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Im 100% projecting but, Lance always being cryptic to Hunk about his depression. Trying to joke around even more if Hunk gets too close to understanding whats up ("Lance.. Are you okay?" "HahhaHha WHAAT? IM GREAT!") and Hunk makes Lance promise, after a while of getting enough clues to tell something isnt Okay, to talk to him if he ever needs to vent. And, Lance promises but doesnt think he'll ever actually do it.. Until one night, his mind is still taunting him about something 3 yrs ago (Pt 1)

Because lance still thinks about how he ruined some event because his anxiety was just so god damn bad that day, so much so he couldn't even fake being okay that well. and just feels like its his fault that hunk didn't have a good time and its been there, in the back of his mind replaying (along with so many other instances) but lance finally tells hunk about that one instant & how he feels so shitty about it all and ofc hunk tries to assure lance that he didn't ruin anything!! (Pt 2)

but lance, he just cant believe him, not right then, hes still in his own head about it all. “Lance, you didn't do anything wrong.” “Yeah, sure.. Look, Im tired, Im sorry for bringing this up, im going to bed.. Gnight” and the next morning, hunk tells lance how upset he was at lance for not brushing him off last night, thinking he was lying. and lance, he just doesn't have any words. (Pt 3)

nothing to defend his actions, doesn't know how to explain that he has a hard time believing he doesn't ruin everything he touches. and just says a soft, “I'm sorry”. After that, he refuses to tell anyone ANYTHING about his depression or anxiety because he made hunk mad and cant handle anyone else being mad at him. so its better to not share at all than risk upsetting someone. just shut up and carry on like before. Be the happy Lancey Lance you’re supposed to be.(Last)

Oh no my heart. but also honestly same that is exactly what i do  around my friends

Muggles and class

Something that I don’t feel gets enough focus in fandom is the issue of class - and, importantly, the difference between the working class Snape family, and the middle class Evans family.

Many Snape fans register the double standard of Petunia sneering at Snape for being poor whilst fandom focuses solely on his dismissal of her being a Muggle.

I have also posted several times about the presentation of Sirius, and how I think he has the background and upbringing that Snape may have felt should’ve been his, if only his mother had married a pureblood wizard and not a Muggle.

I’ve seen many posts talking about both Lily and Hermione as Muggleborn witches and the oppression that they face in the wizarding world, but both characters were relatively fortunate; neither were subject to Umbridge’s Ministry regulations, and Voldemort’s grand plans never came off.  Both were embroiled in wars, but both chose to fight for their cause.

They both seemingly had a good time at Hogwarts, and their teachers seemed to like them.  Lily was clever, popular, and became a prefect.  She ended up marrying a pureblood from a very old family.  Hermione was clever and whilst not popular per se, she was friends with the most famous kid in school…and like Lily, became a prefect.  She ended up marrying a pureblood from a very old family, and later became Minister for Magic.

So although the transition between the two worlds could’ve been fraught with danger, and sometimes skirted with it, fortunately neither were particularly viciously oppressed.  Their time at Hogwarts was relatively well protected from such negative sentiment.

But the opposite seems to have been true for Eileen, moving from the wizarding world to the Muggle world.  For whatever reasons, she ends up in a lower class structure, and then neither she nor her son can transcend it.

When Severus moves into the wizarding world, his poverty is obvious through his clothing and his appearance, and it is mocked by others.  It is only as an adult that he moves past this - and arguably, that is due to him gaining a middle class profession and the pay cheque that goes with it…and we know that he only gains that status through exploitation, and not solely on merit.

I hasten to add that it’s not that Lily or Hermione would’ve always sailed through - in some alternate universes, they could’ve ended up in a very poor way.  …but I do think it is striking that their class arguably affords them some protection.

We simply don’t see any kids in Harry’s era who are from similar stock.  The closest we get is Harry himself, who is falsely treated in such a way.  The Dursleys are middle class and should’ve treated him as such, but even though they don’t, Harry’s financial problems are erased the moment he discovers that he’s a wizard.  

Otherwise, we’re looking at Ron - but again, his poor background is juxtaposed with a warm and loving family, and magical solutions.  There’s nobody else with quite the depiction that Snape has.

It rather begs the question, quite what would anyone have made of Severus if he’d been Muggleborn and poor?

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I need some advice. For the 4 years I've been working there, there has been a lovely man who has Down syndrome come in all the time with a carer. A few weeks ago, he's started coming in without a carer and he's acting completely different. Before he was polite, made conversation, told you about his hotwheels card etc. now he's yelling at people, throwing things, he's been caught twice trying to steal and I'm not sure what to do. I don't know his carer or anyone else to talk to about this

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For the anon asking about parenting: I'm a non-binary parent! Whenever my kids were old enough, we made sure they knew their names, pronouns, etc. were up to them, NOT US. I ask them periodically if they'd rather be called something else. Sometimes they 'try out' nicknames this way. They seem, at least for now, to be cis, and not at all confused. Even if they are cis, I think it's an important lesson. They know that *anyone* has the right to be referred to however they want.

This is so great thank you!


has anyone else done this yet?


Light Em Up X Radioactive Mashup (Fall Out Boy and Imagine Dragons) found on the channel Exostomp Music. I remember the first time I heard this - and it was just this amazing mix of bass and good lyrics as well as it being songs from some of my favourite bands and I absolutely love it so much. This will always be one of my favourite mashups.

I’m not sure Exostomp Music is the original uploader, however. I’ve know this has been uploaded to Tumblr and everywhere else so many times that it’s difficult to find the original channel that uploaded this. So, if anyone knows the channel that this awesome mashup came from please message me because I want to give credit to whoever made this.

I feel bad for not knowing the original uploader :(

Thank you and good night

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Why do only black lives matter? Why not native Americans or Asian lives or aboriginal lives matter?

Not sure where you came from. And this has been explained so many fucking times.

Black lives matter doesn’t mean anyone else’s lives doesn’t matter. The movement was made because we (black people) keep getting killed by cops and racist assholes and it keeps getting dismissed with clear evidence and video surveillance. We die because of racist beliefs. We had (and have) to deal with name after name after name of black people who were killed by cops for so long. It’s a movement by black people for black people saying that we matter. We don’t deserve to be killed in the street. We don’t deserve our deaths dismissed and forgotten. That’s it.

No one is saying anyone else’s lives don’t matter. If that’s your first thought, you need to ask yourself why you feel like black people saying our lives matter makes you think we’re saying we don’t care about everyone else’s lives.

You want to know more about it, go in the black lives matter tag. Go google it. Get on twitter. Here, I’ll even give you a link: https://blacklivesmatter.com/about/herstory/

And the next time you feel like going in a black person’s inbox asking this: DON’T. Go do your own damn research.

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Hey, I was wondering - what format do you use for line notes? Do you have a set template in Word or Excel, or do you do notes by hand, or something else? (I'm a high school SM and I'm trying to find a better way to give our actors their - rather extensive - line notes).

I’ve spoken with other stage managers about this and I haven’t met anyone that does line notes this same way. I’m not sure why, other than we all come up with our own way of doing things over time; it’s a process I’ve made on my own with what has made sense with me, so feel free to skip this information if you feel it doesn’t fit your style.

On the first run-thru rehearsal after the off-book date, I (or the ASM) will take the script and listen as the actors run-thru the show. I have a key I have memorized that goes like this:

  • L = called line
  • S = switched
  • D = dropped
  • C = changed
  • A = added 

I circle either the word, line, or paragraph the actor needs to correct, and notate either an L, S, M, A, or C above it. I make a line notes spreadsheet in Excel with the headings Character, Page, Line, Issue; I take the script with the notations on them and I begin to fill in the spreadsheet. For every correction, I write in the character’s name, the full or partial line, and the correction needed. When I type in the line, I type it how it’s written in the script and I bold the words or part of the line that were incorrect. It would end up looking something like this:

Hamlet…67…That if you be honest and fair, your honesty should….Dropped

Manager…45…We are people, we are the opposite of actors!…Switched

When I’ve gone through the whole script, I organize the line notes by Character and Page, copy each character’s line notes to a different tab, and send that tab to each of the actors. As they continue through run-thru’s and they (hopefully) correct their mistakes, I erase the notations in my script. It’s also a good way to see who is making the same mistakes over and over, aka who isn’t reading their line notes.

I know some stage managers go the handwritten note method where they hand out little slips of paper, but I find that actors don’t keep track of them, it’s difficult to write that quickly (especially if you type faster), and you’re sure to miss another mistake happening while you’re writing a note. I also know some stage managers like to tell the actors what they’re saying wrong in addition to the correct line, but I find only giving them the correct line is satisfactory.



Has anyone ever made this connection? I think Ichigo and Uryuu’s relationship had a lot of untapped potential. Both wanted to protect the people around them from Hollows, both were told that what they wanted to protect was not what the person who loved them wanted to protect. Both ended up losing their powers via final technique to this question.

Ichigo found the answer but I don’t think there was ever a moment where Uryuu realized that his father really did care for him and was trying to protect him by pushing him away from his Quincy heritage.

Now I’m wanting some fanart or fanfiction where Ichigo realizes that Uryuu still doesn’t know the answer to the same question despite losing and regaining his power, and ends up spelling it out for him.

When I say that blaming Will or anyone besides Hannibal for the bloodbath of “Mizumono” is victim blaming, you guys need to hear the words I’m saying.

Victim blaming.

I am not making a meta statement, a literary analysis, or anything else remotely scholarly here. I am making a moral judgment

If you are continuing to move it into the realm of “Well, technically, A caused B which caused C and then D,” then you are missing the point

Do. not. blame. victims. for. crimes. 

I do not care that if Sally hadn’t been openly flirting with Jimmy, then Jimmy might not have gotten upset when she told him she didn’t want to date him later and then punched her in the face, and then when her little dog bit him because he was punching her in the face, he kicked the dog too. Do not tell me that if Sally would have not flirted, then her little dog wouldn’t have been kicked. It does not matter how logical it is: it ignores the fact that the culpability lies with Jimmy because the choice was Jimmy’s, and Jimmy’s alone. No one made Jimmy choose but Jimmy. Anytime we say otherwise, even about fictional characters, we encourage a culture that allows people to rationalize hurting others, whether we intend to or not. 

Got it?

This is all the more I’m saying on this subject. 

I’m a stickler for the fact that Zoro has never once been named as the First Mate of the Straw Hats by Oda, the character info in the volumes, or by any member of the Straw Hats. Many fans believe that Urouge called him it on Sabaody, but that was a mistranslation and Urouge only called him the “second member” (which is not just another name for First Mate). And even if he had said it, what does Urouge know about the Straw Hats other than the obvious fact that Zoro has the 2nd highest bounty on the crew? Nothing, so what he says doesn’t matter.

Is Zoro more-or-less the de facto first mate? Basically. He’s an invaluable crew member who is vital in protecting both the crew and the Captain and helps to maintain the cohesion between them during times of crisis. However, does he do any of the actual jobs first mates do? Does he manage the crew’s stock? Does he manage the crew to ensure they’re doing their jobs? That sounds like Nami. Has Luffy indicated that Zoro will be the new captain in his absence? Also no

He’s the 2nd strongest, and he’s the most important after Luffy in times of crisis, but neither of those things are the definition of a First Mate. Nami’s the one who does the job of a first mate on a daily basis, and Usopp has Luffy’s verbal designation to be the next Captain if Luffy isn’t able to.

There’s a lot left unsaid here about the relationship between Luffy and Zoro, but it remains that Zoro is not the First Mate of the Straw Hats in any official regard. His title has always been “swordsman” and nothing else. Not all crews even have First Mates anyway, so it’s not as though anyone has to be the First Mate in the Straw Hats.

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Hi~ I'm just here to tell you that i love your art (and your charms -i just found out you had a shop *___* <3). I really love your comics, like I laught everytime i read them. I also may have been faving and rebbloging your stuff... AHEM!stalkingyouAHEM!... and well, I've also read your FAQs but I'm not sure if anyone has asked you this... Could give me (us -maybe there's someone else interested too?) some tips on how to draw "realistically", please?

AW THANKS—anyway! some of the best advice i ever received was when i was like, 16. it was, and this is might sound a little dumb but, “draw what you see”

this was a real eye-opener for me, and helped me a lot with realism. a lot of the time, you’re drawing what your mind sees, or what you want to be seeing, or what you wish made sense. and normally for me that’s just the ol’ noggin’ going “it’s fiiiiiiiiine just a little shortcut!” but you really need to break it into smaller pieces before you can create one whole

but now this raises the question of if you’re talking realism or or just making things look like they could exist in the material world!

a lot of it is knowing what details need to pop, and what need to fade/blur to the back, so the audience knows what to focus on! for instance, with this:

the background is sorta just a bunch of blobs, but i really laser-focused on jensen’s face. you can tell the bg is the beginning of what could be realistic, but it wasn’t the focus. it helps his face seem more realistic and sharp, but the bg is really helping support that. he looks interactive.

however, with this! :

it was the lighting that did the assisting. the thing that gives it that “realistic” feel is the fact that heavy blacks don’t outline everything. if you want a piece to have a realer-effect, try to avoid being crazy-heavy on the use of black (well, you know, unless it’s a black and white piece, but you catch my drift!)

i know that it seems tough, but black is really only there to really accent the shading on a face to make it more intense for me!

but i’m self-taught with all of this stuff; these are all just things that i learned along the way that helped me personally!

BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR STYLE!! real things take so much time, but they are rewarding to work on in the long-run!

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I started txf two months ago and today I had an argument with my brother (who's been a long time fan) about msr. He said Scully only gradually loves Mulder because she appreciates his devotion and feelings to her and she doesn't have much chance to meet anyone else besides him and also she is a nice person who reciprocates people's love for her. And he's her dear friend. So she's settled. I dont think she settled but I'm not sure I haven't finished it yet. what do you think?

I don’t think Dana Katherine Scully MD has ever settled for anything in her life. She could have made a very comfortable living for herself after she graduated med school, but she decided to join the FBI, against her parents wishes, because she knew that being a doctor wasn’t really what she wanted to do. I won’t spoil the specifics, but there are a couple of times over the course of the series when Scully stops and takes stock of her life, and she always winds up choosing what she has with Mulder, because she wants to.

Mulder shows his devotion to Scully in big gestures, but most of the time, he’s running around and counting on her to follow him, and she always does. I think that’s the definition of devotion. She isn’t showy about it, but Scully stands by Mulder through everything, even when he’s difficult or reckless or he doesn’t understand how to reciprocate. She cares about the work they’re doing, but her connection to the job is Mulder; when she’s just started working these cases and doesn’t believe in anything Mulder believes, she’s in this for him, and when the job wears her down, she stays for him. It’s not like Scully really wants this life and Mulder just happens to be the only one there. She wants Mulder.

Also she’s never reciprocated someone’s feelings just to be nice, ever.


·Freya Blackburn·

Good | Insane | Clumsy | Bookworm | Good sense of humor 

It is said that in the Blackburn family, every five generations, a specially powerful witch or wizard is born. Unfortunately, Freya didn’t turn out to be what everyone expected - she’s a mediocre witch at best. Her spells aren’t the strongest, her potions always lack some ingredient, and she has lost count of all the accidents she’s caused while riding her broom.

But unlike anyone else before her, she has a rather unique talent: she constantly hears voices in her head that tell her all about the future. This could make anyone else go insane, but her laid-back personality and good sense of humor eventually helped her win the favor of the voices, and now she has more control over them.

Her family has made her work on her “skills”, and now she’s enrolling in the Academia to major in Fortune Telling so she can make a living off them. But maybe she has other plans…