i'm not sure if this is hilarious or just really bad

yall, when I was twelve I would have thought “mendel eats dirt” was hilarious. I know anthony is young but I don’t think he’s gonna break because he saw a silly meme that causes no harm. all these 20 something year olds keep writing long posts saying “I cannot believe someone would tell anthony about this, ugh he’s so young and he doesn’t deserve this” its a joke about eating dirt???? nothing innapropriate, nothing crude. really it’s not a bad thing. it’s just a silly joke that people thought anthony would like! and he did! just… treat him like a 12 year old. a normal 12 year old who finds stupid jokes funny

MBTI Types From an ENFP’s Perspective

****DISCLAIMER**** These are based largely on my encounters with these types and also on stereotypes. (SORRYYYY)

ENTJ: Okay, so, you’re super awesome, and we both know it (you know it most though). I love you but I’m also soooooo jealous of all the qualities we share but that you pull off better than me. Despite the fact that I hate you, I love you and have lots of good things to say about you.

ENTP: You are literally the best partner-in-crime EVER. Hilarious, clever, perfect for backup in an argument, and smart: you’re sure to have me in fits of hysterical laughter and hyper just being in your presence. We should really go on Ne-Dom tangents together more often… If you could only show up on time for them!

ENFJ: You’re so… perfect. Like, it makes me so happy but I can’t handle it. It bothers me that you understand me and that you ALWAYS REACT “PROPERLY” to everything. Although you can be the most frustrating person, there’s no shoulder I’d rather cry on. Thanks for always being here and caring for your self-centred ENFP friends.

ENFP: So, since I’m an ENFP, I have a lot to say about me. CAN ANY ENFP TURN THEIR MIND OFF?? Like for once I’d enjoy not having 7,000,000 things going on at once. Personal note aside, I love that my ENFP friends are so friendly to everyone. That takes a lot of courage. You guys rock!!

INTJ: Ummmm…. I’m probably going to say too much and give away the fact that ENFPs ARE OBSESSED WITH YOU (oops, was I yelling?). You have a lot going on in your head as well, and I love that you always have an entertaining fact for me to chew on. When you’re not using your powers of random facts to prevent me from boredom, your Ni-dom personality has me enthralled. You’re a puzzle that I want to figure out. I’m sorry that I’m constantly nagging and irritating you; I know you need space, but I can’t help it~~~~. 

INTP: You guys are so cute!! In a not-cuddly way. I’ve learned my lesson about hugging rationals. ;) Anyway, you have such great insight when you aren’t living in your own head! Come out and play with me soon please!  You have fabulous jokes, and you can be really amusingly cynical. Conversations with you are sure to be boredom-free.

INFJ: I love you. You are so sweet and sensitive. Thank you for showing me that planning is important and how to listen to other people’s opinions and emotions. I feel good around you; you’re very stable and intelligent. You listen to others so well! Everyone feels appreciated by you.

INFP: I want to hug you, and I feel like you would totally be okay with that. I love our conversations that often veer off-topic and quickly become unrealistic. You let me rant to you about everything, so I love you. Let’s go daydream together in the corner! I might run away if I see something interesting though… sorry!!

ESTJ: Like ESFJ, you’re great with conversation! You organize things super well, and you know how to delegate and use people’s strengths to the advantage of a team. I’m super envious of this talent! Keep playing by the rules. ;)

ESTP: You make me laugh a lot! You also have a tendency to push the limits, and sometimes the limits you push are the comforts zones of a (relatively sheltered, but I mean, I’m on tumblr) ENFP. I’m sure I’ve yelled at you a few times, but I would definitely bring you along on any and all adventures. Just, please, don’t do anything stupid… without me. ;)

ESFJ: Sometimes I over-stereotype you as the typical mean popular girls, WHICH IS SO NOT TRUE! You guys are the ones that put up with my ridiculous antics (almost hiding your eyerolls-I did see you!), and you try your best to normalize my behaviour. You truly want to be nice to EVERYONE. That’s super cool of you! Thank you. I also like how much you can talk and how you can talk about everything.  

ESFP: Please stop trying to steal my spotlight. I need a turn as centre of attention too! Hahaha… I wish I could honestly be okay with you having the spotlight… Let’s try to be friends… or at least call a truce? Your style is great, so I’m super envious of that too. You know full well that everyone admires you. Your confidence is awesome. Thumbs up for that! 

ISTJ: Your loyalty and commitment to projects and people deeply astound me. I wish I could keep focus and see things through to the very end like you. Don’t let the INTJs steal your thunder! Your knowledge is coupled with a devotion and focus to your subjects of choice; that is awesome. You are also unrelentingly devoted to the people you care about, which makes you an irreplaceable part of so many people’s lives. Keep being wonderful. 

ISTP: Let’s go off and be curious together! Of course, I’ll do the watching while you tinker with that… And please don’t cut off your hand with that saw… Umm… You’re really god with your hands, and what you do is art even if it might not be conventional. I’ve been told that you’re good in a crisis, so I know who to call next time I’m crying hysterically… I mean, next time my car breaks down.
(NOTE: I’m sorry this one is sooooo stereotypical; I can’t think of anyone I know who fits this type. :( If you exist and read this, please send me a message explaining your outrage so that I can get to know you!!  :D )

ISFJ: You have such a big heart and you are so humble! I love talking to you because you make me feel big and important (sometimes I need an ego stroke, I’m sorry!), but you also leave me in awe with how you speak about yourself. When you want something, you go after it, and when you get that thing, you don’t feel the need to rub it in people’s faces. I can learn a lot from you!

ISFP: The deep talks we have are amazing. I love your perspective on the world! You get very fixated on projects and hobbies, so you know and do a lot of cool things. I admire you a lot. Sometimes you’re very scatterbrained like me, so it’s nice to have someone to sympathize with!