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on how goyim reacted to charlottesville

I am angry. while most white goyim on this site will reblog a post or two about Charlottesville (probably only focused on racism not antisemitism, let’s be honest) and a few angry “impeach trump!” and “tear down confederate statues!” messages on Facebook, they’ll go back to their lives as usual in, oh, probably less than a week. they’ll shrug off the white nationalism as “those weird southerners are at it again!

meanwhile. meanwhile I’m sitting here and the president said that murderers of jews are sometimes “fine people.” meanwhile i’m a southern jew and I feel unsafe and if I get angry and say yeah nazism needs to be outlawed I'm “sensitive” and “don’t you know freedom of speech is a thing? fascist.” meanwhile goyim send me nasty messages off anon because there are no consequences. meanwhile people think I’m angry and I complain too much and the holocaust was 70+ years ago won’t you jews ever shut up??

meanwhile jews are not, and have never been, white privileged people. meanwhile we get called k*kes and people have swastikas on their clothes, on their websites, as their icon. meanwhile ya’ll want to reclaim the pink triangle and the swastika and I just want to be able to go on this website without you politicizing the holocaust for whatever crisis is happening at the moment. meanwhile people don’t fucking care about actual jews you like dead victims you can use as political props not the angry jew who wants to have a jewish state. meanwhile I’m a bisexual jewish woman and the only part of my identity that liberals are comfortable with is the bisexual part. meanwhile liberals ban me from pride. 

you want to stop nazism? maybe you could help jews. maybe you could listen to us for three fucking minutes and you could stop pretending this is just another isolated incident in the south. 

because you can call me whatever you want but I’m jewish. and that means you can’t fucking stop me. what? are you gonna tell me to burn in an oven? heard it. you gonna tell me I’m going to hell for not being christian? heard it. you gonna tell me hitler wasn’t all bad? heard it.

jews are the most resilient group on the planet and if goyim won’t help us we’ll fight nazis like we did in the holocaust. but don’t pretend you know shit about what it’s like to be a jew and read headlines like Charlottesville, like trump’s press conference. don’t pretend to be our friends and then fall silent when it comes down to really being an ally. 

neo nazis aren’t an alternate political party. they’re not “far right.” they’re murderers. don’t enable murderers. nazism needs to be ripped from the seams of this government and this culture and then, and only then, can we celebrate anything. because make no mistake, this weekend was a dark chapter in America, but if you think it’s anything new or different, you obviously aren’t Jewish. 

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Hi! A few hours ago in my country (Poland) aired a Sherlock DVD trailer. I can't send a link, but it's on the official facebook account of the shop "empik". I'm not sure if this means anything, but I'm freaking out. Where these scenes came from??? Sherlock with Irene, Moriarty on Baker Street, Lestrade in front of a mirror... Could you, please, enlighten me? :D Sorry for my English, and also sorry for bothering you, if it's nothing new or there is some kind of a simple explanation for this ;)

Hi Nonny!

Uhm, wow this is quite the commercial!! I’m at work so I don’t have the tools to rip it and show it to y'all here, but here’s the commercial on Facebook.

I didn’t see the Lestrade or Irene one scenes you mentioned, but I feel like they pulled a few scenes from other seasons or added in some footage from 007, LOL. There are a couple scenes I don’t recognize (possibly stock footage?), and they used the credits for a few of them!

As I said, I’m at work right now, but this should be fun for a few of the Tin Hatters! :D

DEH Kids April Fools Day Pranks
  • <p> <b>Jared:</b> Some Netflix-level Internet shenanigans like setting up a website that involve weeks of work, then sending everyone a link and going offline for the rest of the day, knowing that chaos is unfolding<p/><b>Alana:</b> The classic "I'm gay" post in Facebook except the next day she doesn't take it down. The prank is that she just publicly came out w very little backlash bc everyone thought it was a prank. If anybody lols underneath her status she simply replies w "homophobe"<p/><b>Zoe:</b> Actually really bad at pranks,, her idea of a prank is talking in Kermit the Frog voice all day. Connor is like "Zoe that's not a prank you can't just-" "Zoe???? I'm Keermit"<p/><b>Connor:</b> Classics. The hand in a bowl of warm water trick. Fake spider on your pillow. Once bought a tambourine and tried to join jazz band just to freak Zoe out<p/><b>Evan:</b> Doesn't get to do his prank until halfway through the day bc he's too nervous, calls Zoe and leaves a message on her answering machine saying "you smell bad" but doesn't last half an hour before calling to tell her he's sorry and he hopes she's not upset and please don't break up with him<p/></p>
Re: PSA on posting of Aqours’ First Live and illegal material

As many of you might know, I have recently made a [POST] regarding posting and sharing of illegal material online and the possible consequences of it. I am very thankful to those who have share their stories of reporting such activities and letting the ones who posted about it be aware of it.

However, there have been recent news that Southeast Asia countries under the distributing company, ODEX,  is not going to be having Live Viewings or Delay Viewings for  HAPPY PARTY TRAIN TOUR

As you can see the negotiations were unsuccessful. I am not here to rant about us not getting a Viewing of HAPPY PARTY TRAIN TOUR

I would like to bring your attention to this exchange of comments on the same facebook post that ODEX had.

“Licensing is complicated, trust (from Japanese copyright owners and licensors) need to be won.”

ODEX is not only a distributor of Live Viewings for Aqours’ Lives, they also bring in popular Japanese Anime movies such as SAO. There was an incident where phone recordings of the movie was captured and uploaded to the internet. Later sources pointed the culprits to the Malaysian screening of the movie. 

Similar incidents include and not limited to, recordings found on twitter of the Live performed at Anime Expo, Satalite rips of Aqours First Live on torrent sites, recordings of events/movies.

So why bring all this up?

As I have said before, recordings or distributing of copyright material is a matter that is taken seriously by the Japanese companies. When such materials are found online from unauthorized sources, they damage both the reputation of the distributing company and the trust that they had built in order to acquire the licenses to do so. 

For the end-users, it would mean that such content will not reach us. The news of no Live or Delayed Viewings for the Saitama leg of the HAPPY PARTY TRAIN TOUR came as a major blow for the fans in Southeast Asia.

As a reminder to all fans, be responsible. Firstly, DO NOT CAPTURE ANYTHING WHEN YOU ARE AT THE EVENTS. This applies not only to Love Live! related events, but also any release of Japanese movies (which should be a given since it is already illegal to do so) and events. It is also seem as rude to be taking pictures of Seiyuus at events unless stated otherwise. (You wouldn’t want your picture to be taken and distributed publicly without your consent so don’t do it to them)

Secondly, be sure ask the users to take down any illegal content that is posted on the internet, be it Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. If they do not want to, send a report if possible.

Let’s start a movement so we can ensure that we can enjoy future contents that we want. 

Imagine a UNIT era modern day AU where the Doctor discovers Facebook:

  • He immediately sends friend requests to everyone at UNIT. The Brigadier doesn’t really understand social media (he only uses it to keep up with family stuff) but he’s very good at clicking the delete button. The Doctor is undeterred and continues to send him friend requests.
  • One day the Brigadier has to tell him exasperatedly, “Doctor, you can’t publicly list your education as ‘Time Lord Academy’.”
  • On another occasion he has to tell him to take down the picture he posted of the First Doctor that was captioned, “And here’s me in my younger days.” “I suppose this means you’ll want me remove that photograph taken during the Omega incident that said, ‘Hanging out with myself’,” the Doctor sighs.
  • The Doctor tries to sound cool on the internet but doesn’t because he keeps using memes that haven’t been invented yet. No one has any idea what he’s talking about and internet-savvy Jo is perpetually embarrassed.
  • The Master (under a paper-thin alias) stalks the Doctor’s page and likes all his posts in the hope that the Doctor will send him a friend request and he can have the satisfaction of declining it. The Doctor ignores him, but he does get a friend request from Sergeant Benton. Somehow the thought of declining that isn’t quite as satisfying.
  • “No, Doctor,” the Brigadier groans one morning when he sees his Facebook feed, “you cannot post… selfies… with a Dalek.” “Well if you don’t like mine, “ the Doctor replies, “just wait until you see Jo’s.”
  • Matt: There's not enough Woolie and Naruto stuff on the Facebook-
  • Pat: What are you saying?!
  • Matt: You don't send Woolie enough Naruto shit!
  • Pat: What is- what are you talkin' about?! You're like- "People who watch my show, you- the only way I can appreciate you is by like- you trolling my friend and co-worker"?!
  • Matt: But that's what everyone likes to do!
  • Pat: What the fuck is wrong with you?!
  • Matt: I'm just disappointed!

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i dont think we're getting a clip today :( but i'm hoping for an update. i need badly a screenshot of sana'a phone saying yousef acar accepted your facebook friend request followed hours later by a first conversation.


I’m rooting for that!!!! You have no idea how much I miss their texts

Like something like this:





“Apparently Korean peeps who’ve ordered 707 cushion also received this ticket today. They got this separately as a surprise gift, but hope Cheritz will send the ticket with the cushion to international buyers :)
Based on their reivews, the paper is pretty thick and the surface is smooth like a real air plane ticket! XD”

(신윤경 on a MM facebook group - if you are the owner of the pictures, please send me a msg!)



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“Mark you know today was my birthday right?”

No.. why didn’t you tell me..?


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“Thanks for remembering my birthday Jackson..”

OMG i’m so sorry I forgot! I’ve been so busy! Please please please let me make it up to you!


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“JB, you forgot my birthday.”

What” *insert gif*


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“How could you forget my birthday Jinyoung?!”

I can’t forget if I never remembered.


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“YoungJae its 11:59 its close enough.”

No its not I’m going to make it up to you everyday I promise.


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“bamboo why didn’t you remember my birthday?”

It’s was your birthday? Facebook didn’t even tell me!”


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“How dare you forget my birthday!”

How was I meant to know? you never told me!

I do not own these gifs, credit to the owners

feel free to send in requests, for those who have I'm currently working on them :)



Guys I live in Venezuela and the president is trying to disconnect us fron the world, now we can’t log in on instagram, facebook, twitter or youtube. It’s not the internet I can use google and wikipedia just fine, he just blocked social media. I’m scared, last night new war tanks arrived and are sorroundind the presiden'ts house, today on tv he threatened he would use harsher methods and the streets would be filled with blood.

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I don't really consume a lot of buzzfeed content so I'm not that familiar with the company. Why do you hate it so much?

Honestly, I don’t have the energy to hate them with any real sincerity. I just think it’s rude that they make money off of articles consisting of other people’s posts and never even ask for permission to include them. I’ve had about five of my posts used in Buzzfeed lists and they’ve never once bothered to shoot me a courtesy ask. Even people who run Best of Tumblr Facebook pages send me asks most of the time. And yeah, yeah, yeah, exposure this, they link to my blog that, but like… I’m just super not into it.

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finished high school like two years ago and we had one hot af high school teacher 🍑👅💦😂 which me and my friends had a crush on all through out high school and he's single and he recently sended me a friend request on Facebook I'm freaking out but I live in a small where people love to talk what do I do????? 😂😂😂😂😂

Do not accept the friend request on facebook and send him nudes on instagram, its better. 

Im kidding 😂😂😂

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hey since that anon talked about suicide baiting let's remember the time that a guy (who's profile picture was him cosplaying with his face painted white and a shiny wig) threatened to kill himself bc I wouldn't send him feet pictures. I'm 15 and I look even younger. HE SENT ME A PICTURE OF HIM HOLDING A KNIFE AND IT LOOKED LIKE THOSE ONES YOU GET FROM THE DOLLAR STORE PUMPKIN CARVING KITS. HE SAID THE FEET PICTURES WERE FOR A CLASS AND HIS PARENTS WOULD KICK HIM OUT. GOSH I LOVE FACEBOOK