i'm not sure how he got it

Azusa: Ruki… can I go… to the Sakamaki’s… house?

Ruki: Sure, as long as you behave yourself.

Azusa: Okay… I will…

30 Minutes Later:

  • Tamatoa: Look at this stuff
  • Isn't it neat?
  • Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?
  • Wouldn't you think I'm the crab
  • The crab who has everything?
  • Look at this trove
  • Treasures untold
  • How many wonders can Lalotai hold?
  • Looking around here you think
  • Sure, he's got everything
  • I've got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty
  • I've got whozits and whatzits galore
  • You want thingamabobs?
  • I've got twenty (...thousand. hah!)
  • But who cares?
  • No big deal
  • I want more
  • -Tamatoa, probably

Just realized that Mohn, the guy who runs Pokepelago, is Lillie and Gladion’s dad. He’s got the hair, the eyes, the whole “my husband found out about UBs and alternate universes”, the fact he lives in a computer realm(???)

I’m just losing it though because while all the sad family angst was going on for who knows how long, their dad was just living it up on some islands in the middle of nowhere with pokemon 

Eating beans.

Okay, so I rewatched all three eps of Yuri on Ice today and I came to a certain realization on the topic of YOI’s love interest.

Remember Yuuko/Yuu-chan? You know, the cute girl to whom Yuuri first showed his imitation of Victor’s routine? The one he crushed on since he was a kid? The one with the three daughters/the triplets and the husband with whom she runs Hasetsu Ice Castle? Her.

Notice anything about her? Because I did: Yuuko is not Yuuri’s love interest.

Or at least, the moment we learn that she has a family with Takeshi she stops being shown as a love interest. But this isn’t a post about her family life (which is great btw), because if the show wanted, it could have kept her as Yuuri’s love interest despite her being married, but that’s not the case. Why?

Because Victor appears in the story. It’s not just that Yuuko is no longer shown as a love interest - it appears that Yuuri is no longer interested in her. From the moment of Victor’s arrival, Yuuri’s crush on Yuuko hasn’t been mentioned even once, even though Victor does ask (in episode 2) whether Yuuri has any girl he likes or whether he’s had any past girlfriends. This is further highlighted by the fact that when Victor asks them whether they know anything about love (this is right before showing them the two On Love Eros and Agape pieces), Yuuri only shakes his head. Not a single reference is ever made to his (past?) crush on Yuuko.

Is it just me or does Victor replace Yuuko’s place as Yuuri’s love interest?

Now, I don’t mean to say that Yuuri is heartless for losing interest in Yuuko after years of secretly liking her just because Victor arrives, or anything of that sort but simply that narratively, Victor takes on the role of the love interest and the rest of the show follows that mindset from the end of episode 1 onward.

He’s the one Yuuri dedicates his Eros to. He’s the one Yuuri wants to impress. He’s the one Yuuri turns to in times of doubt or insecurity, and most importantly he’s the one Yuuri is most focused on.

Victor is clearly shown to be Yuuri’s love interest.

Yuuko remains a good friend and seems to become a mother figure to Yurio.

And that’s just beautiful.

Will the Circle be Unbroken?



Mar said like 39 seconds ago that the show will be doing a full circle.
Mona was the only other person that knew Noel’s whereabouts.
He was in no position to free himself.SHE DID IT.
She freed her minion!

Bitch, can’t see.
How the frickety frack did she manage to shoot Spencer in the goddamn heart?

Oh! Probably because Mona did it.



Ok guys. Everything I’ve said above I still 100% believe and/or think may happen.
However! After doing some thinking, it’s very, very possible that was Mona in the black hoodie and she isn’t AD.


She seen AD fire at Spencer and dragged Jenna out.
She knew Jenna needed to be alive to answer questions.
Mona went all Season One Original A style to try to save the girls asses, again.

But she actually saved her ass from AD to rip her a new one herself.

Mona Vanderwaal is The Darkest Knight.

reasons to love kim taehyung

1. his boxy smile that’s all eyes and teeth and sunshine

2. how kind he is to the members and everyone around him

3. when seeing a member of staff sneeze, he reminded him to drink hot water and get lots of rest

4. his love for children (and animals)

5. his love for his family

6. his deep voice that’s as deep as the earth’s metallic core

7. the way he growls during lives

8. his dopey laugh that never fails to make everyone else smile

9. his ability to make friends in the bathroom

10. how he sprints to and from the bathroom just so he won’t miss a performance

11. how he sings and dances along to performances from other groups

12. he’s not afraid to hide his dorky side

13. his love for making silly faces

14. he’s 21 but still has the heart of a child

15. every end of the year when asked what he wants to do the following year, he says ‘to be a good son’

16. how much he loves his grandmother

17. he auditioned for big hit without his parents knowing, and had to convince big hit to let him become an idol

18. he left home so young and was ineffably overwhelmed, going from the farm to the big city to chase his dreams

19. bts thought he was spoiled when they first met him because he was wearing a really expensive jacket, but in reality, his mother had bought it for him because she didn’t want the ‘rich city boys’ to make fun of him

20. how he (and the rest of bts) never gave up even though the first few years (pre-debut especially) were really tough

21. he really wanted to make video logs before debut but because he was the ‘surprise’ member he didn’t get to and he was sad

22. his ability to gain literal armies of men who are all Whipped™ (ex. the cast of hwarang, bts, various male idols)

23. he worked so hard to become an actor

24. how, in the one fanmeet, someone brought a baby boy there and he was so excited

25. the way he clings to the members in public

26. his blank expression

27. his 4d personality

28. the way he role-plays with himself

29. how he sneaks into jimin’s bed to sleep and when jimin kicks him out he goes to jungkook’s bed instead

30. his ridiculous vocal range (the largest in bangtan)

31. the way he got a discount in american hustle life because he was cute and then ended up getting the store owner’s number

32. the way he danced effortlessly in heels and giggled and said ‘i like them, i like them’

33. how cute he is as the maknae in the hwarang cast

34. how hype he gets whenever any of the cyphers are mentioned

35. that one time he did a 50 second v-live just so he could show us some impressions

36. his bare face™

37. when he wanted to go on a trip with the rest of bangtan even though they all wanted to go alone

38. when he wanted to exercise so he could comfortably show his back in WINGS but stopped because he doesn’t like exercise

39. “my grandma likes me chubby so i eat a lot”

40. how he wanted to say ‘i love you’ to his grandma but then it was too late

41. the way he told us during the 3rd muster and it broke everyone’s heart

42. when he puts on glasses in the no more dream choreo and then whips them off

43. his ridiculously loud sneezes

44. how he’s not afraid to show the stupidest faces

45. how he goes from bunny to daddy in like 0.02 seconds in live performances

46. his ponytail and headband look during ISACs

47. his rainism fancam

48. the way he danced during their dubai summer package 

49. how he looked as the joker in the war of hormone Halloween dance practice

50. when he introduces himself and just screams ‘V!!!’

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anonymous asked:

If you are still taking prompts, Gavin comforting Ryan after a hard day?

This got really angsty, like SUPER angsty. You’ve been warned:

He’s The Vagabond, the boogie man of Los Santos, he does not panic. He will not panic. This is a mild inconvenience, he’s going to be fine. Yes, it’s a little dark and yeah he barely has enough room to stretch out his legs, but Ryan has suffered worse. He can deal with this, too.

He’s not sure how much time has passed since he woke up, but it can’t have been more than an hour tops. Geoff and Gavin know the general direction he went in, all three splitting up trying to find Shadles, so he knows they’ll be looking for him.

He hadn’t been counting on Shadles jumping him from behind and dumping him into a root cellar, but everything is fine. He is not going to panic. He’s going to be okay.

Some time passes and he swears the walls feel like they’re closing in, the air somehow growing heavier. He’s a little lightheaded and he closes his eyes, but he opens them a few seconds later.

“That’s not helping,” he murmurs, trying to ignore the slight tremor in his hands.

More time passes, and Ryan doesn’t realize he has started humming to himself, but when he does he immediately stops. He feels sick and he wraps an arm around his torso, leaning forward, resting his clammy forehead against his drawn knees.

He’s not sure why he’s sweating, it’s far too cold for him to be sweating, a violent shiver traveling down his back, but he swears his t-shirt is sticking to his back. He burrows deeper into his leather jacket when another shiver wracks his body, hunching into himself, and he starts humming again.

He tries to convince himself he’s okay, but it’s becoming harder and harder to believe. He needs to get out of here now.

He tries to stand, but his body is too stiff. It takes two more tries before he’s capable of getting to his feet, swaying back and forth. He reaches up, trying to feel for a way out, only to remember he already tried this when he first woke up. He had met thin air before and now isn’t any different.

With a low, keening cry, he sinks back to the ground, his body shaking harder, squeezing his eyes shut. His stomach churns worse than before, bile creeping up his throat. He always wondered how exactly he was going to die, but this way had never made the top ten list.

Somewhere above he swears he hears his name being called, and for a moment he thinks he’s hallucinating, but then he hears it again. His head snaps up and he stumbles to his feet, hoarsely calling out, “H-here!”

He clears his throat, trying again, and he hears someone shout. Above him, a trapdoor swings open, blinding light shining down at him, and Gavin cries, “Ryan! Geoff, I found him!” He lies down on the ground, most of his body in the root cellar, some quick thinking from Geoff keeping him from falling in, reaching a hand down towards Ryan. “C’mon, Rye, grab my hand.”

Ryan almost doesn’t reach out, too afraid this is a trick his mind is playing on him, but the need to get out wins and he grabs Gavin’s hand. It takes the combined effort of Gavin and Geoff, but they manage to help him out.

The moment he’s outside, Ryan falls to the ground, curling in on himself, taking deep, gulping breaths, enjoying the slight breeze on his face. He feels more than sees someone sit next to him, a cool hand brushing against the back of his neck, and Gavin softly says, “It’s okay, Rye. You’re okay.”

He leans into Gavin, laying his head on his shoulder, nodding. He’s not really sure he believes the words, but he appreciates the sentiment nonetheless.

This could probably go on, but I’m trying really hard not to make these too long. Thank you so much for the prompt, Anon.

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Sherlock introducing Toby the dog to Toby the cat neither is impressed with the other Toby.

it’s totally an excuse to see molly and rosie because fuck wife cheater watson that’s why. how could he ask that of molly? fuck him

“you’ve got a dog now?” molly asks, balancing rosie in her arms. she stands aside to let in sherlock and toby the bloodhound, happily wagging his tail.

“not exactly. he’s…helping me,” sherlock replies, affectionately scratching toby’s head.

“wonderful,” molly smiles, handing over a fussy rosie to her eager godfather. she pets toby, giggling as he slobbers on her, “what’s his name?”

sherlock pauses making faces at rosie long enough to say, “toby.”

“that’s a weird coincidence,” she looks up to see him looking at her in confusion, “my cat? the one that hates you.”

“ah, right,” he says despite not remembering in the slightest; he was too busy trying to pry rosie’s fingers from his hair, anyway.

of course this is when kitty!toby trots on in, finding his human touching another animal. he meows loudly and doggu!toby bounds over, sniffing the bad tempered feline

“oh…that cat.”

molly rolls her eyes, watching as kitty!toby hisses and swipes at the big dog. doggu!toby yelps and runs off to hide behind the tall one who gives him cuddles and treats.

“see? he’s an excellent judge of character.”

molly just laughs, “not a very good guard dog though. does he know any tricks?”

sherlock’s eyes light up and he sets rosie on the carpet, “he knows them all. toby? roll over.”

doggu!toby just sits there, staring up at him, tongue hanging out and tail wagging. molly waits, a good while too, before sherlock smiles and rubs the dog’s head.

“good boy.”

she can’t help but chuckle a bit, “tea?”


and that’s how they spend their evening, cross-legged on the floor, doting on rosie and the tobys, chatting, laughing and fucking flirting of course…

and, if I was being bitter, I’d say john gets back with a bottle of champagne, hoping to seduce rosie’s godmother but finds his best mate has beaten him to it uwu. but we all know I’m not that petty

I got carried away


Why do you hurt me in this way, @suicidal-rectangle ???
I’m sure Danny had a few moments early on in his ghost fighting career where he just didn’t feel like he was good enough. He got a bunch of freaky deaky powers he didn’t want and didn’t know how to control and probably felt pretty awful about suddenly becoming the thing his family despised. Wow I made myself sad.

Please don’t tag as “me”, “kin”, or “self”. Thank you!


Tony & Rhodey MIT aesthetic

12x07 coda

Cas is seven shots down before Dean realizes how skillfully he’s knocking them back. And sure, saying it’s been a rough evening is an understatement, but not even Crowley is going at the alcohol at the pace Cas is, and the angel is showing no signs of slowing. Dean grabs his own beer with a sign and scoots closer to the angel.

“I know your angel mojo takes the edge off these,” he gestures to the empty glasses, “But maybe it’s worth slowing down? I’ve got the feeling these aren’t new to you.”

In response, Cas downs an eighth shot and slams it down.

“What’s up?’ Dean tries to keep his tone even.

Cas turned his blue eyes, now rimmed ever so slightly with red, to direct the full extent of the scowl he was wearing on Dean. "You left me. With him,” he growls lowly. In the wake of Dean’s stunned silence, Cas takes another shot.

The sad thing is, Dean isn’t even sure if Cas is angry about Lucifer or about Crowley, but the guilt curls in his stomach all the same. He’s been trying so hard to make things feel normal after Mom left, going out of his way to bicker with Sam and throw himself into cases, just like the old days, that he’s completely forgotten Cas.


“You say Lucifer is all our responsibility…you say I’m your brother…” Cas isn’t even looking at Dean anymore, just staring into the empty shot glasses, “Then you leave me with the King of Hell. Or you leave me to die,” his lip trembles, “Whatever’s most convenient.”

Dean opens his mouth, presumably to say it isn’t true, but something else catches his focus. It’s the way Cas is silhouetted against the neon lights of the bar, the way the decorations along the back wall spread just so…for a split second, Cas looks like an angel again, wings and all.

And that’s when it hits Dean that Lucifer fell too. How did Lucifer respond to falling? To abandonment? By wreaking havoc. Destroying countless lives for fun. But Cas, well, Cas was just as abandoned. Just as broken. And yet all Cas had ever done was fight for humanity. For Dean. Even when he turned his back on him.


Cas’ rough voice pulls Dean back into reality and he blinks to see Cas’ blue eyes staring worriedly back. Worried about Dean. Even now, after everything. Dean shakes his head gently, noticing only then that his jaw was agape. He closes his mouth quickly.

“Sorry, man, I, uh…” Dean sighs. I don’t deserve you, is what he’s realizing now, in this moment, staring down what very well might be the most pure being in all of creation, wondering what on earth he was going to say to make amends, “I messed up. I know I did. But you’re not going to be alone with him any more.”

There’s a sharp inhale of breath. "What?”

Dean resists his initial urge to tease. Cas had been through so much, he didn’t need Dean at his throat too. “You’re not staying with him,” he says, “You’re right. I’ve been an ass. So the least I can do is make it up to you with my shitty company. And Sam’s. If you want.”

It’s not all Dean wants to say. Not by a long shot. But it’s all he feels worthy to say. At least for the time being. And when Cas smiles and sets down his shot glass, Dean can’t help but feel like he’s finally done something right tonight.

"Can I also get a leather jacket?”

“We’ll see.”

“If you don’t get me one, I’ll just have to borrow yours,” Cas shoots back, but his eyes are soft and the edge is gone from his voice.

Dean laughs. Cas smiles in return. And there’s something about that smile that makes Dean think they might actually have a fighting chance with Lucifer. (Not to mention he’s got the feeling that Cas is going to look damn good in his jacket.)

the lost photos of steve rogers and bucky barnes 2/?

[part 1]

Give me an AU where after Scarif Jyn is fiercely protective over bodhi and she knows how much he doubts himself so she’s always on guard defending him with everything she’s got to the rebels that still aren’t quite sure if an imperial defector like him can be trusted

Give me Jyn calling him her brother bc that’s what he is to her and Bodhi telling her about Galen and how he inspired bodhi to fight for something he believes in and Jyn holding him when he comes to her after waking up from nightmares bc god forbid he gets a good nights sleep after the hell they’ve been through

Give me anything with Jyn and Bodhi being badass best friends/siblings that will protect each other no matter what