i'm not sure about this one it didn't turn out that good

Say That Again

Summary: Soulmate AU. Everyone hears a key word or phrase in their head from their soulmate, something only heard in person when the moment is right.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,543

Warnings: language, self-consciousness, fluff, that’s basically it

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely wonderful talented @bladebarnes’ 2k Celebration Challenge. My prompt was 35. quote: “Say that again.” I saw Baby Driver recently and couldn’t get the diner thing out of my head.

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Kool-aid Vase Incident | 17.08.17
  • Someone in chat: Talk about the vase thing.
  • Dan: Yeah, Phil what the hell is up with your kool-aid vase incident?
  • Phil: Right, let me explain...
  • Dan: Have you explained this?
  • Phil: NO! It was a...
  • Dan: Seriously, what is wrong with this guy? Explain it.
  • Phil: The kool-aid it said...
  • Dan: No, go back. Context.
  • Phil: In my video...
  • Dan: Which video?
  • Phil: My Sleepless Night With Phil...
  • Dan: This is why I interrupt Phil.
  • Phil: Yeah.
  • Dan: He leaves out... look, I let him start things 'cause I'm nice like that but if he just goes "the kool-aid went in this!" It's like look... they don't know what you're...
  • Phil: Let's rewind, sit by the fire, open the book and tell you a tale about the glass of the vase. Basically, in my Sleepless Night With Phil video, I was making kool-aid and the kool-aid said to prepare it in a large drink receptacle, so I thought what's large? None of these glasses, I'm going to use this massive glass.
  • Dan: It's... it wasn't a glass! It was a flower vase.
  • Phil: It was in the cupboard with all the glasses!
  • Dan: Was it?
  • Phil: Yes!
  • Dan: Why?
  • Phil: I don't know! I didn't put it there.
  • Dan: Didn't you?
  • Phil: I just thought it was a massive glass but it turns out it is a flower vase but it makes a really good drink. Do you know when you have a massive mug for a big hot chocolate if you're having one of those nights? You know?
  • Dan: *hesitant* Yeah... *laughs*
  • Phil: Yeah, well if you're going to have an eight hour session on the laptop, just pour one drink into a vase and you don't have to get up again.
  • Dan: I guess? Sure.
  • Phil: Just make sure it's got no flower bits in it.
  • Dan: But there are big drinks receptacles that are like cylinders...
  • Phil: There can be like three pints in that!
  • Dan: Wouldn't you like cut your lip on it because it's not what it's supposed to be?
  • Phil: No, just think outside of the box, Dan. That's what you need to do.

anonymous asked:

Could you write some more supercorp? Just any supercorp? :) how about a jealousy fic where either kara or lena are jealous? And we could throw in some - I wasn't sure if you were going to assassinate me but I'm glad you didn't because I fell in love with you anyway... I'm really bad at this, sorry :D. I would be happy about any story if you have the time :) :) You are amazing, just like in general. I love your writing, delicately crafted and heart-wrenchingly beautiful!

“what on earth is this? and it must be from earth because this, this in front of me?” kara wiggles her finger slightly, somehow encompassing the entirety of the scene in front of her. “this is some earth bull crud.”

“bull crud?”

“don’t change the topic, lena! what is going on here?”

lena narrows her eyes for a moment, before a small annoyingly smug smile crosses her lips. her really nice lips. kara has to focus on something else. not her lips.

“supergirl, are you jealous?”


“you’re jealous i got rescued by the guardian.”

“NO.” kara crosses her arms. to prove it, she turns to james and smiles. “thanks for rescuing her by the way, ja- guardian.” the guardian sets lena carefully on the ground and makes a very purposeful thumbs up before taking off around the corner. kara watches through the wall as he jumps into a van and takes off his helmet. if he’s going to be any kind of hero, kara should probably give him some lessons on disguises. sure she has some issues with secrets but at least she waits until she’s hidden before putting on her kara disguise.


“i can take you home, if you want,” kara offers. she doesn’t look right at lena because for some reason her insides are all twisty and uncomfortable. “or to the office.”

“supergirl…” kara folds her arms over her chest. lena sighs. “my office. please.”

normally, she would take her time flying lena anywhere. she likes to show her the city and let lena enjoy flying. today, she just wants to leave.

“is everything okay?” lena asks, and she steps in front of her mirror to pat down her hair. “supergirl?” she calls.

kara can still hear her, and the slight trace of hurt, even from several blocks away.


“hi kara, it’s lena. i was just wondering if we were still on for dinner tonight. there’s this new restaurant-”

kara presses the off button on the recording grumpily as she paces her living room. she is supposed to meet lena in, she checks her watch, seven minutes and she’s still not sure whether she’s going to go. she has no good reason not to except that her stomach still feels….weird.

people use that as an excuse all the time though, and it makes her stomach feel worse but she types out a message to lena and sends it.

-be there in five, comes lena’s reply and kara stares down at her phone with slowly dawning horror.

lena is coming to her home, where she is in fact not sick or ill or barely clinging to life as she may have implied in her message.

“i see you meant to join me tonight after all,” she says sweetly from the front door which, yeah, alex may be right in saying she should start locking that. “nice dress.”

“oh, uh, thank you.” kara glances down at the dress and flushes. it was the seventh one she had tried on, she’d been as nervous about this as she had with adam or james or- oh no.

“you don’t look sick,” lena says. “if you wanted to stay in tonight that’s all you had to say.”


“unless you didn’t want to hang out at all.” lena rolls her eyes to the ceiling, shakes her head. “i’m sorry, how foolish of me. i’ll go-”

“no, no stay.” kara zips to the door, blocks it with her body. “you can stay.” she thinks she’s misreading the way lena is staring at her: a little bit amazed, a little bit in awe, and smug. mostly smug. which makes very little sense but lena makes everything senseless. or she makes kara senseless. kara doesn’t know which, because she doesn’t have the sense to figure it out.

“thank you. you can stop blocking the way, i know when i’m beaten,” lena says, and she places her handbag on the bench. “shall we order in?”

“yes. but no seafood, right?”

“that’s right.” lena looks surprised. “i’m allergic, how did you know?”

kara frowns. “you mentioned it last time we went out.”

“well now i know if i see any around that it’s no honest mistake but an assassination attempt.”

“why would i try to assassinate you?”

“who needs a reason?” lena laughs. “are you sure you’re feeling up to this? you don’t look very well.”

“i’m fine,” kara tells her. “are you alright? i heard you got saved by the guardian.”

“yeah.” she shrugs. seems to glance sideways to kara but why she would do that kara has no idea. “he was alright but supergirl catches me far more neatly. i have a bruise.”


“it’s alright, I’ll just make sure to never get into trouble without supergirl in the future.”

“good idea.” kara nods, the knot in her stomach dissolving. “good. yeah. she’s great, you do that.”

The Keys

Requested: Could you maybe write an imagine where Y/N ex boyfriend brings back the house key he had for Y/N apartment and Shawn is there. But Shawn didn’t know he had a key in first place and because he never got a key he is all jealous and pissed yells at Y/N? I hope that makes sense. Really appreciate your writings! Love only!

Your name: submit What is this?


After showering, you walk back into your living room with your hair still damp, but thrown into a messy bun. Shawn is over, so the two of you are planning to have a lazy night in. Since he has some time off, you’re finally getting to spend time together. You walk into to the living room to find that Shawn isn’t there where you left him. You can hear voices coming from the hall leading to the front door. One of them you recognize immediately as Shawn’s of course, but the other one sounds familiar too, and you wonder who would be at the door. Shawn’s frame is blocking the entire doorway, so you can’t see who’s at the door, but when you get closer you can hear the other person speaking. “Can you tell her I’m sorry I didn’t call?” Your ex-boyfriend says to Shawn. As much as you want to know what the conversation is about and why he stopped by in the first place, you don’t really want to walk into a conversation between your ex and your current boyfriend, so you stop and backtrack before either of them see you.

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~The Types as Dreams I've Had~
  • INFP: There was going to be an anime about Michael Cera and I was so excited to watch it but it got cancelled to make way for this anime about a little girl who could turn into a packet of chips
  • ISFP: A skipping rope was being swung around in a pastel pink room. All of a sudden a tiny baby pug comes running out of nowhere and starts to jump the rope.
  • ESFP: There was a horrible mix up and I ended up with a sugar daddy. I was terrified but it turned out all I had to do was pour apple juice into his nostrils and I was a billionaire. He collected brooms.
  • ISFJ: I really wanted to make chocolate eclairs but no matter what I did I JUST COULDN'T FIND A MIXING BOWL. I searched my entire house, went to every store in town, drove across the entire state and checked in EVERY SINGLE BUILDING but I just COULDN'T FIND ONE. I was in actual tears and honestly I had lost my will to live. Then I woke up. As I pondered this peculiar dream, it hit me: you dON'T EVEN NEED A MIXING BOWL TO MAKE EFFING ECLAIRS
  • ESTJ: Luigi became president and for some reason he banned abortion so Mario broke into the white house and crucified him
  • ESFJ: I was working at a nursing home at the old people just woULD NOT STOP STARTING RAVES IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING
  • ENFJ: I dreamt of a world in which everyone was in a banana cult. Everyone wore banana costumes and everything was yellow. The buildings,the skies, the animals, the vehicles, the book covers, you name it, they were all bright banana yellow. Everyone ate only bananas. The music was simply one song that repeated " Banana is our lord. Banana is our saviour. Banana is good.". They discussed only bananas. There was no rebellion against this. There was a giant floating golden banana in the middle of the city. Everyday at 3 pm they bowed down to the banana and ten people had to sacrificing themselves to the great banana god, to prove their love and devotion. It was told that if this was not done the banana god would reveal his great wrath.
  • INFJ: I was Justin Beiber's new manager and he confessed to me that he was dating Kanye West. I didn't even know who that was but I told the media because I hated him. Justin got so angry that he sent me to get hanged so I ran away and lived in the forest and then I became friends with this tree spirit but I'm pretty sure he ended up strangling me to death with his magical roots.
  • ISTP: Everyone except me had these really cool auto tuned voices and I was so jealous that I stabbed them all in the throat.
  • ENFP: We were doing the beep test at school that day. I lined up at the starting line. The first beep resonated across the basket ball court. As I stretched out my legs to take the first step towards the painful and winding journey that was the beep test, my arms flung out behind me. I tried to move them down only to discover it was impossible, and before I knew it my legs were moving on their own. I was Naruto running across the court. I Naruto ran and Naruto ran, crossing the line far before the beep, Naruto running out the other side of the basket ball court. Naruto running out of the school grounds. Naruto running across the town. Naruto running across the state. Naruto running into the ocean. I Naruto ran right until the very last moment of my Naruto life.
  • Believe it.
  • ENTP: My sister was baking cookies and she was like " Don't open the oven they aren't ready yet!". I opened the oven anyway 'cause I'm a cool kid, and inside the cookies were wearing tiny bras and panties, putting on mascara, and when they saw me they blushed and screamed " iie! Hentai!"
  • ENTJ: I was an extremely successful drug dealer and I rode a Segway everywhere and wore light up shoes
  • ESTP: They were remaking Fergalicious but Fergie's arm fell off for some reason so they made me star in her place. I was so scared because I didn't know the rap lyrics or anything but when I was on the stage they suddenly came to me perfectly and suddenly no one liked Fergie anymore and they made fun of her for having one arm and they burned her house down and she died.
  • INTP: I was playing Mystic Messenger and Jumin Han went to France and 707 starter calling him Jumin Hon. I woke up crying.
  • INTJ: Some creepy isolated dude who lived on a farm would kidnap people who tried to get talk to him. He'd rip all their guts out and feed them to a small child he kept in a locker, and then he dressed up their gutless corpse and used it as a scarecrow for his farm.
Should Tomorrow Never Come

by mldrgrl
Rated PG
Summary: Set during the cancer arc and I’m sorry

He couldn’t stay away.  Consequences be damned, his partner was dying, and Mulder could not just walk away.  He waited until the halls were quiet and an easily distracted night nurse was on duty to slip inside her room.  He tilted the blinds on the inside window just enough to shield him from from view and silently moved a chair to her bedside.  He had sat vigil for her once before when it looked like the end was near, and if there was a way to will her back from the edge not once, but twice, he would do it.

She had been taking off the ventilator, which he wasn’t sure was a good sign or not, considering she had a DNR on file that the hospital was well aware of.  He didn’t know how to make sense of her hospital chart.  That was her job and he wished he could wake her up to explain it to him.  Careful to avoid the IV in her arm, he slipped one hand under her hers and covered it with his other hand.  Her fingers moved between his hands, likely a reflex, but her lashes fluttered lightly and her head tipped just a little towards him.

Mulder rubbed the top of Scully’s hand and stroked the line of her thumb with his.  Her eyes drifted open and shut in slow intervals, unable to shake sleep so easily.  At one point she gave him a dreamy smile, took a deep breath and let out a soft sigh.  Eventually, she managed to focus on him, but it was with the glassy gaze of the heavily sedated.

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Torch of Bellona (Part 4)

Originally posted by davidxhaller

Pairing: Ivar X Reader

Word Count: 2200

Warning: We’re about to kick things up a notch! Bam! (Okay technically there’s nothing too risque, I mean unless you have an aversion to heavy make-out sessions)

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4- -Part 5- -Part 6-

Not being satisfied with the night before, you join the wagon ride back to your fathers kingdom. Ragnar has a few words of wisdom to share with you and you get yourself a proper goodbye from Ivar. But not before letting it slip what you really want from him.

The guards in the courtyard all tensed as you hopped up into the wagon, sitting beside Ivar’s legs. You almost wanted to giggle from causing such a ruckus without saying a single word.

Aethelwulf stepped up from beside his father and wife, both failing to hide delighted grins. “Princess-”

“My time here is almost up anyway.” You waved. “I figured since this wagon is already heading to my Father, might as well make it easy on everyone and hitch a ride.” you smiled at him innocently like you didn’t know you were settled between a legendary savage and his son, the reason you needed a thick scarf around your neck.

Aethelwulf and all his guards glanced back to Ecbert for his approval and the kings smile was quickly stuffed away, locked tight by a few lazy fingers. “You don’t have to go through such lengths Princess. We can have a carriage ready for you by tomorrow-”

“Oh nonsense! To think I can not be so humble! It couldn’t hurt to have someone keep them company outside of spears and dirty looks could it?”

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She Raped Him
  • It was getting to be that time of the month again. You were starting to feel that urge again. The urge to prowl. Like that ravenous appetite that arises in a werewolf every full moon, so did you feel this lust budding in your thighs and breasts, getting hungry for another victim.
  • You had experimented at first. Drugging your victims the first few times. You had convinced your cousin that dabbled in drugs to get you some of that " date-rape" drug. Guys were easy to manipulate with a little cleavage and flirting. You justified it because you told yourself that they deserved it.... Jerks that preyed on other girls with one night stands and such.
  • Nevertheless, you were stilled scared the first time you did it.
  • A motionless male passed out on the bed. You would pull down his jeans just enough to expose his ass. You toyed with him, teased him as he laid there on his stomach passed out.
  • And then you gave it to him. Even though he didn't say no, it was still rape. But it was exhilarating beyond compare. The strapon being shoved in and out of his ass gave wonderful orgasms to you. With each thrust, the resistance would force the strapon back against your throbbing pussy. It was so wonderful, you had to be careful that you didn't pass out too after your orgasmic explosion.
  • You thought it was funny that they would wake up the next day with a sore bottom, not knowing where it came from or what happened.
  • After a few victims, you were looking for something more adventurous. You wanted to find a real victim, you wanted an awake victim, but you feared getting in over your head. What would it be like to actually rape a man?
  • The thought of it made you wet. You had your strapon underneath your yoga pants and you started stroking it fantasizing about it, looking at the calendar with Halloween circled. You were going to a party. Those were always the best places to find unsuspecting victims.
  • You showed up at the party very fashionably late. The later the better, the guys would be drunk by then anyway. You were dressed as leopard. You had a dark brown tight leopard print camisole. Your black bra straps exposed as well as your generous cleavage. You had black kitten ears on your head. You drew small whiskers on your face with black eyeliner. You were wearing dark brown matching leopard print yoga pants, that went down to your ankles. And you also had a ballet dancers dark brown skirt. This was to conceal your hard on underneath, your strapon tucked snugged into your yoga pants.
  • You caught the eyes of many men and you jokingly growled at them. You prowled the party looking for him. Then you saw one. He was filling people's cups of beer at the keg. He hit on every girl , and would pinch their ass or lift their skirt up after they got the beer. He embarrassed every girl that came by. What a jerk. You were plotting your move observing quietly from afar.
  • "Hey , how are you?"
  • Caught off guard , a guy came up.
  • "Nice costume."
  • "Oh.... oh yeah thanks. and uh... where's your costume..."
  • "oh, I couldn't decide, I just didn't know if I was coming."
  • Yeah.. I decide to come last minute..." your eye still on the keg guy.
  • "I know this sounds cheesy, but I think we've met before.." shyly asking
  • "Oh... I'm sorry "... you reply
  • ".... Uh ... I think I fixed your computer .. at the uh... Best Buy ..." he said
  • You respond " oh yeah... Idid get my computer fixed ... wow you got a good memory.. "
  • He grins and replies" I remembered because you were really pretty... and uh oh I didn't mean that... "
  • You switched your attention to him . He was blushing. He was obviously very nervous and shy. You hadn't noticed at first, but he was dressed very smartly and was kind of cute.., for a shy tech nerd...
  • He had a dark green button down, dark black jeans, leather dark brown ankle boots and matching belt. And he had a classic polo dark blue jacket on. His cologne even smelled good.
  • You smiled as he fumbled over his words.
  • You look back at the keg guy and he was gone.. You whisper damn! ... as you look to see where he went..
  • " Is everything... ok..? " he asks
  • You turn your attention away from the keg guy and reply. " yeah... yeah, uh.. I just looked at the line to the bathroom and it's all the way back to the kitchen. "
  • He says " Hey I've been here before, there's a private bathroom in a bedroom at back of house. The bedroom door is locked, but I use it and no one knows about it...
  • Want me to show you?"
  • "Oh sure .. that would be great.. "
  • You follow him back to the bedroom, and you actually started checking his butt out and it looked nice. He was skinny enough, he probably had those cute dimples on his butt. You quickly check yourself and tell yourself nooo , he's too nice.
  • He unlocked the door and y'all both go inside.
  • He walks back to the bathroom and turns light on and says here it is, and he walks back. You go inside and go to bathroom.
  • As you exit, he is leaning on a dresser.
  • The outside noise and music is booming. You say "it's kind of nice to get away from the music and noise." And you lean against dresser next to him.
  • As your hand is on the dresser, you feel his hand touch yours... it's quiet ... you look down and kind of smile.
  • He says, "you're the prettiest girl here and you're way out of my league, but if you leave and I don't ask, I will
  • always regret... cuz I'm always .. too shy.... but I have to ask , may I kiss you. ?
  • You look at him, you are still grinning.. and he is blushing red. You think that is very sweet and cute, and what harm can it be..
  • You say, "since he asked so nicely, , yes you may"
  • He leans closer in and says close your eyes, and you do.
  • Then as you are expecting to feel his lips on yours, you feel his breath on your cheek. His cheek is up to yours but not touching, but you feel him. He gently , so softly, brushes his dry lips against your cheek, his breath on your ear. , he continues to dry kiss your cheek, and it's
  • totally unexpected, but you start to get butterflies in your stomach and it's the most sensual kiss ever...and you begin to really enjoy it and he continues it for it seems like forever... and you feel like you've had a spell cast on you ...
  • Then his hand comes up to your cheek, cusps your cheek so gently and warmly and his lips move to your lips and then they touch, and he gently brushes his lips against yours... you are enthralled... lips tickling ever so slightly.. And then he moves in front of you. But you don't even realize it. His hand goes to the back of your neck, his fingers go up into your hair and he presses his lips against yours
  • Both of your lips smush together and what was once dry, slowly becomes wet. Your breath starts to stutter a bit.. and then he moves in closer and both of his hands wrap around you and he pulls you in.
  • And then you feel it.. He feels it
  • Your shaft is pressing against his thigh
  • your eyes open just as his does
  • he pulls his lips away, his head draws back
  • Then you do t know what comes over you, you grab him
  • You grab his face with both your hands
  • And pull his face back in, and you begin kissing him
  • You drive your tongue into his mouth
  • You pull him in
  • But as his arms were warmly around you before, they are coldly pressed against your hips, stale not moving
  • His neck is tight, as you swirl your tongue in his mouth , you feel he tries to withdraw his head
  • But you pull him in even more
  • Your tongue swirling all over his tongue
  • Your hand drops down to his ass and you squeeze it pulling him in, you feel your shaft press into your body.
  • But he presses his hands gently against you, letting you know he wants to pull back
  • You stop kissing and realesse his head, he's panting for air.
  • You step out and twirl him around against the dresser .
  • His eyes widen.
  • You grab his head with both hands and you begin to run your tongue all over his mouth . You are forcing your tongue into all of his mouth, in and out...
  • His hands on your shoulders trying to push you away.
  • You press harder. Your body against his, your tongue in his mouth.
  • His back arches as he tries to get his head away from your tongue.
  • As he arches back, he begins to slide down against the dresser. As he slides down, you feel your fake cock pressed against his body and against yours. You feel your erection . You release your tongue , from his mouth, and your hands aid him in sliding down. Then you put your hands on his his shoulders and push him down until he is almost on his knees , his head right in front of your crotch . You press your hips against his face. His face gets lost in the ruffles of your skirt.
  • But you feel your cock pressed against his face.
  • You look into the dresser mirror, you feel guilty at first. He's such a nice guy, but you see his head in your crotch and it invigorates your animal passion even more, you grit your teeth and purr into the mirror. As your hands hold his face against your strapon bulge, you pull your skirt away and throw it. You reach into your yoga pants and you pull your cock out and force it against his face .
  • A real looking cock with a head and throbbing veins. And it's big. His eyes grow wide.
  • You press the shaft pressed up against his face.
  • His hands pressing against your thighs . Your black stretch panties below the strapon and the words escape your mouth.... "Suck it!" You put the head of your cock on his lips... "Suck it!!" His lips are sealed shut... He's mumbling mmmpphh... One hand holding the shaft, a fist wrapped around it, the other hand holding the back of his head.. Your hand slips to his nose to pinch it closed. He tries to wriggle away... Then he gasps for air... And you immediately shove the head and shaft of your cock into his cute little mouth.
  • His eyes wide open. You thrust. You thrust so hard, it jams his head against the dresser. The entire shaft goes into his mouth. So far, His mouth pressed against your panties.
  • You slowly withdraw.
  • You say suck it again and ram your large cock in his mouth. The cock slams against the back of his throat, conversely ramming it against your soft pussy. You fist grab it again and you
  • You press it against his cheek to watch your head bulge against his cheek. He's is trying to get away and push you, he's gagging and mmpphhing... It's turning you on so much. Holding your cock in your fist and spanking his face with it and jamming it in his mouth, and ramming it against his cheeks.
  • He finally squirms away , he's on his hands and knees and coughing and gagging.
  • That's it, he's it. He's the one. Tonight's the night.
  • You're going to rape him.
  • Your heart is pounding. Your teeth are clinched. Your pussy is on fire and your cock is in your hand and you even feel like you have an erection.
  • You pull your yoga pants off , you pull your leopard shirt off. You stand there in your black bra and panties. Your kitten ears on your head. Cat woman, strong and fit and muscular. He finally starts trying to get up.
  • He exclaims WTF!! He stands up, you backhand him. He falls on the bed. He has a scared look in his eyes now. He begins to crawl away across the bed.
  • You jump on him.
  • You reach around his waist and undo his belt, you undo his button and zippers.
  • You begin to pull his jeans down. But he is holding them on . You yank on them and they pull down.
  • You yank his shoes off, next his pants. He's clawing to get away.
  • Your cock is swinging in the air .
  • He's wearing tight black boy shorts. He has a perfect ass. you slap it and grab it.
  • He's trying to pull his underwear up, but you kneel behind him you begin to squeeze his ass through his soft spandex athletic boy shorts. You rub your cock against his underwear, in between his ass cheeks.
  • He looks behind him.... "no... what what are you doing!!!"
  • as he's looking, as he's trying to crawl away, you put your fingers in the waistband of his underwear and you yank them down below his ass.
  • His nice little ass, .
  • You put your knees in between his. You spread his legs.
  • You grab his hips and pull them up in the air.
  • You grab your cock with your fist and you put it right between his ass cheeks. He looks up, right into the dresser mirror. Looking at you behind him. In your bra .
  • He shakes his head, please no... he begs
  • then you insert the tip of the head.
  • His eyes widen
  • You force it in
  • His eyes widen
  • You begin to push
  • His fists clinch the bedsheets
  • Then
  • You do it
  • You take him
  • You rape him
  • You thrust your cock all the way in
  • You hear him gulp a big breath of air, his back arches , an electric rush shivers your whole body
  • Your fingers claw his hips
  • You withdraw
  • and bam you thrust hard again
  • and again
  • and again
  • And again
  • The force slams each thrust into his ass and against your clit.
  • You slam so hard, it knocks him forward.
  • You fall on him
  • Laying on him
  • You wrap your arm around his neck
  • You bite his ear
  • And you even growl
  • As you rhythmically pump your cock into ass
  • You just started, but you are already about to orgasm
  • Each thrust sends shock waves into your pussy
  • You begin to release high pitched moans
  • You begin to squeeze your arm around his neck even more, his hands are trying to pry your arm away as you continue to thrust harder and harder
  • And then you can't hold it anymore
  • Your pussy explodes, you can't even thrust anymore
  • You orgasm like never before your wet juices are exploding all between your legs.
  • You are quivering...
  • Your begin to release him
  • You convulse
  • You go limp on his body
  • You look into the mirror and he rolls you off your body
  • you roll over and lay prostrate on the bed.
  • Your erect cock pointing straight up.
  • You are spent.
  • Then you see him pulling off his underwear, he crawls back in bed..... and then you notice... he's fully erect...
  • it dawns on you... you came so fast... he didn't...
  • Then ... He begins to climb on top
  • He... oh shit... he straddles you
  • He grabs his stiff cock with his fist, and he lays it on your face... He says Suck it! Your eyes go big....and he jams it in ..... mmmpphhhh....

mike-a-liscious  asked:

Ah well! Uhm maybe n*18 of that writing a drabble post ("this is without a doubt the stupidest plan you've ever had, of course I'm in") and then like college AU? (you don't have to ofc I'm just weak for college AU luro) Honestly anything w college AU luro would be a blessing I was just looking at that posts Bc I'm bad w prompts lmao 😂 just do Whatevr you want I guess? I'm sure it'll be amazing either way 🙏🙏

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh-kay! This took a long time, and I’m really sorry bc finals, work and I was just generally exhausted bc im an anxious lil shit something but but!!! Here it is! 

I really hope you like it! It has no plot whatsoever but I think the interactions are pretty good and cute! First time writing Kuro so like, I tried??? 

Okay, I’m done rambling. OH OH, uh, not really beta’d at all. I apologize for any mistakes, hope u don’t cringe like agressively. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had, of course I’m in” // Luro

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had, of course I’m in.”

Lance flips his boyfriend off before he drops to his knees and takes a small bobby pin from the back pocket of his jeans.

“Keep talking, Tadashi, and this is the last time I do something nice for you.” Lance threatens, his hands still focused on pick locking the door.

“Well, that doesn’t sound good for future horny me.”  The young adult mumbles before frowning, “And stop calling me Tadashi.”

“It’s your birth name, Kuro.” Lance replies, nickname rolling easily on his tongue, and waves him off with a shrug, “But fine, your wish is my command, babe.”

Kuro pouts at him and kicks him on the butt from behind, smirking when Lance yelps in surprise.

“How long have you been planning this, babe?”

Lance hums. “A month before you graduated last semester.”

Kuro’s eyes snap open in surprise. “That long? Babe, you didn’t have to do this, I told you back then that I was okay not getting a photo.”

His boyfriend scoffs. “Hell no. You graduated with honors, love, despite the fact that no one believed you could do it. You deserved to have your picture with the Black Lion, your career mascot! It’s a College Tradition!”

Kuro chuckles softly at the passion in the brunet’s voice. “The Director didn’t like me, we all knew that. I’m just glad I was able to prove them all wrong.”

Lance looks behind him over his shoulder to met his eyes and then he smiles softly. “Yes…you did prove them wrong and I couldn’t be prouder.”

Kuro flushes at the praise and looks away, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. “Oh, hush.”

“But still, babe! You didn’t get to have a picture flying the Black Lion! So, that’s why we are here for!” Lance grins proudly and Kuro snorts.

“To break into the Castle of Lions just for me to climb over a rock statue?”

“Heck yeah, we are.” Lance smirks and Kuro returns the smirk.

Director Zarkon won’t be happy with the fact someone climbed over his favorite kitty.”

“Director Zarkon can kiss my ass.”

“Ew, babe, no.” Kuro laughs, “Just hurry up, before someone catches us.” He urges, leaning against the wall nonchalantly besides his boyfriend.

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||Part of this really happened, though I improvised a bit.||
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! Anime and admits to being too lazy to read novels: Why would anybody like this guy? *posts gif where Izaya is saying*"People are my playthings."
  • Me: There are reasons I like Izaya: For one, he's intelligent, charming, cunning, has class, cares for and values his friendship with Shinra in his own way even though he has trouble with empathy(something I relate to), and despite everything, he's just a human even though he's able to bring down an entire organization like Amphisbaena. Not to mention I'm pretty sure he's jealous of practically everybody he comes into contact with. Shizuo, Mikado, Shinra, even Celty.
  • Me: He punches a telephone pole upon realizing he'd be betraying his only friend by normal human standards.
  • Me: And he was neglected by his parents emotionally. That's a very typical cause of personality disorders, just so you know. It's not entirely his fault that he is the way he is. Just saying. But I enjoyed watching him outsmart Amphisbaena. And I really like reading the novels for his philosophical views. Plus, he's kind of agnostic and fears death more than anything, something I can relate to.
  • Me: Haha his hand was literally swollen up because of slamming it into the telephone pole. But you know what happened when his sisters expressed concern for his hand?
  • This-
  • Mairu tilted her head and asked as she saw his right hand, “What happened, Iza-nii? Your right hand looks swollen.”
  • “...Health (Are you alright)?” Kururi looked at him with worried eyes.
  • Izaya stroked her head with his left hand and lied with a sigh, “Yeah, I got this when I was running away from Shizu-chan.”
  • “So you deserved it after all—”
  • “Keep yourselves away from muscle idiots like that one. Or you could die, you know.”
  • The siblings continued their conversation as they disappeared into the city night. The city, which took in everything it was offered, absorbed their talk into its nightly cacophony as it did any chit-chat within any normal family.
  • -
  • That was from the ninth Durarara!! Light novel.
  • But what was even sadder was the scene before that -
  • The twins flanked Izaya as he began walking, a bitter smile on his face. Mairu, who was on Izaya’s right, raised her face to look at him and said in a natural tone, “Say, Iza-nii. We know that you probably don’t treat us any differently as you treat other people, but keep in mind that we still think of you as family, OK?”
  • “All of a sudden you’re saying things that would actually make me happy. What happened?” Izaya felt that the line didn’t sound like Mairu, who usually told him to “Die!” and highkicked him when she saw him. He glanced at his sisters’ faces—and saw that they were smiling innocently back at him as they continued.
  • “So, if you get killed by Shizuo-san, Iza-nii, we’ll make sure to cry a little bit for you before we laugh about it.”
  • “Small (Just a little)...”
  • “...I was a fool to expect any family love from you.”
  • Izaya chuckled and walked faster.
  • - Also from LN 9, I have no clue why it wasn't in the novels. It really should have been. Especially the scene where he actually punched the telephone pole. But another reason I like Izaya is because not only is Izaya changing, but Narita himself said, "I have a feeling there was a scene where he cried, but he didn't let the readers see."
  • Somebody else: There are many reasons that make me like Izaya Orihara, like his fascinating personality, but that doesn't mean I think of him as a good man ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯ I love it anyway
  • Person who has only seen the Durarara!! anime:
  • *throws in lame ass argument about what 'bad' things Izaya has done, without arguing, even though the argument could go both ways, considering he did take down Amphisbaena, and took Jinnai Yodogiri's corporation, giving Kasane Kujiragi back her freedom.*
  • Me: He's neither good nor bad. Most people can't be classified as either. We're all selfish in our own ways, and have a dark nature down deep that makes us want to test people at points. But without proper nurturing that can become harmful by nature, and it can consume us.
  • Somebody else number 2: The funny thing is that most people fail to recognize that they are of equal good/bad scale to Izaya without realizing it. It's only because Izaya is presented as an antagonist going against the common societal view that he is seen as a villain. Anyone that stands out against what is accepted is seen as bad because that is what we are taught at a young age to believe.
  • So saying that you hate Izaya because he is evil or bad is playing into those accepted, ingrained, and common beliefs.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime:
  • I don't have to like Izaya. I don't agree with you, and I don't want to argue about this. Izaya is pretty terrible. He started a whole war for fun, and told a girl to commit suicide. Any Shinra was just assuming when he said that Izaya has a fragile heart. Shinra is just some underground doctor(me: that doesn't know what he's talking about)?
  • Me: You don't have to like him, but you can't just deny canon. First off, he didn't want to start the war entirely for fun. He's an atheist/agnostic, and is terrified of death more than anything. The novels outright called Shinra, "his friend, the first person to see through Izaya to his true nature.". And Shinra described Izaya's 'true nature' as being more human and his heart more fragile than anybody else. Nextly, Shinra isn't 'just' some ignorant doctor. He has the potential to be the most manipulative character on the show if he really wanted to, and he's not ignorant. He's actually fairly insightful and observant, even when others aren't even though he ignores them because he only cares about Celty. Even Tom seemed weary of Shinra, implied by the novels.
  • Somebody else 4: Whether you like Izaya or not doesn't matter, because it's not just interpretation, it's canon, so in other words, you're just ignoring facts to justify your hatred for him.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime:
  • I mean he could made different choices and it could have turned out better.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime: I think Izaya's the worst one because he started the war.
  • Me: The same could be said for pretty much every single one of the characters, who all have done some pretty bad things, and crossed over things Izaya never would. *points out Shizuo's non justification for his hair trigger and how if it weren't for Simon, Shizuo could have killed somebody. Points out Ran's joking about raping both Saki and Mikage, as well as his abuse towards his brother, not to mention what he did and threatened to Saki(though he is jealous of the love Aoba receives from his parents, and the natural leader role Kyouhei has), points out Anri's hypocrisy in siding with Saika just because she saved her, points out Masaomi's cowardice(even though he has his really good moments), points out how Izaya saved Saki and multiple other girls from abusive situations, and especially Kuon's sister's experience with Izaya and how they can't properly seem to live without Izaya, points out the fact that, in reality, Mikado stabbed Aoba because he wanted to fulfill his ego, as well as the fact that he shot off a gun and caused a spark in the Awakusu-kai, points out some of the things Namie and Seiji did, not to mention Shinra's manipulative nature. Above all, points out all the trouble Nasujima caused and the terrible things he did(to Haruna and her family especially), as well as Jinnai Yadogiri sending Vorona(serial killer for fun at first, likely because of neglect) and Sloan to kidnap a child and do who knows what with her, considering all that Jinnai did to Ruri(also serial killer, but less for fun and more for revenge to get back at those who killed her parents)(not to mention Jinnai doing experimentation on her), though killing still starts to consume her because she feels freedom by doing so), Adabashi beating Shinra to a bloody pulp(though not apparently as bad as Shizuo has supposedly done to Shinra in the past, according to Shinra himself)(after which Izaya had Izumii break Adabashi's leg broke and kept him in his apartment for three days until he managed to escape.)* I'm not going to even go into Shizuo beating up a guy for simply questioning the purpose of life and telling him to go die, or the things Vorona, Shinra, Walker, Erika, Aoba, Rokujo, even Celty,(probably)Simon, and many others have done. Because every character has flaws and weaknesses that make them human. Minus Takashi and Jinnai Yadogiri, everybody has a least one person they have an attachment to of some sort and can feel a little closer to than others, even if they won't admit it, mostly everybody has unhealthy obsessions, Izaya nonetheless. But most everybody is changing, Izaya has even took the huge step of NOT calling Shizuo a monster, and instead admitting that Shizuo is just a man that distanced himself from humans. If that alone is not an improvement for him, I don't know what is.
  • Person who has only seen the Durarara!! anime: *obviously didn't read much of anything* Eh, Izaya's not good, and I just can't find it in myself to like him. If he were a real person, I might sympathize with him a little bit, because he could find help, but he's just a character, and there's no real justification for why he is the way he is.
  • Other person who has only seen the Durarara!! anime:
  • The anime is made for you to interpret Izaya however you want.
  • Somebody else number 4: This is why people need to read the novels. There is more to Izaya than what is portrayed in the anime.
  • Me: Plus, both the anime and manga is there to promote the original sources, so, naturally, they are going to leave out stuff, because they want you to read novels.
  • Somebody else number 5: Izaya isn't evil. He's not a sociopath. He's not a psychopath. He's not a troll. He is indeed only human and only wants a little more in his life than sitting on a bed and binge watch anime. There's so many reasons to like him <3
  • Me: While sociopath can be a generic term used for people with delayed or limited empathy(due to trauma)(unlike psychopaths, who are just born that way), as far as I know, sociopathy can still be detected in brain scans, because their brain still works and is wired very similarly to a psychopath. Either way, I honestly don't believe Izaya is either. I believe that he's just a human with a normal brain like both of his brain scans suggested.
  • Somebody else number 6: I honestly love hate him, but mostly I hate him, but I gotta admit he's a hot bastard.
  • Me: You're kind of missing the point, but whatever. He, just like anybody, has a side to him one can hate, but he also has a side to him that makes him a very complex character. The way he views things are so fascinating and he really opened my eyes to certain things. I can relate to his philosophy, I can empathize with his feelings about humans, and especially his hatred/jealous of Shizuo(having grown up with a brother that acts much like him, just to a less extreme, not mention I've experienced some domestic abuse, so I don't just like him for his looks alone(even if he is pretty good looking. Like I said, he's charming, cunning, shrewd but with class, is kind of funny at times, has views on society that I personally understand, is jealous of a lot of people for various reasons which I can also relate to. Despite being a mere human, he uses his wits to get out of dangerous situations, and to take down corporations like Amphisbaena and Jinnai Yadogiri. He has a an amazing ability to turn the tables when one least expects it, and wonderful flexibility as well. Unlike Shizuo, who has super strength, or Mikado who has close confidants he can truly rely on, or Celty, who can use her shadows and many others, Izaya is just a human(though he's jealous of every one of them, not forgetting Shinra, and doesn't actually want to be acknowledged as himself.)
  • He's an incredibly written character in the novels, but ultimately one I can relate to in certain aspects, including the feeling of loneliness, and feeling fear at the one he called his '(only)best friend' being mad at him. It honestly frustrates me when people bash him, or ignore the things that make him who he really is.
  • Izaya isn't a sadist, he just wants answers. And he's an emotional masochist at it's finest, possibly a chaotic neutral, and both an Anti-Villain and Anti-hero(though maybe a little more on the Anti-villain side at times). Also, lastly Izaya didn't "convince girls to commit suicide". In reality, he saved them in the novels(even if it wasn't really his intentions.) Ryo didn't happen. Izaya didn't cause the blood splatter. Because Manami and the other girl were the last two he messed with, and it clearly said that nobody he met up had actually went through with it in the end.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime:
  • *has already abandoned conversation*
Sneaking Out

Decided to write for @daisugaweek2017! (We’ll see if I am able to do the whole week *fingers crossed*)

Here’s Day 1: Staying in/ Sneaking out

Daichi had finally, finally fallen asleep when the first knock rattled through his bedroom, rousing him from that much coveted slumber he had spent the last hour and a half struggling to capture.

“Are you kidding me?” Daichi whispered, eyes still closed tightly against the darkness of the night. “Are you kidding me right now?”

Another knock pounded from somewhere to his left. Daichi peeled his eyelids open and glared at the curtain hiding the sliding door that lead to the balcony overlooking the backyard of his family home.

There was only one person ballsy enough to scale the three stories to his bedroom in the dead of night. Actually, it didn’t matter what time of day it was. No one was stupid enough to risk climbing the side of his house, which was virtually devoid of handholds other than the rickety gutter barely hanging on to the cream colored stucco of the wall.

No one but his vice-captain, that is.

A third knock, louder this time, echoed through the room and Daichi let out a low groan.

“Bastard,” he muttered as he rolled onto his side and pushed drowsily into a sitting position. He didn’t bother pulling on his sweats or shirt as he slumped tiredly across the room to the balcony. He grabbed the curtains and thrust them open.

He found Sugawara immediately, fully dressed and standing just outside his door with a bright grin illuminating his face. His eyes darted down Daichi’s bare chest and over his black briefs and he fanned his face sarcastically, grin sliding into a shit eating smirk.

Daichi’s scowl deepened and he considered dragging the curtains closed once more and returning to bed, but seemingly reading his mind, Sugawara hurriedly pressed his hands to the glass of the sliding door and leaned into it, pouting his lips and fluttering his eyelashes in a silent plea.

Daichi let out a heavy sigh and unlocked the door. Sugawara slid it open immediately.

“About time!” he said cheerfully.

“What are you doing here, Suga?” Daichi asked warily, moving back as his vice-captain stepped into the room, a little too close to Daichi’s near naked form for comfort. “You do realize that we finally have a day off of practice tomorrow, right? Shouldn’t you be catching up on your sleep?”

“That’s why I’m here,” Sugawara shifted closer to him, ignoring the careful distance Daichi insisted on keeping between them. “We have a day off tomorrow! Let’s do something!”

“All I want to do is sleep.”

“Lame! Daichi, you’re boring!”

“I’m fine with that.”

Sugawara huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, “I run all the way here, risk my life to climb to your room—”

“I didn’t ask you to—”

“And you’re going to reject me?” Sugawara pressed the back of his hand to his forehead dramatically. “Unthinkable! Ungrateful! Woe is me! Whatever shall I do with myself?”

“Don’t care.”

“Guess I’ll throw myself from the balcony,” Sugawara turned and walked back out of the room.

“Be my guest,” Daichi turned and walked back to his bed. “Just be quiet about it. My parents will flip if you wake them up. Again.” He slid under his sheet and rolled to his side, facing the wall.

“Daichi, I don’t think I’ll be able to hold in my death scream as I plunge to the ground one hundred meters below.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not that high.”

“Daichi, I’m really going to do it.”


Several silent seconds ticked by before the sound of the balcony door sliding shut hummed through the room. Daichi listened intently for any indication of what side Sugawara ended up on. After a long minute, soft footsteps padded in his direction and he let out a sigh.

“Daichi, you’re no fun,” Sugawara murmured.

“I know.”

“Asahi would sneak out with me.”

Daichi snorted, “No he wouldn’t.”

Sugawara sighed loudly and grabbed Daichi’s sheet, “I know. You’re both a couple of nerds.”

Daichi held his breath as the warmth of his vice-captain slid into the bed behind him.

“I just wanted to go look at the stars,” Sugawara huffed, tugging on Daichi’s pillow. “They’re really bright tonight.”

“Look by yourself then,” Daichi opened his eyes and stared at the wall, breathing deeply and slowly, attempting to still the racing of his traitorous heart.

“It’s more fun with a partner,” he snuggled in close to his back, not touching, but almost.

“Guess you came to the wrong house then.”

Sugawara didn’t reply for a long moment and Daichi used the silence to concentrate on something, anything other than the hot breath tickling the back of his neck.

His efforts were smashed to the ground when he felt a poke in his side, followed by Sugawara’s finger trailing down to the waistband of his boxer briefs. Daichi held his breath as the finger slipped inside, pulled back, and snapped the elastic against his skin.

“I didn’t peg you as the type to sleep in your panties, Daichi,” Sugawara giggled.

Daichi gulped, “Well it’s hot as hell so…”

“Not hot enough to sleep naked though?”

Daichi squeezed his hands into fists, fingernails digging in to his palms, “Maybe I was naked but put them on when you knocked.”

Sugawara’s finger snapped his elastic again, “If that’s the case then I’m slightly disappointed that your curtains were closed…”


“Nothing,” his finger drifted up his side.

Daichi shivered.

“Are you cold, Daichi?”


“Are you sure?”


“You’ve got goosebumps.”

“You’re tickling me.”

“I didn’t peg you as the ticklish type.”

“Guess I’m just full of surprises tonight then.”

Sugawara chuckled, “I like surprises.”

Daichi swallowed the lump that formed in his throat and stared at the wall.

I have a huge crush on you.


“Hey Daichi?”

“Y-Yeah?” Daichi choked on the word and coughed into his fist.

Silence stretched between them and Sugawara let out a deep sigh.

“Nah. Never mind.”

Sugawara’s hand slipped off of his side and then all five of his fingertips pressed gently against his back. Daichi chewed on his bottom lip and closed his eyes. It took all of his self-control to hold himself back from rolling over and gathering his troublesome vice-captain into his arms and planting the kiss he had been dying to give him for the past year and a half directly onto his lips.

No matter how much he wanted to, Daichi couldn’t possibly do something as stupid as that. They were friends. And on top of that, they were both boys. That was weird. Sugawara would think he was weird. He’d probably stop sneaking over to his house if Daichi did something as gross as that. He’d probably even stop talking to him. Maybe he’d avoid him. They wouldn’t have study dates anymore. He would probably even stop changing in front of him in the club room.

Because Daichi was gross, wasn’t he?

It was gross that he was pining for his best friend, his vice-captain… another boy.

Not that anyone could blame him, right?

Sugawara was beautiful. It was no wonder Daichi fell for him. He was gorgeous and fun and cheerful and supportive. And he always seemed happy to be with Daichi. As if seeing him every day at school and volleyball practice was never enough… he snuck over to Daichi’s house every weekend to drag him off on some stupid adventure.

It was really no wonder that Daichi was hopelessly in love with the guy.

“Hey Daichi.”

Sugawara’s soft voice dragged him from his thoughts. He gulped and dug his fingernails harder into his palms.


“I know a really good spot to look at the stars.”

Daichi pursed his lips.

“It’s my favorite, secret spot. But I’m willing to share it with you.”

He smiled softly, “You’re so generous.”

“I know.”

Daichi inhaled deeply and then let it out. He sat up and looked down at Sugawara, who peered up at him with a cocked eyebrow. Daichi stared for a long second, soaking in just how perfect the boy looked nestled in his bed, the navy blue pillow case ruffling his pale hair around his face.

I’m in love with you.


“Alright,” Daichi rubbed his eyes. “Let me put on some clothes. Then take me to your secret spot.”

“Oh ho, you want to be in my secret spot, eh Daichi?”

Daichi’s face flamed and he didn’t need to look to know that Sugawara was wearing that sneaky smirk.

“Shut the hell up,” he grumbled and crawled out of the bed.

Sugawara snickered.

Daichi dressed quickly, pulling on the track suit he had discarded hours earlier after volleyball practice.

“You’re going to wear a stinky, sweaty track suit on our date, Daichi? How unromantic.”

He’s doing this on purpose.

Daichi swallowed, zipping up his jacket.

“Don’t complain,” he said firmly. “I’ll wear whatever I want.”

“Rude. I took a shower and put on this really nice outfit. And you’re just going to wear your wrinkly volleyball duds? Why do I even try?”

“You’re wearing jeans and a sweatshirt,” Daichi pointed out, glancing over his shoulder to where Sugawara was still stretched out on his bed. “Don’t act like you’re in a tuxedo.”

“Yeah but at least they’re clean,” Sugawara pouted his lips. He hesitated and then looked away, “Well, mostly clean.”

Daichi snorted and pulled on a pair of socks.

“Fine,” Sugawara said. “I’ll let it slide that you’re wearing a smelly track suit only because this isn’t really a date.”

Daichi stared down at his sneakers silently. Ouch. Rejection.

“But,” Sugawara added, somewhat hesitantly. “When we do go on a real date, I’ll expect something a little nicer.”

Daichi’s heart thudded into action and his face blazed. He couldn’t keep the smile from his face as he picked up his shoes and turned.

“Sure,” he said brightly. “On a real one, I’ll be sure to wear something really nice.”

Sugawara smiled and sat up. “Okay! Let’s go!” he hopped to his feet and walked towards the balcony.

“Ah… can’t we just sneak out the front?” Daichi asked anxiously. “If we’re quiet—”

“No way! The best part about sneaking out is climbing out the window!”

Sugawara grabbed his hand and dragged him to the sliding door.

“But we’re three stories up—”

“Don’t worry, I’ve done it a thousand times.”

Daichi groaned uncomfortably as they slipped out into the night, Sugawara closing the door behind them. Daichi glanced over the railing of the balcony, down to the grassy lawn far below.

“It’s easy,” Sugawara promised, releasing his hand and moving to the side of the balcony. “You just grab on to the gutter and slide down to the second floor, then balance on the window sill and grab onto the terrace. Then it’s pretty close to the ground so you can just drop!”

“Suga, you’re crazy.”

Sugawara turned to him, grinning, “Yep!”

Daichi swallowed hard and slipped his feet into his sneakers.

“Alright,” he inhaled deeply. “Let’s go then.”

“I’ll go first and show you how it’s done,” Sugawara eagerly scampered over the railing of the balcony and latched onto the wobbly gutter. Daichi stood anxiously nearby, hands out in case he needed to grab onto him and drag him back to safety.

Sugawara expertly slid down the gutter to the terrace. He lowered to his butt and then slipped over it, twisting and grabbing onto the ledge to slowly lower over the grass. He dropped the final distance, landing in a crouch. He straightened and grinned up at Daichi, giving him a wave.

He made it look so effortless.

There was no way Daichi could pull that off.

If he didn’t slip and fall to his death, he was at least going to look like a clumsy asshole right in front of Sugawara. He was probably going to tease him forever. He definitely wasn’t going to miraculously fall in love with how cool and suave he was, like Daichi kind of secretly hoped he would. But if Daichi changed his mind and went back into his bedroom, Sugawara would probably think he was even lamer.

So the only option was to just do it.

Maybe Sugawara would admire his bravery.

And fall deeply in love with him.

Though, probably not.

Daichi let out a sigh and climbed slowly over the railing of the balcony. He wrapped his hands tightly around the gutter, quivering in fear. He weighed more than Sugawara. What if it was too much? What if he pulled the gutter off of the house? That would look so lame.

Daichi was going to look so lame.

He gritted his teeth and clumsily slid down the gutter to the window on the second floor Sugawara had used for balance. Daichi got his feet onto the window sill with no trouble and let out a sigh of relief that the gutter had held out.

Feeling confident, he reached for the terrace.

But he released the gutter a little too soon.

And then he kind of flailed for a moment, life flashing before his eyes as his fingers just missed the terrace and wind milled through the air.

And man Daichi was so lame. Because he slipped off of the window sill and plunged the rest of the way to the lawn, letting out a soft “Oh” before his back and head connected with the grass.

He was dead.

He was sure that he was dead.

After all, the only thing in his eyes was a sky full of glittering stars, shining brighter than anything Daichi had ever seen. They were so beautiful that they stole the breath from his lungs.


And then Sugawara’s face leaned over him, worry lined in the firm curl of his eyebrows, eyes wide, mouth flapping as he spoke.

Daichi, Daichi, oh my god. Daichi, are you okay?”

Daichi was dead for sure.

Because Sugawara’s face, surrounded by nothing but stars… ah… that was an ethereal sight that could only exist in heaven.

Daichi reached up and cupped the back of Sugawara’s head with one hand, the other snaking around his waist. He dragged him down to his chest, leaning up to meet his lips with his own.

And oh man, Daichi didn’t realize that being dead would be so nice. Sugawara’s lips were soft and slightly parted, his breath hot as it filled Daichi’s mouth. His body was solid but compliant, easily folding into his arms as he slid down to meet him, hands cupping either side of his face.

Daichi had to be in heaven.

Because Sugawara wasn’t resisting. 

In fact, he was kissing him back. One of his legs slipped between Daichi’s thighs and he stretched out on top of him, leaning eagerly into his lips. Daichi tangled his fingers in the hair at the back of his head and pulled him closer, arm tightening around his waist.

Daichi was definitely in heaven.

Except… everything hurt.

His back and head ached and his lungs hadn’t managed to suck in a proper breath yet, resulting in him gasping pathetically for air as he pulled back from Sugawara’s mouth.

Sugawara ignored his desperation for oxygen and chased his lips, covering them once more. His tongue slipped into his mouth and Daichi squeezed his eyes shut.

He was in heaven… right?

Because only in the afterlife would Sugawara ever kiss him like this. Daichi had to be dead. But he hurt all over. And he couldn’t breathe.

And all the blood was rushing to his lower body with every rub of Sugawara’s leg against him.

And he felt very much alive.

Daichi pulled away again.


Sugawara hesitated and leaned back. His eyes were glazed over, cheeks flushed, lips slightly parted as he panted softly.

Daichi gulped, “D-Did I die?”

Sugawara’s eyebrows furrowed and his gaze darted across his face.

“No?” He pushed up on his hands, “I don’t think so? I mean… you look alive. And feel alive. And… oh my god Daichi do you have a hard-on?”

Daichi blanched and he quickly covered his eyes with his hands.

“No, no, no, no, no, please no…”

Sugawara was silent for a long minute before letting out a snorting laugh.

Daichi slowly parted his fingers and peered up at him in humiliation.

“Oh man,” Sugawara wiped his eyes as they filled with tears. “I’m never going to let you live this down.”

“Sh-shut up…”

“Sawamura Daichi fell off his house, kissed his best friend, and popped a boner.”

“Oh my god, stop.”

“Sawamura Daichi, captain of the Karasuno volleyball team, our fearless leader, scary when he’s angry Sawamura Daichi—”

Daichi wrapped his arms around Sugawara’s middle and yanked him to the side. Sugawara let out a yelp as Daichi rolled him onto his back and leaned into him, hiding his face in the crook of his neck.

“I couldn’t help it,” he muttered, heart thundering in his chest. His skin crawled with terror but he couldn’t stop himself at this point. “That’s what happens when you finally kiss the guy you’ve been hopelessly in love with for the past year and a half.”

Silence grew between them and Daichi cursed himself.

He ruined it.

He ruined everything.

“You’ve gotta be kidding,” Sugawara finally whispered.

Daichi squeezed his eyes shut tightly, waiting for the axe to fall and completely sever any hope he ever had that maybe Sugawara could return his feelings.

“A year and a half?” Sugawara let out a huff. “You’re kidding.”

Daichi’s heart dropped.

“Daichi you idiot. Now I look pathetic.”

Sugawara’s arms lifted and wrapped around his shoulders.

“So I’m the only one that’s been pining for the full three years then?”

Daichi’s eyes slowly opened.


“How lame!” Sugawara whined, knees rising on either side of Daichi’s hips. “Lame! Love at first sight is only cute when it happens to both people!”

Daichi leaned back, eyes wide.


“How did you not fall in love with me the instant you saw me, Daichi?” Sugawara continued to rant, brows furrowed, nose scrunched. “Was it the hair? Do you not like short hair?”


“Even if you don’t like short hair, I was still really cute! My face hasn’t changed much since then and I haven’t grown all that much…”

“Suga,” Daichi held his breath. “Do… do you…”

Sugawara blinked up at him, “What?”

“Do you like me?”

Sugawara scowled, “Duh!” He hesitated, eyes widening, “You didn’t know that? Are you stupid? Are you literally the dumbest person alive?”

So I’m alive after all?

Daichi’s mind whirled and he wanted nothing more than to go back to bed.

“Daichi, you’re so dumb. Was I not obvious enough, or something? I’ve been carnivorously chasing you ever since first year and you never noticed?” Sugawara’s hands slid down to his shoulders as he gaped up at him. “You mean… all the time I spent ogling you in the club room… and how I wink at you in class… and how I sneak over to your room every weekend… and how I literally suggested we go on a real date like ten minutes ago…” Sugawara blinked in shock, “You never noticed?”

Daichi’s cheeks burned, “I thought you were teasing me…”

“I was!”

Daichi furrowed his brows.

“But I was serious too!” Sugawara let out a laugh and held Daichi’s face in his hands. “You’re so dumb! And here I thought you were just playing hard-to-get… all this time you thought it was one-sided?”

Daichi didn’t reply.

Because yeah. That’s exactly what he thought.

Sugawara’s expression softened and his fingers threaded gently through the hair behind Daichi’s ears.

“I like you, Sawamura Daichi.”

He pulled him down and pressed a soft kiss to his lips.

And Daichi had to be in heaven.

For long minutes, they lay in the grass, kissing softly, dragging their fingers reverently through each other’s hair and over every millimeter of skin visible in the gaps of their clothing. It wasn’t until an hour later that they lay on their sides in the grass, facing one another, that Daichi remembered the whole purpose for their sneaking out in the first place.

“You didn’t take me to your secret spot,” he mumbled drowsily, blinking slowly.

Sugawara laced their fingers together and smiled.

“Oh ho ho? Daichi wants in my secret spot?”

“Shut up.”

Sugawara giggled and slid closer until their noses were touching.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “The stars are pretty here too.”

“Hmm…” Daichi closed his eyes. “Beautiful.”

He was just drifting off to sleep when Sugawara admitted under his breath,

“There was never a secret spot.”

The corner of Daichi’s mouth ticked up.

“I just wanted you to sneak out with me.”

And there really was no doubt about it left in Daichi’s mind.

He was definitely in heaven.

Wow. Cheesy. Like super cheesy. Like Mac and Cheese level cheesy. The Mac and Cheese where you make it like on the box and then melt like another two cups of cheese over it because you really like cheese.

Oh well.

There’s my Day One of DaiSuga week 2017. Take it, you animals.

Hate You (Wonho)

Originally posted by kookforever

Chapter 3

Previously: |Chapter 1| |Chapter 2|
Paring: Wonho x Reader
Genre:  Romance, Fluff af, kinda mad af Wonho

“Wonho?” he turned towards me. “Be my one night stand.” I confidently stated while I climbed on top of him. I must have shocked him because he froze. A smirk played on my lips as I leaned forward. One hand found its way to the back of his neck while the other trailed down his chest, toying with the buttons on his shirt. My lips grazed against his before they gently made contact with his neck.

He must have finally realized what was happening because his hands instantly went to the small of my back and my hips, in an attempt to pull me closer to him. I pulled away from his neck to look at him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more serious look on him. his hands trail up my body to my neck. He pulls me into a passionate kiss, so passionate it knocks the breath out of the both of us. My hands pull on his shirt before unbuttoning it. I could feel his muscles underneath my hands.

Wonho was suddenly everywhere. He was all around me. Consuming me. Pulling me into bliss. I couldn’t think anymore. My mind clouded over. His hands were everywhere all at once. And then he wasn’t.

“Wait.” he hesitated. “You don't want to do this.” 

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casanddeanwinchester  asked:

AU,EVERYONE is clueless, and Amara is the vodka aunt that asks"when will you get married, Castiel?My friends' nephews&nieces have kids,your siblings too.what about you?" "I'm getting married soon,not an actual date yet but soon" "to whom?"(Anyone can ask) "didn't you know about Dean and I?We're dating since college..." "We thought you were good friends, sweetie..."(&if Sam/Eileen will be side pairing it'd be awesome.(I'm also a fan of Jimmy/Amelia but I know not everyone is,but I think it fits)

I’ll own I love this trope.


“Cas, Cas, sweetie, little sassy-Cassie-lassie,” Amara patted Castiel on the head, ignoring his discouraging scowl. “What I’m saying is - Jimmy is married now! We know, we all get, that you were worried about him, that you were waiting for him to tie the knot first. After the scare he gave you over that horrible…what’s-her-name?…the point is, I love Amelia, and Jimmy loves Amelia, and you love Amelia - not like Jimmy does, of course, that’s why this is his wedding and not yours! - but now Jimmy is safe and taken care of and you need to find someone for you!”

Naomi, Chuck, Anna, all his siblings, heck, even Jimmy and Amelia nodded their agreement.

Stunned, Castiel turned to Dean, he smirked and gave him a knowing wink.

“They’re right,” said Dean blithely. “When are you going to tie the knot, Novak?”

“Are you asking, Winchester?” Cas asked. “Cause I’d say yes if you’d just get off your lazy butt about it.”

“Not like that.” Amara rolled her eyes and thwapped him on the arm. “I’m being serious, Cassie. You’ve been single forever. You need a girlfriend.”

“Did you hear that, Dean?” Castiel shot back Dean’s look and returned his blithe tone ten-fold. Dean looked as stunned as Castiel felt, mouth hanging open. “I’ve been single. I need a girlfriend.”

“Oh,” whispered Dean. He looked green around the gills, and Cas couldn’t blame him. Coming out to Dean’s family had been…interesting…but they’d been spared that with Cas’ family because everyone had, since day one, been so accepting of Dean.

Given how Naomi was now echoing Amara’s concerns about Castiel’s long-term bachelorhood, apparently they’d been less accepting and understanding than Castiel could even fathom.

“Dean, will you get me a drink? I think I need a moment with my family,” said Castiel. Dean opened his mouth to protest but Cas cut him off with a single sharp shake of his head. “Alone.”

“Sure thing,” said Dean, rising. His napkin, forgotten, fluttered to the floor, and Dean gave it a helpless look, shot that same look at Castiel, and bolted. Castiel’s heart ached to see Dean so perturbed. This was his fault. He should have been explicit with his family from day one, instead of assuming everything was cool. Chuck was talking now, and Castiel waited until he finished, waited until Dean stood anxiously on the end of the distant, long line at the open bar, before speaking.

“Please tell me you’re all joking,” he said with deathly calm. Anger bubbled under his skin. After so many years bringing Dean to family functions, sharing a damn bedroom - heck, they’d been living together for a decade - this went beyond homophobia and into utter, willful denial of everything Cas believed, everything Cas was.

“Bro, I’m worried about you,” Jimmy said. There wasn’t a trace of irony in his voice.

Someday, Cas would have a long conversation with Jimmy about what a selfish, oblivious asshole he could be, but today was not that day. At least at Sam and Eileen’s wedding the previous year, all the talk had been about when Dean and Cas would be getting married, since Sam had declared that anyone who couldn’t accept them as a couple wasn’t welcome at his nuptials, even though that had meant denying invitations to both his parents.

Cousin Uriel was talking now. Everyone had accepted Uriel’s parent’s interracial marriage without the bat of an eyelash! But apparently…

Castiel couldn’t keep red fury from his face. His hands shook, he was so mad.

Amara picked up his mood first; even in her drunken enthusiasm to find him a girlfriend, she went pensive and concerned, eyeing. Amelia, bless her, noticed next, and poked at Jimmy until he realized as well that something was truly amiss. His parents followed, then his other uncle and aunt, and finally the cousins, until everyone at the family table stared at him, and not a single damn one of them actually saw him.

“What you all just did to me - and especially to Dean - is beyond cruel,” he said softly, watching them hang on his every word. 

“Dean’s a big boy,” said Chuck, glancing uncertainly toward where Dean waited in line. “I think he could handle being…what’s the word?…sexiled for the night. I saw it on TV, aren’t you supposed to put a sock on the door handle or something?”

“Surely he dates,” added Amara as if she was declaring a fait accompli on the entire discussion.

“Yes, he does,” Castiel said.

“Then why don’t–”

“Dean dates me,” interrupted Castiel, shouting his anger loudly enough that half the tent went silent and turned toward him. Many heads than turned toward Dean, who suddenly looked like he could disappear. Suiting action to expression, Dean fled the tent. Castiel longed to go after him, but he had something to take care of first. “And I date Dean. I’ve been bringing him to Thanksgiving and Christmas for five damn years. We’ve been living together since college! What the hell have you been thinking all these years?”

“You’re a…?” Jimmy looked horrified, and Castiel felt sick. I’m sorry to ruin your wedding day with my spontaneous coming out, brother, but if you weren’t such a dense, self-centered fuckstick this would never have happened.

“James Michael Novak, don’t even think of finishing that sentence,” Naomi said in a ringing voice that, mercifully, pulled attention from Castiel to her. “Cas, we thought you and he were close friends. I’ve wondered, from time to time, but I always assumed you’d tell us if you were a couple! You’d mentioned his family hadn’t taken his coming out well, so we tried to make him feel welcome here.”

“You’re really going to pull the ‘we didn’t say it explicitly so it’s our fault’ card?” Castiel replied acidly. “Amara, you walked in on us making out two years ago! Amelia, you’ve been calling him my boyfriend for a year! And Jimmy! I knew you were a tool sometimes but when we had those chats while I was in college, who the hell did you think I was talking about?”

“We’re identical twins, and I’m straight,” said Jimmy. He at least seemed contrite, and suitably ashamed of himself. “I just assumed…”

“Look, I’m going to go find my not-at-all platonic life partner slash boyfriend slash lover slash hopefully fiancee to be whom you assholes have driven out of the room,” said Castiel. “You…talk about this, or about the wedding, or about yourselves, or about whatever it is you talk about when you’re being utterly fucking oblivious. If you want us to back, come find us. Otherwise, see you…how about never.”

Stunned expressions followed Castiel silently as he stormed from the tent, seething. His vision flashed red as he stepped out into the stunning sunlight outside. It had been such a nice day, a lovely wedding, perfect weather, good food, Castiel hadn’t even blown his toast, and now…

Extensive gardens made tracking Dean down challenging, and it took nearly ten minutes to locate him staring at the fountain burbling pleasantly in the center of the hedge maze.

“Hello, Dean,” Castiel said. 

Dean didn’t turn around, but he murmured, “hey, Cas. Sorry I fucked up both our families.”

Closing the space between them, Cas laid a hand on Dean’s shoulder. “No. You did nothing wrong. If it’s anyone’s fault other than their’s, then it’s mine for not explicitly saying years ago that you and I were a thing.” 

Dean reached into his pocket, pulled out his fist wrapped around something, and pressed it into Castiel’s hand. Velvet crushed soft beneath his fingers, and Castiel didn’t need to look to recognize the shape and material.

“Dean…when were you going to…”

“I’d like to say tonight, but the truth is, I’ve been carrying that around for like three months,” said Dean, shaking his head. “Got news for you, Cas - you’re boyfriend is a fricken idiot. Today just goes to show…again…”

Pressing close to Dean’s back, Castiel wrapped his arms around Dean’s perfect waist, nuzzled at Dean’s perfect neck, breathed in Dean’s perfect scent, and spoke to him softly. “I hate when you put yourself down. We’ve both made mistakes over the years, but I wouldn’t want to make them with anyone else.” He paused, then chuckled. “And, since miscommunication seems to be the language of the day, just to be explicit, yes, of course I’ll marry you.”

Dean sighed and relaxed back against Castiel.

Applause broke out. Tensing, Castiel turned, Dean turning with him. His entire family stood at the gap in the hedges that led into the central chamber of the maze. Amara was crying.

“Welcome to the family, Dean.”

Heck, Castiel was crying, and Dean was crying, and unlike Amara, they weren’t nearly drunk enough to blame it on the Champagne.

This is the nicest wedding I’ve ever been to…

Garrett and Marian - Legacy Banters
  • Marian: Well... not quite how I imagined this family reunion going. I was envisioning more hugs and maybe some wine over dinner. Not attempted assassinations
  • Carver: Really? You think this is so abnormal for our family?
  • Marian: Well you got me there
  • ---
  • Bethany: What could our father have to do with this mess? The Carta have had more than enough time to try and find us
  • Garrett: I imagine that having two Champions of Kirkwall with the last name Hawke may have tipped them off
  • Bethany: But it's been three years since you and sis defeated the Arishok. Why wait that long?
  • Marian: Well I don't know about you, but if I was going to go after the people who killed an Arishok then I'd probably want to make a little time for planning, wouldn't you?
  • Carver: Do these morons strike you as the sensible type?
  • Marian: Two points in one day Carver? Don't tell me the Templars are actually drilling some wit into that skull of yours
  • Carver: *laughs* At least /my/ wit makes a point, dear sister
  • Bethany: Ooh, that had to hurt
  • Garrett: Do you need some healing for that one, Marian?
  • Marian: Oh shove off, all of you
  • ---
  • Garrett: And we're back in the Deep Roads
  • Marian: Oh it's not that bad. I mean... Look at all the... Ugh, no, you're right this is terrible. Let's all promise never to go to the Deep Roads after this. Three times is enough
  • Garrett: Three times? When was the second?
  • Marian: Um... well...
  • Carver and Bethany: *sing song voices* Somebody's in trouble
  • ---
  • Bethany: Varric wrote to me the other day
  • Garrett: Telling another of his stories, I bet. Was it the one about the high dragon, because that didn't really-
  • Bethany: No. He was giving me an update. On you, actually. I was... worried, so I wrote to him and asked
  • Garrett: I'm fine Beth. Really
  • Bethany: No you're not. Not yet. But I know you, and if anyone can get past it, you can
  • Garrett: Thank you
  • ---
  • Carver: You might want to be watch yourself, Garrett
  • Garrett: How come?
  • Carver: Ever since you sided with Orsino the other day, there's been... Rumours. Meredith isn't happy with you, and it's only because she allows it that you're still free
  • Garrett: So is she going to have me dragged to the Circle, or is she getting the Brand ready now?
  • Fenris: Don't say that
  • Carver: I would never let it get that far. But I thought I'd warn you, just in case you were thinking about making her mad
  • Garrett: I appreciate you telling me Carver. Don't worry. I'll be careful
  • ---
  • *after completing Malcolm's Will*
  • Marian: So... the stonework down here is... lovely, isn't it?
  • Carver: Not now, Mary
  • Marian: I was only... Alright
  • ---
  • Marian: Are you okay, Gary?
  • Garrett: I'm fine... Just...
  • Marian: He loved you. And Bethany. He'd be so proud of you
  • Garrett: You sound so sure of that
  • Marian: Of course I am. Because it's true. And don't let that nasty shit in your head tell you otherwise - it's a liar, remember
  • Garrett: *chuckles* Alright
  • Bethany: Be careful sister, people might think you've got a heart after all
  • Marian: *dramatically* Oh no! *clutches chest* I think... I think I'm getting feelings! Quick, someone beat them out of me!
  • Carver: *laughs* You be careful what you wish for sister
  • Isabela: I'd rather ride them out of you
  • Garrett: Ah, and there's the dirty line. I was starting to worry something was wrong Bela
  • Isabela: And you're as sweet as ever, Garrett
  • ---
  • Varric: Twenty silvers, that's my final offer. Take it or leave it Elf
  • Marian: What are you betting on, and why am I getting left out of it?
  • Varric: You want in? We're betting on what it'll take to get Junior and Waffles to hug
  • Garrett: *groans* You're not calling me 'Waffles' again, are you?
  • Varric: I have to. Every time I say 'Hawke' all four of you turn around. I'm being considerate
  • Carver: I bet there's /someone/ here who'd like to see him covered in syrup
  • Garrett: Carver!
  • Fenris: *embarrassed noises*
  • Isabela: Ooh, new friend-fiction idea!
  • Garrett: Don't you even dare!
  • Isabela: Too late, already dared. Can we make camp? I need to make notes
  • ---
  • Varric: Hey, Rivaini, I'm expecting royalties if that friend-fiction of yours gets published
  • Carver: When you didn't even come up with it?
  • Varric: You wouldn't have brought up syrup if I didn't call him Waffles
  • Garrett: Maker save me...
  • Bethany: And me...
  • Marian: Usually I like dirty things... But this is too far, even for me
  • Isabela: Are you saying you wouldn't like it if /I/ were covered in syrup?
  • Marian: Oh I'm sorry. I didn't realise you were my very hairy twin brother, Bela
  • Isabela: Well when you put it that way...
  • ---
  • Isabela: I always thought we were the loud ones, you know
  • Fenris: What?
  • Marian: I know right. Maybe they're just less shy about it now
  • Garrett: Do I want to know?
  • Isabela: You already know. Or did you deafen yourself?
  • Marian: To think, they don't need us shouting encouragement through the wall anymore. I'm so proud
  • Isabela: Our boys are growing up so fast. Maybe next they'll master foreplay
  • Carver: Oh Maker, I do not want to hear this
  • Bethany: Neither do I
  • Garrett: *loudly* And I would be very happy if we could stop talking about this. Right now
  • Isabela: Yeah, see. That kind of loud
  • Fenris: *deadpan* If you're so fascinated by Garrett being loud, then you must not be doing a very good job at making Marian scream, Isabela
  • Marian: Oooooooo
  • Isabela: Oh, you snarky little shit
  • Bethany: *loudly* If we could stop discussing my older brother's and sister's sex lives, I would appreciate it
  • Carver: *loudly* Oh look, more darkspawn. Let's kill them so we can stop talking about this
  • ---
  • Marian: So our choices are the nice, Tainted madman, or the mage who wants to let a darkspawn magister out of his hole in the ground? Why can we never make nice decisions, like what kind of wine to have with dinner?
  • Fenris: I agree. It is the only decision worth making
  • Marian: When you're not throwing it at the walls, I assume?
  • Fenris: That was six years ago
  • Marian: And you never offered me a glass
  • Fenris: You are recycling jokes now? Has the great Marian Hawke's wit finally lost it's edge?
  • Marian: Ooh, you are just asking for it now
  • ---
  • Varric: You okay Garrett? You've been a bit quiet since-
  • Garrett: I'm fine Varric. There's more important things to be worried about right now
  • Varric: It's not easy to realise that someone you looked up to wasn't quite what you imagined. You ever need to talk, you know where my suite is
  • ---
  • Isabela: So... is no one going to bring up the fact that Varric called Garrett by his name earlier?
  • Varric: What are you talking about Rivaini? Waffles and I were just having a friendly chat
  • Isabela: Don't bullshit me. You called him Garrett. I heard you
  • Varric: That doesn't sound like me, Rivaini
  • Marian: He called you by your name when Velasco carted you off to Castillon
  • Isabela: What?! No fair, I didn't get to hear!
  • ---
  • Bethany: Are you sure about this, brother?
  • Garrett: It has to be done
  • Bethany: I could do it. I am a Hawke after all, and a mage. You don't need to-
  • Garrett: No, Bethany
  • Bethany: But-!
  • Garrett: Bethy, if I let you use blood magic, I'd never be able to live with myself
  • Bethany: And if you do it, will you be able to live with it?
  • Garrett: I'd rather it be me than you
  • ---
  • Varric: If he pulls a dragon out of his ass, I'm leaving!
  • Marian: Oh great, and now he's almost certain to pull a dragon out of his arse! Way to go Varric
  • ---
  • Bethany: Here, you didn't get a chance to close that wound earlier
  • Garrett: Thank you
  • Fenris: I just hope it was worth it
  • Marian: Well we /did/ just kill a darkspawn magister. I can't wait to hear how Varric tells this one
  • Varric: Well I doubt I'll have to exaggerate a damn thing, considering how weird this shit is
  • Fenris: That isn't what I meant...
  • Garrett: I'd have avoided it if I could, but someone had to. And if it meant sparing my little sister from that...
  • Fenris: I understand. But... Please, just be more careful from now on
  • Garrett: I will, I promise
  • Isabela: You two are so sappy... It's actually rather cute

I told myself I was done writing reader fics but bang yongguk’s mv got me feeling some kind of way and I wrote this

and it’s unfinished, never to be finished and I just wanted to share my frustrations I’m sorry

maybe I'll finish it some day but hey have some almost yongguk smut that had the potential to get kinky as fuck :)))))

Originally posted by yamazakibang

The doors of the estate slide open to reveal a tall, dark Bang Yongguk, his kimono styled jacket open, displaying the art that decorates his torso, from the intricate swirls and patterns from the two eyes with a glare enough to haunt any sane man. Bang Yongguk is nothing but poised grace as he saunters, his eyes cast straightforward, not looking at the men loitering around nor at the two women who follow him like shadows in the night. Yongguk nods in silent greeting to an older man standing outside, he, too was shirtless to display the ink on his skin that marks them as what they are, and the elder bows back in a sign of respect, looking away from Yongguk as he enters the building.

There’s another man standing in the doorway leading towards the meeting, clad in black attire but Yongguk sees the body ink that marks this man as one of their own, and dips his head again as another sign of greeting, smirking when the figure in black slides open the shoji doors to let the leader inside.

Fingers fiddling with the hem of his sleeve; he doesn’t need to look around the room to know that all eyes fall upon him, the men carry on laughing, smoking and drinking but each of their eyes land on Yongguk and the corner of his lip quirks up once again before he lets it falls and takes a seat at the head of the table, flicking his robe out from behind him so it falls like a curtain just as he sits. Yongguk stays quiet as the girls all situate themselves around them, most wear their kimono’s open to show their tattooed shoulders or wear the dress low enough to show the swell of their breasts to entice the men, but not for Yongguk, not tonight, not when he lazily looks to his side and spots you amongst the girls. The leader pats his knee twice, his eyes beckoning but you knew better, the gesture was a demand and you flush under his gaze and the glares of the girls as you slowly rise, adjusting your own attire as you walk over to where Yongguk lounged, and you don’t sit on his knee exactly but you place yourself directly behind him where the man leans back against your shoulder in response and places a large hand on the bare skin of your thigh.

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prfury  asked:

Do you know what would be cute to see in LensEye? If Cana and crew are interviewing a Jedi who's not graceful and cool but clumsy and and gets extremely passionate about various subjects. Someone's who's not a great fighter or negotiator but is still a good Jedi in their own way. (doesn't matter which Jedi, heck if you have a favorite you haven't used in a while that'd be awesome!)

Cana’s original intention had been to seek out Ahsoka Tano but… well events conspired and she had gotten her hands on one of the crechemasters, caretakers of the young ones of the Order.

Honestly if she had meet this man on the street, she wouldn’t assume him to be a Jedi if it wasn’t for his uniform.

He was a man in his upper fifties with his graying black hair pulled back in a short little nerf tail and a slight swell of a pudgy stomach hidden away by robes.

Crechemaster Dolan did not seem graceful as he sat down on the offered chair by Cana, he did not seem unapproachable or intimidating like many and he did not exude the calm she often got from the Jedi she talked with.

He looked kind to her with his tunic with fingerpaint staining his shoulder of the soft beige cloth and crowfeet at his eyes.

“Thank you for agreeing to meet with us crechemaster Dolan…is there more to your name?” She questioned, wondering if that was his only title.

“Only Dolan miss.” The creche master smiled at Cana. “I didn’t want my family name anyhow and it makes the little ones feel better to call me by name.” He offered.

Cana hesitated then asked the question she suspected. “Master Windu told us that certain members are… well brought from less fortunate homes, were you…” She let the question linger.

Dolan slowly reached up to his left upper arm, lips twitching before he smiled at her. “I was three when I was brought to the temple, I still have faint memories of my father… breaking my arm when I levitated a bottle of water. I was just so thirsty.” He was still smiling. “A Jedi knight was in the area… she heard my screams in the Force and came to check what was going on and found me. She wasn’t even on a Search but she found me, found an injured youngling who could levitate objects and scream in the Force in pain…so she brought me here. And this has been my home now for fifty three years.” He offered quietly.

Staring at the man for a few moments, Cana gave him a shaky smile. “Did…did you always know you wanted to be a knight?”

“Kni-I’m no knight Miss Cana. I never took the trials and I believe my master was kind of disappointed but I never regretted it.” Dolan laughed quietly, resting his hands on his lap. “I wasn’t like the other padawans, I knew before my master picked me I wouldn’t be a knight. I wanted to be a crechemaster, I wanted to be down in the creche, caring for the babes and tending to the younglings, wanted to make sure they were safe and feed and held. I knew what it was like to be scared in the night. I didn’t want that for them and if they wanted a hand to hold in, then I was there.” Dolan murmured, his hand once again squeezing his upper arm.

“…Thank you for sharing that with us Master Dolan.” Cana smiled at him, at this caring, gentle man who just wanted to look after the young.

The crechemaster gave a low hum then touched the saber at his side. “I’m no great diplomat like master Kenobi. I’m no skilled duelist like Knight Skywalker nor am I wise like Master Yoda or stern like Master Windu. In that regard I’m barely a Jedi at all.” He was smiling lightly. “But I will be the last defense of the creche. I’m the last member trained to fall before any enemy gets the younglings. There is purpose in that, there is pride if I can say that. We all belong to the Force and the Order, some of us are more skilled, some of us are barely skilled but we find our niche and become the persons we are meant to be.” He stood slowly and then bowed slowly to Cana. “War is coming even to Coruscant and we must all do our parts, even I will do my part eventually. You’re welcome to wander around the creche if you wish, speak to the younglings who dare get close to you and get a shot of it but I’m afraid I must return to them, its about lunch time.” He smiled kindly at her before moving towards the door.

The camera turned to follow him as Dolan opened the door.

Instantly the old master laughed and knelt down, catching a purple twi’lek girl with a tooka toy in her arms and lifting her up on his arm, the child snuggling into the master while peeking shyly over his shoulder with two enormous blue eyes before she hid against the master’s shoulder.

“…Lets get a few shots of the creche and then wrap this part up.” Cana offered, voice soft as her wings fluttered.

Accidentally Delicious MACARONI

Buckle up, kids, because I’m about to lay out the good cheesy content. It’s got everything your lactose-intolerant heart desires (that’s right, boys, take it to the bank: this one’s for all you can’t-eat-dairy folks out there. And the rest of you, too.)

*The recipe below contains approximations of measure, seeing as I didn’t measure zip.shit while actually cooking up this bad boy. If it’s got a * next to it, it means I’m guesstimating– and for this bad boy, guesstimating is probably good enough. 

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stormears  asked:

Do you know of any resources for "what it's like to live in X environment?" I'm trying to write about a character living in a village in a desert. I've checked your "research" and "resources" tags and didn't find anything that I could use. My google research gives me things like "facts about deserts/tundras/rainforests" but these are more trivia facts instead of how a person has to adjust their life to use/deal with their environment. I want to read about the human experience of living there.

Let’s turn this into a chance to do deeper searches. I don’t know what you’ve already found, but some of the trivia might be helpful later. Don’t discount it when you need to go hunting or gathering for dinner.

Three things before we jump down the rabbit hole: 

1. There are indigenous people who’ve lived in climates we Westerners think of as inhospitable for millennia. Focus on people, not climates. (Research both, though.)

2. I’m not going to filter out any results that might send anyone to articles that are culturally insensitive/appropriative/exceedingly white. I haven’t vetted all of them all the way. That part’s up to you.

3. You might want to outline or list the building blocks of the world you want to create so you can focus on those specific topics. 

First, make sure you are asking questions in natural, or close to natural, language. Just searching “desert” or “desert life” will probably give you way too many generic articles. 

My first search was “what is it like to live in the desert” and actually, the results that looked most promising were some of the related searches all over the page. 

That gave me the idea to search for “human inhabited deserts” and that got a lot more promising. 

I saw one article, Facts About the People in the Arabian Desert, and it looked like it was meant for kids. But I checked the references at the bottom of the page and found the name of a travel journalist named Ryan Murdock. A few dead ends later, I got to his Articles page on his own website and found a few good links to articles about Jordan and Namibia.

I went back to “human inhabited deserts” just looking for areas/specific deserts/specific peoples and found places like Alice Springs, Australia, the Sonoran Desert, the Kalahari Desert/San people, and the nomadic Tuareg people. 

Don’t forget National Geographic. There are articles available online. Hot tip: You’ll need to filter the search to avoid sifting through hundreds of single photographs. Unless you want to do that for landscape ideas. 

This looks like a start: 


[Beware the paywall … you might need to use a library database. :-( ]

Then I realized I wanted to find other longform journalism articles, so I searched “where to find longform journalism online” and found several promising, free sites where you might want to search for specific articles.

References on seemingly useless articles might be of the best help. You’re going to have to search more than the first page of results a lot, too. 

See what other authors have done with the topic. Other searches I dove into: 

“books about people living in the desert”


“books about desert cultures” might be good, too.

There’s no guarantee that this is the research path you need to follow, but maybe it will get you started and you’ll find the road you need to take. 

Bonus advice: 

If you’re looking for desert living in a fantasy/sci-fi setting, I recommend reading the classic Dune by Frank Herbert. It’s a master class in using setting to frame a story (and in fact an entire epic saga).

If spec fic isn’t your thing, then I offer up Willa Cather’s Death Comes for the Archbishop – another novel where setting (New Mexico; the book was published in 1927, so keep that in mind.) is as important as the characters. 

– mod Aliya

Duly Noted

Request: i love your writing so much!! i was wondering if i could request a newt x reader imagine, where the reader has a learning disability like dyslexia and newt asks her to read an excerpt from his notes and she begins to get frustrated because she’s trying to read it and understand it without newt finding out about her LD but he eventually figures it out and tries to find spells that’ll help her with her LD and an overall fluffy ending 

Word Count: 2,067

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @red-roses-and-stories @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @benniesgalaxy @studyforthreehands @thosefantasticbeast2 @whatinbenaddiction

Almost forgot: Special thanks to @drdanwrites for helping unstick this stuck story. Lots of love!

You groan, pulling a pillow down around your ears in a weak attempt to block out the rattle of the alarm clock nearby. Unfortunately, your pillows aren’t the fluffiest and your clock isn’t the quietest, so you’re forced out of bed, feet landing on the cool wood of the spare bedroom Newt’s let you crash in.

“I know, I know. It’s time for work.” You grumble, running a hand over your face and standing. The day’s starting and you have plenty of work to do, but you aren’t ready. December’s the worst month, the cold leaking into the room from unseen cracks and crevices, constantly nipping at your cheeks and hands and nose, forcing yourself into oversized sweaters and fuzzy socks.

Slipping into that outfit now, you pad out into the hallway, fully expecting to see Newt standing in the kitchen with his back to you as he works on tea. He isn’t there.

Instead, in the spot usually reserved for his various research notes and equipment, you find a slip of paper. Your chest sinks. Reading.

Only a couple of paragraphs fill the paper, but Newt’s handwriting isn’t the easiest to read in the best of circumstances, and when the letters are mixing around, it becomes nearly impossible to decipher exactly what he’s saying.

Determined to understand, you lift the paper to your face, staring it down and focusing as best you can. The letters swirl, mixing and flipping and dancing all around.

Minutes pass before you’ve made sense of the first few sentences. I have an errand to run. The case is in the back room, but you don’t need to worry about feeding the creatures, no matter what Pickett says.

Tears fill your eyes as you scan the rest of the sheet. There’s so much more he wants you to know, so much more he expects from you. And, honestly, so much more you expect from yourself. How hard, after all, should it be to read a few paragraphs? Even children can do it. Why can’t you? Why can’t you just get the letters to stay in their place? Why can’t you figure out why you mind won’t work the way it’s supposed to? More tears gather in your eyes as you stare down at it. Words. So many words you should understand, all a jumbled mess of letters and words and sentences. What’s really the point? You’re not going to understand anyway.

Growling in frustration, you drop the note back onto the table.

At the same time, the front door clicks open, and the unmistakable sound of Newt’s boots creaking over the floorboards sounds. He holds a small, white bag in his hand, not setting it down even as he shimmies out of his jacket.

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charmed101  asked:

Am I the only one wondering how Wellsobard didn't fuck up Barry? I mean this is me rambling so I'm imagining the accelerator going off when Barry is drawing? We know he's good at drawing and I saw a Charmed episode where this dude could make his drawings come to life so what if that was Barry's power? And coldflash because I'm trash.

Hahaha, omg I never thought about this.

I assumed Wellsobard was watching Barry like a hawk leading up to everything, maybe even made sure the right chemicals were on his shelves at the lab that night, subtly skewing things as necessary to be sure Barry was where he needed to be so he became The Flash.

But what if despite all his best efforts, at the last second, Barry changed his mind about staying late at work and was on the metro headed for STAR Labs that night instead of in his lab, doodling in his excitement in a notebook the STAR Labs building itself.

Of course just as the explosion happens, with Barry still on the train, late to the party as always, it causes him to mess up the drawing, totally ruining it with a scrawl of pencil marks - that coincidentally looks like the explosion of the building, so that when the shockwave hits him, he’s basically accidentally got a drawing of what happened.

And that triggers his meta powers to instead be having the ability to bring his drawings to life.

One other big difference here would be he wouldn’t go into a coma, because that was more a byproduct of the lightning. Since we want ColdFlash, let’s say Barry still plans to confess his feelings to Iris, but the aftermath of the explosion has him so busy at work, he still misses his chance, and Iris meets Eddie, totally deflating Barry.

Now, most of the metas took a while before their powers manifested, so it happens subtly. Barry doesn’t even realize when he accidentally doodles a cat this one time and then finds a stray outside of work that he adopts. He doesn’t make the connection until other metas show up over the months, and he can’t deny that he is one of them.

Wellsobard would be furious, beside himself, wondering what to do, if he should risk the ripple affect of going back in time to try again with Barry so he becomes The Flash - but then he meets him, discovers his abilities, and realizes he can still use Barry to get home. The problem, of course, is that Barry isn’t The Flash, but the crisis article shows The Flash (Wally now) and Barry as another hero, both still missing, so Wellsobard figures he’ll cut his losses and go with this new timeline as long as he still gets to one-up Barry as planned.

Barry ends up working with Caitlin and Cisco under different circumstances, but still works with them all, and we get a tweaked version of Season 1 where Barry is long over Iris since he’s had 9 months to watch her and Eddie fall in love and can’t bring himself to come between that.

The goal for Wells is to get Barry so good at controlling what he draws (and how it turns out, because sometimes his drawings don’t come to life the way he intends) and coerce Barry when the time is right to create him a portal home.

Cisco’s first name for Barry is definitely The Doodler, and Barry is like…no.

Hmmm…what could be Barry’s name in this AU? (damn I really like this idea)

Of course it would be hard to write, because it can’t just be ‘Barry Loony Toons a portal to where he needs to go’ every time, I’d want to be creative with how he uses what he draws to accomplish his goals.

So he knows he has to reach Len on the road that first heist, and he has mere seconds to get to him, and he doesn’t have super speed, he has a notebook and pencil. Well, lets assume he HAS super speed, but only when he draws. Super drawing! So he can get a drawing done in seconds.

Imagine it isn’t just that he can draw a cat and it comes to life, he can draw a situation and that’s how reality plays out. Both can work depending, but he’s still perfecting the nuances.

So he draws himself being an awesome motorcyclist, who trick shots his way past the baddies (just like he zipped past Len as The Flash in canon) and gets the loot from him, only to wheel around and see the guard in danger, and turns back (a little less expertly since he didn’t draw this part) to drive the guard to safety.

Since Barry literally came out of nowhere, Len is intrigued - the kid on the bike appeared from nothing, how did he do it?

And it’s not like, oh now Barry is an expert motorcyclist forever. He’d have to draw himself doing something awesome again for it to work.

Oh god, this idea has my head spinning, what a fun concept! And I haven’t even really gotten to the ColdFlash yet!