i'm not singing at you again i'm too busy

I want to be that girl that Michael sees at a concert and makes him forget his lyrics

The way this would happen is during Wrapped Around Your Finger. Literally all Michael basically which is cool and perfect. 

He spot you earlier on in the show, just jamming out with your best friend to all the faster songs. 

And somehow he kept a look out for you; you were just so pretty. Sure it was boyish to say that but it was true. You had short hair that fell to your shoulders in a dark curtain of waves. You also weren’t dressed like everyone else; all the other girls were dressed in 5sos shirts or in the typical plaid shirt and jeans/high waisted short combo. But no, you had worn a flowy type of purple sundress that billowed around you when you danced. 

He was so sure that he could hear your laugh through the screams and that made him smile. But then WAYF came along. 

He was getting ready to sing his verse but he caught sight of you again, your eyes sparkling in the stage lights but your face slightly almost gone in the darkness of the crowd. 

But within those few seconds of thinking and staring, he noticed the music was going making him hurriedly sing out, “You had me wra-crap,” he muttered with a nervous laugh, forgetting the simplest lyric of all time all because he was too busy trying to locate you again. Luckily Luke saved him with a confused look but seeing as everyone laughed it off, including you, Michael didn’t seem to mind much as long as he could still see you and your pretty purple sundress, even just for another second.