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Thor Started It

@tin-can-iron-man here’s a ficlet for all the merch

Thor started it. First of all, no one else was going to buy stuff, but Thor came to Tony with a question about internet shopping. “You’re…buying Captain America boxers?” 

“Yes,” Thor says. “They are silk, and therefore very comfy. It also shows my support for our Captain.” Tony shrugs. Not the weirdest thing he’s heard, but it’s up there. 

Natasha and Clint are next. Clint keeps on tweeting that he wants more Black Widow merch, mainly because Natasha hates it, and he gets his wish. Clint proudly wears his Black Widow socks. 

Except the laundry situation is kind of confusing, so they end up in Tony’s closet, and since he’s such a disaster on four hours of sleep, he wears them to a press conference and gets outed. 

“Get your own merchandise!” Clint yelled across the table at the conference. Tony sticks his tongue out. 

“Maybe I will.” Tony tweets a picture of Iron Man and Hulk merchandise. Bruce nearly screams as he realizes that someone specially ordered silk pajamas with embroidered hulk fists at the cuffs. 

They eventually all buy merchandise and stuff from the other avengers. Bruce wears mostly Hawkeye and Thor stuff, even stealing Thor’s cape to wear one day when it was cold in New York. “You’re a god, I’m not,” Bruce says, snuggling with it. “Besides, I look better in red anyway.” 

This escalates to just stealing each other’s clothes. Tony keeps stealing Thor’s sweatshirts, and Clint keeps stealing Bruce’s khaki pants when he needs to impress somebody. 

It escalates to the point when Iron Man steals one of Captain America’s cowls to wear over the helmet. The press has a field day with that after Iron Man crashes into a wall. 

They have to have a talk after they find thirteen dress shirts for men in Natasha’s closet and realize that Bruce was the one that kept stealing all of the sweatshirts. “Guys we have to stop stealing clothes that people notice are not ours,” Tony says. “People are getting ideas.” 

The team still steals each other’s clothes. Tony just doesn’t get photographed with the Black Widow socks as often. 


One day i’m going to be able to purge myself from the itch to fanart for shows that I love/hate. today, unfortunately, is not that day.

I love that God is canonically bisexual.


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


i know i want a world where people trust the chantry, and their trust is respected

Sketched a science boy and a good boy having tea between other projects. :3c

hello it’s me again, there’s this musical called “daddy long legs” which if you haven’t heard of it already, go look it up asap

  • Magnus: Michelangelo was great in bed.
  • Magnus: I know because I slept with him.
  • Magnus: Because I'm attracted to men.
  • Magnus: 'Cause I'm not straight.
  • Magnus: Like SUPER not straight!
  • Alec: .....
  • hi, it’s me, back at it again w/ the (mostly) non-sexual intimacy
  • I would very much like to discuss soft baths and andreil today bc i had a fucking fantastic bubble bath and i think everyone should have more of them so buckle up my dudes
  • (also we’re operating in a little au in which college dorms have baths bc i do what the fuck i want) 
  • it starts mostly just bc andrew likes to have baths, he likes to sit there for ages in the soapy water and let it relax his muscles after tough training for stupid sports and adds hot water when it gets cold and he is short enough that his whole body can be under water (lucky bastard) 
    • he likes to hold his breath under water and enjoy how everything feels muffled and distant and separate and like nothing else matters for a minute so he usually has baths when he’s having a bad day, with a locked door and soft pyjamas and hot chocolate waiting for when he comes out
  • it also happens in part bc Allison likes two things a lot 
    • 1 - buying things for her friends
    • 2 - lush bath bombs 
  • so she combines this and decides that neil Needs some bath bombs bc we all know this boy is shit at self-care so allison is trying to get him to take actual care of himself bc she is an Excellent friend 
  • one day she comes to visit armed with a bag of lovely smelling stuff, shoves it at neil and tells him to take a fucking bath 
  • neil is sorta stunned (poor boy still isn’t great at accepting gifts but between andrew’s eden’s outfits and allison’s enthusiasm for gift-giving he’s been getting better) and he just sort of mumbles out a thank you and allison gives his cheek a soft pat
  • neil takes them all back to his dorm and lays them all out and smells them all and some are too strong but most of them are so nice and he actually likes the idea of them a lot and makes plans to take an actual bath this weekend for the first time in years 

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hello! I was wondering if you had any tags or reasons on why people hate Ben Winston? I don't know if it's like common or not but I couldnt stand him ever since that 40 minute 1d interview... and he's buds with James cordon so I'm not sure if he's like an actual jackass or if it was just that one time... thank you!!! :-)

Hi! so yeah, it’s definitely common for people to loathe ben winston (and with good reason).

1) the four livestream is really only the tip of the iceberg but it really turned a lot of people off because it showed him very clearly siding with simon/OT over the boys. 

louis in particular was so uncomfortable and tense throughout it. and of course we can’t forget that bullshit 2.0 came like the day after the livestream because louis wouldn’t let ben winston bully him into giving another larry denial. @louis_ homophobic tweets to jenn selby were his punishment for not playing along on camera.

oh yeah and ben also mocked fans and trashed people who write fic. it’s pretty  much just 40 minutes of nastiness:

2) he’s TERRIBLE at his job. all of his videos post-stroy of my life suck. 

he’s lazy and doesn’t bother actually putting any effort into anything. in fact, he straight up plagiarized another band’s music video and copied it for ‘you and i’.

he throws other people under the bus for his own mistakes (blaming gabe turner for the ending of the history video rather than acknowledging that he too was responsible for the final cut.)

3) he’s an asshole to fans who dare to ask for diversity in videos. in ‘night changes’, all the hands of the girls going on dates with the boys were white and when people asked for better racial representation he basically told them to stop complaining and ‘use their imagination’ to pretend they’re white (???)

4) he’s tweeted some really nasty misogynistic things during the last fifa world cup about how ‘wives and kids shouldn’t be on the pitch’ to celebrate with their husbands when their team wins because football shouldn’t be ‘soft’ and there’s no place for them there.

5) during mitam promo on james corden’s show/carpool karaoke he was a total dick to fans who asked why he’d unnecessarily cut extra footage of the boys going through the mcdonalds drive-thru (he’s always a condescending dick to fans).

6) he always chooses to back the official company line over his friendship with the boys (there was this awkward incident where he retweeted a richard lawson vanity fair article with a casual larry mention in it and then backtracked like a moron when antis/hets pointed it out (richard shaded him though which was great).

so yeah tl;dr it’s not just a one time thing. he’s an actual jackass.

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hot mess/troublemaker nct would honestly kill me! but whatever group you do i'm sure it'll be amazing!! i always check up on your blog cos i love your writing so much it's my absolute favourite!! have a lovely day! 💌

soooo,,,,i got into a mood where i really wanted to do troublemaker!you and good boy!taeyong,,,,so here you all go,,,,,,,,,,,

  • taeyong,,,,is the most polite student on campus,,,who is always kind of quiet but is that student that holds the door open for 30423 other people and who (when pestered by johnny enough) will give up his notes in exchange for nothing at all,,,,,
  • likes to show up to class exactly 5 minutes early and keeps his pens color coded and organized,,,,,
  • but also has the face and body of a model so no one understands how he’s such a ???? soft boy ???? how is he not always staring at his reflection because what??? the higher powers really spent their time with him????
  • but yeah,,,,taeyong has never even shown an inkling of understanding to how hot the student body of this college finds him and he’s more inclined to get super duper red and shy if you as much as compliment him on his shirt
  • you on the other hand,,,,,,,,,,,let’s just say you’re nowhere as tidy and as diligent as taeyong neither are you as meek LOL
  • most of the time you’re kicking up your legs on the desk in class, texting on your phone,,,,,,even chewing gum loud enough that the teacher can even hear it
  • and you’re never one to let gossip about you go,,,,so you’ve been in a couple of arguments with a couple of people on campus and let’s just say,,,,,,,,you’re not trying hard to sell the ‘good college student image’ to anyone 
  • and taeyong’s freshly pressed shirts, clean sneakers, and pleated trousers are a stark contrast against your,,,,,,,,,,messier choices
  • and taeyong,,,,of course knows who you are,,,,,but out of everyone in all your class he’s never even bothered to entertain any of the rumors about you. he’s also,,,,never bothered you with (what you deem) to be useless, almost offensive questions
  • and you don’t know what it is about him,,,,,,,but you secretly agree,,,,,,,he is ,,,,,a handsome boy,,,,
  • and you friends will bring him up and call him the goody two-shoes,,,teachers pet,,,,,,,blah blah blah,,,,,but you,,,,,you always go along with it but inside,,,,you’re kinda like why the HELL do i want to hold that losers hand,,,,,,,,
  • but it bothers you,,,,because,,,,,,taeyong doesn’t really pay attention to anything but his books so one day you walk over to his table,,,,give one glance to boy sitting beside him and that boy scurries off 
  • and as you sit yourself down beside him taeyong doesn’t even look up and you’re like UGH,,,,,,,,,,so you’re like hey, you
  • and taeyong is looking around and then looks at you,,,,,lowering his eyes and stuttering out ‘m-me?’ and you’re like YEAH WHO ELSE,,,,,,,,wait ok sorry for that,,,,,,but yeah you can i see your book? i never bought the book for this class
  • and taeyong’s wide eyes get even,,,,,wider because he’s like,,,,,,we’re almost halfway through the sem- and you’re like yeah yeah boy i know let me see your book
  • and this is your first time,,,,,,,talking to taeyong and,,,,even though for the next three weeks you sit beside him he literally doesn’t try to initiate conversation and you’re convinced he hates you,,,,maybe he heard about that rumor about you,,,,or maybe he just finds you annoying
  • and it simultaneously pisses you off but also makes you embarrassed and it’s driving you nuts,,,,,,,,
  • but on the day where you got into a big mix up with this one person in the campus cafeteria and had basically come out of it unscathed,,,,just a slight cut across your hand and some minor scartches,,,,,as you’re coming into class
  • plopping down beside taeyong you’re shocked when you hear his voice again after so long and it asks,,,,,,,if you’re ok
  • and you look at him and taeyong like immediately apologizes because he thinks you’re pissed lmao but you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,im fine,,,,,,,,,
  • and he’s like oh! good! sorry,,,,,,,
  • and that’s the last straw who the heck does he think he is being this freaking fine,,,,,and then????? actually so sweet?? and you get up and you’re like TAEYONG
  • and he almost drops out of his damn seat and he’s like y-y—yEs,,,,and you’re like “outside, i need to talk to you” and the class is like RIP BUDDY
  • but as taeyong follows you into a corner in the hallway he’s surprised when he sees that you’re not,,,,,,,going to end his life,,,,,but instead you’re completely red in the face
  • and he’s like oh no i don’t think you’re ok - and you’re like IM NOT and he’s like IM SORRY and you’re like NO ITS BECAUSE OF YOU OH MY GOD JUST HOLD MY HAND OK?
  •  and taeyong is like OK YES GIVE ME YOUR HAND and without realizing you do and you’re standing there,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and taeyong is literally Shaking,,,,,he’s holding your hand,,,,,,of all people
  • and you’re like also shaking inside not on the outside because he?????Agreed to hold your hand????? out of fear???????/ what???//
  • but taeyong suddenly squeezes your hand and faintly you hear him go,,,,,,,it’s smaller than mine,,,,,,,,and you’re like GFHODGEFS
  • and taeyong is like SHOULD I LET GO,,,,and you’re like suddenly he has such a loud voice holy shit is he as nervous as me
  • and you’re like NO I LIKE IT OK DONT YOU DARE LET GO
  • and taeyong is like OK I WONT IM SORRy
  • and you guys stand there,,,,,,,,for what seems like twenty damn minutes and finally you let go and taeyong is like,,,,,,,,,,,i-is there anything else you want from me??? and you’re like i kinda wanna kiss you too but,,,,i think we need to build up to that stage,,,,,
  • and taeyong swallows and you’re like,,,,,BUT if you don’t want to just tell me i won’t be mad - i promise i wont do anything
  • but taeyong is fiddling with the cuffs of his shirt but he’s like n o,, n,,,,,o i ,,,,,,,,,,,want,,,,,,,to,,,,,,,you’re,,,,can i say this?
  • and you’re like??????// sure
  • and he’s like “you’re,,,,,,,,,cute,,,,,i think so,,,,,,,im sorry was that out of line,,,,,,,” and you’re like blushing because no one has ever called you cute ???? before??????/ no on has ever had the guts but here taeyong is,,,,,, not the meek boy you thought he was 
  • but you grin and you’re like No,,,,,,i like it call me cute more often and you pat his back and suddenly you’re not as embarrassed because hehe taeyong,,,,,,the good boy likes you,,,,,,,,
  • but taeyong is like ?!?$#@LT:59ujgfds ?@??#$? in his heart because is it true - is this a dream - do you really like him - did he just hold your hand - he’s going into sensory overload - oh my god you guys skipped the first half hour of claSS,,,,,,,,but oh my god his significant other is the most feared person in school oh my god,,,,,,,,,,but also you’re the cutest person in school ,,,,to him,,,,,,,should he say that outloud again???????

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Hey this might be a little weird but you seem to be good at finding videos? There's this one video of jungkook where he does a literal slut drop on stage and it's really funny bc for some reason he's super good at it??? I'm pretty sure it happens during one of those times where it's after a show and they're all dancing randomly? sorry that's all I remember about it and I've been looking everywhere

It’s for Jimin & Jungkook’s ‘ Coming of age ceremony’ cover. It was during HAPPY BTS DAY PARTY FOR 2016: 

  • Jikook performance only HERE
  • Full BTS Party Ok.Ru HERE
  • Full BTS Party Openload HERE 
  • Full BTS Party MediaFire HERE

But there is also the BTS bomb for the practice and rehearsal of the dance: 

Originally posted by gotmeolk

Also there ThisBTS episode where they won 1st place at Music Bank with ‘RUN’ and ALL slut dropped HERE (aniere007 sent this one of JK HERE)

A conversation between a Gryffindor boy and a Slytherin girl
  • Gryffindor: *In the nurse's office with a broken arm* So, what're you in for?
  • Slytherin: *Broken leg in cast* My practice dual got a little...Competitive. What about you?
  • Gryffindor: I /could/ tell you that I got in a fight, but the truth is that i tried to use a blanket as a sled when I went down the stairs.
  • Slytherin: Ah. Well, who hasn't tried sliding down the stairs at some point?
  • Slytherin: I mean, you're the first I've heard of that broke a bone, but still.
  • Gryffindor: Well, what about your dual? How's your opponent?
  • Slytherin: *Points to a knocked out student in a cot* I won.
  • Gryffindor: *Chuckles* Clearly. You seem very good at duals.
  • Slytherin: I would say you seem good at stair sledding, but...*Gestures to arm*
  • Gryffindor: Actually, I'm pretty good at it.
  • Slytherin: *Doubtfully* I'm sure.
  • Gryffindor: Well, the second we're out of here, I'll show you.
  • Slytherin: *Smirks* You're going to have to prove yourself, since you haven't so far.
  • Gryffindor: You'll have to show me your skills, since I haven't seen those yet.
  • Slytherin: *Smirks* But I've proved mine.
  • Gryffindor: *Fake winces* You wound me.
  • Slytherin: *Laughs and points at arm* At least I didn't actually wound you.
  • Gryffindor: Now you're just being mean.
  • Slytherin: It's not mean if it's funny.

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Hey Kurt, I'm sure you've probably answered this before, but do you have any tips for making a person's Gemsonas all unique from one another? Cause you seem to be pretty good at it! (LOVE all of your Gems btw!!!!<3)

Its a mix and match game! Even in the show, as an example some character’s have the same type of face shape, but have a different type of nose shape. You can even come up with your own or mix 2 different things together!

So mix and match or mix them together!

Gem type, placement of gem, and personality is all up to you.
Clothing can be whatever you want, I would try basing it off of personality or gem type job, but if you are trying to go closer to canon (like homeworld gems), look at different canon homeworld outfits, and go from there.

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I hate to ask, but school is kicking my butt and I'm really stressed out, do you have any headcanons with the batfamily being "smart"? Like, doing detective things or something? Please only respond if you want to/feel like it. I don't want to be a bother. Thank you.

Hmmm I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking for, but I’ll give it a shot?

  • So Damian didn’t know who his father was until pretty late in the game, BUT I think we can assume that he did hear Ra’s and Talia talk about his dad a few times when he was little. Thing is, they don’t generally use Bruce’s name. They call him “The Detective.”
  • That being the case, I always figured lil Damian ran around thinking “I too will be a detective” and playing at investigation, which would probably boil down to sneaking around in order to overhear as much as possible. For the record, I don’t think he ever dropped that habit.
  • I also think that lil Damian was obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, since Holmes is probably the most famous literary detective around. I happen to know that when Tim was fourteen, he was a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society (Detective Comics #618), so I figure they’ve got that bit in common. We are, however, talking about Tim and Damian, so when I say “something in common,” what I mean is “something to compete over.”
  • On top of the expected squabbling about the merits of different media adaptations, odds are they have contests where they both try to observe somebody and deduce as much information as possible. It’s not the kind of thing Bruce would discourage. They are supposed to be cultivating those skills, plus Bruce loves Holmes too. Another thing Bruce enjoys is showing up his children, so it works out well for him. He’s very, very good at that game.
  • So is Dick. Cass is a specific kind of good at it, because of the body language thing. They don’t make their guesses to their subject’s face, so Babs (also a talented player) fact-checks electronically as much as possible. It’s a decent way to pass time on slow patrols. They call it a training game.

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Any advise for writing midterms that you have in no way prepared for?

well, step one is gonna be prepare for your midterms. its a bad idea to go on an op if you have no intel.

otherwise? review your material as thoroughly as you can and then sleep on it. i have been told by several scientists that sleeping on info helps integrate it into your brain better. personally my experience has been the exact opposite but im told that has a lot to do with the brainwashing every time i woke up. whatever works for you i guess.

read your prompts carefully. use your first paragraph to restate the question as a statement, (or vice versa) and then answer that question as logically as you can. when interrogating someone, a good technique can be simply restating the facts they’ve already given you in a way that implies that you 1. already knew that and 2. know a lot more besides.  you dont, of course, actually know more, but people fill in the blanks. ominous silence can also be very effective. people tend to babble. not sure how that translates to essay writing but if you decide to kidnap your professor and interrogate them for midterm answers its a good thing to keep in mind. 

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Do you have any idea why they would've done this? I know the show was expensive but I don't understand and I honestly can't believe it ):

I genuinely have no idea, like literally this morning I had no worries I thought that the show was completely safe so? This has really thrown me? 

I definitely do think it’s going to be an expense thing. Like it wasn’t only Sense8 that was cancelled, there were a LOT of shows cut apparently, and although we do have a big fandom the show is very divisive in some ways and maybe just a tad bit too ambitious to reach all audiences and so a combination of that and the very very large expenses means that from a financial point of view its not viable or worth it?

And that really sucks for all the people that the show has helped and whose lives have been made better because of its example.

All the people that were helped to feel more comfortable in their sexuality or gender, all the people struggling with race and gender issues who have been inspired, all the people who watched this show and felt hope for once because their experiences were represented on screen in a way it’s never usually been shown. 

All those people will be crushed, because having that hope and having it suddenly, with no warning taken away is such a hard thing to process. Like I know its just a show, but for so many people it’s more than that, and it’s just horrible to know that something that means so much could possibly be axed simply on numbers. 

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We ever gonna see Matt all bloodied up after nomming on someone again? Preferably after nomming on...George Glass, lol.

lol maybeee.. i have a few summer plans for the kids and since they’re out of school right now Matt can have more freedom to do as he please.