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Your rant was a little long and off topic, I'm not sure how being an artist compares to being a nazi/antisemite or whatever, but, how can you ask somebody to respect something that dehumanizes and belittles their existence? "Respect everybody uwu" is a privileged idea that is great in theory, but if you don't respect people (being a nazi, racist, etc) then u don't deserve it in return, and people arguing that you DO are just allowing and promoting hateful thoughts and actions

yeah i know, like i said at the top i would be blabbering

like, what i’m saying is, are you going to say they’re a “nazi” (or pedo, or whatever other label) and yell at them, and call them a nazi/pedo/insert label here, and not get anything done about it aside from harass them, or are you going to ignore them. either way you’re not helping anything.

if you want to help something, you talk to the problem person, as a person. no “you’re a freak fucking kys”, no ignoring them and saying “whatever”. you sit down, and talk to them like a human being that you want to help. have a civil conversation with ‘em. hopefully that clarifies some things.

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request scenario were junkrat has a s/o that in the beginning of their relationship has a sort of mom instinct over him. like they make sure he's fed proper (pls feed the poor bab) he is taken care of whenever he is slightly injured and pretty much make sure he has all the TLC in the world

(( please give this boy some help he needs it desperately also this accidentally turned angsty im so s o r r y ))

Junkrat never had a mother. The most care he had ever received was from Roadhog, and that wasn’t very much by most standards. To put it simply, Junkrat was affection starved. So when you had started going out with him, he was more shocked to see you acting as a mother. When he went on missions, you would sometimes, or more than half the time, pack him a lunch. He loved being cared for, and he loved the tender care and caresses you gave him. When you made him start eating vegetables, however, he started to resist. He could deal with the mother hen aspect of you, but her refused to touch anything leafy or green. Not because of the taste, but he never had any and it looked weird.

“ It smells weird.” He said, pushing the plate of broccoli away. You even put cheese on it, to make it look more appealing. You scowled, looking at it.

“But you need to eat them, they’re good for you, and plus they help your body work at its best!” You said, attempting to coax him into eating the cheesy broccoli. He shook his head, lip pouting out in the slightest. He just didn’t want it, and he was beginning to get irritated.

“Look mate, I was looking for someone ta date, not a mother.” He spat out, leaving to get up. Silence passed, and it made him uncomfortable as he turned to look at you, and saw your lip quivering. Shit, he fucked up. “Babe, don’t cry, oh shit…” He said, moving closer to you, trying to hug you.

“I was just trying to help…” You murmured, feeling as if you had damaged the relationship. He shook his head, and pulled you into a hug.

“ I love that ya care about me, I just felt smothered!” He said, kissing your forehead and stroking your hair, attempting to calm you down. He shook his head and put his head on top of yours. “ ’s my fault, shouldn’t have been so harsh.” he said. “I’ll try it if that’ll make you feel better, i’m sorry.” He said, putting his hands on your shoulders and pushing himself away some to look at you. You shrugged your shoulders, still trying not to cry. “ Babe, please, i love that you care for me so much, i shouldn’t have said that. I love the lunches, and the way you take care of me, i was jus’ bein’ a dick.” You giggled at his comment, hugging him back.

“I’m sorry i was smothering you.” You said, smiling. He shook his head, putting another kiss to your head.

“It’s nice ta have someone who cares.”


Sirius and Lupin had given Harry a set of excellent books entitled Practical Defensive Magic and its Use Against the Dark Arts, which had superb, moving color illustrations of all the counterjinxes and hexes it described. Harry flicked through the first volume eagerly; he could see it was going to be highly useful in his plans for the D.A.

this comes from my very staunch headcanon that remus broke sirius out of grimmauld place at least once


“Don’t trap me inside walls
Where I can’t see, no
If you won’t have me, then let me go”

One of my work for the Uni.

reading fics, looking at art, honestly i’m so confused by people describing/drawing young h anzo as thin or bony or i’ve even seen him described as delicate before like bruh

have u seen young h anzo?

bruh all i see is compact muscle and a thicc boi like


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mobile wallpapers (540 × 960) // (pt.1 of 4)

I’m sure I’ve posted this before, but I still love the headcanon that right after Sailor V joins the team and is like, “Guess what! I’m the Moon Princess!” and everyone’s all “sounds legit. You look like a moon princess to me” that they’re all hanging out having a Senshi meeting or something and Rei gets a kind of thoughtful look on her face like when you’re brain is  j u s t  walking into some fridge logic and she’s like

“Wait. So what does the V stand for?”

And Minako’s just like, “Um…? It’s, um-? What?”

And Rei’s like, “You know? Sailor V? Why V?”

and this is manga-Minako so her English is notsogood, so she’s like Fuck Fuck, words that start with V??? And she’s looking at Artemis like (you little fucker you came up with the codename in the first place you couldn’t have picked something more subtle there is literally only one planet that starts with V and it isn’t the goddamn moon) and he’s like “don’t look at me, I honestly didn’t expect any of these Japanese kids to notice” and they are both under-the-radar panicking and then all of the sudden Ami is like

“Oh! It’s the roman numeral for five! Because you’re the fifth and final soldier, who originally was our princess!”

And Minako is just like Yep, That’s It, Wow You’re Smart, So Good For Catching On, That Has Definitely Always Been The Explanation The Whole Time.

like weeks after the Dark Kingdom debacle is good and dealt with Ami wakes up in the middle of the night, remembers this, and smacks herself in the face.


Tron (1982)


a nice day!

✨ end of the year shout-out 🎉

as 2016 comes to a close and we make way for 2017, i’d like to take a second to say thanks! after listening to kpop since the beginning of the year and becoming a kpop blog, i’ve seen and interacted with quite a few of you, so if i’ve ever enjoyed your presence on my dash and/or smiled because of you, your url is on here!! without further ado, let’s begin 🎊

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Umm..?? People are actually dissing the other nct units like ??? Are you for real?? And are actually arguing about the ‘best’ nct unit?? Are you seriously calling nct dream a mess?? Are you sure you are a fan?? Because real nct stans can’t relate to you

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I want to hug you all the time tbh ;u; your art is super precious and youre adorably sweet Ive always wanted to know how you draw eyes cause its like my favorite part of your drawings but I'm also a little nervous to ask in case you aren't comfortable sharing.. but if you are do you think you could do a small eye tutorial?? ackkk im sorry 🙈 I can tell Im gonna regret sending this but I appreciate your blog and art and you so so much

hello sweet blossoms! ♡ ahh no worries, you’re too cute! let me give you a huge bear hug aww! (⊃ˆ❍ˆ(͈´ᵕ`͈✿)

I never imagined I’d get a nice message like this about the way I draw eyes, I’m flattered! (﹡ᵗ ꒳ ᵗ ﹡) I don’t really know what to say~~ ah! ♡

for my animal crossing styled chibis, I personally think the way I draw eyes is a little simple and straightforward 💦 I just kind of go with the basic shape of which ever eye I’m drawing! …and add a sparkle! ✧ so to me, they aren’t really unique or stand out much! (ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ)ゞ

(@mayor-aby, @cupcakecrossing and @mayor-peachy all have very amazing, super detailed, and unique eye styles! I looove the way they draw eyes~! ♡ they are my favorites! ♡)

SWEATS 💦 so because my eye style is rather simple, I’m really sorry that this tutorial is kind of short and basic~~ |ω`)゚・ (I’ve also never made a tutorial before so I hope this is okay!! ♡)

I don’t really think I’m the best for this, so I’m really very sorry! but I hope this helps at least a little bit maybe! (ˊ̥̥̥̥̥ ᗨ ˋ̥̥̥̥̥)و ̑̑ if you have other questions on this, feel free to ask! ♪

thank you again and good luck my dear!! ♡