i'm not sure if he says climb

Delinquent Rover Adventures 4
  • *Everyone's getting ready to go on the trip to Farm Station
  • Bellamy: Is everyone almost ready? Make sure you use the bathroom now cuz I'm not stopping till we get to Farm Station.
  • Bellamy (to Clarke): You sure you don't want to come with us?
  • Clarke: Yeah, you guys go have fun. Someone has to take care of Jasper.
  • Bellamy: Ok, if you're sure. (Yelling to the kids) Everyone get your asses into the rover, we're leaving.
  • *All the kids come hug Clarke goodbye then get into the rover
  • Monty (hugging Clarke): I'm gunna miss you.
  • Clarke: I'll miss you too, Sweetheart.
  • Bellamy (climbing in the rover): Come on, Monty. Let's go.
  • *Monty gets in
  • Clarke (frantically running to Bellamy's side of the rover): Bell, remember to stay safe. Make sure you keep an eye on everyone. Don't let anyone wander off. Make sure you keep a close eye on Monty. You know how he always wanders off. Everybody listen to Bellamy and do what he says... AND WEAR YOUR SEAT BELTS.
  • Bellamy: We'll be fine, Clarke. Stop worrying. It's just a day trip. I'll make sure they don't die *wink*.
  • Clarke: That's not funny, Bell.
  • Bellay (laughing): Bye, Princess.
  • *They drive off as Clarke worriedly waves goodbye
  • *10 minutes later
  • Monty: Bellamy....
  • Bellamy: Hmmm?
  • Monty: ..... I gotta pee...

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Well if that's the case then why don't we just find a way to de-immortalize him so he won't have to watch everyone around him die of old age! (And before you say anything- nothing is impossible. There's always another way around in life. I mean this one guy climbed mount. Everest and made it all the way to the top! AND he survived!…hold on…I think he died while heading back down…no wait- I'm pretty sure he survived, barley. But hey! That's a fine example that nothing is impossible.)

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How are you so good at writing???? Also I'm pretty sure u can guess who I am by now lol but uhhhh idk if I sent u this one, pretty much pat tells virg not to climb a tree but he does anyway because no screw u I'm cool and edgy. Virg gets frozen with fear at the height and can't com down and pat cant even bring himself to say I told u so. It turns into a fiasco of a dramatic roman and logan getting him down. Virg is so embarrassed afterwards so pat takes virg in his room for comfort cuddles -🐢

I’m glad you like my writing:) You have some really good prompts, Anon

Thomas was out on a walk in the park, so naturally his Sides were in the mood for a stroll in the creative part of the mindscape.

The prince was boasting about how he liked to stay fit by creating new challenges for himself. Every part of the landscape, he had created and traversed.

Virgil was getting rather annoyed, “Okay. Enough already, Princey. We get it.”

Roman looked offended, but he quickly covered up this expression with a smirk.

“Oh, I get it. Panic at the Everywhere is jealous.”

“Am not”

“Are too”

“Am not

The conversation probably would’ve went on like that for awhile if Patton hadn’t intervened. “Now, we’ll have none of that. You kiddos need to behave. Virgil, I’m sure Roman is just proud of his accomplishments. We should try and be as supportive as possible.” the moral side chastised.

Virgil glowered. Roman stuck his tongue out at him.

“He only accomplished them because he was the one who created the obstacles” Virgil muttered.

“That is so not true” the prince protested.

“Well, Virgil does make a valid point” Logan observed. “You even bragged about climbing some of the trees to the very top, but you could have easily added branches to make the task more simple for yourself.”

Roman glared at the logical side, “You obviously don’t know anything.”

“Falsehood” Logan said firmly, clearly irritated at Roman’s accusation.

Patton glanced at the others in disapproval, “Guys….”

Poor Patton was drowned out by incoherent arguing. Logan, Virgil, and Roman were talking all at once.

Roman exclaimed above the fray, “Aha! I got it! How about a good old-fashioned competition?”

Logan eyed the creative side warily, “What sort of competition?”

“I race one of you guys up the tree. Whoever reaches the top first is the victor!”

Virgil stared at Roman, “That….sounds dangerous.”

The prince laughed, “I guess it isn’t so easy after all. I guess you really are just jealous.”

“You wish”

“Then prove it” Roman challenged.

The over-confident and over-competitive aura of Roman’s room was making Anxiety reckless because he was actually considering it.

“Virgil, you don’t have to do this.” Patton stepped in. “I agree with you, this could be a bit risky.”

Logan nodded, “I actually agree with Patton on this one.”

Virgil respected Patton at the best of times, but Roman was really beginning to get on his nerves. I can do this. I might be Anxiety, but I can do this. I’ll show him.

Virgil glared at Roman and accepted the challenge, much to Patton’s dismay.

Roman made Logan and Patton be the judges.

Virgil and Roman began climbing two trees that were about the same height.

Virgil wasn’t as used to it as Roman, but he was more nimble than the prince due to his practice running. He was Anxiety, he was going to practice his running.

To everyone’s surprise, Virgil made it to the top of the tree first.

Virgil smirked, Roman grimaced.

“Alright, alright. I guess you win this time, Hot Topic.”

The prince began to climb down, but Virgil remained at the top.

All of a sudden, Virgil was hyper aware of just how high he was. He clutched the branch he was sitting on, petrified.

“Are you going to come down anytime soon?” Patton called up to him.

Virgil didn’t know what to do. He wanted their help, but he was also too embarrassed to ask. The most he could utter back was “Uhhhh….”

Princey glanced up at Anxiety curiously. “Oh. Oh, I think he’s stuck!”

Patton was worried that something like this would happen, but he didn’t have the heart to say I told you so when his son was clearly suffering.

Logan started formulating a plan, “Perhaps you could conjure up a ladder, Roman.”


The prince was already charging the tree, climbing deftly through the branches. “I shall save you, shadowling!”

Soon Roman was at the top with Virgil, flashing him a comforting smile. Virgil clung tight to the branch.

“Oh, Virge. You climbed up, it isn’t all that difficult to get down. I’m right here with you.”

Roman coaxed Virgil to him as if he were a firefighter saving a cat from a tree.

Virgil was visibly shaking, but he cautiously took Roman’s hand. The prince guided the anxious trait carefully.

At the bottom, Virgil tried to calm his breathing. He looked around at the other Sides’ worried faces and blushed. Great. I just had to try and prove Princey wrong.

Patton tried his best to comfort him, “Maybe we should go back to the family room?”

Virgil nodded his head.

Patton gently sat Virgil on the couch and spontaneously changed into his cat onesie.

“What did you change for?” Virgil asked.

“Because you need comfort and I think cuddles are better in cat pajamas!” Patton said excitedly.

Virgil shook his head, “I’m fine, Pat.” The anxious trait was still trembling slightly.

Logan and Roman popped up, also wearing cat-themed pajamas.

“Guys, what is this?” Virgil eyed them suspiciously.

Roman grinned and Logan smirked.

“We just couldn’t help, but notice how cat-like you were up in that tree.”

“Ha ha, very funny,” Virgil just wanted to sink out and avoid the humiliation.

“Don’t worry about it, Virge. You were adorable” Patton said.

“And rescuing you was a pleasure” Roman added.

“Better you than me” Logan stated. Roman kicked him. “I–I mean….uh”

“What Logan is trying to say is join in the fun and put on a cat onesie!”

Virgil sighed, This couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous.

He changed his outfit into black cat pajamas. The Sides tackled him in a hug and then settled down to watch a movie. It might have been embarrassing to be fussed over so much, but it certainly helped to calm Virgil down. 

Patton was right, cuddles were better this way.

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@ anon. i'm pretty sure joon is boarding 6'2 (probably 184). i'm a 5'11 (180) norwegian girl and since my brother is doing his masters in seoul i got to see them. kookie and tae are nearly the same, kookie is a wee bit taller than me so i'd say he's boarding 6' while tae is 6'. my brother is 6'2 and joon isn't quite as tall as him, but he's definitely taller than tae so i say he's 6'1, just a cm away from 6'2.

more evidence :’))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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"I'm a being of pure power, I don't need sleep!" Cas x Winchester Sister

sentence starters

“I’m a being of pure power, I don’t need sleep.”

You had to grin when you heard the angel of the Lord say that with such sass. You climbed into the bed he was sitting in and stared at him.

“Cas, come on. Just one night. It’s my job to tuck you in and make sure you’re feeling all snuggly and warm or whatever. Pleeease?”

“How is it that you’re more persistent than Dean?”

You chortled, “Ihit’s in the genes. Now lay down,” you pushed at the angel’s chest. Cas didn’t budge.

You huffed, “Cas! Stop being an ass!”

“I told you, I’m a being of pure—”

“Pure power, got it. But hey, even power has to be recharged.”

Castiel was going to refute but he paused to weigh what you just said, “Hm… you may have a point. Hey,” he jerked and gave you a glare, “Stop pushing me.”

You nudged him again, “Go to bed, feathers.”

Castiel narrowed his eyes and he quickly turned the tables on you, grabbing your wrists and forcing you down onto the bed. With the strong angel pinning you effectively, you could only stare wide-eyed at him. 

“Wait! Cas, don’t do this, you-you’re right! You know? You can stay up as long as you wa-wahahant! Hehehey!” you began giggling against your will when Castiel burrowed his hand under your shirt and scribbled away against your belly.

The angel smiled proudly, “I believe you’re the one who needs sleep.”

“Shihit! Okay! Mahaybe I do! Just stahahap!”

Cas huffed out a chuckle and he was the one who tucked you in and let you snuggle him before you fell asleep. How the tables turned. 

a mountain to climb
explicit. 127000 words. sterek. for jo.

Just to want it,
And not to need it,
Makes me let it go.
But then you let me in,
And I don’t want it,
But you made me believe it.

He’s climbed the trellis into Scott’s bedroom a thousand times, but it’s hard tonight, his fingers weak and shaking as he hauls himself up the side of the house. Scott’s already awake—or, more likely, Stiles woke him—and sliding the window open so Stiles can tumble inside.

“You okay?” Scott asks softly as Stiles flops onto his bed, breathing heavily.

“Yes,” Stiles says, and then his eyes start to burn. “No.”

Scott looks worried. “What’s going on?” He sinks down onto the bed next to Stiles, a frown furrowing his brow.

“I—” Stiles has to clench his eyes shut. “I haven’t gotten my heat since the end of July.” It sounds bad when he says it aloud. July was months ago. It sounds really bad.

“Oh,” Scott says softly. Stiles hears him shift around, and then he lays down next to Stiles, presses in so the sides of their bodies are touching. 

Stiles shudders a little, calmed by his presence. “It’s—I’m going to get it, right? It’s only two weeks ‘til it should come again.”

“I’m sure it will,” Scott says soothingly. “Here, come on—” He rolls Stiles onto his side and curls up behind him, looping a tight arm across his stomach. Stiles relaxes a little bit more, calmed by his steady heartbeat and his strong alpha scent. “Everything’s gonna be fine.”

They fall into silence, and Stiles lets his eyes settle shut, feeling a little stupid for panicking.

“Stiles?” Scott says after a while, his voice soft. “If it is a—um. Who—”

“Derek,” Stiles whispers into the dark.

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I should have put a (1/2) on my earlier ask hahaha. But I've read some of the asks and your headcanon about The Sheith Voltron Family and I'm dying. They're so good and adorable and sweet and just yup. I'm vomitting rainbows and sprinkles everywhere. But all right. I dunno if anyone's asked yet. But what and how was the family's first movie date? (°ω°)

Thank you! 8D But dude please don’t die HAHAHHAA oh my god wait like you mean all of them go and watch a movie? I CAN JUST IMAGINE IT NOW

The Sheith Family decided to watch Kubo and The Two Strings in theaters. Shiro is actually a bit worried they were going to be that kind of family. The one wherein the kids are so noisy and annoying during the whole movie. He’s been there, when he was a teen, he judged families too and now this was karma. So he’s nervous even from just buying their snacks. He was not prepared for this however.

Cashier: Awww, you’re taking your brothers to watch Kubo?
Shiro: What? Brothers?!! *scandalized*
Keith: Shiro…
Shiro: *sweats* These are my children and Keith is my wonderful husband! MY CHILDREN ARE FINE!!! 
Cashier: I-I’m sorry, sir. Here’s your change. *nervously hands over*
Keith: *takes the change* Sorry about that. It’s our first time out. He’s a bit… he’s a bit nervous.
Cashier: *mesmerized by Keith’s beauty lmao* Oh wow hi.
Shiro: *tugs Keith closer to him* My Husband. Married to me.
Keith: *rolls eyes* *pushes him* Let’s just go.
Shiro: Keith, he thought we were BROTHERS! Of all things! We don’t even look alike? *turns to his kids* DO WE LOOK ALIKE?!
All three kids: *laughing* *shakes their heads*
Shiro: What’s a guy supposed to do here for people to know I am married and have children? 
Pidge: Daddy Shiro, you’re so noisy. Let’s just go watch the movie now! *pulls his hand impatiently*
Shiro: Do I have to kiss Keith in public? *clearly not done yet*
Keith: *smirks* I wouldn’t be against that. 
All three kids: NOOOOOOOO! KUBO FIRST!

So they enter and the children are seated at the center with their Daddies on each ends. 

Shiro: *turns to his kids* Okay, before anything. I want you to be quiet. Don’t ask too much questions. In fact, don’t even ask anything at all. 
Keith: *in disbelief* What?
Lance: Are we allowed to laugh at the funny parts?
Shiro: Yes, you are allowed, Lance.
Hunk: Can we cry at sad parts?
Shiro: *smiles softly* Of course you can, Hunk.

The movie starts. The kids are actually quiet and well-behaved.

Shiro: Oh god. I’m getting goosebumps. *turns to his family* Are you guys getting goosebumps?
Keith and the kids: *nods while not taking their eyes off the screen*
Shiro: *whispers to Pidge* Kubo needs to be back before sundown or else something bad will happen to him.
Pidge: I got that part, Daddy Shiro.
Shiro: Oh, okay. Just making sure.
Keith: *glares at him*
Shiro: *laughs the loudest at the funny parts*
Shiro: *points at the screen* I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT!!!!
Lance: Daddy Shiro, shhhhhsh! 
Shiro: I don’t like this. Those sisters are scary RUN KUBO RUNNN!!!! *turns to Hunk* Hunk do you need me to hold your hand?
Hunk: *shakes head* *shows that he’s already holding Daddy Keith’s hand*
Keith: *acts all smug* *mouths ‘I got this, babe.’*
Shiro: Oh noooo. *sobs* This is just so sad. *hugs Pidge* How is this a children’s movie? HOW?
Pidge: Daddy Shiro, you’re squishing me to death.
Shiro: Awww, this fella reminds me of Lance. Don’t you think so, Lance?
Lance: *clearly doesn’t see how he resembles the character* *raises eyebrows at Shiro* *shakes his head*
Shiro: Maybe cause you weren’t paying attention, buddy.
Lance: *gasps* *clearly offended* 

Lance goes down his seat and climbs Daddy Shiro’s lap and sits there. He crosses his arms and looks at his Dad angrily.

Lance: That’s it, Daddy Shiro. You need to stop making comments. 
Shiro: Wha—
Lance: *covers Shiro’s mouth with his hand* Let us enjoy the movie. I’m going to stop you every time you’re going to say something. So I’m staying here.
Keith: *restrains himself from giggling* Captain Lance sure knows how to get stuff done.
Shiro: *is shockingly offended*

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wait hoe I want a ship tf

oh how the tables have tabled

I ship you with my fav boy Evan 

-you’re both so sweet I'm getting cavities just thinking about it

-I feel like he just loves to touch you like anywhere? (non-sexual but also hella sexual ayyy)

-your hands and face especially 

-you can make him smile so easily because he is just so in love with you 

-like even just saying hi the boy becomes a smiling blushing mess

-you like to hold hands because the weight grounds you

-i also hc that his hands are so soft just all the time 

-like sure he climbs trees and gets callouses but he uses lotion to prevent really bad dry skin

-you both struggle with mental illnesses but you find safety and comfort in each other 

-on particularly bad days you cuddle because you both need contact 

-he knows exactly how to cheer you up 

-he still gets tongue-tied around you and its so fucking cute im sweating

-the only person he loves more than you is heidi 

-you guys definitely go on weekly disgustingly cute dates 

-you sometimes nap together and he likes to hold you when you sleep 

-he just loves you s o m u c h 

#336: Dating? Us?
  • Niall: You couldn't help but furrow your brows when his arm circled your waist, pulling you in closely to him. "This is her...my girlfriend." Niall beamed giving you a look as you began to cough uncontrollably. "Alright babe?" He asked giving your back a quick rub. Getting yourself under control you nodded with a tight lipped smile. "All good babe...who are these people?" You asked averting your attention to the couple standing in front of you. "Lovely to finally meet you [Y/N]. I work with Niall...'m Sam and this is my girlfriend Liz." "Finally?" You questioned turning your gaze back to Niall, only to see a pinkish hue creep it's way up his neck. "Yeah he talks about you a whole lot." He chuckled at the site of Niall blushing. "Well uh...we'll see you around Sam. Gonna go grab some drinks." Niall coughed, bringing his hand up to rub at the back of his neck before leading you in a different direction. "Didn't know I was your girlfriend Ni." You whispered with a shake of your head. "I-I should have explained this all in the car." He grumbled.
  • Liam: You let out a groan with your face buried in the crook of his neck. "Carry me Liam...my feet hurt so bad." You moaned, wrapping your arms around his neck. "Hi to you as well [Y/N]...I'm alright thanks for asking." He rolled his eyes as he circled his arms around your waist. "I was gonna say hi once you picked me up." You mumbled into his skin before pulling away to shoot a tired smile at him. "Sure you were...now c'mon and get on my back." He muttered, turning around and kneeling a bit once you dropped your arms. You climbed onto his back, loosely wrapping both your arms and legs around him. "Love you Li." You spoke softly before pressing your face back into his neck. "Love you too [Y/N]." He smiled a soft smile before beginning the walk back to your shared flat. "You know my mom's convinced we're dating. I told you right...she was killing me Li. Going on and on about how cute we are together. She's mental." You let out with a small chuckle. "Dating? Us...what." He croaked.
  • Louis: He caught a hold of your hand as he led you further into the club. "Ahhh there those idiots are." He shouted over the booming music peering over his shoulder with a grin. With a roll of your eyes and a tiny smile tugging at your lips you allowed yourself to be led deeper into the mass of people until you were stood in front of four guys. "Took you long enough t get ' ere...this your girlfriend? " "What?" Louis scoffed rolling his eyes. "This is [Y/N] idiot...not my-not my girlfriend." He shook his head and you made a face before waving your free hand at them. "Hello...um I'm just gonna go grab a drink." You muttered letting your hand fall from Louis' before stalking back into the mass of people toward the bar. A scowl took over Louis' face after a whistle left one of his friend's mouths. "None of that. Don't even look at her. She's off limits...to you idiots anyway." He warned with a shake of his head. "Are you this protective of all of your friends or just her?"
  • Zayn: With his arms still wrapped tightly around your waist he dropped down onto the couch. "Missed you." He mumbled for the second time into the crown of your head as you nuzzled into his chest. "I know...told me earlier when I picked you up." You grinned, pulling away a little so you were just sat in his lap. "Look whose being all chummy...I'm gonna be sick." Louis teased as he stalked into the living room. "Don't start." Zayn groaned with narrowed eyes. "What am I not allowed to express my disgust in the confinment of my own home. I mean you do have a room of your own to be all cute with your girlfriend. Did you forget?" He asked with a cocked brow and a smirk tugging at his lips. You let out a cough, looking between the two boys with widened eyes. "What?" "Lou...you know she's not my girlfriend. Quit taking a piss." Zayn shook his head with a roll of his eyes. "Doesn't mean that you don't want her to be." He smirked as another groan fell from Zayn's lips.
  • Harry: Pulling his shirt back over his head he sat on the edge of the bed with a grin tugging at his lips. "You coming over to mine tomorrow?" He asked not even glancing over his shoulder at you as he pulled on his boots. "Nah 3 days in a week is enough...people are gonna start thinking we're a couple." You joked as you blindly reached over and pulled up a hopefully clean tank top. "They already think we're together [Y/N]." He shook his head with a dimpled grin on his lips and you let out a feigned groan. "Guess this is the end then. I can't have my future suitors thinking I'm taken when I'm not." You sighed dramatically, falling back against your pillows. "I'd be a good suitor for you...I think we're quite good together if you ask me." "Harry I didn't ask." You giggled as you watched a frown take over his lips. "I'm only kidding H...no need to pout." You sat up and placed your hand on his shoulder giving it a bit of a squeeze. "How about we-how about we try it then...dating." He shrugged taking his lip between his teeth. "Dating? You really want to?"
1D Preferences #702: You're just friends and he say your name in his sleep...
  • Harry: "Have a good dream there?" you ask, eyebrow raised in amusement. "...huh? What?" he mumbles sleepily, cheeks flushing pink. "Heard you muttering my name," you explain, letting out a yawn. "Did you? Uh, I had a dream we were, uh, bowling..." he mumbles, covering his smirk with his pillow. "Oh, I'm sure," you retort, sticking out your tongue.
  • Louis: "What were you dreamin' about?" you ask mischievously, tying your hair into a ponytail. "What?" he replies quickly, eyes wide. "I mean, why do you ask?" You shrug and climb off of the sofa bed. "Just wondering, I heard you saying my name..." you trail off, watching him raise a brow. "Huh. That's weird, I don't remember that," he lies, combing his fingers through his hair.
  • Zayn: "Can I help you?" you ask as he slowly crawls out of bed. "Huh?" he replies, scratching his chin. "You were calling my name," you smirk, crossing your arms. "You were sleeping?" He sleepily rubs his eyes and shrugs. "I was dreaming." You nod and bite back a smirk. "About me?" He shrugs and quickly tugs on his hoodie. "I'll go, um, make breakfast."
  • Niall: "I heard you calling my name, what were ya dreaming about?" you ask, poking his chest. "You heard me calling your name?" he asks, eyes wide and cheeks flushed. "I was not! I totally wasn't." He quickly slides on his shirt and fixes his hair. "So I was just imagining things?" you reply, hugging your pillow. "Maybe YOU were dreaming," he laughs nervously, climbing out of bed. "Now let's get breakfast.
  • Liam: "Enjoy your dream?" you inquire, climbing into his bed. "Yeah, I guess," he smiles with amusement and shrugs. "I only ask 'cause I heard you saying my name," you continue, watching his cheeks flush. "Oh! Well, you know how dreams are...people just...appear in dreams and stuff," he rambles, scratching his head. "And you were there it was um....yeah, dreams."
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fem!sam, "I know I'm not pretty like those other girls, Dean."

“I know I’m not pretty like those other girls, Dean.” Sam says quietly, her gaze dropping to the dusty motel carpet and staying there as her arms curl protectively around herself.

Dean isn’t sure what brought this on. Maybe it was nothing at all. Sam can be like that sometimes—sometimes she just thinks herself into these big pits of depression and she needs help to climb her way back out.

“Yeah.” He agrees casually. “You couldn’t be more right.” He sees the hurt flash in her eyes when she gasps softly and looks up at him, her eyes wide and full of panic, like she was begging him with those hazel eyes just to please, don’t say that, don’t you say that, Dean. Not you.

He strolls over to her, his steps measured and slow, like she’s a small animal that could be easily frightened and scared away.

She cowers in on herself like his physical closeness is a threat—which is something she’s never done before. It hurts, of course, but Dean knows that once he clears up what he meant, Sam will be smiling again, just like he wants.

“You’re right.” He repeats softly, cupping her face in the palm of his hand. He can see the conflict flash in her eyes—her body wants to lean into his hand, into his thumb caressing her face, but her heart is hurt from his words.

She’s rigid.

“Other girls…they’re very pretty. But you…”

Sam takes in a ragged breath, bracing herself.

“You’re gorgeous. There’s no comparison. You’re on the top of mount Everest for me, and other girls are like, at the bottom of Mariana’s trench.” He wraps his arms around her waist, and hugs her tight to his chest. “You’re the only girl I ever see.” He tells her hair.

Slowly, her arms come around him too, and Dean can feel her lips stretch into a smile against his chest.

“Really?” She asks, as if she’s afraid to admit to it. He presses a soft kiss to her hair, smiling.

“Yes.” He admits. “Really.”

A Bit Longer Than A Sunday Six, but I'm Sure You Guys Don't Mind

“My sleeping bag is too big, and you look lonely.” Felicity announces, and proceeds to climb into his sleeping bag with an impressive amount of grace for someone completely plastered.

“There, much better.” Felicity says as she snuggles in next to him.

“This is nice,” Oliver agrees, half asleep. “My sleeping bag is too big, too.”


Oliver is, of course, the first one to wake up the next morning.

He immediately freezes up because Felicity is literally lying all over him, her head resting above his heart, and hadn’t he been punished enough, cruel world?

“Mmm, you’re hard now.” Felicity says, still mostly asleep, and Oliver practically chokes. “Less cuddly, which is bad. I’m just going to have to cuddle harder.”

Oliver doesn’t believe that’s possible, but somehow it is, and he can see no way of getting out of her viselike grip.

He closes his eyes, goes through his mental Reasons Why Felicity And I Can Never Ever Be Together (Because I’m A Terrible Person) checklist, and relaxes.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Felicity refuses to look him in the eye for an entire week.

Potty Training Your Child
  • Liam: "...but I don't like it." Aidan huffs, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "What don't you like?" Liam asks, kneeling down on the bathroom floor. "It's yucky green" he explains, "I want white like your potty, Daddy" Liam smiles at your son, "you will get to use the big white potty one day. But first you need to use this one first." Aidan scrunches his nose and looks at you pleadingly, hoping that you can persuade Liam. "Daddy's right. And once you learn how to use the green one, you can wear the Batman undies that Uncle Zayn gave you. You want to wear them, right?" Aidan broke out into a smile. "OKAY!" he replies enthusiastically, heading towards his green plastic potty, as you and Liam stare at each other and laugh.
  • Zayn: "Myla, baby, come back..." you call out after your young daughter as she runs out of the bathroom. "Zayn! Get Myla!" you yell, wiping your forehead and collapsing onto the bathroom floor. Attempting to get your daughter to learn how to use the toilet is extremely tiring. Zayn walks in carrying a struggling Myla. "But Daaaaaad, I don't want to use it" she whinges. Zayn guides her out of the bathroom, leaving you confused and staring at them as he whispers something in her ear. "Okay!" she agrees, skipping towards the toilet with a smile on her face. "But you have to go". "What did you say to her?" you ask Zayn as you both wait on the otherside of the closed door. He smiles mischievously, "just some ice cream...and a toy of her choice"
  • Niall: "Malachy, what are you doing?" you question as you catch your son standing awkwardly near the toilet. "Using it" he replied simply, attempting to climb on to it. You laugh gently, "are you sure you're ready?" "Uncle Harry said I'm a big boy" he states, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "But once you're trained, you don't have diapers anymore" you tell him, as you sit down besides him. He nods in agreement. "Okay then" you smile, "I'll get dad, and we can go buy you a potty to use". He follows you out as you walk to get Niall.
  • Harry: "I can't do this" your daughter whines, frowning at Harry as he kneels in front of her. "Audrey, you said you wanted to go on the big potty" Harry replies, urging her on. "But I can't, daddy! I'm going to fall in!" she cries out as she begins to tear up, frustrated at the situation. "Okay, love. We can try next time." Harry calmly responds, attempting to hide his smile. He carries her down and helps her put on her Pull-Ups. "How was it?" you ask him as he walks into the living room, plopping himself besides you on the couch."I think we'll have to try again next week. She was kind of frightened." he tells you, as he places his arm around your shoulder.
  • Louis: "Mummy, I need to peeeeeee!" Quentin cries out, tugging the hem of your dress. "Hold on, Q. Mummy needs to deal with work." you tell him, as you wait on the phone to be redirected to another person. "Ask daddy to change you", you whisper, thinking that the issue is his diaper. "DADDDDY" Quentin yells, resulting in Louis running out from the bedroom. "What's wrong?" He asks, lifting Q up on to his shoulders. "I need to pee. I want to use the big potty" he explains, "but mummy said no". Louis laughs gently. "Mummy's busy right now. I'll help you use the big boy bathroom" he reassures your son as they make their way towards the bathroom. You mouth a 'sorry' to Louis as he passes by. "You can repay me...tonight" he smirks, winking at you.