you call them out or interact with them in any kind of consistent manner??? I liked koth, felt for senya’s situation, wanted more insight into vitiate as valkorion and… pitied arcann and vaylin, but none of that matters because koth disappears from the plot in kotet, zakuul gets served to you on a destined platter no matter what and arcann and vaylin are As Villainous as the plot demands (including the extremely lopsided option of having a redeemed arcann while you have to use vaylin’s trauma against her and kill her No Matter What) 

it didn’t have to be this way!!! I’m firmly of the opinion that like… a lot of the base concepts weren’t awful and could be salvaged but it feels like every time there was a choice, they went with the blandest and most restricting option instead and just


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i hope you don't mind my asking, but what psd did you use for your 'martin throwing his bat' gifset ??? i love how bright and colorful it

Thank you so much! You can find the psd I used here, and the original post here.

please make sure to like or/and reblog if you download it (I’d also love if you tagged me if you use it, but it’s totally optional) 

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publibly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈

Aw thank you I love you so much!!!🌸💜💜💛

Five things that I like about myself:
• I’m accepting of other people
• uh… I’m a good listener
• I am a Ravenclaw
• I’m reasonably athletic
• I try to be nice to everyone ❤️

Thanks again!!

Also I’m not sure if sending this back to you is an option, so I won’t, but you are definitely one of my top ten followers!!💚💙!

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I actually liked the Th*r trailer, but I'm not sure how to feel about some scenes that look so much like Zack Snyder's style. They do look good, but if people like them and still diss Zack's work that'll be so hypocritical.

I feel you. A couple months ago I thought Th*r 3 was gonna be a turning point for m*rvel’s quality (mostly just cause I liked thor’s new suit) so I also kind of like the trailer, but that might just be confirmation bias. But that’s also why the bad stuff in the trailer made me especially angry this time.

But I know what you mean about the Snyder shots. Like that shot of Valkyrie on the pegasus? It honestly looked like it could have been from the JL trailer. On one hand, I’m glad DC’s new prevalence is forcing M*rvel to step their game up, that’s really all we want, but if they do that by imitating DC, and getting praise that DC never got? That’s gonna rub me the wrong way.

Oqooto, the fish kid who now has a name, likes to spend his time in marshes singing to fish who sure do appreciate it! I still have a long way to go with his backstory, but he’s able to communicate with fish and spirits to some degree. Locals believe that people like this were kissed by fish or their spirits as young or even are their children, they revere them but also fear them. They also don’t really take them as the same human beings as “ordinary” people but rather something between people and spirits and generally refer to them as he/they. 

I made this back in January and it was pretty rushed because of deadlines, so I wanted to work more on it later, but I got distracted by other things and it’s been months and I just really wan’t to look at something else now hahah…

You're a Sexist Pig!
  • [Scene: Beth, age 8, is sitting in a chair while I blow-dry her hair...]
  • Beth: [suddenly] "You're a sexist pig!"
  • Me: "What?!"
  • Beth: "You're a sexist pig!"
  • Me: [turns off hairdryer] "Do you know what that means?"
  • Beth: "No."
  • Me: "Where did you hear it?"
  • Beth: "Max says it to Iggy in the book I'm reading." [points to the book /Maximum Ride #3/ on her desk]
  • Me: "Hmm. Do you know what 'sexist' means?"
  • Beth: [thinking] "It means that you think girls are just supposed to be pretty and can't do anything, right?"
  • Me: "Pretty close. Sexism is when someone thinks you are dumber or weaker or less useful just because of your gender. Or that you must think a certain way because of your gender. Or that you're only good for doing some jobs and not others. Usually it refers to how women are treated."
  • Beth: "But... what is a sexist pig? What do farm animals have to do with it?"
  • Me: "People use the word 'pig' to describe someone who is especially gross or dirty or smelly. So, a 'sexist pig' would be a person who is not just a little sexist, but really sexist."
  • Beth: "So... pigs aren't sexist animals?"
  • Me: "Uh... I don't know if you can call animals sexist. I'm not sure pigs have beliefs about gender or much else."
  • Beth: "There aren't sexist cows or chickens, right?"
  • Me: "Well, technically, cows and chickens are females, instead of bulls and roosters, but even women can be sexist to other women."
  • Beth: "Like how [G...] buys me pink stuff even though I hate pink?"
  • Me: "Right. No matter how many times we say so, she's got the idea that girls must like pink. It doesn't matter what /you/ actually like."
  • Beth: "What kind of noise do sexist pigs make? Like Pink-Oink? Poink? Poink-Poink!" [begins snorting]
  • Me: "Hey, pigs are pink, so maybe that works."

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I once had an exclusionist tell me that mogai was harmful because "aporagender" existed and they said it was created by white people who wanted to be two spirit so they made a new identity that was just like it?? I'm not sure how you feel about that, and I'd like to have your opinion, if you don't mind.

There have been a few alternates for Two Spirit because people recognize similarly described feelings, but they don’t have rights to our terms.

Saying experiences with gender and sexuality can’t be felt by others is pretty much saying its not actually real or not something you can be born with. People all over the world are capable of having similar identities, they’re just not allowed to appropriate language because they don’t experience the effects of specific cultures tied with those identities.

Alternatives are simply avoiding appropriation.