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I have hair somewhat similar to Sam's in regards to being curly/wavy. Basically my hair doesn't give a feck what you want to do and is gonna go whatever way it desires. I know it's a messy hair gym pic but his hair seems like that too. Im sure his movie will have hair up people make it perfect but I'm curious to see candid pics with this length. I'm wondering how he's gonna work it. Let it free? Slicked back? Always looks great but I'm intrigued. Def different to deal w/ than man bun length.

Ugh girl (or guy?) I feel ya! My hair is the same way and it drives me crazy! I’m way too lazy to style it so I just kind of leave it alone to do it’s own thing, with a lot of reluctance. I think he’ll look good as long as he stays faaaaar away from any straightener. 

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So today I hit a really nice goal, changed my url and unfollowed a lot of blogs that were incative or I’m not in the fandom anymore. My dash is pretty empty and I’m searching for new blogs (and friends) to follow!

Reblog this post if you like/post the following things:

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  • generally movies and tv shows
  • Alicia Vikander (yes, you read that right)
  • I’d also long for someone who I can obsess over with on the upcoming FX series LEGION
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  • video games (i don’t post that much but I like seeing it on my dash)
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I’m looking for people whom I can share interests, so it would be nice if you’d followed me, too, but you don’t have to! And, please, if I don’t follow you it doesn’t mean I don’t like you, I’m sure you’re a lovely person! <3 Thank you for reading this and have a nice day!

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It is 3am and I had a long night at work and a bit too much to drink as a result, so if this comes across snarky or snippy I'm super-sorry and I didn't mean it to it is a legit honest question but I am not toning well right now. Obviously, you are not happy with the way the manga is going. I think one of its issues is that it had only so much space to play with--you had a set number of pages, and that was it. So especially in light of the Giant Sailor Moon Canon Voltron, I'm curious: (1/2)

(2/2) given a similar amount of space, if you had to tell all of the story that was in the original–e.g. no “let’s just skip an arc for space’s sake”–what would you do differently from the actual manga that you think would make it a better story? Like I’m sure it can be done but as someone who masters in talking too much I’m fucked if I can imagine how. I AM KIND OF HOPING YOU HAVE MORE AND OR BETTER IDEAS THAN ME.

Not snarky, no worries!

“How would you rewrite the entire manga in the same amount of space” is a pretty huge fucking question though, and to be completely honest with you, I don’t care enough about the manga to try and fix what I find wrong with it (which is basically everything). But let’s talk about some stuff for a bit!

I don’t think that “there’s a space limitation” is a valid excuse for … well, anything, really. This isn’t a constraint unique to Takeuchi, it’s a truth for basically every form of professional media we have. TV shows have a very set and firm number of minutes they’re allowed, movies generally have about two hours to tell their story from start to finish, books and novels and short stories all have some degree of length constraints, comic books are churned out week after week and for the most part adhere to the same number of pages. I said this repeatedly when I was watching Crystal, but the problem isn’t how much time you have so much as it is what you DO with that time.

Let’s take the final act of the Black Moon. Specifically, let’s look at how limited time and space was used in that chapter. I’ll break the whole thing down, STRAP IN.

  • pg 1-5 (5): Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen disappear
  • pg 6-10 (5): NQS wakes up and emerges from the palace
  • pg 11-17 (7): NQS talks about power, sends Chibs to help Sailor Moon
  • pg 18-24 (7-1=6): In space, Usagi and Mamoru reaffirm their love
    • minus one page where Planet Ryan is spooky and threatening
  • pg 25-28 (4): Chibi-Usa is “born” from their love and they kick Ryan’s ass.
  • pg 29-34 (6): Crystal Tokyo is revived, everyone gets a free power up.
  • pg 35-42 (8): Goodbye to Crystal Tokyo
  • pg 43-49.7 (6.7): Usagi says goodbye to Chibs
  • pg 49.7-54.7 (6): Mamoru and Usagi say goodbye to Chibs
  • pg 54.7-54.9 (.7): The Inner Senshi split a panel for their welcome homes
  • pg 55-59 (5): Chibi-Usa’s back

It’s the end of the arc, so let’s be a little generous about some allotment of space and try to focus on parts that are overly bloated or incidental to the plot.

Immediately, we’ve got five entire pages of something which can be resolved in two panels, but let’s say we steal just two pages.

NQS waking up, easily another two pages we can steal.

YOU CAN CUT EVERY LAST SECOND OUT OF USAGI AND MAMORU IN SPACE IN MY OPINION, but honestly, six fucking pages is so unnecessary, so I’m taking half.

The entire Usagi/NQS meeting makes me grumpy for so many reasons, but it absolutely does not need eight goddamn pages of “BUT I WANT TO MEET YOU BUT I CAN’T BUT I WANT TO BUT I CAN’T OH FUCK IT”. Granting some artistic indulgence, I’ll just take two.

You know what, I’m already at nine pages (NINE PAGES), I can stop. What would I do with those nine pages?

How about one each for the Inners getting to return home? Actually you know who hasn’t hugged them or welcomed them back or said she missed them or was so worried about them? ANY OF THEM TO ANY OF THE OTHERS OF THEM INCLUDING FUCKING USAGI

Rei was missing since LITERALLY THE START OF THIS ARC, and Usagi has yet to actually say her fucking name. So yeah, one page of my nine for the Senshi (ALL the Senshi, looking at you manga Usagi) to actually show they give a shit about each other. Then a page each for the Inners to show them returning home. What kind of relieved but knowing looks did Grandpa give Rei when she returned home after being missing from anywhere from three days to three months ?(seriously how long was she fucking gone) Did anyone water Mako’s plants while she was missing, or are they all dead now? Did Ami have a series of lies and excuses on her lips, only to discover that the note she’d left for her mother since just after Rei was taken is still unread? How is Minako quietly (or not so quietly) coping with having once again been the only Senshi when she lost her girls?

Five pages down. I’ve got four left.

How about one for Pluto actually being dead? Let’s be generous, let’s give her TWO. Pluto gets a fucking memorial. Even if “our” Senshi can’t be there, let’s see it in Crystal Tokyo. You don’t even have to have words. Chibi-Usa lost and mourning. Her mother maybe tentative at first, unsure after so long, but then providing the direct comfort and affection she sometimes struggles with.

Those are ideas just off the top of my head that would have improved just this issue tremendously for me, AND I STILL HAVE TWO PAGES.

The problem isn’t limited space, the problem is limited caring.

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Hi again! I'm so sorry if I'm being annoying by making another request, I'll stop asking if you'd like (you're just so good holy smokes-). Anyways, maybe something where JD or Veronica has a nightmare, and the other has to help them?

No! You aren’t at all! I am so flattered that you like my writing! You’re the only person to request stuff so far haha, but this blog is still pretty new so I’m giving it some time. It means a lot to me that you like my writing. I enjoy writing for people! I hope you like this! I worked really hard on it!

JD darted up in bed, breathing heavily. Veronica stirred and sat up, to see her boyfriend sitting rigid next to her, staring in front of him with some sort of petrified life. “JD?” Veronica mumbled. “You okay, beautiful?” She asked. JD looked down at her when he heard the nickname. It always made him blush a tiny bit. It was something she only ever called him when they were alone together, or sharing a moment.

“Yeah… yeah I’m fine.” He forced out. Hearing her voice made it all a little better. Veronica sat up in bed and wrapped her arm around him.

“You don’t sound fine.” She pointed out. “Are you sure everything’s okay? You darted up out of bed like there was fire.” Veronica told him. JD smiled a little bit and gave his girlfriend a kiss. Veronica wrapped her arms around him and pulled him down to be on top of her. The couple laughed a little, but it was short lived when Veronica frowned. “Hey, are you sure you’re okay?” She asked.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” JD asked, grinning. Veronica sat up with him and took his face in her hands and looked at him carefully.

“Did you have a bad dream or something?” She asked. JD just tilted his head from side to side.

“We all have odd dreams sometimes.” He tried, grinning. Veronica just looked at him with wide eyes and leaned in a little closer.

“Please let me in.” She begged. “I want to be here to help, you always let me in, what makes this different?” She asked. JD looked at her and held her hand. “Tell me? Please?” Veronica asked, giving him big shiny eyes. JD laughed lightly.

“Oh quite looking at me like that.” He smiled and gave her another kiss. “You know I can’t resist it when you look at me like that, darling.” He reminded her. Veronica giggled a bit as JD kissed her lips and down her neck.

“I know.” She smirked. JD pulled away and looked at her for a long moment.

“It was just a bad dream, nothing more to it.” He assured. He knew she was expecting more so he kept going. “It was… weird.” JD sighed. “I was with you in the living room, and we were watching a movie. And then I looked back over and the room changed and you were gone. And then there were noises coming from outside, and I opened the door but I was back in Ohio…” JD sort of trailed off. “It wasn’t scary per say… but unsettling. It made me wake up feeling really freaked out.” He explained.

Veronica took JD’s hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I understand.” She told him. JD smiled at her and ran his fingers through her hair, pulling her into a deep kiss. “Thanks for telling me, JD. You know I only wanna help you, right?” She asked. JD nodded and resumed kissing the other teenager.

“I know, I can always count on you, Ronnie.” He smirked at her and earned a little laugh from his girlfriend. “Thanks for…” JD sort of trailed off and looked away. He was having trouble putting the words together. Usually he was okay with smooth talking Ronnie, they would laugh and he would flirt. But this was more than smooth talk and proclaiming his love. You can say “I worship you” so many times. But you have to tell her why.

“JD?” Veronica tilted her head and he looked up.

“I… oh man why can’t I talk?” JD asked himself. “I just want to say thank you, darling.” JD told her. “For always being here and helping me out of any issue I get myself in.” He grinned and held the girl closer. “You’re amazing.” He told her. “I know I say it all the time, but I need to tell you again, just so you know I mean it.” He told her, and pulled her in to whisper in her ear. “I worship you.” JD told her gently.

Veronica smiled and pulled away a little bit, but only enough to dive back in for another kiss. The couple laughed and kissed each other on the bed for a while. JD played with her hair, causing Veronica to laugh and jump ontop of him. Just as their time together was starting to progress a little more, footsteps were heard coming up the steps to Veronica’s room. Veronica looked over at JD. “I think that’s my mom! Hide!” She took the blanket from her bed and threw it over JD, so he was under the blanket, hiding with his head on Veronica’s legs.

Veronica’s mother opened the door, looking very curious and a little confused as to what their noise was. “Veronica, I heard voices coming from in here.” Her mother came further into the room and Veronica shook her head.

“Nope, I’m all alone.” She assured. “Who else would be in here mom?” She asked, trying to laughed. JD rolled his eyes under the blanket.

“I live here… she’s not stupid, Ronnie.” He muttered. Veronica kneed him in the head to get him to shut-up, and then coughed to cover up his pained hiss. Her mother just continued looking tiredly around and seemed relieved.

“Oh, I just heard another voice and got worried.” She smiled. “I must be losing my mind, getting old I guess.” She told herself. “Sorry to bother you, goodnight, Ronnie.” Her mother smiled. Veronica smiled at her mother.

“Goodnight, mom. I love you.” She waved. Mrs. Sawyer smiled and went to leave the room. But before leaving she looked over her shoulder.

“Goodnight, JD.” She said in a flat tone.

JD poked his head out from under the blanket and Veronica face-palmed. He looked at her mother for a long moment before giving a goofy smile. “Goodnight Mrs. Sawyer.”

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hello. i was wondering how fantastic beasts is whitewashed? I'm actually generally curious because i haven't seen it yet (although i was planning to) and i want to know if i should still go because now I'm not so sure. whats wrong with fantastic beasts? you don't have to answer this if you don't want, thats ok :)

reasons not to go see this shitty movie:

  • Fantastic Beasts is whitewashed in that it takes place in 1920′s New York (during the Jazz Age) and features a cast that is more than 80% white. It profits off of black culture and history by using it as a setting, but whitewashes it by casting white people as extras and leads. Many parts of the movie take place in Harlem, but look like this
  • The movie also cast Johnny Depp, a violent abuser, so paying to watch it is basically supporting him and the assholes who thought it was a good idea to cast a man who beat his wife in a Harry Potter movie and then not tell the fans about it, to make it a “surprise.”
  • This is made worse by the fact that the movie has a storyline where an abuse victim is turned into a monster and then killed (full trigger warning)
  • The major plot of the film is an allegory for racism with a white cast. The villains of the movie argue for wizard supremacy, saying that it is “for the greater good,” and that Muggles as well as goblins, elves, and other magical races are better off under the rule of wizards. Just like the original Harry Potter movies (which had poc speaking in 0.47% of it’s runtime) the major villains are meant to make the audience think of white supremacists, but racism allegories that only have white people are boring and lazy. Doing this is essentially locking POC out of our own stories.
  • Still no canon LGBT characters, with the (possible?) exception of Depp’s role as Grindelwald, which is worse than nothing.
  • The movie also has a character who is born with magical powers and a family who is extremely anti magic, represses them and then meets a man who he has an odd amount of sexual tension with who manipulates him by making him feel better about his powers. The storyline both draws parallels to LGBT experiences and perpetuates unnerving stereotypes.
  • It’s probably going to be boring shit anyway tbh 
  • It’s pretty obvious at this point that JKR wants ally points for things like casting Hermione as black woman in the Cursed Child and revealing that Dumbledore was gay, without actually having to bother with giving her stories real diversity. She described Newt Scamander as “swarthy” last year, only for him to be played by a man who is the exact opposite, and the story she wrote in preparation for this movie, History of Magic in North America, showed her lack of understanding of Native American culture, and North American history in general.

tl;dr: it whitewashed 1920′s New York, has Johnny Depp in it, and it capitalizes off of LGBT themes, black culture, and abuse as a storyline while treating POC, LGBT people, and abuse victims as invisible or worse.

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Prompt: Ian asking Mickey about the lesbian porn

// so yeah this went on a tangent because I did backstory. but I hope it’s ok? //

Mickey had realised he was gay around the age he was expected to become obsessed with porn.

Since he was about ten, his father had begun tossing magazines at him, magazines with page after page of skinny girls with soft hips, huge tits and even bigger asses. His dad had just said ‘enjoy.’ Mickey didn’t know what he was supposed to enjoy about these magazines, though.

A couple of years later, and it clicked. His brother - unintentionally - showed him. So Mickey went back to his room and pulled one of the crumpled issues out of his drawer. He opened it randomly and saw a skinny, pale girl with long dark hair and bangs. Mickey turned the page, shuddering. The picture reminded of him too much of Mandy. Then he found a girl with masses of blonde curls and pink lips that smiled teasingly. And he tried. He really did. He stuck his hand in his pants and stared in earnest at the picture. Nothing. He frowned. It had to be the girl. Maybe blonde wasn’t his type. The next page housed a smaller, hispanic girl. He tried again and still, nothing.

Within an hour, he’d exhausted the magazine, plus two others. Mickey threw the third time unlucky across the room and buried his head in his pillow. What the fuck was wrong with him?


A year or so later, it was Mandy’s thirteenth birthday. Like with any Milkovich birthday, the family had bought - well, mostly stolen - gifts. Mandy was their little sister and the only girl, though, so Mickey and his brothers had probably tried a little harder than they did for each other. Terry, as always, didn’t know it was her birthday.

'How old now, huh?’ He grunted as he stumbled through the kitchen, still half drunk.

'Thirteen. I told you. Last night,’ Mandy said quietly.

'What happened last night?’ asked Mickey.

Mandy shook her head. 'Nothing,’ she murmured, angrily jabbing a knife into the butter. 'Give me some fucking presents,’ she said, feigning brightness so well that her three brothers didn’t notice something was off.

Mickey had stolen her some perfume from the mall, and made her a shiv. 'So you can defend yourself when I’m not around,’ he explained. She smiled and hugged him tight. He shrank away from her a little, feeling like he was supposed to.

'I love it,’ she told him. Mickey was her favourite brother, though she’d never tell the other two. He smiled back.

Iggy thumped a brown paper bag down in front of her. 'Enjoy sis. You’re a woman now,’ he winked.

She tentatively opened the bag. 'Porn, really?’ she smirked, taking three or four magazines and some DVDs out of the bag. Mickey only caught a glimpse of the magazines from across the table, but they seemed like the girl version of his magazines, ie, naked dudes instead of naked chicks. He felt his breath catch in his throat just glancing at them. The DVDs were unlabelled and looked illegal, but that was nothing new. She raised her eyebrows and slid the stuff back into the bag. 'Thanks,’ she said, awkward but amused.

Mickey couldn’t keep his eyes off the bag all through breakfast.


His brothers had gone out, probably to rob some convenience stores, and his dad was cashing welfare checks and then going to get drunk again. Just Mickey and Mandy were left. They cleaned up the kitchen then watched some South Park. Mickey was only half watching.

After the fourth episode ended, his sister got up and grabbed a jacket. 'I’m meeting some friends from school. We’re going to the mall and getting pizza later. See you,’ she said, slamming the door. Mickey walked steadily over to the window and watched her walk away. As soon as she turned the corner, he bolted towards the kitchen, grabbed the bag and went back to his room. He hooked a chair over the door handle, just in case someone came home unexpectedly, and sat on the edge of his bed. He carefully took a magazine out of the bag and opened it.

He got that feeling again, that strange feeling somewhere between his heart and his stomach. And then another feeling in his dick. This was what it was supposed to be, Mickey realised, this is what he was supposed to feel when he looked at those girls. But for him, it was happening with guys.

He didn’t know what this meant. But he couldn’t even focus on anything else; right now, all he could see was the man on the page. Tall, tan. Up to his ears in muscles. He felt himself moaning, and almost automatically reached for his dick. 'Shit,’ he gasped, eyes locked on the photo. Well fuck if this wasn’t the greatest thing he’d ever felt in his life.


When he was done, Mickey tried to smooth out the magazine, but realised it was useless. It was obvious that someone had used it. He bit his lip. Mandy wouldn’t miss one, surely? There were three more in the bag. Besides, he’d barely cracked the surface of the magazine in his hand. So he put it in the drawer with his others.

He walked slowly back to the kitchen and put the bag back on the table. As he washed his hands, the back door opened and Iggy entered. 'Hey,’ Mickey greeted his brother, acting casual.

Iggy nodded at him. 'What’s going on, little brother?’

Mickey shrugged, getting a bottle of juice from the fridge. He stood in the doorway, toying with it absently. 'Ig, can I ask you something?’

'Shoot,’ Iggy replied, kicking his boots off and sitting at the table.

Mickey sat opposite, trying to figure out how to phrase it. 'You know the magazines?’

Iggy nodded, reaching into his pocket. 'How many you need?’ he asked, tossing a few magazines of bullets across.

Mickey sighed. 'No - well, sure, thanks - no, I mean the ones with the naked chicks.’

Iggy grinned. 'Yeah?’

Mickey looked down. 'I - I was wondering. What if you liked the ones without naked chicks?’

His brother frowned, not understanding. 'You mean like a regular magazine? Tv guide, rolling stone or some shit?’

Mickey groaned. 'How fucking dumb are you, Ig…no, asshole, I mean the ones you got Mandy. With naked dudes,’ he said quietly.

'Those ones are for girls or for - oh, shit,’ Iggy’s mouth was open as he realised what his brother was saying. 'You’re a homo?’

Mickey froze. 'I - no. I don’t know. Fuck, I’m not. No,’ he stuttered. 'I was just curious, like, what it would mean. If you jerked off to those pictures.’

'You jerked off to them?’

'No,’ he said, far too quickly.

Iggy raised his eyebrows. 'Look, some guys like guys. Some guys like girls and guys. It’s - whatever. It is what it is. But don’t let the neighbourhood find out. And don’t let dad find out.’

'Why? And I’m not - that,’ Mickey muttered.

'Dad fucking hates homos, Mick. You’re too young to remember, but…one time he saw two guys just holding hands. And he just went mad. Beat 'em, pistol whipped 'em. Fucking shot them in the legs.’

Mickey clasped his hands, breathing carefully. He felt sick and panicked. He didn’t want to think about what his dad would do if he’d caught Mickey earlier.

'Don’t you - don’t you hate them too?’ he asked Iggy quietly.

'Fuck, no. I don’t love 'em, I’m not going to dance in a fucking parade with 'em or anything. But I don’t hate 'em. They’ve never done anything to me.’

Mickey nodded. 'So you’re - neutral?’

'Ay, that’s the word.’ The brothers were quiet for a moment. 'Look, Mick, you’re barely fifteen. Whether you are or not, keep quiet about it for your own sake. Trust me on this.’


Mickey promptly, albeit reluctantly, got rid of the magazine from his drawer.

Then he began putting posters of girls up on his bedroom wall.

And then he bought some dirty movies and left the discs scattered around his room.

Anyone who looked inside his room would have assumed he was straight as could be. And Mickey desperately wanted them to assume correct.

He told himself he’d only jerked off once to pictures of guys. So it didn’t count.

He conveniently forgot about the many, many failed attempts to jerk off the pictures of girls.

Mickey forced himself to study the pictures. Stared hard at the lips and the breasts. 'This is what you’re supposed to like,’ he muttered as he tried to get hard. 'Come on, you piece of shit,’ he said through gritted teeth.

He laid awake at night, trying again in the dark. When he closed his eyes, and relaxed, it started to work. But then he found himself picturing guys. It’d been months, and those men from the magazine were still burned into his brain. He tried to push them out. 'No, fuck,’ he whispered angrily into his pillow. It was no use. So he stopped. He didn’t want to finish, not to a guy.

Mickey reached for his bedside light and flicked it on. He stared at the naked form of an anonymous woman on the wall beside him. Nothing. Not one fucking thing. He turned the light off and threw himself back onto the pillows in defeat. Mickey was crying.


A week later and they were in the living room, in front of the tv. Mickey wasn’t really paying attention; he and Mandy were cleaning and sharpening the family knives. He didn’t know how many there were. He’d stopped counting a long time ago.

Suddenly his Dad shouted angrily at the tv, throwing his crumpled up beer can at it.

'What’s wrong?’ Mandy asked absently.

'Fucking queers,’ Terry growled.

Mickey’s head snapped up. The tv was tuned into CNN. Some state somewhere had legalised gay marriage. There were people holding banners and flags, cheering, dancing. They looked so happy. The camera panned to a couple kissing in celebration. Two men. That’s when his dad lost it completely. But Mickey barely heard the hatred spewing from his father’s mouth. He was fixated on the way they were holding each other, looking into each others eyes. They didn’t seem scared. They were smiling. And they looked like they had no worry anymore. And they were kissing in broad daylight, on tv. Mickey felt an ache somewhere in his chest. The happiness he saw onscreen would never be found on the Southside. Their biggest problem had just been fixed. Mickey’s biggest problem was existing.

His dad whacked him over the head as he walked past, jerking him out of his thoughts. 'Don’t look too long, they’ll turn you,’ he said. 'I’m going to the Alibi,’ he told his kids.

Mickey slowly stood up and turned the tv off. Mandy was looking at him curiously. 'Mick? You ok?’

He frowned. 'Course I am.’

'You know Dad’s a piece of shit? Don’t listen to him about that.’ She paused. 'Its fine if you’re gay. I mean, don’t tell him. But don’t go around thinking it’s wrong or something.’

Mickey stared at his little sister. He wanted to thank her, he wanted to tell her everything, wanted to ask her how she got so cool, wanted to hug her and to cry. But he didn’t. 'You think I’m a fucking faggot?’ he spat at her. 'Shut up.’

'Mick, I -’

'Shut up - shut the fuck up, Mandy,’ he yelled. He stormed off towards his room.

She gave him a moment, then went to stand by his door. 'Mick?’ she said softly. He didn’t answer. She came in. He didn’t have the heart to tell her to fuck off. He was crouched on the floor at the foot of his bed. She carefully sat beside him. 'I don’t know if you’re gay. And I never said you were. But I know that on my birthday, Iggy gave me four dirty magazines, not three. And I know that I found the fourth in the trash.’ He looked at her fearfully. His eyes were heavy with tears, and he couldn’t move. But her eyes were kind. 'C'mere’ she muttered, pulling him into a sideways hug, his head on her shoulder.

They sat quietly for a while. 'I’m not gay,’ Mickey whispered tightly through his tears. Neither of them were convinced.

'Ok. It’s ok,’ she said.


The next morning, Mickey woke up to find an old envelope slid under his door. It read 'just in case’, in Mandy’s scrawl. Inside, were the DVDs that Iggy had given her. He almost threw them out right there. But they were blank, like all the other porn DVDs in his room. So he tossed them onto his desk and tried not to think about them.


He watched one the next day.

Grabbed one of the many stolen laptops from the kitchen and went back to his room.

Shakily inserted one.

Pressed play.

It was an utter revelation. And he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

But still, he told himself he wasn’t gay. Over and over.

He’d just watched one movie, one time. That didn’t mean anything.

Except it quickly became three movies. Eight movies. He bought more DVDs and beat up the guy who sold them to him, to keep him quiet. Twelve movies. Twenty four movies. A little after that, he stopped counting.

But he still wasn’t gay. This was just something he did for fun. It meant nothing. He didn’t even like guys. He liked girls. He loved girls.

He would never fuck a guy for real. Never. Because he wasn’t gay.

He snapped each DVD in half when he was done and took it to the trashcan outside the supermarket, six blocks over.

He told himself the exercise would do him good.


One morning, Mickey woke to find Ian Gallagher in his room. Like with any intruder, he pinned him down and prepared to fuck him up. But for some wild reason he wound up just fucking him instead.

He’d never done it. With anyone.

He’d seen enough of those movies to know what to do.

It felt ridiculously great.

He let the Gallagher kid pound the shit out of him. In a good way.

Being so close to another guy like this - he could smell him, all over. And shit, when Ian pushed his dick into Mickey, when he could feel him there, when he was hurting but happy - he had a short moment free of all the hate that he constantly shackled himself with.

They had barely finished before Terry stumbled in, needing the bathroom. Both boys froze. Thank god Terry was too drunk and high to notice.

As they shrugged their clothes back on, Ian moved like he was going to kiss him. Mickey swerved and told him to fuck off.

He went to get coffee while Ian let himself out. As he drank, the hatred slowly began sinking back in.

He wasn’t gay. They’d never kissed. He’d just fucked Gallagher for fun. To get some.

He wasn’t gay because it didn’t mean anything. It would only mean something if they kissed. So they’d keep hooking up. But they’d never kiss. Mickey would make sure.

Maybe Gallagher was gay - that’s why he wanted to kiss - but Mickey wasn’t gay. And he didn’t want to kiss Ian. Didn’t even think twice about his lips. Didn’t fall asleep thinking about Ian’s mouth. Couldn’t still feel him inside.

Because he wasn’t fucking gay.


He kept fucking Gallagher. He couldn’t help himself.

He kept his distance, though. He didn’t talk to him. He didn’t hang out with him. They weren’t friends. They sure as shit weren’t boyfriends.

And Mickey would go home and jerk off. He’d stare at the posters of girls on his wall, but the whole time he’d be thinking of Ian.

He’d recently bought a couple of posters of skinny, flat chested girls with red hair, cut short. And when he dimmed the lights and closed his eyes until they were only slightly open, he could pretend it was Gallagher’s picture.

But it wasn’t. It was a girl. He was getting off to a girl’s picture. So he wasn’t gay.


He wound up in juvie again. He told himself he didn’t miss Gallagher.


One day, a guy started coming on to Mickey. He was careful, but eventually decided it was fine. Guys in prison fucked all the time. Didn’t mean they were gay.

The guy got him alone. But then two other guys jumped out of the shadows. It had been a setup.

They pounded the shit out of him. Not in a good way.


'How’s juvie?’ came Mandy’s voice down the phone.

'It’s fine. It’s juvie,’ he answered blankly.

'Whatever, just trying to make conversation.’ They paused. 'You want me to send you anything?’

'Yeah, smokes and porn.’

'Ok. I’ll figure out where to get your porn, and what kind of smokes -’

'What are you talking about?’

'I -’

'What do you mean, 'your porn’, like it’s different or something? I just need regular porn,’ he barked.

'Mick, for fucks sake, you’re nearly eighteen. How much longer are you gonna keep pretending? I know the porn you like, I know what you like,’ she said, firm but gentle.

'I’m not fucking gay, Mandy,’ he hissed.

'Well. At least you actually said the word,’ she commented. 'What do you want then?’

'Get me girl-on-girl.’

'You - you want lesbian porn?’ she spluttered incredulously.

'Yeah. Regular porn has guys in too. Lesbo porn doesn’t. Now do you believe I’m not fucking gay?’

She sighed. 'I’ll send you the porn, Mickey, but I don’t believe you.’


He was out of juvie a couple months later. Overcrowding, good behaviour, whatever.

Ian and Mandy came to get him. Seeing Gallagher felt like being punched in the stomach. He’d changed. He somehow looked hotter. All Mickey wanted was to undress him and fuck him, right there on the sidewalk. He wanted to kiss him. Throw him up against the wall and press their lips hard together and fucking taste him.

But mostly he just wanted to be with Ian. In any way. He’d missed him.

Maybe he was gay.


'Can I ask you something?’ said Ian from beside him.

'Sure,’ Mickey said, passing him the shared cigarette.

Ian took a drag, considering. 'It was ages ago. When you were in juvie?’ Mickey nodded slowly. 'I asked Mandy about you. And she said you wanted girl-on-girl porn.’

Mickey took the cigarette back awkwardly. ’ Yeah. Yeah, I asked her to send me some.’


Mickey sighed. 'Do we have to fucking talk about this? Why do you even want to know?’

Ian turned to face him. 'Yeah, we do. I was always curious.’ Mickey frowned. He was quiet, just looking at Ian helplessly. 'You can tell me.’

'I - look at first it was to pretend I wasn’t gay. To Mandy, to the others in juvie. To myself.’ Ian nodded, letting him continue. 'But, then she sent it. It was just pictures. It didn’t turn me on or whatever. But…the girls. They were gay. Or at least pretending to be. Gay - like me,’ he said quietly. Ian was staring at him, somewhere between surprise and sadness. 'And it was like…they were full on gay, the pictures. So fucking open and unapologetic. And I thought, looking at them - people like this. People are cool with this. People get off to this. Not just people - I mean, sure, girls - but loads of guys too. They - they get off to gayness. And I know it’s all fake and whatever…but it was nice. And for the first time…I felt like it was maybe ok. Ok to be gay. I don’t know why it was porn that showed me it was ok, but it did. And I know I was still a closeted little shit for a while after, but I was starting to think it was alright. And it wasn’t wrong…but most of all I actually began to quietly admit it to myself. Looking at it every day, it gave me some hope.’ He paused. 'I know that sounds weird or whatever -’

'No, no,’ Ian stopped him, holding his hand. 'That’s - oh shit, c'mere,’ he murmured, pulling him into a firm kiss. 'I’d never thought about it like that,’ he smiled softly, hugging him. 'Your fucking head, man. I’ll never understand it but I love it,’ he told him.

'Right back at you,’ Mickey said.

Ian laughed. 'Seriously. Thanks for telling me.’ They sat there together for a while. 'That’s kind of awesome, though. Fucking strange, but awesome.’

Mickey shrugged. 'Thank god for lesbians.’

Ian chuckled into his shoulder. 'Thank god for lesbians.’


// ok I hope you enjoyed it?! please send me prompts!! :) //

la-mia-amico  asked:

Hello. I'm a huge fangirl and also a HUGE fan of your fanfics. I was wondering if I could request a Tadashi x reader story where in there's like this dance or something but then Tadashi wasn't able to come because of work but when the reader gets home, he surprises her there (it was dark but the apartment was filled with candlelights) and then they just have this incredibly romantic dance. (I'm a sucker for romance)Thanks so much for the Tadashi/Hiro feels. Please don't stop writing!

Sorry this took so long to post!  But here you go!

You walk into your boyfriend’s lab with a knock on the glass door to alert him of your presence.  He looks up and smiles when he sees you.  “Hey, Beautiful,” he greets, standing up as you walk over.  He places his hands on your hips as he leans in to kiss you.

“Hi, Tadashi,” you say to him with a smile.

“How were classes today over at USF?” he asks.

You shrug a shoulder, “School is school.  Nothing too interesting happened.  The only thing really, which is why I came over to ask you, is that my school is having a dance and I was wondering if you wanted to go.”

Tadashi raises an amused eyebrow, “Your school has dances?  I thought that whole thing ended after high school.”

You roll your eyes at him. “Normal schools have dances, Tadashi. Yours doesn’t only because everyone here is too wrapped up in their technology projects to notice that there’s still a world revolving outside their window.”

“Hey!” he protests, slightly insulted.

You laugh and cup his cheeks with your hands.  “Calm down, I’m only joking,” you pull his face down to yours to give him another kiss. “So, what do you say?” you ask.

“When is it?”

“Next Friday.”

Tadashi frowns and gives you his sad puppy look.  “(Name), I’m so sorry…”

You frown as well, “What is it?”

“Aunt Cass is going to be away next weekend and she asked me to cover the shift at the café on Friday for poetry night.”

You try not to let your disappointment show on your face, but looking up at Tadashi’s reaction, you can tell you aren’t doing a very good job.  “Oh, that’s alright.  It was just a stupid dance, anyways.” You try to wave it off.

Tadashi’s arms wrap around you as he pulls you into his chest.  “If I had any faith that Hiro could run the café for me, I’d ask, but I seriously don’t think he could do it without burning the whole place down.”

You laugh lightly, “Yeah, that’s probably not a very good idea.”

“I’ll make it up to you,” Tadashi promises.

You pull back enough to look up at him, “You don’t have to do that.  There will be other dances.”

He leans down to kiss you again, “I’m still making it up to you,” he insists.

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In Your Eyes (Part Three of Four)

Pairing: MinKey! (side OnTae)
Rating: PG
Length: 4.7k or so.
Crossposted: AFF

They live on opposite sides of the country, but are able to see and feel what the other does - despite being strangers. Kibum and Minho share senses, but begin to share much more than that.

Part One


Part Two

Kibum woke up incredibly late on this particular Saturday, making up for all his lost hours that were stolen away by the deadline for next month’s issue. As he squirmed around on his bed, he spotted his alarm clock glowing a bold 12:47 pm. He groaned loudly at himself, since he was supposed to get up and go to the gym today. He’d promised Minho.

Thinking of the other man, an image of an ugly sweater appeared before his eyes, projected onto the ceiling he was watching.

“What the fuck is that, Minho?” Kibum asked, disgusted.

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anonymous asked:

I'm really happy that we have a same favorite book (tbh I teared up a little when I learned that) and I'm just really curious what other books are some of your faves? Why do you like them? I'm so curious


I hope you’re ready for a very long and intensive list.

  1. Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet
    Why I like it: Good Omens takes two great authors and combines all their weird, twisted humor into an incredible almost-apocalypse story that’s hilarious and touching and wonderfully put together. I’m on my third time around reading it and it’s still one of the best things out there.
  2. Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg
    Why I like it: Okay listen. To anyone who even vaguely falls in the realm of identifying as butch, hell, even identifying as queer. This is such an important book. Main character is a Jewish butch lesbian living in the 40s and 50s, and the novel offers a really incredible look into the queer scene at the time. It has taught me so much about our history and I feel so authentically connected to the narrator. This book will change you. 
  3. House of Leaves my Mark Danielewski 
    Why I like it: ok this book straight-up fucked me up. Can’t even talk about it just go read it ok go go go
  4. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
    Why I like it: I’m pretty sure this is the first book I ever read that made me cry. I, like all other Jewish kids, had a period in late elementary/early middle school where all I read were Holocaust books (I sincerely don’t know why this happens but trust me all the Jews I know have this phase), and this was kind of the cream of the crop in that batch of books.
  5. The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende
    Why I like it: Ok people will come at my girl Allende saying she ripped this idea off of Gabriel Garcia Márquez but tbh even if she did she did it x12 better than he did soooooo … really good book, very feministy and nicely put together. Love me some 20th century Latin American fiction.
  6. Waiting for Godot
    Why I like it: this book is just fuckin weird, go with me on this one. Play format, absurdist, nihilist, and one of the best works to come out of the 20th century. 
  7. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk 
    Why I like it: Palahniuk went into Fight Club looking to explore toxic masculinity and violence and it churned out an incredible work of literature. If you want a foundation for understanding modern masculinity, this is one of the first things you should read. 
  8. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
    Why I like it: While you can definitely fault it for some sexism, Of Mice and Men is a very moving work. Impeccably written and characterized, and another novel that builds a foundation of understanding modern masculinity. 
  9. Night by Elie Wiesel
    Why I like it: another Holocaust-era work, and Wiesel himself was a survivor. Absolutely heartbreaking account of his time in Buchenwald. Must-read for people interested in the Holocaust and for Jewish people learning about their history.
  10. All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque
    Why I like it: Explores soldiering life during WWI from the perspective of a young soldier, very intriguing. Another book that will really help you understand the 20th century, especially life as a soldier. 
  11. Persepolis by Marjane Sartrapi (graphic novel)
    Why I like it: Okay Persepolis is just so good, it’s really funny but also very educational and emotional. True story of the author’s experience growing up in Iran during the rise of the Iranian regime. She writes and illustrates the whole thing herself, and I think there’s even a movie that was made out of it? As someone who themselves is interested in cartooning and graphic novels, it was really inspiring to see someone turn what is usually viewed as a cheap story-telling method into a very moving and important work of literature. 
  12. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
    Why I like it: I read A Thousand Splendid Suns in high school for one of my English classes and it definately sparked the best discussions and most introspections. The book is told from the perspective of two women, Mariam and Laila, and their life in Afghanistan, and supposedly inspired by true stories that the author (Afghani himself) heard when he visited his homeland after living in America for 30 years.
  13. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
    Why I like it: look I know it’s totally cliche but I just authentically think the Great Gatsby is really well-written and has a bunch of very cool motifs.
  14. The Dark Half by Stephen King
    Why I like it: I don’t read a lot of horror because let’s be real I’ve got enough anxiety as it is, but the Dark Half was a GREAT book and definately one of my faves by King. Could be very easily interpreted as a commentary on masculinity and even aside from that was an enjoyable and captivating read.
  15. A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
    Why I like it: Okay I think it’s pretty easy to see the theme of “great tragedies of the 20th century” in my literature choices. A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich was another very interesting account told by a narrator working in a Soviet labor camp in the Gulags. It literally just runs through one 24-hour cycle of Denisovich’s daily life, but it’s told with incredible detail and a lot of character. One of those books you’ll just read all in one sitting.

There you have it, anon!! Please know that I’m always happy to discuss books with you if you shoot me a message ♥



roxyblade  asked:

Hey Carrie, I need some cheering up. My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer today and I dont know how to deal with it. I'm so scared. I know she'll be okay, but part of me keeps kind of whispering "but what if she's not". If you have time, please could you write me something funny with Sterek? I love your writing and it always makes me feel better when I'm down. Thank you x

[I’m sorry to hear about your mom! I know it’s a scary time, but there are a lot of great treatment options out there. I hope everything works out okay for you guys. Have some fluff, I hope you feel better]

Derek doesn’t mind his job in the movie theater much. It’s not very labor intensive, and he always can catch the newest films for free. Laura always makes fun of him for being a huge nerd, but Derek doesn’t really care about social standing at school. Plus he gets a certain amount of pleasure in evicting rude guests, and he has a knack for spotting people who are theater-hopping. As a high school student, there are a lot of slim pickings for jobs, so Derek can’t really complain. 

Derek’s seen a lot of weird things in his year at the theater; a guy once snuck in three trays of food from Panda Express and started to eat (loudly and annoyingly) during a James Bond feature, couples attempting various sexual escapades, a kid who demanded to know where the 4D movies were…

But this is probably the strangest.

“Uh…are you okay?" 

The theater is empty, save for one guy in the middle of the theater, crying loudly into his popcorn. 

The loud, strangled sobs stop, and the guy turns around. Derek recognizes him from school: Stiles Stilinski, hangs out with the popular crowd like homecoming king Scott McCall and class president Lydia Martin. He’s on the lacrosse team, and definitely one of the cool kids. 

"No,” Stiles says. There are streaks of tears running down his face. He’s kind of an ugly crier. He does have a cute face, though. Not that Derek is noticing, nope.

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anonymous asked:

-I'm the anon that asked you about your travels- yeah, just curious. I love traveling, to be honest I'd spend my life traveling if I could (I'm trying to make that happen actually), and you have been to so many places !!! that's amazing, you're so lucky, I feel so envious of you! and, sorry, but I HAVE to ask, what happened in Hungary????

Oh God. I feel you. Travelling and writing are all I really want to do. I never got to travel before college and then got lucky enough to have a scholarship that shipped me all over the friggin’ place. 

So. Hungary. Here’s what happened. 

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nathanthemoldy  asked:

Do you think modern horror is stupid nowadays? With the whole paranormal activity sequels and? And in recent years, found footages are getting a bad rap of being "cliched" "over the top" and "unnecessary elements" in the plots and characters. I'm not saying this because I absolutely despise horror and I'm not a "squeaky clean" person. But many critics complain about modern horror not being good presently. Just curious since you love horror movies and other movies of the like I suppose... ^ ^;

It isn’t necessarily that modern horror is “stupid”, per se, but that our current social/political and economical climate isn’t conducive to original, inventive, cutting-edge horror.

While horror films are some of the easiest to turn a profit from (much more so than, say, a drama or a romantic comedy), they’re also some of the easiest to fall into creative stagnation.  When a particular feature gains popularity, it becomes relentlessly exploited until audiences become sick of it, and move along to the next big thing. 

For example, after The Blair Witch Project (1999), “found footage” horror came into style in a big way, even though that particular method of marketing and storytelling had already been done nearly two decades prior with Cannibal Holocaust (1980).  What made the template so appealing is that independent filmmakers could shoot a feature on digital without the need for expensive equipment, as it actually benefited the production to look “raw”.  Of course, nowadays, the digital medium has garnered more respect, and the technology now boasts crisper imagery than it did back then (films like 28 Days Later (2002) helped to break down the stigma that had been associated with shooting a feature on digital).  “Found footage” enjoyed a second renaissance after the success of V/H/S (2012), but what producers and financiers fail to take into account is that a film becomes most successful when it’s bringing something new to the table.  With V/H/S, there came the simultaneous familiarity and departure of the VHS format, and it also appealed to the sort of crowd interested in trading “video mixtapes”.  Everything “retro” has come into style in a big way in the last few years, and outdated media formats are no exception.  However, even this has a shelf life, as V/H/S: Viral (2014)–the third installment in the franchise–has been met with generally negative reviews and overall indifference.

Filmmaking relies heavily on having a “draw”, or an element to exploit–something to catch the attention of potential audiences.  Exploitation cinema is not the only subgenre that thrives on ballyhoo.  We have come to a point now where a lot of cinematic taboos have been breached, and we’re left with very few options when it comes to giving audiences something they’ve never seen before.  When one has explored every trail and tree, the forest holds much less allure.

Filmmaking also revolves more around profits than it honestly should.  Potential producers are less likely to finance anything that doesn’t have a guaranteed return.  If it lacks certain exploitable elements, lacks notable names, and strays too far from a recognized template, it’s practically dead in the water.  Sure, there are breakout hits here and there, but breakout hits are just what the name implies:  They succeed because they manage to excel in some way.  A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) succeeded just as the slasher genre was waning by introducing a supernatural element that allowed for surreal imagery and fantastic setpieces.  Darren Aronofsky‘s Pi (1998) (not a horror film, per se, but horror fans should definitely take notice) was a breakout indie hit–and launched the director’s career–because it took the mundane concept of mathematics, and made it tense, stylish, and thought-provoking.  The Cabin in the Woods (2012) was a hit because it took every tired, overused horror cliché, and validated them in the most unexpected way possible.

Another obstacle currently facing the genre is the recent resurgence of the “moral majority” and the “political correctness” plague, and this time, the bulk of the backlash isn’t coming from the far right, but from the far left (because let’s face it–if it was coming from the same people that it did two decades ago, no one would give a shit.  We’d still be laughing at them).  While older horror films have finally been granted uncensored releases, newer films are still being butchered left and right by the ever-vigilant MPAA–not only for language, but for violent content.  The only means of circumventing this is to be the fattest cat with the biggest wallet (Spielberg once got away with graphically ripping someone’s face off in a PG film, but Wes Craven wasn’t allowed to have a large splash of blood in an R-rated one two years later).  We’re seriously in a time now where people don’t even want to allow villains to be villainous.  The entire point of having a “bad guy” is to have a negative force to focus our hatred and fear on in a fictional setting, and the PC-police won’t allow them to say anything “offensive”.  It’s as though no one ever wants to be out of their comfort zone, even in a safe, controlled environment.  No one wants to feel anything (except moral outrage, of course).  Human beings need to experience the entire spectrum of emotion in order to remind us of our own humanity.  You’re afraid?  Good.  It means you’re still alive.  Once again, the media is being blamed for violence, despite already having had numerous studies delving into the notion coming up empty-handed.  Humanity always wants a scapegoat to avoid acknowledging our own highly-flawed system of beliefs. 

“What?  His parents never paid attention to him as a child?  They disregarded his feelings?  They abused him?  Don’t be absurd!  It was those horror movies and video games that made him do it!”

We’re walking on eggshells now.  Nothing can be too “mean”, even if the entire point of the movie is to scare the living shit out of the audience.  But, I digress.

In the end, there is no surefire recipe for “good” horror, and honestly, it’s for the best.  A good horror film does exactly what it should–it comes out of nowhere, and gives you a solid jolt.  These days, we’ve been seeing a tremendous glut of remakes and reboots, with a good portion of them failing miserably.  The financiers of these films are simply trying to further milk an established fan base with little regard for the quality or integrity of the films.  Sure, a movie can make money over a weekend, but is anyone going to give a damn about it ten years down the line?  Is anyone even going to remember it?  Good horror rarely comes from the people grabbing you by the arm and forcing it down your throat.  Good horror comes from taking chances.  If we never take chances–if we live in fear of “offending” people, or try to follow someone else’s guidelines of what is “acceptable”–then we’re just like one of those little Hot Wheels cars going around and around the same track until we inevitably veer off-course and crash into the side of the fridge.

anonymous asked:

Alright o I know you're not a fan of Tauriel, but you always say that she had potential. What exactly do you mean by that? And how did they, in your eyes, ruin that potential? I'm just curious because you have well developed opinions and yeah, I'm trying to get a better picture of Tauriel's character and I kinda feel like I should also hear out someone who's not as favorable towards her :)

First of all, thank you very much! I feel honored that you come to me with a question like that :)

And yes, it’s true; Tauriel had so much potential and I fear that this is going to end up being a little monster, so I’m gonna put the rest of this under a cut.

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anonymous asked:

does jonghyun... have a bad relationship with SM? like lately he gets the bare minimum promo (and sometimes none at all) for his projects, and i'm starting to think that it's deliberate. could it be a problem that he collaborates with artists from other companies? it's strange and unfair that jonghyun constantly gets shafted like this when other companies (like tablo's) would probably snatch him up in a heartbeat. i know you don't know for certain, but i'm curious about your thoughts.

honestly? i don’t think it’s deliberate or linked to jonghyun specifically. sm is pretty notorious for not promoting shinee the way that they should be. look at how terribly they did with shinee’s odd promotions: sloppy with the release of teasers, the music video was released over a day after the album, barely any appearances on radio or variety shows. or even: we haven’t seen them do any hype on key’s theatre debut or minho’s casting in any of his movies or his upcoming drama. jonghyun’s solo debut was hyped very well, but obviously this station single and his compilation able weren’t dealt with as well as they should have been. it’s a tricky situation overall because, while sm doesn’t give them the hype that they deserve (and i won’t say “need” because shinee are regarded as being talented and considered as the most popular boy group as of now after big bang and exo, overall), shinee and jonghyun specifically do get a lot of creative freedom and input in what they do. example? jonghyun was not only the first sm artist to have a double title track, but the first to collaborate with multiple non-sm artists on an album. he was also given the chance to release a novel, and was the first sm artist (not including artists that debuted solo like boa, of course) to have their own solo concert. they also allow him to do his songwriting segment on blue night (and, yes, that would require some sort of an “okay” not only from mbc but from sm themselves). so, they’re very good to him in that respect, but they really do need to work on the hyping. like jonghyun is always referred to as their “representative singer - songwriter” so obviously they know how talented he is. they wouldn’t give him all the opportunities that they do as a songwriter if they didn’t, but how well his song lee hi did is proof that, if they tried a little harder to hype him, he could easily become a certified digital monster.

there’s no way to know for sure, but it’s possible that there may have been some stipulation in shinee’s contract when they resigned in the last year or two that gave them more freedom but at a “cost”. maybe they’re aware that they need to fend for themselves more; who knows. it’s pretty annoying and disheartening but i always try to see it from the most optimistic angle because it could be worse. (like shinee could be treated as badly as super junior are as a group at times, or they could be completely neglected like csjh or trax.)

Casino Niagara

Author: @xerxia31

A short little bit of fluff. Rated G.

“C’mon Gale, we have to go right by it anyway, I just want to take a quick look!” he groans, but this isn’t a battle he’s going to win and he knows it.

Gale and I have been best friends since I was 12 but this is the first time we’ve ever traveled anywhere together. The trip was his idea; he’s leaving to go work in the oil sands next week and it’ll be months before we see each other again. So when he suggested a weekend in Niagara Falls I jumped at the chance. I’ve never been to the falls before.

“Fine,” he huffs. “Five minutes and then we move on.” But he almost cracks a smile as I grab his arm and detour, directing us towards the four stories of glass that make up the facade of Casino Niagara. I’ve never been in a casino before, never seen one except in the movies, and I’m curious.

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anonymous asked:

I'm a writer and I'm curious as to how writing for a video game like Aberford is different from writing a story or novel.

Questions about writing are my freaking Bat Signal. (Mild spoilers ahead)

There’s actually two versions of Aberford. One is the summarized story, and one is the in-game script (and both get longer every time I go back through them). The summarized story is actually just like writing a story, except I’ve kept mine pretty sparse. It just goes through the basic order of events in the story, giving everyone a structure to follow. It establishes the key moments, maybe some of the key lines. It’s there to help you and your team work through the “what happens in this game” without having to dig through hundreds of pages of script. You can also make decisions about some of the more controversial, edgy, or difficult parts of the story before you spend hours and hours writing them out. The summarized story of Aberford looks like this:

Men break into the house and attack her, and she fends them off with a frying pan and other household objects. She tries to call Arthur back, but he’s no longer at the station. One intruder is too large to fight off, so she escapes into the bathroom, but the large man is right behind her and trying to break down the door. As she escapes out the window, she hears her neighbor/best friend Betty scream.

The script tends to take up 10-15 pages per page of summary. Those four sentences encompass 3-4 fights and a big chunk of the combat tutorial, as well as 2-3 pages of dialogue and direction.

The in-game script is very much like a movie or stage play, and thus rather unlike a novel. You don’t write paragraphs of descriptions to set up the scenes because the audience is going to see everything instead. It’s more dialogue and direction heavy with some descriptive notes for the artists about the important things. In Aberford, because we follow multiple stories, the writing is locked into an “objective” viewpoint, meaning that everyone’s thoughts and feelings have to be expressed verbally or shown through actions; there is no internal dialogue. Another game might be different, but everything you write has to able to be expressed to the player through dialogue, art, or animation. Which means that if some detail of movement, expression, or scenery is important to the story, you don’t get to write it in florid prose. Instead, it ends up looking like this:

Peggy: (through the door) My husband will be here any minute! He’s a policeman! You better be gone by-

(The intruder hits the door, causing a loud noise and some shaking. Peggy is surprised, then mad)

Peggy: You hit my door like that again, and my husband will be saving you from me!

(As if in response, the big intruder hits the door hard. Louder noise, door shakes. Peggy’s foot slips.)

Peggy: (To herself) This door isn’t going to hold. (Intruder hits the door a third time) Maybe I can…No, that’s crazy.

(The intruder hits the door again. Part of the paneling breaks. Peggy notices)

Peggy: Looks like crazy is my only option.

QUICKTIME EVENT: (Omitted to avoid gameplay spoilers, sorry)

(Peggy takes one more hit, then runs to the window and opens it. Camera cuts back to the big intruder breaking down the door. Camera cuts back to the window, but Peggy is gone. Camera shifts to the exterior, where we see Peggy crouched under the window, and the intruder searching and smashing the bathroom. We then hear a scream from the left and both Peggy and the intruder turn)

Peggy: (Panicked whisper) Betty.

You also have to design the narrative around the type of game you are making. Because Aberford is a graphic adventure/action adventure game, we had to blend in lots of dialogue and story branches with frequent combat. We want the audience to remain an active participant in the story and not just watch it. So you have to write in moments of audience interaction that feel natural and make sense. And you have to put them in very regularly to keep the audience engaged. The problem with choices, though, is that it creates multiple parallel versions of your story

So when writing the story, you have to plan out and keep track of all the options the player has throughout the game, while at the same time trying to keep the script on track. That’s where things get tricky and you should develop a system for helping keep the branches clear and distinct. You also want to avoid having major, incompatible branches early in the story unless you have the money to make two versions of the same video game. 

Which then brings us to the idea of writing to match budget. Everything you create in that story adds costs. Concept art, models, environments, programming, UI, animation, and on and on. So you have to make choices about your story that help contain the costs of the game. Sure, it would be amazing to have massive, open-world Aberford with hundreds of hours of quests, but it couldn’t possibly be made for the amount of money we’re going to try and raise. So the story actually has to both create and limit the game. If your game is too shallow, people will get bored or be disappointed. If it’s too long, you’ll never get it finished. So you have to make something that’s tailored to the realities of production, which again is why it’s more like a screenplay than a novel. The massive battles in Game of Thrones cost of pennies to print, but cost millions of dollars to film, and a video game is very much like a movie that the audience gets to participate in.

Oh God, I’ve done it again. I’ve written a massive wall of text, and I still haven’t fully answered your question. TL:DR: You have to write a video game as instructions to your production team, rather than as a story that goes directly to the end user.

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Hi Maya! So I was having an argument with a friend of mine who's very much a solo!Harry & 1D going an indefinite hiatus forever and I brought up that Harry never gave an indication he wanted to go solo! She just said that that's true but he also deflected a lot of talk about solo stuff, doesn't reassure us as much as Louis or Liam, him currently hanging out with Jeff & Tommy Bruce in LA is business, and that no indication is as much as indication as any and I'm just not sure how to respond it.


All I can offer you is my opinion and it’s worth what it’s worth, mind you!

I think Harry is going to have a proper management for himself and himself alone. I think he’ll do something on his own, possibly in movies, if the Nolan speculation is legit, and very likely with music stuff, largely writing, I think. As for March 2016, I really don’t think he’ll release a solo album. I believe One Direction will be back relatively soon as a band undergoing a huge rebrand and very big changes; nobody smart would let them come back the way we’re used to see them. 

My point is, yes, I think Harry will have projects outside the band, projects that won’t interfere at all with it. And most importantly, I think all of them will have personal projects. I know it’s frustrating to see Louis like this, that he does look left behind, but I’m so sure this is not the case and that the second this impossibly stupid stunt(s) is over his future moves will be announced. It’s so short sighted to state that he’s being abandoned and not building his career in and out of One Direction, in my opinion. We knew we would have to wait for the end of March and so let’s wait! I’d get all the complaints I see around if we were in May and stuck with this, but right now? Two weeks AT MOST before contracts end? I suggest taking a deep breath and enduring this a bit more.

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How do you feel about the new Insurgent trailer? I'm really excited but I think that they are going way to far away from the book and I'm mad but I love it so much

Alright, so I’ve gotten a lot of asks with a similar question, so I’m just gonna put my reply/review here. (Hi btw!)


First of all - WOW. I can’t really put it into words, because I have mixed feelings about this. Don’t get me wrong, I love it because I’m VERY biased towards the book. However, I had to watch it a few times from a neutral perspective, where I was paying close attention the details in every second of that trailer. And the only sentence I could process in my mind during those two and a-half-minutes trailer was, “what is that???”

Is that supposed to be the disk that caused the whole Insurgent plot? It’s clearly not what I expected. In my mind, it was a bit… smaller. Just a tad bit. I suppose that’s where the video of Edith Prior is being stored in? I guess the icon is there to make it look cooler, so good job props-team! 

External image

The location for the factionless’ was really cool! Caleb was right, it is insane. I was a bit shocked when I saw that it’s located underground. Or is it? Either way, it gives me that sort of vibe! Speaking of factionless - Evelyn. She is SMOKING HOT, like OH MY LORD. In my head, she was supposed to be a bit older, along with a darker voice. Honestly, if I have not read the books before, I would believe that Tobias and Evelyn are at the same age, not having the parent-child relationship. Naomi is 46! FOURTY-FREAKIN-SIX! It’s crazy how young and beautiful she looks like. Now we all know where Tobias got his genes from. 

External image

Not gonna lie, it was REALLY REFRESHING to watch different sceneries. Back in Divergent, we were stuck in the Abnegation and Dauntless locations, most of the part. However, since all of the factions will be included in this one, it just gives me the sort of feeling that this movie will be a WHOLE LOT different than the first one. One thing I love about this is the fact that they have managed to keep the whole.. future-dystopian-mood. Although the set of Erudite and Candor makes it seem like it’s more futuristic, rather than dystopian.

External image

Over to our main focus when we first saw the trailer - FOURTRIS. Of course it would be those two lovebirds we all hold dearly. And yes, the BIG QUESTION everyone is so curious of, why is she half naked? Why is she taking her top off, in front of someone she was so afraid to get intimate with in the first movie? Even I don’t know the answer to this. Have they decided to let them do BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW in the SECOND movie, when Veronica put it as an ‘open mind’ for us in the THIRD book? I’ve read and gotten a lot of theories about this, which includes:

  • 'I’ll be your family now’ part - movie version.
  • 'I’ll fight the bad dreams off’ part - movie version.
  • A similar fear landscape / simulation (???)

I put my bet on the first two sheories for this matter! And speaking of Fourtris, after watching the whole trailer over and over again, I feel like they’re going to put more focus on the part of them being partners, rather than lovers. Which is quite obvious when I think about it, because being my least favorite book from the whole trilogy (personal opinion ofc, it was REALLY heavy to read for me), angst and distrust and everything that could be an issue in a relationship, happens in this movie. I guess it’s just that one intimate scene that will make it all up! (Does that mean the movie will have a raise on the age-rate?)

PS: To think that we got to see that steamy make out scene of FourTris in 3D?! SO READY FOR THIS! 

External image

IS THIS WHAT I THINK IT IS? CHRISTINA DURING THAT HEARTBREAKING SCENE? Aka the truth serum moment?! This is what I call a spoiling teaser! I wanted her reaction to be a surprise! That scene was like a fatal blow to the TrisTina friendship! It’s going to be a dramatic moment, and I can’t wait to see it! 

External image

They’ve given us a fair amount of teasers when it comes to Candor and Erudite, but VERY few shots of Amity! Well, most of it contains Eric and his maids chasing after Tris and co. As a FourTris shipper, I know which specific scene I want to see while they’re in Amity. AND I’M SURE MOST OF YOU KNOW AND WANT TO SEE IT AS WELL. I just sincerely hope that even if their focus is the partnership of FourTris like I said earlier, that peace serum scene will be included! I need it. I CRAVE for it.

I wanted to put my opinion on the new characters, but all of them have only a few shots in this trailer. So I’m going to wait until they release other teasers, so we can get a better shot of ‘em! Especially Marlene, Lynn and Johanna.

External image

But I’d like to add a short note that Keiynan seems like the perfect Uriah for me, it’s exactly how I imagined him to be! And the connection between Tris and Uriah seems like a really good one! 

If I had to judge how the movie is going to be based on this trailer, along with all the teasers we have gotten so far, I’m saying it again guys; it’s going to be so different from the first one. It’s a huge gap between the two movies, and that extends all the way from how the sets look like, the amount of action and effort they have put in the second movie and not to mention, the thoughts and flow the directors have for each movie. They’re diverging into two different paths, where Divergent seems quite small comparing to what we’re going to witness on Insurgent. The first movie seems like an introduction, instead of having both as two movies with equal contents.

Moreover, I have no absolute clue how Robert is going to deal with Allegiant being divided in two parts. While the trilogy is categorized as action movies, Allegiant has more conversations and explanations regarding their past and their ancestors, rather than the action everyone is expecting of. What I’m worried about, is not about the part where both movies will be all talk. It’s about how the plot will be divided in. Hence, that’s a topic I will talk about another time!

External image

Nonetheless, I’m still pretty pumped up for the movie, even if it’s not what I have expected. Even if I have said all of this, I’m pretty sure when I’m in front of the screen, I wouldn’t complain at all. I fell in love with the series thanks to the first movie (it was a rather nice introduction to the books, which I finished in a short time), so there’s a big chance I will fall more in love with the trilogy after watching Insurgent! 

acediak  asked:

Really, I don't understant how you can have good hopes about ''Silent Hills''. I'm sure you've played all the Silent Hill games. Me too. So, explain me why. I'm curious about it. For me, with what we know after seeing the playable teaser, it's not a Silent Hill game, it's another horror game which use the name of a masterpiece to be attractive. I'll try to explain more in details my point of view after your answer.

The last time I felt scared to play a game before Evil Within which I still have yet to play was probably Silent Hill 4 so thats one good reason why I am hopeful for it. The Playable Teaser even carries similarities to Silent Hill 4. Will the game carry lore and pick up as a sequel to SH4 or SH3 or even SH2? No probably not but I have already accepted that it will probably be another story of a character with psychological disturbances with a shitty past with easter eggs here and there, but the point is we have no idea what the story or gameplay will even be yet… I can just tell that they are on the right track with incorporating first person close quarters in areas and open world in other places. The darkness and disturbing audio and visuals seem to be fitting imo for what always excited me in a Silent Hill game. I can tell you it looks a lot better than Downpour, Downpour was better than Shattered Memories and Shattered Memories was better than Homecoming. It looks like the games have been getting better imo. Seems like a good reason to be hopeful.

You want more reasons? Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro. Kojima has made some of the best games in video game history and thats for a good reason. His games always had a huge focus on character development, voice acting and engaging deep stories that were always cinematic. Even Jeremy Blaustein (voice over director and translator for SH1-SH4) worked on Metal Gear Solid and 2 members of Team Silent work or at least have worked with Kojima. I definitely think Kojima is in better company than Tomm Hulett, Vatra and Double Helix… Kojima takes time and pride in his work and I think will have a respect for the horror genre regardless of his work in the action/stealth genre.

Guillermo Del Toro.. I am going to sound like a broken record here since I basically talked about this already in my last question about the Playable Teaser but this man has a style completely unique to the filming world so I know he will have a very unique vision in the videogame world. If this man is going to be writing and directing the game I will be even more hopeful. If you haven’t watched his films do so or read the things this man talks about and you will have more hope. He has talked about the darkness within Catholicism, his opinions from the perspective as an atheist and his fascination for monsters and the power that they represent. He has great influences and understands philosophy and psychology. I would say if they were to pick a movie director to work on a silent hill game Del Toro is definitely one of the better choices. Im excited to read interviews about his approach to this project! Just check out these videos of Guillermo Del Toro:

Masters of Horror

His Opinions on Alfred Hitchcock

3 Tips on Making a good Horror Movie

As far as Norman Reedus im honestly not overly excited or disappointed. He is an actor who did pretty good in the Walking Dead and did probably even better in boondock saints as well as Mimic and Blade II (also Del Toro films). He is a professional actor who I trust will do a good job. I dont think any better than a videogame voice actor but he will be good.