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She’s the betta half of the two

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Top 5 yu-gi-oh ships?

or any marik/bakura variant,,

Do you ever think about me?

At night, do you ever wonder how I’ve been doing, or what I’ve been up to?
During the day, do you ever see something that reminds you of me?
Do you ever feel the need to say something but just don’t know how to start talking to me?

Because I do think about you.


Things I cry about at 1 AM

S. N. A.

I just had a thought...

The Marauders. They didn’t deserve the ends they got.
They met their first year, just eleven year old babies. And they became friends. And slowly, over the years, they became more. They became brothers. The thought of Lupin suffering through a crazy and terrifying disease all by himself was so heartbreaking to the other three that they went through a highly complicated definitely illegal process to become animagi. Just so he wouldn’t have to feel alone. Because he wasn’t.
They always talked about, I’m sure, how they were the Marauders, brothers for all time. It didn’t matter, they told Sirius, that they weren’t related by blood. Because blood isn’t everything. Sirius clung to those words, when he was back home over the summers, the Christmases, listening to his family insult his friends, his schoolmates, and everyone else with “dirty blood.” As his fist tightened around a highly polished silver fork at Christmas dinner, with all of that hateful talk swirling around him, he drowned it out with that sentiment: “Blood isn’t everything.”
They would always be brothers and they would always belong, they assured Peter, who never really felt like he was wanted anywhere. But he was wanted there. By the coolest people he knew. Maybe he idolized them a little too much. But they were his brothers and he looked up to them.
James was so proud of all of them. Of their bond. Of their accomplishments. They saw him through his worst phases, as an insufferable prat and a bully, and watched him grow into a good man, Lily’s husband and Harry’s father.
Then the dark times came. And the brotherhood was broken.
They all died in different ways. James lying in the broken wreckage of his living room, the screams of his wife and child the last thing to ring in his ears, a green light the last thing to flash before his eyes.
Remus died beside the only other person to accept him for what he was. The mother of his child, his love.
Sirius died protecting Harry, clinging to the hope that maybe, just maybe, he could fix this whole mess if he just protected Harry. That if he protected Harry, he was somehow protecting James.
And Peter. Peter was his own undoing, as he always was.

They all died alone. And that’s so sad to me. Because they always thought that they’d be together.

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AW COME ON I WAS HALFWAY THROUGH DRAWING A FATALBERRY FLUFF SHIP THING BUT THEN YOU PUT THAT UPDATE ON US AND I HAVE NO IDEA IF MY LONE SHIPPER'S HEART CAN TAKE ANY MORE OF THIS *cough* I mean, I'm fine what are you talking about :^)))))) Really though, I'm kind of a gullible 'oh, everybody's gonna be friends!' type of person so I was not expecting that hand twist and I'm scared because all I wanted was for them to get along and be friends but nope you crushed my heart-- (I love it though)

Haha oh no I’m so sorry XD Fatal isn’t very good at making friends sometimes. But! Since pairings aren’t canon to the actual story, please feel free to ship them, haha! I’d hate to stop you or anyone else from having a bit of fun :) It’s totally not gonna stop me from drawing cute stuff with them so don’t feel like it needs to stop you too <3

holy shit you guys, the state of Tolkien fandom on Tumblr is… bad. it’s really bad. don’t go into the tags. I’m saving you the trouble, they’re really really really bad, just don’t.

anyway I’m trying to take better care of my mental health so I kinda want to dive back into fandom. like, four days ago I had an epiphany and started writing A Mountain Keeps An Echo again, which… it’s been like four years since I updated that thing and I’m really sorry but I’m 25 pages into a third chapter because all I’ve done lately is write about FUCKING ELVES because I can’t concentrate on anything else.

so that’s a thing. if you liked that fic, here’s your chance to stop hating me. (you’re definitely gonna hate me before it’s over and I’m not even sorry, bad shit is gonna happen)

I’m also gonna try to revive my Dragon Age blog because why have one sideblog when you can have 8,000?

anyway, you can find those at The Lonely Mountain and Thedas Mom so go follow me and make me feel good about myself and I promise I’ll start contributing to fandom again

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Elderly coworker just stared at me until I looked up and forced me to have small talk with him. I'm sorry that I'm sick and don't feel like talking, it's insanely busy today, let me quietly enjoy my break without old people getting annoyed because I don't want to make small talk.

There’s always that one coworker. But I’d feel bad telling them off because they might be lonely or depressed. It could be worse, they could be one of those asshole coworkers that insults you, tries to get you fired, and spreads rumors. -Abby

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I'm sorry I know youre not currently accepting asks and feel free to just delete this one but I'm just gonna go ahead and take a chance anyway because i kind of need it... My birthday was yesterday and everything ended up pretty horribly and I'm just pretty lonely, and I was just wondering if you could maybe write something comforting with Yoosung...? Once again feel free to just delete this, I just thought I'd take my chances since your Yoosung one-shots always makes me feel better

Aw, darling, I’m so sorry that happened, birthdays are meant to be your special day so I’m incredibly sorry it didn’t work out that way. I hope you have much better days ahead of you! 

I drew a little Yoosung/MC to help cheer you up! I’m sure he’d do everything he could to cheer you up, as will I.

Anyhow, yes you are right, I’m not taking requests but I’ll make an exception to hopefully help make your day a little brighter! 

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do, you can pm me and I’ll send you positivity galore, and some feel-good shows/movies/music!

Speaking of music the song that’ll be used in this special prompt is For the Longest Time by Billy Joel the link is here if you’d like to check it out! 

I’m always here to help out in any way I can, so don’t hesitate if you need anything darling! I hope this helps <3

Anyhow, here is the prompt!


Your day, to say the least, had been dreadful.

You had opened the door to your quaint little home, a low huff slipping from your lips, feeling as if cinderblocks dragged behind you with each and every step you took.

Your husband, Yoosung noticed quickly. 

He had rushed to greet you, going to wrap you in his arms when he caught the bother drenching your expression.

“MC…?” He followed you to your seat on the sofa, your body sinking into the cushions. “What’s wrong?”

You scrunched up your nose, folding your arms across your chest. “I…I just had a really hard day.” 

“Oh, I’m so sorry, is there anything I can do?” He took your hand, squeezing it affectionately. “How about we order out tonight? I’ll order your favorite stuff!” 

You shrugged. “If you want.” 

“That bad?” 

You nodded. 

“Then I guess I better do something pretty great.” He laughed lightly standing up. “I’ll find something, don’t worry!” 

“Yoosung, you don’t have to-” 

He pressed a fond kiss to your head, beaming. “I know, but I want to.” 

You smiled just a tad.

He was a star in the murky night sky.

He was a bright, shooting star.

Yoosung ran off into the bedroom, assuring you he’d be back in no time, his eyes lit like a flame with ideas. 

And so, you waited, your mind slowly becoming more and more excited at what he may do. 

And eventually, he did come back, entwining your fingers with his, pulling you from the sofa, spinning you about as he did the most peculiar thing.

He began to sing. 

His voice was light and melodic, a smile engraved on his face as he began.

“Oh, oh, oh                                                                                                                          For the longest time                                                                                                          Oh, oh, oh                                                                                                                          For the longest time” 

“Yoosung what’re you-” You couldn’t help but break out into small bits of laughter, hastily trying to follow your husband’s steps as he lead you about, keeping you close.

As if you were the most precious treasure. 

“If you said goodbye to me tonight                                                                                  There would still be music left to write                                                                            What else could I do                                                                                                         I’m so inspired by you                                                                                                   That hasn’t happened for the longest time”

You buried your head in the crook of his neck, trying to hide the red that burst onto your cheeks.

And yet he continued to sing, his voice gentle and fond towards you, arms wound about you like wings.

“Once I thought my innocence was gone                                                                        Now I know that happiness goes on                                                                              That’s when you found me                                                                                              When you put your arms around me                                                                             I haven’t been there for the longest time”

As he sang the chorus again, he lifted you up, embracing you as he twirled you, setting you down as you ruffled his hair in your fingertips.


“Are you smiling? I think I even heard you giggle!” He exclaimed. “Does that mean it’d helped?”

You peppered his face in kisses, feeling a warmth take the place of the heaviness in your chest.

He began to sing once again, this time louder and more joyful, as though a bell chiming brightly. 

And despite all that occurred, he somehow made you feel brighter than the sun.

For in his eyes, you were his sun.

“I’m that voice you’re hearing in the hall                                                                          And the greatest miracle of all                                                                                        Is how I need you                                                                                                             And how you needed me too                                                                                          That hasn’t happened for the longest time” 

You know what sucks? When you listen to your best friend talk about how a bunch of guys have flirted with her and called her cute.
And being her best friend, you want nothing more than to be happy for her. But you also start feeling really jealous and upset because no one’s ever treated you like that before. No one’s ever told you you’re cute or anything.
I can’t help but feel horribly lonely because nearly every guy seems to not find me as appealing as she is.

Long story short: it sucks being the plain friend.

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Arin waited, three rings, before the other line picked up. His voice was low, almost quiet, sounding of warm honey.

“Hi baby,” he purred, nice and deep in his chest. “When do you think you’ll be home? I miss you.”

He sounded sincere- though, there was just a slight kilter to his tone that suggested maybe more than sincere. He was a little lonely; a mix of tired, lovey due to the tired, and a tad bit horny. Mostly, he wanted to curl up beside the other and bother him for a lazy makeout.

Sour Milk

Pairing: USUK
Rating: K
Tags: Soulmate AU, Coffee shop AU, Convenience store AU
Summary: Of all the ways Arthur could have met his soulmate, he did not expect to meet him breaking into his store to buy six gallons of milk in pajamas.

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Hi Viria! I have always liked your warm responses so I hope you dont mind I ask these kind of stuff. So I'm 21 y.o and have nvr had any S.O. Usually I'm fine with this but when I'm alone all these bad thoughts about how most of my friends have(1/2)

A SO or at least once involved in a relationship. It kinda makes me feel lonely and left behind… Lonely because I, too, want to have someone I can share everything with. At times like that all the insecurities start to build up & I end up crying..
Sorry it’s longer thn expected;;. And to make things worse I dont feel like telling anyone this random breakdowns because imo it sounds pathetic. I’m just so afraid to nvr gonna find the one that will accept an emotional trainwreck like me :(

Oh kid do I get you. I never really talked about it much (or at all) on tumblr, but this is very similar to what I used to be like until what, 8 months ago? So, the age is the same more than less.

I did have once a “so” relationship when I was younger, but it didn’t last long and it was, as I now can tell, a joke.

After that, I can tell you that it’s much, MUCH better to be alone than to be in a “kind of” relationship. Personally I feel like I’m veeery very hard on truly trusting someone because I can always feel those little redflags about a person.

I think I said it before, but I think everything happens for a reason and at a right time. If you haven’t met anyone yet, and if you don’t go for a relationship for a sake of it, just to have “someone”, when the time is right you’re going to meet someone who is worth all the wait. Just…I’d advice not to go for a random person who causes you any discomfort, because your intuition is probably right and even in relationship with them you still might end up quite lonely.

You never know how much your life might change. New places, new people, I’m sure you’re going to find someone you click with! Whenever I hit lonely places I used to cry but tell myself that it’s all gonna come and it did, and very suddenly.

So… you never know. And if you ever feel left behind, remind yourself that there’s someone waiting to pick you up when you two meet;)

I might be idealistic, but after everything that happened and after SO many things came in picture for something like that to actually happen I can’t think otherwise.