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Do you still think Jonsa wil happen?😂😂😂U really think he would ever love, boring, plain, weak Sansa? Who all she ever did was whine, & cry, & fuck her family & herself over, over & over again? Did u see how passionate Jon & Dany were in bed? Jon's passionate, his partner has to be passionate, Sansa could never be as sensual & passionate as Dany, not after being raped, she'd be utterly rigid and boring in bed, she would not give Jon any pleasure. Jonsa has no future, Jonerys is endgame.

“Sansa could never be as sensual & passionate as Dany, not after being raped, she’d be utterly rigid and boring in bed, she would not give Jon any pleasure” 

I always try to be nice, but, fuck you, FUCK YOU lady/dude whatever the hell you are 🖕🖕🖕

I just can’t believe you actually wrote that, and sent it in. This is one of the most fuc*ed up sh*t I’ve ever read. Some of you J*nerys fans are disgusting wtf. I’m beyond speechless.

Being raped does wound you, hurt you, in so many ways, but women are strong, they heal with time. I do suppose it will always be difficult for Sansa to trust men, considering what Ramsay did to her, she’ll always be weary of them, and I suppose she’s never going to allow just any man in her bed, again, but if she fully and truly trusted the man, if he respected her, treated her with kindness, gentleness, if he gave her time, made her feel appreciated and loved, wich would further help her heal, and restore some of her faith in men, which Jon literally has done, she would eventually find it in herself to share her bed with that someone. 

She fully trusts Jon already, the physical contact that she initiated multiple times with him, is proof of that, she loves him, he makes her feel safe, and loved, and cared for, she can talk freely with him, because she knows he’d never punish her, nor hurt her in any way. They have a parter like relashionship already, and the amount of trust and love she already has for Jon, is a strong, cemented foundation, that will be key in season 8, when Jonsa will happen.

Plus, Sansa is already fierce and passionate as it is, she does things with passion and fierceness. You don’t know what kind of a lover she would be, what kind of a lover she WILL be, when she finds it in herself, when she allows herself, to fully and truly love someone, and let go of herself with him.

She never had a proper lover, someone to respect her, love her, and treat her with kindness and honor. The only man who shared her bad, was a psychopath that enjoyed beating her, raping her and playing sick, twisted games with her body, every night. You belittling her, belittling her sensuality, degrading her like this, because she was raped, trying to measure who would be more passionate/sensual between her and D@ny, is fucked up, I’d be seriously concerned if I were you, anon.

And btw, D@ny was raped too, remember? And she healed, as you say, she is sensual and passionate. Being raped does not equal, you will never make love with anyone, ever again, in your entire life, you will not get back control over your body ever again, you will never be able to allow/trust anyone to ever love you again, you will never again allow yourself to enjoy making love, that you’ll never feel pleasure ever again, that you’ll never allow to let anyone cherish you, cherish your body, love you as a whole ever again. There is nothing wrong though, in a woman deciding to never let a man touch her again, everyone’s different, some heal quickly, some slowly, and, unfortunately, some never heal.

If she were to allow anyone in her bed, if she were to wed again, Jon will be the one. I am among the people who believe that, she herself will propose the match. She’ll secure her place at Winterfell, she’d never have to leave Winterfell, her home, ever again, she’d have a man by her side, that she 1000% knows will NEVER harm her in any way, she’d have children, which both Sansa and Jon always dreamed of having. As Sophie said in an interview, Winterfell is Sansa’s haven, and if Jon is the key to her staying there, if he’s they Key to bringing stability to the North, she’ll marry him.

People heal, and Sansa, with Jon’s help has done a lot of healing, she is stronger, and more confident, and with him, we’ve seen her come into herself, we’ve seen her happy, genuinely happy, he gave her his love, he gave her strengtht and confidence, and she returned that love, and gave him purpose and acceptance in return. 

Now, onto your -so not- epic boatsex, it was so quick, rushed and had no buildup whatsoever, just passion, as you called it, but passion, lust, do not equal love, especially considering poor Jon hasn’t fuc*ed anyone, in years. He iofc he’s gonna bang her, while he’s at it. I expected for their boatbang scene to bother me, but I was surprised by the fact that it didn’t, at all. It was so, so rushed, Missandei and Greyworm has a better love scene than theirs, it was built up slowly and it lasted more than 20 seconds lol 

“Love didn’t just happen to us, we built it slowly over the years, stone by stone…It’s not as exciting as secret passion in the woods, but it is stronger, it lasts longer.” – Catelyn Stark 2x10 

“And Catelyn just gazes at him with love built on a rock-solid foundation. Years and years of brick by brick and stone by stone. She cares for Ned, loves him in a profound and nuanced way that’s a far cry from the romantic passion she had as a girl for Brandon.” Catelyn Stark AGOT 

These two quotes, fit perfectly Jon and Sansa. Which goes back to show you, passion/lust/desire does not equal love, true love.

I’m not sure what Jon is brewing, but it involves the Northerners turning against him, and making Sansa Queen In The North, why, I’m not sure, but he wouldn’t be so stupid as to declare he’s bent the knee for all to hear, he wouldn’t send a raven to Sansa telling her about it, he’d wait until the great war was won. He’s cooking something, there is a reason why he wants Sansa Queen. One thing is for sure, seducing D@ny is part of his plan, which is going very smoothly, she’s fallen for him, deeply. 

What I think he perhaps has in mind is, sacrificing his position as King, since he doesn’t care much about being King, he never wanted it, his plan is to seduce D@ny, make her fall madly in love with him, so that he has power and influence over her, so that when they get back to Winterfell together, he can use that power and influence to convince to not burn the Northerners alive, to not kill them, to not burn Sansa alive, cause listen, Sansa, she would never bend the knee to a southerner, not after all she’s been through, he will use her love for him, and ask her to allow the North to stay independent, to let Sansa be Queen in the North. 

Part of me even thinks that, in his mind he is also taking into consideration the possibily of having to sacrifice his happiness, by striking a deal for the North’s independence, “I’ll marry you, I’ll come south with you, if, you allow my people to have their own ruler, their own Queen”, of course, once word get’s out he’s a Targaryen, it will change everything, it will change his plans, it will change his relationship with D@ny. Those who think it won’t change a thing between them, are fools. We’re talking about D@ny here, a woman who didn’t give two craps about an army of deadmen coming to kill them all, being all too consumed and obsessed with power and the Iron Throne, that only changed her mind when the Night King killed one of her dragons. When she finds out, the IT is not RIGHTFULLY hers, she’s not the rightful heir, she’s gonna FLIP. Again, if you think she won’t, you’re a fool, and you don’t understand her character.

Going back to Sansa, she is not plain, boring nor weak. She is one of the strongest women in this show, her wits, her personality, her intelligence, her inner strength are the things that kept her alive, though all the horror and madness, that has been her life, since Ned was executed.

I think I would’ve gone mad in her place to be very honest with you, there’s only so much I could take, I always say I’d be dead in a minute, if I lived in Westeros. She’s been through so much, and yet, she didn’t let all these horrors, make her power hungry, or entitled, or evil/mad, nor did she let them harden her, all they’ve done was wake her to reality, show her what the world is really like, and make her stronger, sharper, but she’s remained gentle, caring and kind at heart. She’s grown into a strong, intelligent and beautiful woman, who is anything but boring, plain or weak.

If you can’t see, if you refuse to see how they’re building up Jon and Sansa for romance, for love, that’s your problem, and I don’t quite care, but to go and say, Sansa is not good enough for Jon, because she was raped, that’s literally what you said “she would not give Jon any pleasure”, you talk as if us women are some pleasure tools/machines ffs it’s disgusting, it makes me sick, to think someone would think in such a way. Women who are raped deserve, and are worthy of love, just like every other woman, even more so, being loved, cherished, respected, being understood, is part of the healing process. Ugh, I feel like I’m waisting my breath with you.

Be gone and never return in my askbox ever again, please and thank you.

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Sorry but am I the only one SOBBING after Louis' interview???? So much of it just hurt my heart but a lot of it just made me even prouder and jfc I have too many emotions rn pls tell me I'm not alone

…I mean…I liked the pictures? 

I’ve been thinkin about this a lot. So I’m going to elaborate.

When it comes to just about anything to do with Louis this is 100% me

And while there were definitely parts of the interview that had me wanting to cry in a very not so cool way, a lot of it just didn’t quite sit well with me. I’m not surprised with how they’re marketing Louis, since this is the same incompetent “team” that’s been behind his PR for years, but the content of the interview just had me like  

Let’s focus on the positive for a moment…he looks incredible.


But then as you start to add headlines to these photos it’s gets a bit…eh

Louis is so incredibly talented as both a a singer and songwriter and this narrative is disappointing because when you’re trying to launch someone’s solo SINGING career, exactly what good does it do to begin a headline with “Not the best singer”? 

Which is why when people praise this article saying how great it is I’m like

There are certainly very honest and raw moments in this article, and I do think it was well written. The parts of actual dialogue are gripping, but the way in which they’re framed sells Louis short in my opinion. I can’t sit here and say, “Wow this part was great and I’m just going to ignore all the other bits that kind of stuck out as odd to me.” 

They are using the same, and I mean the EXACT same, marketing tactics that they used with One Direction.

They’ve always tried to sell him as this working class Donny lad figure, which I’m pretty sure is why his relationship with Jamie Vardy has been so heavily publicised (aside from the rumours that he’ll play him in the biopic), but they’ve really made it sound like if he hadn’t made it into One Direction that he’d be mining coal somewhere right now…

And as ever, his image is tightly wound around a heterosexual “he’s taken” narrative. 

The difference between the use of “girlfriend” and “partner” is significant in that it implies permanence and adding fatherhood to that really shows how aggressively they’re veering away from targeting a young female audience demographic in terms of traditional marketing. They managed to put all that information into this article without any actual words from Louis.

The unfortunate thing about this article, is that the two things Louis actually talked about the least are now becoming the focal point of the narrative. 

Like, okay. We get it. He is doing the sex with the women. And all these seemingly random pap shots and snapchat cameos are suddenly coming out of the woodwork and they still can’t get a new quote about it…

What concerns me is that they’ve used their first opportunity to market Louis’ solo career this way. The end of the article is oddly dark and unsettling…

What the hell even was that? Like a pat on the back and a “Good luck kid,” as he chain smokes into the sunset? The vibe was very

And yeah, there have been some aggressive injustices in Louis’ life, no one should have to lose their mother that young and that suddenly, and I thought that part of the article was extremely well handled and verbalised. But, as someone who has appreciated Louis’ talent for years now, this article really didn’t have to make his insecurities the focal point. He didn’t have to diminish his existing collaborations by saying that he couldn’t get “big names” in the studio with him, therefore now isolating himself from pretty much everyone in the music industry. And the fact Simon Cowell got a nod in the article was like, “Hi! I’m a red flag!”

Like, Jesus Christ, he was put in a boy band, not sent to war. And if you’re telling me that Simon Cowell can’t pick up the phone and get big name writers into a room with Louis Tomlinson then I don’t know what to say. What bothers me the most is that this entire article sounds like a regurgitated speech from Simon Cowell that he probably used to manipulate Louis over the past five years. Despite his HUGE fan base, which has made him the most engaged with celebrity on Instagram, someone is still telling Louis he isn’t a frontman, when he has a global audience telling him the exact opposite. This article makes it sound like Syco is taking some kind of chance on one of the most successful musicians of the last decade. Louis wrote more of One Direction’s songs than any other member and there’s absolutely no reason to make his debut album sound more dramatic than Dunkirk. Like, “In a world where no one believed in him…Louis Tomlinson had to learn to believe in himself…COMING SUMMER 2017!” 

Ugh. It just…   

Anyway, I’m crying in a cool way over how gorgeous Louis looks here as a dramatic cat lady. 

And now it’s time to sashay away. Thanks for listening!

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I'm gonna be honest that the quote about Liam and the baby made me doubt a bit but your blog always helps me and reassures me. But I also like to hurt myself so I listened to the audio and if the audio came out before that quote I wouldn't have doubted for a second. Melly, Liam can barely sell it unless it's on print. I can't help laughing cause he seemed like he forgot his lines. Live interviewers are so telling

Here’s the thing! No matter how many Cherliam Lifetime Original Movie moments Team solo!Loammy have spun in the last two weeks, that’s still not going to make me and my Boobs Instincts forget the Lemony Snickett of fuckiness that occurred before that baby was born.

Let us put on our best Investigation Bras and go on a Journey of Fuckiness:

- Cherliam was announced as a Dan Wootton Hoofsclusive (February 27)

- The CheriamNews update account was created 2 full days prior to the Dan Wootton article revealing them as “secret lovers” (ohmygod i cannot type that with a straight face)

- Cheryl and Liam’s relationship immediately gets called out for being fake, because duh:

- But not before grossing everyone out by spinning a romance narrative that featured a 24 year old Cheryl and a 14 year old Loammy

- Cheryl’s 874 year long pregnancy begins, with pregnancy headlines running almost immediately, beginning in March 2016. Bump watch headlines begin in May:

- Which then leads to another Dan Wootton Hoofsclusive from a “source” that was 100% Cheryl that they were “trying” for a baby (never mind that they were dating for 10 minutes or that she was still legally married or that he was embarking on a solo career or who the fuck would announce to Dan Wootton they were “trying” for a baby in the first place ):

- Cheryl was baiting the press before she was even pregnant by wearing sack dresses one day with hand pressed to her belly, and the next wearing well tailored outfits. While all this was happening, she was also selling stories to the tabloids almost daily while simultaneously calling for her privacy. I can’t.  

- Through all of this, Loammy is only seen with Cheryl a small handful of times, having fucked off to LA for almost the entirety of her 874 year long pregnancy. To try and mitigate that, daily stories are run that seed reasons for Loammy’s absence during her pregnancy and for why Loammy won’t be present for raising that baby shortly after its born. 

- If that’s not enough fuckiness for you, there was also the fuckton of ran and solved blind items about Cherliam that were simultaneously running counter narratives.

But sure, nothing to see here, everything looks totally unsuspish and unfucky!

Title: “The Spooky Truth with Dr. Jones,” (½)

Summary: Emma Swan is a podcaster looking for a semi-interesting story. Dr. Killian Jones is a paranormal investigator who doesn’t believe in the paranormal. Emma Swan absolutely does not want to write this story—but it seems to be writing itself. A CS Black Tapes AU.

Notes: This delightful little AU was 100% inspired by The Black Tapes, a seriously awesome fictional horror podcast that you can listen to for free. Which you should. Right now. I’d like to thank and/or notify a # of awesome people who helped with this: @seastarved @zengoalie @ofshipsandswans @abbadons-little-witch @the-reason-to-sail-home @businesscasualprincess @swanandapirate (who also wrote a podcast AU, so if you like this, you should probably check it out). Also on Ao3.

+ Honestly, the worst thing about this job is the constant threat of, “You have a face too pretty for radio,” every time she has to conduct an interview with some bland fuck-boy that the country has suddenly decided is worth her time. If not for the occasionally tedious subject matter and overeager interviewees, it would be damn near perfect.

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I'm going to say the cast did everything to hide this scene. There was an article only last week where everyone talked about the lack of sex on the show. They all just kept talking about the problems that might come. And with the whole asexuality thing too, we all could never think they would go this way, at max expected 'I love you'. I wonder if this was the change they did in the finale.

there is a lack of sex on the show. at least for a cw show, which i actually kind of like. it’s different. it makes the sex scenes they do have much more special (except the archie/grundy ones. those were not needed or wanted). most of the characters are also only about 15/16. i know that teens are becoming sexually active younger, but i feel like most people that age are still virgins 

yeah, i definitely wasn’t expecting the bughead make out we got and the confirmation that betty and jughead were going to have sex. i thought that because it was said his sexuality wasn’t addressed this season and that they were working on incorporating asexuality into the second season (i can’t remember if they said it was going to be with jughead specifically). i know that some people think that the near sex scene and knowledge that they were originally supposed to be the couple that had sex settles the sexuality debate, but it could still be addressed in season two. i mean, it eliminated his being asexual in the black and white term, which is somebody who feels no sexual attraction. however, it’s not that cut and dry. asexuality, like all sexuality, is a giant spectrum. it brought him away from the area that has no want for sex at all, that is true, because i feel like it would be difficult to back peddle on what happened in the finale without it feeling like they were back peddling– but it is a very real possibility that betty is the only person that he’s ever felt sexually attracted to and wanted to, or would be okay with, having sex with. that would put him more towards demisexual (which is my head canon) or sex positive asexual, and is something that could totally be brought up next season. a sexually active ace person is just as asexual as an ace person who never has sex 

honesty, i was trying really hard not to get my hopes up for an ‘i love you’ because i didn’t want to be disappointed if it didn’t happen… but silently i was kind of expecting one because of how sure lili was that betty was in love with jughead. her answers are usually my favorite. she seems to be the most honest about what’s coming up next, which i’m grateful for. it’s so frustrating when actors and members of the creative team say one thing in one interview and then something else in another interview. i’m looking at you RAS. she’s also very professional in the sense that she would outwardly support whatever direction the writers took betty in romantically, but you get the sense that deep down she’s not here for the BAV love triangle and romantic b*rchie. she straight up said she thinks it would be weird and disappointing (for betty and archie) if they got together. i appreciate that a lot because, shipping bughead aside, i think it is so fucking great that they haven’t pit betty and veronica against each other over a boy. that shit ruins potentially beautiful friendships between women (*cough*brooke and peyton*cough*) and i’m not here for that. then there’s also the fact there’s already 75 goddamn years and hundreds of adaptations of that love triangle. i think it would be so much more interesting to see them firmly establish bughead and varchie as the show’s couples and watch them work to be together. i want couples that go through the fucking ringer together. the keyword there being: together. i want to watch them overcome these hard, horrible obstacles as a team. i want them to have near breaking points too… in the words of cole sprouse, that’s real and honest; couples stumble and they almost fall, but then they remember how much they love each other and fight to build their relationships back up. i want real, dynamic, beautiful relationships that i can honestly root for. they have that potential with how they went about, and ended, the first season. i pray pray pray that they don’t sacrifice that for love triangles and partner swapping. that’s so tired.  

Izuku and Shinsou’s relationship, and eventual partnership

So I answered an ask (this one) about how Shinsou would deserve to learn Izuku was quirkless and be told the secret behind One for All, and couldn’t help but wanted to write a proper post on his and Izuku’s relationship, as I came up with other thoughts shortly after. I really believe Shinsou and Izuku would become good friends, and could even be close to each other if they came to share their past and painful experiences of being quirkless/having a quirk labelled as evil and being mocked for that.

To begin with, I find interesting to notice the good chemistry going on between Izuku and Shinsou. Shinsou had no problem to understand Izuku, and Izuku was moved by Shinsou’s words. Izuku was warned by Ojiro about Shinsou’s quirk. He was aware he had to be careful to not fall for any trap, but Shinsou succeed anyway because he knew exactly what to say to set up Izuku. 

He could set up others students before without relying on strategy and guessing their personality because they weren’t aware of his quirk. But after that he had to think about how to force Izuku to talk because he knew how his quirk worked. So he had to read through Izuku and come up with something that would make him commit a mistake quickly, before he could throw him out of the ring. Shinsou didn’t know Izuku personally, never talked to him before, but surprisingly, he knew exactly what to say because he guessed well what would throw Izuku off. I don’t think this could’ve worked with others students, like Todoroki, Tsukuyami or Bakugou. Shinsou probably guessed Izuku was a loyal and honest friend, and could feel he was compassionate. He tried in a last resort to make him talk by provoking him on how blessed he was and how little Izuku must have known about being cast aside and seeing his dream denied because he couldn’t fit. And he was right, as Izuku was fighting back against his instinct to don’t answer Shinsou. 

It wasn’t a matter or making him fall in his trap anymore, as Shinsou was really pouring his heart out in front of Izuku, and, once again, I don’t think he would’ve done the same in front of someone else. I truly believe he could do so in front of Izuku because he felt listened enough to voice his feelings to him. Their relationship kinda feel like these ones when you meet someone for the first time but it’s like you knew them since forever. Had it not been during a fight, Izuku would have probably let some information slip or at least suggest he was the same, because he can’t watch people being hurt and do nothing about it. It was physically hard for him to not talk back to Shinsou. Izuku felt Shinsou’s distress, and was really holding back because he really wanted to help him and find a way to heal him mentally and emotionally speaking. At the end, he eventually took a step forward and talked to him, without even contemplating Shinsou could use his quirk again. 

Shinsou looked mischievous when he told Izuku he should be more careful when he’s talking to him, like he’s surprised but pleased with how Izuku lowered his guard just after their fight despite falling for his trap once. To be honest, I find that very cute. It’s noticeable that Shinsou’s already kinda fond of Izuku.

Shinsou has experienced painful words and wrong assumptions, exactly like Izuku (though on a different level) because of similar reasons ; because they didn’t fit in.

They didn’t because one had an ‘evil quirk’, and the other was quirkless and 'weak’. It would be moving to see Shinsou and Izuku share their experiences and support each other whenever they would admit it was really hard and painful. They both have friends who support them now, but finding someone you can relate to and share your experience with when you’ve been hurt by how others treated you unfairly is life-changing. It makes you feel you’re not the only one, you’re not facing those hardships alone and someone can actually really understand and identify with what you’ve been through. It’s incredibly healing and comforting, and I do hope Izuku and Shinsou will eventually come to talk about it. 

Shinsou is someone who’s very reliable and trustworthy; he has this incredible quirk that could give him access to absolutely everything, but he decided to use it fairly to be a hero. He didn’t take the easy way, because not only his quirk isn’t adapted to what UA hero course expects, but also because he’ll face a lot of prejudices because of his ‘evil quirk’, and will constantly be told by people he can’t be trust. This kind of assumption, especially when you’re still a kid growing up and building your identity, is incredibly painful and breaks more people than you’d think. So Izuku and Shinsou couldn’t do anything but accept painful words and wrong assumptions, waiting for the day they could prove to everyone else how wrong they were to treat them this way. They’re both moving forward, but their past are an important part of who they are. Izuku especially can’t talk about his past for obvious reasons, but he and Shinsou would probably be unwilling to talk about their past, at least not genuinely, with most people because what could they give them apart from sympathy? People fitting in because they have good quirks didn’t have to live what they’ve been through, so maybe they’ll be compassionate, but they won’t understand. Izuku and Shinsou won’t see that light of understanding in anyone else’s eyes, like they could with each other because they can relate with what they’ve really been through, and how painful it was because they know. For now only Izuku can feel that way towards Shinsou, and he’s already concerned about him after their fight, where he felt sorry he couldn’t do a thing, and privileged his victory over Shinsou’s feeling of achievement.

Shinsou, like Izuku, is incredibly brave, because even though people doubted him, even though he failed to enter the hero course, still tried and pushed his way through, enough to be the only student of the general course to attain the last stage. Because he can’t help what he long to be and after all, can’t give up on being a hero. That’s truly admirable, and Izuku did the same when he didn’t give up even though his entire class in middle school mocked hip for taking UA entrance exam. They both didn’t gave anything up and still tried because there was no way for them to just turn their back to their convictions. For them to stay true to who they are and stick to their convictions without going astray mean they share high morals and a strong sense of justice where power isn’t to be used so you can take advantages of others. In that sense, they’re very similar, and I believe they could be friends and for that reason, be very dear to each other. It wouldn’t be unexpected at all for them to become close. It would also be very interesting in regards to the plot and character development, and also endearing for all the reasons I wrote above. From the little interactions we’ve seen of them later, when they cross path and Shinsou’s with Aizawa, it’s hinted that Shinsou will take part of Izuku’s life later. I sure hope Hori will explore their relationship because Shinsou and Izuku are unique to each other in UA and would really benefit for being close friends. In a interview, Hori confirmed Shinsou will later take an important part in the story.

Given how Izuku was the only one of the hero course he bonded with, it would totally make sense for them to work together and gradually become closer. I’m looking forward to that, because I really feel a special chemistry between those two, for the way Shinsou is amused and comforted by Izuku’s honesty and how Izuku relate to Shinsou and already care about him.

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Sorry about coming back at this subject but this girl thing is getting out of control. I've read in another blog that she has no bf, that she's kinda a model and that they're probably banging for a long time. And that said blog said that maybe DD doing that girl since the premiere could have been what ended their relationship. And I'm deeply sad that someone is saying those things about him. Cheating? He would bring his lover to the same party that the woman he's supposed to love? 1

2 I believe he’s a better man. But now this girl is around him and gillovny is past. How can you stay so calm? I dont follow that girl but other people do and they say that there’s no bf, that her snaps show her in his place and that’s clear they’re together. Idk who believe anymore. Suddenly, GA and DD are not who they said to be. 😞😞😞


First of all, David has never seem to be different from what he said he was, and I trust him 100% for not changing on that. He’s just too honest with himself and with us. He’s out there, living his life and enjoying his job and his music while some bored people are making up things about his private life. How do I stay so calm? Because there’s nothing to worry about. I follow that girl as I follow many people who are involved in xf and with David and Gillian. She’s definitely working with David, probably more on the musical part of his career, and she’s clearly not dating him. Not even for one second. 

What actually makes me sad is people creating unecessary drama around a rumor that shouldn’t even exist and that was completely made up by some fans here and on Twitter. For some reasons that I don’t get, people are allowing trolls to play with the fandom, inventing stories about a Snapchat that has never existed, ignoring the fact that this girl isn’t single, and most of all completely forgetting who David Duchovny is and everything he said in the last few years in interviews. That’s what makes me sad. I don’t get how anyone who know David just a little bit and who is following this girl on Instagram or Twitter don’t see that there’s nothing more than a working relationship. 

I’ve read comparison with what happened in the beginning with PM, and for me it’s two very different things. PM was single, he’s a lot older, he legit doesn’t give two fucks about Gillian’s fans and our opinions, his life is made and full, his career too, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read social media. This girl is in her early twenties. She spends a lot of time on social media, she’s obviously trying to have a career in music or modeling or whatever, she probably has a family somewhere, friends of her age, a boss, a life. I remember when I was her age (which is not very long ago!), if I had read somewhere that people where making up stories about me banging my boss, I would have been broken. That’s why I don’t want to talk about it anymore. It’s indeed very disrespectful to David, but also to this girl who is a real person who has done nothing wrong and just posted a few pictures with David’s dog and trying to do her job, whatever it is. Our blogs are public platforms. Everyone can read them, she could be working on social media for David (or Brick), and she will eventually find out those baseless and crazy rumors about her. I feel like as bloggers we all have a responsibility of what we choose to publish, which is why I refuse to perpetuate a silly rumor and give space to trolls on this subject. 

Now if you read things that make you sad, don’t read them :D. Unfollow, do whatever you need to enjoy being here and, no offense, but never trust anons if they can’t provide you a proof. Actually trust no one. But trust David. 

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Maybe the animators don't like Sakura and she isn't a vital support for the series only Sasuke and Naruto are. No offense. Sakura is a tag along even for a suppose main character we never saw or Kishimoto wasn't interested in letting us know who the Sakura's parents where he obviously doesn't like her. At least he didn't mess around with SS moments I think that's the only thing Kishimoto handle well in the manga the anime was terrible doe. I hope I wasn't offensive if so I'm sorry.

You’re not offensive at all. However,

  1. During the 2015 Jump Festa, Kishimoto expressed how much he likes Sakura, and how upset he was by the fandom’s reception. He really tried his best with Sakura. He was proud for turning her into a “fine young lady“ by the end too.
  2. Kishi was pressed by the editor to not introduce Sakura’s parents in the manga, due to the low popularity of her character. However, RTN’s parent designs are Kishimoto’s.
  3. Oh dear, Sakura isn’t a vital support for the series? A LOT of the manga isn’t vital to the plot’s progression, but it serves for its better appreciation, and those parts aren’t treated as badly by the animators. Almost all characters are in a way or another subplots to Naruto’s and Sasuke’s developments. They are the protagonists after all. Back to Sakura,
    1. She injected Naruto’s chest with chakra. Naruto would be dead otherwise.
    2. She saved Sasuke from the alternate dimension by aiding Obito. Sasuke would be dead otherwise.
    3. Except for the last arc, Sakura’s words are consistently the only ones to reach out to Sasuke, “devouring the wicked power”. Sasuke reacts to her, without her realising. 
    4. It’s Sakura who was given the promise of a lifetime.
    5. It’s Sakura who discovers the whereabouts of Orochimaru to rescue Sasuke.
    6. Without Sakura, Sasuke would have been a murderer of two innocent hindrances (the Otogakure guy at FoD, and Karin).
    7. It’s Sakura who smacked a god in the head.
  4. Let’s be honest, the Naruto plot is about getting Sasuke away from the path of evil. What are the most relevant bonds? NaruSasu - the Yin-Yang ”brotherly” growth-promoting rivalry, ItaSasu - unconditional love of your natal family, SasuSaku - unconditional love of your family-to-be. The parallels were decided since 2006.
  5. Saying that Sakura is not plot-relevant also means ignoring the most significant lessons to be learned from the manga. 
    1. Never give up on people whom you know still have some good in them. Don’t force yourself onto your loved ones, but let them know you will always be there for them.
    2. Armed with hard work alone, you can become the most accomplished professional in your field. Don’t forget Sakura is the only one after Tsunade, privileged by her Senju lineage, to master the Byakogou. She discovered Kankuro’s antidote within hours, failed accomplishment by Sunagakure’s entire medic team. The God of Shinobi is impressed by her alone.
    3. A girl doesn’t need to be romantically attached to a person to experience compassion and affection for them. (See Naruto, Chiyo, Rock Lee, Hinata, Karin, endless injured shinobi and children)
    4. Intelligence and accomplishments are sexy
    5. Once you think you’ve exhausted all your resources, you can still “give everything you’ve got”. Sakura drained her little chakra left to pump life into Naruto’s heart. She still managed to release her Byakogou after that. Twice. That’s unbelievable courage and resilience.
  6. Kishimoto too never stopped thinking of Sakura as a heroine (see JF15 interview again). You say that her skills aren’t comparable to Naruto and Sasuke’s, but she’s a Sannin/Kage-level shinobi at 17. Actually, I’m thankful that at least one main character was spared of gratuitous power-ups. 

Would it have been nicer if Kishi had given more focus to Sakura? Sure. Though it’s more the reader’s fault, and his inadvertent misogyny. People on average prefer unrealistic women, stripped of their humane complexity, “physically strong and mentally impassible”. Sakura is real, she faced problems which are relatable for many, and she’s an excellent role model for the way she overcame them. Arguably, she sustained the most tangible character development of all characters.

Regardless, the animator’s biases shouldn’t show. Some people will never read the manga, and their understanding of Sakura is forever skewed by people who de facto are overturning the plot of the manga. Then anime watchers complain that the plot isn’t consistent. Of course it isn’t. You’re not telling the story right.

[translation] Character Interview Vol.7 HARUKA X MAKOTO

Scanned by sunyshore

- We are honored to have Nanase Haruka and Tachibana Makoto with us today.

Haruka + Makoto: Thank you for having us.

- Well then, first thing first, please tell us how you met each other.

Makoto: Well… Haru and I are childhood friends, and our homes are really close to each other, so it’s like we’ve been together since the very beginning.

Haruka: I can’t remember something that long ago.

Makoto: But if you must know, I think our first encounter was when we were 0 years old.  We have photos from that time in our family albums.

Haruka: …like I’d remember.

Makoto: That’s true lol.

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Hi Calli! It's been a long time since I saw your asks open! I have just a quick question. I guess this could be a question for you and Jen because she doesn't seem to have her asks at all. Anyways, pretty generic question and one I'm sure you're tired of getting, but I'm still curious: after all of the spoilers and interviews we have gotten, do you guys think that Olicity will get back together with each other by the end of season 5? I'm scared they'll stall them again.

Hi. For the cliffhanger, do think that Oliver will be stranded on the island for all hiatus? I’m really hoping this doesn’t happen. I just really hope the cliffhanger isn’t Olicity related. I hope Olicity reunite with each other in S5 and that that isn’t left as a tease/cliffhanger. I’m tired of this game. We’ve more than paid our dues in angst. I’d been like… a year and a half.

Reading your convo and gif war with jbuffyangel was cute lol. May I ask what you’re glass half-empty about? And what do you think the cliffhanger will be?

I’m combining these three anons into one reply since they’re all so similar and arrived in my inbox within several hours of one another. While I was getting some good sleep, there was some concern happening up in here. 

Hi anon(s)! I’ve actually had my inbox open since I returned from my last little break, a couple months ago. Either people didn’t notice or didn’t want to send me stuff, I have no idea. But I’m more than happy to field questions. 

First things first: YES, I think Olicity gets back together by the end of season 5. That’s been my mantra all season long and I’ve only gotten more and more sure of it the closer we get to the end of season 5. My opinion hasn’t changed, I guess, is what I’m saying. We have paid our dues in angst. And the stall has stalled itself out, so to speak. Shows can’t spin wheels forever, eventually the audience gets frustrated and the reasons for spinning those wheels kinda break down. We’re at the end of that, I feel. 

My good friend @jbuffyangel has really gone more in depth on the reasons for believing in a reunion than I’m going to go into. So I assure you, she’s also right here with me in being all systems go for a reunion. 

Now, some of you may have seen the teasing convo she and I had on twitter last night. We’ve been having this argument for a couple weeks now and it’s entertaining and I kinda made it public without really saying what it’s about. It’s clear that maybe some might think we’re arguing about the cliffhanger. Without saying what it’s really about, I will say this: It’s NOT about the cliffhanger. No, it’s far more silly than that. 😉

To be honest, we don’t talk about the cliffhanger that much. I don’t think either of us have a clue about that but I think we both agree that we don’t feel it has to do with the Olicity reunion. Not saying it won’t involve Oliver and/or Felicity, just not their romantic status with one another. I rather feel that’ll be settled in 5x22, actually, leaving the finale for other pressing matters. 

I don’t have any firm specs on what the cliffhanger actually is, but I’m also not really worried about it either. Then again, I haven’t been really worried about anything all season long, so I might be a poor barometer. I understand some are nervous and I get why. I hope you’re pleased with how it turns out, however it turns out. 

Just remember: OLICITY IS RISING. Tomorrow’s episode is just the official start of that. The reunion will likely NOT happen in 5x20 and I hope fans aren’t too disappointed when it doesn’t happen. But it will happen. We’re days away from that reunion. Isn’t that amazing? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty excited about it! 

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if it's not too much to ask of you, could you do an analysis of kihyun personality-wise? i'm personally really fond of him after seeing many sides to his personality, but i feel like they're quite hard to pin down at times, and i was just curious about another person's perspective of him ^^

( note: i’m so sorry this has taken me so long. i had a lot going on life-wise, and on top of that, i really wanted to make sure this was as accurate and detailed as i could make it, bc kihyun is the idol i probably relate to the most, and i think we’re quite similar. i bet i’ll still feel like i want to add to this even after i post, orz. thank you for your patience! )

i usually start analyses with an overarching theme, but for kihyun, it’s a little more difficult, since he is complex, and yet so straightforward… if i had to summarise him, i’d say he’s aware. immediately, i have to clarify: this doesn’t exactly mean he goes out of his way to be caring or to exert his influence in some way, i mean he analyses things quite quickly–sizes them up, if you will, but not in a manipulative way, just for his own sake. this isn’t something that’s very apparent, but it is the foundation of the way he acts and carries himself, in my opinion. one big sign of this is the way he talks about himself, especially during no.mercy: he knows he’s good at singing and is embarrassed to be ranked low, but he doesn’t particularly show this off or trashtalk others, unless he is asked. he knows the facts, but holds his cards to his chest until he needs them in some way. furthermore, he’s logical and rational enough that this isn’t so much a question of self-confidence anymore; he knows his strengths and limitations, and he doesn’t see a need to make it seem otherwise.

to take a leaf out of my case study interview prep lmao, i’ll now segment this analysis into how he interacts with people, to better illustrate and delve deeper into his aforementioned traits! 

firstly, with his members. obviously, this is the side of kihyun we see most often, from no.mercy until now. he’s known to be honest, funny, direct, and naggy, all of which stem from the fact that he’s comfortable with them. he’s lived with them and trained with them, so he knows them well, they’re all on friendly terms, and thus he can exercise less (or well, zero, sometimes) caution in the way he expresses himself, because he knows it won’t be taken the wrong way. 

this manifests itself in his “savagery”, because kihyun prioritises things quickly: he doesn’t like wasting time, shown during his mc stints during which he’s always good at guiding the conversation back to the topic at hand, and doesn’t like expending unnecessary effort or energy on superfluous or trivial matters which don’t contribute to their current objective–in the domestic sense, this means he knows he doesn’t need to waste time beating around the bush to soften the blow when he can just be honest and give his real, albeit cutting, opinion. in his work and hobbies, he’s focussed and always delivers, he’s sharp and works hard, and he has strong opinions and preferences when it comes to something that’s his own (for example, his photography aesthetic). 

with that in mind, he isn’t exactly calculating, nor lazy, at least, not actively. it’s more like, making the most of his life, getting the most accomplished, etc., in the most efficient way he can, but since this is part of his personality, he considers this automatically, so it all comes naturally. the fact that one can’t exactly see his thought process in an obvious or external way means he does get seen as “cunning” or working towards his own means, which, in a way, is true, but it’s not done in a malicious sense

secondly, with his seniors. kihyun’s worked with soyou and giriboy during no.mercy, then again with starship labelmates through starship planet and such, and i think it’s important to give some background! in general, starship artists, especially soloists, are all rather direct and in some cases, blunt, and this is very evident if you’ve seen any interactions between them (see junggigo, hyorin, madclown, in particular). this, coupled with the fact that they’re senior to kihyun, means he can’t take the same liberties with them as he does with his members. as mentioned before, a good part of the intensity or carelessness of his behaviour hinges on his accurate assessment of a situation or person, thus allowing him to predict how they’ll respond to him

in this case, he can’t really do that, so we see another side of kihyun. when addressed directly, he’s earnest and polite, and wants to make a good impression (this can be a tenuous link to his “most efficient way possible” outlook in that he wants to always do the best he can); when he’s just in the vicinity, like during their christmas vlive, he’s watching and listening and laughing in that cute awkward way he does when embarrassed or uncomfortable, usually in the secondhand sense. he really tones down his sense of humour and steps back to let the seniors talk, which is another good illustration of how conscious he is of his surroundings.

the last case is with his juniors. i’m not really counting seventeen in this since they have a friendly relationship, so i’m focussing on his interactions with cosmic girls: yteen promotions, singing the blue night of jeju island with yeunjung, and the christmas vlive which he co-mc-ed with yeunjung (i am a hardcore yeunjung stan lmao). once again, he doesn’t really know them well enough to joke around or be brutal, but he doesn’t need to really care about how they’ll react to him, since they’re juniors. 

to be honest, he kind of ignores them most of the time, which i suppose factors into the “avoiding unnecessary things” standpoint. still, you can tell he’s quite mindful of them, watching where they’re going, keeping at a respectful distance, that kind of thing. the christmas vlive was particularly insightful to me, because he just laughed at yeunjung’s oblivious mc-ing for the most part, especially when her starship seniors called her out, but then when they had to sing, he whispered “be careful” to her as she was getting tangled in the wires. it might not seem much, but i think it does show he’s more of a hands-off type as opposed to uncaring, and that he does have compassion for others who are naturally in a position lower than his own. furthermore, he was careful not to fluster her even more, while showing concern, and yet keeping the atmosphere in line with the attitude of the other artists.

to wrap this up, i think kihyun is a really interesting person, with lots of subtle nuances to his personality. for that reason, i do feel like my analysis might seem drawn upon tiny observations, but that’s really what subtlety is about orz; it’s difficult to describe kihyun since he’s so aware of everything that these situational assessments happen in his head, and he adjusts himself accordingly, all while still staying himself, as mentioned with regards to my introductory comment of his not displaying his knowledge of facts, despite, well, knowing them. aaah, i hope this analysis was what you wanted; i know it’s different to the approach i’ve taken before, but i felt like this was the clearest way to structure it ;;

Because @flomps was riffing at me about Zarry reconciling on an episode of the Kardashians then went to sleep before finishing it…

“Zayn, I need you to behave.”

Zayn blinks. It feels like a non sequiter, when he’d been busy refusing all of Gigi’s coaxing to actually get him out of the lodge and onto skis. He supposes she could be mad about him making a scene, but the lodge was loud and he didn’t think their argument–not even argument, really–had registered at all. Though sometimes Gigi was even more paranoid about that sort of shit than he was.

Still, he can’t see what she means, so he just smirks, steps closer to her. He’s in his boots and she’s in flats before she gets into her ski boots, so they’re almost the same height. “Thought you liked it when I misbehaved.”

She rolls her eyes, but he thinks she’s charmed. She’s smiling a little, at least. Though she’s always smiling. Maybe she is annoyed, he can’t tell.

“Seriously.” Her hand’s on his face now, holding his cheek like she does when she wants him to pay attention to her. Someday, Zayn would like to do some sort of study about why everyone feels the need to touch his face constantly, but he’s not complaining. He likes it from Gigi, the casual intimacy. He’s missed that sort of physicality from everyone around him, these days. “Don’t be mad, and don’t make a scene.”

“I’m not making a scene.” Zayn tries to be even, but it probably comes off as sullen. “I just don’t want to ski, I’m not saying you shouldn’t. I’ll hang out here and–”

“Not about that,” Gigi cuts him off, and turns his head to the side.

He sees the cameras first, video equipment with a group of brunette hair at the center coming up the stairs to the main floor of the lodge. It’s not hard to recognize. He’s lived at the center of documentary crews enough. “Why would I be mad Kendall’s here?” He can just avoid the cameras, it’s fine. He’s not going to stop Gigi from hanging out with her best friend.

“Not her,” Gigi mutters, and she sounds worried. Gigi’s not worried often, takes everything with a laugh in a way that’s reassuringly casual even if it makes Zayn wonder just what about their relationship she’s taking with a laugh, so Zayn’s already tense when he looks closer. “I didn’t know he was coming until this morning, but we can’t leave so you have to behave.”

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SnK Chapter 84

Let me start by saying what I enjoyed about this chapter.

  • Hange for calming a storm with ironclad reasoning. 
  • Connie for remembering his manners and having the decency to say goodbye. 
  • Flocke for understanding how life in the military works.
  • Moblit who acted quickly and selflessly in a moment of despair.

And that’s pretty much it. 

Last month many were predicting this exact outcome but I urged restraint. I was looking forward to the plot twist that would silence the critics. I was cautiously optimistic that the last three chapters of intense emotional build up would lead to something  profound and significant, and not just pointless drama.

Oops. My bad. 

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Hi. I'm not really sure if you dabble into zerrie stuff. But um do you think that there's a possibility that yes it started out as publicity and then blossomed into something more? I'm always torn between its real and its fake. All confusing tbh but um yeah

I think it’s been fake from the start, partly because it seems to follow other 1D girlfriend/hook up patterns.  The couch interview where Louis and Harry pretended (or not?) to kiss was one of the first times Perrie was brought up at all.  If you watch it, it seems quite forced, like Zayn knew he had to single out Perrie from Little Mix! and say he liked her.  In fact, he had such a hard time doing it, the others ended up doing most of it for him.

Considering that not only did Little Mix sign with Modest, but they were part of the X Factor which 1D are the biggest alums of, it’s not strange that they wanted to use 1D to promote Little Mix.  1D has been used to promote X Factor contestants multiple times through dating rumors.  Has it mostly been Niall?  I think it’s mostly been Niall, but there was: Sophia Wardman, Lola Saunders, Amelia Lily, Tamera Foster, and Lauren Platt, plus a few others who were more tangentially related like Samantha Jade, Jessie J, and Alexandra Burke.

If there was any chance of it being real, it was at the beginning, but as I just said, I don’t think it was real then either.  We’ve seen far too much by now to know Zayn isn’t into the idea of dating her at all, so there was no blossoming of romance later on.  

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what do you think about people making fun of jonghyun for writing a song about his dog? and also about people saying that he's faking things for his album? i'm seeing a lot of that.

yeah, i’ve seen a lot of people make fun of him for mentioning that he was thinking about roo when writing bits and pieces of the title track and people can say what they want to, i guess, but i’m sure he’d be upset if he knew that there were people out there mocking him for that. like… everyone has their own thing. various things that make him happy and comfort them and it’s blatantly obvious that roo, his mom and his sister are three of the things that comfort and make jonghyun happy. i thought that most were aware of that already but, then again, there’s different levels that a person can “bias” or “stan” someone. but…, yeah. it’s a little mean for people to do but what can you do. what he said about the writing process was pretty sincere too.

as for people saying that he’s “faking” things for his album: … i honestly don’t know how to respond to that, lmao. he put everything into these songs. they’re a combination of him trying to relate to stories that fans and listeners of blue night sent in to him, him trying to express himself and him trying to connect with fans / listeners on a more personal level. it’s kind of wild to be that anyone who’s a fan of his would think that he’s not being genuine with what he’s released, especially these songs. he flat out said that he spent so many nights trying to perfect the songs for fans that he physically exhausted himself, and he’s went into elaborate detail in the past while releasing the demo versions of each song about what he was feeling and thinking when writing them. (there’s so many of them that i won’t link, but i’m sure you get the picture.) also: all he’s being doing over the last two days is ramble on about how grateful he is for people even giving a listen to the songs so… idk. people don’t have to like the songs or even the album; it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but…

i feel like i’ve answered a question about this recently but not in relation to this album, obviously. it’s too fresh for that, but this is how i feel about… whatever this new trend is in discrediting him:  he’s super honest and sincere and passionate in a good deal of his comments along with a combination of choosing his words very carefully and pouring a lot of emotion into them. i feel like people are still not used to it coming from him, despite how long he’s been doing blue night now, because we rarely got a chance to hear him speak so candidly before he was appointed as the dj for the show. some of his interviews in the past hinted at it but a lot of those were also from back when he was still a teenager / in his early twenties and he’s matured a lot since then. (i think he was always mature enough and playing up an image that sm handed off to him at debut until two or three years ago, but.) of course he’s going to have his moments where he lies or he “fakes” it but that’s every idol? they have an image to maintain and private lives to protect and that’s understandable / their business but i honestly feel like jonghyun is one of the more genuinely open idols around at the moment? he’s opened up so much to fans in the last year (when he honestly had no reason to; he’s been hurt a lot in the past by his own fans, look at what happened when he was dating shin se kyung) and i’m happy that. idk,

tl;dr: i think he’s an easy target for people because of how genuine he is and people have taken advantage of that.

anonymous asked:

Hi Libby:) I was just wondering. I know he's gay but I'm seriously sitting here with a well of feelings and it's so annyoing :s I don't get why I can't be more stable, it's just an interview. Plus he mentions Emily Blunt, and guilty pleasure Casey Moss Graves? :s Honestly, I know he's gay but it's like I just become this nervous wreck and really need someone to talk to, haha. Let me know if you want me to go off anon but I don't mind this being posted:) Just why does he HAVE to mention girls....

Hello nonnie! Ah yes, those annoying feelings of discomfort when the heteronormative narrative starts trying to worm back into your brain, telling you you’re wrong. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that at some point, so you’re not alone. We’re trained from birth to accept what the media says as truth, and now your mind is trying to reconcile that with all the things you know about Harry that are in direct opposition to what the media says about him. It’s enough to give the best of us some nauseating cognitive dissonance from time to time.

Sometimes you gotta take the thing that’s bugging you and break it down into its component parts to understand it better. In this case, it’s the Telehits interview, yeah? Now, Harry may or may not identify as gay–I’m pretty sure he’s not straight, but there are plenty of places on the LGBTQ+ continuum he might be, many of which would accommodate attraction to women. However, whether he’s hypothetically attracted to women in general or not, I’m pretty sure that’s not what he’s expressing here. 

So let’s look at some things:

For his “guilty pleasure,” Harry said Kacey Musgraves, who is a country singer/songwriter. How do we interpret this? Some things to consider:

  1. When Harry named Kacey Musgraves, he was talking about her music, not anything about her personally. It’s “guilty” because liking country music is not generally considered cool, especially for a guy Harry’s age. Remember a couple of years ago when he kept bringing up his obsession with that Shania Twain song, and the other boys were like, seriously dude??
  2. Harry has been doing low-key promo for Kacey on twitter and in interviews for months now. It’s unclear whether he’s just in a phase with her music, or if he’s doing it as a favor/compensated promo deal. Or both.
  3. Kacey Musgraves made a lot of waves recently with her hit song “Follow Your Arrow,” which talked about same-sex relationships. This is a big taboo in country music, and it was a big deal when the song won Song of the Year at the CMAs last month. So I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Harry got into her music through that and wanted to promote it, both for its own sake and as one more tiny thing in his series of increasingly unsubtle messages about his own sexuality.
  4. I’ve heard that Kacey Musgraves is an Azoff client, though to be honest, I can’t find any documentation of that beyond Jeff Azoff following her on twitter. But there may be a connection there.

Conclusion: Harry had a lot of time to think about it while the other boys were talking, and he saw an opportunity to get in another plug for Ms. Musgraves. Whatever his reasons, it has nothing whatsoever to do with her being a girl or him being attracted to her. If anything, her rep as an LGBTQ+ rights supporter in a very homophobic industry just points all the harder to Harry being not straight himself when he keeps bringing her up.

Okay, so the second thing you mentioned bothering you is Harry mentioning Emily Blunt when they were being asked about celebrity crushes. Things we can consider about this one:

  1. Harry initially had no intention of answering the question on his own behalf. He jumped in immediately to talk about actresses that Liam liked. It’s a good tactic—he’s talking, but deflecting it from himself, in the hopes that the interviewer won’t notice that he didn’t actually answer the question.
  2. Unfortunately, the interviewer noticed. She directly pressed him with “and how about you, Harry?” He then frowned and took a long time to consider his answer, which was:
  3. Emily Blunt. A married actress in her 30s, known mostly for indie movies and a few small mainstream parts. While she’s a lovely woman, her career has never been about sex appeal even when she was younger. She’s a nice, safe choice: a fine actress, and very unlikely to cause gossip or tabloid articles if Harry mentions her.
  4. Harry’s not necessarily 100% gay, but even if he is, gay men can admire female performers! In fact, it’s so common that many female performers are known as outright gay icons. (see: Judy Garland and the Friends of Dorothy). It doesn’t make anyone any less gay. Harry can like women without liking women, just like straight people can be fans of people their own gender. He doesn’t have to say “no hetero!” for us to know that.
  5. Also notice that Louis also did not intend to answer the question. It was Niall that brought up Louis’ old standard answer of Natalie Portman, because it was apparently Niall’s turn to be the het police in this interview.

Harry is going to talk about women sometimes. First, because he’s asked about women constantly, and he can’t dodge every question. Second, because women make up 50% of the world’s population (and we’re freaking awesome), so it’s inevitable that Harry will have friends, acquaintances, and be a fan of people who happen to be female. He’s a feminist, with strong attachments to the women in his family, and plenty of female friends. None of that is any reason to think he’s totall heterosexual when he has made such an effort to tell the world that he’s really not. 

So that was a lot of babbling, but I hope it eased your discomfort at least a little bit. I’m happy to talk more, so feel free to message me whenever, either on anon or off. :-)

My VidCon 2014 Schedule

Hi everyone!

VidCon is here and I wanted to share with you some of my plans for while I’m in Anaheim. I’ve gone to VidCon a few times now, and I have always had so much fun. Here’s (TENTATIVELY - SUBJECT TO CHANGE, CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES) some of what I’m doing at VidCon 2014 - note: if you want to make sure you can get in, come to these things EARLY. I don’t want any of you missing out!

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ladolf-hipster  asked:

i'm not the anon asking about the farro brothers but i've never really heard the 'true' story for them leaving, care to explain?

Ok, I’ve decided I AM going to publish this, after all. It’s just the links to things and what all I remember that happened. I’m not going to share my full thoughts on the matter. This is the one time I’ll do this. Do with the information what you will.

This is Josh’s exit statement. It says it’s for both Josh and Zac, but it’s pretty much just Josh’s feelings and Zac didn’t give much input, I don’t think, at that time.

This is Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy’s response; an hour long exclusive interview with MTV called “The Last Word”, where they got to tell their side of the story and explain. Watch this entire interview. It’s all very important as it is the most important stuff that ended up being the evolution of Paramore into what they are today.

Right after Josh and Zac announced they were leaving, Hayley made her now famous “Paramore is STILL a band” tweet. It was sad. But hopeful.

And about tweets, Josh made several tweets over the first couple of years since he left that were indirect digs at the band. For example, the day Monster was released in 2011, he tweeted “for what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?”, a quote from the Bible (from the book of Matthew) bitterly mocking the words of the song, Monster, that say “now that you’re gone, the world is ours”, words in which Hayley was clearly talking about Josh. The message from Josh’s tweet, in essence, calling Paramore (or Hayley) depraved or sinful. ..There are more examples, but that’s the most blatent one I can think of.

Josh and Zac also made a video of Josh pretending to play the keyboard where he was clearly making fun of Hayley. and then, he knocked the keyboard over (which Hayley did once on-stage on purpose) making it clear he was mocking her. Zac can be heard laughing hysterically throughout the video.

Anyway, that’s all there is about …THAT. Since then, Josh has not said any more about it or made any new music, despite his assurance throughout 2010 and 2011 that he was working hard on doing so. Novel American has had some troubles “finding a singer”, which I found ironic and amusing, to be honest. Today, he is married with 2 cats, and is quite active on twitter and vine.

Zac has mentioned some stuff about Paramore in recent interviews. I don’t have links but I’m sure they’re easy to find. He’s been making music and doing small tours with his new band, Half Noise. And he has spent time with his old friend, Taylor, a couple of times.

Now for the fun!!
  • So over the ships pretty sure Rucas is happening now on to the "game changing" news that's going to happen in sweet sixteen! So I'm going to try my hand at predictions! Mind you I'm bad at this stuff so bear with me lol
  • So first what we know
  • ~Everything relies on a decision (so the game changer may not happen)
  • ~Topanga has some say in the decision
  • ~Depending on the decision Cory could potentially not be their teacher anymore
  • ~It has nothing to do with money
  • ~it has nothing to do with school
  • ~there is no threat of them moving back to philly
  • ~ Cory was not offered a better job
  • ~ an opportunity did not present itself to Riley
  • ~Farkle dos not get an early acceptance to college
  • ~the game changer makes Riley Auggie and Maya sad and cry but it in itself isn't necessarily sad...it's actually good
  • ~if it happened it will affect EVERYONE including even Shawn
  • ~ Farkle does not know and his reaction should be particularly interesting
  • ~ someone if not everyone is finally going to "explode"
  • ~no one came out as gay bi etc
  • ~ may seem to the "bird watchers" (wtf is that) that it is good for rucas but in fact it isn't
  • ~ no one dies and we already said the game changer was actually good news so this is like common sense
  • ~no one is pregnant (although that honestly would be like the BIGGEST game changer of all time in my book especially if Riley was pregnant but that's like OVER pushing the envelope lol)
  • ~this game changer could potentially affect Rilaya and it seems not in a good way
  • ~Maya is not moving in with her dad
  • ~If they film the show where the game changer does happen,again, everyone will be affected and they could potentially end the show on this ( if need be i.e. Get canceled)
  • ~if no cancellation again everything will change
  • ~there is the potential to lose someone
  • ~in this episode no one is moving
  • okay so with all of this information to me the most obvious predication is that Cory, Topanga, Riley, and Auggie are potentially moving. Really the only thing that will affect everyone and the very premise of the show itself with these perimeters is them moving. Because really nothing would affect Shawn other than Maya and Katy and let's be honest most of all Cory lol. We know Maya isn't moving to her fathers but still if Maya was the one moving why would Auggie be crying and Topanga have a choice in the matter?
  • -So we know Cory didn't get a new job offer and Riley didn't get a new opportunity. I thought about maybe one of their parents got really sickly and they had to move back to be with them but nahh because of the hint the news is good and they are not moving back to philly. So this kind of only leaves either Auggie getting a new opportunity and them moving for him or Topanga once again getting a new opportunity (and I say once again because there's always something going on with Topanga esp if you watched BMW). Also as far as tying into Topangas say in the matter the girl meets world writers already said sometime in this season Riley and Topanga were going to have a huge fight and this might be the catalyst. Also there was a hint at possibly someone realizing they like another person while being in a relationship because reality has a way of making things clear with the potential of losing someone. Let's all be honest and say we now this has to do with Riley and Farkle. and also it was stated the show if canceled could easily end this way (also hinted that it's common. What's a more common way to end a series than the main character moving away). Now there was mention that no one was moving (In this episode). It was real suspicious how "in this episode" was added to meaning probably the decision hasn't been made yet about the move.
  • Well those are some of my thoughts where and why they are moving is a mystery but it might become clear soon.
  • I got all of these hints from a tumblr user who was at the live taping of the episode. I honestly forgot their username so if anyone knows it please link or something 😁 oh found its "girlmeetsherworld" I don't know how to tag people lol but there is probably more hints on that blog
  • Feel free to let me know yalls ideas
  • UPDATE: it's recommended to watch these BMW episodes "A long walk to Pittsburg 1&2" , "Graduation", Angela's Ashes, "Brave New World 1&2" now I JUST finished binge watching all of BMW so I don't even need to go rewatch but if you haven't watched these episodes then wow it's almost completely obvious lol
  • "A long Walk To Pittsburg 1&2": episode where Topanga MOVES AWAY to Pittsburg because one of her parents got transferred!!!!
  • "Graduation": episode where they graduated high school and everyone was MOVING AWAY to college and on to the next chapter of their lives. Topanga had to make the decision to go to Yale or stay with Cory (she stays with Cory lol)
  • "Angela's Ashes": Angela MOVES AWAY with her father to Europe
  • "Brave New World 1&2": last episodes of BMW everyone is preparing to MOVE AWAY and again on to the next chapter of their lives. Again, Topanga gets a job offer from a law firm in New York (hello gmw lol) and Cory and Shawn MOVE with her there
  • I mean idk how much more blatant could this get and multiple people have said watch these episodes. And can we please talk about how basically ALL of these episodes have some shit to do with Topanga? Perhaps a hint? Even though Angela was the one leaving in Angela's ashes Topanga was the one zooming around and interviewing for the New York job so The episode was about Angela but HIGH KEY Topanga.
  • Lol I'm going to stick with this moving away thing but knowing my luck it's not going to be this because it would have been "too obvious" haha
  • Another Update:
  • So after an interesting message today I'm now like 87% sure that this is happening 🙊
  • So I watched True Maya and Jexica again because those are the recommended GMW episodes to watch and let's just say in this theory I'm missing exactly who is moving (I think Riley and fam but I'm not exactly sure), why they are moving, and where they are moving
  • Let's just say that after watching those episodes I see that at least one of those answers is defiantly hinted at 👀👀
  • A hint: something pertaining to one of those three questions will be mentioned 3 times over both episodes. All of the mentions are different but they all have one thing in common. Another hint, after you watch the episodes and think about it, look back over the recaps of my BMW episodes. It's literally written right there.
  • Okay actually...after some things I realized that basically everything you need is in this theory lol just put it all together. like I said isn't there a common theme in the BMW episodes? And watch the two GMW episodes and think about what I said. All of this should answer who, why, and where (:

anonymous asked:

How are you? Hope you don't mind but I have yet another prompt for you: Sterek in school, stiles is silly and it's on the club who writes the school paper and had to interview grumpy basketball captain derek only, derek misunderstood him for a noisy person/fan so he keeps evading him, cue stalking on stiles part because he *has* to get the interview done, yep, that's the only reason, *sweats nervously*. <3

I changed it a little bit, hope you don’t mind.

“So, Derek.” Stiles practically threw himself against the locker next to where Derek was going through his own, only wincing a little because ow. “When are you gonna let me interview you?”

He had been trying to get the captain of the basketball team to sit down with him for an interview for the school paper for weeks now, but he kept getting the “I’m busy” excuse thrown in his face. Being on the school paper was great credit and getting an interview with the star player would only make what he was doing more impressive, which was exactly what he needed since he was no longer on any sports team himself.

That and Derek Hale was really attractive, and Stiles wouldn’t mind spending an hour or two looking at that face. If only he could actually get those two hours. Every time he asked, Derek would run away, and it was getting pretty annoying.

Derek shot Stiles a look and groaned, grabbing his books and slamming his locker shut. “I told you, I’m busy,” he said and hurried to walk down the hallway.

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