i'm not sorry that i don't fit the stereotype

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I was helping my gay sister come out, we bought flags, pins and cake. We got home and I was wearing a pin. My parents sat me down listed butch lesbian stereotypes that I fit saying 'we know you're gay' I said 'no, I'm not gay, I don't like anybody, I'm aroace' they laughed and said that it'll be different in a few years. Then my sister comes in with cake and says 'I'm a gay' and we spent the night celebrating her. I wasn't ready to come out, they didn't even accept me but they accepted my sister

That would break my little queer heart, I’m sorry they reacted that way. Here’s some cake and celebration from me in gif form. And I hope you get the support from others in your circle soon. Sending my praise of your on the spot bravery.

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18325) I recently got asked if I notice the anorexia "stereotype" of being pretty, white, middle to upper class, etc. & how it's so much easier to be 'believed' if you fit that image. I said no. I just realized that the reason I haven't noticed it, is because I AM the stereotype. I've never felt like people don't take my illness seriously. But EDs don't discriminate. I'm so sorry to everyone who fights to be taken seriously. I hope we can change it because right now it's ignorance & discrimination.