i'm not sure if i like it or not tho hmmmm

@traumagiic you aren’t the first person to say that to me on this blog :(
I change therapists so quickly though, I don’t wanna seem like I didn’t give her a chance, even though I think it’s been like 6 months now?
I dunno, I’m not sure what’s normal for a therapist or what’s shitty and I dunno how long I should give her a chance?

luvisia  asked:

*hollers* do the ship thing for alutegra

{omfg…i got like 4 asks for alutegra and idk why that makes me so happy but it dOES THANK YOU FOR ASKING FOR MY OTP}

  • who cries when someone dies in a movie:

    Neither of them??? Integra would probably be criticizing the movies’ flaws enough that she wouldn’t particularly notice, and Alu would laugh; laughing is very possible for both of them, depending on the ridiculousness of the death itself.

    TL;DR, no tears for movie deaths with them.
  • who wears the ugly holiday garb: 

    Alucard and his ugly ass ties; good luck getting either of them in an ugly Christmas sweater though…actually Alucard might wear one of those just to be ironic lmao
  • who pays for the meals:

    Integra, whom always pays for meals and always pays for the havoc Alu wreaks…she never-endingly gets the bill lol
  • who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone: 

    Alucard would play the trombone and get Seras to slam the oven door–Integra wouldn’t be home.
  • who brings home stray animals:

    Alucard, indirectly and unwillingly (fledgling bby Seras would find something on the road while on a mission and, despite Alucard telling her no, would take it back to the manor to beg and grovel before Teg to keep it lol)
  • who leaves the bathroom door open: 

    Alucard steers clear from the bathroom due to that he doesn’t have any use for it (also because what usually happens in a bathroom is of absolutely zero interest to him), so Integra by default…I feel that she’d only do so in a hurry though, finding leaving it open kinda rude in normal circumstance…the only way Alu would enter her bathroom tho would be if he was absolutely certain she was bathing/showering tbh
  • who tells the ‘dad jokes’:

    ALUCARD. Definitely Alucard, all the way. He’d get his start with basically-daughter Seras and, if he and Integra ever had children, it’d just get worse. He’s been a father before, he’s got plenty up his sleeve lbr
  • who wants kids more:

    Also Alu. Integra’s lifestyle leaves her so busy and I just cannot imagine her really wanting children??? They can be a huge burden and loud and annoying, things that would provide her even more stress and things I doubt she’d ever want to put up with on a daily basis. But Alucard has been a dad before, as mentioned above, before he became a vampire. So at this point it’s been 500+ years since he’s had a baby, the sterility in a vampire (due to being dead) making him unable to even fathom children anymore would leave him sO yearning for another child.
  • who travels more:

    In terms in more instances of traveling, Alucard. For missions. But I think Integra would do more long term traveling, for her job and such. Meetings with nobles and important figures in other countries. Alucard’s ok as long as it’s like…two weeks that she’s gone…but more than that makes him fairly antsy. Integra allows him to hunt a lot more than she would if she was there, just so he has something to keep him busy, or else he’d call her constantly. 
  • who spends more cash: 

    HMMMM…inevitably Integra since she has to pay for all the shit Alucard breaks. BUT…I headcanon that, with all the Romanian gold and wealth he kept from his days as King of Wallachia, he’s got a hefty amount stored away and only uses it to sPLURGE ON INTEGRA

    Like, what I mean is that around her birthday (October 27th) and Christmas, Integra gets so anxious because he likes to spend a sHIT ton on her during those times. Like, he’ll buy her jewelry, clothes, FAB AF WEAPONRY, etc. While she appreciates it, she also finds it incredibly unnecessary and trite. Why would he waste so much money on her? On these paltry gifts? That she’ll probably never use or touch?? She doesn’t know. He mainly does it for sentimental value, but most of the time it’s misinterpreted.

    For final answer, mainly Teg, but it depends on the time of year.

  • who buys the things in infomercials: 

    Alucard. Integra doesn’t find much on TV appealing advertisement-wise and is restricting with the budget, so she refrains from spending money on unneeded things. While he’s not SUPER crazy about the stuff he sees, he still buys more stuff than her.
  • who draws in the dust on their cars: 

    Also Alucard. I’m just remembering this moment from the first episode where Integra and Walter are at a scene, and the focus was this, hmmm, body (splatter is more fitting) that was on the wall. It was super small, but “No-Life King” was written with blood in the corner of it. WHO ELSE WOULD’VE WRITTEN THAT. 
  • who starts the snowball fights:

    Surprisingly Integra! Of course, she’s usually very professional and no-nonsense, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a sense of humor/playful mood??? I hc that Alucard dislikes getting any form of water on him (vampires are said to HAT E water) so he doesn’t touch snow until Integra pelts him in the face with it. Which she will do with gusto. After that, it’s a war.
  • who throws away the directions to things:
    Integra?? While I think she’d study directions super close at first, if they didn’t work for her immediately (prob because she did smth wrong) she’d throw them away like, “if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself smh”

    Then she’d proceed to fuck up due to lack of guide, which would become GIVING UP, and make someone else do it because she got fed up with it. Directions will be dug out of the trash, most likely.

    Not that Alu wouldn’t throw away directions, just she’s more likely to.

    (P.S. By directions to things, I thought of an IKEA couch LMAO)

  • who puts up holiday decor:

    Alucard. Because the thought of a monster who is literally called the “Bird of Hermes” AKA the Messenger of the Devil AKA an arm of SATAN being the first to put up Christmas-y stuff is glorious. Also mistletoes.

  • who is more likely to forget to bathe:

    THIS QUESTION IS V AWKWARD BECAUSE ALU DOESN’T NEED TO BATHE AND HATES WATER…I mean, Integra could forget if she worked hard for a few days in a row…but the moment her hair becomes more akin to a mop than the majestic platinum-blonde tendrils they usually are she’s already in a bath/shower 

  • who gets more obsessed about things:

    I’m not quite certain what this means by things??? Does it mean like…TV shows, video games, hobbies, grudges??? I’m not sure, but it’d probably be Alucard tbh

  • who sings in the shower more often: again, Integra by default….Alu COULD sing, not in the shower tho lol example of when he could would be, like…soothing young Integra to sleep if needed and situations of the like, or if he just wanted to..

    As for Integra, Alu likes to surprise her when she sings in the shower by listening for a while, then saying something out of the blue and random (of course from outside of the shower), which would startle her and embarrass her, making her try to refrain from singing at all. She has a nice voice, one that he enjoys listening to, but he sacrifices that luxury to teasing.

Hmmmm…Dear Harrie, why does my opinion matter to you anyway? Like you said, every single critic disagrees with me. So just listen to them and support them. And say what you want. I watched it when it was premiered with the other 6 people in the whole theater (that’s including My Sis who I dragged with me). Lol. Sad, right? Thank you for dropping by and called me embarrassing. I’m surprised you didn’t tell me to kill myself tho. 🤔🤔🤔 Also imo his character wasn’t that important. Underline that. My opinion. Nolan clearly thought Alex is an important character. Maybe so Gibson (Aneurin) would feel bad about being there with Alex, Tommy (Fionn), and the other soldiers, trying to survive and finally…you know, ended in that particular fate? Now, now. Let’s agree to diasgree. You think Harry and Alex are amazing. Fine. Go on. I won’t stop you. But your rude message won’t change my opinion. Jack Lowden (Collins) is totally cool tho. His character is vital. And I love “the air” scenes. Have a nice day, anon.