i'm not sure if all of them can be described as dancing

The Wake of War


So.” Stiles drops back against the side of the Jeep, elbows braced and spine sinking slow against the dusty blue metal. Derek’s hovering a few feet away, at the edge of the lot, not quite ready to vanish into the night but not prepared to join with the rest of the group, either.

He needs their voices, maybe, to block out the ones in his head.

“Looks like I saved your ass again,” Stiles is saying, flashing him a crooked grin. He looks warm and bright like the rest of them, a glow of victory dancing around him that can’t quite seep into Derek’s bones. “What’s the count, now? ‘Cause I think I’m getting pretty close to earning a victory ride in that sweet new Camaro.”

Derek’s lips twitch, a snort slipping out.

“I seem to recall saving you last time.”

“Hey, we’ve been through this. At best, that was a tie.” Stiles looks so smug Derek can’t bring himself to argue, and maybe that’s the reason Stiles’ grin falls. His eyes go soft, flitting over Derek’s frame.

“I’m glad you’re ok, man. …I mean, as nice as it would have been to have my very own, hot guy lawn ornament––”

“Why did I look at her?”

He doesn’t mean to say it; flinches at his own words. His hands are too-tight fists he stretches straight with an effort, and when he looks at Stiles again the bright expression’s gone, replaced by tension and an edge of a grimace he’s trying to fight down.

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Your Eldritch Horoscope
  • Aries: The demoniac piping of the whip-poor-wills is said to increase in rhythm to match a dying human's breaths. They chase down the soul escaping the body. They chase it for prey. If it escapes, they fall silent. If they catch it, you can hear them laughing and shrieking in ecstasy for the remainder of the night, stirring the vast, nameless things that shift below the earth. You can see more of them gathering every day. What sound will they make when you die, I wonder?
  • Taurus: When your friends try to persuade you against a course of action, they are probably thinking of your best interest. Keep this in mind when you go past the beginning of mankind, past the beginning of the world, past the beginning of reality, to where time stops its curve in an abrupt acute angle. The Hounds are coming. And they WILL find you.
  • Gemini: One day, you will hear your mother's son screaming his father's name from the top of Sentinel Hill. He is gelatinous. He is a spider, a centipede, an octopus made of wriggling ropes, but he has your face. He looks more like your father than you do.
  • Cancer: Your tears may soak the soil unheeded, but there will always be a place for you here, beneath the tattered banner of The Yellow King, amongst the gravestones in the abandoned necropolis under the twin suns and black stars of lost Carcosa
  • Leo: It would be good for you to remind yourself, from time to time, we are all but the unseen, unheard, dead dreams of the blind idiot God Azathoth, the after-tremors of Its cosmic seizures, entire galaxies nothing but nerves misfiring for a split second in time, swirling forever in the endless abyss of eternity. You are less than nothing.
  • Virgo: Don't look in the well. Don't drink the water. Your family is gone. They're not coming back. Get out now, before it takes you too. That amorphous visual phenomenon dancing on the edges of your peripheral vision that you can't describe isn't you going crazy. It's alive. It's hungry.
  • Libra: It's not anyone's fault. Fault implies control. Everything happens completely at random, for no reason at all. Or is it simply a pattern of order so advanced it just seems random? A pattern beyond human comprehension. A pattern that repeats ad nauseam back to the beginning. Back to Them.
  • Scorpio: You are a puppet on a string. Dancing madly for the Faceless God Nyarlathotep. He waits for you in the darkness, laughing. The rats know what you did.
  • Sagittarius: You alone will be their witness. You alone will carry the burden. You will see the half-beast abominations marching in endless procession in the tombs under the sand, to make vile sacrifice to the five-headed extremity of the Old Gods. Take this secret to your grave.
  • Capricorn: What you fear will come to pass has already happened. In fact, it's happening right now. Everywhere, all at once, behind and underneath and in between all the spaces you can see, It's biding Its time. Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate.
  • Aquarius: The atmosphere of this lonely place you live. You thought maybe it was the Old Gods, or Nature Spirits. I'm warning you, it is neither. Those at least have some relationship to mankind. It is Them. You have intruded where the veil is thinnest. You are a trespasser. They know you're there. They're searching. Getting closer. A sacrifice must be made.
  • Pisces: How can you be sure you're who you think you are? Every day when you look in the mirror, isn't it a little different? Have you not had dreams of great, cyclopean underwater cities with impossible architecture? Of the fish-god Father Dagon? Of swimming free beneath the surface, of engaging in blasphemous midnight rites with your true kin? Maybe you're not quite as human as you thought you were.
hubby - tom h.

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author’s note: wow okay I’ve never written for tom holland before but here goes nothing??? I hope you don’t hate this but on the off chance you do, pls hate silently (read more bar is added because I wrote out what come to mind for Tom’s proposal and it made everything look so much longer lmao) 


  • Okay but like
  • Can we all just take a minute to imagine what marrying Thomas Stanley Holland would be like
  • Just getting engaged to that boy would be magical
    • He’d have this whole big thing planned
      • Literally every member of the Holland family plus Harrison would be involved in putting things together because if we’re being honest they all loved you just as much as Tom did

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Translation of YOI article from the newspaper “Le Monde”

A friend asked me a translation and I saw that on the original post, there were some curious too, so I’ve made a translation of this article (I took the most important part of it precisely)

To be honest, a show about ice skating, we didn’t think it would create such a keen interest”. Olivier Fallaix is responsible of the french Crunchyroll development. It releases outside Asia the surprising big success from this past months : Yuri on Ice, an anime of 12 episodes only, broadcasted between October and December and created by Mappa, a little and young studio.
This is internationally our second biggest success of the year, after Re-zero.
Sport animes are not really an universal genre, with big success. But the strenght of YOI is that it’s not only a sport anime”.

“Fans are not mistaken”

36 years old Ninou Cyrico, is a big fan of YOI, that she watched “five-six times”.
As a writer, she even published a fanfiction of 200 pages about it, taking place few years after the end of the anime.

YOI characters are wonderful, the story is written in a clever way, with an attention to detail very fabulous”, she says and insisting on the care to develop the secondary characters. “Even the less important characters have something that makes them more than being just the background
Fans are not mistaken : with the fanfics, and the doujinshis, they even have groups who wrote stories about them.

In October indeed, the fandom web (the fan community) have seen YOI taking a considerable importance. On Tumblr, their main characters have appeared on the list of the couples the most popular of 2016. On the fanfic website Archive of Our Own, there are at least 19000 stories published since then by fans.

And the most of those creations are focused on the relationship between Yuuri and Victor. In the anime, this love story is “implicit, never explicit, treated with modesty” according to Ninou Cyrico. “It’s clever, it doesn’t harm the story, that’s not about the romance but about Yuuri’s come-back”, and an ode to surpassing ourselves. Also, “a gay romance between a Russian and a Japanese, those days, and especially on the Russian side, it’s pretty cheeky”.

« There isn’t any homophobia »

For Garance Le Gall, an other fan of YOI and writer of a memoir on LGBT representation in comics, this anime appears like “a precious stone on the calendar of the story of anime”.

In Occident, we don’t realize how much what they did is important : a mainstream sport anime, that isn’t yaoi or even shounen ai, with a homosexual couple. It’s a bit like what George Miller did with [Mad Max : Fury Road]. They introduced it like a big testosterone movie, but the audience went to watch a feminist movie instead

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hi! i'm editing a minjoon video and i'm really low on their moments in clips so i was hoping The Reason I Fell In Love With Minjoon to help me out please? xD I was hoping if you can just describe some of your favorite minjoon moments w/hopefully some recollection of how to find the certain video too. thank you so much 😊😊 (i have to say i adore all your rm appreciation posts too, makes me love him more and more each day)

first off “The Reason I Fell In Love With Minjoon” im about to cry this is amazing wow thank u AND “makes me love him more and more each day” HECK THATS AWESOME THANK U IM SO GLAD

ok so minjoon moments… im just gonna bullet list

  • all the times namjoon has put his hand around jimins waist (cries). this usually happens when theyre taking pictures esp on the red carpet
  • when they said i love you to each other!!! which is in ahl here at 35:13
  • namjoon picking up jimin bridal style (cries really hard)!!! its from nico nico live but i cant find the actual video with it?? heres a pic
  • when jimin was a little shit and called namjoon “namjoonie” with no honorific and joon pretended to get all mad and jimin was hugging on him like a koala trying to get him to give into his cuteness. here
  • these moments that i have pics/gifs from a beaut concert of which idk the vid??? joon was just rly in his feels

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  • jimin comforting joon when he started to cry?? here

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  • namjoon calling jimin sexy in this interview! 

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  • NAMJOON CRYING YET AGAIN OVER CUTE JIMIN (1:10 ish) and also calling him cool in this interview
  • when jimin put his hands in front of joon to make a blowing kiss from him in the introductions and then also jimin made a heart and joon tickled his chin fondly bc he was so cute (same joon) in this interview! except?? i dont see the heart moment in this interview clip even tho happened here? 

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  • all the times minjoon was hella touchy: X (7:10 and 9:00) X (1:52 and 9:14 also at 0:47 jimin says he likes how joon does “bultaoruene” and get him to do it) X (18:37.. also cant find the vid but at this concert is where jimin does the “we’re a couple, hes the girl and im the boy” thing haha) X (literally just the whole vlive) … n some gifs for the videos i couldnt get (or i did get them and just wanted to post the cute ass gif)

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  • here where namjoon compliments jimin again (1:23)
  • that bon voyage episode where namjoon is cradling jimins hands in his and examining his rings?? oml that shit is so soft

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  • jimin comparing his height with joon in this vlive ((he also did it in concert and was like “well this friend is a little tall” but i cant find the vid but heres a pic))
  • also im not sure which episode ((theyre on dailymotion in full with subs btw)) but where they’re heading back from the beach and minie isnt wearing shoes and the pavement is too hot and SO CUTE trying to get joonie to help (carry) him
  • the twitter vid where namjoon is dancing and jimin is like “dance for me” and joon dances like a goof and minie laughs and joon just keeps doing it to keep his bf giggling

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  • and then most recently their adorable twitter vid

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Hiya, I'm kinda new to the Gorillaz fandom, and I'm really liking it, and the new art and everything, and I was wondering if you could describe the characters? They all seem really cool, and I'd love to know more about them and what they're like. Thank you!! ^_^

Of course, love! 

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Ok, first off, there’s 2D: 

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Anxious, ditzy, unlucky, dazed… 2D (real name: Stuart) is the lead singer, and sometimes keyboardist for the Gorillaz. He’s the distracted pretty boy that everyone loves- And for good reason! 2D is kind and caring, despite not always being the wittiest. He’s unfocused and often in a world of his own, but he’s undeniably likeable. Despite being a very depressed and anxious lad, 2D really is a loveable sweetheart. He always tries to be a nice person, and is genuinely a loveable goof. He’s always getting into trouble, though, and is constantly getting hurt (from his own clumsiness, but mostly because of Murdoc).
2D is addicted to pills and cigarettes, and has a deathly fear of whales.
He’s good natured and very, very sweet.

Next up… Murdoc: 

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Murdoc Niccals is rude, violent, aberrant, reckless, inappropriate- And yet, is very charming and confident.
He plays the Bass, and is basically the leader of Gorillaz.
He’s bossy and hot headed, and is often disrespectful to everyone and anyone. Especially 2D.
Murdoc has had a rough past, full of torment and abuse. It’s probably why he’s such an arse these days. And he really is an arse.
He can actually have a lot of intelligent, witty- even deep and meaningful- moments, despite often trying to hide his feelings behind a scowl or a sneer, constantly drinking and banging chicks. He’s not a good person. He can be gross and horrible, and even quite unlikeable.
But at the same time, people adore him for his honesty and humour, his charm and his humanity, even if he seems like the least human… Human, ever.

Then, there’s Russel: 

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Russel is the drummer of Gorillaz. He’s the big, tough, yet sensible and soft guy, the quiet, smart, sensitive guy. He loves hip-hop, and dresses, and is incredibly down to Earth and truthful. He’s like the mother of the band, always there for the others, and always ready to protect them.
Russel’s dreadful past involved all his friends getting killed, and himself getting possessed.
His best friend, Del (who sometimes raps for the Gorillaz), took over Russel’s mind and came out whenever Russel was unconscious.
Often depressed and silent, Russel has had a tragic time, but still remains the kind and considerate man we all know and love.
He’s a big, big guy with a big appetite, and an even bigger heart.

And last, but certainly NOT least… Is Noodle: 

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She’s the badass guitarist of Gorillaz, the Japanese Axe-princess, the kickass lady with a cheerful and sweet spring in her step.
Noodle first joined the band as a little girl, and is now a grown woman.
She’s still the same joyous, talented, and brilliant person she always was. She’s loveable and optimistic, but still incredibly wise and absolutely tough.
Ever since she was a child, she never let life get her down, even when she was sent to Hell and replaced with a cyborg version of herself. She always stayed strong, and never gave up. And even to this day, she’s still smiling, and dancing and chatting. She’s the heart and joy of Gorillaz, the hope that holds them together.  
Noodle is a caring, funny, brave and brilliant person, and an overall amazing human being.

Each member of Gorillaz is brilliant and individual in so many different ways. They’ve all had pretty shit lives, but they’re all still going, still coming back with new art, new ideas, new interviews- And new music!!!! 

Hope this helped you understand what the characters are like! :D

I adore them all so much, and I’m sure you will too! :) 


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your story was so funny omg. do you have any more?

  • So i lived the town over from my high school, and had to catch the bus like an hour and a half every day to and from
  • (a movie. thats a fucking movie, every day, twice a day)
  • (commuter tragedy)
  • and because we were all stuck together for so long for like six years, we followed the natural inclination of teenagers to be fucking idiots at every chance
  • and we formed this group of bus kids
  • forged by ridiculous travel times
  • bonded in suffering the ridiculous rule of
  • our bus driver.
  • our bus driver was an old, old lady called jeannine
  • (nickname: the grinch, due to the time we were singing christmas carols and she got annoyed and declared that christmas was canceled.)
  • (we put up a sign written in texta that said ‘NO CHRISTMAS - SIGNED, THE GRINCH’)
  • (she did not find it funny)
  • jeannine had been driving the bus since time immemorial
  • (and may have of, in fact, been one of the Old Ones)
  • (never confirmed)
  • (but i have my suspicions)
  • Jeannie ran a tight ship.
  • the tightest ship
  • jeannine was the generalissimo of bus drivers
  • she played this talkback radio station over the speaker system
  • and when we were being too loud or she was jut annoyed with us she would turn it up to deafening levels
  • and we would all block our ears, and then having gotten our attention she would turn it down and shout at us
  • when we were REALLY TERRIBLE
  • (like those two weeks after high school musical premiered and we used to have breaking free singalongs)
  • (yeah)
  • (I would have turned the radio up on our asses too)
  • she would park next to the city graveyard
  • (always the graveyard?)
  • (i dont know why)
  • (mental conditioning?)
  • (subliminal messgakng?)
  • and walk/hobble
  • (she was pretty stooped over)
  • (basically she was your standard old crone)
  • (potentially witch)
  • up and down the aisle tellin us how terrible we were
  • so anyway, one year jeannine goes on a two week break for surgery
  • (what surgery? We never found out. Various sources claim knee, hip or shoulder replacement)
  • (could have been a stay at a lazarus pit)
  • (stay woke)
  • and we get a replacement driver.
  • we called him nickelback because he played a nickelback cd over the speaker,
  • on repeat
  • every bus trip
  • EVERY.
  • TRIP.
  • how the hell’d we wind up like this?
  • so free from the reign of terror that was jeannine, we get a bit wild.
  • and by ‘wild’ i mean we:
  • talk above speaking level,
  • eat our food in the ooen,
  • someone busts out a guitar anyway here’s wonderwall
  • its one of these days,
  • that the Great Apple Fiasco happens.

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||» stargazer, starcatcher (joshua)

the boy with stars in his eyes, now set to hunt them.  and you, a star yourself, in terrible trouble.  never would you have imagined meeting again under such dire circumstances, and yet…

wc. just under 6k | angst that’s all this is i’m sorry and like 1 fluff scene | inspired by and expanded this prompt, a reincarnation + soulmates au, i ’ m s o r r y | for mel / @starshua and choco / @choco-seventeen (for Reasons), and mj / @gukydoo / and belle / @dumbbelle and andin @gyuspeaches (for Angst) have i mentioned i’m sorry

Thousands of years, hundreds of different lives.  This one, however, he found most interesting.  He never knew the stars were actual beings, though thanks to a certain someone he wasn’t foreign to the idea.  Here he stood, however, in the spaces between the universe, waiting, watching, gazing.  The shooting stars—no, the fallen beings—couldn’t be allowed among the mortal world.  If they were foolish enough to fall, well, it was up to those like himself to catch them.

               Joshua preferred the term starcatcher to starhunter any day, but it was all the same regardless of name.  The white leather quiver with golden edges slung across his back reminded him this was more than a job.  This was a duty, one the Fates and those alike had entrusted to him upon rebirth.  Watch for starfall, and then hunt them down.  Simple, repetitive.


               He’d gone numb to the begging, to the pleading long ago. At first, yes, the idea tore him apart. With memories from his previous life still awake and vivid inside his head—though with some pieces obviously missing, dark patches in his memory he knew would have to reform—he couldn’t stand the idea of possibly being the cause of someone’s death.  The Fates who raised him, guided him through the trials required to become a starhunter, told him it was an honor.  Told him those who had chosen to fall were destined to die anyway.

               It would do the stars a mercy, they said, to be slain by a starhunter.

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Any non-magic wolfstar university aus you recommend? I recently wrote one and I'm trying to find more like it

Hahaha oh man you do not know what you’ve gotten yourself into. I had to split these into “definitely read” and “also check out” categories to save space, and there are even more under the “read more” cut. As usual, *= a personal favorite. Enjoy! 

University AUs (non-magic):

Definitely read:

  • *Long Live Living (If Living Can Be This) by excaliburned– 51k, T.  It’s the final summer before university…A summer of pillow-forts, drinking & numerous re-watches of Dirty Dancing ensues.” I guess technically they’re not at university yet but still.
  • Ever After by busaikko– 4k, T. “Once upon a time, an astrophysicist was wooed by the gay Scheherazade…” Remus is a physics nerd who works in the university library and Sirius is besotted. 
  • A Change in the Weather by paddypads– 45k, T. “Sometimes, you’ve got be grateful for the little things in life…So what if you’ve had to put university on hold for a year…? Or you haven’t actually told anybody you’re gay yet? If you’re Sirius Black, you can pretty much do what you want.” Barista!Sirius, university student!Remus.
  • The Sickness Unto Death by quinnalexander– 22k, T. “Sirius is not keen to take notes for the sick, sweater-wearing boy in his Gender Studies class. However, he soon becomes fascinated by this lonely creature…” 
  • *Time is a Fine Invention by bluepeony– 106k, M. “Sirius Black expected university to be simple…What he didn’t expect was the yearning for home, the strains on his friendships, or falling for the hot-tempered History student Remus Lupin.” Absolutely fantastic, great characterizations.
  • 42 Marauder Avenue by cloudcastles– WIP~ 23k, E. “Remus Lupin is a postgraduate art history student with a serious coffee addiction and a serious lack of boyfriend. When a gorgeous motorcyclist moves in next door, it looks like one of those facts might be subject to change.
  • *Queer As Day by philiatran– WIP~ 20k, T. “Sirius Black…has two things. 1. A penchant for photography. and 2. A tumblr blog dedicated to picture after picture of Remus Lupin.” Everyone is queer and it is fabulous. Trans!Remus.
  • A Romance Story Found in the Reference Section by muse_in_absentia– 4k, T. “Remus…contributes to Sirius’ procrastination, and is also the solution. Also known as the one where even without magic James manages to cause explosions of the glittery variety.
  • Living Like We’re Renegades by LadyFaceElena– 24k, E. “Exuberant, proud, genderfluid, cheerleader, self-described narcissist. All things to describe Sirius Black. It’s a stark contrast from the self-imposed loner, Journalist, and Gender Studies major Remus Lupin…
  • Artists and Moonlight series by LadyFaceElena– 20k, E. “Remus Lupin isn’t sure what to make of his new flatshare situation. He’s a quiet student with a past, who doesn’t date…Then he meets his artist flatmate, Sirius Black and his entire world is turned upside down.
  • *Tumblr Trash series by LadyFaceElena– 32k, E. “Padfoot and Moony meet over mutual follows on Tumblr. Remus, the blind student, hires Sirius, the fallen Aristocrat, to be a reader for his classes….Their love is almost as ridiculous as they are.” Blind!Remus.
  • Rollerskate by poorlilgayremus– 28k, T. “Remus Lupin isn’t ready for university at all….now he has to deal with lovesick teenagers, ridiculously overambitious pranks, University Challenge tryouts, and that one gorgeous boy who just won’t leave him alone…
  • Long Distance by irrationalmoony & LadyAmina– WIP~ 20k, E. “James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter have been inseparable since…their first day at Hogwarts boarding school. So when Remus relocates to France for further schooling…they’re not going to let the distance stop them…” Texting fic, trans!Remus, genderfluid!Sirius. 
  • A New Beginning by NeonDomino– 3k, T. “When Sirius Black started University, he was hoping to be known as one of the guys. He hadn’t expected to see a familiar face - someone who recognised him and could spill his secret…” Trans!Sirius. 

Also check out:

(many more under the cut)

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How was the concert? Did you have fun? Tell me all the juicy bits how are they live? I'm sure I'll never see them cause Bighit hates Europe and I'm even more sure that if they do come they don't know abt Eastern Europe so I still won't be able to go :/

Dude…. It was amazing. And I really hope European ARMY gets to experience it some time soon! It was a really different experience from the TRB Dallas, mostly because I was so much closer last time, but this time I was p2 and I got to see all the choreo and shit but I was still close enough to feel close and it was just…. amazing. I want to write up a full fan account later but right now I’m just gonna list the top things I remember about each of the boys:

Kook: God. His solo stage was fucking remarkable. His footwork his voice his moves just. He is such an entertainer, he’s so superhuman. We had pretty good view of his thigh girth from our seats and it, too, was remarkable…. Jenny’s words, not mine….. He also followed Jin’s lead and stole an army bomb, but instead of sweetly returning it like Jin, he pretended to drop it like a little imp butt because he’s a fucking imp butt. When Jimin said “Did you like it?” his little “I liked it” was the cutest thing I have ever heard and I squealed and fell to the floor, he is just precious and talented and adorable. A complete dork, the hottest dork. 

Yoongi: Um just like fucking fire. Just. fire. His Cypher verse was immaculate, I’m talking full virgin birth immaculate, and his solo stage was fucking POWERFUL man. It was so emotional and powerful and I was like legit moved by him. He also dropped it low. He is so tiny and so beautiful and so fucking talented it hurts me. Fun fact: my little sister got drenched in Father Yoongi’s holy water during Cypher. 

Jin: Stunning. Charismatic. Hilarious. Talented. His solo was another world man. I think he actually had my favorite voice live?? Which I wasn’t expecting because last time it was Baby J but….. wow. Fucking stunning. He blew at least 4 kisses and stole 2 army bombs, one regular one, then one pink one when we did the rainbow ocean. He looked so polite and charming when he was asking the girl for them. He just looked happy and carefree and UGH just perfect. 

Taehyung: SHIT MAN HIS HIGH NOTES that’s right, this deep subterranean voiced motherfucker was SLAYING HIS FUCKING high notes during his solo like WOW it was better live than you can imagine. Probably the best high notes of the concert. And it seemed like he was throwing some extra ones in there.  He also LOVED to tease the crowd, like squat down and make cute faces at the fans. His charisma while dancing was off the charts, he goes from zero to too intense in 1 sec flat. There were eyebrows. 

Jimin: It’s really hard to understand the POWER in his dance until you see it live. He is….. he’s something else. His every move, every pause, every breath is just brimming with potential energy, he THROWS himself into the dances, you’ve never seen anything like it. He is a born performer. Even when he’s not dancing or singing, he’s performing. His voice is so clear and lovely. He started the concert with his hair all nicely combed down like a nice little fringe but by the end, he had done that thing where he ran his fingers through it to the point where it was off his forehead. He did this thing where he liked to gaze off all seriously into the crowd and probably give some poor fan a heart attack by looking straight into their souls. Rude as shit, always found a way to make every move a little bit nasty. Perfect, stunning, small. 

Hobi: …. I could not take my eyes off of him. I could not. First of all not only is he the most beautiful person I have ever seen in front of my eyes, but he is just….. his on-stage charisma is second to none. When he’s dancing, he’s still engaging the audience, he’s smiling, he’s just…. fuck I don’t even know how to describe it. He draws you in. He is by far, for me, the most comprehensively amazing live performer. His singing? Fucking amazing. Mama killed me. It was perfect. He knows how to work an audience, man. Ruder than Jimin even, always throwing in extra little rolls and thrusts, but you can’t even be mad at him, because he is HUMAN SUNSHINE and you know what I know we call him that all the time, I know that’s like his thing, but at this concert, I felt it, I felt happier just looking at him. I can’t… describe him. He’s just. The closest thing to magic that this dreary world has to offer. 

Namjoon: I…… I don’t even really know…. how to articulate…. any of this. Full disclosure I have been having a slow motion Kim Namjoon meltdown since summer 2015 but… this concert was the culmination of all of that. Arguably the most emotional moment of the concert was his solo stage. And listen, I was not even a huge fan of Reflection before this, like it was great and all but it was one of the ones I skipped over on the album. But he… jesus he just. He fucking felt this shit. He felt what he was saying, and I felt it, and every time he said ‘I wish I could love myself,’ the crowd shouted ‘we love you’ and fuck i have never felt so bonded with that many thousands of fucking people. It was this giant cohesive emotional moment and it was transcendent. I’m pretty sure he also found a way to make the rainbow crowd like a statement about racial equality, just the most philosophical beautiful asshole you’ve ever met. When the crowd got rowdy and people were getting hurt, he stopped everything and said, “no pushing please, safety is the most important thing” and would not proceed until there was order. He talked to the crowd like he was talking to friends, he was never full of himself or condescending, despite their immense undeniable success, like he was just so genuine and thankful, and as soon as he walked off that stage, I immediately missed him. He has utterly ruined human beings for me and I am honestly so fucked. 

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I'm sorry I'm new here. Could you explain the whole Mary and kiko thing? I really don't understand.

Sure! This is going to be a bit different from the last time I explained MK because I’ve learned a bit more myself!

Marykiko is popularly known as this mannequin head Hansol drew on. He describes the closed eye side as Kiko, a male, and the open eye side as Mary, a female.

(Photo cred)

He has written a good handful of stories about this character (or well, characters). Even though he deleted almost all of them, you can find my translations of stories here.

Following the stories, Hansol has also been using the two as characters in his dance videos. The upcoming Last Carnival project being the most notable portrayals in relation to the stories (The teaser and the Mary video: vimeo.com/234676559?ref=em-share).

As I’ve said before, Marykiko is a very fascinating way Hansol expresses his creativity. Even though people have said that he stated he would be ending the story after Last Carnival, I really hope we get to see more of this creation!

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Hi I'm new to 17... can u describe each members personalities and the "lines" in the groups (like chinaline I think is one) thxxx

Okay damn well this gonna b long….. let’s go oldest to youngest on the members shall we?

So S.Coups or Scoops or Soups or Coops or Seungcheol or whatever u wanna call him is a dad. that’s it he’s a total dad he’s such a dad ur dad is shook
Jeonghan is actually an angel???? Like he’s so sweet nd kind nd beautiful like god has given his blessing to my angelic mom
Speaking of God Joshua is his devote disciple, a good lil Christian boy who is definitely not an attention whore
Junhui is a work of art like u have seen him there’s no denying it also he’s always looked sort of intimidating to me but like he’s kind of quiet nd also a complete dork
Hoshi aka Kwon Soonyoung aka a Complete Life Ruiner…… he’s a goofball nd a meme but his dancing I’m. never trust him he will destroy u
Okay Wonwoo may have the deepest voice in Seventeen but he has the personality of a puppy literally the softest
Woozi/Jihoon is the member u look at nd go wow so smol so soft but that’s a lie he is an evil genius who will beat u to death w a guitar
Mingyu may b tol but that does not mean he is not a smol on the inside he is a soft nd dorky goof
Minghao…… whenever I see him I always think of like a golden retriever or smthing he’s so cute nd precious literally that’s his personality cute nd precious is who he is
Seungkwan aka DIVA BOO biccch Boo Seungkwan is the fuxking sassiest lil shit to ever walk this planet like he is savage af
Fukcking Vernon okay honestly Vernon is a meme that is literally who he is he’s such a meme
And lil bb Dino…. so precious so smol….. he’s growing into a rude af monster under Hoshi’s tutelage save us

Okay so the lines…..
Chinaline is basically the Chinese members so Jun nd Minghao
Then there’s Americaline (is that what it’s called I’m not sure) but it’s the members from America like there’s Vernon who lived in NY for a while and then Joshua who’s from LA
As for other lines r u thinking of the different teams? Bc there’s
Hip Hop Team (aka rappers):
S.Coups (leader of Hip Hop Team nd the entirety of SVT; writes most of the raps)
Vocal Team (aka singers):
Woozi (leader of Vocal team; writes nd composes p much all of SVT’s music)
Performance Team (aka dancers):
Hoshi (leader; choreographs SVT’s dances)

Yeah so there u go long ass post but I hope it helps! ((love them they’re DORKS))

Steve Rogers/Captain America - I’m Sorry I Never Told You - Part 8b

Series Summary: Being an Avenger is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. You’re in a relationship with Steve and that’s something you never thought you’d have, you never imagined being so lucky as to have someone like him. However, there is something that you haven’t told him or the others. A secret that you’ve fought to keep hidden. What happens when you have no choice but to tell Steve and the rest of the team your biggest secret?

Part Summary: It’s time for the reception. Speeches are made. The first dance is beautiful. Tony has a surprise for you and Steve.

Pairing/s: Steve x Fem!Reader. Fem!Reader x Jeremy x Peter x Steve, Fem!Reader x Avengers, Fem!Reader x BAU, Vision x Wanda, Clint x Natasha, Will x JJ

Characters: Fem!Reader, Steve Rogers, Jeremy Y/L/N, Peter Parker, Natasha Romanoff, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Penelope Garcia, Bruce Banner, Spencer Reid, David Rossi, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson. Wanda Maximoff, Emily Prentiss, William LaMontagne, Danny Smith (OMC), Eric Smith (OMC), Henry LaMontagne, Michael LaMontagne, Jack Hotchner, Thor Odinson, Clint Barton, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, T'Challa, Scott Lang, Nicholas Joseph Fury, Maria Hill, Phil Coulson (Mentioned)

Warning/s: So. Much. Fluff. A little bit of swearing.

A/N: A huge thank you to @molethemollie and @mo320 for being my betas!

I’m Sorry I Never Told You Master List

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monstersinthecosmos  asked:

gimmie a quick rundown of which scenes break your heart the most, i'm not sad enough and need the pain.

I love you and this is both the best and worst thing anyone has never asked me, because apparently, I have no clue what a “quick” rundown means.  I also tried very hard to not make this entirely about Armand and… I failed about midway through. But in my defense, can you ever be sad enough? No, you can’t.


- Louis killing the Marquis, and both his and Lestat’s reactions to it. Louis dragging Lestat to his abusive father’s bed and forcing him to speak forgiveness, despite the fact that Lestat is having an obvious meltdown (“He threw up his hands and let out a terrible roar of desperation.  ‘Damn him! Kill him!’ he said.”/“Lestat danced like the maddened Rumpelstilskin about to put his foot through the floor”/ “Never had I seen him so weak and at the same time enraged”), that Louis, in his lack of information, mistakes for impatience and indifference. Damn dysfunctional vampires with a thing for miscommunication.  If only there was a scene with the two of them discussing this in a later book, it would probably make the list too. But, alas.

Rest of the list under cut because of excessively long post that no one’s going to read:

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mustafalis  asked:

i'm offended no one has asked about deano, and if someone already asked deano, then fred's fav boy finn

javi,,, i was dreading this ask bc i truly wasn’t prepared to write an essay on dean ambrose today. i probably shouldn’t have put this off bc now i’m tired from writing the other so…i’m gonna try to keep this short /:

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The Celebrity and the Ordinary Boy

So I posted this on ao3 literally eight days ago and didn’t post it here, so here!

Yay! I’m not a failure at this! *Cricket silence*


I wrote this to be funny and I think I succeeded.

Here is ze summary *I say in a exaggerated accent as I wave for you to read below.

A look at JonDami from the eyes of a civilian classmates of Jon.

(In which Jon’s classmates have collective heart attacks, Jon is a little shit, and Damian doesn’t know.)


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Why Diversity is Good for D&D, from a Mechanical Standpoint

How to Create and Handle Diversity among the Creatures of your Game

Part 2: How I’d Do It

(Part 1: What’s Been Done, and What Not to Do)

To start with, scrap all of this racist “subspecies” bologna. (Except those exceptional evolutionary outliers we talked about, like the drow). Humans are humans, dwarves are dwarves, orcs are orcs, et cetera. Now, let’s start adding some variety. I’m going to go with elves as my example, because they just happen to be what I’ve been doing the most research on recently in regards to mythology surrounding them (specifically pre-JRR Tolkien).

All elves are elves. But not all elves are the same. Like humans, they are diverse with different ethnicities, gender identities, orientations, etc. While they are diverse, all elves are still elves. As elves, there are certain traits that their species tends to have.

Typical D&D elves have a +2 racial ability modifier to their Dexterity (and a -2 to Constitution, pre-5e). Elves are frequently described as being graceful and beautiful, but thin and frail. In ancient mythology they’re often depicted as notoriously charming (or straight up beguiling seducers). But that’s not to say that every elf is a bendy contortionist, and not every elf is a smooth-talking minstrel. (And not every elf is a twig with the HP of a piece of glass.) These are just things that elves, as elves, are naturally inclined to be.

You’ll find that 5e is fairly close to the system I’m about to put forward, but misses the mark but a few things I might talk about in a future post.

I propose a system in which players actually get to pick out the racial special abilities of their character from a list of traits that their character’s species tend to have. This works in a sort of ability trade-off. It’s easier to explain if I just talk through an example, so let’s look at the elf again, and how I’d stat them:

Elves can have either a +2 to Dexterity, or a +2 to Charisma.
They also can take either a -2 to Constitution, or a -2 to Strength.
It’s up to the player to decide which ones they apply to their character, as long as the bonus and penalties add up back to zero. Thus, you could pick one +2 and one -2, or go all-out and take all four modifiers (+2 +2 -2 -2 = 0). You could even decide to take none of the modifiers at all, and just keep your base stats.

Going a step further (though I’m not sure if this will make it into Project TOF), you could create even more variety among a species by having their special abilities vary in a similar fashion. Again, I’ll explain by walking through the elf example:

Elves can have 3 of the following special abilities:

  • Proficiency with Longbows
  • +5′ base land speed
  • +2* to Perception
  • +2* to Persuasion
  • May cast the dancing lights cantrip (using Int as their casting stat)

*Or proficiency in this skill if we’re talking 5e.
If you go this route, there should be certain special abilities in addition these that all members of that species have. Again, they are all still members of the same species, they still have the things that make an elf an elf, but we also want some variation.

All elves have low-light vision, live to be up to 700 years old, and do not need to sleep (instead going into a 4 hour trance).

That’s the basic idea of how I’d create mechanical diversity in a fantasy tabletop RPG. I’ll talk more about the benefits of using mechanics like this in Part 3.

The Relaxation Integration

Ok. Steve, you’re improving. I’m still waiting the ‘every inch of me is shaking’ episode you own us after the premiere, but this wasn’t bad. I’d say even cute. Of course I’m ignoring the Raj and Stuard storyline, ‘cause it’s obvious someone in the writing room hates them, but everything else was worth the ticket let’s say.

* First episode about the wedding preparation. Sheldon reacts to picking a date exactly in the way you expect. Then there’s me, in a corner, loving to my bones all of this because we know he wants to have the perfect wedding with his lady Cooper.
* I love group scenes. I vote for one in every episode. I loved they were doing something else like playing cards.
* The girls’ reaction at ‘you can get married at Comic-Con” LOL
* Bernadette who goes pregnant in wineries just to freak out people is so Bernadette and I love this.
* It seems to me she and Howard are more coming to terms with having another child. That’s good I think? I mean there will be surely more freaking out later, but it’s good to see them back as a team.
* Aaand we’re back in the bed :D
* Sheldon’s subconscious is a fun place
* How cute is Amy doing the little dance at the trumpet sound?
* ‘whatev’* Amy recording Sheldon made me laugh more than I suppose I should.
* “I’m up for anything, as long as I’m with you.” - at first I hated that was laid-back Sheldon to say this, hidden in his dreams. But then he basically put in act this, putting her in charge of everything and… nothing, I’m having feels here.
* The laundry scene was nice. It’s a very classical Penny-Sheldon conversation and it’s fun. Also I was scared af they would end up with some no-sense like ‘you afraid of getting married’ but that was discarded immediately (I’m sure of a thing in this life and this is that Sheldon Lee Cooper wants to marry his Amy).
* The face of Amy when she starts describing her dream wedding is everything. I melted (and got a little worried too ‘cause I can sense bridzilla coming)
* Of course there will be star trek uniform under the tuxedo, though. (YES)
* It’s always good having those two dorks exchanging ILYs.
* And hugs.
* But Steve, hugs are cute and all but ya know, it’s not a kiss or such wouldn’t be that bad
* THE TAG. So many Sheldon’s. Finally, there’s plenty for everyone.
* I’m saving June 15th.

Song of Solomon (revisited)

So to say that Brad Bucker and Eugenie Ross-Leming are ham-fisted is an understatement. Other writers may use elegant golden quills to craft their stories, Buckleming uses a hammer and smashes plots into submission.

Thus, naturally, their idea of subtext is to have a three second shot of the Song of Solomon after Dean literally throws the Bible at Jack.

They are to subtext what sociopaths are to emotional intelligence. They’ve heard it described and try to emulate it, but they don’t seem to understand it.

So, Song of Solomon.

Why would Jack not turn to Genesis? Like, he can read, but he doesn’t know how to start a book at the beginning? Genesis is also the book of “begats,” which lists all the descendants of Adam and Eve ad infinitum, and Jack is concerned with his lineage, so thematically it would fit. Why, would he not flip to 21:23, “Show to me and the country where you now reside as a foreigner the same kindness I have shown you,” since Sam is so concerned with teaching him to be A Force For Good TM.

But no. I have a feeling that Dabb said, “Make this season meta!” And he wrote 13x01 as a template– he showed us acrobats twirling on strings and strange bejeweled creatures enacting half-understood tales of grief and innocence…. And then the next act on stage was the roustabouts telling rape jokes. (No offense to roustabouts, it’s just a metaphor.)

So you have a writing team that can’t do nuance and don’t do very good subtext (how hard the meta writers strive to make sense of their episodes!) or refuse to because, again, dysfunctional. What do they give us for destiel subtext?


I’m sure I’m late to the party and that other writers more insightful than I have already tread this ground, but I’d like to wander this path, as well, and talk about the steamiest book of the Bible.

Sex is a big deal in the Old Testament. Everybody was obsessed with having kids, or with barrenness, with who was sleeping with who, and who could and could not get married (guys, you can’t marry your sister. Sorry I don’t make the rules.) In Genesis, marriage is described as a couple “becoming one flesh.” That book also contains the story of Tamar, who had sex with her own father-in-law for a goat. There’s David, the adulterer, who knocked up Bathsheba. Lot screws his own daughters. Good times.

But the Song of Solomon. Song of Solomon is about love and passion.

The book’s conceit is that of a series of poems from two lovers, each describing their love, devotion, and carnal desires in turn.

It begins, “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—for your love is more delightful than wine. Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; your name is like the perfume poured out.”

“My beloved is to me a sachet of myrrh resting between my breasts… Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest is my beloved among the young men. I delight to sit in his shade, and his fruit is sweet to my taste… I am faint with love.”

The man says, “My dove in the clefts of the rock, in the hiding places on the mountainside, show me your face, let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely…”

We should all be so lucky to be so intoxicated with passion for another person.

There is one particular passage that I love where the woman tries to retire for the night, but her lover isn’t to be found. She restlessly, desperately combs the city in search of him—“I will get up now and go about the city; through its streets and squares; I will search for the one my heart loves.” She comes across the night guards and they beat her up, but she finds her lover and her wounds don’t even matter at all.

While at one point the man praises the fact that the woman he is enamoured with still has all of her teeth— “each has its twin, not one of them is missing” – it is a powerful, powerful love story.

My absolute favorite passage, though, (which I constantly misremember,) is this:

Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away.”

Read it. It’s amazing.

Sooo, basically, this allusion is about as subtle as a brick wall.

We’re used to looking for hidden pictures like ships on window shutters, and here we are now, Buckleming literally just throws the Bible at us and says, “Here, have some Teen and Up smut with tooth-rotting fluff on the side.”

I’ll never forgive them for April Kelley or Charlie or Jack’s self-harm or even for putting “I’ll be the one to kill you” in Dean’s mouth, but they did give us this…

I’m more persuaded that what Dean and Cas have surpasses just sexual attraction, and this connection they’ve been dancing around for almost a decade burns very deeply indeed.

But this is Buckleming, they just don’t get it.

So they gave this to us.

Alrighty then.

*All quotes taken from the New International Version. And I’m not a canon-positive blog but god damn this was powerful.

anonymous asked:

fic request-- Bart/Jaime being super nervous and flustered to ask Bart/Jaime to go with him to the school dance? And when they show up to the dance it turns out one of them doesn't know how to dance and is super awkward about it? I don't know something cute and fluffy to cheer us both up :) I love your blog btw! I'm sorry that girl's really mean to you but we have your back!

hey, thanks honey!! <3 here, i hope you like this!!

accepting requests for fic and art!! or send me cute headcanons!!

“And… well, I was wondering if–”

“Yeah?” Sparkling green eyes, a cute, reckless smile. Jaime wonders if Bart Allen knows he looks like an angel, or if it really is just an impossibly miraculous accident. A little tilt of the sophomore’s head, a stray curl falling prettily out of place.

Jaime’s never really had a crush before.

“Well, you know the dance is next weekend?”


“And I know this might be kinda weird but if you wanted to, I was gonna ask…”


A flicker of a knowing sparkle in his green eyes. God.

“…If, um? Maybe you wanted to go with me?”

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