i'm not sure if this is what he said

Yuuri and Victor pair-skating

Okay, I’m still not over the fact that they actually skated the legit pair program because you know what does it mean? Oh, so many things. It means it wasn’t spontaneous. It means that at one point one of them said “would you like to dance an exhibition with me” (I’m 99% sure it was Yuuri and when Victor realized it’s not a joke he probably died from happiness). And it also means that they choose the music together and talk about how important this program was for both of them and what does every line of the song means and then they had to prepare matching costume for Yuuri and then Victor choreographed them a program and decided that he will be the one to offer support for Yuuri’s jumps and I’m sure Yuuri isn’t light as feather and Victor had to actually exercise a little to be able to hold him and THEN they had to practice the whole thing, like imagine Yuuri being a bit scared and embarrassed to actually lean on Victor and Victor just taking him in his arms and all that innocent holding hands a bit too long and hugging and falling on ice together I can’t is this show even real, I swear we don’t deserve such happiness.

listen i’m never gonna shut up about the look on Cas’ face after Dean said “we don’t leave family behind” because THIS is exactly what Cas has struggled with for so many years. He always gets left behind, either by the angels or by the Winchesters, and he’s never quite felt like he belongs anywhere. But for Dean to straight up tell him that they won’t leave him behind, that they would rather die trying to save him, is such a powerful moment. It was important for Cas to hear that and I hope he keeps getting these affirmations because he desperately needs them.


Deafinitely getting robbed w/ Alx James, The Gabbie Show, Meghan McCarthy, DAVID DOBRIK, Alex Ernst

[Thief 1: Get on the ground! 
Everyone else: (screaming) 
Thief 2: (In asl) Sorry, get on the ground now
p1: Okay okay! ] 

Briana and Olivia’s periscope in April 2016:

“It just hurts so much when they say Freddie isn’t real, because he is! He’s just the sweetest thing! He’s so precious, and—”

Obi-Wan Kenobi Has Never Had a Damn Day Off

Anakin’s Force Ghost: [watching very loud TV]
Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost: [sitting next to him, wearing glasses and reading a book called Coming to Terms With Your Traumatic Life]
Luke: [staring at them, annoyed] You know, eventually one of us is going to have to go talk to him. 
Anakin: [still watching TV, disinterested] …talk to who, son? 
Luke: …Ben, dad.
Obi-Wan: [smiling] Why, I’m right here, Luke. And you can talk to me any time. 
Luke: You know who I’m talking about, Obi-Wan. Knock it off. 
Anakin: …don’t sass your Obi-Wan like that, Luke. 
Luke: [shutting off the TV] GUYS. BEN. DARK SIDE. LITTLE HELP HERE. Are you seriously just going to sit here and watch soap operas while the universe goes to hell again?! One of us has to try and talk some sense into him! I think it should be one of you. 
Anakin: [immediately] Not it. [looks at Obi-Wan]
Obi-Wan: Ohhhh, no. I’ve put in my time trying to make people in this family see reason. I’m not helping that brat. It’s bad enough Leia gave him my name. 
Anakin: …there you go! He’s Ben, you’re Ben….you’re his, uh, Great Uncle? Just give him that face you always used to give me when I did something stupid. 
Obi-Wan: [makes a face]
Anakin: That’s the one! There. See? You already know what to do. You’ve got this. 
Obi-Wan: [defeated sigh]

  • Charming: I'm gonna get that lamp.
  • Hook: Mate, there is nothing I want more than to make the Evil Queen pay for what she did to Emma. But we are outgunned.
  • Hook:
  • Charming: Have you *still* not listened to that?
  • Hook: When would I have the time?
  • Charming: It's Lin-Manuel Miranda. You *make* the time.

So I’m not 100% sure of this or if someone has point this out but consider this..This is the visual novel before the game branches either to 707 or Jumin’s route. With the whole theory and such going around that Seven is aware of the whole reset stuff… What if this visual novel is actually him.. I know Rika said some similar stuff but i just get a feeling that this is not her.. They leave the name as (???)
So what if it’s Seven hinting the multiple times MC may play the game.. Especially on deep route. Meaning that he wants to experience all the good times with MC all over again… And before the game branches.. To promise him to meet him again.. To promise him you’ll take his route again.. To promise him that you’ll love him again..

Like I said.. I’m just putting this out there with the whole reset theories I’ve seen lately.. But geez… My heart aches just thinking of the possibilities.

I am legit hurt and this isn’t even real life!!! Mystic Messenger has emotionally ruined me! :(

(707 SPOILERS) Edit: HOLY SHIT I have analyzed this a little bit more and ok listen. You know how Seven and MC talked about marrying in the space station and on this visual novel it says “back on Earth” !!!1! Meaning that after he asked you to marry him (in after ending) even though it wasn’t in actual space station… Marrying there was a 707 & MC thing and he is most likely referring after the marriage up there, to meet again back on earth to pick his route & love him again and such!! Argh!! I’m so emotional!! (I know I didn’t word this correctly but I hope you understood what I meant. I need sleep. Too much feels)

sometimes i just think about the way magnus looked at alec when he said he’d give the forsaken wound some tlc, how palpable it was that he wanted to help and really wanted to heal him and make sure he was alright because he was so full of concern. it just makes me think about him actually getting to heal alec and being so damn tender with him, the cool blue at his fingertips glowing on their faces and the relief that would wash over alec’s features when the pain died down to barely a sting. magnus’s brow would be all furrowed and he’d be watching alec, pressing a hand to his chest to make sure he leaned back and relaxed and then once he was done using magic on it he’d clean the area gently, slowly and wrap it, eyes flickering to alec’s face every few minutes to check he was being gentle enough. but alec would just be staring at him with some kind of expression magnus couldn’t exactly place. a little wide eyed, a little overwhelmed maybe, and definitely just full of something. magnus wouldn’t think on it too long, focused on swapping out his shirt for a new one and then hovering by his side, fidgeting with his rings. “is there anything else i can do to make it better?” and alec’s eyebrows would go up and he’d swallow slightly, glancing away and then back. “yeah.” he’d murmur, barely a breath, still just watching him silence would settle for a beat and then he’d part his full, slightly damp lips. “kiss me.” magnus would be shocked for a second but then he’d glance down and smile, a bit surprised smile, bashful and smirking all at the same time. and he’d comply, gingerly slipping a hand into alec’s hair and closing the gap, their mouths pushing together slow and easy. alec’s fingers would come up, pressing against magnus’s chest and then curling in his shirt to pull him closer and he’d murmur something into the kiss, making magnus pull back slightly, watching him, wanting to hear what he had to say. “just… just feels good to be taken care of.” he’d mumble, and then start rambling how izzy and jace take care of him of course but it’s just special and it’s nice and he likes it and the way magnus’s magic feels and magnus would chuckle and lean in, kissing him again. “i’m glad.” he’d murmur right against his lips, moonlight spilling over the way their knees were touching and alec would sigh a happy little sigh into his mouth

Ultimate Chicken Horse
  • Aphex: I think that's a win
  • Chilled: Oh, I'm not sure
  • Galm: Not yet. We're getting there.
  • Chilled: "We're getting there". *Italian mumbling*
  • Galm: What the- what the fuck did you just say Chilled?
  • Chilled: Oh. Sorry, that was a different language.
  • *laughing*
  • Galm: I just got insulted in Italian.