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Happy Late Valentines Day!!

Spock tries to be dismayed at the fact that the human symbol for hearts in no way resembles the anatomical human heart but fails in the face of his husbands overwhelming cuteness.

  • Tim: I'm not Batman. I have friends.
  • Ra's: You sure about that?
  • Tim: Yeah! Like Conner.
  • Ra's: He died.
  • Tim: Oh yeah. Well what about Bart?
  • Ra's: He died too
  • Tim: Lonnie?
  • Ra's: Coma
  • Tim: Steph?
  • Ra's: Faked her death without telling you and now you can't trust her
  • Tim: *scratches head* Well I guess I still have my siblings-
  • Ra's: Two of them hate you and the other one has no time for you
  • Tim: ...
  • Tim: ...
  • Tim: ...
  • Tim: Okay but at least I'm still not Batma-
  • Ra's: Out of all your siblings you are the one most similar to Batman in skill, emotional distance, intelligence, and traumatic experience
  • Tim: *cries and stomps away in frustration*
Potter Potter Potter
  • Draco: Ugh, it's always 'Potter Potter Potter!' Why is everyone so obsessed with fucking Potter?!
  • Pansy: *sigh* Draco, that's literally just you. You are the only one obsessed with Potter
  • Draco: What?! Don't be ridiculous. What about the constant rumors??
  • Pansy: You started every one of those rumors
  • Draco: The stories in the Prophet?
  • Pansy: You mean the stories you came up with and then gave to Skeeter?
  • Draco: Well explain to me all the whispered conversations I hear when I'm *trying* to get work done?
  • Pansy: You talk to yourself when you do your homework
  • Draco: The badges with his name on them?
  • Pansy: You made those
  • Draco: The songs about him?
  • Pansy: You again
  • Draco: It's not just me! The other Slytherins all make fun of him too!
  • Pansy: You threatened to ostracize us if we didn't regularly antagonize him!
  • Draco: Well surely you can't imagine I'm responsible for the rampant speculation about his sex life
  • Pansy: You literally started a betting pool about the size of his dick.
  • Draco: All the girls asking him to the dance?
  • Pansy: You offered fifty galleons to anyone who swore they would take him and then not touch him
  • Draco: The invasive fantasies about his mouth?
  • Pansy: You— wait, what?
  • Draco: The shrine to him under my bed?
  • Pansy: Oh my god

“Ah, but surely I’m not the puppet master.”

Made a danganronpa oc for fun!! Her name is Mari and she’s a SHSL Puppeteer. didn’t choose a surname yet!

Wrote some things about her under the cut!

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  • Movie adaptation of book: *happens*
  • Me: did you include this character which regularly appears, not particularly to drive the plot forward but is beloved nonetheless?
  • Movie: uh, no
  • Me: how about this scene that provides important background information about this character?
  • Movie: hmmm... no
  • Me: what about a line from the books which is simply iconic and quoted frequently by the fandom?
  • Movie: *pretending to be entranced by a bird out of the window* maybe not
  • Me: well then, surely you didn't include this scene where a loved character dies in a heart wrenching moment that is not 100% necessary to the story and I'm not sure my heart can cope with experiencing it again
  • Movie: oh ya, I remembered that bit

Come on, Raven. What stinks the most? That I tricked you? That I nearly wiped out your team? That everyone liked me better than you? Or is it that deep down inside you really believed I was your friend?

Let’s talk about an Alma Lives AU - just for a moment.

So, like, let’s say- let’s say Kanda is able to talk him down. He still kills everyone else in the lab, the project is still ended, but he doesn’t try to kill Kanda, not really, so Kanda doesn’t end up killing him back. Instead, Alma collapses in the middle of the room, cries his eyes out, and still doesn’t tell Kanda about their past lives because he’s realized that Kanda doesn’t remember, not like he does. And Kanda doesn’t cry, but he covers his eyes and doesn’t look at the dead bodies all around them.

They’re taken out of the lab, and both of them are all sharp edges and bared trauma. Kanda is still reluctant to speak, because he hasn’t killed his best friend but he’s still lost nearly everyone else he knew; Alma, meanwhile, is still tight and angry and secretive, reluctant to fill in the gaps for Kanda like he normally would. (Noise, whose experience is affected almost not at all, guides them both because being under Tiedoll has taught him a thing or two about handling traumatized children.)

They’re assigned to Tiedoll, the best with children and the most comforting, and in some ways it’s the same but in many ways it’s different. At first, they’re both quiet, they keep to themselves and each other, and they distrust him just for being a part of the Order - but of course, Tiedoll doesn’t care for the Order. He cares for them. So they get used to him, and then they get used to everything else.

And this, see, this would be one of the best parts of an Alma Lives AU - Kanda and Alma discovering the world together.

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Behind the Scenes of The Poison Sky / The Sontaran Stratagem (Part Seven)

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant, Russell T. Davies, and producer Susie Liggat:

DT: We should talk about these Sontarans because they were one of my favorites, watching Doctor Who growing up.  Great to have them back, and done so brilliantly by Neil Gorton and the prosthetics team. The faces move and react, and I love the fact that they’re all little as well.

RTD: Yes [laughs]

SL: Awww, that was a nightmare!

RTD: That was a nightmare

DT: Difficult to cast

SL: Yeah, it was difficult to cast. 

RTD: We’re now actually bringing a Sontaran back for Sarah Jane…

DT: Ahhh!

RTD: …and neither Christopher Ryan nor Dan Starkey is free, so they’re actually having to spend a fortune building a slightly taller suit from scratch, because the next taller guy who can do it is like 5'4" or something

DT:  What, you can’t find another 5-foot actor?

RTD: No, no. Those two men are the only two in the country…

DT: What?!  [laughing] They’re the only people in Equity?

RTD:  There’s not many that height. It’s hard.

SL: It’s not that they’re the only two, it’s finding someone that short who can act really well

RTD: In the lead role. A proper lead role.

DT: Right

RTD: Because we blithely assumed one of those two will be free for Sarah Jane, how marvelous, and the script’s all written, and it starts prep any day now…

DT: Wow!

RTD: It’s like, oh my god, we’ve got to spend a fortune

SL: And the guys who play the soldiers… who keep their helmets on

DT: Well, it was a casting nightmare, wasn’t it?

SL: It was a bit.  Because Jenny Fava, the 2nd AD [Assistant Director], and I were talking about casting and finding these guys who all had to be between 5-foot and 5-foot-2.  It was a big chore

DT: We did end up having…

SL: Yes, one of our accountants

DT: Every other source had run dry, so we went upstairs to the accounts department and got Jag out.

SL:  Jag, yeah.

DT: Jag from the accounts department is under one of those helmets

SL: Jag who hardly ever spoke a word, and I think it really made his year!

DT: If you go up to the Doctor Who offices you will often hear Jag shouting, “Sontar Ha!” and running up and down the corridor

RTD: [laughing] 

A big “thank you!!” to everyone who shares set photos

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  • JACK: I was reading about the family unit, and the internet says that a child can have a father and a mother, a single parent, two mothers or two fathers.
  • DEAN: Was there a question in there?
  • JACK: Are you my dads?
  • DEAN: ...
  • CAS: ...
  • DEAN: I'm sure you don't think of me as your "dad".
  • JACK: No, I actually do.
  • DEAN: Oh, you-...? Sam's been the one looking out for you since day one.
  • JACK: Yes. But I see him more as an uncle.
  • DEAN: ...
  • CAS: ...
  • JACK: ...
  • DEAN: Then, yes, we're your dads. If it helps you make sense of it.
  • JACK: It does. Thank you.
  • CAS: ...
  • DEAN: Well, guess we have a kid.
  • Cedric: I realized I never really thanked you properly for tipping me off about those dragons.
  • Harry: Forget about it. I'm sure you would've done the same for me.
  • Cedric: Exactly. So I'm gonna tip you off about something as well. See, Justin told me that he heard from Hannah, who talked to Parvati, who caught it from Lavender, who overheard Pansy, who was eavesdropping on Blaise, that Draco Malfoy has a huge crush on you.
  • Moody: Diggory! That's not the message I wanted you to pass on!
  • Cedric: Oh yeah, that's right. So Moody told me that Flitwick asked him, after he talked to McGonagall, who was instructed by Dumbledore, who nearly jinxed Snape when he didn't want to spill, to tell you that Draco wants to meet you at the top of the Astronomy tower at midnight.
  • Moody: There you go!
  • Harry: I'm so confused right now!