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y'know what i was thinking, that the “leave the math to pidge” line makes a lot sense in the context of the episode bc few scenes before that pidge was talking all sciency and we see that keith immediately turned to lance for an explanation about what she had just said (and we know lance explains inside jokes and stuff like that to keith before he even asks now) but he was clueless as keith was. it almost felt like keith was saying “you and i both saw we’re not that good at math before, leave that to pidge and don’t worry”
which makes it even more friendly teasing than it was before to me

Vampire AU

For the wonderful @kittyboo8015

Kitty, @gouguruheddo and I figured you deserved as many vamps as you could handle :)  Thank you, a hundred times over, for being such a sweetheart.  You’re always so wonderful to chat with.  Keep being amazing, babe <3 We’ll come kidnap you someday. 

[Are you seeing this gorgeous art?? I’m dying.]

[~4.3k Victorian Era Vampire AU, NSFW, angst mixed with gentle loving, as the Eruri’s should be, some blood and injury]

**Arthur Randall is from Kuroshitsuji, shoutout to that AU I crave, and Auguste Dupin was Edgar Allen Poe’s Sherlock before Sherlock. Poor Nile.

[high enough, bloodsport


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I… have absolutely no idea why I wrote this but uhhh did anyone order some Hux giving extremely unsettling dirty talk?

(Warnings for mentions of genital harm but nothing actually happens. At worst, there’s some very mild CBT)

Kylo trembled under Hux’s skilled hand, those slim fingers curled into a fist and working his cock steadily and intently. There was a glint in Hux’s eyes, locked on his own, that probably should have been unnerving but Kylo just found it arousing. It looked like Hux was going to eat him.

“You know,” Hux said conversationally, his hand slowing to more of a tease, “you’re rather vulnerable right now.”

Kylo resisted the urge to snort. He was, he supposed, though it wasn’t as if he didn’t still have the Force on his side. He wasn’t tied down either; his hands remained by his head bound only by Hux’s command. Still, even if he had been chained to the bed, as much as he enjoyed the illusion of helplessness, he could leave anytime he chose. He didn’t want to, but it was the principle of the thing.

“An interesting fact for you,” Hux continued, looking just a touch feral as his hand moved down to toy with Kylo’s balls. “It only takes a few kilograms of pressure to internally castrate someone.”

Hux’s grip suddenly tightened, pulling on him. It wasn’t too much, but just on the edge of it, a hint of pain to keep him in the moment. Kylo let out a choked noise.

“And yet here you are, giving all of your most sensitive areas to me to do with what I wish.” Hux paused to lick a stripe up the underside of Kylo’s cock, still gently tugging on his balls.

Kylo couldn’t help a whimper, both from the stimulation and then the lack of it as well as Hux’s words. It shouldn’t have turned him on and yet his cock was already throbbing. Still, though, his hands remained where they were, no matter how much the twin urges to push Hux down and push him away screamed at him to move them.

“And all that isn’t even mentioning what I could to with my teeth.” Hux gave him a sharp, unhinged grin before swallowing him whole as if he didn’t have a gag reflex.

Kylo moaned loudly, his hips moving of their own accord as Hux gave a few bobs of his head, but the hand that was clamped around his balls tightened in warning, forcing him to still. Hux pulled off with hollowed cheeks, leaving Kylo panting as the pressure moved over the head of his cock and then off of him entirely. He whined, no longer caring about pride. Hux brought his free hand back up and started stroking again.

“One sharp bite,” Hux snapped his teeth together with an audible clack that made Kylo shiver, “and you’d be dismembered.“

As Hux’s hand sped up, the slick sound of his fist echoing in the room, Kylo tried to formulate some response to the comment (and the admittedly unsettling pun), but all that came out was another loud cry. Hux rolled his testicles with the hand not occupied with stripping his cock and Kylo could feel his orgasm approaching already, his body reacting to both the stimulus and Hux’s words. The Force was there, coiling on the periphery of his senses, reaching out for it an automatic response, but he pushed it away.

“You could pull me off, of course. Shove me away with the Force. Even kill me with it,” Hux said, starting to sound just a touch breathless himself. “But you know you’d never be able to stop me in time. By the time you realized what I was doing, it’d be too late.”

Before Kylo could react, Hux held his cock at the base between a finger and a thumb and moved his own head down to sheath Kylo in his throat again. Hux swallowed around him and Kylo moaned, and then he felt just the hint of teeth right at the bottom of his shaft, just the slightest clenching of Hux’s jaw. Kylo was suddenly coming with a shout, his hips thrusting up without any control and Hux didn’t stop him this time, just worked him through with firm sweeps of his tongue and hard sucks until Kylo was oversensitive and twitching. Kylo stared at the ceiling, overwhelmed and trying to process that such a threat was what had brought him over the edge.

Hux was already moving, though, pulling off and grabbing the lube from the bedside table. Kylo shuddered at the thought of any more stimulation, but he also knew he loved it when Hux fucked him like this. If he was lucky, he’d even come again.

“Good boy. Now roll over,” he said, eyes glittering dangerously as he grabbed Kylo by the hips and pulled to encourage him to do so, “and I’ll tell you about all the things I could do to that lovely little hole of yours.”

You know what’s really great?

How many types of caretakers there are. 

The hovering, always there for what you need when you need it type. 

The I’ll leave you alone, just tell me when you need something type. 

The preparer, who gets medicines and makes soup just in case you might need it.

The physical affection type who rubs your back and pets your hair and feels your forehead.

The type who thinks the cure for every illness is more blankets.

The type who tries really hard but is still not very good at caring for people.

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I'm suuuuper sick rn so I'm curious how would the fallout 4 companions react to sole getting sick? I'm sure there's some new viruses in the new world they're not used to.

I hope you feel better soon!!!

Cait: She didn’t know what she was doing and she didn’t hide it. She made them tea once, but actually it was just warm water with literal grass in it. Every time Sole tried to instruct her, she just yelled overtop of them, “I KNOW I KNOW.” 

Curie: She was ON it. She’s has the medical knowhow for most illnesses, so Sole getting sick was no problem. Even though she knew she could take care of them, she still stayed with them at all times with a worried look on her face. 

Codsworth: He’s no stranger to human illnesses. He had taken care of Sole back before the war while they were sick, so this time should be no different. He didn’t realize that illnesses could change too. When Sole didn’t get better quickly, he worried a lot, and had to ask around on what to do. 

Danse: When Sole got sick, you could see the panic on Danse’s face. He never had to deal with sick people, because they just stayed back on the prydwen. He treated them as gentle as he could, and constantly asked if they were alright with what he was doing. 

Deacon: “Don’t worry, IIIIIIII got this.” Deacon acted confident that he could take care of them but failed miserably. Accidentally spilled soup on them, he just kept saying, “it’s fine,” while he cleaned them up. In the end Sole had to yell at him how to actually take care of a sick person. 

Dogmeat: He doesn’t know what to do! Laid next to them until they felt better. 

Gage: He didn’t really worry about them, he knew that they were strong enough to get through it. That doesn’t mean he didn’t do some things to take care of them. When they were asleep, he’d adjust the blankets on top of them, and would sometimes leave food next to them for when they woke up. He got embarrassed when Sole called him out on it. 

Hancock: As soon as Sole started feeling ill, he worried immediately. He wasn’t sure if it could have been radiation poisoning, so he did his best to take care of them. Their symptoms didn’t look like radiation, so he was relieved. Stayed by their side the entire time. 

MacCready: “Okay okay don’t worry, I remember some stuff from when I was a kid….” MacCready checked their temperature by putting his hand on their forehead. “Yep, that’s a fever alright,” he sat down next to them and paused. “So what now…?” He didn’t actually know anything about how to cure ill people, but he did his best. 

Nick: “Hmmmmmm..” Nick gave them a puzzled look. All Sole could do was look up at him, they couldn’t even breathe through their nose at this point. “Hoooow about this,” Nick’s method of trying to help them was really just trial and error. 

Piper: Nervous as heck. She ran around in a panic looking for something to assuage their pain. Sole kept telling her to calm down but she just replied with, “but just LOOK AT YOU.” Eventually she tired herself out from running around, and fell asleep next to them. Piper ended up getting sick too. 

Preston: Preston was a mom. He knew exactly how to take care of them. Whenever Sole tried to get up and do something, he’d tell them to stop and rest. Probably brought them soup with an apron on. 

Strong: “Weak human should rest. Strong look after you.” By ‘look after’ he meant, make sure nothing killed them. 

X6-88: He knew the basics of how to cure human illnesses. He acted calmly but was secretly a little worried about them. They looked awful and it made him feel bad to see them like that. 

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Link and Fish Bro-25

Send me 2+ characters and a number, and I’ll draw them…

#25: Celebrating

Sometimes you gotta celebrate how amazing and perfect your friends are :’)


Just showing off some of Horizon: Zero Dawn’s NPCs because I think the game handles them really well. I didn’t cherry pick these, the NPCs just vary a lot. Sure they reuse faces some times - most of the times adding other details so you won’t notice *that* much - and there are ‘duplicates’ in the backgrounds, but still enough differences to make it feel so alive!

And look at the car taken into making these all different! Some of these characters are bigger side characters, others are characters in smaller sidequest.

And the game also tried to give all of them a bit of a story and character.

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How on earth did they come up with him reaching for Finn over, say, his lightsaber? If you're going to try and discredit what people see with their eyes then you need to make it believable. I'm pretty sure that's Politics 101 or something. Not that it even matters if he was reaching for a Porg (I would be too, Kylo, I feel you) the only thing that matters is the audience leaving the trailer with the idea that he and Rey are becoming interconnected.

Some of them did come up with the lightsaber thing, to be fair.

But… I think that’s a horrible assessment, either way.

Like ok, here’s how Kylo looks in TFA when he’s reaching for a saber:

Compare that with THIS:

… I don’t think I need to really explain, do I?

Some have tried to compare this to Vader’s tempting of Luke, too.  First of all, I get it at the surface level – there actually may be some intentionality in the mirroring of this with Vader because Kylo/Ben is an inverse of Vader/Anakin – which I’ve been saying FOREVER. INVERSE Anakin means he’ll live to tell his tale and change back to good before he goes too Dark, but… I’ve done other metas and that’s not what we’re here for right now. Anyway, I really don’t think Kylo is tempting Rey to the Dark Side here, as Vader did with Luke.

(1) Because he already DIDN’T do precisely that in TFA – he said, “You need a teacher! I can show you the ways of the Force.”
He did NOT say, as VADER said, “Join me, and I will complete your training! […] If only you knew the power of the Dark Side.”
Vader’s intent was to teach Luke the Dark Side. Kylo’s never was from the start, thank you very much. They had every opportunity to do an EXACT parallel with Vader in that scene, and they deliberately chose, “ways of the Force” instead of “power of the Dark Side.” That is intentional, and any dismissal of that point is just bad analysis.

(2) Look at the guy in those images… Just… REALLY LOOK AT HIM.

But anyway there are some key differences in the presentation of these scenes, although I suppose we don’t quite yet have the FULL context of the above scene.

Well… ok, let’s have a fucking look-see at Vader, shall we?

Yes, the hand and arm positioning at first glance seems similar. But… can you spot the differences?

Look at Vader’s hand/arm/posture: it’s stiff and full of tension. He’s leaning forward and being more aggressive in his body language.

Look at Kylo’s: it’s relaxed, and his facial expression is soft and sensitive. He is even standing in a passive stance, sideways, and non-aggressive. And come on, that expression is just… he looks like a puppy again.

Oh, yeah, and speaking of faces, you can’t fucking see Vader’s here. The only time we ever see Vader’s face is… well, I don’t think I have to spell that out for anyone. And that says a lot, and again, dismissal of such a point is bad analysis on the part of antis. 

Also Vader does this in the scene too:

I dunno, I don’t think it’s relevant to the conversation… I just think this picture of Vader is really funny. He looks like he’s just won a prize at carnival.

Anyway, what was I doing? Oh, yeah. Antis are really, really bad at analysis, like… always.

  • Jungkook: What, are you afraid I'm going to tell everyone you like to be the little spoon?
  • Jimin: Everybody likes to be the little spoon! It makes you feel safe!
  • Jungkook:
  • Jimin:
  • Jungkook:
  • Jimin: did you just take a picture of me and posted it saying "cute"
  • Jungkook: sure I did

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ooooh could you do "I'm sorry I scared you, I didn't mean to" please?

I sure can! Thank you! <33

(send me a prompt)

Isak is sitting at the table, laptop open, books spread around him as he tries to write an essay for his Norwegian class. He’s trying to focus and read the sources Eva had send over earlier, but his eyes keep wandering from the door to his phone and back.

He chews his lip as he thumbs his phone, willing for it to light up with a text. Even isn’t home yet when he had promised he would be.

Isak debates sending Elias a text to ask him if he’s seen Even, opens up their text history to start typing, when his phone pings with a message from Even himself.

“I’m sorry”

That’s all it says, Isak reads it once, twice, opens and closes the message as if that would magically make the message longer but it remains the same. “I’m sorry”

Isak feels his fear rising up in his throat like bile, and tries to swallow it down. His mind flashes back to the message he got so many months ago, the message that made him run across town to see Even. However, this time Even wasn’t depressed, in fact, Isak thought they were doing really well. Even was enjoying himself at university, they found a good rhythm at home, Isak felt like things were going extremely well between them.

But maybe… Maybe he had been blind, and only saw what he wanted to see. Maybe this was Even breaking up with him, maybe tomorrow Isak would come home from school and all of Even’s stuff would be gone.

Suddenly, Isak grew angry, furious at the thought that Even would just throw away their love over a text. He tried calling Even, but when the call went straight to voicemail, Isak felt his throat closing and he uttered a broken “Even” before hanging up.

He dragged himself to bed, crawling under the covers and hugging Even’s pillow close to his chest, burying his nose in Even’s smell. He doesn’t know how much time passes when he hears the door to the apartment open, and he raises himself up, staring at Even who walks into the room, smile on his face.

When Even sees the tears on Isak’s face, he immediately rushes to his side, cradling his face into his big hands. Isak whimpers when Even kisses his forehead.

“Baby, what happened?” Even asks, pulling Isak close to him.

Isak pushes his phone against Even’s chest and Even looks wide-eyed as he reads the message, “Shit,” he says, “I’m sorry I scared you, I didn’t mean to! My phone died.”

Isak just looks at him, and Even kisses him softly, “I’m so sorry. I pressed send too soon, and my phone must’ve died before I was able to send the next message,” Even pulls Isak close to him, “What did you think I meant?”

Isak shakes his head, buries his face into Even’s neck, “I thought you broke up with me,” he whispers and Even gasps, puling Isak’s face out of the crook of his neck so he can kiss him again and again, pushing him down onto the bed so he can drape his long body over Isak’s.

“Silly boy,” he whispers inbetween kisses, “My full text was: ‘I’m sorry I’m late, lost track of time. Miss you so much. Love you.” Because I do, I love you so much. I’m never ever leaving you.”

Isak nods, pulls Even’s head down for more kisses.

They don’t leave the bed except to heat up some leftovers to eat under the covers, a movie playing in the background. Isak asks for kisses every couple of minutes, seemingly not able to get enough of Even’s reassurance. Even doesn’t mind, he presses his love into Isak’s skin with every kiss, every touch.

The next morning, after Even has plugged in his phone and it starts up again, Isak receives the rest of the text, including the slew of dirty emoticons Even added to them. Isak sends him a simple heart, and Even smiles at him.

Will You Fake Date Me? (Jimin Fluffy Imagine)
  • Y/N sits on the couch enjoying a delicious bowl of popcorn. Her eyes are glued to the screen where a scary movie plays. Y/N's eyes widen in anticipation, her mouth ajar. She lifts a handful of popcorn to her mouth when-
  • JIMIN: Y/N!
  • Jimin barges through her front door. His small figure is illuminated by the moon of the dark night.
  • Y/N: AHHHHH!
  • By pure reflex, and not a hint of maliciousness, Y/N flings the tin bowl of popcorn at Jimin, showering her living room in kernels and nailing Jimin in the head.
  • JIMIN: OW! Y/N! What the hell?
  • Jimin massages the blow to his head.
  • Y/N: Jimin, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
  • JIMIN: Yeah, I'm fine.
  • After hearing this, Y/N proceeds to smack Jimin upside the head.
  • JIMIN: OW!?
  • Y/N: That was for scaring me. How did you even get in here?
  • Jimin plops himself down on the couch with a sour expression and his hands rubbing the spot on his head that had received yet another blow.
  • JIMIN: The door was unlocked. You know for someone who watches a bunch of thriller movies, you really don't take all the necessary precautions.
  • Y/N sits beside him and pauses the movie.
  • Y/N: Why are you here? Shouldn't you be on a date with 'Super hot as fuck' Irene.
  • Y/N tries to pull off her best imitation of Jimin when she says, "Super hot as fuck" but her voice comes out a lot deeper than his.
  • JIMIN: Why don't we just call her 'Super hot bitch' 'cuz it turns she only asked me to come out to make Taehyung jealous.
  • Y/N: Seriously?
  • JIMIN: Yes seriously. I just can't believe I thought she actually wanted to go out with me. You know to actually date me.
  • Y/N pauses. She doesn't really know what to say in this situation. She's used to always being the one sulking and Jimin cheering her up.
  • JIMIN: Okay you can stop with the pity stares. I'll live.
  • Y/N: You came to the right place Jimin. My shoulders aren't as sturdy as Jin's but they are here for your tears.
  • Jimin bursts out laughing. Y/N flings kernels of popcorn on the couch at him.
  • JIMIN: That was terrible. Thank you.
  • Jimin sighs.
  • JIMIN: As much as I'd like to stop holding back my tears, I came here on strict business.
  • Y/N raises her eyebrow.
  • Y/N: I'm all ears Agent Chim.
  • JIMIN: I want you to fake date me.
  • Y/N pauses.
  • Y/N: If this were a movie, this would be the perfect moment for a spit take.
  • JIMIN: Y/N, I'm serious.
  • Y/N: You're joking.
  • JIMIN: I just said 'I'm serious'
  • Y/N: That's insane. Friends don't just fake date each other.
  • JIMIN: How would we know? To us it wouldn't be fake dating.
  • Y/N: Jimin, shut up. No way, I am not fake dating you.
  • JIMIN: Please, Y/N, I need your help.
  • Jimin grabs Y/N's hand in his. He tilts his head and pouts his lips. Y/N shakes her head at him.
  • Y/N: Why? Why would we even need to do this?
  • JIMIN: I want Irene to want me. I want her to see what she could have had. What we could have been.
  • Y/N frowns and pulls her fingers away from Jimin's
  • Y/N: Why do you like her so much?
  • JIMIN: What do you mean?
  • Y/N: What's so great about her? I mean yeah she's pretty and all but so are lots of girls. What's so different about her?
  • Jimin pauses. You can tell he's thinking pretty hard about this. He slumps back on the couch and stares into his lap.
  • JIMIN: Honestly I have no idea.
  • Y/N: See? You want to do all this for a girl you don't even really like.
  • JIMIN: I do like her. I just don't know what I like about her.
  • Y/N huffs and the two sit awkwardly in silence on the couch for a moment. A few times Jimin starts his sentence to name something he likes about Irene but then falls back into thought. Eventually Y/N breaks the silence and says.
  • Y/N: You know, if you had just asked me to go on a date with you, I would have said yes.
  • JIMIN: You mean like a real date?
  • Y/N: Yeah, a real date. I kinda get how you felt earlier about Irene using you to get to Taehyung now. And its not your fault. I should of told you earlier Jimin. I like you.
  • Jimin's eyes are wide. He stares at Y/N who is looking down into her lap awaiting for his response. Eventually she breaks the silence again.
  • Y/N: You're my best friend Jimin and I would do anything to help you but fake dating you would be so much harder for me than you think because that's probably the closest we would ever get to becoming more than friends.
  • Y/N gets up off the couch and slowly makes her way to the landing of the stairs.
  • Y/N: It's late. I'm going to bed. You can let yourself out. Goodnight Jimin.
  • Y/N reaches the first step of the stairs when Jimin calls-
  • JIMIN: Wait!
  • Y/N stops at the step and turns around to face Jimin.
  • JIMIN: When you asked me what I liked about Irene, I couldn't think of anything. But when you said what you said right now, I asked myself what I liked about you, and there were so so many reasons Y/N. I like everything about you. Even the annoying things aren't that annoying. Y/N, I think I like you too.
  • A/N:
  • Hello! This is my first time writing an imagine in screenplay format. I tried to incorporate both into one and this is what we got. I really hope you guys liked this because this was a lot of fun to write. Also to the Anon who requested this, I'm sure this wasn't what you imagined but I hope you liked it all the same. Thanks for all the support guys! Thanks @limseoyeon
  • ~Armygirl

Digimon Adventure Tri: Loss Alternative Episode Names:

Episode 1 - Wait What.

Episode 2 - Biyomon please stop being such a bitch


Episode 4 - YOU GET AN EVOLUTION AND YOU GET AN EVOLUTION. EVERYONE GETS AN EVOLUTION! (or: Are we drowning? Have we drowned? Wtf is even going on anymore?)

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Hello to my new favorite blog!!❤ can you do a how would the rfa+v+saeran would react to a drunk mc? I'm a totally goof ball and get emotional when I'm drunk and made me wonder how they would react. Thank you and have a great day beautiful writer!!!!!!

hello to the anon who just made me really happy!!❤ i’ve honestly never been drunk before (or seen anyone properly drunk, i don’t party or anything even though i’m 18 in a few weeks whoops) so i’m not sure how accurate this is, but i tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • He initially wanted to stay sober so he could take care of you, but you convinced him to drink a bit
  • Bad idea
  • We all know he is an emotional drunk as well as a lightweight
  • ?? The two of you cried so much ??
  • Honestly the last time anyone let the two of you drink together (at least that much)


  • Would watch over you like a hawk to make sure no one bothered you
  • Willing to give you a shoulder to cry on, but also pull you away from fights
  • Took you outside to get some fresh air and made you drink lots of water, as he didn’t want you to be hungover
  • Lowkey thought it was hillarious to just imagine that you were acting


  • Acting like your baby sitter the entire night tbh
  • “MC, no, I don’t think you need any more drinks”
  • “Do you hate me? You want to break up with me, right? I fucking knew it!”
  • “No I just want you to stop drinki- c’mon, don’t yell at me”
  • “I-I’m sorry! I love you don’t leave me I can’t live without you”
  • Smh MC stop crying on her shoulder


  • He’s able to hold his alcohol well, so he’s used to being the sober one having to deal with drunk people
  • But not his overly emotional girlfriend who clings to his shoulder
  • Awkwardly pats your back if you start crying over random things
  • “E-Elizabeth is so cute! I love her so much!” 
  • “Yes kitten, she is indeed very pretty”
  • He had no idea what to do tbh


  • He doesn’t drink alcohol, so he would be sober and just mess with you
  • Recorded you crying over stupid things for blackmailing you later
  • Followed you everywhere not only to get footage though, but also to take care of you
  • Saved you from falling down the stairs at least twice


  • Tried his best to comfort you and calm you down
  • “Shh angel. Drink some water, okay? Here you go”
  • Started feeling panicky when you cried more because of that
  • Did he say something wrong?
  • When he realized you were crying because “he was so sweet and caring” he just laughed and decided that it was probably time to put you in bed


  • At first he tried to glare at you to make you stop crying, but it didn’t work so he just got annoyed
  • Like Jumin, awkward pats on the back
  • Seriously he’s so uncomfortable with seeing you cry
  • If you started yelling at him, he would probably get mad/upset and just leave someone else to deal with you


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what about lance's paladin vlog is him talking about how everyone loves him and then his smile,,,just drops and he's like "not everybody. i'm not sure my friends even do." and then he just,,tries to smile again and says "cut that last part? wait nO this is live? *sigh* nvm" and he leaves



“Are you sure that’s a real spell?” said the girl. “Well, it’s not very good, is it? I’ve tried a few simple spells just for practice and it’s all worked for me. I’ve learned all our course books by heart, of course.”

happy birthday, @diagonally 💕


Partners in crime.  | for @julietta-gg  ♥


I have not lost you like you lost me

not by death

but by distance,

the fear 

that you would not come look for me

and the realization 

that you didn’t.

So I stayed

because unlike you

I had nowhere else to go.