i'm not scared

troye’s music has this intrinsic way of evoking the most humane of emotions, ones that we all feel but are terrified to say out loud–and i think that, in itself, is a true work of art. 

do yourself a favor and preorder wild. you won’t regret it.

I am quite seriously considering finding an adult ballet class to start up the old ballet again (which I did from age 4 - 15, until my anxiety made me quit, which I have regretted ever since)

I have no idea how to find such a class, but I miss ballet! I can still do the positions, although I obvs won’t be able to do pointe work any more, and my flexibility has suffered in the past 8 years of inactivity.

Ho hummmmm I am going to have some tea and do some research and maybe rue my teenage angst for making me quit a good thing

yearning to say so many things, but saying nothing in the end

i’m sure michael hated luke because he was jealous, he was afraid of luke taking his best friend and probably one day boyfriend calum away from him, he didn’t want to lose calum and he saw luke as a menace. and i’m sure, even tho luke and michael worked things out and ended up becoming close friends, michael never stopped being jealous until ashton came into their lives and he saw the way luke looked at him, the same way michael himself looks at calum. that’s it and no one can convince me otherwise

omg omg there’s a super nice girl in my public speaking class that graduated the same year as me and was in marching band but went to a nearby school??? and she’s soooo nice omg I just talked to her for like 30 minutes after class and she’s really cool…. omg

i just watched the blair witch project with some friends down the hall and was scared shitless, and now i’m back in my room to find out that my roommate isn’t back yet from who knows where

so i just wanted to say it was nice blogging with ya’ll, i’ll catch you guys on the flipside :’) remeMBER ME,,,