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Corseque, my meta tends to be wild guesswork and based 99% on intuition, but I was wondering what you thought about both Rey and Kylo saying "you're the one who turns"? Because to my absolutely incomplete knowledge, the force has never lied. I don't think there's ever been a case where someone has said "the Force said this!" and then it turns out they were absolutely wrong. But, what I'm getting at here (and I've just gotten ohtze's Kill the King meta up to read, so bear with me if I'm (1/2)

saying the same thing, but the movie presents their reactions to the Force vision as ‘only one of them is definitely right,’ whereas, if the force never lies, then they’re BOTH right, and they both turn. Which I think would be most fitting, considering the emphasis on balance that TLJ gave us; having them both turn away from their original path and going gray is basically my lifelong wish now. Sorry if I’m just saying stuff you’ve already heard, but I was curious about what you thought. (2/2)

Ok, I was putting off answering questions about this because I have a different take on this than other (really good) meta writers in the SW fandom, so I’ve been sitting on my opinion to make sure it’s the one I want to go with. And it hasn’t changed in two weeks, so here we go.

My take on the Force Visions in this movie is this:

  • Ben and Rey did not see the same vision; Rey is interpreting hers wrong
  • their Force Visions only apply to the throne scene of Last Jedi

Note that other meta writers think the exact opposite, that

  • Ben and Rey saw the same Force Vision;they’re interpreting it differently
  • their Force Visions apply to the events of the next movie as well

And though I really like that view, and I wouldn’t be unhappy at all if that were the case, I don’t think that it’s held up by the specific wording of the visions as described by Rey and Ben. I think that Rian was using their visions as a plot device for this specific point in this specific movie to give Rey the impetus to go to where Ben was, and to provide character ambiguity during the confrontation with Snoke (and the scene afterward), and these visions probably won’t be mentioned again because their narrative work is complete.

So how exactly are these visions worded? Luckily, I have a subtitle leak of the movie, so I can look up exactly what they said.  

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Hellooo 😊 Can I have ray/saeran+MC sleeping toghether? Like, How was the nights when she was in mint eye with him, after she confess her feelings? If I write some word in a strange form, I'm Sorry I'm still learning english 😂

Don’t worry, your english is great! You’re doing amazing as far as I can see, so keep up the great work with learning! It’s a tough language, and even I, a native speaker, struggle. Anywho, I hope you like this! It took a bit of an…unexpected turn? It’s focused mainly on MC confessing her feelings, and then talks about the nights after. I hope you don’t mind! ^^;; I really like this one, so I hope you like it, too!

**If you couldn’t tell in the request, there will be V route spoilers in this! If you haven’t played Another Story and don’t want things to be spoiled, I suggest waiting to read this! If not, disregard this, and enjoy!**

  • The first night he slept with you had been purely an accident
  • It was the day you would confess to him. He came over a few hours after you ate dinner with a bouquet of flowers already in a glass vase
  • They were your favorite flowers that you saw in the garden when the two of you walked through the other day
  • You had expressed how beautiful the petals were, and commented on how lovely the smell was. A subtle sweet fragrance with a little spice to it
  • You had answered the door with a smile on your face, already knowing it was him
  • “MC, may I come in? I brought you flowers.”
  • You let him in, and shut the door softly while watching as he went over to the window and placed the flowers there, finally turning to you
  • “I’m sorry for not being able to spend more time with you. I’ve been so busy with fixing the game for you,” he told you
  • It seemed like every time he was here, he apologized. You hated it
  • “Ray, there’s no need to apologize. You’re busy with the game production. I understand.”
  • “But, don’t you get lonely? You are free to roam the floor, but I’m sure there’s not much to do.” He seemed to want to say something else, but bit his lip instead
  • “No. I talk to the AI while playing the game, and wait to see you again,” you told him with a smile
  • He moved to sit on the bed, neatly folding his partially gloved hands in his lap. “Are you sure?”
  • You sat next to him, and he readjusted his position to face you more as you responded with, “Positive.”
  • “MC? May I… may I ask you a question?”
  • “Of course, Ray. What’s up?” God, did he love how you completely tuned in to him when he spoke to you. Your kind eyes focused intently on him, and only him
  • “I’m done with work on the game for the night, and want to spend some more time with you. It’s late, so I thought we could just stay in your room for a while?”
  • You agreed happily. “I need to get ready for bed, but you can stay here. Make yourself comfy, Ray.”
  • While you changed, he looked around at the room you were staying in, taking note of all of your belongings littering the area.
  • Your phone charger was plugged in next to the bed, phone connected to the thin cord. Your purse was draped over one of the chairs. A small pile of your clothing lay in the corner, all dirtied, that would need to be cleaned
  • Traces of you lingered everywhere in the room he decorated for you, down to the scent of the bedsheets, and he loved it. He hoped you would never leave Mint Eye, and stay with him
  • You emerged from the bathroom in your pajamas and settled down next to him, reaching for your phone
  • “Are you going to get comfortable? I told you that you can, Ray.” He didn’t immediately respond, but eventually bent down and untied his shoes before removing them and placing them at the side of the bed and walking over to the other side of the bed, setting down there
  • The two of you talked for a while, mostly about how you were doing, what you thought of Mint Eye, how the gameplay was going. Every word you spoke had him enraptured. His entire focus was on you
  • Eventually, the topic drifted to your childhood and you in general. You happily told him about your upbringing, about your childhood crushes and your favorite movies and your least favorite foods and things that bothered you and just anything about you
  • You brought up a previous partner, and, curious, he asked you about your last relationship.
  • “Oh, I was with a guy I met in school. Really nice, really romantic. He always brought me chocolates and gave me massages when I wasn’t feeling well. I thought I loved him… but… he didn’t. I broke it off after a year and a half after I found out he was cheating. Why do you ask?”
  • “Oh… I was just curious.” You could see past his lie. You also noticed the flash of jealousy and anger in his usually peaceful eyes
  • “No, there’s something else. What’s up?”
  • “It’s embarrassing, MC. Really, I was just curious.” You were determined to get him to say, and gently pressed him further, insisting you wanted to know. Finally, he gave in
  • “I don’t like the idea of another man doing that to you. It’s not right, and you don’t deserve to be treated like that.”
  • “You don’t like the idea of another man doing that to me?” He looked at you with a small frown. “No, I don’t. You deserve the world, not what they gave you.”
  • You already knew why he was saying this, but he wasn’t about to tell you. Finally, you just spoke how you felt. “Will you give me the world, then?”
  • Shock filled his eyes and be bit his lip, toying with his gloves nervously. “Yes, of course. I want to give you the world and more.”
  • “I want you to give me the world, Ray.” He looked like he was about to die of shock. Mint eyes wide, face sheet white, jaw slightly slacked. “R-really? Me?”
  • “Yes, Ray. I like you, a lot.” A blush was spreading across both of your cheeks as you spoke these words to each other. “You do?”
  • He didn’t seem to quite grasp the idea, so you decided to try and make it clear by gently grabbing his cheeks in your hands and slowly leaning in. He froze, eyes wide, not moving as your eyes closed and your lips drew closer and closer
  • When you kissed him, he quickly responded, kissing back gently, lovingly, one hand lightly resting on your cheek, the other on your hip
  • “I like you, Ray. You.”
  • “I like you too, MC, oh god do I like you.” He looked like he could cry at any moment, so you wrapped your arms around him and held him. It didn’t stop his tears, though
  • He was just so happy. Something finally seemed to be going his way for once in his life, and he was scared, oh so scared, but so happy. He wanted to hold on to you forever, to make sure you don’t leave him
  • He cried for a while, gasping between sobs how happy he was that you liked him back, until a while later, his sobs turned into occasional sniffles broken by yawns. Finally, his breathing evened out and a small snore escaped his lips, signalling that he fell asleep
  • You carefully broke away from him to turn out the lights and grabbed a spare blanket, covering yourself and him in it and curling into his side to sleep
  • When he woke up in the morning, he was disoriented and a bit shocked to be in your bed, with you curled up on his side
  • Memories of the previous night flooded his mind, and he felt like crying again, but he didn’t. He removed his jacket, curled back up beside you, and wrapped his arms around you, closing his eyes. Work could wait
  • When both of you finally awoke, neither of you spoke about last night, but it lingered in the air between you as you shared small grins and sat on the bed, hands entwined and shoulders pressed together
  • The next night, he knocked on your door, a change of clothing in his hand as he sheepishly asked to sleep with you again. It was the best sleep he had in a long time, and he had a feeling it was because of you and not because of your bed
  • It quickly turned into a nearly every other night occurrence. The two of you would fall asleep together. Not necessarily touching, but just your presence helped him sleep
  • Sleeping with you was the key to a good night’s sleep for him, and you were more than happy to provide it for him.
  • After all, you both liked each other, a lot.

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I'm not trying to be rude but I don't understand why people love David so much. He is not at all perfect. I don't know much about him but I just don't see it. Why do you like him? I'm really just curious.

Hello, Anon

Let me tell you about David Duchovny. The man who attended Princeton and Yale and his (never-written) thesis was called “The Schizophrenic Critique of Pure Reason in Beckett’s Early Novels.” Who envisioned his life as staying in academia to make a living and then taking summers off writing novels. The man who only tried out acting in his late twenties because of liking the idea of collaboration… “I thought if I’m gonna write plays I should learn something about speaking the lines that I might try to write.”

So, he became an actor. He appeared in some commercials, Red Shoes Diaries, Twin Peaks, and the movie Kaliforgia before he’s been cast as FBI Agent Fox Mulder in 1994. He was sure that his show will tank ‘cause sooner or later you have to show the people some aliens otherwise they will be pissed’. Well, the show did not tank, it became a phenomenon. Which meant that the actors went from total obscurity to worldwide stardom…This caused lot of tension, things were said and done, and so the dark ages happened in the 90s. ‘He went nuts and crazy and had a very bad year as a result of him being in a “particularly bad mood’ But years passed by and here we are.

By 2017, he had some projects that failed, some that were successful. But he just keeps moving forward trying new things. He wrote and directed his own movie, several TV show episodes, won a Golden Globe for Californication, did a play in New York. He is on the advisory board of Target Zero and frequently speaks up on political issues. He published two books, one of them is a New York Time bestseller. He learnt to play the guitar, toured the US (twice) and Europe with his debut album, Hell or Highwater. His second album is about to be released and next tour stop is Australia. He is proud of his legacy; The X-files, Mulder & Scully, and he is the biggest shipper out there. He started to attend Comic Cons and does ‘Meet and Greet’ on his concerts, book signings. When his schedule is free, he loves driving his kids wherever they need to be and watching Dancing with the Stars or MSR shipper videos on Youtube. He skips leg days in the gym but definitely spends enough time working on those arms He does great pranks on set and occasionally lets his fans to steal his cab. He has a dog named Brick who owns a Donald Trump chew-toy. … 

Now, if I could go back to the 90s and tell David Duchovny the story of how he became this humble, kind, funny, ZEN master, writer, singer, actor, activist and daaaaamn fine looking, beautiful man, who is about to shoot the 11th season of the same damn show he tried to leave so eagerly, he would definitely not believe me. 

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hi can you please do a headcanon of the reader seeing sweet pea interact with kids for the first time (i've never requested anything before so i'm not really sure what i'm supposed to say lol sorry if its too vague)

That was so fun to write! I feel like Sweets weakness would be either babies or kittens. Hope you enjoy!

•Sweet Pea had never really been around babies or young kids.

•When he was one himself, he would have to play with his little toy cars in a booth at the whyte wyrm. He didn’t have a childhood.

•You and him had been dating since you were both 15. High school sweethearts you could say. He had fallen madly in love with you and you were both inseperable ever since.

•You were a barmaid at the whyte wyrm and a Serpent just like him. He would spend his evenings and nights at the bar, not that he minded, waiting for your shift to end so he could take you home.

•He hated when you had to walk home alone in the dark.. Even more now, with the blackhood on the lose.

•You had moved into his trailer a few months ago so you both spent all of your days together. He knew you were able to defend yourself but he liked to keep an eye on you, making sure you were safe.

•One night, Your friend who was also a barmaid, asked you if you could babysit her newborn baby girl. The father wasn’t in the picture and she was a single mom, trying to finish university so she could get a decent job.

•She looked exhausted and really needed help so you agreed.

•You had a movie night planned with Sweet Pea that night and felt bad for canceling.

•"I’m sorry about our date night not working out.. She really needed a babysitter for the night.“ You told him.

•"Babe it’s okay.. We’ll have a movie night with the baby, it’s alright.” He said, taking a second to kiss you.

•Your friend dropped her daughter at Sweet Pea’s trailer with all of her stuff and headed to her night classes. She was very close to graduating.

•"Do babies really need all of that stuff?“ He asked, confused.

•He sent curious looks at the baby, not knowing if he wanted to hold her or not.

•You held the baby in your arms as Sweet Pea sat next to you, looking at his beautiful girlfriend.

•At that moment, Sweet Pea imagined his future. You, him and maybe a baby.

•He smiled at the thought.

•The little girl opened her arms and made cute noises, wanting to be held by Sweet Pea.

•"She wants you to hold her!” You chuckled, encouraging him.

•"I don’t want to drop her.. She looks so fragile.“

•He removed his leather jacket so the baby would be more comfortable in his arms covered by his soft sweatshirt.

•You laid the baby in his arms and it took him a few minutes to get comfortable with the situation.

•"How is she so small?” He said, smiling down to her.

•"It’s hard to believe right now, but you probably were small like that once.“ I said, making him laugh.

•"She’s adorable..” He said, brushing his finger on the baby’s cheek.

•She giggled and held on his finger, interested with all of his rings.

•"She’d look badass with a mini serpent jacket!“

•He gave her a warm milk bottle and you took a polaroid picture of him doing so because they both looked adorable.

•She fell asleep in his arms as he was softly rocking her, a movie playing quietly in the background.

•"Do you think she’s warm enough?”

•"Is she still breathing?!“

•"Should I wrap another blanket around her?”

•He was going to be a great dad you thought to yourself.

•Your friend came back after her late classes to pick her daughter up and Sweets looked a bit sad about leaving her.

•He layed her carefuly in her carseat, trying not to wake her up.

•"Bye baby girl.“ He said to her, before closing the door of the car.

•"Thank you for taking care of her.. Your next drinks at the bar will be one me Sweets.” She said, making us laugh.

•"If you need a babysitter another night you can call us.“ He said, smiling.

•We both got to bed and Sweet Pea was looking at the ceiling, wandering in his own thoughts,

•I layed next to him and looked at his face, lightened by the moon that shone outside.

•"Are you okay?” I asked.

•"We’re gonna have kids right?“ He asked, looking at you with worry.

•"I mean.. One day we will. We’re still a bit young now but of course Sweets.”

•"Okay..“ He said, nodding to himself.

•"You want us to have a family one day, do you?” I asked him, smiling.

•He nodded with a smile on his face. He hugged me tight and I layed my head on his chest.

•"I would like daughter someday..“ He said. “So I could have a mini you to love and take care of.”

•"You’re too adorable..“

•"But for now.. My baby girl is you.”

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Ayyy yoooo, it's Lily coming at you with a request! *finger guns awkwardly* So hun , I love your blog as you know and I'm here for some fluffy times. Literally, because could I please have some headcanons on the bots discovering that their human s/o can turn into a cat anytime they want?? I'm gonna go with Transformers Prime - Optimus, Smokescreen, Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Ratchet. Thank you so much, you rock my socks!

Eyyyyyy! Lily! *returns awkward finger guns* Fluff is the best! Definitely my favorite thing to write. No, my dude. You. Rock. Mine.

Optimus Prime

-He doesn’t believe you. He thinks you’re playing a joke on him. He’s had many people try to draw out unprime-like reactions from him, before, but this was a bizarre way of doing it.

-When you assure him there’s no BS involved, he’s curious. He didn’t know humans could do that. Oh, it’s just you? Okay.

-You show him, and he’s astonished. Look at you! How pretty! May he touch? He can.

-You’re so soft, and he loves it. 

-He pets you, when you’ll let him. He’ll go for hours, stroking your fur, and staring off into space.


-No way, that’s wicked cool, S/O!

-What’s a cat?

-You show him, and he can barely contain himself. You’re almost like a transformer!

-Can all humans do this? Can Raf, Miko, and Jack? Why didn’t jack tell him? Why don’t they do it in the movies? Can I touch you? Does it hurt when you change? Are you forced to change when exposed to the light of the full moon?

-He pets you, and falls in love with you all over again. Why didn’t you tell him sooner?

-He’s obsessed with this “alt mode” you have, and asks to see it all the time.


-He laughs. Good one, S/O! He doesn’t believe you

-You show him, and he whirrs in awe. You’re even smaller than before! 

-Can run fast, like other cats? Really fast?

-He can’t stop touching your fur. It’s…so…soft…

-C U D D L E S


-Uh. What?

-He’s confused. He’s pretty sure humans don’t have alt modes. In fact, he’s positive.

-You show him, and he’s enchanted. Wow, look how beautiful you are!

-He doesn’t pet you, but you rub against him. You’re a plush doll, he swears.

-He won’t come out and ask you to change, but he does like it when you do.


-He calls bull. No way. He doesn’t believe it for a second. You’ll have to show him.

-Humans are strange. He’s done. Homosapiens are not worth this crap.

-Alright, fine. You’re a cat human hybrid. Good for you.

-If you rub against him in any way, he’d pat you softly. “Yes, yes. You’re very soft,” he’d mumble

-S/O, get off Ratchet’s keyboard


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hello. i was wondering how fantastic beasts is whitewashed? I'm actually generally curious because i haven't seen it yet (although i was planning to) and i want to know if i should still go because now I'm not so sure. whats wrong with fantastic beasts? you don't have to answer this if you don't want, thats ok :)

reasons not to go see this shitty movie:

  • Fantastic Beasts is whitewashed in that it takes place in 1920′s New York (during the Jazz Age) and features a cast that is more than 80% white. It profits off of black culture and history by using it as a setting, but whitewashes it by casting white people as extras and leads. Many parts of the movie take place in Harlem, but look like this
  • The movie also cast Johnny Depp, a violent abuser, so paying to watch it is basically supporting him and the assholes who thought it was a good idea to cast a man who beat his wife in a Harry Potter movie and then not tell the fans about it, to make it a “surprise.”
  • This is made worse by the fact that the movie has a storyline where an abuse victim is turned into a monster and then killed (full trigger warning)
  • The major plot of the film is an allegory for racism with a white cast. The villains of the movie argue for wizard supremacy, saying that it is “for the greater good,” and that Muggles as well as goblins, elves, and other magical races are better off under the rule of wizards. Just like the original Harry Potter movies (which had poc speaking in 0.47% of it’s runtime) the major villains are meant to make the audience think of white supremacists, but racism allegories that only have white people are boring and lazy. Doing this is essentially locking POC out of our own stories.
  • Still no canon LGBT characters, with the (possible?) exception of Depp’s role as Grindelwald, which is worse than nothing.
  • The movie also has a character who is born with magical powers and a family who is extremely anti magic, represses them and then meets a man who he has an odd amount of sexual tension with who manipulates him by making him feel better about his powers. The storyline both draws parallels to LGBT experiences and perpetuates unnerving stereotypes.
  • It’s probably going to be boring shit anyway tbh 
  • It’s pretty obvious at this point that JKR wants ally points for things like casting Hermione as black woman in the Cursed Child and revealing that Dumbledore was gay, without actually having to bother with giving her stories real diversity. She described Newt Scamander as “swarthy” last year, only for him to be played by a man who is the exact opposite, and the story she wrote in preparation for this movie, History of Magic in North America, showed her lack of understanding of Native American culture, and North American history in general.

tl;dr: it whitewashed 1920′s New York, has Johnny Depp in it, and it capitalizes off of LGBT themes, black culture, and abuse as a storyline while treating POC, LGBT people, and abuse victims as invisible or worse.

Playing With Fire (percabeth AU)

‘You’ve just been saved from a burning building and you’re begging to go back in to save your pet cat’ AU





“Pretty please?”

“Not gonna happen.”

She stamps her foot against the ground. “You don’t understand, I need that cat!” Tears start welling up in her eyes and she pouts with her lip. I keep my arms crossed, my expression firm. Her voice drops to a defeated mutter as her shoulders slump. “Please?” I stare at her for a solid minute. “Are you drunk?”

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Hi again! I'm so sorry if I'm being annoying by making another request, I'll stop asking if you'd like (you're just so good holy smokes-). Anyways, maybe something where JD or Veronica has a nightmare, and the other has to help them?

No! You aren’t at all! I am so flattered that you like my writing! You’re the only person to request stuff so far haha, but this blog is still pretty new so I’m giving it some time. It means a lot to me that you like my writing. I enjoy writing for people! I hope you like this! I worked really hard on it!

JD darted up in bed, breathing heavily. Veronica stirred and sat up, to see her boyfriend sitting rigid next to her, staring in front of him with some sort of petrified life. “JD?” Veronica mumbled. “You okay, beautiful?” She asked. JD looked down at her when he heard the nickname. It always made him blush a tiny bit. It was something she only ever called him when they were alone together, or sharing a moment.

“Yeah… yeah I’m fine.” He forced out. Hearing her voice made it all a little better. Veronica sat up in bed and wrapped her arm around him.

“You don’t sound fine.” She pointed out. “Are you sure everything’s okay? You darted up out of bed like there was fire.” Veronica told him. JD smiled a little bit and gave his girlfriend a kiss. Veronica wrapped her arms around him and pulled him down to be on top of her. The couple laughed a little, but it was short lived when Veronica frowned. “Hey, are you sure you’re okay?” She asked.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” JD asked, grinning. Veronica sat up with him and took his face in her hands and looked at him carefully.

“Did you have a bad dream or something?” She asked. JD just tilted his head from side to side.

“We all have odd dreams sometimes.” He tried, grinning. Veronica just looked at him with wide eyes and leaned in a little closer.

“Please let me in.” She begged. “I want to be here to help, you always let me in, what makes this different?” She asked. JD looked at her and held her hand. “Tell me? Please?” Veronica asked, giving him big shiny eyes. JD laughed lightly.

“Oh quite looking at me like that.” He smiled and gave her another kiss. “You know I can’t resist it when you look at me like that, darling.” He reminded her. Veronica giggled a bit as JD kissed her lips and down her neck.

“I know.” She smirked. JD pulled away and looked at her for a long moment.

“It was just a bad dream, nothing more to it.” He assured. He knew she was expecting more so he kept going. “It was… weird.” JD sighed. “I was with you in the living room, and we were watching a movie. And then I looked back over and the room changed and you were gone. And then there were noises coming from outside, and I opened the door but I was back in Ohio…” JD sort of trailed off. “It wasn’t scary per say… but unsettling. It made me wake up feeling really freaked out.” He explained.

Veronica took JD’s hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I understand.” She told him. JD smiled at her and ran his fingers through her hair, pulling her into a deep kiss. “Thanks for telling me, JD. You know I only wanna help you, right?” She asked. JD nodded and resumed kissing the other teenager.

“I know, I can always count on you, Ronnie.” He smirked at her and earned a little laugh from his girlfriend. “Thanks for…” JD sort of trailed off and looked away. He was having trouble putting the words together. Usually he was okay with smooth talking Ronnie, they would laugh and he would flirt. But this was more than smooth talk and proclaiming his love. You can say “I worship you” so many times. But you have to tell her why.

“JD?” Veronica tilted her head and he looked up.

“I… oh man why can’t I talk?” JD asked himself. “I just want to say thank you, darling.” JD told her. “For always being here and helping me out of any issue I get myself in.” He grinned and held the girl closer. “You’re amazing.” He told her. “I know I say it all the time, but I need to tell you again, just so you know I mean it.” He told her, and pulled her in to whisper in her ear. “I worship you.” JD told her gently.

Veronica smiled and pulled away a little bit, but only enough to dive back in for another kiss. The couple laughed and kissed each other on the bed for a while. JD played with her hair, causing Veronica to laugh and jump ontop of him. Just as their time together was starting to progress a little more, footsteps were heard coming up the steps to Veronica’s room. Veronica looked over at JD. “I think that’s my mom! Hide!” She took the blanket from her bed and threw it over JD, so he was under the blanket, hiding with his head on Veronica’s legs.

Veronica’s mother opened the door, looking very curious and a little confused as to what their noise was. “Veronica, I heard voices coming from in here.” Her mother came further into the room and Veronica shook her head.

“Nope, I’m all alone.” She assured. “Who else would be in here mom?” She asked, trying to laughed. JD rolled his eyes under the blanket.

“I live here… she’s not stupid, Ronnie.” He muttered. Veronica kneed him in the head to get him to shut-up, and then coughed to cover up his pained hiss. Her mother just continued looking tiredly around and seemed relieved.

“Oh, I just heard another voice and got worried.” She smiled. “I must be losing my mind, getting old I guess.” She told herself. “Sorry to bother you, goodnight, Ronnie.” Her mother smiled. Veronica smiled at her mother.

“Goodnight, mom. I love you.” She waved. Mrs. Sawyer smiled and went to leave the room. But before leaving she looked over her shoulder.

“Goodnight, JD.” She said in a flat tone.

JD poked his head out from under the blanket and Veronica face-palmed. He looked at her mother for a long moment before giving a goofy smile. “Goodnight Mrs. Sawyer.”

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Drunk one shot request! Loki falling for you at a Christmas party. Tricks and kisses ensue. (Predictable and over-done I'm sure but, hey, it's the holidays and I'm really curious as to how this will turn out lol)

It was Loki’s first Christmas at Stark tower and he didn’t understand any of it.  Everyone was dressed in silly Santa hats and making him drink something called “eggnog”—it was not ideal.  Thor was enjoying himself, of course, he could fit in anywhere, but he really melded together with the other Avengers while Loki was almost always left by himself.  At the moment he was tucked in a far, dark corner of the party Stark was throwing.

“Don’t be such a Grinch!” Tony tugged one of the ridiculous hats snug on Loki’s head.

“I am not interested in the festivities,” Loki batted Starks hands away.

“Oh come on reindeer games!”

“Your references are not lost on me.” Loki snapped–of course he knew them, they watched those insipid movies every night for the past week,

Tony laughed so hard he slopped his drink down the front of his shirt as he staggered away.  

After a few more minutes it Loki decided it was a good time to retreat back to his room…that was until she walked in.


Christmas was your least favorite holiday,  it was cold and the snow was annoying, to say the least (let’s be honest, it got less exciting once the thrill of snow days was gone) and when you have no family to visit it really lost its appeal.

But you had to hand it to the Avengers, they really did try with this party.  You grabbed a drink from a nearby tray and downed it pretty quickly.  You hadn’t been at the tower long enough to feel like you could just walk up to someone and start a conversation. The only person who seemed to be having a worse time than you was Loki, and you certainly weren’t going to try and talk to him…


Loki found himself suddenly very nervous and ripped the Santa hat off his head; he wasn’t used to feeling unsure of himself.  He saw that she was having just as good a time as he was which wasn’t saying much.  But how could he go up to her?

His eyes traveled around the room, looking for something, anything to get rid of his nerves.  And then he found it.


The idea of mistletoe was insane you couldn’t help but think as Natasha and Steve passed under a sprig and kissed briefly, laughing but a little bit uncomfortable.  You were so caught up in your thoughts when Steve and Bucky found themselves under some mistletoe that you didn’t see some appear right above your head.


Loki wracked his brain when he walked over to you. He was afraid that you, like everyone else, were scared of him.  

“It seems you are enjoying yourself.” He hoped he sounded like himself.

She jumped slightly when she heard him speak, but looked him straight in the eye, “About as much as I am able.”

Loki chuckled, “So not very much then?”

“I don’t see what is entertaining about being forced to have fun.” You found it quite easy to be your antisocial self around Loki—which was not exactly surprising but a great relief as you had a crush on him ever since you got to the tower.  The next few minutes were fun as the both of you made snarky comments about the other people in the room, watching as Thor and Banner drunkenly belted out Christmas songs (ones that Thor had no idea the words too), and as Clint and Natasha knocked back shot after shot.

It was going alright and the two of you were actually having fun until Tony popped back up.

“”Look at where the two of you found yourselves!” He bounced up and down excitedly, very close to spilling his drink.

“What are you talking about?” You asked, looking up at where Tony was pointing and seeing the mistletoe.

“That wasn’t there before.” You looked at Loki who was wearing an amused look on his face.

“Don’t look at me; I don’t touch the stuff…bad experience.”  He said with a mischievous grin.

Tony looked at the two of you expectantly, “Its bad luck if you don’t!”

You chewed your bottom lip.  It would be a lie if you said you hadn’t thought about what it would be like to kiss Loki, feeling those thin lips on yours.  Before you knew it you had your fingers tangled in his hair as you pulled him in.  By the time you both pulled away you were breathless.

“I think its time we get out of here.” You said while Tony whooped in the background.

A grin spread across Loki’s face as he grabbed your hand and led you away from the party and into the quiet.

I'm looking for blogs to follow!

So today I hit a really nice goal, changed my url and unfollowed a lot of blogs that were incative or I’m not in the fandom anymore. My dash is pretty empty and I’m searching for new blogs (and friends) to follow!

Reblog this post if you like/post the following things:

  • Star Wars
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  • Netflix shows (ASOUE, Stranger Things, The Crown)
  • Game of Thrones
  • books (like The Raven Cycle)
  • BBC Sherlock
  • generally movies and tv shows
  • Alicia Vikander (yes, you read that right)
  • I’d also long for someone who I can obsess over with on the upcoming FX series LEGION
  • aesthetic, pale/black and white stuff (similar to what i post)
  • video games (i don’t post that much but I like seeing it on my dash)
  • check out my tags or hmu if you’re not sure :)

I’m looking for people whom I can share interests, so it would be nice if you’d followed me, too, but you don’t have to! And, please, if I don’t follow you it doesn’t mean I don’t like you, I’m sure you’re a lovely person! <3 Thank you for reading this and have a nice day!

anonymous asked:

I have hair somewhat similar to Sam's in regards to being curly/wavy. Basically my hair doesn't give a feck what you want to do and is gonna go whatever way it desires. I know it's a messy hair gym pic but his hair seems like that too. Im sure his movie will have hair up people make it perfect but I'm curious to see candid pics with this length. I'm wondering how he's gonna work it. Let it free? Slicked back? Always looks great but I'm intrigued. Def different to deal w/ than man bun length.

Ugh girl (or guy?) I feel ya! My hair is the same way and it drives me crazy! I’m way too lazy to style it so I just kind of leave it alone to do it’s own thing, with a lot of reluctance. I think he’ll look good as long as he stays faaaaar away from any straightener. 

prismatic-bell  asked:

It is 3am and I had a long night at work and a bit too much to drink as a result, so if this comes across snarky or snippy I'm super-sorry and I didn't mean it to it is a legit honest question but I am not toning well right now. Obviously, you are not happy with the way the manga is going. I think one of its issues is that it had only so much space to play with--you had a set number of pages, and that was it. So especially in light of the Giant Sailor Moon Canon Voltron, I'm curious: (1/2)

(2/2) given a similar amount of space, if you had to tell all of the story that was in the original–e.g. no “let’s just skip an arc for space’s sake”–what would you do differently from the actual manga that you think would make it a better story? Like I’m sure it can be done but as someone who masters in talking too much I’m fucked if I can imagine how. I AM KIND OF HOPING YOU HAVE MORE AND OR BETTER IDEAS THAN ME.

Not snarky, no worries!

“How would you rewrite the entire manga in the same amount of space” is a pretty huge fucking question though, and to be completely honest with you, I don’t care enough about the manga to try and fix what I find wrong with it (which is basically everything). But let’s talk about some stuff for a bit!

I don’t think that “there’s a space limitation” is a valid excuse for … well, anything, really. This isn’t a constraint unique to Takeuchi, it’s a truth for basically every form of professional media we have. TV shows have a very set and firm number of minutes they’re allowed, movies generally have about two hours to tell their story from start to finish, books and novels and short stories all have some degree of length constraints, comic books are churned out week after week and for the most part adhere to the same number of pages. I said this repeatedly when I was watching Crystal, but the problem isn’t how much time you have so much as it is what you DO with that time.

Let’s take the final act of the Black Moon. Specifically, let’s look at how limited time and space was used in that chapter. I’ll break the whole thing down, STRAP IN.

  • pg 1-5 (5): Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen disappear
  • pg 6-10 (5): NQS wakes up and emerges from the palace
  • pg 11-17 (7): NQS talks about power, sends Chibs to help Sailor Moon
  • pg 18-24 (7-1=6): In space, Usagi and Mamoru reaffirm their love
    • minus one page where Planet Ryan is spooky and threatening
  • pg 25-28 (4): Chibi-Usa is “born” from their love and they kick Ryan’s ass.
  • pg 29-34 (6): Crystal Tokyo is revived, everyone gets a free power up.
  • pg 35-42 (8): Goodbye to Crystal Tokyo
  • pg 43-49.7 (6.7): Usagi says goodbye to Chibs
  • pg 49.7-54.7 (6): Mamoru and Usagi say goodbye to Chibs
  • pg 54.7-54.9 (.7): The Inner Senshi split a panel for their welcome homes
  • pg 55-59 (5): Chibi-Usa’s back

It’s the end of the arc, so let’s be a little generous about some allotment of space and try to focus on parts that are overly bloated or incidental to the plot.

Immediately, we’ve got five entire pages of something which can be resolved in two panels, but let’s say we steal just two pages.

NQS waking up, easily another two pages we can steal.

YOU CAN CUT EVERY LAST SECOND OUT OF USAGI AND MAMORU IN SPACE IN MY OPINION, but honestly, six fucking pages is so unnecessary, so I’m taking half.

The entire Usagi/NQS meeting makes me grumpy for so many reasons, but it absolutely does not need eight goddamn pages of “BUT I WANT TO MEET YOU BUT I CAN’T BUT I WANT TO BUT I CAN’T OH FUCK IT”. Granting some artistic indulgence, I’ll just take two.

You know what, I’m already at nine pages (NINE PAGES), I can stop. What would I do with those nine pages?

How about one each for the Inners getting to return home? Actually you know who hasn’t hugged them or welcomed them back or said she missed them or was so worried about them? ANY OF THEM TO ANY OF THE OTHERS OF THEM INCLUDING FUCKING USAGI

Rei was missing since LITERALLY THE START OF THIS ARC, and Usagi has yet to actually say her fucking name. So yeah, one page of my nine for the Senshi (ALL the Senshi, looking at you manga Usagi) to actually show they give a shit about each other. Then a page each for the Inners to show them returning home. What kind of relieved but knowing looks did Grandpa give Rei when she returned home after being missing from anywhere from three days to three months ?(seriously how long was she fucking gone) Did anyone water Mako’s plants while she was missing, or are they all dead now? Did Ami have a series of lies and excuses on her lips, only to discover that the note she’d left for her mother since just after Rei was taken is still unread? How is Minako quietly (or not so quietly) coping with having once again been the only Senshi when she lost her girls?

Five pages down. I’ve got four left.

How about one for Pluto actually being dead? Let’s be generous, let’s give her TWO. Pluto gets a fucking memorial. Even if “our” Senshi can’t be there, let’s see it in Crystal Tokyo. You don’t even have to have words. Chibi-Usa lost and mourning. Her mother maybe tentative at first, unsure after so long, but then providing the direct comfort and affection she sometimes struggles with.

Those are ideas just off the top of my head that would have improved just this issue tremendously for me, AND I STILL HAVE TWO PAGES.

The problem isn’t limited space, the problem is limited caring.

anonymous asked:

I'm just curious what your costume backlog is? I'm wondering if my submission will be posted soon.

Hey Anon, thanks for the question.  Unfortunately, I am not able to answer it completely, as you are on Anon, there is no way for me to know what submission is yours.  If you can come off Anon, I am happy to privately answer your question for you and give you an estimated time frame for when your submission will go up.

However, with this question, I suppose now is as good a time as any to mention a few things related to the submission process and backlog, as I do frequently receive questions.

 BACKLOG: In answer to your question, my current backlog is about 2,700 emails worth, along with probably another 500-1000 from other sources such as tweets, comments, etc. So…a fair few.

 E-MAIL: I’ve recently (this weekend) discovered about 30 submissions that never made it to my inbox.  I’m currently trying to:

1: Write to all of those people and apologize for never having gotten a response from me.

2: See how long the problem has been going on. It appears to only go so far as January, but I’m doing my due diligence and looking into it further to make sure I don’t have other missing e-mails.

SUBMISSION SELECTION: I will respond to your submission within 7 days, and at least acknowledge receipt of your submission. If you don’t hear back after 7 days, please e-mail me again. As noted above – I may never have received it!   However, if I’ve responded to you, and you know I have your submission, some other reasons your submission may not immediately go up would be:

 1: Backlog.  As noted above, there is a LOT to get through.

 2: Time. This is my hobby. I work 80+ hours nearly every week. This hobby is secondary to my real-life job.

 3: Submissions with photos and information on the film, actor, and character always take precedence over those without.  Submissions without photos will take much longer to be posted because I will need to do the research.  This doesn’t mean if you don’t send a photo that your submission will never make the website – it just means it’s not going to go to the top of the list over submissions with photos.  The more information you send, the more likely your submission will be posted sooner rather than later.

 4: What you’ve submitted is just simply not the same costume. Usually, I will write you back and tell you to reassess and make sure you think it’s the same.

 5. Your submission was posted to the website, but not Tumblr.  Always check the main website weekly.  Not every submission on the website makes it onto the Recycled Movie Costume Tumblr immediately.

6: Lastly, I often consider the timeliness of the posting.  If I get submissions for something that is currently airing on TV, or related to the time of year (Posting Hocus Pocus costumes in October), I often will post it, despite its place in the line.  This may not be fair, but ultimately I choose to post what I feel will be most well-received at any given time throughout the year.

E-mail Submissions: submissions@recycledmoviecostumes.com

Follow:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wanted to ask a question. I'm new to the phandom and I noticed a lot of people don't like the 2004 film. Why? I'm just curious

Hello, and welcome to the phandom! <3

Well, the movie wasn’t well-received, even by critics - as far as I know. It is flawed IMHO, but you can like it all the same, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some of the reasons why some phans don’t like the 2004 movie so much - while many are still fond of it nonetheless - are the following:

Except for Patrick Wilson, the main trio actors didn’t have classically trained voices. (I mean, in musical theatre. Wilson had already starred in some musical theatre roles.) You can tell it, too. Emmy Rossum’s voice, while definitely pleasant, was weak, and the score was clearly out of her range. But she was sixteen, and I can attribute her inexperience to her youth. I don’t like her acting very much, it seemed a little… static - she had a “deer in the light” look that bothered me (possibly to blame on some director’s choice?). It’s a shame, because Emmy is a good actress. But again, I don’t know much about acting, it’s just a personal opinion.

About Gerard Butler… I don’t find his voice pleasant or “melodic” at all. (Again, that’s only my opinion, of course.) I can’t imagine him as the Phantom. To clear the air, his acting is good, but I really can’t listen to his singing without cringing inside. (I’m so sorry, because I respect him and the rest of the cast so much.)

Another reason is the… “overentusiastic” attractiveness of the cast - especially, as you can imagine, the Phantom’s. Even some of the costumes are different from the stage version because - I quote - the director wanted a “sexy cast”. For The Phantom of the Opera.

It’s a little contradictory given that the story emphazises that the beauty (and the ugliness) is found within, to quote The Beauty and the Beast. 

Take the Red Death costume. In the stage version as well as in Leroux, it’s symbolic, flamboyant, terrifying, and clearly based on the Lon Chaney movie (an excellent choice). The costume in the 2004 movie was… meh (in comparison). It was a sort of Napoleon-like costume, and that skeleton mask wasn’t really… skeleton-like. (It had a nose! I’m sorry, I’m just silly.) It was a little underwhelming. It made him look hotter, not terrifying.

This is linked to the supposed “eroticism” in the movie. Needless to say, I don’t think that this is the real deal of POTO. The “sexiness” in the Phantom and Christine’s relationship made me uncomfortable for various reasons. (The first is her being sixteen in this version.) I had the same problem while reading Susan Kay’s Phantom, that underlined Erik’s overbearing sexual desire for Christine, like that was the most important thing. It’s not. (And not only because I headcanon Erik as being at least demisexual.) Christine showed Erik what love really is: it’s not selfish, cruel, controlling, but compassionate and altruistic. 

(Probably the Phantom’s “emerald eyes” you can read about in some phics stem from the movie. Mmmh.)

Of course, there’s also the matter of the deformity, the sunburn of doom. It didn’t make him look like “the Devil’s child” at all. It was not such a severe disfigurement to make believable all the story of “the man in a cage” - in the movie, a child - etc. Remember that people actually paid to see Erik’s face. You should see some real “freaks” (God, I hate this word), like Joseph Merrick, whose story was narrated in The Elephant Man. The poor man had a really hard life, also because of the health issues caused by his deformity.

Erik is definitely a charming character, especially in ALW, but his charm is an illusion, shattered by the symbolic unmasking. Only then, we see his real face… and into his distorted soul. It’s fascinating, but still deeply unhealthy… and not sexy. Also, I don’t think Christine was sexually attracted by the Phantom. His voice has definitely a very sensual quality, especially in ALW, being his only beauty and the source of his power, but it’s difficult to imagine Gerard Butler having so haunting a voice to win a woman’s attention.

There are also some plot changes in the movie that I don’t like and I have seen criticized, such as Erik teaching Christine since childhood (which is downright creepy IMHO) or Christine thinking the Angel was his father’s spirit. Actually, she thought he was sent by Papa Daaé, and was certainly a mentor/father figure to her… but not like this. Imagine that, in the Italian translation of “Angel of Music”, Christine addresses the Angel as “Father” (I cringed inside when I heard that). 

Alright, this is all I can think about right now. Again, don’t feel pressured to not like the movie or the singing/acting in it - you can like it, love it, even! These are only my opinions, and I guess some other phans’ as well. We can disagree on the matter, but still be friends, if you like! <3 Also, I’m sure there are phans who like the movie. Many are still fond of it because it got them into the Phandom, and for that I’m grateful.

Thank you so much for the ask, dear Anon! It’s always flattering when someone asks me Phantom stuff, because I’m not a “popular” blog and not super active in the phandom, especially recently (I’m so sorry about that). Feel free to ask me anything you like! <3

(And sorry about my English, I know it’s far from perfect!)

anonymous asked:

I've seen lesbianrey around but never really looked at her blog? So seeing this I was curious and checked it out. Looking at her stuff it's kinda ehh, I don't think I really like her. But I'm not sure how disliking Boba, while liking Rose, Finn, Poe, Chirrut, Baze, Bodhi, Cody, Rex and Fives is racist. I guess talking abt how a Solo or Kenobi movie would be objectively better is kinda racist. But is there something I'm missing?

Sure she can like other characters of color, but when she is making it her goal to hate on a character of color who already faces a shit ton of racism from OT fans simply because he isn’t white, that is a problem.

When you are making it a point to hate a character of color who comes from and is played by an actor of an underrepresented group , then that is racist.  If you are a white woman and you make it your god given duty to hate on this character, spread hate about him and a possible movie , despite the fact that people are giving you reasons as to why he would be good Polynesian rep—then you are racist. At the same time, putting Boba down for white characters like Obi-Wan, Wedge, Han Solo, Padme and then going on to compare his importance to Yoda’s and less important to any alien character is bad.

And she claims that she hates Boba simply for the sake of hating on his fanboys, but lesbianrey is literally no better than the white racist dudebros. Do you know what happened when they saw Boba was a person of color under that helmet? They hated him, they hated him because he was brown.

Lesbianrey is going around here acting like her hating him is some feminist triumph but it isn’t. she can hate the racist fanboys, that is fine. But to hate a character of color who faces racism from the white fans she’s trying to get one up on, by hating the same charcter of color makes her a hypocrite.

And the thing is she hates TCW Boba, young child boba. Boba in tcw is a young brown boy who is grieving the loss of his father, who is misplaced from any culture he has and his trying to find his place in a galaxy where he oppressed already because he’s a clone. Like how the hell can you justify hating him by hiding behind the “I only do it to anger the fanboys!!!”, while the fan boys are also hating him for the reason I mentioned above.

Also lesbianrey is very hurtful toward Boba Fett fans of color! Like we are here and we exist and we are not the racist white dudebros she wants us to be. We are fans of color who are telling her how racist she is and she is erasing us by silencing us and lumping us in with the white racist fans.

And again, the whole idea of a Boba Fett movie isn’t just for Boba, it is also Mandalorian culture. A culture that was erased by a white woman in canon, and has some specific ties to the Maori culture (so I’ve heard), which is why it would be fucking important for it to actually be a think. Her sitting here and acting like she is morally superior by cheering at the fact that a Boba Fett movie was replaced by a white dude’s movie shows her respect for people who are apart of the culture and the culture herself.

And the fact that she still likes Rex, Cody and Fives but hates Boba and Jango is fucking terrifying. That is called a fetish—when white people cling on to certain characters of an ethnicity for brownie sjw points but hate on the others for no warranted reason. Yes I saw her talking about how Rex needs a movie and not Boba and that is so gross, racist and disrespectful. Especially when she , a white woman speaks negatively about the clone troopers as a whole (she refers to them as “that clone bs” something to that degree) The clones, who are a marginalized group of men of color, who are also slaves who must deal with having their humanity stripped from them by everyone. Hating them on the basis of them looking like Jango/ Boba is so fucking racist.

She has no respect for Boba, the clones or Jango so it creeps me out that she is even talking about how much she loves just a select few clones that she can use as her fetish. Well wow this turned out long. But lesbianrey is a white racist woman and I think more people need to know that. Just because she liked a few characters of color doesn’t mean we can ignore her racism.

thejabberwock  asked:

i'm not sure what you mean when you say we are supposed to be wondering what Dean is doing when he is looking around at all the women at the college in 10.13. Are you saying Dean is putting on an act? Or reassuring himself that he likes women? You said the eps on either side give us insight into dean and how he buries part of himself, so you mean we are supposed to wonder where the other dean went? I tend not to think of Dean as sublimating in these cases so I'm curious about your take.

It’s not him sublimating that I believe we are seeing here but the opposite, the exposition that the rest of the time he’s sublimating. These episodes give us loads of Performing!Dean fodder, snippets of who he is beyond the facade.

It’s not an act, he does like the women but it’s the fact that he overtly looks at the women, sure, but then he also immediately, in a continuation of this, while walking into the room, in the same scene looks at the dude in exactly the same way but more subtly? (This is where I get annoyed with “it’s not real” antis because dude, Jensen is an amazing actor and he did the EXACT SAME THING with the exact same body language, an appreciative glance up/down and a little mini turnaround, just more subtly! It’s subtle and he tries to hide it, especially from Sam but he DOES IT. It’s imo a reference to his bisexuality and the fact that he hides it, that he is overcompensating (ref to 2x11) when he looks at the women and hides it when he looks at the guy.

Throughout this run of episodes we see this, after the expositional mirror of Dark and Light Charlie in 10x11 who literally had to be pushed back into being one person, which sets up the metaphor of reconciliation of Dean’s two sides, that we always talk about for Dean, reconciling the light and perceived dark/sublimated sides to make him whole and happy (and I’ve read quite convincing arguments about how s10 was set up as a potential last season that makes total sense to me re: the title credits etc and that makes sense as to why earlier on before renewal we get in this season on top of the obvious centring on Dean, loads of human!cas and strong!sam themes too).

So for Dean we see a much better and more equal relationship with Sam and a break down / exposition of so many aspects of Performing!Dean (I’m not sure how much you’re a believer of Performing!Dean? Bi!Dean/Destiel/liking Disney, ballet, romcom movies/music other than classic rock etc? The facade stuff that he sublimates?).

And that’s what we get in this list of episodes - lots of performing!dean exposition ie. taylor swift, liking cake (men) before he’s told “no! it’s bad for you” and he pushes it away :(  (and there’s another chocolate cake reference too in 10x15 and the 10x13 ghost who only stops hurting people because their SPOUSE told them to stop, right before the Cain/Colette parallel with Dean/Cas that i forgot to add, so every single episode in this run has Performing!Dean/Destiel references).

This one is him looking at both men and women but trying to hide looking at the guy etc etc etc. leading to the confessional scene where he says this out loud that he wants more from life, he thinks he deserves more, he wants to experience things and people differently to before…

So for me this is just one of this long list of things that is referenced here :)

Fuck it. 

I’m going to watch every single spoiler video from Call Me By Your Name

At first I thought I’d “save myself” for my first full viewing of the movie. But since I checked and couldn’t see any future date for it here - I gave up. 

I really hoped we’d get it here! There was the Annual Film Festival in my city last week but we didn’t have it ;_; I also don’t see it in the ‘Coming Soon’ movies in the cinemas ;___; I even thought about going anywhere else in the country in order to watch it (if it was going to be there and not in my city) and even pay for my seat and the one near me (so I could feel alone. Yep). But looks like it’s not happening ;_____;

Every day there are new clips online and I can’t just ignore them. I’m a curious person. 

I just watched the full (?) “Call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine” scene and cried. And then died. THEY’RE SO NEEDY HNGGG. I do believe I’ll still feel that excited watching it when I finally watch the full movie. 

I just want to watch this movie, why can’t it come out here??? 

anonymous asked:

Can I ask you things about yourself? I'm curious about you as a person but if you don't wanna answer, that's okay. But I wanna know things like your name, age, birthday, where you are from etc. And maybe you can post a pic of you?! Sorry if it seems like I'm a stalker or something. I'm really just curious because there is someone behind every blog and I like to know you all.

Oh it’s completely fine, anon. I also love to know a little bit about the people that are behind blogs. So I get your curiosity and it’s totally okay. So let’s do this. I’m gonna write a few facts about me:

  • My name is Larissa Fleming (I know Larissa is a different name. It’s a russian name and it means “happiness”)
  • I’m 20 years old, almost 21
  • My birthday is January 8 (that’s why I said I’m almost 21 years old)
  • My sign star is Capricorn
  • I’m from Sao Paulo (São Paulo), Brazil
  • I’m bisexual
  • My favorite color is green but I also love blue
  • I speak two languages: brazilian portuguese and English (but I wanna learn a lot more)
  • I’m in University and I study to be a TV/movie director and/or a screen writer. But I really wanna work with animation and games so yeah, that’s my dream
  • I’m a huge videogame lover. I love playing games and I can spend HOURS doing that. My favorite one is The Last Of Us but I’m a fan of lots and lots of games
  • I’m neurodivergent. I suffer with GAD, depression and a few more things
  • I love alligators, cats, spiders and horses. A LOT.
  • I love music. I love a lot of bands and artists but my two favorite ones are Paramore and twenty one pilots. I’m a huge Sia and Hozier fan too
  • I play the piano since I was 11 years old
  • I have a little sister. She is the reason that I breathe
  • I’m a huge Doctor Who fan
  • I love HQs and my favorite heros are Daredevil (Matthew Murdock) and Laurel Lance (Black Canary)
  • I LOVE reading. My favorite series is Percy Jackson series (all of them), but I love other series and books. I actually love a lot of them so…
  • My Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff and I love that house with all of my heart
  • I’m really afraid of centipedes, butterflies and ventriloquist dolls. I also don’t like mannequins that much. But I’m trying to work on my fear of butterflies and I’m actually better. But centipedes are impossible. I can’t even look at them
  • I was a ballerina when I was younger
  • When I was a kid I wanted to be a mermaid or a bird for living. I still want this actually.
  • My friends say that if I was a Disney princess, I would be Merida
  • I usually don’t like comedy movies. They are almost never funny.
  • I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I watched it for the first time when I was 10. I cried because Anakin betrayed me

Oh and if you really want to see a picture of me, here it is (X). That’s my face! Although I have a shorter hair now.

And that’s it?! I talked too much right? Sorry lol… But I just wanted to make sure that you guys could know me a little bit better… Anyway, that’s it. 

la-mia-amico  asked:

Hello. I'm a huge fangirl and also a HUGE fan of your fanfics. I was wondering if I could request a Tadashi x reader story where in there's like this dance or something but then Tadashi wasn't able to come because of work but when the reader gets home, he surprises her there (it was dark but the apartment was filled with candlelights) and then they just have this incredibly romantic dance. (I'm a sucker for romance)Thanks so much for the Tadashi/Hiro feels. Please don't stop writing!

Sorry this took so long to post!  But here you go!

You walk into your boyfriend’s lab with a knock on the glass door to alert him of your presence.  He looks up and smiles when he sees you.  “Hey, Beautiful,” he greets, standing up as you walk over.  He places his hands on your hips as he leans in to kiss you.

“Hi, Tadashi,” you say to him with a smile.

“How were classes today over at USF?” he asks.

You shrug a shoulder, “School is school.  Nothing too interesting happened.  The only thing really, which is why I came over to ask you, is that my school is having a dance and I was wondering if you wanted to go.”

Tadashi raises an amused eyebrow, “Your school has dances?  I thought that whole thing ended after high school.”

You roll your eyes at him. “Normal schools have dances, Tadashi. Yours doesn’t only because everyone here is too wrapped up in their technology projects to notice that there’s still a world revolving outside their window.”

“Hey!” he protests, slightly insulted.

You laugh and cup his cheeks with your hands.  “Calm down, I’m only joking,” you pull his face down to yours to give him another kiss. “So, what do you say?” you ask.

“When is it?”

“Next Friday.”

Tadashi frowns and gives you his sad puppy look.  “(Name), I’m so sorry…”

You frown as well, “What is it?”

“Aunt Cass is going to be away next weekend and she asked me to cover the shift at the café on Friday for poetry night.”

You try not to let your disappointment show on your face, but looking up at Tadashi’s reaction, you can tell you aren’t doing a very good job.  “Oh, that’s alright.  It was just a stupid dance, anyways.” You try to wave it off.

Tadashi’s arms wrap around you as he pulls you into his chest.  “If I had any faith that Hiro could run the café for me, I’d ask, but I seriously don’t think he could do it without burning the whole place down.”

You laugh lightly, “Yeah, that’s probably not a very good idea.”

“I’ll make it up to you,” Tadashi promises.

You pull back enough to look up at him, “You don’t have to do that.  There will be other dances.”

He leans down to kiss you again, “I’m still making it up to you,” he insists.

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In Your Eyes (Part Three of Four)

Pairing: MinKey! (side OnTae)
Rating: PG
Length: 4.7k or so.
Crossposted: AFF

They live on opposite sides of the country, but are able to see and feel what the other does - despite being strangers. Kibum and Minho share senses, but begin to share much more than that.

Part One


Part Two

Kibum woke up incredibly late on this particular Saturday, making up for all his lost hours that were stolen away by the deadline for next month’s issue. As he squirmed around on his bed, he spotted his alarm clock glowing a bold 12:47 pm. He groaned loudly at himself, since he was supposed to get up and go to the gym today. He’d promised Minho.

Thinking of the other man, an image of an ugly sweater appeared before his eyes, projected onto the ceiling he was watching.

“What the fuck is that, Minho?” Kibum asked, disgusted.

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