i'm not super familiar with batman but this was fun anyways

anonymous asked:

I feel embarrassed but I'm really new to the Batman fandom and Ive only read a few comics... Pls point me in the right direction? What comics do u recommend I read ?? Also I love ur art I already love the batfam too much

oh don’t be embarrassed! I’m also incredibly new to Batman and I’ve been asking around/searching for good comics to read, so,,, maybe I’m not the very best person to ask? I’ll give it my best go, though. Most of my faves and recommendations will mostly be Dick Grayson centric just fyi. Also, if anyone has a comic they think I should read please please let me know! (I’ve been meaning to read some Damian centric ones but I am a Working Girl and only have so much time on my hands) But anyways, recs under the cut

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