i'm not sorry because i'm lonely

She’s the betta half of the two

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Top 5 yu-gi-oh ships?

or any marik/bakura variant,,

Do you ever think about me?

At night, do you ever wonder how I’ve been doing, or what I’ve been up to?
During the day, do you ever see something that reminds you of me?
Do you ever feel the need to say something but just don’t know how to start talking to me?

Because I do think about you.


Things I cry about at 1 AM

S. N. A.

I'm the friend that

does their best to make everyone smile and laugh. The one that is always making sure everyone feels loved and welcomed. The one that would get you ice cream at 5am because you can’t stop crying. Hell I’d even bake you some brownies and rent a movie. I’m the friend that is always there for you. I send texts every few days if I haven’t seen you just to make sure everything’s fine. I’m the friend that stays up all night just listening to your problems and then attempt to help. But I’m also the friend that cares. Maybe a little too much. Cause after a while it seems like I’m the only one trying to be friends. You stop calling, texting talking out of the blue. We hadn’t fought, nothing was wrong but you abandoned ship without a single word. I try to keep the friendship alive but you never respond. My words fall on deaf ears. But after a while I feel like I’m only annoying you so I stop. I’m the friend that everyone claims they want, but I’m also the friend they forget. The friend that they decide isn’t worth at least saying “Goodbye” to.

~Please don’t look at us like that~
I’m sorry you are alone
I’m sorry it ended like this
I’m sorry we can’t be there with you
I’m sorry no one is there to love you
I’m sorry you’ve been scarred
I’m sorry your heart is broken
I’m sorry for all the wrong
I’m sorry for the lies
I’m sorry for the pain
~You don’t have to forgive anymore, you don’t have to understand. Just know I’m sorry, love~

Okay, so posting stuff I make is very new to me so if you’re going to tear me a new asshole please be gentle. I know a few things I could fix but this just a doodle I did because of the whole pants thing with the beans. I’m very tired and forgot the stabilizer thingy on my drawing program till I was almost done and I am choosing to not fix it because I’m too tired. Yeah…


a counterargument to my copious McCree posting

also surprise genji because he tends to show up

finally started playing hanzo after 6 hours of playtime being too scared to play hanzo

i got over the ‘fear of sucking’ bc honestly, it is non viable to play overwatch playing solely support and attack classes

idgaf if i suck at hanzo you have to deal with my shitty pot shots and crappy ults and i’m talking to both sides here.  i got potg once playing a shitty hanzo come at me i’m going to be good at him eventually maybe after like years

i got voice chat off you can cuss at me all you want i can’t hear you, i lack attention span to look left at team chat and also i don’t care

actually no i do care i still remember that one guy who was yelling at me to stop charging in as hanzo i’m so sorry dude but nobody was on the payload and i get anxious when it’s not moving

also bless @monstrous-hourglass for coming up with them noodle dragons bc i love noodle dragons

( *waves at all my rp partners*

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But listen, Lilo & Stitch Roadrat au
Obviously Roadhog is Lilo and Junkrat is Stitch
Reaper is Nani because he’s a bad, sad dad (he’s probably Mako’s godfather in this case)
Soldier76 is David
And Winston and Tracer are Jumba and Pleakley 

Instead of a pet, Gabriel wants to adopt another child, which he hopes will solidify their odd little family and make his godson less lonely. However, he wasn’t exactly expecting Mako to choose the extremely hyperactive “kid” with two metal limbs and tufts of burning hair as his new brother.

Sorry about my lack of ability to make comics, but I had to draw this immediately

Am crying in the middle of the library because I’m listening to Stay Close to Me and realizing how lonely Victor was at the beginning of the show and how far he and Yuuri have come by the end

I keep everything to myself, because once, someone lied to me, someone left me, and I couldn’t fill the empty space inside me.

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