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Chuck and Penelope like to play a lot of fun bitey games with each other! This is a good time for them, but it can be startling to a silly human like myself. How does one tell between fun bitey game time and actual aggression between dogs?

I’m not an expert aaaaaat aaaall – but some big clues that it’s play vs. something more intense: 

  • loose, floppy body language (which is possible even when it’s rough and there’s bared teeth and growling, giving kind of a “HAHA AM MEAN DOG IS JOKE ONLY” feeling to the whole thing)
  • taking turns initiating
  • taking breaks, backing off in response to each other’s calming signals
  • taking turns in different roles (e.g. chaser vs. the one being chased, being pinned vs. doing the pinning)

Some good videos on the spectrum of appropriate dog play:

I think it’s easier to see the difference once you’ve seen examples of play going over the line. This channel has good examples to learn from:

The Facebook group Observation Skills for Training Dogs is a great place to learn too!


more alolan eeveelutions! (that have absolutely nothing to do with alola but those are basically the only canonical regional variants right now soooo)

anyway, glaceon is based on glaciers and how they shape bedrock, sylveon is based on a papillon dog and the apollo butterfly, leafeon is based on rusting metal in the woods.


Hi yes I’m insecure and irrational and I push away everything that makes me happy because I’m terrified of it ending and I have no healthy ways of coping lol

Okay so I hope everyone had a lovely Holiday weekend but it has come to my attention that there is some drama going around the community and after asking around to understand the situation I just wanted to speak my piece on the matter. 

Please stop. 

And honestly, I’m not going to speak any more on the topic. There isn’t really a point. The person in question is going to believe what they believe and they seem far too stubborn to listen to reason, so there’s really no point trying to do so with them. 

Now I want to say I was a little disheartened to see such drama in the BNHA community until I realized that it wasn’t the BNHA community but had flooded over here from another source. I don’t really know about anyone else, but I come onto tumblr to relax and write and weave stories with my friends. 

This is one of the only places I come to read due to my dyslexia making such a hobby difficult for me to enjoy in a place otherwise, and as such I tend to read some of the threads and posts that come up on my dash and I have stopped to read many stories including those by  @ofsturdiness​ and I can say that not only do i enjoy their writing style but the way they portray their muse. 

Personally, my Izuku has not had a formal thread with them, but what I have read, I have enjoyed - even for my lack of shipping KiriBaku.  Never once have I felt uncomfortable with the things I have read on my dash as of recent and in the past when things have made me uncomfortable I merely unfollowed the person in question or brought the matter to them personally. 

So I just want to say, that is encouraging to see people on my dash have each other’s backs and that this RP community has been one of the best I’ve been apart of. However, I do not understand the need for ‘call out’ posts, and I don’t think I ever will. These things can be handled in a private matter, yes? 

Please respect your fellow roleplayers and try to keep the dash free of drama because other really don’t want to see it. This is supposed to be a place to relax. We all have our reasons for roleplaying, and we all have our demons and we need to acknowledge that.  This level of drama is the kind of things people delete their blogs over and quite frankly it’s a new level of childish that I have never seen before. 

In all my years of roleplaying, even just here on tumblr, have I never seen things get this bad. So I beg of you all, please please please just continue to do the things you love and don’t listen to the people who speak negatively to you. Love yourself and the things you do and people will love and support you too. Life is too short to waste time on these kinds of things. I may not be involved in this directly but it doesn’t feel right to me to set idlely by while people are very obviously in pain.  

So if anyone needs anything from someone to talk to, someone to vent to, cry to, just to listen I am here for you.  I am here to support you. I am here to do what I can to bring back your smile. 

BNHA is a community of heroes, and I will be your hero if that’s what it takes. 

I don’t want anyone to suffer or feeling alone or unwelcomed. If you need a friend, I’m here. 

I always will be. 

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Wontaek please :D

Who is more likely to hurt the other?

Wonsik. He doesn’t mean to, but sometimes his words just go on and on and build on top of each other. He just hates when Taekwoon shuts down and it feels like he’s talking to a wall.

Who is emotionally stronger?

Their ways of handling their emotions are so different, but they’re on an equal level. Wonsik wears his heart on his sleeve. Taekwoon works through his emotions in in his head. They balance out and rely on each other a lot.

Who is physically stronger?

Wonsik for sure. They do like exercising together though, just as long as Taekwoon doesn’t insist on boxing. It’s not that Wonsik was angry over the accidental black eye, he just doesn’t want another one.

Who is more likely to break a bone?

Wonsik. He’s a bit of a klutz and one of these days, he’s going to give poor Taekwoon a heart attack.

Who knows best what to say to upset the other?

If it’s on paper, it’s Taekwoon. He’s best at writing—but Wonsik; sometimes he just can’t stop talking when he’s frustrated, when Taekwoon isn’t showing enough emotion or reaction. He spews and spews and spews and he’s the only person Taekwoon’s ever all too easily hurt by,

Who is most likely to apologize first after an argument?

Both of them are so stubborn, and if they both believe it was the other’s fault, you might as well forget about either of them stepping up to the plate. It takes a third party (usually Hakyeon) to get them wired back together. It’s not healthy by any means, but once they see reason, it’s easy to make up—and they fall in love all over again.

If I had to choose, it would be Wonsik. He knows how bad Taekwoon is with words; his apologies usually consist of him plopping himself onto Wonsik somehow.

Who treats who’s wounds more often?

Taekwoon. Wonsik must hold the world record for Highest Amount of Mysterious Injuries ever, or something. Still, Wonsik has been known to ask every five seconds, “Taekwoon, was that bruise on you before?”

Who is in constant need of comfort?

Wonsik. He worries about so many things almost compulsively and it often keeps him up through the night. His favorite method of being soothed is when Taekwoon will pull him in, tuck his head under his chin, and hum until he’s calm again.

Who gets more jealous?

Both of them have their possessive streaks, but Taekwoon especially. Sometimes he feels a little insecure in his relationship with Wonsik because there’s so many more people who would match him better than Taekwoon.

Who’s most likely to walk out on the other?

70% of their arguments end with Taekwoon shutting down and Wonsik storming out upset. He knows how hard it can be for Taekwoon to communicate, but they’ve been together so long that he wishes he’d try just a little harder for him.

Who will propose?

They both want to, but Taekwoon gets to it first. It’s always been more difficult for him to express his gratitude, so his proposal includes a lengthy, teary speech about just how grateful he is for everything Wonsik is, and what he’s done for him.

(Wonsik had this huge public gesture planned out that most certainly would’ve ended in Taekwoon killing him, but he was just a little too late.)

Who has the most difficult parents?

Taekwoon, but it wasn’t hard for Wonsik to charm them.

Who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?

Wonsik. Taekwoon really … doesn’t like PDA, but Wonsik wants the whole world to know how much he loves him, so he’s even more cuddly in public and Taekwoon just can’t say no.

Who hogs the blankets?

Taekwoon. It’s not like Wonsik needs blankets anyway—he’s a human furnace! It’s only nice during the winter when they turn off the heater. Still, if Taekwoon wakes up first, he’ll give all the blankets to Wonsik. (He kicks them off, but it’s the thought that counts.)

Who gets more sad?

It’s not that Wonsik gets more sad, but he shows it more than Taekwoon, who prefers to be sad and cry alone—even if Wonsik finds him huddled up on the bathroom floor.

Who is better at cheering the other up?

Wonsik. By now, he’s become completely familiar with all the things that make Taekwoon happy.

Who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

Taekwoon. Wonsik’s jokes aren’t even that good but Taekwoon can’t stop laughing for some reason.

Who is more streetwise?

Wonsik. If Taekwoon had it his way, he’d just stay inside all the time forever.

Who is more wise?

Taekwoon. He likes helping others figure things out for themselves with the least amount of words.

Who’s the shyest?

Taekwoon, but Wonsik doesn’t mind. They’ve worked up a kinda system that’s easy for Taekwoon to be around more people, as long as Wonsik stays by his side and redirects conversation if it’s too much for him.

Who boasts about the other more?

Wonsik. He loves talking about all of Taekwoon’s talents, especially at people who think he’s weird for being so quiet. Even though Taekwoon doesn’t brag about much at all, he has so much pride in Wonsik and is quick to praise everything he does to someone who asks.

Who sits on who’s lap?

They’re flexible. :3c Sometimes Wonsik likes tucking himself against all of Taekwoon, and sometimes Taekwoon likes curling into all of Wonsik. So cute.

I often feel as though no one knows me. But then I remember the way I speak day-to-day isn’t an actual reflection of who I am. I’m just talking to talk. I hate that.
—  will that ever change?

Happy 38th Birthday, Ramin Karimloo! // September 19, 1978

@morganedwards80: @raminkarimloo I was just wondering. My friend and I are having a debate. How do you pronounce your last name?

@raminkarimloo: @morganedwards80 Karimloo

  • what she says: i'm fine

As the newest member of the FAHC, with such obvious unfettered admiration for his peers, its not hard to see Jeremy as a wannabe, a little fish masquerading as a shark, but it would be foolish to dismiss him out of hand.

Jeremy might not be the tallest guy around but he is easily one of the strongest members of the crew, his physique giving Ryan a run for his money and the ease with which he can heft a minigun making even Michael a little jealous. Not that he need be, Jeremy might be having an affair with the gun but he has little to no experience with explosives and watches with fascination whenever Michael is setting them up. Its the same fascination that has him studying the way Geoff conducts business or watching with rapt attention when Gavin manipulates a client. He’s a skilled enough sniper to step in when needed, packing away boundless energy and enthusiasm in favour of attentive calm, but he never turns down any stray tips Ray might offer. More telling still is is his willingness to accompany Ryan on the least tasteful of his jobs without flinching, sliding into sneering menace on demand before bouncing right back to cheerful the moment its all over. Even Jack, who herself flits between jobs as needed often gains an attentive shadow - her latest endeavour to teach him how to fly a chopper meeting mixed results and a substantial amount of property damage, but Jeremy is nothing if not diligent.

Its a common theme, Jeremy jumping at the chance to tag along on various jobs to study his crew. The man is too imbued with casual confidence for it to be insecurity or personal incompetence; simply the honest desire to learn anything and everything they are willing to teach him. Coming from anyone else such detailed, undisguised scrutiny would probably be cause for suspicion, concern, but its hard to be anything but fond of Jeremy. He’s quick, adaptable, and soaks up knowledge and advice like a sponge. He might not be the most obvious threat but its a dangerous thing to underestimate Jeremy; to forget that his almost disturbing level of genuine friendliness coexists with a capacity for brutal ruthlessness and, above all else, the infamous loyalty of the FAHC. 

Extra Ordinary

This was inspired by a prompt @ch1darkcy reblogged: two extras have to sit across from each other and pretend to converse at a restaurant on the set of a movie. but the fake conversation turns to real conversation and they are really into each other and the director calls cut because they are distracting from the actual characters who are supposed to be the ones making eyes and looking like they’re falling in love, not a couple of random extras

I’d seen it before, and had started to write it, and this has sort of … I don’t know, morphed over time. It doesn’t exactly meet the brief of the prompt, and kind of feels a lot like overly philosophical conversation porn that no one asked for. It kept growing; I thought it was done probably half a dozen times, and then I’d get another idea. I trimmed some of them out, but I’m hoping that what’s left makes some sort of sense, after working on it on and off for a couple of months. It does some of the things I wanted it to do; it isn’t perfect, but what is?

I think I’ve been moving commas around and switching out words with this one because it’s extra-close to me. Or, rather, close to me as a university student. And when you share these things that you’ve thought and believed, even if you’ve changed them a degree or two, or you’ve wised up and moved on, it’s like baring your soul. Even more than usual.

But, I’m finally letting this one fly the coop. I have other stories I want to work on, and as long as this file is hanging out, tempting me, teasing me, I won’t be able to fully focus.

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Without FURTHER ado … 

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Rae picked nervously at the sleeve of her dress. It was floral, and apparently matched the ‘ambience of the scene’—whatever the fuck that meant.

When Archie asked her to be in his student film, Rae’s first instinct was to protest vehemently. She figured that not only did she not need to be immortalized on film, she really didn’t WANT to be. The camera added a stone to skinny girls; who knew what it would do to her. It was only when Archie whined that he didn’t want to have to ask people he didn’t know to be in it that she melted a little. She understood not wanting to inconvenience anyone, and it was kind of nice to be such good friends that you were the first person they thought of inconveniencing.

She’d gotten there early to help ‘dress the set’, which mainly consisted of dragging some tables and chairs out in front of the café where Archie worked. Now she was just waiting around for the principals to come out from hair and makeup (generously provided by Izzy and Chloe) and start the scene. Archie was pacing nervously by the cafe door, a copy of the eight-page script folded accordion-style gripped in his hand.

There was a slight breeze, and the sun filtered through the early leaves that had just started to fill out the tree branches. This wasn’t so bad, sitting here in the dappled sunlight, pretending to sip a glass of water and look at a menu. She closed her eyes and tipped her head back for a moment, taking a deep breath of air scented by the flowering trees that dotted the street.

She heard someone slump themselves into the chair nearest hers, on the other side of the table. She opened her eyes, expecting to see Archie. But this wasn’t Archie.

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Imagine having a snowball fight with Woozi and Seventeen.

BONUS: After an hour of playing, everyone is exhausted but you and Woozi are still throwing snowballs at each other. Seeing this, the other members of Seventeen end up leaving you two to be in your world as they go back indoor to warm up.


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Yikes, sorry if this has been asked before but - Srisk is the name for the combined entity of both Sans and Frisk in one body, while we still refer to both consciousnesses as Sans and Frisk? For a while I was confused and thought the little red heart with a face was Srisk but now I'm not sure anymore ^^'

So worries! Even if this has been asked before, it’s always good to clarify :D

Yes, we’re still referring to Sans as Sans and Frisk as Frisk. The whole ‘Srisk’ thing is just for us to refer to the combination of them, with Sans acting as Frisk and Frisk acting as the soul. When we see Sans and Frisk interacting/communicating within the soul (like we did this past update) they look like themselves. The little heart with the face is how Frisk is represented in the comic when Srisk is walking about - that way we can see Frisk’s expression/reaction to certain events :) 

That way we/mainly I don’t have to say ‘oh Sans and Frisk are being attacked by Flowey’, but instead we can say ‘Srisk is being attacked by Flowey’. So really it was born out of me being lazy, haha.

No one in-game will ever call them ‘Srisk’, since Frisk’s name is never actually revealed until the end of the pacifist run. :)

I hope that was helpful! :D

Unpopular Opinion

I know people are questioning the fact that their long break is nearly over and they haven’t CO.  I have always been team optimism and still am, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen in the next week or so.  It still could, but then again it might not and that is okay.  I can see all of the incredibly positive changes that have taken place and infer from them that things are still progressing in that direction and that they ultimately want the freedom to live life being true to themselves to be the end result of this process.  Despite that, there are too many factors to really figure out when so I’m just enjoying the positive and assuming from it that they are working towards an eventual CO.  

Here’s the unpopular part…Having said the above, I’ve never thought that a coming out would necessarily have to happen during a break from tour. I get why people think it makes sense, but I could also see it happening during tour. Something super casual, likely started on social media.  Confirmed by a rep but not addressed specifically by H/L. They could continue performing, business as usual, allowing people to accept the news and adjust to a new reality before addressing it head on. Continuing to perform and having people focused on the tour and the music rather than their personal lives would be a big enough distraction that they would also have a chance to adjust (because it will be stressful for them–good things can cause stress as well–getting married and buying a home are two positive things listed in the top largest stressful events in life).

So, if there was a CO during tour, they would be able to let the dust settle and then once the tour ended, they could start the talk show circuit allowing it to serve dual purposes–promo for their new album and finally being able to address their new public relationship status. By delaying the interview questions about it, they could potentially avoid some of the negative knee jerk reactions, because as I said, people would have had time to let it sink in.  Addressing it after their tour would actually help with a re-brand and promo for a new album which many have alluded towards being important moving forward.  By withholding the interviews until afterward, they would have held onto the ‘marketability’ to a certain extent.  Exclusive interviews and articles would still garner a tremendous amount of attention to both them as well as the band.

There are so many ways that things could happen really and this is just one random thought.  At the end of the day, it will be the way that they want it to be and that is the most important thing.  It’s obvious (to me at least) that they’re getting there and as long as they continue to look happy and at peace with one another and in general, that is enough to keep a smile on my face as well.