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So I just wanted to ask some art tips. I'm an amateur artist and I'm still trying to get my anatomy right. I'd like to ask how did you learn how to draw hands and feet (and also shoes). While I do draw in a front facing view I love drawing depth and dynamic poses so I hope it's not too much trouble to ask about that too. Also your art is inspiring to me. It's breathtaking and I love it. I'm sure you've heard this from everyone but your Mafia AU is incredible and so is your comic. (=゚ω゚)ノ♡

Ooooh, no prob at all!!! O3O
Honestly tho, I still consider myself an amateur, so, I’ll do what I can to help! XD

ah, anatomy is super tough, like, THERE’S A REASON YOU REALLY DON’T SEE FEET IN MY ART
As I am sure most ppl will say, the only way to get better is to practice :3
Look at your own hands and feet, sketch them out, try and understand how they move the the forms they make :D
I know there’s like a weird feeling that using references is somehow “cheating” BUT THAT IS BULLSHIT, GOOGLE IMAGE THINGS AND USE REFERENCES ALL THE WAY!!!
When you’re just practicing, like, just straight up trace things at times :D
Carve the feeling into your hands, muscle memory is definitely a thing!
The best thing to do when you’re learning is to chunk things, draw the basic shapes that make up feet and hands and then add in details :3
Here are some feet and hands practice I’ve done, notice the basic shapes are drawn and then the details done on top of it :D

All these were done with references, btw o3o

Hope that was helpful ^w^

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or #31, ninette!

31. In awe, the first time you realised it (DJ/dancer au)

The first time Nino sees her, he is thunderstruck.

She’s just one of many in the packed club, dancing under the flashing neon lights. The crowd moves like a churning ocean, eventually pushing her right up close to the shores of his DJ table- and for a tiny, infinite second, he can see the gleaming ribbons fluttering from her pigtails, the red crop top riding up her toned abs, the wild excitement sparking her electric blue eyes.

He guesses her to be a dance major from the nearby college, because the way she moves is utterly mesmerizing. Confidence shapes the way she dances as she twists and turns, but it’s her precise musicality that seems to reshape the very flow of his song. Each pulsing beat of his mix rolls through her in an undulating current, inspiring the vivid excitement and vibrant exhilaration expressed in even her smallest gestures.

His music suddenly feels fuller, richer, by the way it moves through her.  

The crowd shifts and turns. She flashes Nino a heart-stopping grin before diving back into the depths of the dance floor, disappearing from his sight. His mic is halfway to his mouth before he realizes he shouldn’t stop this set just to call her back. He doesn’t even know her name.  

He keeps the beats rolling through the night, and hopes she’ll come back to him again.

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Yule Ball outfits ( ´ ω ` ) from Chapter 9 of [LLSHP AU]

  • hi, it’s me, back at it again w/ the (mostly) non-sexual intimacy
  • I would very much like to discuss soft baths and andreil today bc i had a fucking fantastic bubble bath and i think everyone should have more of them so buckle up my dudes
  • (also we’re operating in a little au in which college dorms have baths bc i do what the fuck i want) 
  • it starts mostly just bc andrew likes to have baths, he likes to sit there for ages in the soapy water and let it relax his muscles after tough training for stupid sports and adds hot water when it gets cold and he is short enough that his whole body can be under water (lucky bastard) 
    • he likes to hold his breath under water and enjoy how everything feels muffled and distant and separate and like nothing else matters for a minute so he usually has baths when he’s having a bad day, with a locked door and soft pyjamas and hot chocolate waiting for when he comes out
  • it also happens in part bc Allison likes two things a lot 
    • 1 - buying things for her friends
    • 2 - lush bath bombs 
  • so she combines this and decides that neil Needs some bath bombs bc we all know this boy is shit at self-care so allison is trying to get him to take actual care of himself bc she is an Excellent friend 
  • one day she comes to visit armed with a bag of lovely smelling stuff, shoves it at neil and tells him to take a fucking bath 
  • neil is sorta stunned (poor boy still isn’t great at accepting gifts but between andrew’s eden’s outfits and allison’s enthusiasm for gift-giving he’s been getting better) and he just sort of mumbles out a thank you and allison gives his cheek a soft pat
  • neil takes them all back to his dorm and lays them all out and smells them all and some are too strong but most of them are so nice and he actually likes the idea of them a lot and makes plans to take an actual bath this weekend for the first time in years 

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01yuta  asked:

hello!! would you mind writing an apartment neighbor au for yuta, taeil and sicheng? i'm really in love with your work by the way and thank you so much in advance! 💓💖

wah how sweet of you!! and sure, no problem!! (some1 asked for sicheng!!!!)
find mark + jaehyung (here) // taeyong + ten + haechan (here) 


  • what is,,,,,cleaning? who made up that concept,,,,,
  • owns like 5000 chargers for different like tech stuff like his consoles, his phone, his microwave, his helicam he bought for no apparent reason except for the fact that it looked cool, probably owns that hoverboard from nct dream??? does he use it??? no???? but it has a charger and all those chargers are tangled right in the corner of his room and it’s a Mess
  • eats in his bed and then says he doesn’t but when sicheng is over with taeyong and jaehyun he feels a crumb under his butt as he’s sitting on yuta’s bed and he was like “what,,,,,,,,,,the heck”
  • owns a wii u and gets super competitive in wii sports resort like,,,,,he doesn’t take games lightly
  • other than that he’s pretty simple. doesn’t own a lot of stuff which becomes a problem because he has like one towel and that towel is in the laundry so he has to run naked from the bathroom to his bedroom
  • and like instead of money gifts he’s just like for the holidays can someone buy me some drapes. mine tore like 4 months ago
  • has soccer memorabilia in his living room but it’s not displayed neatly it’s just a mess of soccer balls he sticks into the shelves and team jerseys and some old photographs from japan
  • his mom sends him photos and he puts those up but that’s like the extent of his decorating 
  • walks around in sweatpants and nothing else and leaves the window open and the neighbors are just like YUTA every time and he’s like sO RRy (never changes his habit tho)
  • and speaking of which you know yuta and he’s really friendly always smiling and you even saw him once dancing to a SISTAR song that was playing in the grocery store you were both in
  • so you’re like you know he’s a cute, silly guy 
  • but what you don’t know is that he’s also LOL player summorname: winwinshyung WHO KEEPS COMING FOR YOU in GAMES
  • and it’s because your apartment building is right above a pcroom and you always go down there to blow of steam but everytime you queue into a game,,,,,,your like ok whatever different people on your team
  • but this one ,,,,,, player,,,,,,winwinshyung,,,,,,,,,will not freakign get off your back
  • and it’s happened like 3 weeks in a row and you just want to know WHO this dude is
  • and it’s by chance that you get up to go buy some snacks and as you’re walking past another booth you see that the person is playing league,,,,,and their summorname,,,,,, oh my god its him ITS WINWINSHYUNG
  • and you try to get a peak of his face but you can’t so you do the old ‘bump into his chair and apologize’ trick and when the person looks up you almost fall over because,,,,,,,,,,,,that’s,,,,,
  • that’s yuta
  • and you’re like WHAT and he’s like oh!! you live in my building and you’re still on the fact that he’s the a**hole from your game like you can’t believe it
  • and you’re like “winwinshyung,,,,,is you?” and he’s like YEAH are you on my team whats your-
  • and you’re like “no im on the opposite team and im going to c R U S H you” and he’s taken aback but you stomp off to your seat and crack your knuckles and you’re like LETS DO THIS
  • and the whole time you’re playing your like “do it so you won’t get embarrassed in front of him. he’s your neighbor. you gotta. do it. kill his TEAM,,,,,,curse him and his,,,,,really handsome face and good gaming skills”
  • but ofc,,,,,,,,,,,you lose and once you get up you’re shocked to see yuta standing there and he’s like smiling and you’re like he’s gonna rub it in
  • but he goes “you did really well!!! i was surprised you could hold me off for so long!!!” and you’re like what and he’s like “that was our team  strategy for me to keep you preoccupied. you were really strong though, we should game together!”
  • and you’re like.,,,why is he being all nice and you wanna be like “bye” but he’s like digging around in his pocket and he’s like “good neighbors should treat each other, want to go get chicken with me?”
  • and he smiles again and you can see how pretty his smile is, how pretty his eyes and skin are up close and you’re like dammit dammit damm i t
  • but you end up in the chicken place sitting with him in one of the outside tables eating together and yuta,,,,,is pretty funny like not only super handsome but with a great personality
  • even though he rubs some of the sauce off on his jeans which makes you laugh into your hand 
  • but it’s like enjoyable,,,,,and you talk about games but also he tells you he’s from japan and you’re like that’s so cool tell me more
  • and you end up only going back when it’s like 2 am and as you’re walking he like
  • steps around you so he’s walking closer to the street and you’re on the inside and it’s such a subtle,,,gentlemen-y thing to do but you find your heart skipping a beat
  • and once you get home he’s like “i hope we see each other soon!!” and you’re like “yeah!! thank you for the meal!!” but before you go inside you’re like “is it true,,,,i heard from some neighbors that you walk around shirtless with the windows open??? are you really like that?” and yuta bursts out laughing and he’s like “why, are you interested in the view?”
  • and you turn scarlet red and you’re like nO I JUST HEARD A RUMOR OK BYE NOW but it’s cute the next weekend you see yuta in the pcroom again and he’s like “hey, you’re gonna play?” and you’re like maybe a bit and he’s like cool tell me when you’re done so we can go on another chicken date
  • and you’re like yeah omg- wait did he just call it a chicken date (he did)


  • always has soft music playing in his apartment 
  • since he has the last name moon and people refer to that as his nickname he got a lot of moon shaped stuff during his housewarming,,,,which is pretty cute like he has a little lamp that is the shape of a crescent moon and some dining wear with a night sky theme and he’s embraced it,,,,he thinks it’s kinda adorable
  • wanted to keep plants but he settled for buying a fake mini-tree and putting it in his living room and covering it in little ornaments that double as photograph frames of pictures of his friends and stuff
  • yuta insisted that his picture be at the top and taeil was like,,,,,,,,,,,sure but when yuta came back for some reason it was haechan’s photo at the top Who Did This 
  • haechan voice: it was not me
  • doesn’t own a bed, lays out a futon when going to sleep and everyone is like that’s so traditonal of you and taeil is like no i do it because i could sleepwalk and end up falling off my bed, hitting my head, and dying
  • taeyong: why is that so specific
  • taeil with the same expression: because i have Fears taeyong lay off
  • likes warm shaggy carpets probably and like big blankets that he can roll himself up into and just sleep,,,,because he always goes to sleep way to damn late
  • the neighbors are always curious as to why his lights are on until like 3 am and it’s actually because he stays up listening to music and playing guitar 
  • makes guests wear slippers inside and all the slippers are different animals and there’s this cute secret side to taeil even though he’s really mature and awkward sometimes
  • and you’ve only really talked to taeil like twice,,,,,once while you two were getting mail and another time when he helped you fix your broken lightbulbs but other than that it’s a very smile-based friendship you guys have,,,
  • until you find yourself sick in bed, literally unable to move because your fever is dragging you into hell
  • and the friend you called like 5242 times isn’t picking up and you only have the strength left to get out of bed, ring taeil’s doorbell and beg him to go get you some meds from the pharmacy
  • and he does because taeil is a good person 
  • but he,,,,,,,,,has no idea how to take care of sick people. the motherly one in his friend group is not Him so he calls taeyong and explains the situation and taeyong is like get them meds, buy some soup from a local place, and then make them tea and taeil is like ok ok got it
  • but then he hangs up and he’s looking at all the medication and he’s like What,,,,,,,,,,,The,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hell
  • and so taeil comes back to your place with like ten bags and you’re like why in the world he need so many
  • and he’s like “i got 20 different meds. 5 different kinds of soup. and some packets of herbal tea, in a variety of flavors im going to read them outloud and make some kind of motion for which one you want ok here we go: raspberry, green tea, lemongrass- ok lemongrass? ok ill go make it”
  • and for someone who doesn’t take care of others a lot,,,,like physically,,,,,taeil works really hard to make you feel better and it’s really sweet
  • even though you don’t hear him call taeyong like ten times just to make sure he’s helping and not accidentally making you worse
  • and taeyong at some point is like “is this your significant other that you’ve been hiding from us or something?” and taeil is like. well he’s like nothing he just hangs up
  • because ok yes maybe he’s trying so hard not only because you know,,,,neighborly love,,,,,but he also thinks you’re cute
  • even when you’re sweaty and sick and coughing and wearing some oversized shirt and your hair looks like a nest
  • he still think you’re cute and wants to get you all better
  • and when he realizes you can’t even hold the bowl of soup and he has to feed you,,,,,you see his cheeks flush red and you think it might be because the soup is hot
  • but taeil is just like bkfgdsw im,,,,,feeding my crush,,,,,ok keep cool moon taeil you’re a manly, cool dude,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no just scream inside your head nonstop for the next couple of minutes
  • and with taeil’s care you’re back on your feet in like two days and you’re like “i don’t know how to thank you!!!” and taeil is like you don’t have to!
  • but you’re insistent and he’s like “it’s really ok, just if i get sick perhaps you’ll take care of me?”
  • and you agree, because of course you will but you also let it slip out that you wouldn’t mind just taking care of him everyday he’s so charming
  • and taeil is like what
  • and you’re like UM it’s the fever still speaking hahahahaha
  • but taeil is pretty sure you haven’t had a fever in the past few hours so he just smiles to himself hehe


  • universally adored by the entire block. i would even dare say,,,,,the entire neighborhood,,,,,,,province???
  • has a shelf full of chinese movies and books and comics because he misses his home country so much that he’s gotten into the habit of collecting whatever he can find in his native language and his parents will always send a care package when they can 
  • is really proud of where he’s from so he ha chinese charms and items that his parents consider lucky hanging around his house
  • old photos of him in his costumes from dance are up in the living room and he even has some trophies too!!
  • seems like the type that wants a pet but doesn’t have the time so he has a pet fish that’s named after his home province zhejiang (which literally means zhe river which is a good name for,,,,well a fish)
  • keeps his place really colorful and pretty and won’t admit it but has an affinity for stuffed toys,,,,mark got him a little toy dragon once and winwin liked it so much he displayed it on a shelf in his bedroom he’s adorable like that
  • color coordinates his closet (he learned this from the one and only Taeyong)
  • owns a lot of card games,,,,seems like he’d be pretty good at them too because he’d always just have a cute angelic expression so no one would think twice about him having the upperhand but everytime they play they end up losing and doyoung is like winwin is magical and winwin is like “you all lost and owe me fifty dollars collectively” 
  • likes to buy fresh flowers because they smell good so he gets them for his kitchen hehe
  • you and winwin don’t talk much,,,,mostly because you’re always leaving your house in a hurry and he’s not much of a,,,,,open person with strangers a bit shy/???
  • but one day as you’re both taking the elevator up to your floor it suddenly shakes and you and winwin look at each other and then realize that,,,,,,you’re stuck
  • and you have no reception on your phones so you have press the emergency button and wait till someone responds to help you two and that could take literal Hours
  • so you and winwin slide against the walls and sit,,,,,,,,,,,in silence
  • and like 45 minutes goes by of you counting sheep and winwin looking down at his phone and you can’t take the boredom so you’re like “do you wanna play like,,,,,truth or dare or something?”
  • and winwin looks up at you and is like ??? and you’re like “sorry, im just really bad at being bored you can so no though-” but winwin seems intrigued so he kind of sits up a bit and is like “you go first”
  • and he picks truth so you’re like well is it true you’re from china? you know it’s the first question so you go easy on him
  • and he’s like yes truth or dare?
  • and you’re like ok dare and he’s like,,,,,,i dare you to do a handstand and you’re like in this elevator????? now????
  • and winwin is giving you an innocent smile and he’s like sure why not
  • and you’re like ok,,,um,,,,,trying to figure out how you’re going to do this without falling over and looking dumb
  • and winwin is like “let me show you!!” and he just, like water,,,,is able to get his hands on the floor and lift his body up and you’re like holy hell are you dancer??? 
  • and winwin after coming down is like “yes ^^ im happy you noticed!!” and you’re like,,,,,omg
  • but you try at first by walking your legs up the wall which like does not work and winwin is like let me help
  • and he reaches out to hold your ankles but you’re ticklish so you end up kind of kicking a bit and he’s like wOAH and you’re like s O RRy
  • and he’s like you know what let’s skip this dare instead um i dare you to take a really bad selfie and show me
  • and wow ok winwin is way more ,,,,,,, creative than you expect him to be
  • and your time stuck in the elevator is pretty fun until the lights suddenly go out and it’s pitch black inside and you,,,clam up in fear 
  • and winwin is like “are you ok?” because he feels your tense shoulder against his and you kind of lean in toward him and you’re like “im sorry, the dark scares me a bit,,,,”
  • and you can feel the warmth of his arm but you don’t want to be weird and like hide against him 
  • not until he pulls you toward him and your head gently falls against his chest and he’s like “im here. don’t worry”
  • and you’re shocked,,,,,,like he????? is full of so much mystery and charm
  • you thought he was the quiet neighbor too scared to talk with others,,,but he’s actually pretty funny and even,,,,,straight-forward??? it makes you kind of blush
  • also for a dancer he’s so strong,,,,anyway,,,,
  • you stay beside him and when the lights go back up and the elevator begins to move winwin looks down and you peek up at him
  • and you both turn red now that you can see each others faces and he lets you go and you get up to gather your things
  • and when the doors open you’re faced with the technician whose like “sorry i didn’t get here earlier, but hey - did you have fun together?”
  • and he winks and you and winwin are like redder than ever like WHAT NO ,,,,,,, and you both stumble out and go to your doors and the technician just shrugs
  • but you have to hold your bag to your chest once you’re inside because,,,,you still feel the warmth of winwin holding you and it ,,,,,it was nice
  • and winwin is also in his room remembering how nice your hair had smelled, you pressed against his arm,,,,,,,and he has to like shake his head and he’s like,,,,,,,,it’s,,,,what is this
  • he meets up with his friends and he explains that he felt a warmness from you and a warmness in his friends and jaehyun is like “winwin, i think you’re experiencing what we call a crush” and winwin is like i know what a crush is jaehyun,,,,,,,,,but ,,,,,,,,,,,maybe
  • haechan: good plan, get stuck in an elevator again
  • taeyong: no. that is a bad plan don’t do th-

a-girl-with-a-pencil  asked:

All I can think when you draw yuu is werewolf au

It starts out with 12-year old Mika finding a lost/abandoned werewolf puppy and takes him in

Yuu isn’t really used to being around people, and honestly, Mika is probably the first one he’s ever been so close to– so naturally, he is very wary and cautious since Mika’s a suspicious stranger!!

Yuu’s born a trouble maker 

Eventually, he warms up to Mika :-) (he never realized how great head/ear scratches and pampering was until it happened)

Now everyday, when Mika comes home from school, Yuu just sits by the door and waits


Sterek AU - “Princes” requested by felicitysmock:

“Your highness.” Derek gives a small, regal smile - and isn’t it funny, how such a thing as generic as a smile can convey rank in that way, betraying superiority over others - and releases Stiles’ hand from where he’d caught it mid-punch. (An accident. Mostly.)

“Prince Derek,” Stiles says, aiming for respectful decorum even through the tangible annoyance in his tone. When sneaking around the palace, he prefers not to be followed, and does not have control over his actions might he hear footsteps behind him. Hence, the near assault on the crown prince of Beacon Hills.

“You might find yourself in safer company with a sword for defense, instead of fists.”

Stiles smiles - sneers - politely. This is a game they’d often played when they were kids. Years have passed but Stiles still remembers the objective: to feign pleasantries so the Kings, their fathers, didn’t sense the dislike they had for each other. Normally they’d only play when they had an audience; they were currently alone.

Calmly: “I might find myself in safer company, if visiting nobility stayed in the guest quarters they were given.”

The smile that passes Derek’s lips this time is decidedly less princely, instead there’s a mischievousness Stiles recognizes from memories of 14-year-old Derek.

He says, “Apologies. It’s just you’re dressed for a ride, yet your waist is absent a scabbard.”

Here it was, the reason for sneaking around his own home. If Scott caught word that Stiles tried to ride to the camp his father was being held at to haggle for his release, he’d find himself tied to a chair until sense returned.

“I often go without a blade,” Stiles says, “As I never had the patience to hone the skill.”

He prefers to exploit enemies from the pages of books, is more useful crafting war strategies than leading the front line. He had, of course, the best teachers at his disposal and couldn’t have gone all his life without wielding a sword under their instructions, but there was a level of dedication that was needed to become fluent in the art. Stiles had directed that dedication elsewhere.

Now, on the brink of war, his father a flaunted captive of the Argents, and no one to represent the royal family on the battlefield but him, he wishes he’d have returned to the training ring more often than what was mandatory.

They were positioned close to one another in the palace hall, the wall torches making a show of wild shadows across Derek’s face. There was now a groomed beard where before were adolescent blemishes, there was a strong structured jaw, and a broadness that made their near-same height feel exaggerated.

Even more so when Derek leaned close in a manner of not wanting to be overheard, “War is inevitable.”

Stiles felt wholly aggravated at this point. “And?”

“And you can’t stop it. My parents will join as a display of loyalty to yours, and the both of us will end up on the field.”

None of this was unknown to him. “What would you have me do?”

A crease has formed between Derek’s dark eyebrows. Stiles lost track of when their game had stopped.

Like it was obvious, “I would have you not fall into a trap. Yes, I know you were visited with news of your father, you’d have to be blind to not see how eager you were to leave with the messenger.”

“Fall into a trap,” Stiles echoes, tone completely absent of the politeness from before. “You see me as a child, too naive to know the difference between truth and deceit?”

“I see you as desperate,” Derek argues, “As any son would be in your place. The Argents trade in master swordsmen, it is not speculation to say you can not win this way, it is truth. They will have stationed the best of their men to guard your father, and if you were to ride in, sword less, and alone, they would strike you down. Your kingdom would he heirless, your people without a ruler, those you love robbed of you-”

Stop.” Stiles fists his hair with both hands and turns from Derek, so the side of his face is visible only.

Long, aching moments pass where Stiles labores through the act of breathing. When it doesn’t take his whole strength to do so, he drops his hands, rings his fingers around his wrist, still turned from Derek.

His voice shakes, another sign of his weakness. “You think I don’t already know this?”

A noise of anger and disbelief parts from Derek’s lips. “Yet you would still go?”

“I would have this done,” Stiles closes his eyes. “Three months is a long time to wait for news of your father’s life.”

Another moment of silence passes. Then, Derek’s hand grips his elbow, stilling the restless movement of his arms.

“There are other ways.”

Stiles scoffs, an airy, short burst of laughter. “Have you already forgotten? I can’t wield a blade.”

He hasn’t let himself admit how much of a drawback this truly is. Truthfully, he wasn’t sure why he was admitting it to Derek now, they’d never been friends.

Stiles turns back around and finds Derek with a expression he isn’t familiar with. With a softness to it, it was wholly genuine.

Derek says, “I’ll teach you.”

sweetmisschesire  asked:

Kinda want to see lotor try to flirt with lance again in your spy au and the team will have none of it, like allura flat out punches him while pidge and matt just fling insults at him and talk about how creepy he is

Oh my god, yes! Protective team for the win!

I’m just thinking like the team some how take lotor prisoner after a harsh battle, and Lance had to be in the healing pod because he took a pretty hard hit during it.

And Lotor is just calling out for Lance, thinking that while he’s stuck he might as well have some fun. Of course the team is subjected to all of Lotor’s disgusting and cringe worthy flirting that Lotor keeps calling out to Lance.

By the time Lance comes out of the pod, the whole team is ready to either go down to Lotor’s cell and punch the creep straight square in he mouth to make him shut up (Pidge, Coran and Allura) or is trying to cover Lance’s ears so he doesn’t have to hear all of the derogatory flirts that Lotor has been yelling out for the past hour (Hunk and Shiro). Keith wants to personally run his blade through Lotor, but after what he did to Lance, he’s a little wary of actually killing anyone, even Lotor.

Of course, Lance does hear Lotor’s ‘flirting’ and he goes down to the cells just to make Lotor shut up (and of course the rest of the team follows) Lotor’s flirting only get more creepier and bordering on sexual harassment. Of course then he make a comment about how screwed up Lance was and hat no one would ever love him like he does. And that was the last straw; Allura and Pidge and Keith go into the cell and decide to ‘rough him up a little’ (aka, beat him to an inch of his life) mean while Hunk, Shiro and Matt lead Lance out of the cell block, with promises of sweet treats and a team sleep over.
(Gotta put in some fluff into this angst train)

That night, Lotor some how escaped, but they weren’t really focused on that. They were all focused on making sure Lance knew how much they cared about him and loved him, no matter what. (If Lance believes them or not, that’s up to you ;) )

Wow that got kinda sappy, but gotta give my boy a break every once in a while.

anonymous asked:

College AU with Tendou and this girl he's really into. Just a lot of deep conversations, millenials doing millennial things and low-key angst. Do whatever the hell you want with this, I'm sure it'll be great ♡

Okay at this point y’all should know letting me go to town with a Tendou promt is gonna end up… special. Thank you so much for this ask by the way. I owe you my life 

This was his worst nightmare. He didn’t know how he could possibly wind up late to a one o'clock class on a friday, but somehow, he found a way to do it.

Nobody gave him any odd stares as he slinked through the open doors at 1:27, much to his luck. That didn’t stop his nervous system from roiling, though. He couldn’t help but wonder why today, out of all the days of the year, (although the school year had only being going on for a week and a half) everyone in his literature class decided to show up. There wasn’t an empty seat open, at least, nowhere in the safe zone. The only open area he could see was front and center, and he would rather die than be placed in a situation like that. At this point, he figured if nobody saw him, he could just turn around and head home.

Although, that wasn’t the case.

Through his clunky reading glasses, the professor stared him down. He didn’t say a word but judging by the malice painted on his face, Tendou knew he was going to be in deep shit if he didn’t take a seat. He bowed, and as quick as possible hurried into the open seat in the front. The professor payed him no mind after that, he was one more irrelevant student out of 200. Although, the student next to him seemed to mind him very much. She had her chin rested in the palm of her hand, blowing small gum bubbles whenever the professor had turned his back. She kept sending Tendou a coy side gaze, and he’d be lying if he said it didn’t put him on edge. His options were to either confront her about it and have the ordeal be over with, or stare her down right back. He went with the first option. Clearing his throat lightly, he leaned his cheek against his wrist and shifted himself in front of her line of vision. When she made eye contact with him, it was almost like her entire demeanor vanished. Tendou smirked.

“Any reason you’re staring at me, hm?” He expected her to shake her head and look away, maybe even scoot down the bench a little bit. He wanted her to be afraid of him, it’s what people who gave him dirty looks deserved. He expected fear, but there wasn’t any. Instead she kept a steady gaze and smiled bashfully, the apples of her cheeks flushing generously.

“I’m sorry if I was looking at you funny, uh, you can’t help a r.b.f.” She giggled nervously, her gaze shifting away, “I was looking at your hair, I… I really like it.”

Tendou had not expected this at all. Really, he was almost at a loss for words. He had gotten a set of passive aggressive insults ready and everything, but they were in no case needed. She complimented him. He must’ve made an odd expression, because her eyebrows turned up in confusion.

“Well, uh, thank you.” Is what he managed to splutter out, nodding his head and slowly turning back to the front of the room. The professor was rambling but Tendou hadn’t paid attention to a word he said. The only thing he could think of was the girl sitting next to him. Who was she? She had been the only person to send him a positive vibe on campus, and even if it hadn’t been such a tremendous compliment, it was a lot better than a backhanded “monster” remark. Much better.

Tendou made sure he’d never wind up late for a lit class again. That Tuesday he huddled through the doors at 12:55 with the rest of the class. For some reason, he had been looking out for her, even though he knew he shouldn’t. She was just a person trying to be nice, trying not to make a situation more awkward. She could hurt him, and he didn’t need that. But the moment he saw her already sitting down in the front of the room, blowing the same pink bubbles as she did last time, he made a beeline towards her direction.

“Hey.” He said, placing one hand upon the open desk to her right. “Do you mind if I sit here?”

“Not at all!” She peeped, moving her bag closer to her side, allowing him more space to sit.

“Thank you.” He nodded, throwing his bag onto the floor next to him.

“My name is __, by the way. It’s nice to meet you again.”

“__, huh? The name’s Tendou.” He hadn’t been making eye contact with her but he could see her staring at him from the corner of his eye. He liked her, but he didn’t. He refused to believe that she was being nice to him, truly. There had to be some sort of strings attached, some ploy she was scheming, he solely believed she was all but nice. He hated his trust issues.

Class resumed per usual, mostly spent on discussing a popular book everyone had read in high school. He spent the majority of his time on Reddit, not like anyone really noticed, though. Just as fast as it had come, it was now over. He rushed to pick his bag up off the floor before he felt a pat on his shoulder. He turned back around and cocked his head, stank eyes meeting those of a doe.

“Do you have any other classes today?” She inquired, shuffling with her own bag as he did with his.

“No, why?”

“You… wanna go grab a coffee with me or something after this?”

This definitely caught Tendou by surprize. He blinked a few times, then chuckled. He couldn’t help but shake his head.

“And why in the world would you want to do that?” His words dripped with malice, and she seemed confused by his statement. She gaped for a moment before she came up with something to say.

“To get my daily caffeine fix and keep my social life intact? You don’t have to if you don’t want to, it was just a suggestion, I mean-”

“Sure, __, I’d love to.” He smiled, slinging his bag over his shoulder and waiting for her to slide out after him. Internally, he was screaming. Although this situation was so simple, it was so hard for him to wrap his mind around. Somebody who barely knew him wanting to get to know more about him. Never, ever in his life had a situation come up like this. It had to be a setup.

While walking next to her, Tendou had noticed a lot of things. She was significantly shorter than him, much shorter than any girl he had been involved with in the past. She had a spring in her step that made her seem more lively than most, but when he looked in her eyes, she had the same lethargic vigor as any other college student. He reckoned that he liked her eyes, though.

“So.” She said, the chilly air around them billowing her breath. “ What made you decide to come here?” Tendou shrugged.

“To get as far away from home as possible, to be honest.” At this she laughed, not because what he said was funny, though.

“I can relate. I think by the middle of senior year I was pretty much just throwing darts at a map and going with the farthest place away from there.”

“Ah, don’t tell me you really did that, now? You must have an aspiration in mind, right?” __ looked up at Tendou and shrugged, then sighed.

“I mean, I’ve always wanted to become a neurosurgeon, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. What about you?” She looked up at him, but didn’t receive a response. This girl had to be kidding, Tendou thought.

“Clearly you’re smart enough to even think about being a neurosurgeon. Don’t give me that ‘I can’t do it’ bullshit.” He stuck his tongue out at her, to which she snorted in response. “I’m here for law, doesn’t that sound fun?”

“Like a lawyer? What made you want to be a lawyer?”

“Well, what made you decide you want to cut into people’s skulls for a living?”

“My sadistic streak.”

Tendou shot her a look out of the corner of his eye. He sucked his lips in and shook his head, holding back a smirk.

“I was so-o joking ple-ease don’t take that seriously.” She covered her mouth with her hands. She shook her head apologetically and Tendou couldn’t help but find it hilarious.

“Why should I listen to you? It might just be another one of your sadistic thoughts, hm?”

“Oh, this is a horrible first impression. I’m so sorry.”

“Sadists don’t say sorry, __.” She gaped, then popped her lips.

“On the topic of sadism, what kind of things are you into?” She inquired.

“Are you asking me about my kinks or what I do for fun?”

“The second one!”

“Well, uh, the first one could apply to both.” He smirked, only for her to wiggle her eyebrows. “But uh, to sum me up, I’m basically just a taller than average nerd.”

“Well, I’m a shorter than average nerd, it’s nice to meet my kin.”

They arrived at the coffee shop near his dorm room a quick minute later. He didn’t know what to think of __, not one bit. For now, he decided that he liked her. She got him. At least, she got the person he presented himself as. She listened to everything he had to say and more, and judging by her demeanor she liked talking to him. He found out she liked anime and could name all 196 countries on earth. He found out she was a dancer in high school but quit because she had to, not because she wanted to. He told her all about Shiratorizawa, the good parts, at least. He brushed the thin skin above the hard flesh and decided that, if they were to stay friends, he’d let her in on the cruelty later on. Her coffee order was just as odd as she was, it took her longer to explain than it actually took them to make. She was different, Tendou could sense it, and he could sense something else creeping up on him too.

At the end of it all she had given him her phone number. He warned her that he may just send an onslaught of memes to her at three in the morning, but that made her want to give him her number even more. “I’d rather get unsolicited memes than unsolicited nudes”, is what she said. He had dropped her off at her dorm at six and on his entire walk home he felt dizzy. He was overthinking again, but it couldn’t be helped. Although in the front of his mind, all was positive. She liked him, she wasn’t afraid of him. She complimented his hair and his freckles and his sense of humor. She was flirting with him, she liked him. There was nobody she was using him for, she said it herself that she barely knew anybody. But why couldn’t he bring himself to believe her? Maybe one day, he’d bring it up to her. For now, he just wanted to pass out.

“You wanna get deep, Satori?”

It was a question she had asked at two in the morning on the friday night before spring break. A question that made his heart race out of his chest. They were alone in his dorm room along with dozens of empty soda cans, all the lights off besides the cheap lamp on his nightstand. They sat on his bed, legs crossed, facing each other. For the longest time none of them said a word, before Tendou let out a sigh.

“You really wanna get deep with me, __?”

“I’ve wanted to get deep with you since the day we met.” She shrugged, taking a subconscious sip of her coffee. “Is that weird?”

“Kinda… not judging though.” Tendou shrugged. He cracked his neck and placed his half empty can of coke on the nightstand. “I trust you well enough to tell you my tragic anime villain backstory. You cool with that?”

“Lay it on me.”

Tendou sat silent for a moment, contemplating the situation he was wedged into. It was way too late and he was already high on the feeling of sleep deprivation, and there was nothing left for him to lose.

“I was kind of a weird child. Hell, I’m still a weird child depending on who you ask. Ah, weird elementary schooler, we’ll go with that. I’ve always loved volleyball ‘cause its so fast paced without getting physical. I was addicted to that… rush. You prolly don’t get what I mean by that.”

“I feel what you mean.”

“Good. I started playing when I was six or seven-ish. Loved it. Didn’t love me though. The other kids… the other kids would bully me. A lot. I was called a… a monster. They didn’t like my hair or my eyes or my freckles or the way I moved…. I was just a human version of road bump. In their way. They’d beat me up but I never fought back. I always went home with a split lip or a black eye… tons of scrapes. It was really hard… insanely. I ended up beating one of them in a volleyball match with this block, which pretty much became my signature. I told you ‘bout the Guess Block, right? I wasn’t bullied as much after that, at least, not physically. Middle school sucked. I mean, middle school sucked for everyone, right? My teammates talked so much shit, so did my coach. I was included but damn, I was never included. Nobody liked me but I kinda just had to deal with that. I didn’t even like myself. Until high school came. Damn, when I say high school was the best three years of my life, I mean it. Best team ever, awesome group of guys. The type of people who would kick someone’s teeth in if they looked at you funny. It was acceptance, I… I loved it. Sometimes I even forgot that people ever hated me ‘cause these guys made up for every shitty moment of my life up until then. I wanna say those were the only friends I’ve ever had. The only people who didn’t see me as… a monster. Graduation sucked, it was like leaving the only paradise I had ever known. I’m proud to say I cried for three days straight in my bedroom afterwards. You can quote me on that if you ever need blackmail, by the way, __. When I met you here I think I was sceptical about you for two months straight. I’ve never met somebody who was nice to me outside of that volleyball team and you were just… weird. Like, what’s this pretty girl talking to me for? She’s using me, she’s so using me. I dated two girls in the past, one I dated for a week before she cheated on me with another guy in my class, horrible, right? And another dated me for a day and broke it off ‘cause she told me the only reason she got with me was to get closer to the volleyball captain. The volleyball captain was my actual best friend, just to let you know. Then uh, I met you and you were nice to me. You were genuinely the first person out of the team to not think I’m a monster and… and I dunno. That’s my fucked up life, beat that.”

She didn’t say a word as he finished up his rant. His face was red and he refused to look her in the eye. She knew it now. She knew the roots of his trust issues and his depression, the thoughts he’s never told anyone. She was silent as she reached over and pulled him into her arms, holding him tight as he shook. His arms found their way around her middle and he pulled her closer towards him, nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck. Tendou decided that this was nice, he could live like this.

“I’m so sorry, Satori.”

“It’s alright.”

“You know, the first time I saw you I thought you were crazy attractive?”


“That’s why I was staring at you. I could’ve screamed.”

“You’re lying.”

She said nothing after that, compensating to running her fingers through his matted hair.

“Satori?” She peeped after a moment of brief silence. He sniffled, lifting his head out of the crook of her neck.


“You know those two girls you dated?”


“Have you ever been kissed?”

Satori gawked at her with wide eyes. If his heart hadn’t been hammering before it sure was now. He sighed, and shook his head.

“Will I be the biggest loser on earth if I say no, I haven’t?”

“No…” she shook her head. She blinked slowly then sighed. “Satori, can I kiss you?”

His mind went blank for a moment. It was now three in the morning and nothing else mattered to him besides her, sitting in his arms and looking at him like he meant the world to her.


So she did.

She cradled his head in the palm of her hand and wasted no time in pressing her lips against his. He had short circuited, his mind even more scrambled than it had been before. He didn’t know what to do so he just went with whatever he could. His nose bumped against hers, same goes for teeth, but she was soft. She pulled away for a split second and let out a puff of air, then went back to delicately kissing him.

She pulled away after a moment, looking into his eyes and brushing the pad of her thumbs across his cheeks. She was flushed up to the core, and it made Satori smile.

“You deserve to be loved, Satori. You deserve everything. You’re the strongest person I’ve ever met and I’m insanely proud of you. I love you.” She whispered, thumbs still brushing circles across his freckled cheeks. Her words made him tear up, but she didn’t notice. Maybe she did, but payed no mind to it. She loved him. That’s all he ever wanted to hear.

“I love you too, __. Thank you.”

He didn’t quite remember what happened next, it all being just a sleep induced blur. What he did know is that the next morning he woke up with her cradled in his arms, under the covers with her hands in his hair. For the first time in ages, he had woken up happy. He didn’t want to move, hell, he didn’t even want to think. He wanted her to kiss him again, he wanted to tell her he loved her again. He wanted her to be his.

For the first time in his life, Tendou Satori had felt loved.

cityofaangels  asked:

I'm a sucker for tattoo shop AUs (Deep in the Heart of Me is my favorite fic EVER), and I can imagine Tony being the manager of a famous shop, and accepting stray artists that want to find a job and are poor/homeless/lost (among which Bucky, Clint and Nat), and just giving them a goal, a home and a future and ARG

Thank you for reminding me of the beauty that is tattoo AUs!!!! I can’t believe I forgot about this to be honest, I used to adore them in almost every fandom, but I haven’t thought of them in ages until I got your ask! I’m unfamiliar with the fic you’ve mentioned–I don’t read a lot of Stony–but I think I’ll give it a try! But for now, let’s get back to this AU.

I really like the idea of Tony being this crazy, loveable owner of a tattoo shop who hires very questionable people under ridiculous circumstances because he’s insane like that. I also headcanon that said questionable people are very protective of their smol boss because of it.

“What the fuck do you want from me?” the stranger snarls disturbingly animalistic.

“Uhm.” Tony stares at the knife—a real knife and definitely not one for the kitchen—and scruffles a tiny step backwards. Backs against a wall before he has the chance to bring a little more distance between himself and Stranger With Knife.

Damn those walls and the stupid people that build them.

He’s going to die here, alone, in an abandoned backstreet. Where nobody will find his body until they’ll have to hold the funeral with a closed coffin. If they’ll ever find his body.

There’s probably a life lesson in here, about how you’re not supposed to follow unknown men a head taller than you and double your weight in muscles into an abandoned backstreet for one. But Tony’s attention is too fixated on the knife to care much about unimportant details like that.

For once, he hysterically thinks, Rhodey won’t be able to scold me for my messed up priorities.

“I won’t ask again!” the man hisses dangerously. He’s got shaggy hair that could do with a cut and a wash, and his eyes flicker with the same restlessness that drew Tony to him initially.

And fine, he probably shouldn’t have followed the guy. He can see how this could be considered “creepy” by people less fluent in Tony-speak than Pepper or Rhodey. Natasha will undoubtedly slap him—gently, because she’s secretly a poisonous snake who’s adopted Tony as this weird, bumbling kitten that will not get killed by anyone but her—for this later. You know, if there is a later.

“I was wondering if you want to work for me,” Tony blurts out because he can’t think of anything else to say. Also because it’s true.

“I’m not fuckin’ work for hire!” the man growls. “I don’t do that shit anymore, so either back the fuck off or I’ll make sure you won’t need anything anymore!”

Alright. Tony decidedly isn’t going to ask what the guy’s going on about. Nope. Absolutely not. That would just be too stupid, even for him.

“What are you talking about?” he asks and promptly wants to knock himself out. At least that might improve his chances to not talk himself into an early death. Clint will not be impressed if he misses is 8 o’clock appointment tomorrow and he has to cover for Tony—neither will the customer. Clint isn’t useful for anything before eleven in the morning.

The man’s eyes—they’re a cold blue that would look a lot prettier if they weren’t levelling a glacial glare at Tony right now—narrow even further, the knife itching ever so slightly closer towards Tony, and nope, not a fan of that development at all.

“Look,” Tony decides to try and deescalate the situation, “You don’t have to answer that. Actually, please don’t answer that, because this sounds too much like one of those I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you thingies and Natty would not be pleased if you did. You know, kill me. Unless you tell her I called her Natty again. For some reason she really doesn’t like that? But what do I know, women are weird,” he muses with a shrug.

“Right, I was trying to make a point. See, you could just wave your knife around and possibly- probably kill me, which would really suck. Cause I’m not a big fan of being dead before my liver gives out on me and you don’t look like you’ve got another jacket, and blood is a bitch to get out.” Not that it would be much of a loss, with the oversized, worn down thing the man’s wearing. It looks like it’s being held together by stubbornness and nothing else.

He might have said that last part out loud as well, if the guy’s twitch is anything to go by. Tony can’t decide whether that’s a good thing or not.

“Or,” he hastily continues, “you could listen to my gracious proposal, accept it with genuine appreciation and enthusiasm and in two years we’ll both laugh about this moment.” He finishes with a bright smile and a happy clap. Screw Natasha and Pepper, he can be reasonable and mature. He’s not the one waving a butcher knife around after all.

Said knife is slowly lowered by the stranger who tilts his head to one side in a show curiosity. He seems—amused, almost. Or maybe that’s Tony’s screwed perception of reality talking. Clint’s mentioned he has a problem at one point, something about seeing a ravaging monster and cooing over it and wanting to pet it. Which is nonsense, Tony doesn’t want to pet anything. Except maybe the guy’s hair, once it’s been properly cleaned. And that’s not his fault, it looks like it could be fluffy.

“I’m listening,” he drawls, almost like he’s humouring Tony. The joke’s on him though, because Tony is used to being humoured.

“Do you know Stark Tower? What a stupid question, of course you do, but just in case you don’t, it’s the best tattoo studio in the entire country, trust me on that, and it happens to also belong to me. You’d look great with a couple of tattoos by the way, really help round off that assassin-gone-rough vibe you’ve got there, and I’d totally do them for free or maybe not free. Pepper says I’m not supposed to give people things all the time, but you wouldn’t tell on me, right?”

“Anyways, I saw this,” Tony lifts the crumbled paper he’s rescued from the garbage at the café he’s first noticed Mr Tall, Dark and Knifey—and hadn’t that led to a fun conversation with the waitress—and waves it around as if to stress his point, “and you’ve got some real talent with the abstract design there, because this is amazing and I’d want it as a tattoo, wich says something, my taste is fantastic. Also I’m missing a designer because that asshole Wade keeps running off to do one thing or another and I’m not allowed to hire Peter until he’s legal.”

The guy stares at him in bemusement while Tony tries to catch his breath. Admittedly not an uncommon reaction.

“You’re offering me a job?” he asks after a moment in disbelief—and damn, this guy is catching on to Tony-speak real quick, he’s the right choice all right.

“Yup,” Tony nods. He’s thought he’s been fairly obvious.

“You’ve been following me for two subway stations, three bus stops and a couple of dozen street corners to offer me a job because you saw something I’d scribbled down at a café,” the man repeats incredulous.

Tony shrugs. “I didn’t know how to talk to you. Clint says I come on too strong usually.”

“And you thought stalking me would make me feel more at ease?”

“Well, no.” Tony frowns. “Maybe? I wasn’t—but doesn’t prolonged exposure get you used to someone?”

“Prolonged- never mind,” the guy shakes his head. “You’re crazy.”

A pause, then, “I don’t need a job.”

Tony scoffs. “Have you looked at yourself lately?” he asks, mulls over his words for a moment when the man tenses. “Alright, that might have come across as offensive but seriously. I don’t care if you need a job or not, it’s yours if you want it. Just show up sometime next week and tell Natty I hired you and if Clint is there please throw your knife at him, he’s an ass and screams like a banshee.” Tony searches his pockets for a moment before he finds one of his, admittedly worse for wear, business cards and offers it to Mr Death By Blade.

“You’re crazy,” the man states again, but he takes the card.

“Get used to it,” Tony smiles is sunniest smile because take that Clint, he can hire new staff without getting anyone killed.


“Have you ever even held a tattoo gun in your life? It’s not a real gun, for fuck’s sake! Tony!” Clint is heard screaming in exasperation through the studio a couple of days later. “What the fuck where you thinking when you hired Bucky?!”

Tony doesn’t look up from where he’s carefully drawing the worlds’ prettiest butterfly onto a young woman’s shoulder when he yells back, “Who the hell is Bucky?!”


[Bonus: “You’re taking all this surprisingly well,” Bucky comments at one point.

Clint shrugs. Takes a look at one of the designs over the newbie’s shoulder.

“Tony’s as fucked in the head as they come, but he’s a freaking genius at finding the best. If he’s hired you than that’s what you are. He wouldn’t settle for anything less.”

A moment of thoughtful silence follows, before.

“In three weeks, I’m gonna tell you how he hired Tasha.”

“Why in three weeks?”

“Studio rule. If you’ve made it three weeks without killing anyone, you’re part of the team.”

“Inside the studio or in general?”

“…you’re gonna fit right in.”]

I think I’m having way too much fun with this…



Spideypool AU: Gwen usually loves to be the little sister, especially since her step-brother Wade is mostly awesome and badass. She does not love it, though, when her best friend Peter starts to show alarming signs of harbouring feelings for Wade, who’s more of a fuck-and-flee kind of guy. And no matter how much she loves her crazy ass brother, there is no way she’s letting him use and/or hurt Peter, so she tries and keeps them as far from each other as possible. But then Wade’s practicum happens during their senior year and suddenly keeping them separated is no longer possible.


anonymous asked:

Hello there- I'm one of your active followers, and I don't have as much confidence as I'd like to about coming to ask you forwardly, but I'm working on a few new au's and I was wondering how you feel about voltron sports au's? At the moment I'm working on a parkour AU, as well as Volleyball. Opinions? Do you think they should be langst centered?

I LOVE SPORTS AUS! Parkour au sounds hella awesome. And I think it should be exactly what you want it to be. Do YOU want it to be langst centered? Its your au so make sure you’re having as much fun as you can!!

anonymous asked:

I'm curios, would Yuri actually let Mamoru marry Milo if he does win the 10 gold medals? xD

Weeeeell maybe not marry, but I am pretty sure he’s already pretty impressed by those 7 medals. Yuri is the first one that knows how important is to have someone you want to win for. This is how he was able to win his first senior medal, right? I think he knows better than anyone how much important Milo is for Mamoru 

little fourteen year old Aaron Burr going off to college all wide eyed and hopeful because he knows he only got in early because of his dad, but he’s going to prove himself!!! he’s going to do so well!!! and everyone will see he deserves to be there

but that’s not what happens. he gets the top grades in every class and is involved in every club, he does everything just right but that only seems to make things worse. whenever he answers a question right or wins an award or is held up as an example by a teacher, the other students roll their eyes and mutter “of course they give him good grades, don’t you know who his father was?” and joke with each other about “the PERFECT little prodigy of princeton college

he figures out what he’s doing wrong, eventually. he stops speaking as much in classes and he mostly keeps to himself and starts studying more. he graduates in two years instead of four, and it hurts, a little, because he was so excited to be there, so sure that he would finally be around people who were as smart as him, that for once he wouldn’t be so separate from everyone. but it’s okay. see, he knows how to act now

talk less, smile more