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i know this may sound weird, but i know that the first 'free! timeless medley' movie is gonna come out on april 22 in japan, but do you have an idea of how long it will take to be translated/shared in english? i am so thankful for translators like you that did the same with things like the free! seiyuu event and the 'starting days' movie. thank you so much for your hard work, we don't deserve you <3

i’m sure people who will be seeing it in the theatres will give a full summary right away, but a proper translation can only be done when the DVD is released, which i’m sure kyoani will do eventually, but we don’t have a date for it yet. btw thank you for your kind words! :)

@nigellecter //  !! *(also the shippy one, which this can be for that too!)

         She’s a little drunk. Not much, not enough to be loud or to even feel like dancing. She’s drunk, but it’s that level of drunk where everything is just right; with her BAC hovering somewhere around .06, the world is dream-like. A little bit slower, a little more fun and interesting. Though truthfully, she’s a little tired — she’d finished three beers in an hour thinking they’d help her relax after a hard week, and an even more difficult day, and relax she had! Enough to slouch forward in her seat, prop her face up in her hand… She blinks lazily at him from her spot seated at a table, and lifts her chin out of her palm to speak with the faintest of slurs.

         “You know somethin’?” Deb asks, wagging a thoughtful finger in circles in the air. “I think you say ‘fuck’ more than anybody else I’ve ever known,” she informs, sounding as though she’d thought about this very hard indeed. A pause, and her temple rests against the heel of her hand while fingers slip into curled brown hair. “I mean, not counting me, anyway. Everybody else OTHER than me.” And honestly, he might even have her beat, too.

         Maybe. But Deb won’t accept this as truth until she has evidence. Or at least until she’s sober again.

The Signs as things the weird kid who sits next to me has said
  • Aries: "Terrorism isn't a bad thing"
  • Taurus: "We pounded her pussy to death"
  • Gemini: "Drugs are the only thing that makes this life worth living"
  • Cancer: *Talking to self* "But mother why I love him"
  • Leo: "Everybodys a nazi! Im a nazi, your a nazi!"
  • Virgo: *Me* "What are you doing?" *Him* "Not doing my work thats for sure"
  • Libra: "Your jew is evolving!" *pokemon theme song*
  • Scorpio: "I'm gonna gouge out your eyes and sell them to the devil"
  • Sagittarius: "I'm gonna read 20 million thomas the train books"
  • Capricorn: "Father how much does one hooker cost?" *Answers self* "Your soul"
  • Aquarius: "Death is great"
  • Pisces: There goes my grade🎶 *To the tune of Here Comes The Sun*

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Question - which you don't have to answer - would you be interested in talking abt *how* you write? More specifically I guess how you outline/plan your fics; esp world ain't wide enough. You kind of are the president of Unrequited Pining, but how you managed to drag it out for 16 chapters and make it both the familiar rhythm of pining fic and also emotionally refreshing is beyond me. I really love ur fics and want to learn from them but am bad at understanding why what I'm reading works so well?

hi! thanks so much! i assume you mean world ain’t ready although oh man a hamilton crossover would be wild. all i know for sure is that hercules mulligan is DEFINITELY the straight guy in lavender jeans who makes inexplicable mix cds and mysteriously always knows the hot gossip.

anyway i’m gonna try to be helpful here although honestly it would be disingenuous for me to present myself as an authority on plotting. w.a.r. was the first fanfic i ever started with any serious intent of finishing, and prior to then, plot was by far the thing i struggled with most. i think the longest piece of original fiction i had ever even finished was maybe fifteen pages. in college i majored in creative writing but with a focus on creative nonfiction, because my main goal at the time was to do david sedaris-style comic essays but also in part because i could never keep fiction projects going for very long and it made me feel like a phony, like i didn’t deserve to call myself a writer

(a feeling i had all the way through college and still have now sometimes but that’s its own whole can of fish)

so anyway then i graduated in the middle of a recession with a creative writing degree and had some real rough years, until i was just like fuck it, fuck trying to make something deep or literary i’m gonna think about all the elements i love reading in fanfics and i’m gonna write the most self-indulgent fic in the entire goddamn world 

i wrote the first few scenes with no real plan for where it was going and to give you an idea of how little i knew i DECIDED ON FAKE DATING IN PART BECAUSE I HONESTLY THOUGHT THAT WAS GOING TO BE THE MOST EFFICIENT WAY TO GET THEM TOGETHER

i was like, ‘man who knows when i’ll ever write another fanfic, this is probably the only one i’ll ever really do so let’s try to make this as easy on myself as possible’



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Hello! Have you watched Yuri on ice? :O I'm curious as to what thoughts you have so far, if you have.

/ sweats a lot i think my opinion on it is gonna be rather unpopular since everyone’s so !!! about it… I personally dislike derogative nicknames… Even if Yuuri takes the blow just fine (i know i have to lose weight) it doesn’t change the fact that it comes from your idol of all people… It’s as if you’re kinda self-conscious of having one leg shorter than the other and here comes the person you look up to (who miraculously happened to notice you) and calls you gammy. Also um……………… I guess the show could be taken two ways? (I might be mistaken!!)… if Japanese society is pretty restrictive the fact that they made Viktor and Yuuri so gay in a sports anime and got away with it kind of feels like an accomplishment, but it can also be taken as fanservice only in order to increase the earnings with the show. I’m seriously hoping it won’t be the latter ᕕ( ´□`)ᕗ  

I do like Yurio tho (´∇ノ`*)ノ i love that his confidence is based on how much he’s gonna work his ass off to accomplish anything he wants and how he angrily admires Viktor