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while we are on the subject of spouse remember when Harry said to Louis face "you are getting married!!" and Louis was sort of completely lost for words? I loved that!

FOUND IT!! This moment, right? Because what even was that??
Like, why so certain Harry..? 😏

Fun Fact

In the 2-minute long video Emily Dickinson’s Guide to Spending the Holidays Alone, Emily Dickinson says approximately 355 words.

In the 2-hour long feature, Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party, Emily Dickinson says approximately 218 words.

  • TV writer: i can confirm this character has been involved with men and women but they are not gay or straight. they don't fit any labels
  • me: that is literally called a Bisexual™

this is how it happened right

  • Friend: Can we listen to something else that's not Bastille
  • Me: Sure *puts phone on shuffle*
  • Phone: *Plays six Bastille songs in row, four songs that feature Dan, and three remixes*
  • Me: Welcome to Bastille Hell™
/and I still believe that I cannot be saved/

aka where my Blakes at in 406

This season has been a pretty intense build for Octavia, and for the Blake siblings, and I think this week we’re finally reaching the crest of her anger storyline. If what happened in Arkadia in 406 wasn’t hitting emotional bottom for Octavia, then it’s definitely going to be in the next two episodes, I think. The only thing I’m still waiting for is the shot of her in warrior garb from the trailer–that hasn’t come yet, so this might still be the step before the bottom. But she was a broken mess at the end of 406, just completely falling apart. All her cool control from Polis is bleeding out of her.

If y’all are anything like me then the medbay scene was a serious gutpunch after the Blake Family Feels at the end of 405, but as painful as it was I think it’s IC with Octavia’s emotional journey this season. Rewind to season 3, and back then we had several episodes of Octavia being very cold towards Bellamy (and at one point violent), alternating with brief flashes of her being worried about him. And when he was in danger we saw her fears come back–because she loves her brother even in her anger. So they were locked into this pattern where Octavia is angry, Bellamy wants to make up, and they both still care. That carried into season 4, but with some much needed distance as they work in different locations.  With the news that the world ends Octavia is getting more and more violent in the goal of helping her people and throwing her rage at the world. Bellamy is still wracked with guilt and wants to reach out to her but he keeps his distance for about 5 episodes.

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Drunk/Drinking Starters
  • ❝I do not get drunk-- I get awesome.❞
  • ❝I didn't fall... the floor just needed a hug. ❞
  • ❝Wanna know what rhymes with drunk? Sex. ❞
  • ❝Nothing tastes as good as drunk feels.❞
  • ❝I've had... eleventy twelve beers.❞
  • ❝I've been cheating on you with a guy named Morgan. He's a captain.❞
  • ❝I'm not as drunk as I use to was.❞
  • ❝Halloween? More like Hallowe-’re getting fucked up.❞
  • ❝What do you expect me to do- I'm drunk!❞
  • ❝But then I remember that alcohol existed.❞
  • ❝It’s not called slurring your words. It’s called talking in cursive and it’s fucking elegant.❞
  • ❝I’m totally walking straight, but this damn Earth is drunk!❞
  • ❝If you can’t suck a cigarette, you sure as hell can’t suck a dick!❞
  • ❝I wanna bae you up.❞
  • ❝You're so drunk when I'm pretty.❞
  • ❝It's 10;30 and I'm already fucking wasted…❞
  • ❝I'm almost sober...❞
  • ❝We are best friends now. Yeah c'mere, let's get drunk again.❞
  • ❝Why do people wear boxers? They’re just like small pants.❞
  • ❝I am currently dating a tall bottle of Jack Daniels.❞
  • ❝I’m in Pirates of the Caribbean right now..❞
  • ❝Take me drunk I’m home.❞
  • ❝Let’s go dress up like Batman and Robin and patrol the neighborhood.❞
  • ❝Your kitchen is so far away. Who designed this shit?❞
  • ❝Your cat... has it always had a German accent?❞
Beauty and the Beast
  • Me, before listening to the soundtrack: so beauty and the beast is gonna be amazing and the songs are gonna be beautiful
  • Me, after listening to the soundtrack: obi wan kenobi my dad i'll be your guest oh my gosh. LUPIN MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SING BUT HERMIONE SURE CAN! I want to marry this soundtrack please. Magic rose? Pffft who needs it I'm gonna marry it right now just make it legal please oh my word play this at my funeral. I am living. An actual 56 years has been added to my lifespan. What a beautiful cast and a beautiful album bless alan menken and all of them. I can die happy now. I want this at my wedding all of it please and thanks alright what is breathing I'm so emotional I hate my life

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The odd thing is, you're being degraded because of the heteronormativity of the world. Het until proven innocent, if you will. You're being lumped with the het who go to gay bars at peak hours to ogle the wildlife, having an unintended impact on the habitat. Lunch is different, but uncomfortably close. You've got a park ranger's perspective on preserving things from the inside, but stop being annoyed when the animals ask what right you have to be there. You can support w/o intruding, friendo.

What did I just read? I just took a painkiller for a headache, but I ibuprofen has never made written words incomprehensible to me before.

  • Ghira: Honey. Yang. We're back. *Ghira called out as he and Blake entered the Belladonna home.*
  • Blake: We brought you some dessert from the sto-Yang! *Blake started to call out as she and father entered the living only to find her girlfriend laying on the couch with a bandage around her head as Kali gently placed an Ice pack on her head. It didn't take Blake look to rush over to her love's side to see if she was okay.* Yang? Yang, Sweetie? Are you okay?
  • Kali: Calm down, Blake. Yang is fine. She just has a little bump on her head is all. The doctor said all she needs is some rest. *Kali told her daughter as she comforted her.*
  • Ghira: I don't understand. What happened while we were at the meeting?
  • Kali: Well... *Kali began, thinking back to earlier.*
  • ~Flashback~
  • Yang: Excuse me, Mrs B? Sorry to bother you but the spire bathroom is out of towel. Can I grab one from your? *Yang called out while she knocked on door to Blake's parents bathroom door, waiting a moment listening for Kali to reply as music played from the other side of the door.* Mrs B? *Yang asked again knocking slightly louder.*
  • Kali: Huh? Yes? Is that you Yang? *Kali questioned through the door, the music's volume lowering.*
  • Yang: Yeah It's me. Sorry about this but can I barrow a towel? The other bathroom doesn't have any.
  • Kali: Oh of course dear. You can come on in and get them, I'm wearing a robe. There in the closet to the left.
  • Yang: Okay cool. *Yang smiled, opening the door slightly to pock her head to to find Kali was indeed wearing a robe as she sat on the edge of the bath before enter, Keeping her eyes casted downward.* Pardon my interruption.
  • Kali: Oh there's no need to apologize, Yang. I was just finish up her myself. *Kali smiled as she pointed to the closet.* Anyway, the towels are on the left. Help yourself.
  • Yang: Thanks Mrs B. *Yang said quickly moving to the closet and opening it, spotting the towels right away and grabbing two.* Sorry again for walkinnNOHMYGOD! *Yang suddenly yelled with an enormous blush growing on her face as she turned to Kali. For before the young huntress sat her girlfriend's mother with her right leg straight up in the air as she groomed herself like a cat.
  • Kali: Hmm? Is something wrong Yang? *Kali asked when she noticed Yang's red face wide eyes.*
  • Yang: *It was at those words Yang quickly covered her eyes, trying not to peek throght the cracks of her fingers as she yammered.* I!UH! DUH! UMM! S-SORRY! I DIDN'T REALIZE! UUH My GOD!
  • Kali: Hehe, Oh Yang. Calm down. I'm only grooming myself. I'm sure you see Blake do it all the time. Maybe even let her do some grooming on you. *Kali laughed with a teasing smirk, waving her hand.*
  • Yang: Well Yeah but! Wait I mean, No! I, Ugh! It's different with Blake! Plus, She does do that with me! *Yang rambles on, feeling the wall with one hand to leave while covering her eyes with the other.*
  • Kali: Really? Huh? I would have thought Blake would have tried it with you by now? *Kali Thought out loud before a devious smirk formed on her face and spoke seductively to Yang.* In that case, Why don't you come over here and I can show you how it's done? *She purred as she thought.* Let's see how loyal she is to my baby girl.
  • Yang: *Meanwhile, Yang's jaw dropped in shock before she quickly shouted while rushing to the door.* SORRYBUTONLYBLAKECANSHOULDANDWILLUSESHERTONGUEONMETHANKSFORTHETOWELSBYYYYYAAAH! *It was towards the end of her sentence, Yang unfortunately slipped on the damped floor and fell on the back of her head. Hard.*
  • Kali: OH MY GOD! YANG! ARE YOU OKAY!? *Kali panicked quickly rushing over to fallen huntress.*
  • ~Present~
  • Kali: ... She slipped in our bathroom while getting towels from the closet. The floor was a bit wet since I just took a bath. *Kali explained, leaving out the details.*
  • Blake: Oh no. I knew I forgot something when we left. *Blake said, gentle stroking Yang's hair.* Yang, sweetie. Can you hear me?
  • Ghira: Don't worry Blake. I'm sure Yang well be fine. *Ghira assured her daughter to comfort her, placing his hand on her shoulder when Yang stirred.* Ah, She is waking up.
  • Blake: Yang? How are you feeling? Yang? *Blake asked worryingly.*
  • Yang: Mmmrr, no Mrs B. Only Blake can groom me... *Yang quietly mumbled, still not fully conscious causing both Ghira and Blake to turn their questions stares to the somewhat nervous Kali.*
  • Blake: Mom? She is she mumbling about? *Blake questions while narrowing her eyes.*
  • Kali: I-I have no idea.
  • Ghira: Kali. Tell me you didn't tease the poor girl.
  • Kali: ...
  • Ghira: Kali.
  • Kali: It was an accident.
  • Blake: Oh my god! Mom!
  • Kali: Well on the bright side you know Yang is very loyal to you. Soooo it's not all bad.
  • Ghira: *Ghira could only sigh with his daughter as they both crossed their arms and pinched the bridge of their noses.* This is Ilia all over again.
  • Blake: Tell me about it.
  • Yang: I demand a Blakey bath when the room stops spinning.* Yang randomly said holding up her metal hand.*

So after it was made canon that Hal has Jewish heritage, I’ve began making a few headcanons. One of which is that he learned Hebrew and Yiddish when he was younger, and sometimes gives his nieces and nephews Yiddish terms of endearment. I also like the idea of using this headcanon to make some Batlantern goodness involving Hal crashing at Bruce’s manor after a long mission and in his tired state, accidentally mistaking Damian as one of his nephews or actually referring to Damian as his own kid. 

At first I was gonna use Motek, but then I dug around and realized the the majority of the Jewish community in the US speak Yiddish and thought that would fit better for Hal… However if I got the word wrong please tell me, I’d rather fix it than let it remain a mistake.


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I want to improve my vocabulary skills, but I don't know where to start, there are so many words. I'm kind of stuck right here. So many words I never heard of before so I am not sure if I will able to use it in real life. what should I do?

Expanding your vocabulary is as easy as ABC!


If you’ve got a mobile device like a cell phone or a tablet, go to your app store or play store and search “vocabulary.” There are tons of great apps that use games, word associations, or even just alerting you with a random new word every day. We know how much time we waste on our devices sometimes, so here’s one way you can be working on your words while you’re doing it. 

Here’s a list of 7 Mobile Apps to Improve Your Vocabulary.


Read! You’d be surprised how naturally you absorb words by simply reading books. If reading is something you struggle to find enjoyment in, do not give up! If the books you’re reading are boring you, then you haven’t found the right book yet. It’s okay to start books and quit them because you’re bored, so long as you pick up another one and give it a shot. With so many books in the world, you’re bound to find a dozen or so that you can get excited about. 


Listen to the conversations around you and take note of any words that come up that you don’t know. It’s fun to keep them in a little handheld notebook, but if you don’t have something like that (or it’s not near you), grab the nearest piece of scratch paper and jot it down. When you’ve got a free moment, look up the words with a dictionary or dictionary app and take note of the definitions. 

If you’re feeling especially bold, try to use new words you’ve identified as writing prompts. If it’s a noun, write a character that is or has that noun. For a verb, write a character doing that verb. And for an adjective, describe a character that embodies that adjective. For anything else, just find a way to use the word in your prompt somewhere. 

If you keep your ears open, you’ll run into new words everywhere. Your job now is to stop, consider the words, look them up, and absorb them. Don’t just let them fly over your head. 


I know this isn’t Camren related but this needs to be spread if this is actually happening right now I’m not sure cause I don’t read the news but if this is happening this is disgusting if you know anyone from Russia who is LGBT+ or anyone from Russia who could spread the word please spread this message to try to keep them safe….again I’m sorry if this is fake and I hope it is I wanted to send this just i case it was true and it could help someone but if it’s true I’m so sorry and if anyone is reading this from Russia who is gay stay strong❤️

Let's get something straight here.

I’m fucking done with everything and everyone. Just because people aren’t used to something or think it should be a certain way doesn’t mean it’s fucking right.

1. Straight people are straight. Gay people are gay. Deal. With. It. Not everyone is going to be fucking straight or gay. Some of us are even in between like pans, bi’s, and shit.


2. A Woman does not “belong” in a kitchen. And she doesn’t HAVE to be a wife. Everyone sees women as someone who has to be feminine, and cute, and perky and shit. NOT ALL WOMAN WILL BE LIKE THAT.

There are tomboys, a woman CAN become a soldier. A woman is capable of so much more than just having kids, making dinner and being a goddamn housewife. Yea I fully understand if that’s how SOME woman want to live their life, but NO WOMAN should be held back from what SHE wants.

3. QUIT WITH STEREOTYPING PEOPLE. Just because someone wears glasses doesn’t make them a nerd. Just like how if someone is buff and strong, it doesn’t make him a jock. Not every Muslim is dangerous, and not every white person is rich. And not all gays are “fabulous.” I got called out the other day because I am bisexual and someone asked me why I don’t dress like it then. Excuse me? BUT EXACTLY HOW WOULD A BISEXUAL GIRL DRESS???!!! FUCK EVERYONE WHO STEREOTYPES PEOPLE. GROW A BRAIN. READ A BOOK. Who knows, maybe you’ll fucking learn something.

4. People. Fuck. Up. But that doesn’t mean you get to fucking laugh at them, or judge them. Sometimes things happen and we all make stupid decisions. So don’t go fucking prancing around like you’re any better than anyone else.

5. How is it that if someone has a broken leg, or head injury, they get sympathy? But people like me, who are actually mentally injured, get judged and dismissed as freaks? Yes, I’m mentally unstable, that doesn’t mean I’m going to kill a person.

Just like how not every depressed person wants to kill themselves!

Before you fucking judge a person, know WHAT you’re judging for fucks sake, or else YOU’LL be the idiot.

6. If you think beating, raping, violation in any way is alright if it’s the “victims fault” then fuck you. You can die now.

It’s not the “Victim’s fault” no matter what.


IMAGINE HOW YOU WOULD FEEL IF IT HAPPENED TO YOU. OR YOUR FAMILY OR LOVED ONES. And no one would care because it was “the Victim’s fault”. Think about it.


I grew up in a Christian/Catholic family and K REFUSE to believe I’m God, yet I believe I’m hell and Satan. Question me. It’s not fucking worth it.

Some of us believe in God, reincarnation, death, science, etc. Whatever it is, don’t judge another person because of it.


It’s whether we choose to USE that voice, and if it’s for Good or Bad.


9. This is OUR MOMENT.

Our generation is what changes everything.

Think about this nice and hard.

Every move we make, Every Choice, will one day effect what happens to US in the future, to our possible kids, and THEIR kids!

With every choice on US. We HAVE to be careful! We need to make SURE we know what will happen, and what are consequences will be.




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Hi, I have a question : how do I know if I'm ace? For example if I have never kissed someone how do I know I don't like to kiss someone? Maybe is a stupid question but I'm new on this blog

hi anon,

“how do i know if i’m ____?” is a very common question that many people ask themself and / or others at one point or another and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. despite being a common question, the answer to that question isn’t a simple one and will differ from person to person because there is no one “true” answer, imho. the following is just my longwinded personal opinion.

before i attempt to answer your question

i’d like to point out that whether you like or don’t like kissing is not an indication of whether you’re ace or not. if you don’t like kissing then you simply don’t like kissing, which can be true for someone of any orientation. similarly, someone of any orientation can like kissing, including aces.

replace “kissing” with “sex” and the same is still true.

different people define asexuality differently because it means different things to different people, but imho asexuality is no different from other sexual orientations in that it’s descriptive of who someone is or isn’t (potentially) sexually attracted to and says nothing about the actions one finds enjoyable (or not). besides, a person doesn’t have to be sexually attracted to someone for kissing (or sex) to be enjoyable and a lack of sexual attraction is not required for kissing (or sex) to be something you don’t like.

while it’s certainly true that there are aces who do not like kissing and / or sex, for whom their experience with kissing and / or sex and disliking it (or worse) may be intrinsically connected to their asexuality / how they came to identify as ace, i hope that a lack of experience will not detour you from identifying as ace if you think that you might be ace. 

to answer your question (finally)

how do you know if you’re ace? the same way that i myself and countless others know that they’re ace: “ace”, “asexual”, “gray asexual”, “demisexual”, etc resonate with you and you feel comfortable enough describing yourself (or being referred to by others) as such enough to identify as such. in other words, you adopt that word / identity for yourself because you decide for yourself that that’s who you are.

there is nothing that qualifies you (or disqualifies you) as ace.
there is no surefire way to know whether or not you’re ace.
there is no way to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will never experience sexual attraction even if you have yet to experience it.

hell, sometimes it can be difficult to know whether or not you’ve ever experienced sexual attraction to some degree or in some way. sometimes it’s simply impossible to know for sure and yet other times you may not even be sure what the hell this “sexual attraction” even is.

and that’s okay.
all of that is okay.

every single one of us lives in the present, not the future nor the past. uncertainty is natural. you do not need to know anything for certain. furthermore, you do not need to know how you may feel in the future to identify as something now because it feels right to do so now. even if you were to identify as ace (or anything else) now, but in the future something were to change for you that makes ace (or anything else) less relevant or comfortable for you, that’s okay. use whatever word(s) / identity(/ies) feel right for you at the time and discard the ones that don’t. every experience you have (or don’t have) is valid regardless of whether that experience changes for you later in life. there’s absolutely no reason to hold one’s breath for future possibilities that may never come, simply roll with them if they do.

tl;dr because i’m longwinded as hell

if the thought that you might be ace resonates with you, why not try it on for size? in other words, try identifying as ace (even if only internally to yourself) and see how it makes you feel now. don’t worry about the future. if you happen to find that ace feels “right” or comfortable for you now, then hey! you might be ace. sometimes it’s not actually a matter of “knowing” whether you’re ace or not, but rather deciding if “ace” is meaningful as a word / identity for you. no one knows you better than you know yourself and sometimes it’s difficult to know anything for sure and that’s okay. just roll with your feelings, figure out things as you go and use whatever word(s) / identity(/ies) happen to feel right for you / be helpful. i’m pretty sure that that’s what all of us are doing. :)

A little CS wedding one shot

This came up to my mind cause I just couldn’t help thinking about the moment when Emma and Killian will exchange rings at the wedding.. so here’s my take on this moment

PS: I’m not a writer (not by a long shot), so this goes unedited and unbeta’d

They were standing there on the deck of the Jolly in front of their families and friends. They have said their vows, full of promises and true love. There was one moment when Killian actually thought he was about to start crying, he couldn’t believe his luck and still was in cloud 9 thanks to the blonde goddess in front of him has agreed to marry him. Out of the two of them, she was actually the pirate who stole his heart. Emma was looking at him with a tenderness and love in her eyes, yes, he would gladly die for her a thousand times if it means she keeps smiling the way she’s doing it now.

After a moment, Henry gave them the rings, the symbols of a forever together. He took the ring and she offered her hand and just like the first and second proposal, Killian slipped the wedding band into her finger right next to her engagement ring. No words were spoken, if he start talking his tears were no longer would kept at bay, so he hoped that a meaningful glance in her direction was enough to tell her how much he loved her. 

It was her turn, she let go her hold on his hook and took the wedding ring with her left hand, her right one grabbed his wrist and caressed the top of his hand with her thumb.

“One more to your collection,” she said sliding the wedding band into his right ring finger.

“The only one that matters, my love”

Emma smiled and before he realized what she was doing, she brought his hand to her lips and kissed the spot where she put the ring just merely seconds ago.

He could no longer hold back a sob and tears slid down his cheek prompting her to swiped them with a soft caress and making him lean his face on her hand.

“Now I’m all yours.” There were no truer words spoken in that moment, his heart and soul belong to Emma, probably before he even realized she claimed them as hers a long time ago

“and I’m yours, Killian.”

They shared a tender kiss filled with passion and love, a promise of a lifetime partnership

“Just you and me?”

“Aye love, just you and me”

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I watered my tiny cactus for the first time yesterday. Hope I did everything right. Should I cuddle him? Do you think he is okay? *sweats* I'm worried about my baby 🌱

cuddle him a little bit (or else he will become needy) and whisper soft words of love to him in the evening - he’s going to be splendid i am sure of it

To Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Pyrrha, Nora, and Coco. For my first question, and the only one I'll ask before going away for a while, is Velvet as shy in bed as she is outside? (Asked by taza1998)
  • Ruby, shrugs: I wouldn't know? Maybe?
  • Weiss: Hmm, she does seem like the person? Who knows?
  • Blake, rubbing the back of her head and musters up a pitiful laugh: Haha I know right guys who would even know that?!
  • Pyrrha, chuckles: Velvet's a lovely person, I'm sure whoever knows the answer to that is a very lucky person.
  • Nora, giggling evily to herself: What if she's....a dom!?!
  • Yang, spitting out her drink and bursts into laughter: OH MAN IMAGINE THAT!!!!
  • Coco, with just a sly smile, sipping her coffee slowly: Mhm...I could /only/ imagine.
  • Velvet, sitting there with her mouth open in frozen shock, her face blood red, hardly able to get words out of her embarrassment: Ah....ahhhh....