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Hello, I have always loved the Samoyed breed but have wondered how they are as pets. I know they're known to be heavy shedders, and some tips on how to deal with that hair would be very much appreciated! I have a Westie right now, but I used to own Spitzes and I'm pretty used to the shedding :)

Heavy shedders indeed! While different Samoyed owners will report different levels of intensity - and it will vary depending on gender, neuter/spay status, and time of year - you’re still definitely looking at heavy shedding. If you aren’t prepared to… 

  • desensitize your puppy as young as possible to the grooming process 
  • brush daily during certain times of the year, several times a week the rest of the year
  • vacuum a lot
  • have hair on your furniture, clothes, eyes, inside of your mouth
  • pay a decent amount for an experienced groomer semi-frequently OR do your own set up 

…then you should not get a Samoyed. 

As with the varying opinions on intensity of shedding, there are also varying suggestions on how frequently you should take your Sammy to the groomer (or bathe them yourselves), but it should be at least twice a year for the puppo’s health. More information here, from the Samoyed Club of America: https://www.samoyedclubofamerica.org/the-samoyed/health-and-care/grooming/  

The #1 best way to keep shedding down… is with frequent line combing and brushing. Do not ever shave your Sammy unless it is necessary for medical reasons. Do not ever use a Furminator, please, it will damage his coat. If you want to do your own grooming setup, here are the best videos & resources I’ve found online. These are all done by the Samoyed Moms who consist of some owners and breeders. 

Anyway, that’s grooming. If you’re more interested in what they are like as pets, then I would turn to YouTube videos and the Samoyed reddit. I would also recommend contacting the SCA and seeing if you can attend some shows, get involved with rescues, or even meet a breeder just to get to know the dogs. 

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Every Samoyed I’ve ever known has a very relaxed, polite temperament. They are not easily bothered or stirred - they politely and gently remove themselves from the situation instead, if necessary. Important things to know about them as a breed are the following: 

  • They NEED to be with you and your family. While they are an ancient breed, they are more people-oriented than, say, huskies. Some are cuddle bugs, some are less so because they get hot, but they are still not the type of dog to do well being left alone for long periods of time. If you do that, there is a good chance there will be some destruction as a result of boredom and potentially anxiety. 
  • They are independent thinkers. Training will be different than other dog breeds. Once they’ve learned a new trick, it’s better to generally move onto something new than to keep repeating something they’ve already learned. It’s boring and they’ll definitely let you know. 
  • They are, in general, jokesters. Some breed judges prefer Samoyeds that aren’t perfectly behaved in the ring because they feel that better represents the breed as a whole.

In essence, the Samoyede people that the breed is named after bred and raised them to work independently from humans. Typically, they’d have several dogs and one would be the “lead” dog that took some instruction from the humans. That dog would then lead the others to their tasks for the day - herding, pulling, what have you. At the end of the day, though, they returned home to their people, often to snuggle up and help keep everyone warm. Notice how throughout their typical day they are either with other dogs or people, though! They don’t like to be alone. 

Finally, if you keep the giant wads of fur you’ve brushed out of your Sammy, you can do as the Samoyede people did and save their fur for spinning and knitting (another trait they bred for was their fur texture!). 

Answered by: @phdpaws

Double Dimensional Dan

Welp, now that I’m effectively shook by phan in Singapore, let’s try this!!! 

Genre- Hella smutty 

Warnings- Some weird ass dancest 

Word Count- 1195

A/N- PLEASE SEND ME PROMPTS!!! Also I’m probably gonna make a ton of references to current events in this so have fun with that. By the way, I’m sorry for that title. I guess I just like alliterations way too much. 


Dan was sleeping in his own bed tonight. He usually ended up in Phil’s bed, but with them moving and all, Phil ended up on the sofa and Dan ended up in his bed. It was a bit lonely there, but Dan eventually managed to fall asleep. He was in the middle of a particularly good dream about Phil when the sudden and tremendous pressure on his feet pulled him into reality.

Dan let out a yelp, finding a figure in the dark but a few inches from his face. He fumbled for his bedside lamp, eventually illuminating the room to find himself staring back at him. “What the hell?!”

“Uh… Hi!”

“Who the hell are you?!”

“I’m Daniel Howell.”

“So am I, but I go by Dan.” Dan was happy to have some slight clarification and difference between the two of them.

“So I’m really in another dimension?” Daniel looked around the room in wonder.


“I’m a scientist. I finally finished creating a dimensional portal and came through. I ended up in this dimension and came here, since it’s where I live. There’s really not much different between our two Londons, or our two rooms even. What do you do?”

“I’m a YouTuber.”

“What’s a YouTube?”

Dan couldn’t imagine a dimension without YouTube. Worse even, a dimension where he never met Phil. “Well, I guess we’ve found out the difference between our two dimensions.”

Daniel shrugged Dan’s comment off. “What was that dream you were having?”

Dan blushed immediately, remembering the dream. He was dreaming of Phil. “You heard that?”


“How much?”

“Enough to know you’re pretty into whoever Phil is.” Daniel obviously wanted to know all he could about his alter-dimensional counterpart, and Dan was fairly confident he could trust himself to not leak any information. At least, not to this dimension.

“Phil’s my boyfriend. Also my flatmate. And my best friend. But the world only knows about the last two.”

“Ah. That would explain the whispered “fuck me daddy”.”

Dan blushed once again. “I guess you heard that too.”

“Odd. In my dimension, Dan Howell is pretty dominant.” Dan noticed his doppelganger glance down at the receding bulge that had formed under his sheets during his dreams. It was the elephant in the room up until this point, but that wouldn’t last long. “You know, I can take care of that for you.”

Dan was taken aback. “But you’re me!”

“So?” Dan took a moment to think. It definitely wouldn’t be the first time he’d fucked himself. In fact, it probably would have been what he’d have done to take care of this problem in the first place. Of course, that’s totally different. But it had to be better than just jacking off.

“Oh, what the hell.” Dan threw the sheets off of his torso. “Go for it.”

Daniel was giddy. “On all fours.”

“What? I thought you were just gonna like, suck me off or something?”

“I said all fours.” Dan sighed and did as he was told.  It was almost odd, hearing his own voice commanding him with such dominance. It was almost… hot. This was something Dan could get into.

Daniel was undressing, and Dan was starting to get impatient. Dan slept naked, so he had to wait for Daniel to undress while he was already naked. “C’monnnnnn!” Dan started nudging his counterpart with his ass, begging him to hurry up. Soon, Daniel was finally undressed, but that didn’t stop Dan. He ended up rubbing his ass all over Daniel’s now bare cock. Daniel, of course, didn’t bother to move out of the way. Both Dans were quite enjoying this.

“Got any lube?” Daniel asked once he was getting hard. Dan pointed him to his bedside stand. Both were glad to hear that existed in the other’s dimension. Daniel covered his fingers in lube and was about to stick one in Dan’s ass when the two heard the door open and both turned their heads to see who had entered.

“Dan, is everything okay in here? I got up to use the bathroom and saw your light was… WHAT THE HELL?!”

“Uh… Hi, Phil…”

Daniel interjected. “This is Phil?” He looked the black-haired boy up and down. “Good pick.”

“I have no clue how there are two Dans here, but I feel slightly offended being left out of this.” Phil was getting a bit of a bulge himself, which both the Dans noticed. Phil tossed off the boxers he was sleeping in and strode over to Dan’s bed. “You…”

Phil pointed blankly at Daniel, not even knowing the name of the boy he was about to fuck. “Daniel.”

“You two freak me out.” Phil took the lube out of Daniel’s hand and squeezed some into his own. “I didn’t say stop.” Daniel proceeded to begin fingering Dan’s ass, as he was going to before Phil walked in. He inserted two fingers immediately, and began scissoring them. All three of them were getting very eager.

Daniel quickly added another finger, pumping his fingers in and out for only a few seconds before they all gave in to the urge and Daniel prepared to penetrate Dan with his rock hard cock. Phil quickly bumped Daniel out of the way. “Hey, he’s my boyfriend. My turn.” Phil penetrated instead, leaving Daniel to move around to Dan’s front.

“Suck me off.” Dan gladly took his counterpart in his mouth, both sucking Daniel and being fucked by Phil at the same time. The three moved in a rhythmic triangle, Dan moving along with Phil’s thrusts and sucking along to the beat Phil was setting. Daniel was soon nearing orgasm, and pulled out of Dan’s mouth. He pushed Phil out of the way and the two switched. Daniel took Dan’s asshole, and Dan started sucking Phil off.

Daniel immediately started hitting Dan’s prostate, and Dan moaned, almost choking on Phil. Dan soon looked up at Phil with his deep chestnut eyes and backed away, giving him the ability to speak. “Daddy, I’m close!” Daniel looked up at Phil, feeling slightly left out, and gave a particularly hard thrust. Dan winced, and Phil looked down at the pained boy.

“Come untouched and finish me off.” Dan moaned, coming all over his bedsheets. Daniel came into him, and fell limp on the foot of Dan’s bed. Dan finished sucking Phil and swallowed his cum, both of them falling beside Daniel.

The three lay there helplessly for a few moments before Daniel finally stood up. “I guess I ought to be going back now. Thank you for the… Research.” He dressed himself, waved, and walked out of Dan’s room.

“I don’t know what that was or who he was, but it was definitely the weirdest hookup I’ve ever had.” Phil was confused and slightly concerned.

“I’m still waiting to wake up.”

“I don’t think you’re going to.” The two looked out Dan’s window to see the slightest gleams of the sunrise. Dan took Phil’s hand. Neither of them knew what had just happened, and they were both probably going to repress that memory. But as long as they had each other, it would all be okay.

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I disagree about your opinion on Pewdie. Making offensive statements and calling them jokes afterwards does not lessen the impact of what he said. In fact, it only serves to normalize the language. I hope he learns and reigns it in, but I'm not sure he should be given a public platform if the trauma of others is funny to him. That type of attitude is absolutely anti-Semitic.

Hey there!  Thanks for giving me a chance to clarify things - I know this is a crazy topic right now, but I definitely wanna make this clear.

I agree with you 100% - saying something so offensive, then calling it a joke, does NOT lessen the impact of what Felix said, nor does it excuse him.  I absolutely wish he had never made such jokes, especially knowing how HUGE of an audience he has.

What makes me feel hopeful about him is that he DID apologize for his comments, and he did so BEFORE losing his show and advertising.

And yes, I think it’s fair that he lost the show.  Say what you will about Youtube and Friends, but they are a big ol’ corporation now, and if someone says offensive stuff (especially while having the MOST subscribers of any Youtuber out there), they should be held accountable and suffer consequences.  That’s just how the professional world works - you don’t get to use someone else’s platform to say anything willy-nilly, ESPECIALLY anti-Semetic jokes!

The point I’m trying to make is that… despite making such “jokes”, I don’t think Felix has a hateful agenda against the Jewish community.  Yes, what he said was HORRIBLE, but he was ignorant to the impact it would have.  He was irresponsible, and now he’s having to answer for that.

Should he have reigned it in long before this circus?  I definitely think so!  I wish he did!  But that was his choice, and he’s paying the consequences for it.

If he CONTINUES to act this way after such a massive fallout, then yes, absolutely, he’s not learned a thing and really needs to step away from the public platform to think things over.  But he has every chance to turn over a new leaf, and while he’s blown many chances before, if he takes THIS one, then that would be worth celebrating!

I guess the overall point I was trying to make is that it’s unwise to listen only to one side of the story.  Some people truly believe in ethnic cleansing - others try to make jokes out of hot topics without thinking ahead.  We need to stand up for people who live in genuine fear, fighting those who honestly wish them harm, while staying informed of the facts.  If we don’t stay informed, all we do is try to out-scream the other one without moving forward.

So before anyone goes off to rant, please look up the facts, not just the sensationalist headlines.  Clickbait is a very real issue in online media, and without exercising caution, we would become just as bad as certain Dampnuts, reacting without accepting the facts.

Things I have done as a high school teacher that I never knew were part of the job description:
  • safety-pinned a student’s clothing together in a moment of extreme wardrobe malfunction
  • dressed like Marie Antoinette for a day (complete with wig and hoop skirt)
  • provided tampons to probably about 80% of my female students on a monthly basis
  • explained what a “meme” was to both students AND teachers
  • sewn together a student’s ripped clothing
  • untangled a student’s thong strap from her ring (that one was a little bit scarring, tbh)
  • taught a student how to address an envelope and send snail-mail for the FIRST time
  • created embarrassing educational renditions of popular songs in order to help teach concepts, posted them to YouTube for students to access, and then had said embarrassing versions of songs get tens of thousands of views
  • taught students how to play MASH for the first time
  • reinvented every game I’ve ever played to try to come up with fun ways for students to learn
  • done my students’ hair and make-up
  • taught a room full of teachers in an after-school meeting the definition of “shipping” (internet-style, not USPS) and what an “OTP” was
  • taught a student how to old-school waltz
  • explained the difference between persecuted, prosecuted, and prostituted (keep in mind: I teach French)
  • gotten an entire class hooked on watching Supernatural
  • hugged sad students while they cried
  • sewn together a student’s backpack
  • provided an endless supply of granola bars, pop tarts , and fruit snacks to students without breakfast or lunch
  • taken my students to the mall to buy color-coordinated clothing
  • been nick-named “Honeydukes” by a student
  • awkwardly got in touch with a YouTuber who creates videos of a sentient French-speaking red-eyed tree frog, to whom my class then sent a whole lot of awkward fan mail
  • shared my books, my dvds, and my lunches with students on a regular basis
  • created a personality and facial features for my smart board
  • dug a hole with a shovel (as part of my work day)
  • worn fake facial hair
  • dueled one of my students with a nerf broadsword, whilst we were both wearing capes
  • worn matching hard hats with a group of my students AND a construction crew
  • did Zumba with my students
  • painted student’s faces (like for a carnival)
  • acted in several student films as both a murder suspect and victim
  • tried out for American Idol (ONLY as a result of teaching)
  • taught the cotton-eyed Joe dance to a room full of students
  • went onto foreign language forums specifically to find out how you say “cankles” in French

And those are just the first ones that came to mind… and I’ve only been teaching for like 5 and ½ years. 

I'm Not Nervous

Prompt:Dan isn’t a youtuber, but Phil is. Phil takes Dan to Playlist or Vidcon and super shy and socially awkward Dan tries to meet Phil’s fans with him.”

This isn’t really a prompt but maybe something you could throw into a shy Dan fluffy fic, Dan still sucks his thumb when he is feeling shy or tired and Phil thinks it’s adorable.

AU, pure fluff
Words: 2.074

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And now onto my love, my sunshine, my bby, Kim Taehyung aka V aka Tae tae aka can we talk about how this kid is the definition of whiplash for a second bc this is something I deal with on the daily like one second he’s fucking adorable as hell, with his cute lil giggle and his smile oh my god his eye smile is my actual favorite his eyes in general are my fave like I'm a total eye girl and his are just wow but then oh wait he’s not a kid at all he’s a man with the fucking tongue and the hips and the h an ds and it’s just :) haha this is great I love this but then hey guys don’t worry he goes right back to being an actual angel immediately after he gets off stage

  • Okay but tae is easily youtube material
  • Like his personality is so unique and so him
  • And he’s so genuine
  • Like I really do truly believe he is the way he acts on camera
  • I’m sure he has days where he isn’t as energetic or outgoing, just like everybody does
  • But I think for the most part, he’s pretty happy and ready to go
  • His personality would be the reason he gets popular
  • Of course it doesn’t hurt that he could pull of being a male model without even batting an eye
  • Like have you ever actually looked at him that man is honestly beautiful without even trying to be so when he does try it’s like too much for my lil heart to handle
  • His laughter is contagious so even if his joke sucks, you still gotta laugh bc he’s cracking himself up
  • He is funny as fuck in his own lil cute way like he’s just got a natural way of being really funny that could make just about anyone smile
  • Like Tae’s the youtuber you go to when you’ve had a bad day or just need someone to make you laugh
  • He treats his subscribers like best friends tbh
  • Like you know the way he’s so present with us like he’s constantly updating us all on what he’s doing and shit and he just makes lil random videos to say hi
  • VLOGS 
  • More like v-logs am I right
  • He’d totally make that joke and we all know it
  • Hobi’s the only one to laugh at it though
  • But his specialty is actually vlogs
  • He makes random sit down and talk videos too of course
  • But most people know him for vlogging
  • He vlogs literally anything and everything
  • He could honestly make talking about paint interesting so I have no doubt he could handle vlogging 
  • He lives with you so you’re constantly in vlogs
  • Okay but if you were comfortable with it, you’d be in basically every video
  • Whether it’s just a quick “babe, say hi” or a full on “this entire video is about my love”
  • You two met in school, back when he was just starting out so you’ve been there since the beginning
  • Head canon time ready set go
  • He vlogs the process of getting engaged
  • He of course doesn’t upload them right away bc then you’d know and that would ruin the whole surprise idea behind his proposal
  • He tells the viewers all about his plan, how he wants to take you to Japan and take you to your favorite restaurant there and then propose after dinner
  • He films himself finding the ring
  • He randomly turns the camera on, ready to tell his viewers that he didn’t have any luck finding anything yet
  • But then you just see his eyes light up and he’s all excited
  • He calls Jimin over and is like dude this is it, I found it holy shit
  • Jimin’s equally as excited since they’d been looking for like a week or two
  • And Jimin’s been able to watch your relationship develop from barely being able to say hi to each other without getting all smiley to being able to helping Taehyung find a ring to propose to you with
  • The next clip is tae looking all nic E in a suit and he’s like mumbling about how he has no fucking idea on how to tie a tie
  • He’s rushing around bc he’s two minutes late and that isn’t okay with him
  • He says goodbye to the camera and it just kinda fades to black
  • At the very end of the video, this lil message pops up
  • “Btw, I’m engaged now. My love said yes”
  • Youtuber!Tae is just a total sweetheart who loves his subscribers so so much and would do anything to make them smile
Crumpled Paper

Word Count: 16,600+
Genre: Fluff ??? idfk i’m bad at genres
Warnings: little bit of swearing, little bit of self hate but not much, food mentions, dieting (but not like major) & i think that’s it??
Pairing: Phan
Synopsis: Dan is walking home when he finds a small crumpled piece of paper in the rain. He picks it up, calls the number and he cannot believe that it’s the voice mail of AmazingPhil from YouTube.

A/N: okay so i’ve been working on this for over a month and i’m hoping it’s pretty okay because i worked pretty hard on it tbh and this is the most words i’ve ever written for one single thing. this whole thing is kind of set in like 2015, but based off of 2009 and we’re going to act like Phil isn’t majorly popular on youtube in this okay lmao ty. also i am really glad that i posted this today because as of today i have been a part of the phandom for exactly one year!! on March 13, 2014, i declared myself as offically a part of the phandom because i watched every single video of theirs i could find. (i only know the date because i posted it lmao). so uh yeah thank you for reading and hope you like it??

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yuri on ice and figure skating psa

I’m just copying and pasting from my Youtube comment, but I definitely have a lot more thoughts about this, but I just wanted to get these words off my chest for now. 

Firstly,  I’m so glad that figure skating is getting more exposure to the general public because of this anime (and I do watch it myself), but I feel like some people in the anime fandom are going overboard, trying to make connections to Yuzu. Yuri’s backstory is almost NOTHING like Yuzu (many people in the figure skating fandom keep trying to point out that Yuri’s backstory is much more like Tatsuki Machida’s, even the writer of the anime has said so himself as a fan of Machida), besides the fact that both their role models are Russian. I’m starting to get fed up that the yuzuru hanyu tag on Tumblr has literally devolved into fan arts of YOI that have almost nothing to do with Yuzu (some do, but a majority don’t). It’s either that, or people trying to make ridiculous connections between Yuri and Yuzu. I’ve seen many posts on Tumblr that try to “project” Yuri onto Yuzu, and to me, that’s not how it should be. The anime was created to bring a spotlight onto the sport, so I highly encourage you to learn more about the sport itself and the dedicated, real skaters who put countless hours into perfecting the sport instead of just projecting fantasies from an anime onto them. Sure, crossovers are nice (I myself am into multifandoms), but there comes a point where enough is enough. Seeing Yuzuru’s performance videos on YouTube being flooded with comments like “He looks like Yuri!”, “OMG real life Yuri on Ice!”, or “Yuri on Ice brought me here!” is frankly aggravating and sad. I’m really happy that Yuri on Ice brought you to his beautiful performance videos, but please, it would be so much nicer to see the comments that appreciate his artistry and technical strength in figure skating instead. Instead, these comments that actually appreciate Yuzuru for his skating are hidden in a flood of Yuri on Ice comments, which should not be the case. (Don’t believe me?)

Like honestly, what on earth are these tags doing on a Yuzuru Hanyu video???? It’s purely Yuzu skating and the tags here are ridiculous.

I’m not trying to tell you how to tag your Tumblr posts, but this is out of hand. It’s nice that you think they’re hot and they have hot bodies, but frankly, tagging the skating video as “yaoi” or “uke” is disrespectful to the skater and the sport. I’m not saying these tags are derogatory AT ALL, but they don’t belong on this video. Save those tags for an actual YOI video. (Also, this has nothing to do with whether there are gay figure skaters out there. It’s not our place to speculate on a skater’s sexuality unless they publicly come out. Really, my point here is that these tags HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH THE VIDEO and it’s disrespectful and inappropriate to Yuzu and his efforts to just label his sincerity and passion while skating with a tag like “yaoi”.)

Look, we get it, YOI fandom. You discovered figure skating because of the anime, and I’m glad that it led you to the beauty of the sport, but please, let’s separate fiction from reality, Yuri from Yuzu. I’m not trying to be rude, but I think this has to be said some way. Please appreciate Yuzu for the amazing figure skater he is, instead of his “supposed” connection to Yuri (ex. OMG he’s the real life Yuri!!! - No, he’s not. He’s Yuzuru Hanyu, and imo, way better than Yuri. Saying he’s the living equivalent to Yuri is kinda offensive actually if we’re talking about skills (i’m biased though ngl)). 

Again, I want to stress this so no one gets offended or something, but I DO watch YOI, and I’m glad to see 1. a figure skating anime (it’s great, even reigning ladies’ world champion Evgenia Medvedeva likes it!) and 2. the spotlight it’s brought to the actual sport. So many people now have an interest in the sport, and I love seeing people try to learn more about it (which imo, is the best thing that comes out of this anime). In our international Yuzuru Hanyu fangroup, we’ve had a whole influx of new members due to the anime, and I’m very thankful to the YOI fans who have taken the initiative to learn more about figure skating because of YOI and love Yuzu for the great athlete he is, not because he looks like Yuri. So please, let’s respect Yuzuru by appreciating him for his skills, for the skater he is in his own right. (Thank god he doesn’t have any social media because can you imagine the chaos)

Here’s where you can start: http://soyouwanttowatchfs.tumblr.com

TL;DR : I’m glad that this “connection” to Yuri has brought so many new fans to Yuzuru and the sport (I guess that’s the silver lining), but let’s try to keep some boundaries here to appreciate and respect both real-life skaters and the anime. 

(This goes for Plushenko as well. I’ve heard of instances where people are inappropriately commenting on his social media posts about the anime, his marriage, and his sexual orientation - which is an absolutely no-no in my book.You can appreciate the anime AND the sport without pushing your fantasies onto real-life figure skaters.)

I'm sad about the comments section lately

The comments on YouTube in general have been pretty bad for, well forever, but in the past couple of months the comments on Jack’s channel in particular seem to have suddenly changed for the worse.

All of the sudden, I’m seeing way more:

“Jack, why aren’t you playing X?” /“Jack, play this.”

“Legend27” and those ‘keep reading’ or giant emoji copy-pastes


“Please check out my channel.”/“Anyone want to sub for sub?”

“Say hi to me.”

And even gift card or contest spam.

I don’t know why, but recently there’s far less meaningful discussion about the videos, far fewer suggestions or constructive criticism without name-calling and yelling, and just generally less 'real’ interactivity. Don’t get me wrong, those good types of comments are definitely still there, it just seems like they’re no longer the majority.

Idk if it’s because the channel is bigger, because the view structure is changing, or because there’s some other demographic change on the channel. Maybe a lot of the in-depth commenter s have migrated here or just given up on the YouTube comment system altogether.

No matter the cause, it still saddens me to see the JSE comments lose some of that community vibe, become a less valuable place for real conversation and review of videos, or just (as bad as this sounds) become like 'the rest’ of YouTube where comments are a junk pit and both viewers and creators end up leaving them. Jack has always made a big effort to interact as much as humanly possible on all platforms, so I can’t see him abandoning the comments section unless there’s some massive and dramatic reason he has to. Still, I don’t want us as a community to give up on it or see it die. I hope this is just a trend I’m seeing, but if not, I hope we can work to make it better.

Youtube Rewind
  • Yes I'm sure you're sick and tired of hearing it, but hear me out. It upsets me very much that youtube (that we know of) didn't ask Leafy, Keem, Pryo, or any of the "cancer" side of youtube to be in the rewind. Reason being probably because all the drama that comes along with them. They're like a package, and YES they fight, YES they aren't the nicest people on the internet, YES they ARE the people who think they are too good for anyone else. But over all, they definitely made a mark on youtube this year. Now I know a lot of them are losing subs now as we speak, but not one person can't deny that their growth during the past year has been outstanding, and one of the fastest anyone has ever seen since Felix himself. With that, youtube gains money through popular youtubers and views. Youtube had to have made money with the cancer gang, not just leafy, but all of the creators together. Now I know that even if they were asked, a majority of them would say no, but part of the group actually might say yes. Either way though, youtube should have asked. They were a big part of all the viral videos that were made this year, and even infested other social media sites too. They deserve everything. Xx

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(1/2)i used to stan d+p when i was like 13, i'm almost 16 now and completely dislike them. 1. all their fans are warped into this,, mindset where they think they're the most important people in their lives when actually d+p don't ACTUALLY care ab their fans that much. their main priorities r money +growing their channels/career. like, when asked if they're feminists, they probably don't know the first thing about femisism but they know damn well if they say no they'll lose some of their audience

(2/2) and like another thing is the fact phil is fuckin 30 years old!! my dads age almost !! like .. in his recent video he fuckin like took his shirt off and he knows 12 year old girls r watching ?? its fuckin weird. anyway. i just wanted to say that cause it’s been pissin me off for ages k thank u xox

i’ve had this sitting in my inbox for a little while because i wanted to make sure i could actually articulate a proper reply and not just spew out my immediate reaction (because really, your language wasn’t the most respectful so i’m not sure why you thought to send this to a dnp fan blog?) but i’ll try to address what you said in a respectful way, assuming you actually did want to know why people do like them

first of all, they definitely do care about their subscribers. they always treat the people who like them like actual people (e.g. being uncomfortable with the word “fans”), and they constantly show us respect and gratitude, as they did in the part of the tatinof documentary when they were talking about the people who came to their shows. of course they want to make money because youtube is their job, but that’s not their main priority. their merch isn’t very expensive (and they only created merch in the first place because people were asking for it), they tried to make the tickets for their tour as cheap as possible, and they’ve done things like record a professional version of the internet is here just to donate the profits to charity.

also, i’m not sure what would make you think they’re not feminists. dan especially is very vocal about this. to me, they’re great examples of what male feminists should be in everyday life. they always view women in their lives as their equals, they recognize issues with gender and oppression in media, and even when they were talking about watching battlestar galactica they said one of the great things about it was that there was a really strong female character (they said the same about the new star wars too now that i think about it)

in addressing phil’s age, i hope you know that his age is around the same as a ton of other youtubers? he is currently 29, chris kendall is also 29, shane dawson is 28, the smosh guys are 28 and 29, louise is 31, olga kay is 34…? not quite sure what your point is. if you just mean that he’s too old to have 12 year olds watching him, he’s generally sensitive of this and normally doesn’t make inappropriate content in case younger people do want to watch him. even in his last video, he didn’t “take his shirt off” in a suggestive way. he had a perfectly valid reason and he showed his bare shoulders and arms for about 1-2 seconds. if someone can’t handle that much of a man’s body being shown in a non-sexual way, they are probably too young to be on the internet without parental supervision.

i hope that answered all of your questions/concerns, anon. xox

anonymous asked:

It shocks me that you fail to see their flaws. They are an amazing band, yet they fail significantly with their global fan service. No, they do not need to acknowledge international fans "all the freaking time." No, we do not expect them to do so either. But it is very clear they cater to Korean fans, despite the fact that they know they have international fans. Other bands acknowledge international fans, which is generous. BTS is not bad, but yes they do lack in this. That's it.

It shocks me more that you fail to see how much they care about International fans. I don’t think it’s fair for you to say this about Bangtan because you choose to concentrate on what they’re NOT doing as opposed to what they DO. I’m not even sure what Bangtan needs to do to satisfy your feelings. If other bands acknowledge international fans in your eyes then just go be a fan of that band?! Also they will definitely cater to Korean fans they’re a Korean Pop Boy Group I dunno why this is a difficult idea to grasp.

Just to be clear that these msgs upsets me more with the realization that people who think like this call themselves Bangtan fans. I mean, if you follow my blog you’re automatically a Bangtan fan I don’t post anything else on here so that goes without saying.

Bangtan has always thanked International fans every time they receive an award. I would just like to emphasize that these are Korean Award Shows they’re broadcasted in Korea and Bangtan doesn’t even know if International fans would get to watch or is watching but they always SPECIFICALLY SAY “THANK YOU TO OUR ARMYS AROUND THE WORLD.” They’ve always won Global Awards they know how much ARMYs outside Korea supports them. They can choose to not post anything on twitter at all but they always do. All of Jimin’s post he can just do that on the fancafe but he always shares it on twitter anyways do you really think this is just for Korean fans? Youtube is the same thing. Their BangtanTV doesn’t even have to be on Youtube they could just build it on Naver and DAUM or have everything exclusively in V App but they don’t. 

Don’t even let me begin talking about how they do concerts in different countries. Hoseok just literally mentioned in yesterday’s V App that they hope they can do a world tour again soon because they want to see all the ARMYs around the world. Just because they’re not doing a concert in your country doesn’t mean they’re not acknowledging you. Where to hold a concert isn’t their decision. They don’t even earn a lot with these international concerts, they spend more than they might earn. There are a lot more and I won’t put it on here bcoz I think if you really appreciate what Bangtan does you’d already know them anyways.

TLDR: Please appreciate all of Bangtan’s efforts. They work too hard for us fans to disregard how much they care for us. In the end we’re all ARMYs to them and equally important no matter where we live.

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Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I'm also trying to hack my 3DS XL but the guides that are going around are a little confusing because I guess there's some stuff missing from them? Can you possibly tell me what steps you did? Thank you! ^^

absolutely! i’ll try to do this step by step and hope i don’t forget anything. i hope you don’t mind me publishing this also, so other people can benefit. :)

  1. first, before you do anything, download the youtube app if you don’t already have/used it, open it, play a random video, and then exit out and make sure the app says “creating save data” [if you’ve already used your youtube app, you don’t have to do this]
  2. download the hombrew starter pack found here and follow the instructions under “preparing your sd card”
  3. next check your firmware version [in system settings] and make a note of it
  4. install tubehax following this video here. you only need to follow this video until 1:20; after that, it goes into ironhax which we can’t do [unless you previously downloaded ironfall] and don’t need. if youtube force closes when you try to open it, that’s okay. just wait for your system to reboot and open it again. this has happened a couple times to me and is kind of normal, i guess.
  5. you should have the homebrew channel installed now! exit out [the start button exits] and pop out the sd card and put it back into your computer
  6. download the save manager file.
  7. extract the save manager file on your computer. this is a zip file and needs to be extracted! i guess windows can extract this automatically; mac users need an extra app like the unarchiver to extract it
  8. extracted, it will create a “3ds” folder and inside will be a “save manager” folder with two files, a .3dsx and a .xml
  9. copy the “save manager” folder into your already existing “3ds” folder on your sd card. do not copy the 3ds folder into your already existing 3ds folder [the folder should be sdcard/3ds/save_manager, not sdcard/3ds/3ds/save_manager] or overwrite it.
  10. now put the sd card back into your ds, boot youtube, and enter homebrew again [it should do this automatically but, again, you might get an error and force close]. then scroll down to the bottom and you should have “save manager” as an option. select it with “a”, and then use the Dpad to scroll through titles until you get to animal crossing. hit “a” to select it, and the screen will go glitchy. hit “a” again to create save data, i couldn’t see what i was doing at this point but i waited ~15 seconds and then rebooted my system, put the sd card in my computer, and the save data was there [“savedatabackup” folder]

this is as far as i’ve gotten so far, as the provided software for actually editing acnl [no surprise here!] actually requires windows, so i’m going to install WINE and hope that everything is able to be edited! i’m unsure about the save manager working, as it does glitch out to the point where i can’t see anything, but i’ll have to wait and see! is anyone else having that issue and still being able to edit?

tubehax was patched long ago please stop reblogging this

25 Days Of One-Shot-Mas Day 5- Septiplier! “Who knew that being stuck in the closet could be this fun?”

Jack was lying in his flat by himself, his new roommate – Who he hated – wasn’t home yet. Jack sighed calling his girlfriend Jessie to come spend time with him, the silence driving him nuts. Once she’d arrived, her and Jack instantly became caught up in a passionate make-out session. Jessie biting at Jack’s bottom lip seductively, grinding against him slowly as Jack’s tongue begged for entrance into hers, wanting to discover the sweet taste that was her. She teased him for a while, not letting him in no matter how hard he tried, giving in after a while of him struggling. Jack moaned into her as his tongue moved through each and every crevice of her mouth. Jessie tugged at the hem of his pants teasingly, Jack moaning more as Jessie smirked into their kiss.

“Jessie!?” Jack heard his roommate gasp, “Jack!? What the fuck you douche!?” Mark growled angrily.

“M-Mark… Hi, how are you?” Jessie bit her lip awkwardly.

“Don’t you start that shit Jess. Get out!” Snapped Mark, she quickly obeyed darting from the room before she could get herself in even more trouble, “Jack you son of a bitch!” Mark cussed, grabbing the other male by the shirt and tugging him from the bed.

“How the fuck was I supposed ta’ know she was a slut!? It’s not like I knew fuckface!” Hissed Jack, grabbing Mark as well. Mark and Jack both trying to hit each other and get free from the others grip. Jack ended up being slammed against the wall of his closet, Mark accidentally knocking the stool keeping the door open, out of the way making the door slam closed on the two.

“Fuck!” Cussed Jack, “No, no, no!” Jack ripped free from Mark’s grip, trying to get the door open. The reason the stool was there in the first place was because the door knob was broken and he was unable to open it from the outside and apparently not from the inside either.

“What? Stop being overdramatic.” Mark rolled his eyes at Jack.

“My closet door is fucking broken, dipshit, we can’t get out.” Hissed the other in anger. Jack really hated having to live with Mark, it was basically torture.

“What!? Get us out of here!” Mark started to panic, it felt as though the walls were caving in on him, “Hurry up and do something, Jack!” Mark panted, gripping the smaller’s arm and trying to catch his breath.

“And you’re calling me overdramatic.” Muttered Jack, not realizing how panicked Mark really was.

“Jack, you-you have to get me o-out of here, I-I can’t breathe!” Mark begged, heaving for breath, choking on his own tongue. Mark coughed, wide-eyed and pleading with Jack to do something.

“Mark? What-What’s wrong?” Jack was genuinely worried about the other male, seeing that he was visibly shaken up and was barely able to get air into his lungs.

“I-I can’t… I-I can’t stay in here… Jack, I-I hate being trapped, the walls, they-they’re closing in on-on us… J-Jack do something please!” Mark was hysterical, sobbing and clinging to the boy he wanted to kill only a few moments ago. Jack pulled Mark into a hug, thinking that just maybe that could help calm him down.

“Shh, ye’re okay, the walls aren’t closing in on us, we’re okay. I don’t know what to do… Do ye have yeer phone?” Jack spoke calmly as Mark clung to him.

“No! Do you? Please tell me you do!” Cried Mark.

“Well…” Jack mumbled sheepishly.

“I have to get out of here!” Mark pulled free from Jack’s grip and tried to get the door open with many attempts before collapsing to the closet floor, thankfully it was a walk-in closet with a light inside so they weren’t cramped and awkward. Jack plopped down on the floor besides Mark, wrapping an arm around the older one’s shoulders, “What are you doing?” Mark didn’t move from Jack’s grasp though.

“Trying to be comforting… I have no idea how to make ye feel better… I’m really bad at things like this.” Jack told him with a sigh. Mark leaned into his touch slightly, it really was helpful.

“This is fine.” Mark mumbled.

“…Why do ya wanna get out of ‘ere so bad?” Jack asked after several moments of comfortable silence.

“I’m like, petrified of being trapped in spaces like this, I get panic attacks when I do and I am freaking out.” Mark said softly, not wanting to seem like he was totally pathetic.

“Well, I’m here and promise ye that we’ll be fine.” Maybe Jack wasn’t as bad as he’d thought after all.


The two were still stuck, hours later. The both were starving and bored out of their minds, they had started to talk and were finding out quite a lot about each other, both wondering why they’d ever hated the other. Jack had found out that Mark did YouTube videos just like him, he also found out that Mark’s father had passed away a few years earlier. Mark found out that Jack had been wanting to dye his hair green but was too nervous to, he also was told that Jack really missed his home in Ireland and was thinking about moving back.

“…Jack?” Mark asked after several moments of silence.

“Yeah?” Mumbled Jack.

“Are you really going to move out? I didn’t hate you being here that much…” Mark glanced over at the boy with sad eyes.

“It’s not definite, but I might.” Jack shrugged.

“I really don’t hate you being here, Jack…” Mark repeated.

“I heard. I still might go back, I miss Ireland.” Mark sighed, seeing that Jack wasn’t getting what he was trying to say.

“You don’t get it.” Mark groaned, “I want you to stay. I like you being around, it makes me feel less lonely. You’re my… Friend, Sean.” Mark watched Jack intently as he said this.

“What?” Jack turned, utterly shocked by what Mark had just told him.

“I want you to stay.” Mark said again.

“Really?” Jack mumbled, was Mark serious?

“Yes, of course.” Jack stared at him for a long time, tears in his eyes. Nobody else had seemed to want him here, this really moved Jack, someone really cared.

“Are ye sure?” Jack still couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Yes, I’m sure. You make my life a lot better just by being here.” Mark informed the other, Jack instantly starting to cry tears of happiness after hearing that, hugging Mark from the side, surprising him.

“Thank ye so much.” Jack mumbled into Mark’s shoulder.

“Why are you thanking me? I didn’t do anything.” Mark rubbed at the boy’s back softly.

“Because, that means so much to me, nobody else cared enough to tell me they wanted me around before.” Jack said to Mark, causing Mark to tear up.

“What? Really?” Mark choked.

“Yeah…” Jack rubbed at his eyes, trying to calm himself down.

“Well, I care about you, you can always count on me.”


The pair were pretty sure it was getting late, and they were still trapped, they did manage to make up some games to play and also find a few to keep themselves occupied for a while.

“Is there a deck of cards in here?” Mark asked.

“Probably, but card games are so boring.” Groaned Jack.

“I know of one that is pretty exciting.”

“Oh really?” Jack raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“It’s called War; with a twist.” Mark smirked.

“Oh, and what may this twist be?” Jack smirked back.

“Loser must strip.” Mark winked jokingly.

“Ye’re on!” Jack narrowed his eyes competitively, “How do you play?”

               “Both players flip over a card, and the higher card, they remove an article of clothing with each hand lost, and clothes are removed by the loser of a battle. A battle occurs when there is an equal valued card shown and the players lay face-down three more cards, the next card determines the winner.”

“Alright, let me find some cards.” Jack stood from where he was crouched in the corner, going to rummage through some boxes.

“Hey, Jack…?” Mumbled Mark.

“Mmm?” Jack hummed.

“What if nobody finds us?” Mark mumbled in a nervous tone.

“We’ll find a way out eventually and plus aren’t yeer family supposed to be coming over for Christmas tomorrow anyway?”

“Yeah, but if we don’t answer the door-“

“We’ll find a way out, don’t fret yeer pretty little head about it.” Jack reassured, fishing a deck of cards out of the box, “Let’s play, shall we?”

“Okay.” A smile played at Mark’s lips, he really had been wrong about Jack all this time.


“Fuck!” Shouted Jack as he lost… again.

“Strip for me, baby!” Mark teased, using his winning pile of cards in substitution of dollar bills.

“Ah, fuck off, Mark.” Jack muttered, sliding out of his jeans, leaving him in only his boxers, “You win. Puttin’ me clothes back on now.” Jack reached for his top.

“Uh-ah-ah. You haven’t lost all your clothing yet, Mr. McLoughlin, better get your shit together or you’ll be pretty embarrassed.” Mark smirked at him evilly, getting a wide-eyed look from Jack.

“I think I’m good.” Jack mumbled.

“Okay, next hand wins the game and we start over, whoever loses strips completely.” Mark crossed his arms.

“Ye just wanna see me nards, don’t’cha, Marky.” Jack winked, making Mark blush hard.

“No! I just wanna play the game right!” Mark shouted.

“Sure ya do.” Jack teased.

“I do! I’m not a pervert I swear!” Mark was starting to get red faced and flustered.

“I’m just rustlin’ yeer jimmy’s man, don’t take it personally.” Jack nudged his arm with an adorable little grin on his face.

“Jack, I really need to talk to someone about… This, like problem, or not problem but like… It’s just something that has been bothering me lately. Promise that this won’t make things awkward?” Mark said suddenly.

“Yeah, of course. What’s wrong, Mark?” Jack tugged his shirt back over his head and slid into his jeans so he could be more serious. Mark inhaled deeply, sighing shakily.

“Listen, nobody knows this and I don’t know what to do…” Mark paused and Jack sat patiently, reaching over and grabbing Mark’s hands, who quickly tugged them away, “Jack… I-I… I'm… Gay…” Mark stammered.

“Really? I’m so proud of ye fur being able to come out to me like that!” Jack gushed, “And to be fair… I’m bi!” Jack was so relieved to finally get that off his chest, “But… Why were ya dating, Jessie then?”

“Cause I was scared of people knowing that I wasn’t straight.” Muttered Mark softly.

“I’m getting really tired, wanna set up a sleeping arrangement?” Jack asked, cleaning up the mess of cards on the floor.

“Sure, it’s starting to get really cold.” Mark shuttered and wrapped his arms around himself.

“Yeah, it is really cold, if ya want we could stay close for warmth? I have a few blankets up there.” Jack pointed up to the top shelf of the closet.

“I’ll get them if you’ll make room on the floor.” Mark told Jack.


Jack and Mark got set up, both shivering and desperate for heat. They laid down on the floor, pulling the blankets around themselves, still shaking and not feeling any warmer. Jack whimpered softly, moving closer to Mark and cuddling up against him. Mark just smiled, not moving, it felt really good.

“It’s so cold.” Jack mumbled, burying his face into Mark’s chest.

“Mmm.” Hummed Mark, “Jack?”

“Yeah?” Jack tilted his head up to face Mark, who smiled sleepily and pressed his lips to Jack’s unsuspecting ones, Jack’s body stiffing for only a moment before he melted against Mark, and to think that they hated each other only hours before. Jack moved more into him, trying to get as close as humanly possible. Jack whimpered against Mark, his body felt insanely warm.  Passion and lust filling them both. Mark pulled away suddenly.

“Merry Christmas, Jacky.”


“Mark!?” Shouted a voice, “Mark! Where are you!?” The voice sounded vaguely close. Jack yawned and went to roll over, forgetting that he was stuck in the closet and slamming into the wall with a loud thud, falling back on top of Mark, accidentally waking him. The two didn’t even move as they heard the click of heals on the wooden floors of their house. The door creaked open and a woman stood above them, “Mark? What the hell?”

“We got locked in here all night.” He yawned, and smiled, his lips tingling still from the kiss they had the night before.

“Why are you sleeping on each other?”

“It was really cold.” Jack replied this time.

“Who is he?” She asked anxiously, “I have so many questions!”

“He’s my…” Mark paused, pondering his next words, “Boyfriend.” The woman begun laughing hysterically.

“I-I’m sorry, Mark but you need to come out of the closet before telling me that.”

“Did you just really say that?” Mark shook his head, pulling himself and Jack off of the floor, “Jack, that’s my sister, Anne, Anne this is my boyfriend, Jack.” Mark introduced them, “Let’s go meet the rest of my family shall we?” Anne nodded exiting the room, leaving Mark and Jack to get more presentable.

Jack grabbed Mark as he went to leave and crashed his lips to the other’s. Mark was caught by surprise but kissed back nonetheless. Jack moved his arms around Mark’s waist, sliding a hand down to grope his ass, making Mark jump and smirk into the kiss. Mark moaned into Jack as he tugged the smaller Irishman as close as he could, Jack still gripping his plump butt. Jack tugged away, leaving Mark whimpering for more.

“Merry Christmas, Marky.”

Day One! Scomiche

Day Two! Septiplier

Day Three! Phan

Day Four! Scomiche

Changes to this blog (+ leaving the phandom)

Hey, frens!

So, I think most people have realized by now that I decided to take a few steps to change this blog from what it originally was. When I first conceived this blog, it was a place to post about D&P only, because it was my new Thing and it was taking up too much space on my main blog, so I figured that having a fandom-specific blog would be a good idea. And it was, for a long time. I can say I had some great times here in this community, despite all the bad moments I’m sure you all have seen. 

I don’t feel like I fit in the phandom anymore for a number of reasons and that’s why I decided to take some definite steps to move this blog away from a phan blog into something more general. Some people have asked about it (and I don’t mind answering if you have any further questions, there’s also a few stuff in my opinions tag), but basically I disagree with a lot of decision D&P have made recently and their content doesn’t bring me the same enjoyment it used to. Plus, they haven’t been posting enough anyway to keep this blog running like it used to, especially since there’s more touring ahead of us. 

I guess I can say running this blog the way it was before was getting to be more of a chore than a pleasure to me. The only thing that kept me here was all the history I had and the difficult time I had letting go of the good parts of it. But I realized I don’t really have to let go of the good times or anything silly like that. 

I can keep this blog and make it into something that makes me happy and you guys get to decide if it’s something you want to see or not. No hurt feelings either way. It’s been an amazing journey and I had some great times, but it’s definitely time for me to broaden this blog’s horizons. Maybe one day, if things change, I’ll go back to being a phan blog. It’s hard for me to continue calling myself a part of this community as it stands now.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like/watch Dan and Phil anymore, I just toned it down a lot. I still love them and I will continue to watch their videos casually (and reblog some stuff about them from time to time, why not?), but it won’t be what this blog is about anymore. I also intend to continue to read (and rec) phanfiction because I honestly love the creativity from this community. And, if you’ll still have me, I’d still love to continue to be a phanfic writer, maybe write more AUs and stuff like that. I think I can make it work and I love having people who want to read it still. I feel like I have more stories to tell.

Anyway, this isn’t a goodbye. But if you’re here only for the phan, it might as well be. This is a general youtubers blog now and I intend to blog about some of the other creators I’ve enjoyed for a while (and you can see most of them already by the posts I’ve been reblogging but yeah there’s probably more that you’ll find out along the way). I think it’s exciting to bring some variety to the content and I feel happier with this blog than I’ve felt in a long time! I hope you’ll stay in for the ride, but, again, if this isn’t your cup of tea you’re totally free to go <3 I’ll understand.

And thank you to the phandom. It may be pretty broken at the moment (and I’ll be the first to say that it’s REALLY bad right now like omg), but it’s been a (albeit a bit dysfunctional) home for me and so many others. I made some amazing friends who I love very dearly and met so many special incredible people in this community. Thank you! <3 And I’m truly sorry it has to end this way.


this is the first video in forever that i’ve actually felt like chris was honest and i didn’t leave the video confused and worried and unsure whether he’s joking or not and i’m really glad he posted it. this video is very interesting, i think it explains a lot about what’s been going on on youtube lately.

i think what most youtubers don’t understand is that most of us (the viewers) don’t like the commercialisation of youtube. we don’t like the professionalism. we don’t like the characters some youtubers try to play up. 

you used to be able to really connect to the youtubers’ personality, to really feel like you know them- not their over the top fake persona, which a lot of youtubers seem to adapt as of late. the raw honesty is all gone. to even think about becoming a youtuber you need to have a great camera and already know how to edit and be funny and witty and professional looking and hot. you can’t just start youtube because you have something to say anymore.

youtube as a company doesn’t seem to understand that that’s not what we’re after either, as it’s really not supporting the youtubers properly which makes them branch out into traditional media which by definition is way more commercialized and less honest and really quite the opposite of what youtube used to be all about.

(p.s. this is not directed towards anyone in specific, it’s more of my general thoughts and feelings about youtube)

prettyadorations  asked:

¡Hola! I'm a junior in high school, in IB Spanish 4. I'm really good at Spanish because I am half Latina gracias a mi mamá :) pero... her and my grandmother never taught me the language!! it frustrates me to this day lol so i've taken it into my own hands to learn the language fluently. Speaking is definitely the hardest thing for me, as i speak very slowly and take a lot of time to think of how to say what i need to. What could i do to become much faster at speaking and producing the words? :)

You really have to push yourself to think in Spanish, and that becomes easier with time.

The problem is that when you transition from intermediate to advanced, you end up having to think more on your feet in Spanish. Because the way people tend to learn is that they will translate their thoughts in their head before speaking, which takes time.

Ideally, you’re fully thinking in Spanish but that takes time.

It really helps to try to express yourself in Spanish a lot, even if you have to write it down at first, if you’re speaking and reading to yourself and starting to form opinions and thoughts in Spanish, that’s how it starts.

It truly helps to immerse yourself as much as possible, even speaking with your family in Spanish if you can.

Other ideas:

For practicing listening or writing, there are Spanish podcasts, there are also penpalsLang-8,  the Spanish newspaper / videos / online things like El País, the BBC news in Spanish, and Univision

There are also many free podcasts on iTunes if you look for them, probably in the Education section, but you can google iTunes Spanish podcasts and find stuff that way too.

And Brainscape did a Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish for YouTube specific listening things.

I also recommend spanishisyouramigo and Señor Jordan

Also the channel practiquemos is very good for the beginners of Spanish who are looking for some grammar / pronunciation help

I would also recommend HuluLatino for Spanish programs, or if you have Netflix to try looking for shows that have Spanish audio, Spanish dubs, or even Spanish subtitles.

Aside from that, there’s also reading things and/or reading them aloud. In this way you get used to sounding things out and you also learn how to express yourself more because it gives you examples of how to use certain verbal phrases or more complex grammar… or sometimes grammar that a native speaker knows that isn’t always taught.

For instance… soñar “to dream” takes the preposition con when you mean “to dream of”. That I didn’t know until I really started reading, and I see it so much in poetry or love stories the idea of “sueño contigo” to mean “I dream of you”.

The best way to improve your Spanish is to constantly Spanish. Spanish just because you can. Spanish just because you want to. Talk to yourself in Spanish, talk to people who will understand you and help you out in Spanish.

It is a gradual process, but la práctica hace al maestro.

anonymous asked:

Hey there I'm a female musician with a band and everything, all girls. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to get my name out there, or how maybe i could get people to listen to me, get publicity, and a fan base going, your help would benefit me so much, thank you :) (btw my genre is pop-punk and we have inspiration from blink 182 and paramore watic and good charlotte just so u have an idea :))

Hi lovely! omg that’s awesome!!! congrats on pursuing an interest and wanting to take it to the next level! I think it’s awesome that you’re doing what you love, and you’ve taken some pretty great influences! I’d love to hear it, and I’m sure others would too! Fortunately, there are many ways that we can get your name out there, but it’s important to remember that it takes time, and can all happen when you least expect it! 

The easiest way to get yourselves out there (as obvious as it may be), is via the internet. So many people access the internet and social media that it’s just screaming for you to mention yourselves on there. I would definitely start from there- you’ve already started with me! If you feel comfortable, by all means, please send me some of your videos or links and I’ll gladly promote you and spread the word, as as regularly as you want me to! I don’t know too much about this topic but really hope my advice helps!

To start:

  • Create band accounts on popular social media. The most useful sites for you to use would be Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and YouTube. Twitter is great for posting out your links to others and trying to get the attention of other band members; Facebook is a good way to increase your following and keep people posted; Tumblr is great to appeal to bloggers who share similar musical interest, and YouTube is obviously great for showcasing your stuff!
  • Make sure you have a YouTube channel. Now, getting known on YouTube can be very difficult because after all, there are so many other kids out there who do covers and are trying to get noticed by somebody. So, the best way to go about doing this is to aim to bring something new to the table- discuss with your musical partners what would be the best way to set yourself apart and get people to come back to your channel. This could be through mixing up the types of videos you post, the video content, or the type of music you play (you’ve got a good start there!) 
  • Post regularly. If you guys wana be successful it’s very important to keep people interested by being regular- it’ll also prove to everyone just how dedicated you guys are. Update your social media regularly with links to new songs and videos, and keep people posted on what you’re doing in terms of your music. Don’t feel pressured to rush this though- only release work when you’re confident with it.

To grow:

  • Take as many opportunities as you can to perform gigs. It’s important to take all the chances you can, because that’s what’ll get more people onto your sound. Start local but constantly look to branch out to perform at other events. Some bands recommend to try and avoid performing locally because you’ll always be stuck in that local band phase and won’t get to branch outwards; but I say that if you have the opportunity, go for it- just don’t settle for there. Host parties so people can see you play, and ask friends if you can perform at theirs’. Get a busking licence and perform during peak hour in areas that you think potential fans could be at (somewhere young people hang out, or near a record or merch store where your target demographic would shop). Try to go busking outside of town and ask distant friends in other areas if you could perform at one of their events. After performing at some small parties, try to book a small venue in your area- search for some that usually take local acts. Invite the kids who came to the parties to go to the venue. (I know it’s difficult to book a venue, but it’s worth a shot to at least look at your options- you may want to wait a while before doing this though) 
  • Get a professional camera and equipment. If you guys are really serious, try to get your hands on the best equipment you can to enhance your sound and image. It would really help to get a professional camera as well- have a photo shoot and release the photos online- perhaps get a good graphic designer to edit them onto your social media accounts- this will help you guys to have a more ‘grown up’ image so others could take you more seriously. Film videos for some of your songs (preferably the ones you think would define your sound as a band) and try to get them to look as professional as you can- don’t have a shaky camera, and don’t go overboard on editing. Work in good lighting and choose a good setting- try to experiment with film shots (you may need a talented friend to help you)
  • Try to get the attention of band members and YouTubers. This may take persistance, but it could really help you to message band members on twitter and ask them for a retweet (it’s a simple demand anyway), comment on YouTube videos (some kids like to do that but if you don’t want to it’s cool) or email/send a letter to a YouTuber to ask them to link you. It can be nerve-wracking, but it could also have great results! (Tip: try to ask the people you take musical inspiration from, to see if you can appeal to the people that you want to) 
  • Spread the word about your band at shows. Make professional-looking leaflets or business cards and give them to people at shows. A lot of bands, including Of Mice & Men and All Time Low, used to burn their music onto CDs and give them out to people at the parking lot at Warped Tour. Get creative and try to appeal to people at concerts. You could also try waiting in line a couple hours before the venue opens and hand out your leaflets to people with bags (so they can put it in there and not throw it away) or take out an acoustic guitar and sing some songs (you can cloak it after). 
  • Support other local bands. Look online to find some local bands or ask some friends if they know any, and organise to make a show together. This is a great way to get some more people to turn up to your gig- plus every member could pitch in a bit of money if you’re renting a venue. If you can’t get a venue, try finding a place you could play for free- email your council to see if you can use a warehouse or park.

In terms of your music:

  • Constantly experiment. Many musicians grow their fanbase through experimenting with new styles and avenues in their art. This effectively appeals to more potential fans between genres; therefore you’re not stuck with appealing to a limited number of people with just one taste. It also keep you guys as musicians interested, and expands upon your artistic ideas. 
  • Always get feedback. From friends, family, peers, other bands, and distant people who could offer a subjective opinion- always be open to hear feedback to improve. Don’t take negative feedback to heart, just remember what you believe in. Always be open to constructive criticism, but don’t try to please others if it doesn’t please you. 
  • Constantly seek inspiration, but don’t emulate. Spend some time closely watching the bands that you want to take inspiration from, and see what they do well and what they could improve on. Take elements of each band that you like and manipulate them into your own art, to create your own new sound. Take ideas from all aspects of their career- their lyrical content, their melodic approach, their live performances and stage demeanour, etc. 
  • Don’t aim to be just like your favourite band. This is a branch off the last point; although it’s great to seek inspiration musically from other artists, there’s no point trying to be just like them, because if someone wanted to listen to a band like them, they’d listen to said band instead. There are heaps of bands doing the exact same thing, so to push yourself that extra mile you have to be different.


I’ve found some links to help you get some more ideas! The more sources the better! I hope they help!




good luck!! you’ll do great! xx

friendsarecroutons  asked:

Have you ever knit socks before? I look up a ton of patterns and youtube tutorials and it looks seriously difficult! I attempted making them on dpns and magic loop method but it is just too hard. Any tips? (I have knit scarves and hats and would say I'm a beginner-medium knitter)


ha. so yes I have knitted socks. I was a strictly scarf only knitter before I found socks. I learned all the staple knitting skills with socks: working in the round, increasing, decreasing, short rows, and grafting. My first sock paved the way for all my future knitting projects. It took me from a novice knitter to an lower advanced.

When it comes to socks (and hats and gloves and other small circular garments) there are two types of knitters: Those who swear by DPNs and those who wish DPNs would die in a fiery hell (5!?! Why do you need 5 needles!?! How do you keep track of them!?!).

I prefer DPNs as magic loop method has always eluded me so my recommendation is definitely to learn on DPNs.

Even more specific to socks, there are two types of knitters: the toe-uppers and the cuff-downers. Pretty self explanatory. There are specific heel types that go with each. Figuring out which you prefer is a matter of knitting both types, seeing which fits your foot better, and aesthetically how you want it to look. My preference is cuff-down sock with a heel flap.

Anyhoo onto tips:

-If you haven’t used DPNs, go for a cuff-down. By the time you get to the complicated new stuff you’ll have a handle on how to handle your DPNs

-Unless you want slippers, use sock weight yarn. Yarn thicker than sock weight you won’t be able to wear with shoes.

-Use self-striping yarn. Its fun, and gives you little goals (I’ll knit until I reach blue again!) especially if you’ve never used yarn as thin as sock yarn before

-Go for a basic ribbed cuff and stockinette sock. Don’t do anything fancy with your first pair as you need to get a handle on the basic construction first. This is also why you go with self-striping yarn. Makes the sock still interesting. 

-I personally don’t bother with stitch markers with socks (cause I personally don’t have markers small enough). Just keep your tail longish and have more stitches on your last needle so you know whats what. Plus you move around stitches quite a bit by the time you get to the heel and gusset

-Here’s a nifty page with photos of different sock construction!

-And here is my NUMBER 1 recommended sock tutorial for beginners. Silver’s sock class. Tons of photos and easy to understand explanations. The site has three different methods for you to choose from.

Youtube is a pretty good medium for learning, but it’s easy to get frustrated with it cause the person will move on too fast and you end up pausing, rewatching, pausing, rewatching, pausing rewatching ect. Photos plus words. You can print it, keep it as a pdf and reference it whenever and at your own pace. 

Hope this helps and good luck!!