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Someone on twitter tonight very kindly informed me that, waaaaay back once upon a time in 2011, @linmanuel posted his dream cast for a West Wing musical on his now-defunct blog. And since the internet never forgets, I share it with you all now.

I support everything about this casting (Patti LuPone as Marion Coatsworth-Hayes! Audra McDonald as Nancy McNally!) and wish to see it become reality as soon as humanly possible.

  • Saeran: How does one turn off their emotions?
  • 707: ok first go to settings
  • 707: ahh wait I'm an idiot I thought you said emojis
  • Saeran: wait no, I'm still willing to try this. ok so I'm at settings what do I do next

i see all the posts about mark being overworked and how sm needs to give boy some rest and that’s true but where did y'all lose haechan? i love every and each one of nct members to death so please include haechan too?!!
mark is in both nct dream and nct 127 units
mark has been participating in both,limitless AND my first and last promotions
Mark is also in nct u unit but gladly they’re not having any comebacks right now so mentioning that doesn’t make him more “important” or in need of more rest than haechan
i know and understand that mark’s also in a high school rapper and has more schedules than haechan but please i fucking beg you stop sleeping on this amazingly talented boy
that’s all i had to say and also fuck you sm , overworking your artists won’t make your company any better


The Various Sides of Lee Seokmin

97.02.18 Happy Birthday to the always fabulous and handsome Lee Seokmin! 🎂🍰🥂🍾

This baby was the very first one that caught my eye in SEVENTEEN when I watched their ‘Adore U’ music video after being impressed by one of their live debut performances! Soon after, I realized that Dokyum was not only a singing angel, but also a really dorky but lovable boy! I wanted to include so many more moments of my bias but one GIFset is not enough!!

Happy Birthday once again to this wonderful human being, and I hope your year will be blessed with everything that you’ve always wanted!

 I will always be your fan! 😍😘❤️💛💚💙💜❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟

#Happy_DK_VERNON_Day & #소중한_한솔이와_석민이의_생일을_축하해

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So my mom comes in and asks to see what I’m drawing

Mom: hmmmm… He’s missing hair.
Me: Solas doesn’t have hair, Ma.
Mom: Well he needs hair.
Me: Fine.

Me: Better?
Mom: What, did he get waxed?
Me: No, he’s just naturally hairless
Mom: Oh, Adult men just wake up flawlessly hairless in the morning?
Me: *sigh*

Mom: What is he? A cyclist?

Mom: close… but….

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and that is how Solas turned into Garret Hawke.