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Robron’s relationship timeline 

  • Phichit: I have no love life.
  • Yuuri: what are you talking about? You have more of a love life than me
  • Phichit: are you really sure about that?
  • Yuuri: *looking down at engagement ring* oh yeah
  • Phichit: yeah.
  • me: so what are your ships in rwby?
  • my friend who just started watching rwby: i ship jaune x pyrrha :D they're so cute together i love them
  • me: oh that's cool! that's awesome!
  • also me: yeah...about that............ :/

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I have no idea what this flower ball thing is that's going on and I'm only seeing what's coming through you but it looks like friendly, wholesome content and it's 100% brightening my day as an onlooker. Reuniclus, your dress looks fab you look great in pink boo <3

Reuniclus seems happy to hear that! She has a flower for you as well! 

The Flora Ball was basically organized to let daily blogs interact, especially since there are so many now, but we’re always stuck in our own little worlds! You can look through the tag floraball2017 to see other contributions to the event and here was the original post with all of the information!

The ball ends on the 24th, but Reuniclus was slow to join when it started on the 18th, so I’ll probably be posting through the weekend… 

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Another thing... Right at the end of that trippy sequence where Sherlock walks on the walls of 221b, he falls on the sofa and I'm pretty sure that his face is clean-shaven. (I would add a screenshot but I'm on mobile) Is it some kind of glitch in his mind palace/drugged perception of the world, like when in TAB John was suddenly wearing 21st century clothes?

Hi Lovely!

So here’s our poor Sherlock during his trip-out, stubble and soft face and all:

And here he is at the end of the sequence:

Which certainly looks like he’s clean-shaven; let’s take a closer look:

While it’s difficult to tell, I’m wont to say that Sherlock is NOT clean shaven here. You can see hints of his five-o’clock shadow around his chin, and you can see hints of stubble above his lips. 

So, in my opinion, no, I don’t think he’s clean-shaven, and it’s not a glitch in his perception. Given the already tripped out state of his mind, I don’t think it would alter out his stubble. There was a narrative reason for modern!John and for bits of reality filtering in – there’s no narrative reason for chin stubble disappearing :P

Also. Please know that I want to fight Pledis forever and always for how they treat both Nu’Est and After School. :)


Dig into my muse’s life | headcanons

@ask-the-three-eyes sent 7 & 12 (7 will be answered with a separate post, I got two 7′s to answer! ^^)

12:  What is your muse’s happiest memory from their childhood?

From what I can remember, that day really changed a lot for me. I thought Mama would be angry with me for wanting to wear make-up, but it turns out she wasn’t! 

Each time I think back to that day, it always brings a smile to my face because I knew then I could feel safe being myself around her. 

((Fun fact, I also have to admit that when my mom showed me how to do make-up for the first time, it was pretty much one of the best and funnest days of my life. Tricky, but it was a fun bonding session we had when I was starting out with make-up c: ))

hello!!! i’m adri and this is my troublesome son, pyo chanwoo. he is the second son of the pyo monarchy and beneath the cut, you can find out more about him! also, if you give this post a like after reading what’s below, i’ll come to you for plotting!

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AND it's realistic. Sure some characters from each team seem to have "superhuman abilities," but they aren't impossible. At one point or another, we as the audience dives into WHY they're so good and it doesn't seem so far fetched. That's probably my favorite part of the show. That, and the relationships between the characters (and the faux-relationships the fans decide happen behind the scenes 😏). GAH I'm sorry I'm rambling so much. I'm just excited~

Speaking of realistic, I’ll always remember the day I was talking with one of you and this person sent me a page full of hand written numbers and formulas and they explained me that they just calculated if it was possible for Hinata to jump that high and !!! SCIENCE IS WITH US !!! IT’S POSSIBLE !!!! 

Aaaaahhhh I know what you mean my dear petal, the relationships between the characters are all so good and authentic and there’s so much room for us to go wild with our fantasy and have fun with the ships, the friendships, the bromances, the brothers, the sisters…GAH indeed

To me, what makes an entertainment product a true work of art is the fact that it naturally drives people to express their own art through and because of it. Look at all the drawings, the fanfictions, the edits, the colorings, the poetry, even the crack posts (making people laugh IS an art) that Haikyuu inspired, look at all the people that gathered from every corner of the world around it…that’s the power of Haikyuu. Isn’t it beautiful? :’) 

i just came from my nutritionist and i gained back 300 g, which sounds like nothing i know, but i’ve been gaining and losing amounts like that since last may, i mean it’s been a whole year and i still haven’t been able to lose enough weight 

i’m so sick of this, i just hate myself so much right now, so fucking much and i when i feel like this all i wanna do is self harm and i’m at this point where i feel like i deserve it, i deserve the pain because i’m a disgusting human being who can’t lose weight, jesus christ why is it so hard for me to lose weight, even when i’m trying my hardest i don’t seem to manage it

i don’t want to be me anymore, i don’t like myself right now, can i be someone else please? someone beautiful and thin and loved, not the miserable fat ugly bitch who can’t have anyone 

this is so fucking hard, because i know i should try my hardest right now, and get my motivation back and kick my own ass to lose weight, but legit all i want to do is cut myself, i’m so tired, i’m just so fucking exhausted of this struggle with my weight

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Imagine Tony keeping track of everyone's favorite meals, and making it for them when they get sick (once Steve got sick from a virus targeted at the serum and became extremely cranky and grumpy, but after his favorite meal and Tony cuddles and forehead kisses he feels a lot better). Another one of my favorite Steve/Tony headcanons/fic things is that Steve is actually really good at flirting and dirty talk (he's such a troll) and the first time Steve flirts back at Tony, he's speechless

Okay but I imagine it’s fucking HARD to figure out their favorite meals?

Like Steve is used to eat whatever is just there because growing up, his mum never head the money for lot of different food? And he doesn’t even know all the new food that exists now. So Tony makes his goal to bring him to all the different restaurant trying to see if their something he orders more than once but Steve actually wants to try most things so he always eats something else. It’s not until Tony is sick that he finds out because Steve, not sure exactly what to do, makes Tony his own “cheer up food” that Steve’s mum always used to make him for Steve’s birthday or when they had something to celebrate (Like Steve getting accepted into Art school!).

Thor is almost the worst because his favorite food is freaking Asgardian and Tony can’t really exchange cooking recipes with the Allfather can he? It takes a mission to Scandinavia for them to find out that Swedish or Norwegian food is really similar to Asgardian Food just with midgard ingredients. Tony later thought he should have figured that out with Thor being a Norse God and that all.

Bruce is the easiest because he cooks his favorite quite often for the team when he feels down which not everybody is super happy about because it’s something spicy from India. Tony knew he couldn’t learn that from a cookbook so he started to help Bruce in the kitchen while he cooked to learn how to do it.

Sam’s favorite is a recipe that has been passed down generations in is family and at the few occasions he made it for the team, everybody else was banned from the kitchen. Tony had to accept that he would never learn it and whenever Sam was sick, Tony would call Ms. Wilson. She than prepared some of it for her sick son and Tony would pick it up for Sam and, to not feel useless after all, add something he baked himself.

Natasha was also pretty hard to figure out. Things like favorite foods were one of the first things you lost in the red room. Thanks to Clint, Tony learns a few russian recipes that reminded Tasha of her home.

Clint would be easy. At least that’s what Tony thought. His favorite sure was Pizza. Not true. Clint loved Pizza a little bit more than everyone else, yes, but when it came to comfort food he actually prefered the same meals as Tasha. His mum never was a good cook and meals meant sitting at the same table as his dad so there wasn’t really much comfort in it. In the circus there wasn’t really much space for comfort food either and neither was with shield. It was on long missions with Tasha that Clint really learnt to appreciate a fresh selfmade meal instead of the cantine food of shield or his own tons of take out food.

I’m gonna cut it here because there are so much more people on the team but I’m getting out of ideas. They are just a big bunch of people who need a helle lot of food and will eat whatever they can get their hands on because half of them have super metabolisms and need so much food they aren’t picky so it really takes Tony a lot to figure out favorite foods!