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all the awards, holy hell, @bluestale hell yes hell YES HC ACCEPTED

i literally dropped the animation i was working on because i got emotional just reading your message earlier today at the memories of that song - then i listened to it, and immediately doomed myself - soooo here, here you all go, please join me in having feelings about Blue?? it’s a storyboard-style video but i had to do something with all of these feelings aw geez.

(also go listen to the full song here if you haven’t heard it)

(Spoilers for GotG 2)

I find it rather interesting that despite all their differences and contradictions, Kraglin and Nebula actually have one very important thing that they share.

They both lost all their friends and family but a sibling whom they have a very difficult relationship with.

Nebula wanted a sister all this time (hinting that she’s actually lonely and does love Gamora) but she started to hate Gamora because she was not there for her and “only wanted to win”. She still accepts the hug at the end and helps them fight of the Sovereigns and Ego, hinting that the feeling of love and comradeship is still there.

Kraglin was angry, probably jealous over Peter because Peter always got away easy, caused trouble for them (especially for Yondu) and probably because Kraglin feared Peter would cause Yondu’s downfall, be it with a mutiny or something else. It’s still stated, by James Gunn if I’m informed correctly, that Kraglin’s relationship can be viewed as that of a brother, he helps Yondu save Peter again and again, and in the end, Kraglin gives Peter the Zune and acknowledges him as Captain. There is attachment between them, and Kraglin does care for Peter, after all.

I just think it’s really interesting that Kraglin and Nebula not only lost their whole family but one person, but it’s exactly that one person they have the most difficult and contradicting relationship with – but in the end, they both do care about that person, not really able or wanting to let them go.

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Consider: Andrew and Neil sharing a bed. Obviously we all know that Andrew has to have his back to the wall and it works best when Neil is facing him so that he doesn't just see the back of a head when he wakes up. Also consider that Neil has spent the last decade or so making sure to never have his back to a door, whether awake or asleep. Neil purposely sleeping with his back to the door to make Andrew more comfortable don't mind me I'm just crying over these fools

All right, in the spirit of keeping this short and sweet… I hope you like this, that this is what you had in mind.


The only thing better than their win against UT (seven to six, and each point hard-won since the Longhorns had done their best to redress their loss the previous season and almost managed to do just that) had been coming into the locker room after the game to find out that their return flight home had been cancelled for the night and they’d have to stay in Austin until they could fly out the next morning due to a string of strong storms moving through the southeast. Considering the rough flight in from Atlanta that had even given Neil a moment or two of unease… well, Neil hadn’t been certain how they were going to get Andrew back on the plane short of horse tranquilizers if the flight home was going to be as turbulent as the earlier flight.

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GRIMM | 6.10

Adalind, I think one of the reasons it is connecting to me is because I can see those symbols.

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Maybe the doctor would do better with someone other than a Google to help him calm down? I'm sure he knows it wasn't done on purpose, but he could probably still use a little space.

Host appears in Doc’s room not long after Oliver leaves. Without a word, he helps him out of bed and leads him down to his library where there are no sounds of medical equipment or harsh white lights. There is only the soft orange glow of exposed bulbs and the smell of dust and books.

Dr. Iplier sighs with relief as the Host pulls him along further into the library. Host helps him up the stairs to his little nook where he lays the Doctor in one of the comfy lounge chairs to rest, covering him with a weighted blanket. “Just shout if you need anything,” he whispers, already walking away.

“Host,” Dr. Iplier says after a moment. “Could you read to me?”

Host smiles and nods. “Sure.” He settles down into the other chair and picks up a book off the stack beside it. Setting his fingers to the page, he begins, “In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my head ever since…”

Why study, when I could write minifics and snippets?

A wall.

Shiro and Ulaz sprinted around a corner and right in front of them… a wall.

Smooth, featureless, twentysome feet high, guardrail at the top of it. Separating the walk they were on – down here – from the walkway they needed to be on – up there

… And Shiro’s jetpack already out of action (that seemed to happen entirely too often. Should get that looked at).

… And (because of course) the armor’s grappling hook already jammed, due to earlier unfortunate circumstances, which had forced it to bear too much weight.

“Shit.” Catching his breath, Shiro chuckled at Ulaz, “So. What’s your jump height?”

“Roughly my own height. More with a running start, but not enough for this.”

Damn. “Yeah, mine’s only about chest-level.” Was a bit of a forlorn hope anyway. Galra were big. Big meant heavy, meant unfavorable strength-to-weight, meant need another plan.

Shiro darted forward to place an experimental hand against the wall. No dice, someone on Team Empire must have been taking notes. Shiro anticipated he’d probably just knock himself out before he managed to melt handholds into this.

God, a fucking wall. They had – Shiro checked his mask display – twelve dovashes, to get where they needed to be. Which meant that in twelve dovashes, one tick, Shiro and Ulaz would have officially been thwarted by one of the oldest, simplest defenses in the history of all civilized society. 

“Okay,” he clapped his hands together, pointing them at Ulaz, “back against the wall.”


“You, boost me up.” Ulaz was pretty strong, he could probably do it. “Then you,” he double-checked, “wallrun, corner, wallrun.” Shiro pointed to the wall next to them, then to the corner, then to the adjacent source of this trouble. “High as you can get, and I’ll reach down and grab you.”

Ulaz stared, “You think it will work?”

“… Sure. Yeah, Matt and I did it at the Garrison, when we were climbing the outside of the Mess hall. It’s fine.”

Ulaz stood, back planted against the wall, reaching out both hands.

Shiro stepped back. He had maybe three strides worth of a run-up. Cramped but good enough. He stuck his head around the corner. Still clear.

Yeah, it’ll work fine

Then one deep breath. He nodded to Ulaz, and one step – two – three – and Ulaz boosted him up hard enough he felt his spine bend.

It carried him just high enough to close both hands over the top.

Shit, no need to put me into orbit!

What was that? ‘Thank you, Shiro, for getting my boney ass up here?’

Hand over hand, he walked himself sideways until he reached one of the struts, supporting the railing. Then he hiked himself up, got his elbows over the top, and he was there.

Lying on his stomach, he wrapped his right arm around the support (brief visions of it getting ripped off his elbow made that decision), then stretched the other down as far as he could.

“Okay, go.”

Ulaz took it at a run, caught the side wall, then caught the corner, then came across, headed straight for Shiro.

It actually took two tries.

But on the second try (kicking gravity right in the face), palm met forearm and held fast. 

And then the yank.

Hero momen– oh fuck!

Shit, don’t let  

Good thing Shiro had his other arm anchored, because godfuckingdamn, Ulaz was heavy. Odds were not favorable for pulling him up with one arm (unless he wanted to also throw his own back out) Shiro just grit his teeth and concentrated on holding on, and let Ulaz deal with hauling himself up.

Ack – climb faster – fuck, are you –

You twig – just – hang on –

Shiro owed Matt a(nother) apology.  

Ulaz hooked a heel over the edge, then finally he was up. Shiro flopped over like a dead fish, before slowly hauling himself upright. His whole arm was tingling, from aching shoulder all the way down to his buzzing fingers.

Am I lopsided? Shiro, I think I’m lopsided, is one arm longer?

Probably. Come on

Seven dovashes left now. Ulaz pulled Shiro the rest of the way to standing (by the other arm, thank God).

And they were off.

Much, much later (after they’d made it with an entire dovash and a half to spare, thankyouverymuch), safely back at the Castle, Ulaz was doing Shiro the wonderful favor of gently massaging the life back into his shoulder.

Totally uncalled for, to be honest. He hadn’t sprained anything (and if he had, this wouldn’t be right anyway). Sure, it had felt pretty shitty but Ulaz, though heavy, hadn’t actually done any damage. Shiro was fine.

But given the butterfly kisses brushing along the nape of his neck, and given Ulaz’s warm (blessedly warm) hands, fat chance of Shiro mentioning that fact.

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Do y'all (anti-Hinata peeps) realize that she is a fictional character and that the creators or whatever made her that way and I'm certain that they don't intend for her to come off as selfish and I'm pretty sure she doesn't only care about Naruto

[1] do y’all realise that criticising the portrayal of fictional character and their implications on society is common practice in academia and done by scholars daily? (like, seriously, why is it such a big deal?)

[2] do y’all realise that mangaka(s), authors, producers, etc. always intend on the personality and narrative of any role being such, if emphatically stated?

↳ dude, they are writers… they know what they’re doing and how they want their character to come across. e.g. s/p want sakura to be perceived negatively and hinata to be perceived positivelyhence the purposely placed conventions.

[3] do y’all realise that she literally only does care about naruto and barely for anyone else, as evidenced in canon?

i’m so sorry but i’m losing my civility at this point…
like, do y’all realise that you can not stalk blogs clearly labelled ‘anti’ (who mind their own business, tagged appropriately, never directly attack or harass users and simply rant in their own personal space that is easily unseen or ignored)? 🙄

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Hello, I'm a huge fan of Bungou Stray Dogs, and fortunately, I found your blog. I really enjoy your posts therefore I want to translate them and share with my friends for a nonprofit purpose, can I do that? When I have done, I will send you a link to my post on my fanpage and add full the credit. Thank you for writing the great posts. Ps: I can't inbox you so I'm sorry for asking like that.

A-Are you sure you have the right person!?  For real???

Anyway, what an honor! Thank you for messaging me this. I’ll be glad to look at the fanpage too~~ I hope you’re having a nice day!

so, i’m always lamenting the fact that i never get to use my canon era verse, but it occurred to me that there likely are people around who write characters in the victorian era, and i just haven’t met them!! for the purposes of my own reference, and for the reference of others, i’d love to use this post to compile a bit of a list of rpers who write in the VICTORIAN ERA (circa 1837-1901). if you write in the victorian era in any capacity, whether it’s through your character’s canon setting or just through an au, please REBLOG THIS POST with your info in the tags!! something including your character’s name, the source, and whether it’s a canon setting or an au would be fantastic: for example, mine would be ‘ dr. henry jekyll / strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde / canon setting. ’ or, if you prefer, some other format is totally fine, too. i’m hoping this could be a good way to find people willing to write in a certain time period!! 

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hey could you do some headcanons on how kuroo, kenma, akaashi and sugawara would treat a s/o who is really ticklish on their sides and their stomach??? like would they purposely touch them there whilst cuddling, how often would tickle fights happen and stuff like that?? if not i'm sorry for bothering you! please forgive me if you've done something like this before!

Kuroo Testurou

Is this really like, a question? Like, are you sure? I’m just going to let you dwell on that.

  • This bum lick will find every ticklish part of his s/o’s body, purposely and closely examining every little part. A blow behind the ears, the small of his partner’s back.
  • The teasing black haired fox of a boy would instigate constant fights, often mainly to tease them. Of course he knows his limits but there would be plenty of times where he crosses the line and gets in trouble.
  • Cuddling is hard for him since of course he adores the feel of another person, the playful side of him would simply eat him up. He would find himself restraining the need to tickle his partner, but it would be difficult for him.
  • In his defence, he will always remark on how he loves every part of his partner, that their uncontrollable ticklish body makes him happy, how when their face scrunches up, his heart tightens. When they cry out for him to stop tickling them, it’s like the sound of an angel.

Kozume Kenma

  • Cuddling would be a problem for him. For the longest while he would feel awkward about cuddling (aka spoon and him being big spoon) due to the fact he wouldn’t want to tickle them. After his partner worrying whether he just didn’t like cuddles, he would explain he just didn’t want to make them uncomfortable. He’s a sweetie really.
  • If he’s feeling extra at the moment or if he felt that his partner needed a distraction, he would totally give a light tickle at the side. Just for kicks.
  • All in all he would just be very weary over the fact that his partner is ticklish, not wanting to make them unhappy. However I feel like he would be sensitive to the tickles and they would engage in tickle wars, first one to give up is the loser. And Kenma does not like losing.

Akaashi Keiji

  • Pretty mellow about the whole situation. He would quickly work out where he can cuddle and where he could not, and more than likely find the most ticklish areas.
  • He would use this knowledge to his advantage, every so often poking them in the side or blowing their ear. He would just be a minor tease every so often.
  • Eventually deep into the relationship he would tickle his partner to instigate the ba-doink a doink in bed, just because it was a stress reliever and he loved the sound of their voice. It wouldn’t be very often, but he found it was a nice Segway into it. Naughty.

Sugawara Koushi

  • This secret silver fox would totally tease his partner.
  • At first it would be like, “oh no, oopsie, so sorry” but eventually throughout the relationship it would become more common.
  • Tickle fights was a bi-weekly event instigated by Sugawara, usually out of teasingness. I wouldn’t think it would be at the start of the relationship, I think he would have to be very comfortable with his partner and know their limits.
  • He wouldn’t push it too far, he would know when he should stop by the tone of their voice. He wouldn’t be so mean to make them upset or feel intimated. He would just be playful and cheery.
  • A problem for him is that he loves feeling his partner, not (just) in a sexual way, but more of a touch way. Running his fingers down their neck, arms etc. He would often find himself tickling his partner which could end up in a tickle fight, but he would know when the right time was.

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Just please stop with all this Concrete Discourse, you have your opinion you've said it (too many times) just take a breath and let it go. Whether accident or done in your opinion maliciously... I'm sure if it was done on purpose they would have apologised by now.

“take a breath and let it go.”

Say it to my face, anonymous.

Absolutely the fuck not. 

I refuse to be silenced.

Bruce-tastic finale, Titmouse! I cannot wait for season 2! Please, please, please let First Ninja’s consciousness still be donkin’ around the Nomicon so that he and Randy can have Ninja sleepovers and Randy can learn that dragon energy headbutt move and maybe also how to do all that cool astral stuff with the highlighter doodles.


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On the NarraChara theory. What about Serious Mode? It's an unnamed event in the game where the game stops making small jokes. ButtsPie is referred to as pie, InstaNood to I. Noodles (& is always eaten dry), Unisicle to Popsicle, and Mandanna to Bandanna. This happens only four times in the game, When fighting goat mother, goat father, goat brother, and during genocide. There's also no flavor text when fighting Asgore. Do you think this would be Chara's actions if they were the narrator?

(undertale spoilers)

serious mode is a really interesting thing that definitely deserves a mention. let’s look at it both ways: when applying the narrachara theory, and without applying it.

narrachara theory:

in life, chara did everything they could possibly do to achieve their goals, and their surrogate family played a huge role in their plan. they manipulated asriel into helping them die and then tried to force him to kill. asgore and toriel never learned that their family was destroyed as a result of chara’s actions. 

both of them tried to attack frisk, and both have the potential to kill them, a farcry from what chara would have seen in their care. perhaps in chara’s eyes, they finally reveal their true colours as the human-slaughtering beasts from the stories. chara’s actions in life were those of someone who never quite trusted anyone – perhaps chara saw this “betrayal” as the inevitable condition of living beings (possibly why chara had no qualms about watching them die).

when chara is narrating for frisk, they try to describe frisk’s feelings about most situations, not their own feelings (but sometimes their own opinions slip in). while fighting their family, chara stops caring about frisk’s perspective. chara is distracted by their memories. whether or not chara cared for the wellbeing of their family, they still had some significance to chara.

this is demonstrated in the above words which flood into frisk’s mind (or into the player’s, or maybe it’s just chara narrating their memory to us) at different times – when sleeping at toriel’s and getting a game over. the game over one is significant: asgore told chara these words while they were dying. it seems that chara repeats these words in their head like a mantra; maybe it’s the drive that keeps them going and gives them the strength to continue with their goals even without a soul.

from what i can see, every time the flavour text/narration becomes short or to the point (and serious mode occurs), this is when chara is most determined. the difference is that, in the genocide route, chara can actually control frisk’s body, while otherwise they are more of a spectator within frisk. chara’s old family is a reminder of what they must do. now they’re just things that chara must get past.

without narrachara:

these are important fights with no time for joking around. here’s why:

toriel: the player is led to believe that perhaps toriel isn’t as nice as she seems. she is the first boss fight. the player can be tricked here to see toriel as an “evil monster” and think that the only option is to kill her, as she must be spared repeatedly and this isn’t obvious at first.

asgore: the entire game leads up to this battle. there is no way to spare asgore during the fight. the lack of flavour text represents frisk’s uncertainty. it feels like the game will end after this battle.

asriel: the absolute final boss. “the whole world is ending”. it’s time to save the world.

the other bosses in the game have some leeway for jokes. papyrus is lighthearted, undyne suplexes boulders because she can, muffet has spiders with cute signs, and mettaton is mettaton. although there are elements of seriousness in all of these battles, there is also time for amusing moments. the same feeling of lightheartedness is not given in the story leading up to the fights with toriel, asgore, and asriel.

for more details about chara, check out these posts:

You know guys, for all in-tents and purposes, this was a magical summer.  Sure, things got a tad out of hand here and there, but in the end you don’t have to be einstein to see how lucky we all are.  So while filming may be over, we have so much more to be woa about, so lets start getting excited about whats to come, hunh?

I’m sure given the many decades it’s existed this has been done before but

via the group chat: Imagine the six canonical D&D stats as personified, embodied representations. Now rank them in order of who you would be with. It is surprisingly difficult!

- Assume for the purposes of this exercise that you are attracted to them and they are attracted to you and all other baseline assumptions are in place.

- Don’t assume every other stat is a dump stat. So STR is not necessarily a meathead, CHA is not necessarily vapid, INT is not necessarily the embodiment of #actually. But in any case, they have a clear Thing, and that is clearly their Thing.

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Can I ask why you add descriptive captions to photos?? I don't follow you but I've seen them on my dash a few times and looking through your blog you've even done it on a selfie and I don't fully understand what the point is. They can't be for the visually impaired because anyone with a disability could see a photo as easily as they could read your text so I'm not... really sure what the purpose of it is? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for the clarification! :-)

That is a good question, thank you for asking.

There are a couple of ways that people who are blind or visually impaired can interact with the internet.  One is by using screenreader software.  There are a variety of programs that do this, the only one I know off the top of my head is called JAWS and you can Google it up if you want some details.  Screenreader software is pretty self-explanatory really.  It reads out text audibly.

A second way is a braille display.  A braille display takes text from the screen and converts it to braille.  If you are an Marvel fan you can see Matt Murdock using one of these in a few episodes of Daredevil.

So someone who is blind or visually impaired actually can read the text even if they can’t see the image. Its also helpful for people with bad internet connections who have trouble loading pictures, as a bonus.

What both of these have in common is that they only work on text.  So pictures are invisible to them, and that includes screencaps of text (they can’t interact with any audio or image files basically).  So if you rely on a screen reader you can’t see any sort of videos or images, but if there is a caption then that can be read out or converted into braille and you’ll still know what the image is and you can interact with it.  Which isn’t perfect, but is pretty important on an image heavy website like Tumblr.

Captioning can be tricky and sometimes time consuming so my delightful friend has made some helpful guidelines:  In general, captioning where you can is great because every captioned image makes Tumblr a bit more accessible, but you should definitely caption something if it is about visually impaired people or characters, or is an image of braille writing, because making images about blind people the blind people can’t access is quite rude.

Here are some posts about how to write good captions:



But, captioning can be hard and time-consuming.  So if you don’t have the time/energy/desire to caption everything you can also tag images #captioned #uncaptioned to make them easy to find or blacklist respectively, for screen-reader users.