i'm not sure if its quality is good or not

Inside the head of a multiple
  • Me: goes to store to buy pens…
  • Inside: OOOH PINK!! We need other colors too. Why did we come to Staples again? Pens. Why pens? We have journals now so we need pens to write with. Can I have my own color? Me too!? Yeah sure. We do NOT need to spend that much money! Yeah I agree… but those are good quality. OMG PASTEL!! I don't like pastel. SMELLY PENS!! No… pwease? Let's get back on track; different colored pens for our jour… NOTEBOOKS! No! Pens! Omg why is everyone talking at once……… bc we can? Fair point. Okay here's two choices everyone, let's vote. It's split down the middle? Fuck. Okay I'm just picking this one. No! Yes! Fine…

So I have finally gotten around to doing the SJM Accent Challenge! I tried uploading it straight to tumblr, but the file was too big, so it had to be uploaded to Soundcloud instead. I hope I wasn’t the only one that faced that problem! I just couldn’t stop talking about the loves of my life.

(Also, I attached my profile pic to the file and now it appears on here and it’s ginormous? How do I remove it? Someone please help.)


I want to thank @acotag for tagging me. I can’t believe anyone would want to hear me go on and on about these books, but I mean, here we are, so…

The Questions:

- State your name and username

- Where are you from?

- Pronounce the following words:

Feyre Archeron, Rhysand, Cresseida, Thesan, Rhoe Galathynius, Illyrian, Manon, Abraxos, Prythian, Lucien, Ianthe, Suriel, Bryaxis, Carridwen and Nuala, Elide, Velaris, Rowan Whitethorn, Chaol Westfall, Yrene Towers, Nehemia Ytger, Rifthold, Adarlan, Crochan, Kaltain Rompier, Sorscha, Dorian Havilliard, Lyria, Asterion horse, Valg, Eyllwe, wyrdmarks, rowaelin, feysand (and Lorcan).

- How did you find out about the books?

- When did you start reading them?

- Favourite character from TOG and ACOTAR

- Have you read Assassin’s Blade? Do you plan on reading the ACOTAR novellas?

- Favourite ship(s)?

- Read a page from your favourite book from TOG or ACOTAG

- Which scene destroyed you the most?

- If you read fanfiction name your favourite or some of your favourites.

- Fave headcanons?

- Favourite quote(s)?

- If you could choose any piece of media to readapt the Maasverse in, what would you choose? (e.g.: movie(s), tv show, animation, a musical, video games, etc.)

- TOG or ACOTAR? Why?

- Which would be your ACOTAR Court? Why?

- And last but not least, say 3 unpopular opinions. Do it, go off.

Thank you again, to anyone who took the time to listen to this and to @acotag for tagging me.

I am going to tag @stormsqueen and anxiously await to see if she decides to do this. (I warned you this was coming.)

I also want to tag @squaddreamcourt , because I am in love with her dark fics and if she hasn’t done this challenge yet I would also love for her to explain herself and why she hasn’t updated one of my favourite fics yet. :P

Also, if you haven’t done this either, I would love for @the-bookish-soul , @toomuchdamage , @coffeesugarcream , @cruelwickedthing , @kitashiwrites , @kristyjay , @tacmc@bathtubbarrister and @dancingdarkling to take their turn answering those questions.

And, lastly, I want to tag some of my followers that for some reason have been showing my blog more love than it deserves lately. I notice you in the notifications all the time and I get really excited! So here it goes: @literarynonsense , @night-and-stars-eternal , @high-lady-of-perranth , @fictiongirl17 , @sharingoxygenwithyou .

If anybody else wants to do this, consider yourself tagged. You can also message me and I will add you to the “official” list of tags if you want to.

I am really excited to listen to all of your accent challenges! Don’t forget to tag or message me so I don’t miss any! :)

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Partners in crime.  | for @julietta-gg  ♥

  • Me: I like McHanzo sure, but IDK man, I'm just not that into it like everybody else...
  • Me: [sees anything McHanzo related that contains Bottom!McCree]
  • Me: [kicks down the McHanzo fandom's door while holding up my Bottom!McCree cup]

I was going to paint this in full color but then I thought the grayscale was kind of neat

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I want to make a comic but I'm horrible at drawing, like, I'm sure there are 8 year olds that draw better than I do. Are there any good comics you can think of with horrendous, terrible art?

Øyvind Thorsby makes some of my absolute favorite comics ever. the strength of his writing carries his comics

super mega comics also have “low quality” art

dinosaur comics uses the same comic formula with the same clip art every day

xkcd is stick figures

good writing can elevate a webcomic above its art as long as the art is as utilized as efficiently as possible

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Yes, it's true. I did plagiarized your story I seriously didn't mean it. It was a dumb mistake I just didn't have any good ideas at the time and this story sounded good so posted and changed the character name I know this is a terrible excuse but I'm truely sorry, I made sure to delete the smut and honestly every other story that I've written are not by other writers, I promise you... ~Thegirlthatlikesasianboys โค

Regardless of not having ideas, you don’t steal from someone else. Your excuse is pure bullshit, you just wanted to be recognized for writing quality fics which it seems that you’re incapable of doing so. Now I’m just being civil bc I’m not trying to ruin your day. But that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. If yo ass had any damn sense, you could’ve wrote a fic like that and CREDITED Lily. Stealing was your ‘only’ route out bc yo ‘no talent’ having ass had nothing better to do. Get all the way the fuck outta here with that shit. You lucky she won’t sue ya thieving ass.

- soul 👻

Here’s a few tips doll: there’s these things called prompts & AUs and there are multiple blogs that post and produce them to share ideas for writers who don’t have ideas. So go follow one, and give them CREDIT for THEIR ideas. Stay the fuck off of this blog and any of our sister blogs and write your own shit. Not too hard, right? I was a lot less nice when I first saw your message this morning but now I feel bad for you and your lack of uniqueness and quality, after seeing it was MULTIPLE FICS and after reading your FAKE ASS APOLOGY. Delete them all and not just Lily’s and sit the fuck down and produce your own work. 

 -Blossom 🌸

I’m sitting here, trying to think of what I should say then I realized…

you’re irrelevant, lack ingenuity, talent, and you do not deserve my time.  


In this moment I’m still far too pissed to adequately express myself without hurting your feelings as deeply as you’ve hurt me. So I’m going to come back later on and really make sure you understand what you’ve done. –Lily.

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If you're looking for a good quality entry-level turntable I'd recommend the audio-technica lp-60 ๐Ÿ˜Š I did my research a couple of months back and it was the only cheap turntable (for sale in Aus) that I couldn't find a single bad review on. I'm pretty sure jb sells them for about $160, but a few places sell them online for cheaper (I got mine from storeDJ). If you're willing to pay more, the lp-120 is the next model up and it's spoken very highly of in the audio-phile community

this is really helpful thanks


Merlin Ships Fest {Mithian/Elena}

Day 3: Parallels {Both Mithian and Elena are betrothed to Arthur Pendragon. In both cases, the marriage is called off.}

Main theme for the Owari no Seraph Musical. (The end version)

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Why is making you feel bad?

//aaa it’s because I was trying to rush and my art quality was decreasing and i hate releasing art that I don’t feel like is good so that started hecking with my mood, also i knew at one point spirit was gonna crash into masky’s room (and it’d be ooc if it didn’t) so i was trying to rush the M!A before that could happen because I didn’t want it to, and also this M!A, I realized, is only interesting if Spirit actually talked to Masky during it. Aside from that it was acting totally normal so it wasn’t really fun

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Do you know if it's alright to keep owls as pets? I keep seeing vids of pet owls and I'm not sure how safe/smart it is to be keeping a bird of prey in your home LOL

Flat out, it’s a horrible idea. Most of those videos seem to come from Japan, where it’s the current new pet craze. It’s not safe, nor a good quality of life for the birds. 

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hi there! you've been one of my biggest inspirations for about four years now, and there's so much i've wanted to ask you. but most of all, i want to ask you if you have any tips for things like art portfolios. i'm currently getting ready to start putting one together, but i'm not exactly sure how/where to start. i know that it's important to involve a wide range of mediums/objective drawings/etc, but i feel like i'm missing something. any advice is appreciated, thank you!

Okay, so there are really two kinds of portfolios. One for getting into school, one for work.

If you’re trying to put forward together a portfolio for a school, do this:
1) See if you can find first year students who go to the school, and take a look at their portfolios. You can gauge about how “good” the average student is there and make sure your work is that quality or higher.
2) Read the portfolio requirements
3) Read them AGAIN
4) Make sure you’re following the portfolio requirements for the specific school 100%. If you have a representative from the admissions office helping you out, ask them as many questions as possible; whats your weakest piece, strongest piece, etc
5) Slim it down. Take out stuff you aren’t 100% confident in. If a piece is weaker than all the rest it WILL stand out. 
6) Boost the hell out of your life-drawing skills. Like if you have the time, take an entire month and do at least 3 hours of life drawing EVERY DAY. Fundamental skills are SO IMPORTANT for getting into school. Its usually what schools are looking for.
7) Best piece first, second best piece last, third best piece directly in the middle. 

Okay, so if you’re not building a portfolio to get into art school, you’re probably just building one for work. A lot of the same concepts apply but you aren’t following guidelines, which means you’re free to have your artistic voice shine through a little more. 
First tip is if you’re making a portfolio to get a SPECIFIC job, go research the hELL out of other people who have that job, or a similar job! Go look up a ton of portfolios and write down the aspects that seem to come through across the board. Like, a portfolio for a weapons designer for video games is gonna look REALLY different than a portfolio for someone who wants to do storyboarding for animation. If you want a specialized job, build a specialized portfolio. Don’t throw figure drawings into a portfolio for a a 3D automobile modeling job.

If you’re not aiming for a specific job, but rather just a broad “illustration career” kinda like me, here are the steps I took in building my portfolio:

1) Show a range of work. Illustrators don’t have to be specialized; showing a broad range of ability that will prove you’re competent with a bunch of mediums and subjects is the right idea. 
2) Don’t include a lot of studies or exercises, rather include finished work that displays what you learned from those studies and exercises. 
3) Research. Research illustrators you look up to and see what they’ve included in their portfolio, how they’ve laid it out, etc. 
4) Ask for people’s opinions about which of your pieces seem strongest, weakest, which jump out to them immediately. 
5) Again, take out pieces that have weaknesses, or fix those weaknesses. Don’t include half-assed art. Don’t assume someone will know that you were just lazy on the anatomy in this piece, but can really do it much better if you tried harder. Take out pieces you didn’t put 100% of your effort into.
6) Don’t ever treat your portfolio as something that you’ll “finish making”. It’s a representation of your best work, and hopefully you should be making new best work all the time, so your portfolio will be ever changing.
7) When you get jobs, as your employers/clients which pieces drew their attention! Which piece landed you the job? If you DONT get a job and feel comfortable asking, ask them which pieces showed them you WERENT ready, and what other people had included that make them a more viable candidate.
8) Even though its good to be broad, don’t include stuff in mediums you don’t feel you excel at yet. If you’re JUST getting started at oil painting, you probably shouldn’t include the third oil painting you’ve ever done. If digital is your thing, your portfolio should be mostly digital. If its acrylic, mostly acrylic. Etc.

Thats about all I can think of right now! If you need any more specific help let me know. And this is all just stuff I’ve picked up that’s worked for me, anyone feel free to disagree and tell me why! 

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I'm so happy to know that the pilot of the series will be airing very soon, although I wonder if it will be the typical short pilot or some lengthy one that will make me want to compress March, April, May, June (FINALLY!!) I'm really hoping for a good pilot. Another thing, for a typical animated 2D, it's design is so beautiful!!! The one with Rapunzel and Max?? Soo cute, and finally the cast!!! That is one perfect set of cast!!! I'm badly waiting for this pilot....

I don’t know if you’d consider February to be “very soon,” cause I sure don’t! XD

The premier is a TV movie-length feature, and @kritter-art recently said that to her, the story feels like feature animation quality, so I’m sure that it’s going to give us a delicious taste of things to come and leave us wanting. Wanting and waiting and craving for the genuine start of the series and OMG do we really have to wait until February?! That’s nine months away! We could have a baby in that time!


Kait clarified what she meant here, and it seems I was a little off in my interpretation of what she said.

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My boyfriend is really good looking and sweet and funny, but when I try making cosplays for him, I feel like I'm not getting appreciated enough (like how Sylar is for you) :(( I suggest to make things out of cheap material like craft foam and he feels it's not good enough quality for him. What do I do?? Advice on couples supporting each other when cosplaying?

You HAVE to communicate with him. You have to tell him exactly what you told me. You have to. And make sure to stress that its not that you wouldnt LIKE to do quality stuff, but its just not something your capable of, and he needs to tell you thats okay.

“Look, I think you don’t appreciate the work that I’m doing. I just really wanna cosplay with you – but the process your asking for is out of my skill level right now, so it makes me feel stressed.”

“If you want your cosplay a specific way, and its a way that I’m not skilled at, you need to try and make it yourself or get it commissioned.”

Sometimes if Sylar looks at something and tells me, “But in the game its hyper detailed and gradient dyed.” I usually just say to him back “Yeah and now its not, because I don’t know how to do that. And if you want that, you do it.” Then Sylar usually just laughs it off and agrees not to complain. Because he knows he can’t either. And in the end, he wants to BE the characters more than he doesn’t. And he would rather go inaccurate than not at all. 

But remember too anon, if he doesn’t care that much and would rather go without a cosplay at all – Cosplay might not be for him. 

Don’t let someone who isn’t passionate about the hobby make you feel bad for how you do it. Even if its your boyfriend. 

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So I have been thinking and I'm not sure which option is better. Is it better for the show to have 10 mil after adjusted ratings for the première or is it better for it to go down some 0.25. Would a bigger drop be more beneficial or a low selling point? I'm not sure I want the première to go down too low mainly because I love the fact that in 3 episodes they fell from 10.2 to 7.92. Its quite telling and if they continue to have this drop I'll be a happy person.

And by ‘happy’ you mean gleeful, in hope that they’ll finally see that the paths they’ve chosen are not the good ones, and that they’ll go back to quality storytelling? *nod nod*. I think that by being super clear about the particulars of their current dumbifying/slash/toxic (take your pick) formula, we might see the feedback from audience in an even more interesting light. So, a mild but significantly alarming drop would be good? And then, fingers crossed that they’ll get over themselves (their egos, and hubris—which Mr.Horowitz at times shows on Twitter, by not really being able to take even the most constructive of criticisms?) and take a good hard look back, and realise that what the formula they had in S1 (character-driven plot, three-dimensional depth of each character as well as great inter-dynamics) could’ve given them steady, stable loyal viewership.

And that that it is infinitesimally better than quick chase of frivolous superficial target-audience-of-a-semiseason (only briefly entertained with shallow fake dramarama of their ‘love stories’ they seem to be placing all their bets on) that simply can’t stick. No?